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Modular Air Handling Unit MKZ series Product Catalogue

3000 ~200000m3/h (1800~125000CFM)

1. Nomenclature 2. Introduction 3. Features 4. Component options 5. Typical Structure

6. Mechanical Specifications
7. Quick Selection 8. Section Data

9. Typical combination

1. Nomenclature

MKZ 05 Y 4 / C A 06 09 A01
Midea Modular Air Handling Unit Air Flow, 1000m3/h Customized No., A01: the 1st time

Width modulus, M, 1M= 100mm

Pipe connecting mode, Y: right-handed; Z: left-handed Coil rows, 2: 2-rows; 4: 4-rows; 6: 6-rows; 8: 8-rows. Design serial No., C: 3rd generation

Height modulus, M, 1M= 100mm

Panel thickness, A: 25mm; B: 35mm; Omit: 50mm.

Note: 1. Modulus is the internal dimension of unit. The external dimension of unit can be calculated as followed: Width = width modulus 100 + panel thickness 2; Height = height modulus 100 + panel thickness 2+height of base frame. 2. Pipe connecting mode: Along to the air flow direction, if the connection pipes are on the left side, the unit is left-handed connection unit. Otherwise is the right-handed connection unit.

2. Introduction
Midea have been manufacturing air handling units throughout the world for a couple of years. Midea participated in compilation of China Standard about central-station air handling units. This proven abundant experience enables us to develop a world class air handling unit; the 3rd generation of Modular Air Handling Unit (MAHU) is a combination of the elements as follow:

The Midea MAHU meet the demands for improved indoor air quality, low sound, high operating efficiency and smaller mechanical rooms require a better product for todays air handler market. The MAHUs construction provides unequaled thermal efficiencies and low leak rates. In addition, the MAHU offers tremendous flexibility in sizing, component options, and unit arrangements to meet the indoor air quality, operating efficiency, sound and installation requirements for todays extensive commercial and custom markets. Midea combines comprehensive performance certifications with thorough laboratory testing and manufacturing methods. Together, these elements assure that each MAHU operates predictably and reliably throughout the life of the unit.

By virtue of its unique frameless design, the Midea MAHU offers tremendous flexibility. Numerous section and component options, and the ability to arrange components in whatever arrangement is required, allow to be customized to the requirements of each job, without expensive field modifications. Finally, the MAHU can be shipped as a completely assembled unit, in modules or by component sections that require smaller sections for passage through the building.

The Midea MAHU is designed to provide easy access to interior components for routine maintenance and service. The easy-to-move panels and access doors of the units provide complete access to the unit interior and components.

Selection software
To help the customer easily define their product requirements, a user-friendly software selection program is provided. The program leads the user through the selection process by pertinent input data for all components required. Component sections are selected by placing them on a configuration screen (Figure 4). Once the unit layout is defined, the options and accessories are identified. The program gives immediate feedback regarding fan and coil selection, offering a choice of many different options based on the performance inputs. Once final component selections

have been made, the program provides all output needed for specification, including unit specification, dimension drawings, weights, fan curves, etc.

Wide usage
The Midea MAHU can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, airport, railway stations, exhibition halls, office buildings, shopping centers, laboratories and other central air-conditioning systems.

3. Features
Low leakage structure
Frameless structure and modulus panel design. Panels are double-skin with injection of high density polyurethane. The outer skin is anti-corrosion color-coated steel sheet, the inner skin is galvanized steel sheet, the density of polyurethane is more than 50kg/m3, and the thermal conductivity is 0.03W/m2K. The unit cabinet consists of panels attaching to each other by combining with male and female plastic cards and

sealing strip. The air leakage rate is less than 0.29%. The thermal transmittance of the unit casing reaches the Class T2 of Eurovent standard EN1886. The thermal bridging factor of the casing reaches Class TB2. Units will not sweat when exterior room temperature is 27 , relative humidity is 90%.

Figure 1 Structure
1 3 5 7 10,11,12 Panel Plastic article Color-coated steel sheet polyurethane foam 2 4 6 8,9

Figure 2 Steel joint

Panel Plastic article reinforcement Galvanized steel sheet Sealing material

Sealing parts of plastic card article

Modulus design
The MAHU adopt modulus design. Unit dimensions, including width, height and length, change according to the modulus (M). 1M=100mm. The combination and installation of the modular unit is flexible.

