VASTU AND DOMESTIC HAPPINESS What has vastu to do with domestic happiness ?

How Vastu, which is the science of dwellings, links itself to the happiness in the family. The Vedas, the wisdom books and knowledge banks of India, has given us the great Panchataras (Jyotisha, Yoga, Ayurveda and Vastu) of our culture. All these science are inter-related and inter-dependent. Each sector of a quadrangle (Mandala) is identified with the primary elements of Nature. When these identifications are studied carefully, those can be applied to bring in happiness into the family. Every body says "Home, sweet home." How can a home be sweet if there are disturbances and agitations in the family? Such disturbances can broadly relate to : A) B) C) D) Peace of mind, Behaviour, Education, Routine or day to day family , conflicts or confrontations E) Health F) Profession, or G) Finances

Peace of Mind If you want to prevent or minimize the problems arising out of the infantile actions or inaction of other members of the family or if you want to give yourselves enough strength to face the onslaught from family members? For this, get enough strength first and then think trying to solve the problems of your family member. The right and legitimate Vastu place for you in the house is the SouthWest or if that is not available then South of the house. In this area you need to spend at least eight hours a day. In ancient times, our kings would sit on the throne, which had a certain placement. When they sat there, the assembly, which consisted of ministers and people, would be able to discuss properly matters of importance and the kings were able to award fair judgements. We just need to adapt to this ancient practice in our day to day lives. In the room selected for parents the bed need to go the southwest corners of the rooms without touching either the western wall or southern wall. We should always sleep with your head to the south. South polarity is induced in the head. This simple principle applies to everyone in the northern hemisphere. When the head is placed to the geographical or magnetic north, the blood circulation is stable and hence will ensure you better health. As a result, it will help you to examine family issues justly. Once you are able to review matters appropriately, you will be able to take the right decisions. This way, you will be able to understand the grievances of your family members and communication between you and your siblings are likely to improve. When it does, you have peace of mind. Behaviour Good behaviour of family members is one important aspect of family happiness. When each member of the family understands his/her responsibility towards the family, happiness stays intact, but when one rebels without worrying about one's own responsibility, peace in the family begins to drift away. Such rebelling could be in the form of disturbing behaviour. It could be in the form of verbal aggression on other family members for no rhyme or reason, and can sometimes be even in the form of physical violence. If you have to choose the north-west and south-east rooms between your daughter and son, It is better to give the northwest room to your daughter and the south-east room to your son. Agneya (South-East) is ruled by agni or fire which relates to assertiveness and aggressive attitude. Venus rules this sector astrologically and relates to contentment, wife (or husband) and fortune. Venus also is the Karaka for marriage. This sector therefore relates to peace of mind (or otherwise) of a couple and consequently, to family happiness. As Agni is predominant in this sector, it would be wise for newly married couple to keep away from this room.

Timid children can make use of this room and hope to come out of their fear and get confident. People who are by nature aggressive (and warlike) can avoid a south-east room. Vayuvya (North-West) is ruled by Vayu or air, which relates to movement or transit Astrologically, this sector is ruled by the Moon and consequently, relates to the mind. The Moon also is the Karaka for mother.

Taking this as the basis of our understanding, we can safely conclude this sector also relates to peace of mind of one's mother and naturally, to peace of mind of the family. This sector is not suitable for already disturbed minds. If we have to use the north-west rooms invariably, we need to strengthen the interiors so that the disturbance is minimized, if not removed. This sector may not be appropriate for youngsters in their formative years, especially boys. Newly-wed couples can use this room.


Education (or lack of it) is another important aspect in life which invariably adds (or lessens) to the happiness in a family. We see children doing extremely well and parents are delighted about it. We also see children not faring well inspite of their own hard study and the constant coaxing of the parents to study. How can we make then study better?

Students who have difficulty in studies can study in South-East rooms sitting in the North-East corners of the rooms facing East. Intelligent students can select a North-East room and study their lessons facing East sitting in the central East of the room. Students are advised to sleep with their heads to the East. They can have their beds in the South-west corners of their rooms.

