7 Stars Doctors Required by WHO and FKUI The standard of a good doctor refers to the competence of 7 Stars Doctor

, taken from 5 stars Doctor required by WHO plus two other competencies deemed necessary by doctors in Indonesia. The concept of the 5 stars doctor is proposes as an ideal profile of a doctor possesing in a mix aptitudes to carry out the range of services that health settings must deliver to meet the requirements or relevance, quality and equity in health. The five sets of attributes of the five stars doctor are : Care-provider : besides giving individual treatment, the five stars doctor must provide the social, mental and physical needs of the patient. He must care for each patient which he handled. Patients who are sick, especially who has severe pain and their mental is being collapsed. If the patient handled by an incompetent doctor, surely they can’t be heal as well as they wanted. A doctor must serve all patients regardless of ethnic, racial, religious and economic ability of patients The doctor must ensure that a full range of treatment will be dispensed in ways that are complementary, integrated and continuous. And they must ensure that the treatment is of the highest quality. Decision-maker : A doctor should be a good listeners for their patients and families. Besides care, the five stars doctor should possess fast response to a problem. They will have to take desicions that can be justified in terms of efficacy and cost. They have to choose the most appropriate and the best desicion for their patient. And they have to know the negative and the postive impact for the desicion they have been taken. The desicions taken must be the best desicions according with the existing condition. As regards expenditure, the limited resources available for health must be shared out fairly to the benefit of every individual in the community. Communicator : The doctors should be a good communicator in order to persuade individuals, families and the communities in their charge to adopt healthy lifestyles and become partners in the health effort. Lifestyle aspects such as a balanced diet, safety measures at work, type of leisure pursuits, respect for the environment and so on all have a determining influence on health. The involvement of the individual in protecting and restoring his or her own health is therefore vital, since exposure to a health risk is largely determined by one’s behaviour. So, of course the doctor have to be a good speaker in thei society. Community leader : A good communicator doctor will be a good community leader. A good doctor have to be a good leader and they have responsibilty of the community healthcare problems. The responsible doctor would give large benefits to the society. The needs and problems of the whole community - in a suburb or a district - must not be forgotten. By understanding each problems or health risk in the physical and social environment, the five stars doctor will not simply be treating individuals who seek help but will also take a positive interest in community health activities, which, once again, will benefit large numbers of people. Manager : A doctor must acquire managerial skills. This skill is very essential for a doctor, because they have to manage, for example, the administrative management of patients, the redemption of prescriptions, etc. Those things are often considered trivial, but if not handled properly, it will complicate the job. This skill will enable them to initiate exchanges of information in order to make better desicions, and to work within a multidisciplinary team in close association with other partners for health and social development. All of the methods of dispensing care will have to be integrated with the totality of health and social services, for the individual or for the community. Besides those five categories, Faculty of Medicine of University of Indonesia added two others concepts and then developed the idea of “seven stars doctor”. And the two concepts are : Researcher : A doctor should have a researcher quality. The world developments in every fields are the main challenge for a doctor as a health professionals. Let’s say, overtime new viruses and diseases emering one after another. So, a doctor should learn many things and keep searching for

or even find the cure or treatment for a disease with cutting edge techniques. every doctor should be the ideal doctor. not just learn from the books that they used during medical school. Therefore. it will affect the value for becoming a doctor. Thus. because there is no invention from a research to find the cure. Can you imagine the world if there is no such a thing as a research? Even diseases that usually considered as a trivial disease could be deadly. Because of those heavy responsibilities. a doctor should develop theirself and not stagnant. who has all the criteria above. which is not easy to have it and also take a long time and need strong effort and will. just because the life and dead thing of a human depends on them. So the people can be served well and motivated to have a healthy life. a doctor will not pass the border and remember that becoming a doctor do not make them God.new information. . A doctor should contribute theirself in variety of research and also finding the causes and the solution of a new disease. If all the Indonesian’s doctor have all of these qualifications. the important thing is a doctor sould believe that there is such a greater power that control the world. Therefore. there is no doubt that the medical and health problem in Indonesia will evolve rapidly. Faith and piety : But besides all of those things that said above.

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