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Ever Growing
Summer 2009
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Dallas Area Community Gardening

Community Gardens Are Hot!!!
Have you noticed all the TV spots, magazine and newspaper articles about growing your own vegetables and gardening? From the White House organic garden to our local community gardens that have waiting lists, the interest in vegetable gardening is burgeoning. Gardeners in Community Development has for over two decades been in the forefront of community gardening in Dallas and has been receiving many requests for workshops and garden tours. Within the last two months, two articles in the Dallas Morning News have featured GICD’s gardens and Don Lambert, Executive Director, and Rebecca Smith, Education Assistant, have given presentations on community gardens in Waco, the Dallas Arboretum, and they took their “travelling worms” to a class on vermiculture at St. Thomas Episcopal Church.
1940’s Poster 60+ years and still growing

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YC Nursery Donates Greenhouse
For many years nearly all of the vegetable plants sold at GICD’s annual fundraising plant sales have been grown in the 10x12 greenhouse at Saviour’s experimental straw bale greenhouse, it was through the generosity of new board member Dave Leinen and YC Nursery that a 26’x32’ professional greenhouse was donated to GICD and now purchased through GICD’s Phase I Heifer grant. One of the most gratifying aspects of the greenhouse project has been the bringing together of so many volunteers who not only helped construct it but then transplanted and tended over one thousand seedlings of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, and other herbs and vegetables. It was truly an old-fashioned barn/greenhouse raising project and represents a perfect example of the “community” in community
Seedlings in our new greenhouse

Heifer Report
Statistics on GICD
Jan. 12, 2005June 30, 2009 Harvest donated to food pantries: 32,538 pounds Number of families receiving donations: 16,551 Individual plots gardened by 155 families Community gardening training events: 246 or 1280 hours Number of people trained: 2923

the East Dallas Garden and in Don Lambert’s equally small home greenhouse with some trays even spilling over into his house. Seedlings were constantly having to be monitored and moved outside on warm days, then transported back into the greenhouses during inclement or cold weather. Needless to say, it was a constant and laborious labor of love on the part of Don, Tiah and GICD volunteers. Though several options for a larger greenhouse were explored over the years, including trying for a grant and the building of Our

gardening. Thank you YC Nursery, Dave Leinen, and all who made our new greenhouse a reality. For more pictures of the “raising” go to page 6.

stands at Our Saviour’s garden. The donated material included the metal frame, plastic covering, front end wall, sliding door and heater. The rest of the materials were

...and GICD keeps on Growing!!

Mission: improving the quality of life in neighborhoods through community gardening

Ever Growing Gardeners In Community Development

Summer 2009

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2009 Plant Sale A Success
GICD’s fundraising plant sales were held at the East Dallas Community Garden on April 18-19 and the Plot Against Hunger Plant Sale on April 25, 2009. GICD sincerely thanks all of our business sponsors, plant sale volunteers, and supporters who made this sale the most successful ever.

Plant Sale Business Supporters
Blue Mesa Grill Bruce Miller Nursery Garden Café Green Lake Nursery Jimmy’s Food Store NorthHaven Gardens Rohde’s Nursery Walton’s Nursery Whole Foods– Lakewood YC Nursery Yellow Rose Landscaping

Plot Against Hunger sale

GICD Welcomes New Intern
GICD is delighted to have an intern, Jessica Soto, with us for the summer. Jessie first came to Our Saviour’s garden with Ms. Green’s 5th grade John Ireland Elementary School’s Sci Club. The children would help harvest and have science lessons in the garden. That planted the seed of interest in gardening and horticulture as a career and she began studying horticulture at Skyline where she will begin her senior year this fall. Welcome, Jessica!!!

Thank You !!

Corner Bakery Donates to GICD
Fresh From the East Dallas Community Garden’s Market
It may be over 100 degrees with an even higher heat index but at the East Dallas Community and Market Garden, 1416 N. Fitzhugh. the exotic vegetables are really “cool.” Freshly picked, specialty tropical Asian crops such as bitter melon, water spinach, Asian eggplant, long beans, taro stem, etc. are available every day, with the weekends being the most busy time. Plus, if you can’t afford a vacation this year to a far away land, just coming to

the garden with all of its sights and sounds will take you on a journey to South East Asia.

