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Everyday Probability

Everyday Probability

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Published by: Anh Ton on Sep 21, 2011
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5.1. On the planet Arret there are 100 days in a year.

(i) What is the probability that two Arretians, chosen at ran-
dom, will have different birthdays?
(ii) What is the probability that four Arretians, chosen at ran-
dom, will have different birthdays?
(iii) “How manyArretians must there be in a room for there to
be a probability greater than 0.5 that at least two of them
would share a birthday?”

5.2. A game of Crown and Anchor is played with two dice. In the
terminology of Table 5.2 the possible outcomes are 0 0, 0 6, 6 0,
and 6 6. Construct a table similar to Table 5.2 showing what the
game and the two-dice Crown-and-Anchor game.

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Chapter 6

Probability and Health

If you believe the doctors, nothing is wholesome; (Lord Salisbury,

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