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Published by: Lheinrich2 on Sep 21, 2011
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fourth Christmas together. They've been married for a year and a half now.

Accidents Happen

"What time is your doctor's appointment?" Edward asked.

"Ten," I replied, staring at his reflection in our bathroom mirror.

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"No. It's fine. You're probably right. It's probably just a relapse of the flu I had a few

weeks ago. He'll write me a prescription for more antibiotics and I'll be back to my

normal self in no time."

"I hope so. I knew we went out dancing too soon after."

"Don't start that again! I felt perfectly fine that night, as evidenced by the way we

stayed up all night making love when we got home. I know your parents heard us!"

"My mom may have mentioned something about wanting to soundproof our room,"

Edward said, a big goofy grin on his face.

I slapped his arm playfully. "You keep that up and it'll be a very long time before those

hands of yours get anywhere near me."

He wrapped me up into a tender hug. "I love you, Bella Cullen."

"I love you, Edward Cullen." I got on my tip-toes and kissed his nose. "I'm off to the

doctor. I should be home a little after lunch by the time I get the prescription."

"Would you like me to cook for you?"

"We better wait and see how my appetite is. Right now, I couldn't possibly think of

eating, seeing as it would just reappear."

"That's really gross, Bella."

"You can complain when you're the one puking first thing in the morning," I quipped.

"I'm taking the Volvo since you're staying in with Emmett and Jasper."

"How do you know I'm staying in?"

"They're home and the Xbox is hooked up," I replied. "Don't get into too much trouble

with those two while I'm out."

"Wouldn't dream of it, love," he said, as he kissed me bye.

I made my way down the stairs. Rose was holding my niece, Lily, in her lap, trying to

get her to smile. Lily was a year and three months old now. She had Rose's facial

features, but with Emmett's hair and eyes.

I leaned down over the back of the sofa. "How are my favorite flowers today?"

"Bella, have I told you that's lame yet today?" Rose asked with a smile.

I kissed her cheek. "Nope. But thanks for the warning." I leaned forward and smiled at

Lily. "How are you today, Lily Bear? You gonna smile at your most favorite aunt?"

"I'm not there for her to smile at," Alice said with a grin.

"Shush it!" I joked, poking my tongue at Alice.

Lilly started laughing, her little baby giggles filling the room. I turned back to her and

kissed her little cheek.

"Thanks, Lily Bear. Be good for your mommy."

"Where are you off to so early?" Alice asked.

"Edward made me an appointment with the doctor," I replied. "He's convinced himself

I went out into the world too early after my bad case of the flu and I'm having a

relapse. So to appease the infamous Tutor-boy, I'm off to see the doc for another

round of antibiotics."

"It cracks me up that you still call him that, Squirt," Emmett chuckled.

"You stop calling me Squirt and I'll retire Tutor-boy," I told him.

"Not a chance!" Emmett laughed.

"Bye, people!" I yelled, as I walked out the front door.

I climbed up into the Volvo and adjusted the seat for myself. I loved this damn car

even if I refused to admit it to Edward. He would just run out and buy me one just like

it. It had taken me two weeks of arguments to get him to agree to a used car when my

truck had died the day we got married.

I drove down to the doctor's office and signed myself in. Thankfully, I didn't have to

wait long. With the holidays, this was prime flu season and I had been worried it would

take all morning. The nurse led me into the room and had me sit.

Dr. Jensen walked into the room and smiled at me. "Bella! What has you back so soon?

You certainly look much healthier this time."

"My nausea and headaches are back. Edward's worried I'm having a relapse of the flu."

"Have you been tired as well?"

"Hard to tell with the holidays."

Dr. Jensen started feeling around my neck. "How's the job at the college coming


"My students seem to like me. Can't ask for more than that!"

"Well, your lymph nodes are fine." He took out his stethoscope. "Let's hear your


I shivered slightly as the cold metal hit my skin.

"Big, deep breath, Bella."

I did as he said until he had listened to all the areas he wanted.

"Your lungs sound fine. Let's just get a quick blood test done."

"I really hate blood and needles, doc! Can't we skip this?"

"And have Edward show up here? I don't think so," Dr. Jensen laughed.