Buy really local !! Produce that travels ZERO MILES to reach its market !!

Community Development organization. Also, as part of this program, starting on July 1, 2009 Corner Bakery Cafe will invite the public to post a photo, video or even just a sentence on the new Corner Bakery Cafe Facebook wall, representing what they are This donation is a part of the doing this summer to “Stay “Stay Local” Local.” As a thank program Corner you, Corner Bakery Bakery Cafe is Cafe will send launching this participants a coupon summer. for a free sweet with Through the the purchase of a end of BBLT or any other September, lunch or dinner Corner Bakery entrée. The more wall Cafe will use posts there are, the locally-sourced more coupons will be tomatoes in its BBLT sandwich, sent out, and the more BBLTs will a double-bacon twist on the be purchased, which in turn, will classic BLT. And, to honor result in more proceeds. So, those that grow locally every make sure to spread the word! day, Corner Bakery will donate Go to a portion of this summer’s album.php? proceeds, up to $500, from the aid=118814&id=66624661003&s BBLT sandwich to 15 aved#/pages/Corner-Bakerycommunity gardens nationwide, Cafe/66624661003 including the Gardeners in Gardeners in Community Development organization has been selected to receive a donation, from the Corner Bakery Cafe Community Garden Grant.

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Ever Growing Gardeners In Community Development

Summer 2009

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Growing and Giving—
Growing and Giving is our motto at the garden and I love it. We learn so much and we are teaching other people too. When we make soaps for a sale or make note cards and recipes and how to grow vegetables, not only are we reaching other people, but we are learning all of that too, and we take that all in every time we go. For the growing part: In our garden we grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. We water, pull weeds, compost, and HAVE FUN!!! For the giving part: We grow our fruits, vegetables and herbs and then donate them to food banks. For example we grow spinach and when it’s time we pick them, put them in bags, and then transfer them to the food banks. Some other things that we grow are tomatoes, corn, and watermelon. I love he giving part because

by Katelynn Ogle

each time I go to the garden I know I am gether and gave them away at the padoing something special for other people rade. In our garden we do about an who don’t have as much as I have and the hour and a half of working in the garden privileges I have and getting it all cleaned up, gotten. We also do looking nice, and making sure activities and cerour plants are well taken care tain crafts. Like of. Then we usually have about the other day, we thirty minutes of free time made soaps for a where we get to hang out with sale. We sold the the other kids. That’s a lot of soaps to raise more fun because you get to meet money for the garvery nice kids and the parents are very involved too. We also den. Another thing do stuff to help the church as we did was taking well, we even got to help set up a bag of seeds, put for a parade! This is why I love a note card with it, the garden because we help and then we put a people, it teaches us so much, little icon with it and prepares us kids for the too. Then we staGrowing and Giving Group future. pled them all to-

Your Support Enables GICD to Thrive
Like many non-profit organizations, GICD has seen its level of funding decline during the past year. As a result of the “trickle down effect” in this economy, Heifer International was unable to fund their Phase II Heifer Grant to GICD which would have provided funds to start more community gardens and to keep GICD’s gardens alive. Though Don Lambert, executive director, has been a excellent financial steward, even being given the Accountability Award from Heifer International for two years, GICD needs your help to continue to finance its gardens already in existence, pay its small staff’ salaries, and to continue to be a vital resource for community gardening in Dallas. How can you help? * Check on matching company funds * Harvest Shares/Adopt a Garden * Use your grocery reward cards (contact Don Lambert for details) * Suggest ideas for fundraisers/persons to contact/etc. * Help write grants/Solicit donations from area businesses * Volunteer to serve on GICD’s board * Contribute a monetary donation No matter how large or small your contribution may be in terms of money, time, or suggestions, it is all of us working together that will see us through these times and allow GICD to continue to Grow People.

Hope Garden Has a New Coordinator
In February, Judy Fender assumed the position of Hope Community Garden’s coordinator. Though new to the garden, she had kept up with its progress for many years and brings experience in running her own landscaping business, Designs from the Garden, had previously worked for several years at an area nursery and is a Dallas County Master Gardener. In addition to all these attributes, she had her best employee, Salvatore Ortiz, help us prepare and till the garden for our early spring crops. Thank you, Judy, for assuming this position!!