Free combination of numerous function sections

Mixing section, primary efficiency filter section, medium efficiency filter section, high efficiency filter section, cooling coil section, heating section, humidifier section, sound attenuator section, service section, heat recovery section, fan section. Different function sections can be selected according to the specific applications.

Attractive outlook
The MAHU adopt frameless structure and the insert fastening bolts are covered by haps which are accordance with the color of the outer skin, and clear, smooth appearance make the outlook attractive. Furthermore the unit casing strength reaches Class D1 of Eurovent standard EN1886.

4. Component options and accessories

Unit dimension Panel 3M increments for height and width, 1M=100mm 0.5mm thickness, color-coated outer steel sheet, galvanized inner steel sheet ; 25mm, 35mm, 50mm thickness, polyurethane foam filler Galvanized steel sheet or channel steel Forward curved or backward curved Copper tube, aluminum fin, galvanized steel coil frame; 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows, 8 rows coil PVC or aluminum Galvanized steel or stainless steel Plate type filter: Nylon, aluminum or nonwoven fabric; Bag type filter: Nonwoven fabric; Cartridge type filter: Superfine fiberglass; Wet film humidifier, high pressure spray humidifier, dry steam humidifier, electric steam humidifier Multiple depths: 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm Heat wheels or plate heat exchangers Heating coils or electric heaters Galvanized steel sheet Galvanized steel, aluminum steel, Inward opening , outward opening, with window or not Standard or ultraviolet light

Base frame Fan Coil Eliminator Drain pan Filter


Sound attenuator Heat recovery Heating Flow equalization Damper Access door Light Humidity sensor Temperature sensor Automatic damper, damper actuator Pressure difference switch, pressure switch Start-up cabinet, frequency conversion cabinet

5. Typical structure

1 5 9 13

Access Door Leaving Air Panel Components Fan Coil Fasten Components

2 6 10 14

Cooling Coil Bag Filter Section Sealing Components Plate Filter

3 7 11 15

Heating Coil Attenuator Angle Steel Joint Strengthen Column

4 8 12 16

Motor Damper Partition Plate Light

Base frame
Unit sections are mounted on galvanized steel or channel steel base frame for ease of shipment and handling. The frames provide holes for section connection, and holes for fork-lift truck. There is a guard rail cross the bottom in the holes to prevent unit damage by trucks. The base frame can be used in lieu of concrete plinths or other additional bases that are used on site. However, for high static pressure application, additional concrete plinths or other additional bases are required at site to raise the MAHU for drain pans U-trap.

Double skin panel

The outer skin is color-coated steel sheet that is resistant to scratch and nicks and shall allow for easy cleaning. The inner skin is galvanized steel sheet. The panels are 50mm thick double skin type with injected polyurethane foam insulation. The panel insulation shall not absorb moisture and is rot resistant. The insulation material shall be totally enclosed in the panel to avoid any possibility of insulation being exposed to air stream. The panel insulation shall have a thermal conductivity value of 0.03W/m2K. The panel is sturdy and, in its standard design, unit sections of the same width can be stacked on the top of one another, without the need of additional reinforcement.

Drain pan
Cooling coil and humidifier are installed on reversed U-shaped support plates. A U-shaped channel is pressed in the middle of drain pan to promote proper condensate removal. The galvanized drain pan is coated to inhibit the growth of algae and fungi. 10mm insulation is provided between the drain pan and the bottom panel. Stainless steel drain pan is optional.

Access door
Access section, fan section, humidifier section and heat-exchanged coil sections shall be equipped with access doors. The access doors are equipped with locking handle which is controllable internally and externally. A durable seal is around the full perimeter of the doors frame to prevent air leakage. Lights in unit are interlocked with doors. Light is fixed above access door, and shall be equipped with a weather-resistant plastic switch box.

Motor mounting
Motor mounting base frame is consisted of 2 slide rails and a basement with long through-holes. Motor can be moved freely in the plane to reach the correct point then fasten bolts. Installation and maintenance of motors are time saving jobs.

Vibration protector
The fan motors are mounted on a rigid base frame which is supported by effective

spring shock absorber. Rigid protecting components are equipped at the base frame to protect fans, motors and spring shock absorber during transportation.


