Anna Wright Hithersay Ideabook May 7, 2007 Table of Contents Useful information for new librarians 1.

Working at Finding Work 2. “Mind the Gap”: Future Librarians Preparing to Take on Leadership Roles 3. Working Knowledge 4. Bright Ideas, Hard Work, Thick Skin: Engaging in Scholarly Activity as a New Librarian 5. Skills for the 21st Century Info Pro 6. The Rules of Negotiation 7. Beyond Elevator Speeches! A Process for Influence Marketing 1. The Secret of Library Marketing: Make Yourself Indispensable 2. Independent Professional gets the Business to come to HER 3. How We Won a Creative Promotions Award from the Medical Library Association 4. Seven Strategies for Marketing in a Web 2.0 World 5. Electronic Resources Won’t Sell Themselves: Marketing Tips Customer Service 1. Customer Service: A View from the Trenches 2. Customer Service, Information Professionals, and Library 2.0 3. Does One-Stop Searching Really Serve All? 4. Becoming a customer-driven organization 5. The True Value of Customer Service Special Librarianship 1. An Essential Function of the Special Librarian 2. Books! Are They Still Important in Special Libraries? 3. What Can MySpace Teach us in Special Libraries 4. The Future of the Special Library

5. Flying Solo: Librarian, Manage Thyself 6. How to Develop an E-Commerce Strategy for Your Library Librarians Around the World 1. International Perspectives on the New Librarian Experience 2. Use of information and communication technology in libraries and information centres: an Indian scenario 3. Knowledge-Sharing Activities in India 4. Disability issues and libraries: a Scottish perspective 5. The development of digital libraries in China and the shaping of digital librarians Unusual Jobs 1. Information Pros Move Out of the Information Center


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