EA300 EMA Verification

Penny Robson

Firstly, please ensure that you have read thoroughly all four sections of the ‘End-of-module assessment (EMA)’ document, available under ‘Assessment resources’ on the EA300 website. As stated in the introduction, I will need to verify your EMA based on information about it I receive from you ‘at least three weeks before the due date’. Please could you therefore complete the form below and email it back to me as an attachment prior to Thursday 5th May, since we do not have a tutorial before then. You need to ensure that you have communicated your plans to me by then, and although it is not compulsory to do so on this form (you could, for instance, include the same information in an e-mail) I believe it represents the easiest way for you to do this. You will also need to inform me of any significant changes to the plan as early as possible. Selecting the appropriate set texts and relevant course materials for your interpretation of the question at an early stage should also help with your own essay planning. Please let me know if you have any difficulty with completing and/or returning the form; using the ‘Down’ arrow rather than ‘Enter’ will ensure that the form remains as a single side of A4. The introduction to the EMA instructions clearly states that tutors are not allowed to help with ‘the specifics of your assignment’; this includes interpreting the questions and choosing appropriate texts, as well as commenting on detailed essay plans or drafts of your EMA. I am, of course, very willing to assist with ‘general advice on study skills’ and the other areas mentioned in that paragraph. Penny Name: Books For Option 1: Please list opposite the three set books you intend to use in your answer For Option 2: Please list one or more of the set books you plan to use in addition to The Graveyard Book 1. 2. 3. 1. Other(s) Date:

Materials (themes, concepts, ideas, theories, etc. from at least two Blocks) Block 1: Block 4:

Block 2:

Block 5:

Block 3:

Block 6:

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