6. Mechanical specifications
Fan assembly
The vibration levels of the complete fan assembly (fan wheel, motor and drives assembled as a whole system) shall be checked and dynamically balanced in the factory.

Forward fan Backward fan Fans are mainly consisted of scroll, impeller, frame, bearing and shaft. The scroll is made of hot galvanized steel sheet. Its side plate has an outline complying with aerodynamics. The impeller is made of high grade hot galvanizing steel sheet and is designed to a special configuration according to aerodynamics to make the efficiency highest and the noise lowest. The high quality ball bearings are air-sealed, with preset lubricating oil, and of automatically alignment. The shafts are made of 40 Cr or C45 carbon steel bars. They are coated after assembly in order to provide corrosion

resistance. The fans are AMCA certified. Fan connection shall be isolated from unit casing by a flexible canvas duct mounted at fan discharge outlet. Fan and motor assembly shall be internally isolated from the unit casing with spring isolators, furnished and installed by the unit manufacturer. The drive assembly shall consist of belt pulley and motor. The belt type shall be SPZ or SPA grades, oil and heat resistant, antistatic and avoiding electric discharges. Motor shall be mounted on a sliding base to permit adjustment of drive belt tension. Standard motor shall be horizontal foot mounting, induction motor, totally enclosed fan-cooled with IP55 protection. Unit shall be provided with a painted metal sheet belt guard. The belt guard shall be rigidly attached to the fan base support structure. Fan assembly section shall be equipped with an access door with window on the drive side of the fan.

Coils are consisted of copper-tubes and aluminum fins. The fins are sine-wave design with slits for better heat transfer efficiency and moisture carry-over limit performance. All coils are installed with space between each component for cleaning and mounting of controls. All cooling coils are mounted over a drain pan. The cooling coil rests on U-shape supporters which are located over the drain pan. The drain pan extends beyond the leaving side of the coil to help recover condensate. Coil connections always extend through out of the unit cabinet, allowing for the easy connection of valves and piping. Vents are located outside the cabinet.

Filter section is consisted of galvanized steel filter frame structure and an access door for filter maintenance. Primary efficiency plate filter is designed as standard. Bag, cartridge and other high efficiency filters may be optioned. The structure of filters are stable and firm, high strength and intensity, and easy changing. Filter shall be loaded from both left and right sides. Front loaded may be optioned. The filters efficiency may up to 95%.

Plate type filter Humidifier

Bag type filter

Wet film vaporization humidifier is a type of enthalpy humidifier or evaporation gasification humidifier. Through the principle of exchange of heat and moisture, the air is humidified and cooled. The medium is inorganic material which is high-life, high reliability, clean, good heat conduction and bacteria resistance.

7. Quick selection

Quick selection procedures

Step 1: Determine the airflow (m3/h) or total cooling capacity (kW). Step 2: Use the table below to determine the unit size by picking the closest airflow or total cooling capacity. Step 3: The unit width and height are the same for all sections. For the unit length, use Table B. Standard section length to determine the overall unit length. Step 4: Determine the nominal unit details (unit weight, cooling coil water pressure drop, water flow and motor input power) using Table A.


Table A: Quick Select

Air Model flow m3/h MKZ03 MKZ05 MKZ08 MKZ10 MKZ12 MKZ15 MKZ18 MKZ20 MKZ25 MKZ30 MKZ35 MKZ40 MKZ45 3000 5000 8000 10000 12000 15000 18000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 45000 Cooling capacity kW 13.5 25 44 55 72 88 102 118 152 180 208 235 260 Residual pressure Pa 200 220 310 310 330 350 380 410 410 420 460 510 510 Unit dimension Width mm 900 1150 1400 1600 1800 1800 2100 2100 2400 2400 2500 2500 2500 Height mm 930 930 1130 1130 1130 1330 1330 1430 1580 1880 2080 2280 2530 Unit weight kg 390 470 590 630 720 790 920 1078 1295 1536 1800 2050 2450 Cooling coil water pressure drop kPa 13.1 16.2 30.7 41.1 27.1 27.2 33.7 35.2 37.5 49.9 24.5 24 23.6 Water flow L/s 0.65 1.21 2.13 2.66 3.48 4.25 4.93 5.70 7.35 8.70 10.05 11.36 12.57 Motor input kW 1.1 3 3 4 4 5.5 7.5 11 11 11 18.5 18.5 30

Note: 1Standard cooling condition: entering air DB temp. is 27, WB temp. is 19.5; entering water temp. is 7, leaving water temp. is 12. 2Standard heating condition: entering air DB temp. is 7, entering water temp. is 60, leaving water temp. is 50. 3Coil is copper-tube and aluminum fin type, the water velocity is 0.8-1.8m/s.