Experiments in medical electricity have brought to light that if a current of electricity is passed from one part of the body to another, It subdues all inflammation in that part of the body where it enters. Now, in lying down with the head placed eastward, the current of thermal electricity which is constantly passing over the surface of the earth from east to west, passes also through the body from the head to the feet and subdues inflammation. Therefore, There is a clear and healthy head, which in turn makes the student study and understand his lessons properly. It is precisely for this reason that sage Markandeya said that a man becomes learned by lying down with his head placed Eastward and is troubled with distressing thoughts by lyingdown with his head placed westward. Routine Conflicts We also find that normal day to day conflicts among the family members also affect peace of mind of the parents and elders of the family. These disturbances can sometimes be traced to the South - West. Check if there is a water source (water stump or well) in the South-west of the house and if so, close it by filling it up with cement or earth. If you find that the South-West of the house is chopped off, this could also be the reason for the hostility among the family members leading to depression in the elder's rational thinking.

Care should be also be taken to see that no door is either on the south or West of the South-west of the building. A door on the South west of a building (or room ) is likely to create family disturbances.


Health is another important aspect of family happiness. General health can be improved by sleeping with the head placed South. Disturbed minds can make use of central east rooms with their beds to the south - west corners of the room and not touching the walls.

Profession Contentment and happiness in your profession is another contributory factor to family happiness. Apart from looking into the placements of your room in your office and arrangement of furniture in that room, it is necessary that you get used to facing East. The East sector ruled by the Sun is synonymous with health - physical and mental. You will be able to think properly and take fair decisions on anything related to your profession.

Finances Financial stringency is another factor that contributes to family unhappiness. We find people complaining that the inflow of revenue does not match their hard and sincere effort. We can trace improper flow of money to several factors. The ancient works have invariably recommended a North of North-east water source. We find that temples, which are financially prosperous, have their Pushkarnis in the North of North-east. If you are planning to go for a well or a water pump, you can try to locate it in the North of North-east of your site. It is also said that the North is ruled by Kubera. You can place your assets like jewellery, cash, bank cheque books, property papers and other important documents in a central north room of the house with the almirahs kept in the south - west corners of the room and opening towards the North. This way the revenue of the family can stabilize. Vastu shastra is handed over to us to regulate our lives. These suggested Vastu recommendations can help to lessens problems faced in a family and improve things. We, of course, need to understand that we are always working within a framework set by our horoscopes. Within this we can try to archieve the best that is due to us. Once we know that we are working within the limits set by the Almighty, We will be able to reasonably achieve family happiness by making use of Vastu rules laid down by the Vedas. Norms for kitchen

Kitchen is the most important part in a house. It symbolizes a person's identity, that is why one is so fond of decorating it. Adapting the following written Vaastu rules while constructing and decorating the house can make a simple kitchen beautiful and prosperous. • The kitchen should not be constructed in “Brahma Sthal” • One can build the kitchen in various architectural shapes such as square ,hexagon ,octagon as in vogue these days • The windows, ventilators and ceiling's height should be in appropriate proportion. • Kitchen should not be build under the staircase. • Kitchen should be constructed in the south east direction. This promises peace, good health and prosperity. • The North-East direction is not suitable for building kitchen as it affects the flow of wealth. • Kitchen in the south-west causes pain in the home maker's joints. • It is advisable to construct kitchen in the north-west. • One should face east while cooking to make delicious and hygienic food. • The incoming of sun rays in the kitchen is auspicious as it kills the harmful germs. • The use of black stone on the kitchen slab is not advisable. • No object should be kept on the wall facing the north. • One should place the utensils rack in the south west direction. • The wall facing south east can be utilized for keeping spices, mixer grinder and geyser. • The water containers should be kept in the north-east direction.

