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Is the Mormon Moslem Mitt Romney a Viable Presidential Cantidate

Is the Mormon Moslem Mitt Romney a Viable Presidential Cantidate

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Published by Anthony J. Fejfar
politics, president, presidential race, mitt romney, barak obama
politics, president, presidential race, mitt romney, barak obama

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Published by: Anthony J. Fejfar on Sep 22, 2011
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Is the Mormon Moslem Mitt Romney a Viable Presidential Cantidate? An Allegorical Account By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Phd., Esq.

, Coif (C)Copyright (2011 C.E.) By Anthony J. Fejfar Is the Mormon Moslem, Mitt Romney qualified presidential cantidate? Sarah Palin, “I think Mitt is too wrapped up in his native Bosnian politics. I am not sure he has the time to be a full time president.” Duncan Kennedy, “I think that Mitt Romney will end up destroying American with reified ideas.” MaryAnn Glendon, “After Derrida, I am not sure that Mitt Romney really counts.” Sylvia Brown, “If Mitt Romney really is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, rather than Josef Stalin, there could be real concern here.” Ellen Gidley, “From the point

of view of Physical Therapy, I think that there is real concern that an patella tendon problem with Mitt Romney could really slow him down, as apposed to his alleged anterior cruciate issue.” Mary VanCleve, “Mitt Romney is really a fascist when it comes to the environment.” George VanCleve, “Contrary to Mary VanClcve, I think that Mitt Romney really has his shit together when it comes to sewage disposal.” David VanCleve, “I think that Mitt Romney’s environmental politics are both overstated and understated at the same moment.” Robin West, “I agree with

David VanCleve, everyone knows that Obama and his Cuban KGB masters are trying to bring an unnecessary electric power brown out to America, and give free electricity to his communist buddies in Cuba.” Mike King, “The problem with

Romney is that he is both neonazi and anti-neonazi at the same time.” Jim Fejfar, “If Mitt Romney would spend as much time as Barak Obama on the golf course, then he might be out of the rough.” Josh Fejfar, “The basic problem with a Mitt Romney president is that he would probably use islam and homeland security to prevent junior high snow boarding at ski resorts for the rich and famous such as Vail and Winter Park.” Cristina Fejfar, “I am glad that Mitt Romney is not telling anyone about his alleged bipolar mental illness. This should help Mitt do well with the nuclear button.” Lonnie Reyes, “I am disappointed that Mitt Romeny is not doing more to help disadvantaged Yanqui Indians in America.” Roger Bruin,

“Mitt Romney must get into Thomistic management and out of irrational short term profit maximization.” Jerry Nugent, “Mitt Romney is a stale cantidate. He is not even talking about using federal reserve economic money to shore up the medicare, medicaid, and social security funds. This money if off budget and does not involve tax dollars and is just being wasted by disuse.” Rod Smith, “One hopes that Mitt Romney is a real mormon and not a closet latter day saint.”

What is the real connection between Soviet War Criminal Yuri Andropov

and Mitt Romney with Lawrence Altakker?

Does his wife?

Mitt Romney really wax chest with his alleged

Did Mitt Romney really say that Barak Obama is a tricky nigger?

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