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date: sun, 7 may 95 19:01:08 -0400 name:: michael rodgers lodge:: dual member of oasis 41 and silver cord 51 location

:: las vegas, nevada office:: trustee of silver cord and tyler of oasis e-mail:: cards@bighorn.accessnv.com message:: i am in both scotish rite and york rite, and first outter guard in zelzah temple. i am very active only in oasis and zelzah as well as in scottish rites i look forward to hearing from any and all of you, as i am also an avid computer use be a better road warrior! stay in touch while on-the-go. use yahoo! mobile web to connect with messenger and mail, and to search with onesearch.try it! treee tonia: hello james dean: hello? treee tonia: hopw are you ? treee tonia: im sorry about your father, i saw a picture of you on google images james dean: i am doing fine, how about you? did you get my long message? treee tonia: david rene james dean rochschild treee tonia: you are handsome , dont worry i will tell noon, who you are treee tonia: i di , james dean: where did you see my picture? i have avoided cameras all my life treee tonia: yahoo images treee tonia: maybe it wasnt you i dont knoe treee tonia: i cried, i was so afraid that you were dead , james dean: no need to cry for me. but thank you. james dean: that is close to one of my favoriate songs. "dont cry for me argentina". treee tonia: i care for you, i am protecting you, and you wont let me, james dean: i do appreicate your desire to protect me, but i believe i am ok. i do watch and read what you say and look for things because of it, so please keep caring and loving and protecting me treee tonia: 1000 points of light the crystal energy grid of teh luxor casino it is the light that reaches into space james dean: yes, i read that, and the luxor is a sacred place. treee tonia: im going there today to teh luxor and excalibur to check out the energy and also im going to stand right below the glass pyrimid part so that i will be directly underneath the glass tip james dean: can you do that? can you see the tip from the ground beneath it? i did not think anyone was allowed in that exact spot. james dean: did you read my long first message? did you reply to it yet? treee tonia: i will get there treee tonia: yes i did , and i feel that you are not taking consideration of the entire picture of thousands of years treee tonia: i was joan of arc? james dean: hehe. there was so much said in that long long message, i do not know where you would be talking about such. and yes, how did you know about joan? she was a true

beauty. treee tonia: well, how could she not be me , i also knoe that elizabeth ( came into my body and bloodline , in the tyme of mary magdalene, and that is why her family is really my family but i was pushed out of my body and how i got her was from my father tommy stracener ( decended from adolph hitler ( of germany i have dreams about when i was in germany and theer were like wooden cagesfull of jews that were lowered into firew treee tonia: how i got her ein this body , was teh german blood of tommy stracener my natural father treee tonia: that is why i have been seeing thru elizabeths eyes, since i have been a little girl when she is in ritual, i used to think i was performing those rituals, but i realize that i was seeing thru her eyes, my body treee tonia: king james was also my son, when i was queen mary treee tonia: silver sulfur, that is a key ingredient , and connection with the moon and the dragon , the lake, the lady of the lake, is connected with the moon, james dean: keep typing, i will be back in a moment. james dean: then i will comment. treee tonia: elizabeth and myself are connected because she inherited my bloodline thru taking my body alongh tyme ago, when i married ( under blackmail antipas herod treee tonia: and began decending thru teh 7 gats to hell treee tonia: gates treee tonia: your energy is different, you have taken a different body? treee tonia: the prism prison is 1000 point of light and teh luxor energy grid and the silver sulfur has something to do with teh swords and theer ultimately is 3 swords, or will be 3 swords treee tonia: the ether in teh gasoline burns into the etheric and helps coax teh human soul out of teh human body and is a seperator treee tonia: that is why the oil is such of a big deal and why the other forms of energy are not allowed and tesla energy is also prohibited , treee tonia: \ treee tonia: tesla energy is ( teh feminine energy and is also teh light radiating from teh luxor is teh tesla energy , the divine feminine treee tonia: tesla energy is ( teh feminine energy and is also teh light radiating from teh luxor is teh tesla energy , the divine feminine james dean: i am back and reading your messages treee tonia: teh way i accidently spell the teh is also a clue treee tonia: it is i who is in danger of teh prism prison james dean: yes, i have a new body, but energy comes and goes. wanes and flows like a river. and it is not unusual for me to change bodies. it is like taking on a second skin. james dean: you are in danger of being inprisoned? treee tonia: yes i can feel it , will you take it permanently? james dean: not from me, nor any of my close confidents. treee tonia: well my soul james dean: will i take this body perm, no, not at all. only for a few days here and there. james dean: why? treee tonia: diannas son, is being prepared for you to take eventually ? treee tonia: he is 8 years old