• • • • • •

The sink should also be the placed in the north. Cooking food while facing south invites unpeaceful and violent atmosphere. Facing west while cooking can cause bone and skin related disease. Colors like pink, white and brown like can be used in the kitchen. The lavatory should not be adjacent to the kitchen. The placing of kitchen sink and stove together is not advisable.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. These basic elements are Akash (SKY), Prithvi (EARTH), Paani (WATER), Agni (FIRE), and Vayu (WIND). Vastu Shastra can be applied by keeping in harmony with these basic five elements of nature. Like astrology and palmistry it is a vast & complicated science, easily misunderstood by most people. Most of the people will not think twice before spending huge amounts of money on building and designing their houses. But instead of peace and harmony ill effects of vaastu are experienced. People consult astrologers, palmists, tarot card readers and blame their destiny or luck. Vaastu is essentially the art of correct settings one can place himself in such a manner as to derive maximum benefits. Vaastu is based on two forces "positive" and "negative" which are constantly interacting with each other on the surface of the land. These forces should get disturbed whenever any structure is erected on a vacant land, to maintain a balance. If there are more positive energies (forces) than the negative energies, the result of such a construction would yield more benefits to the inmates leading to a more successful, healthy, wealthy and peaceful life, contrary to this if the negative energies dominate the premises the effects could be negative.

North - East Direction:• • • • • • • • • • • • Do not construct toilet in the north-east direction. Kitchen should not be in north-east corner. Newly weds should not sleep in the north-east as it affects their personal relationship. The angle of north-east corner should not be less than 90º. Stairs should not be constructed in the north-east. It affects money matters. Avoid building store-room/safety tank in the north-east. North-east corner is best suited for worship. Use Saffron, Mustered and earthy shades in the north-east. Crystal can also be used for the same. Building kid's room, study room in the north-east direction is favourable. Do not place Idols facing each-other in the worship room. Open space and slope is advisable in north-east corner.

Sleeping Norms:• According to the 'Shastras' Earth element is suitable for newly weds for sleeping. So sleeping in the south-west direction is advisable. • Do not keep worship Idols in the bedroom. Placing Radha-Krishna's Love pose would prove good. • Sleeping with head in the south and feet in the north direction is advisable. • It is not advisable to place cupboards, wardrobes & safes behind bed's headrest. • While decorating your house, do not place any object below the beams. Do not sit or sleep below the beam also. Bathrooms have come a long way from the tiny, dingy little cubicles that our ancestors rushed in and out of as fast as they could. Spending any thought or money on doing up these rooms was considered a sheer waste until very recently. Vaastu is very prevalent here, and bathrooms should be carefully planned accordingly. According to Vaastu, the bigger and better planned the bathroom, the more prosperous you will be. Applying the following Vaastu norms to your Bathroom can work wonders:-

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The east portion of the house is best for constructing a bathroom. The morning rays of the sun are believed to be extremely beneficial for health, hence proper windows should be provided in the bathroom. The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north-east so water drains to the north-east side of the bathroom. A geyser can be installed in south-east of the bathroom. Avoid a door on the south-west of bathroom. A washing machine can be placed in the northwest or southeast portion of the bathroom. Plumbing fixtures should be comfortably spaced, with storage facilities and furnishings well arranged so that there is plenty of free space left for maneuvering. A WC should be placed near a window or an outer wall, so that an exhaust fan can be fitted alongside. The bathing area should be kept away from the windows to protect it from drought. Color scheme should be according to the age factor. Women prefer soft colors and designs, while children's bathroom sport cartoon characters. Bathrooms adjacent to the south-east corner in the east direction are very useful. The morning sunrays coming from the east side falling on our body after the bath, which is very useful. The wash basin and shower shouldbe in the north-east, north or the east side. Heater, switchboard, all other electrical appliances should be in the south-east direction. If a change room is to be built in the bathroom, it should be in the west or the south direction. Tub baths in the bathrooms should be either in the east, the west or the north-east. The slope of the flooring in the bathrooms should be in the east or the north direction. The mirrors & the doors of the bathroom should be in the east or the north, but not in the south direction. There should be windows or Bath should be taken in the east or the north side. Clothes to be washed, should be kept in the north-west corner The color of walls and tiles of the bathrooms should be white, light blue, sky blue or any other pleasing light color. As far as possible dark red or black colors should be avoided. A toilet in the bathroom is not advisable. However, if it is, it should be in the west or the north-west. Toilet should never be in the east or the northeast corner.

