Escleto, Andrew Te, Matthew Tieng, Denver Yap, Alvin

5 12 13 19

Belleza, Ricci Carlos, Camille Chua, Ericka Chua, Jonabelle

23 24 27 28 29

De Guzman, Mary Nicole Shi, Jerrika Tan, Cassandra 38 41

The Mad Man on the Roof by Kikuchi Kan Setting – in the year 1900, in a small island in the island sea Characters a) b) c) d) e) f) g) Plot a) Exposition Yoshitaro is sitting on the roof again and so Gisuke asks Kichiji, their manservant to bring Yoshi down because he might get a sun stroke. ALVIN: What??? ANDREW: Come down right away! ALVIN: I don’t want to. The priest of the god Kompira is dancing in the clouds…wait im coming! b) Rising Action Gisuke and Kichiji think that Yoshi is under the influence of evil spirits. Kichiji mentioned that the people on the island say he’s under the influence of a fox. Gisuke thinks it is a monkey-spirit working on him because when Yoshi was born, he bought a rifle and shot every monkey on the island. Gisuke even cut down all the trees so Yoshi couldn’t climb them. Tosaku came and mentions a priestess to Gisuke to pray for Yoshi. Ricci: your son’s on the roof again? Andrew: yes as usual. Ricci: but after all he doesn’t bother anybody Andrew: he bothers us. We feel so ashamed when he climbs up there and shouts c) Climax The priestess came and prayed for Yoshi. She said he is under the influence of a fox spirit and she asked them to hang him up on a branch of tree and purify him with the smoke of green pine needles. Katsushima Yoshitaro – the madman, 24 years of age Katsushima Suejiro – his brother, a 17 year old high school student Katsushima Gisuke – their father Katsushima Oyoshi – their mother Tosaku – their neighbour Kichiji – manservant, twenty years of age Priestess – about fifty years of age

Yoshi at the roof while Suejiro on the ground. Nobody in the whole country is as happy as he is. The god will inspire you and not a priestess like her. Mary: I suspected her from the very first. came. The philosophy of the writer is Confucianism because the character like Suejiro shows Ren or Humaneness to his brother because he learns how to accept his brother for who he really is. He struggles against being held in the smoke) Then suddenly Suejiro. Camille: the foot you hit me with will rot off. Camille: You disbelieve the oracle of the god. The brothers were looking at the sunset. The theme of the story is a mad man who is able to enjoy the beauty of a sunset is far better off than the fully same man who doesn’t. . Alvin: Suejiro! I asked Kompira and he doesn’t know her. You will be punished! Matthew: That’s a damn lie you old fool (kicks her on the leg) Camille: You’ve hurt me you savage Matthew: You fraud! You liar! A woman like you can’t understand brotherly love. Tosaku left with the priestess.(Gisuke and Kichiji reluctantly set fire to the needles then bring Yoshi to the fire. But as long as he can climb up on the roof he is happy. Matthew: A god never inspires a woman like that old swindler. I’ve told you before that he doesn’t suffer. It’s all because you want to make him normal. Gisuke told Suejiro that the doctors can’t cure him so Suejiro said in reply Matthew: If the doctors cant nobody can. Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. e) Resolution We can see that for all Yoshi’s madness there is affection for his brother. Matthew: what’s happening here? d) Falling Action Suejiro reveals to everyone that the priestess is a fraud and that all she wants is the money. Matthew: you’re right. The conflict of the story is man vs self because Gisuke is ashamed of having a son who is a mad man so he keeps on finding ways to cure his son. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections. If he were cured he would be conscious of being crippled and he’d be the most miserable man alive. his brother.

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