Long Term Butt Plug Wear (Overnight) Dear Anal Advisor: My boyfriend would like to insert a butt plug

and have me wear it overnight. Is it safe to do so? Denise, New York, NY Dear Denise: I assume that you and your boyfriend are experienced anal players if he's cooked up this little plan for you. I'd like to address your question and also talk about wearing butt plugs in general for readers who may be less experienced. For many people, the feeling of fullness one gets from having a butt plug inserted is highly pleasurable, and some like to extend that pleasure for various lengths of time. My friend Susan wears a butt plug on long traveling excursions by car and train; she says it makes the time go faster. I know another woman who likes to wear a butt plug out on a date, in order to begin foreplay over dinner at a restaurant. Through each course of the meal, she is reminded of her ass, and with every shift in her seat, she prepares her ass for bigger things to come. I've also heard of plug lovers who like to wear a butt plug out in public just for the hell of it. These folks carry on everyday activities with a big smile on their faces. They like the feeling that they know something the rest of the world doesn't. They are having a naughty sexual experience in public that no one else knows about but them! Wearing a butt plug out in public or for an extended period of time can be hot, fun, and sexy, and here are a few tips to make it even better. First, you should work your way up slowly. Begin by wearing a butt plug for a half hour, see how it feels, how you like it, what works and what doesn't. If your thirty minute excursion goes well, try an hour next time. Continue building up the amount of time (in reasonable increments) that you wear the plug. Like anything else you put in your ass, the butt plug should be well lubricated. You may want to consider taking it out every hour, re-lubing it and re-inserting it. Some of you purists may consider this cheating, but keep in mind that the lube will be absorbed by your body eventually, and the plug may get uncomfortable. You have a number of options when it comes to making sure the plug stays securely in your ass and won't fall out. You can purchase a butt plug harness which looks very similar to a dildo harness and does the job quite nicely. Sometimes a very tight pair of underwear, briefs, or a thong will keep it in, depending on the size of the plug and how strong those sphincter muscles are. My girlfriend loves to make a rope harness for me that runs between my legs. When I move, the rope rubs against both the plug in my ass and my pussy giving me a double sensation I just love. If you do use rope, make sure it's not too tight and that it's soft rope that doesn't chafe or burn. Don't make complicated knots that are not easy to remove in case you have to do it in a hurry. Wearing a butt plug for a long time won't block anything unless you need to have a bowel movement, and then (common sense) take it out, go to the bathroom, and you can put it back in. Finally, on to your question about wearing a butt plug overnight. If you are very experienced with wearing butt plugs for long periods of time, I say, go for it. Make sure to use lots of lube, and you should probably take it out first thing in the morning when you wake up!

It won't evaporate. It's a white cream that liquifies at room temperature and it spreads like wildfire.. and other stuff. search the web or order the Adam & Eve catalog (link from my home page). help you focus on your dedication and service to your Mistress. As to the matter of your level of submissiveness. http://sexdoc. If you're at work for 3-4 hours wearing a butt plug. in other words. What is best for prolonged stimulation is a matter of individual preference. and you don't have a private bathroom. Plus. it could really stink up the place removing the plug and evacuating your rectum.Butt Plugs and Submission Dear Anal Advisor: My Mistress would like me to wear a butt plug daily. and. by extension. Anybody out there go to Summer Camp and get butt rash? If you use a petroleum-based lubricant you will deteriorate the latex of the plug. Experiment at home or in some privacy before trying this in public. it is also stimulating to the gastro-intestinal tract. and may promote peristalsis -. You should be aware of a butt plug. .. if you've only ever had a plug in for fifteen minutes. So after some time (varies dramatically from person to person) there might be the need for a significant bowel movement. paraffin. you should work your way up in small increments in order to allow your body time to adjust to the new activity. don't try it for four hours. etc. Some butt plugs vibrate.the flared part that keeps the plug from slipping completely inside the rectum -. Some of my patients swear by Albolene.touches the anus. it will either be absorbed through the skin or evaporate. But the size of a butt plug alone does not affect one's level of submission-bigger does not always inspire better. If you use a water-based lubricant. Then you can irritate exterior anal tissue and the inside of the buttocks.) in the unscented version. A bigger plug may make you more aware of your ass. and you warm up your ass with fingers or a smaller toy first. Is it possible and harmless? -Plugged-up Slave Dear Plugged-up Slave: Wearing a butt plug every day is possible and harmless. CAUTION: The butt plug is a popular item because it is stimulating. . The universal first use mistake is to use too much. petrolatum. which is a make-up remover. as long as you use plenty of lube. in both cases becoming dry. Comfort is affected by both internal pressure and by tissue contact where the flange -.the ripple contractions of gut muscles that move the food product from the throat to the rectum and out the anus. If you plan to wear it for several hours.) Or you just wrap up the plug in tissue and carry it around with you for the rest of the day? (Smelly). but it should not feel uncomfortable or painful at all. In addition to stimulating sexually. just doing the dishes . and it's a great skin cleansing and makeup remover. If you've never seen one. others can be inflated internally. Buy the smallest quantity you can (major chain drug stores. I've agreed to a small one. Albolene is made of Mineral Oil. but she really wants me to wear a large one because she thinks that a bigger plug will make me more submissive to her. how do you explain the wash-up at the sink to the person standing next to you? (Oh.. only you and your Mistress can really answer that..html Q: Is it safe to wear an anal plug for an extended period of time? Which is best for prolonged stimulation? Is it safe to wear one to work for 3-4 hours at a time? A: Most of the literature refers to this as a "butt plug".com/analsex2.