GICD’s Butterfly Garden Nursery
Community Gardens are good not just for people but for nature too. Many of our gardens have planted wildflowers along the perimeter to attract beneficial insects; and Hope Community Garden has been certified as a National Wildlife Federation’s
Caterpillar on dill becomes an Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly

Backyard Wildlife Habitat. Herbs such as parsley, fennel, and dill are not only appetizing for us but are a host plant for Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars. Each year our GICD gardens become “butterfly nurseries” as we share our bounty with our gardeners, the people we serve, and nature.

3012 Pounds
donated to area food pantries from January 1-June 30

Ever Growing Gardeners In Community Development

Summer 2009

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Garden Gleanings:

Yleana Gutierrez

Ever Growing Gardeners In Community Development

Summer 2009

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And We Get Letters……………………………………………..
It is with a grateful heart that we write to thank the Hope Community Garden for their support of Methodism’s Breadbasket. Your donation of fresh garden produce to our clients is a welcome and much needed addition to our canned goods and other nonperishable items. Our clients receive your bounty with great delight! It is through the generosity of groups such as the Hope Community Garden that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. For nearly 40 years, Methodism’s Breadbasket has been a beacon of light, a place of hope, and a place that shares the bread of life! As these times of economic crises affect our society, we find that our brothers and sisters who are most vulnerable; the disabled, the elderly, and families with children to feed and clothe, need the services that Methodism’s Breadbasket provides now more than ever. Please express our abundant appreciation to the members of the Hope Community Garden. We are especially grateful to you for your help in facilitating these donations. We thank God for the Hope Community Garden and for your support of the work that we are called to do. We pray God’s blessings on you as you continue to bless others. Sincerely, Cynthia M. Martin Executive Director

Jonas O. Ehiogu

Local Community Health Researcher Supports Community Gardening
resource for improving nutrition and A critical element for improving health reducing chronic disease in urban and wellbeing in many communities is environments. increasing the availability of high-quality fresh vegetables and Mark DeHaven, Ph.D. fruit. Community gardens are increasingly recognized Professor and Chief, as an important source of Division of Community Health fresh fruits and vegetables Sciences; in many inner-city urban environments. All Director, The indications coming from GoodNEWS Lifestyle medical, public health, and Enhancement Program, based preventive services at UT Southwestern Medical organizations support the growing importance of Center, Dallas Mark De Haven, Ph.D. community gardens as a

2009 Produce Donated To:
Methodism’s Breadbasket Dallas International Street Church ECHAD Senior Housing Apartments Wilkinson Center Buckner Crisis Relief Center Neighbors in Need Volunteer Harvesters

Gardeners in Community Development A 501 c (3) Non-Profit Organization Board of Directors Amanda Brown Carolyn Bush Leo Guitterrez Lee Jovidnia Don Lambert Dave Leinen Azenath Wright Don Lambert, Executive Director Rebecca Smith, Education Assistant Support Community Gardening Your tax-deductible donation will support GICD’s community gardening programs. Any and all donations are gratefully accepted!! Please make check payable to GICD and send to 901 Greenbriar Lane, Richardson, TX 75080

Harvest Shares Help GICD
Every year two of GICD’s gardens, Hope Community Garden and Our Saviour Community Garden, plus some individuals’ gardens donate a significant portion of their produce to area food pantries. won’t you help us continue this much needed service by pledging to match with the number of pounds donated with a monetary amount. Under our Harvest Shares program you can pledge to match a
GICD’s projects feed the community

penny per pound, dollar per pound or whatever amount you chose. In doing this you not only help fund GICD’s programs and gardens but also challenge our gardeners and volunteers to produce even more to donate to the community. Look for more information about our Harvest Shares program and how you might participate in future newsletters.

Interested in volunteering?
East Dallas Community Garden: contact Don at (972) 231-3565 or Hope Community Garden: contact Judy at 214-367-8799 or Our Saviour Community Garden: contact Rebecca at ( 214) 564-5801 or

Ever Growing Gardeners In Community Development

Summer 2009

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“Growing” the Greenhouse


Installing the covering

Building the frame

Hanging the door

Gardeners In Community Development 901 Greenbriar Lane Richardson, TX 75080

Ever Growing

Aug. 6-9, 2009

For more information go to ACGA Toll Free number: 877.ASK.ACGA (275.2242)

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