treee tonia: also there is a kiss involves when sang arian takes a human body, james dean: some day, he will be able to be in such a state. yes, we do call it a kiss, can you describe what you think it is sweetheart? treee tonia: i will never tell anyone our secrets, we are sworn to each other not to lie, james dean: this you have my word on, and you know i take my word seriously. treee tonia: , i knoe that about a week and a half ago , i was in sleep and heard voices say in forty something seconds i am going to kiss you and i said no, the kiss sucks out the human soul treee tonia: when teh kiss approached me i said no and i put up a shield, now\ treee tonia: what does teh mean i always accidently do that when i write the it always says teh james dean: the kiss that sucks out the human soul is different than the kiss that places one into the human bean. the kiss to remove a soul is to the lower part of the back of the head. near a hollow where the head meets the neck. treee tonia: i have been kissed james dean: teh is an ancient word. it means love, but i do not know what it means when you do it. treee tonia: its impossible to get my soul out of my body this tyme isnt it? james dean: you have been kissed at the back of the head or on the mouth? treee tonia: well actually , every where , including teh marks on my lower back by my kidneys james dean: you have been protected for the past two years from losing your soul, and from being occupied by another sang arian. so that is absolute. treee tonia: i cant loose my soul, my love is too strong james dean: there by the kidneys is where they attempt to occupy a body. james dean: as is mine treee tonia: yes, remember when master mason was at bohemian grove and when i changed , and my eyes took on sang arian , for about half of a day james dean: i have not received your responses to my emails. are you sure you sent such? james dean: yes, i had draken look over your body for such marks once too. treee tonia: yes i have sent many , and answered all of your questions and emails, and also you werent going to read any nore of my emails when they were voice messages are you getting them in text? treee tonia: the marks were there , a few days before elizabeth had him deliver the letter to me, from elizabeth treee tonia: is demeterious aura black and is tylers black? treee tonia: my sons james dean: no, i mean did you send a reply to my long long long email that i sent to treetanya@yahoo.com? i have received nothing in the past 2 hours. treee tonia: tree tanya ? that is not my email it is treee_tonia treee tonia: see what i mean, your mind and memory is being manipulated treee tonia: also how did you knoe i was on messenger then, i emailed you less than a hour ago james dean: i got the messages saying you were on here, but no response to the messages james dean: sorry i left off the extra e. i know it is important. treee tonia: you said tree-tanya it is treee_tonia