Take a plastic re-sealable baggie with you in case you need to remove the plug while away from home.Anal Explorations. Plugs with a base that fits comfortably between your cheeks will be easy to wear while sitting. . Wearing a plug can create a sensation of fullness that can be pleasant during other types of play (oral sex or vaginal penetration. Finally. It can be a thrill to have a "secret" that no one in your office knows about! Other people wear a plug to prepare for anal play later in the day. be prepared for unexpected interruptions. glass or metal for extended anal wear. Many people like to wear butt plugs for extended periods of time. remove the plug. Also. as long as the user follows the general rules of anal play: Use lubricant. and you may need to poop suddenly. and they should definitely have a flared base that prevents the toy from slipping all the way inside the rectum. You may need to experiment with a few different types to see which one is most comfortable for you. There is a general consensus among sexuality educators that wearing a plug for 10-12 hours should cause no harm. and I definitely would NOT recommend anything but silicone. Also. If you are interested in wearing a plug for hours at a time. which is the reflexive muscle action that moves matter through the digestive tract. it's best to work up to this by gradually leaving the plug in place for longer and longer periods each time you wear it—don't try to go for 10 hours on the first attempt. This week. In other words. even if it means that you don't reach your goal. like going to work or running errands. The type of plug you choose will also affect your comfort and thus your ability to wear it for extended periods of time. using the plug to get the anus accustomed to penetration and to generate excitement. The best plugs are made from nontoxic materials that are easily sterilized (like 100% medical grade silicone). Some will wear a plug during their daily activities. standing or walking. Some use butt plugs as a tool in dominant/submissive relationships. with the dominant partner ordering his or her sub to wear a plug for a certain length of time. to add a dimension of fun and naughtiness to their routines. It's always important to use lube during anal play. if you are experiencing pain or discomfort. I answered a reader question about anal sex and hemorrhoids. and don't worry that you've "failed" somehow—sometimes our bodies can't do everything we want them to do. you may need to poop. but can't be used with silicone toys. since toys not made from these materials can contain toxic chemicals that could cause irritation if they're in contact with your skin for a long period of time. Silicone lubricants will stay slippery longer. only removing when necessary? ======================================================= Butt plugs are toys designed to be inserted into the anus and left in place (rather than moved in and out with a thrusting motion as one might use a dildo). go slow and pay attention to your body's signals. Think ahead about bathroom access if you'll be wearing a plug while out and about. and plugs with a narrower neck and thicker top will be easier for your body to keep inside. for instance) or all by itself. Inserting a butt plug can cause peristalsis. but this is even more important when wearing a plug for a long period of time. we'll continue our exploration of the intricacies of anal play by tackling a question about butt-plug usage: What concerns might there be if one were to use butt plugs over long durations? As in. even though you've been able to wear a plug for four hours on one occasion does not mean that you'll always be able to do this with comfort. Water-based lubricants will eventually dry up or be absorbed by the body and should be reapplied to prevent discomfort and chafing from the plug. Part II: Long-Term Butt Plug Wear Last week.

