The Testing Process For XYZ Application

1. Planning Part: a. To do the Risk Analysis of the Application. Define and Prioritize, Categorize the risk associated with the application and to get the consensus of The Stakeholders on the level of Testing required to mitigate those Risks, associated with the application. Output : Risk Analysis Documents. b. To Prepare a plan for the tasks, dependencies, and participants required to mitigate the risks to system quality, and obtain stakeholder support for this plan. Output : Test Plan.

2. Preparation Part: a. Prepare the HLS on the basis of Risk Analysis Document, Review the HLS Documents. Output : HLS Documents. b. Prepare the LLS on the basis of HLS, Review the LLS Documents. Output : LLS Documents.

3. Performation Part: a. Acquire or install a test build consisting of some or all of the components in the system under test. Output : Build Document. b. Assign, track, manage and run the set of test cases against each test release. Output : Assignment Document and Bug Report.

4. Perfection Part: a. Communicate test results to key stakeholders. b. Adjust to changes and refine the testing process.

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