james dean: yes, i am soory, i typed it too fast james dean: now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: seth is jean de cabalis isnt he james dean: i pay so little attention to jean, that i do not believe even jean knows who he is. james dean: now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: lady of the lake: "legend tells that arthur was brought here to be healed of his wounds, to return when needed. for some wounds, however, the best and only healing is death. behold the tomb of king arthur, lord of the britons--arthur pendragon." treee tonia: lady of the lake: "those who told you the tale mistold a part of it. t'was never said that arthur would return but that the pendragon would arise anew at need. each age has its own pendragon. jean may be the pendragon of this age james dean: now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: [the lady gives him his magical armor, sword, shield and steed, and they talk about these things a bit. then, in closing, the lady says...] lady of the lake: "the mortal lands need a new pendragon james dean: now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: the silver sulfur & the sword.. james dean: now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: you also said tree tanya in the email, , prince charles, is that the body that you are in ? james dean: no i am not in pince charles. when i type fast i am likely to leave off the extra e. i will try not to do that again. now, please, give me a moment and answer the questions in the long long truncated message treee tonia: how long do u want me to wait? and answer what questions in teh long trunicated message treee tonia: the long trunicated message was from you, not me james dean: lets see if i can be a little more plain. i sent you a long email. one you only saw the first part of on your cell phone. do you remember that honey? treee tonia: yes and you sent it to my email and i read it , james dean: correct. james dean: and, i asked you several questions in that long long email. you have hot written a reply to that message. please do so. james dean: you read it, but you said nothing about it. treee tonia: yes i wrote a reply and sent it to you , james dean: then you will need to resend that reply, as it never arrived. treee tonia: the only question you asked is if i wanted to be hypnotized still and if michael rodgers is healthy enough,, are you sure another sang arian hasnt been placed already in his body? james dean: yes, i know that one has not treee tonia: there are 3 swords now another sword has been forged

treee tonia: i will try to go see him today or tomorrow and evaluate his condition james dean: 3 swords. treee tonia: yes james dean: really treee tonia: im sure of it james dean: who made the 3rd treee tonia: i dont knoe probably the lady of teh lake, i think jean has teh sword and is being prepared to ( take your place just like you were prepared to take merlins place james dean: but merlin is a friend treee tonia: im not sure i am having visions though your energy is very ( different than it ever was it feels very different treee tonia: if merlin is a friend then why is he still trapped in teh prism prison james dean: in what way does it feel different darlin? treee tonia: very very very different james dean: that may be due to my new body. i will not be in this one long though treee tonia: the sword if it pierces you in a body it will trap you from being able to get out of teh dieing body and into a new one james dean: you mean it will bind my two bodies, but human and the sang arian one? treee tonia: do u knoe that you have 4 different names that you have registered under yahoo messenger all under realworldm or real world me but one name is james one is james dean one is real treee tonia: sorry 3 different names' james dean: hehe yes, i do know. i kept tryin to get on here so that i could contact you when you told me about this program. it seemed that everything i did, did not work. james dean: this is the only one that worked when i tried it, finally. james dean: treee tonia: the only question you asked is if i wanted to be hypnotized still and if michael rodgers is healthy enough,, are you sure another sang arian hasnt been placed already in his body? james dean: did you ever answer this question? james dean: i mean, do you still wish to be hypnotised and such? treee tonia: why do u live in teh queens court? dont you like living in france, yesi answered it i said i would go see michael rodgers today or tomorrow and evaluate his condition treee tonia: sorry i got booted james dean: no problem, did you get my res;ponse to your question about where i live? treee tonia: no james dean: i live in both the queens court most of the time, and i visit mostly in france. i do not really like living in france as the humans there think that they are the most important peoples in the world, and all others are inferior. james dean: tell me more of this web of majik that you are ‘seeing’. this interests me. i know that there is majik in france when i am not there and here in the court when i am away. it would be foolish for me to think otherwise. but, i have not detected any which was against me. almost anyone if trained can do majik. do not think otherwise. some can be taught to use it better than others, and of course there are none who can use it as well as i do. but, there is a hierarchy of majik, and who is even allowed to be taught the subject.