I laughed with him. "Yeah, he would do that. And probably have Carlisle call you, too!"

"I don't doubt it. I'll have a nurse come and draw the blood and I'll be back as soon as I

have some answers for you."

"Thanks, Dr. Jensen."

He closed the door and I let out a big sigh. I hated needles! I'd already been sick once

today and I knew the smell and sight of my blood would make me sick again! I walked

over and grabbed a magazine from the rack. Just as I sat down, the nurse came in.

She smiled at me, but I was in no mood to return it. She was here to stab me! She took

my blood and I managed to keep from looking. I was happy to not be sick! I read

through three magazines before the doctor came back into the room.

"Bella, I'm going to have to send you to another doctor," Dr. Jensen said, smiling at


Why was he smiling at me if he had bad news? Was he loopy? What kind of doctor did

I need to go see? Oh, God! Please don't let it be cancer!

"What? Why?" I asked.

"Bella, you'll need to make an appointment with your OB/GYN. You're pregnant."

"You've misplaced my test with someone else's. I'm on the pill. Have been for years."

"Were you intimate with Edward while you were taking your prescriptions for the flu?"

"Not really, doc! I was a little sick at the time."

Dr. Jensen chuckled. "How soon after you felt better?"

"Pretty soon," I said. My face and neck burned a furious red as I remembered the night

in question. "Why?"

"Antibiotics can render some forms of birth control ineffective. You need to stop

taking it right away and make an appointment to see your OB/GYN. He'll want to run a

few tests and get you on vitamins. That sort of thing. This is good news, Bella."

I started laughing hysterically. "Only if you're going to be the one to tell my big brother

and Edward!"

"Doctor patient privilege, Bella," Dr. Jensen smirked.

"Go on and hide behind that, doc! I'll remember this," I sighed, grinning at him.

"Give Carlisle my best," Dr. Jensen said as he ushered me out of the room.

"I'm sure he'll be real happy about this."

"As proud as he is of Lily, I'm sure he'll be over the moon for his only son to make him

a grandpa! Quit worrying and go home!"

I got into the Volvo and just sat behind the wheel, staring at the people walking

through the hospital parking lot. I knew the exact night this had happened. I had been

joking about it just this morning. How was Edward going to react to this? Which one of

us would Emmett kill first?

Twenty-three years old, a new college professor and I'm pregnant. On Accident! Not

that this would make me regret that night because it had absolutely been one of the

hottest, steamiest nights I'd ever had with Edward. My face turned red all over. Was

this hormonal? Was it starting already?

"Oh, God!" I groaned, resting my head against the steering wheel. I pulled out my

phone and scrolled through the numbers until I found the one I needed. I waited

patiently for someone to pick up.

"Dr. Johnson's office."

"This is Bella Cullen. I need to make an appointment to see Dr. Johnson as soon as


"Cullen. Hold just one minute. Bella, you were just here two months ago. Is something


"According to Dr. Jensen, I'm pregnant."

"Oh, that's wonderful, Bella! Is this your first?"


"How does next Friday at eleven sound?"


"Do you have any questions in the meantime?"

"Can my husband come back with me?"

"Of course he can, dear. We'll see you next Friday."

"Thanks." I hung up the phone and stared at it. That makes two people who were

really cheery about this baby. Unfortunately, neither of them was in my family.

A baby? How did I feel about a baby? I loved Edward. I had always assumed we would

one day have a baby a little piece of the both of us with his looks and my love of

reading, but with Edward's math skills. I smiled as I pictured a little head of bronze

hair. I realized then that I was happy about this baby. I rubbed a hand across my

stomach and hoped with everything in me that Edward would be happy, too. Now, I

just had to drive home and figure out how to tell him.

When I got home, it was oddly quiet. I was thankful as I made my way up the stairs. I

didn't want to take the chance of blurting it out before I talked to Edward.

I opened the door to our room. He was sitting on the sofa, reading a paper. He was

probably checking over an essay from one of his students. I closed the door and

walked over to him.

"Edward, I need to talk to you."

"Okay. Let me finish this paragraph and you will have my undivided attention."

I waited patiently for him.

