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Sky is the limit Mahabharata. A good date My yellow shirt Strong lung Might is right BITS, Pilani Indian Fertilizer Indian economic reform Calcutta is the city of influence. Old is gold Kashmir Issue Indian forest reserve. Rat is better in the cat race Ashish Nehra India in 2010 If I were Prime Minister of India Importance of 2 pens in my pocket. Kapil Dev My idol teacher When in Rome, do as roman do Teaching profession Wall clock Nizam of Hyderabad Behind every man, there is a woman. All that glitters is not gold. Stock markets are true indicators First come, first served What's in a name? What were you doing in one year after your joining at Infosys got deferred? Your favourite corporate leader Mathura - Brindavan Festival of colours Jalianwala Bagh Teaching profession Tere Naam Surya namaskar


My favorite imagination My trip to Manipal The Richest Indian Cricket CAT leak My favourite comic character Haste makes waste




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