treee tonia: there are many sang arians that want to come to the earth and they are in teh abyss? treee tonia: i see a dome of majik being placed around you like a etheric dome a web, james dean: i would not call it the abyss, but i would say they are in limbo. a place between here and there, in a suspended time demension. treee tonia: can you be here on earth if u didnt have a human body? treee tonia: i have my sunglasses master mason had a spell put on , right here i wear them all teh time james dean: yes, i could, but it takes energy to do so and that is not plentyful. so, yes, for some, but others would quickly pass on to the other side. treee tonia: what is teh dark star i am part of ? do u knoe james dean: i know the glasses well. draken is some day going to sit at my side. he is that good of a majikian. treee tonia: what are the glasses suppossed to do ? james dean: are you talking abotu planet x when you say the dark star? treee tonia: i dont knoe , ian cowburn told me i was part of teh dark star james dean: the glasses have a spell of protection upon them. treee tonia: the moon , is that where your sang arians are in teh ocean like a womb james dean: no, not the moon, planet x which is much further away treee tonia: .. i dream about when the air filled with a smoke and then seperated teh soul from teh body james dean: tell me more of this dream treee tonia: it is teh ether in gasoline and oil, treee tonia: it was aplace where i saw a white dome , and steps , and there were a different race of people, i remember james dean: yes, it is, and such is why fuel is important james dean: the capital of our race, is much like this. treee tonia: there is a place almost prepared to take teh dna and a few human subjects and animals like noahas ark and teh rest of teh world will be ( either destroyed or else taken under slavery . treee tonia: yes , i remember , there was a group of beings i think there were 4 of them james dean: i pray not james dean: 4 of them treee tonia: one had a crown and i think was reptilian and i remember being slipped out of my body james dean: was this in this life time? treee tonia: it was a gas released into teh atmosphere and treee tonia: no this was long ago , it was many many many steps and a white domw at the top like a open dome, or a gazeebo treee tonia: what is sach? treee tonia: there is a lake under las vegas you knoe under the luxor treee tonia: and mandalin bay james dean: yes, there is the lake, and sach is a person, but i doubt that is what you are looking for treee tonia: it just came to me, my dog has to go to teh bathroom, i have to take him out real quick will you be here in 10 minutes?

treee tonia: i will be back in 10 minutes james dean: ok, i'll go too, there is a thirsty girl here treee tonia: are you gone treee tonia: i just looked up sach sach scottish association of chaplains in healthcare james dean: lol treee tonia: hi, james dean: hi treee tonia: how is dewmeterious is he okay? treee tonia: demeterious? james dean: i do not know where he is. i thought i had told you that he was not in bg. treee tonia: orion is mixed around reno treee tonia: kinda treee tonia: so , i cant het over how different your energy feels, do you remember when you told me about when you change into sang arians., where does teh human body go when the sang arian manifests?, treee tonia: swiss chemical society (scs formaly sach treee tonia: is it just me or is it getting really hot in here? james dean: lol treee tonia: hello...cupid called. he says to tell you i need my heart back. james dean: sorry for the delay... have you mentioned to your michael rodgers that you wanted to see him? youi may need to email him. darlin, i love those. they are beautiful,just like you treee tonia: hey! how it goi. . . oh. . .i thought you were someone else. . . but i guess i can talk to you. treee tonia: i plan to email him, treee tonia: hello? i know you're there. i can see you! treee tonia: welcome. i've been expecting you. james dean: no problem i have aabout 5 minutes of work that i will have to do now. i'll be right back james dean has unloaded the imvironment. james dean: i like those peoples you have sent, and what they said, and i wanted to thank you also for that sexy email you sent too. you get me hot, just reading that, did you see what i said about it. treee tonia: sorry about the enviroment i feel creative to day or expressive my esp is really ( high today treee tonia: yes thank you james dean: no, i do not rmember telling you where the human body go, but the human body is there, so i do not understand what you are saying in that one treee tonia: i was just channelling james dean: james dean: you channel well james dean: i only wish i could be there doing to you what is going through my mind now treee tonia: good, that means that you wish we were healing and transforming each other, me and elizabeth is we were in each others presence we would also activate the divine healing and trannsformation