He put the paper down and smiled. "Go ahead."

"It's about the car thing. I think we're going to need to get another one."

"Did something happen with the Volvo today?"

"Not exactly."

"What does not exactly mean, Bella?"

"I just think it might be time to let you get me a new car instead of the used one we

replaced my truck with."

"Why the sudden interest in a new car?" Edward asked, as I sat on his lap facing him.

I shrugged. "I just thought you might want to have your child riding in a safer car. I'll

keep the old one if you want, though."

He stopped breathing as my sentence caught up with him. "Bella?"

"I'm not sick, Edward. I'm pregnant."

Edward was clearly shocked. His jaw was hanging open and his eyes were wide.

"I know!" I cried, pointing at his face. "That's the look I gave the doctor. I asked him

how this was possible. Seems that antibiotics knock out the 'control' part of birth

control, leaving the 'birth' part behind. So that lovely night of dancing we were joking

about just this morning was the culprit." I stopped rambling and waited to see if

Edward would speak. I could see in his eyes he was trying to wrap his mind around my

news. "I know this is a lot to process, but could you say something before I scream?"

"You're pregnant?" Edward questioned.

I nodded my head.

A smile slowly crept across his lips and into his eyes. "You're pregnant," he repeated

with conviction in his voice.

I nodded again, smiling at him.

He pulled me into his arms and ran out of our room. He stopped at the top of the

stairs and yelled, "BELLA'S PREGNANT!"

As soon as the echo of his scream died down, doors started opening across the house.

I clung to him as I heard the footsteps running up the stairs. I lifted my head to see him

smiling the goofy grin he had smiled when we got married.

"Oh, Bella!" Alice shrieked, as she ran up the stairs, beating everyone else.

Edward pulled me away from the edge of the stairs in anticipation of Alice's attack.

She hugged me tightly around the shoulders, but kept away from my stomach.

"I'm going to be an aunt!" she squealed.

"Not that I'm not excited, but how did this happen?" Emmett asked, holding my little

niece in his arms. "I thought you two were being careful. You haven't been out of

college that long."

"Well,dad!" I started. "It was an accident. There was a little something Renee forgot to

mention and I never knew to ask about."

"Which was?" Rose asked, as she took Lily from Emmett.

I smiled at my two favorite flowers. I leaned forward and kissed my niece's forehead. I

smiled up at my sister-in-law. "The antibiotics they give you for the flu can make your

birth control ineffective."

"Oh!" Jasper cried, as he started laughing. He sat down hard on the stairs. "That's just


"What's with him?" Edward asked.

Alice smiled. "That's how he and Rose came to be."

"Carlisle, we're going to be grandparents again. Better break out your old man

slippers," Esme teased.

"I will be the youngest, hippest grandpa, Esme," Carlisle quipped. "No slippers for me."

"We have so much to decide and plan!" Alice said, taking my hand in hers. "There's

clothing and accessories and where you're going to live so we can get a nursery

underway as soon as possible."

"Alice, stop," Edward said softly, prying my hand from my sister-in-law's. "You're going

to freak Bella out unnecessarily. Let's just be happy for the moment and enjoy

Christmas. We can talk about all of this after."

"Fine! But we will talk about it," Alice warned. She quickly started smiling again. "I'm

going to be Auntie Ali!" She sat in Jasper's lap, throwing her arms around him. "How's

that sound, Uncle Jazzy?"

"We already have those names, Alice," Jasper chuckled. "Lily, remember?"

"Of course, I remember! I'm just excited! We all knew Rose would have a family. But

who would have thought little Eddie would grow up, marry a beautiful woman and

bring a baby into the world?" Alice giggled.

"So then everyone is happy about this?" I asked nervously.

They all screamed my name together. "Bella!"

"God, I hope the kid has better sense than you," Emmett joked, pulling me into a hug.

"Just so long as the baby has her sense of humor," Rose added.

"But the baby has to be musically inclined like Edward," Alice said.

"Stop!" I chuckled. "Can I just be pregnant for a whole day before you all map out our

baby's life?"

Edward spun me around and smiled at me. "Our baby, Bella."

"Yes, Edward," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck. "Our baby."

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