Statement by Daurene Lewis, Chair, Africville Heritage Trust Society The Africville Heritage Trust Society is privileged to be entrusted

with respons ibility to bring to fruition the dream of recognition of Africville in the form of a Church Museum and Interpretive Centre. The Africville Project is not a memorial to a community that is gone. It is the next chapter in the history of Africville, and it is our intention that it will stand as a testament against racism. The story of Africville is important to everyone who believes in the principles of justice, equality, and the dignity of the human spirit. And those principles know no race. The Trust is committed to the principle of merit based hiring, because our manda te requires a unique and extensive skill set. However, we are conscious that ou r hiring decisions reflect the project, and that the future is determined by the steps we take today. While in June 2011 the Trust felt that Carole Nixon would be the best person to a fulfill the role as Executive Director of the Trust, that is no longer the cas e. As of this morning, Ms. Nixon is no longer an employee of the Africville Heri tage Trust. We will be initiating a search for a new Executive Director as soon as possible, and will be arranging for an interim manager until that search is c omplete. September 21, 2011

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