treee tonia: hey that hurts my eyes so i knoe it has to hurt yours so i changed it james dean: good, then thank you hon treee tonia: it is wierd how james dean and jean are alike and how jean de and james de are alike kinda james dean: you think so? james dean was one of the greatest pop artist in the world. he died too young. jean is a fraud. treee tonia: ' treee tonia: did you de rank him or just take away the guild decabalis group >?id treee tonia: it makes me mad that he thinks you are weak and powerless james dean: i have not ranked him at all. i took his original group away, but he can just open another and another.. treee tonia: gosh that is all you did is took away his group? james dean: he is a pansy wasted coward, and has no place in the majik world. he is doing nothing but trying to line his own pockets with gold. james dean: he is not a ranked member of any real order james dean: if he was, i would take that away, but he is not treee tonia: a master mason in new zealand and also many more , the rosicrucians, and the golden dawn he is magister so they are real orderse treee tonia: i have a list of his pedigrees treee tonia: at least i thought teh rosicrucians and golden dawn and freemasons were prominent james dean: no, you have a list of what he says are his degrees, but anyone can say such, he is nothing treee tonia: how are you feeling? james dean: and yes, those are prominent,b ut he is not a real member of such james dean: i am feeling a bit restless, why do you ask sweetheart? treee tonia: oh, i see, then why would you have chosen him to invite me into the guild, if he wasnt in any orders how did you find him to invite me into teh guild? treee tonia: yesme too treee tonia: im not questioning you, i just am a virgo and virgos analyze treee tonia: because i think he is a threat and i think teh third sword is promised to him james dean: i did not chose him, i had him invite you to the group to find out if you were a fraud or not treee tonia: okay anyhow, you answerede my question, thank you james dean: finding him was no problem, he was on yahoo groups. treee tonia: james dean: if he is in cahoots with qe, then he is someone i do not know, and it would really worry me. but ido not think so. treee tonia: the division of analytical chemistry (dac) of the swiss chemical society (scs that is sach, i looked it up, james dean: i wanted to communicate with you, but we had been runing up against wall after wall. so, this was the best and easist way for me to get to know the real you on here treee tonia: i am having visions,a little james dean: ****** sach save a child's heart more info from thefreedictionary.com search amazon.com [more information and searches] **** sach solid ankle cushion heel (prosthesis) search

amazon.com [more information and searches] * sach state administration of cultural heritage (china) treee tonia: why wont you let merlin out of the prism prison?> treee tonia: cool, i guess it sould mean alot and im sure there is a riddle or message in there ' treee tonia: i was not the lady of the lake , why did you think that? james dean: one moment james dean: those are also sach's ... james dean: merlin has not been in the prison, he is the guardian of the prism. james dean: i wanted to know what you knew of the lady. i felt that you could put your mind into her and tell me more, that is what i had meant when i said that you were the lady of the lake. in retrospect, it may not sound like much, but i have blacked out some of this period of time. james dean: sach san antonio community hospital *** sach shamokin area community hospital *** sach st anthony community hospital *** sach scottish association of chaplains in healthcare *** sach solid ankle cushioned heel ** sach solid ankle-cushioned heel ** sach solid-ankle cushion heel ** sach school of analytical and cognitive hypnotherapy ** sach self-assessed change in health ** sach salicylcarbohydrazone ** sach singapore automated clearing house ** sach state administration for cultural heritage ** sach scottish association of community hospitals ** sach standard agility champion * sach santa ana centerport heliport * sach south africa canadian high james dean: do you see one there that interests you? treee tonia: well i have been telling you and you wont hear me, that is what i have been trying to tell you since you told me that , james dean: what is? james dean: and please go back to using lower case letters. treee tonia: sorry i got booted again treee tonia: is elizabeth there? treee tonia: idnt your fathers funeral today? treee tonia: the 7 days of teh chemical wedding i like to read that james dean: no, elizabeth is not her james dean: here james dean: you would like to have a 7 day checmical wedding? treee tonia: the chem trails are a kind of seperator to take the human soul out of their bodys but when i had those dreams when elizabeth looked into my eyes those 3 dreams i sucked teh souls back into me treee tonia: is this better on your eyes treee tonia: im feeling how you react to teh colors

