FROM THE BLACK WE HEAR -OCEAN WAVES. WHIPPING WINDS. FADE IN: EXT. WATERFRONT PIER - DUSK A bare HORIZON, a calm ocean sliced perfectly against the orange sky. The setting sun casts long shadows across the wooden planks. A MAN stands at the PIER, back to us. He gazes out at the water. A WOMAN enters frame – she walks up to the PIER’s edge, a CLUTCH in her hand. She stands a few feet from the MAN. She lights a cigarette, takes a slow drag. WOMAN Haven’t seen a view like this in a while. The MAN takes a deep breath. MAN Five years. WOMAN Seems like a lifetime ago. The WOMAN takes a long drag. The MAN continues to stare out at the ocean. MAN I never thought you’d actually come. WOMAN Better late than never. How many lonely nights have you spent here? MAN Too many to count. WOMAN You waited for me. All this time? MAN I once promised the woman I loved I’d meet her here. The MAN looks over to the WOMAN. WOMAN So -The WOMAN walks over to him and holds out her cigarette - her red LIPSTICK stains the cigarette butt.


WOMAN How do I look? MAN Beautiful. Same as I last saw you. WOMAN Tell me the truth, how’s life been? The MAN looks at her, weary. She doesn’t budge, swallowing him in her eyes. He takes her cigarette and breathes in, taking a deep drag. He savors it, tasting her lipstick. MAN It is what it is – hell without you. The WOMAN cozies up to him. He tries to resist but his armor melts – he wraps his arms around her. This is a surreal moment – the couple silhouetted against a setting sun. The MAN kisses her. A TEARDROP slowly runs down her cheek. A muffled GUNSHOT rings out. A look of pain suddenly fills the MAN’s eyes as his body CRUMBLES. He falls to his knees; he peers up to see the WOMAN standing over him, a smoking GUN in her hand. Tears well up in her eyes – they say it all too clearly: I’m sorry. WIDE SHOT: The MAN's body on the wooden planks, the WOMAN stands over him. The WOMAN walks towards us as she slips the GUN back into the CLUTCH. She regains her composure before our very eyes – she’s turned cold. The WOMAN produces a CELL PHONE. WOMAN It’s done. The WOMAN walks out of frame as we linger on the fallen body of the MAN on the PIER. The sun has finally set. We hear –OCEAN WAVES. WHIPPING WINDS. CUT TO BLACK ROLL CREDITS END.

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