Vaastu remedies for financial success

Vaastu Shastra addresses every sphere of your general wellbeing starting from health, to relationships and most importantly finances. Having a well balanced cash flow and investments is crucial to having a good lifestyle and for overall prosperity. Very often it’s been noted that professionals in different lines of work may have problems regarding shortages, debts and expenses, inspite of a fairly good income. Even people, though quite rich due to ancestral property or family business may experience a vacuum in their lives. These problems could be attributed to improper house constructions. Any person experiencing obstacles in financial situations should confirm if their home is constructed according to the Vaastu rules to ensure an unhindered financial flow. Vaastu Shastra primarily focuses on the directions, i.e. east, west, north and south and their sub directions such as northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Each of these directions is governed by any one of five elements – fire, water, air, earth and space which form the basis of Vaastu Shastra. Vaastu for financial fulfilment Let’s take a look at how Vaastu Shastra can help to improve your finances by considering the existing structures in your home, and understand how some structures could aid in positive financial flow, while others could create obstacles, and remedies for the latter. Vaastu directions, conducive to financial prosperity are the north and northeast directions. The north direction is ruled by the Lord of Wealth, Kuber and the North-east direction is governed by the element water, which is regarded as an indication of a person’s financial status according to Vaastu Shastra. Other directions should also be checked to ensure that they are in proper order to avoid any negative influence related to finances. Since North is the direction for Lord Kuber, a blockage in this direction, would imply obstacles in the flow of wealth and prosperity into the house is blocked. However, if the block cannot be removed, placing an aquarium or a small fountain towards the north of the house serves as a good remedy. In case of a single main entrance door, the East or North side location is the best. North or North East is specially good for ensuring financial gains. A single main door from the South should be avoided. If two doors have to be fixed the combination should be North(M)and East(S), East(M) and South(S), East(M) and West(S),East(M) and North(S), South(M) and East(S); but should not be South(M) to West(S), West(M) to North(S), West(M) to South(S).(M = Main, S = Subsidiary). In case of three doors, it would be prefereable to locate the doors on three sides other than South or West. Safes or vaults in your house opening towards the south or west, are likely to result in expenses. This situation could be altered by placing safes, vaults, and other important assets like jewellery, cash, bank cheque books, property papers in a central north room of the house, and position the almirah locations to the South-west corners of this room.

When these open towards the North, the amount of money flow enhances as these places are directions of wealth. Since water is considered to be an indication of a person’s financial health by Vaastu, stagnant water in the house, is an indication of lack of financial growth. Stagnant water within the house in the form of a pond could be remedied by installing a fountain in the house, and hence create a system of circulation for the water. Taps within your house should also be checked, for leakages, since leaking taps are a sign of expenses and hence should be rectified to alter the situation. Similarly, you also need to ensure that there is no boring or a tube well placed in the south direction as this could negatively affect finances. Similarly, a water tank located in the northwest direction of your house indicates stagnation of wealth. This could be remedied by covering the tank with metal planters and filling these with plants which have round leaves. You can expect a consistency and growth in your finances when the direction of water flow is from the north to the east. A water fountain placed in the north-eastern part of your house or office will also bring in similar good results. An aquarium with nine gold fish and one black fish placed in the north east corner of your house or place of business would ensure a good income flow.
• •

If you are planning to construct a well, underground tank, bore or swimming pool, ensure that it is placed in the North of North-eastern directions of your home. Business professionals should properly utilize the southwest portion of their homes as this direction represents power. Hence, you would receive power in whatever you choose to do, provided that the southwest direction is fully utilized. Since the North direction is governed by the Lord of wealth, taking care of this direction when constructing the house will ensure that the residents would have a good business or a profession with huge profits. Toilet placed next to the main entrance, could result in you incurring debts, since a toilet represents waste products and toilet water is stagnant water, which gets flushed down the drain. A toilet, next to your home entrance personifies that you are flushing down your wealth. This however could be remedied by keeping the door of the toilet always shut and placing mirrors on the toilet’s door to deflect negative energies. Whenever entrance and exit doors come in a straight line, it means that whatever comes in through the door goes out of the exit. This will adversely affect your finances as they would never stay with you. This could be remedied by placing a screen between the entrance and the exit doors. An excellent choice is to place plants (preferably palms) close to the entrance and exit doors as they have a good effect in improving finances.

These simple rules laid down in Vaastu Sastra would enable you to live a prosperous and happy life. For a personalised detailed analysis, you can find our reports here.