Table B: Unit Length

L1 Model mm MKZ03Y4/C MKZ05Y4/C MKZ08Y4/C MKZ10Y4/C MKZ12Y4/C MKZ15Y4/C MKZ18Y4/C MKZ20Y4/C MKZ25Y4/C MKZ30Y4/C MKZ35Y4/C MKZ40Y4/C MKZ45Y4/C 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 1625 mm 1125 1125 1025 1025 1125 1125 1125 1225 1225 1400 1525 1525 1525 mm 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 L2 L3

Note: L1, length of cooling coil section; L2, length of fan section; L3, length of humidifier section.


8. Section Data
Component sketches Name Sketch Name Sketch

Mixing chamber

Entering chamber

Plate filter

Bag filter

Cartridge filter

Water cooling coil

Water heating coil

Electric heating coil

Wet film humidifier

Steam humidifier



Access door



Fan discharge arrangement

Horizontal air supply

Model Length MKZ03Y4/C MKZ05Y4/C MKZ08Y4/C MKZ10Y4/C MKZ12Y4/C MKZ15Y4/C MKZ18Y4/C MKZ20Y4/C MKZ25Y4/C MKZ30Y4/C MKZ35Y4/C MKZ40Y4/C MKZ45Y4/C 750 780 920 990 1050 1060 1060 1160 1260 1360 1360 1450 1450

Horizontal Width 900 1025 1200 1320 1490 1650 1650 1750 1920 2160 2160 2290 2290 Height 600 690 830 900 985 1080 1080 1230 1340 1490 1490 1680 1680


Vertical air supply

Model Length MKZ03Y4/C MKZ05Y4/C MKZ08Y4/C MKZ10Y4/C MKZ12Y4/C MKZ15Y4/C MKZ18Y4/C MKZ20Y4/C MKZ25Y4/C MKZ30Y4/C MKZ35Y4/C MKZ40Y4/C MKZ45Y4/C 730 830 980 1000 1080 1140 1140 1250 1320 1460 1460 1630 1630

Vertical Width 900 1025 1200 1320 1490 1650 1650 1750 1920 2160 2160 2290 2290 Height 630 710 810 870 940 1020 1020 1130 1220 1370 1370 1510 1510


Water pipe connection of cooling coil

Model MKZ03Y4/C MKZ05Y4/C MKZ08Y4/C MKZ10Y4/C MKZ12Y4/C MKZ15Y4/C MKZ18Y4/C MKZ20Y4/C MKZ25Y4/C MKZ30Y4/C MKZ35Y4/C MKZ40Y4/C MKZ45Y4/C Water pipe DN40 DN40 DN50 DN50 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 DN65 A 160 160 155 160 160 155 160 160 160 160 160 160 160 B 115 115 120 120 115 120 115 125 125 125 125 125 125 C 447 447 650 650 650 855 850 957 1090 576 640 766 893 D 233 231 440 232 E 576 640 766 893

Note: MKZ03-25Y4/C units have one cooling coil heat exchanger, while MKZ30-45Y4/C units have two. One cooling coil has one drain pan. The condensate in the upper drain pan is discharged to the lower one through a plastic water pipe.


9. Typical combination
The simplest combination This combination is applicable in residential comfort places. It is structure simple, space-saving and investment less.

The most economical combination This combination including mixing and primary filter function. It is applicable in resident comfort and energy saving places.

Industrial combination 1 Heat and moisture can be handled in this combination. It is applicable in places where are more comfort needed and there are higher requirements on temperature and humidity.


Industry combination 2 Heat and moisture can be handled in this combination. It is applicable in places where are more comfort needed and there are higher requirements on temperature and humidity. The wet film humidifier here has a function as an eliminator.

The manufacturer has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to alter any details of the products at any time without notice.