james dean: i think you are wrong here. we cannot suck the souls out by a chem trail, they are used for other things by the government. yes, much better, my love, thank you. treee tonia: i didnt say that i said teh chem trails are a deperator like the ether treee tonia: seperator ( james dean: ahh, ok.. ok, i understand. treee tonia: they are also heavy sedatives james dean: it is not good to be outside when there are a lot of chemtails treee tonia: i notice the past week and a half teh chem trails havent been ( fogging me out like they usually do i appreciate that treee tonia: they make mason symbols in teh sky above my house they fly right over my house sometymes 7 or 10 planes at a tyme, the city is usually being gassed by them treee tonia: i appreciate that the chjem trails have been almost none , over my house since about 2 weeks ago james dean: and they shoudl be fewer than they use to be in the future too james dean: have you learned now to sleep naked for me? treee tonia: theyre are actually missles that have anthrax and the bird flu and all kinds of other things that fly over and look like chem planes , and they crash in teh mountains ' treee tonia: you should knoe, you come here and visit treee tonia: dont you knoe i sleep naked james dean: but are you use to it yet? james dean: yes, but that does not mean you are getting use to it yet. does it? treee tonia: i dont mind it i like it treee tonia: i am re creating my face ( the sphynx treee tonia: i sent you some pictures of teh statue i have ben painting that looks like me kinda treee tonia: so why havent you let merlin out of teh prism prison? treee tonia: he is myr / my father home james dean: good, and i will check out the pictures, by the way, i love the picture of you on here. it is beautfiul james dean: merlin is not in prison. he is the guardian of the prism james dean: you sent those pictures to my hotmail address? treee tonia: he is trapped my visions have told me so , he is who gave ,me the vision to find a way to get him out , teh wedding song the chant that will release him i am gradually remembering treee tonia: yes you already looked at them remember you asked me if that was me james dean: oh, ok, yes, i do remember that, i thought you ment you jjust did this james dean: i think you are one of the prettiest humansbeens i have ever seen james dean: darn, i have to pee again and my pretty little girl is not here to drink. treee tonia: i am a pretty human bean treee tonia: how old is she? james dean: 17, and in ill health. she is geting healthier every day with my urine. treee tonia: this picture is when i almost became sang arian treee tonia: julia james dean: that is pretty james dean: julia? treee tonia:

james dean: you said julia? what do you mean by that? treee tonia: isnt that her name james dean: he he, not at all. her name is lenita. treee tonia: lets just drop the subject james dean: ok, what subject do you wish to talk about? treee tonia: i have traveled to julia in my dreams, and her baby girl too james dean: where is she? i have been lookng for her treee tonia: elizabeth has her treee tonia: and teh baby girl treee tonia: i saw her when elizabeth did the staring contest with me james dean: where does that bitch have her? james dean: sorry, where does qe have her? treee tonia: she was sleeping in a net play pen like thing james dean: a majik one? treee tonia: i got the name in my dream but cant remember now james dean: please let me know when you remember. treee tonia: teh baby girl is really small she looks like she is only 3 or 4 months old but she is older than that james dean: how old is she? treee tonia: she is now well around halloween the baby was taken from julias womb , i think theyre were twins but now there is only one baby treee tonia: 10 months old james dean: ok, can you give me any better idea as to where the child may now be? treee tonia: . i was told in my dream, i will try to remember and have more dreams ,. james dean: please do. and when you do, please let me know. treee tonia: i can feel your energy , treee tonia: these are hypnotized eyes the smailey treee tonia: , i was booted again treee tonia: if you are over elizabeth why dont you just ask her james dean: because she would lie to me if she had the child, would she not? treee tonia: you knoe the baby girls are also a part of me because frater imhotep mixed my dna and biology with julias womb james dean: were you there when he did this? treee tonia: no i was there on august 25 thru sept 1 2005 treee tonia: when he did teh alchemy on me james dean: ok, i am going to go pee. i wonder where she went. i'll be right back and read what you say in a moment or two.

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