there may be a cognitive component that overcomes the reflex scratch or swatting that comes almost automatically. which would prevent the plug from traveling too far into the body while still not stretching the sphincter as much as a traditional plug might. Anything for short periods of time will probably be fine. The anus is left in a constantly open position. I am compelled to extrapolate what we do know. Behar. and may require some time to get back to normal function. however. on the other hand. anal stimulation during sex or medical examinations. say. a physician assistant at Milwaukee Health Services Inc. which most women can touch with their fingers. my concern is with 24-hour use. I do not have the answer to this question. But if we know anything about how the body responds to chronic stimulation. The anus and rectum. the previously injured muscle will be very weak. and a volunteer at Brady East STD (BESTD) Clinic. and things inserted into it aren't able to go past the cervix. instead of being tightly closed.” "So what if a person uses a butt plug? Momentary and short-term use probably is not much different than bowel movements. It may not even be noticed! You are habituating to the bug’s walking on your skin. except for momentary defecation. I've seen some examples of silicone plugs attached by a slender silicone cord to a cock ring. "Let’s now return to long-term use of the butt plug. relatively short space. Initially. and objects are able to travel so far inside the body that a visit to an emergency room is necessary to remove them. Imagine also what happens to anyone who does not operate a set of muscles regularly. when a cascade of nerve stimulation allows momentary relaxation. for example. After considerable time. hold any true relevance? Additionally. have a tendency to pull objects further inside the body through involuntary muscle contractions. Do the stretching. are those concerns still relevant depending on whether the toy extends from the outside through the anus like a plug or is worn inside. Therefore. Does this contribute to a habituation of the nerve-muscle reflex associated with voluntary sphincter control? Will this contribute to irreversible damage or bowel incontinence? Possibly. This probably is also related to your realizing that there is a bloodsucking insect on your body! In other words.or long-term effects of using butt plugs. "The usual physiologic condition of the internal and external [anal] sphincter [muscles] is to remain tightly closed. "Imagine how your body habituates to the sensation of a mosquito walking on your arm. but this still doesn't address the overall issue of whether long-term wear can cause permanent nerve or muscle changes. There are no good research studies that evaluate the short. "Unfortunately. "on a string”? I asked Mark P. With the plug-on-a-string scenario. and deduce what we would expect to be true. anal sex.More on Wearing Anal Plugs Long Term http://www. the tickle sensation is quite annoying. but we don’t know. and more specifically the eventual incontinence issues. from an injury to an arm or leg. This design works in the vagina because the vagina is a closed. or medical procedures.expressmilwaukee. and may contribute to chronic and irreversible changes in how the nerves and muscles ‘down there’ work effectively. I answered a question about wearing butt plugs for an extended period of time I received the question below as a follow-up to this column: While I understand that 10. Behar says. PA-C. then I think I would read between the lines. to comment on this question." I would add to Behar's comments that the idea of using an internal plug that is connected only to a string on the outside—like a tampon—doesn't sound like a great idea to me.com/article-12522-moreon-wearing-anal-plugs-long-term. there's no guarantee that the string itself wouldn't be pulled into the body or that the plug itself wouldn't travel dangerously far up the rectum. .to 12-hour use of an anal plug is fine. But longterm use is probably not a great idea. probably is. After the acute injury heals. Long-term use. removing only for defecating and hygienic necessities (or the occasional day off). this bug-crawling sensation loses the severity of its annoyance and is easier to tolerate.html by Laura Anne Stuart A while ago.

our bodies can respond with tension. but your doctor should be willing to answer your questions. Yet people. It's not possible to say that butt plugs should only be used for 30 minutes. or never worn for more than four hours. For some people it is purely about getting their rectum and sphincter muscles comfortable with an object inserted in the body. and it could create tears in the lining of the rectum. is a way of staying connected to their partner. it may not even provide stimulation that an individual finds sexually arousing (after a while some people even stop noticing it's there). is not. and butt plugs can be a useful tool to that end. And what most of those people want to know is… Is It Safe? To answer this question all we have to go on are anecdotal reports from folks who have tried and succeeded or failed to various degrees in their extended wearing of butt plugs. The tearing may be minor (and for most people it will heal) but it increases your chances of an infection and if you're having unprotected anal sex with a partner and they have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It can be embarrassing. Why Wear a Butt Plug for an Extended Period of Time? For many people. a sexual activity. sometimes want to keep a butt plug in for longer than a single sex play encounter. inserting a butt plug and then leaving it there for several hours. but you'd be wise to take it out now and then and reapply lubricant. even when it is highly desired. and may wonder about the safety of doing so. Exploring anal masturbation is one way to develop comfort and knowledge about your body's response. The major concern with having a butt plug in for a long time seems to be that if you keep a butt plug in for a while. we would call that sexual abuse or sexual coercion). and hopefully do so with a minimum of editorial comment. There are different reasons people give for wanting to keep a butt plug in for a long period of time. you should think about talking with a doctor who knows you. There are many other reasons people are interested in wearing butt plugs for extended periods of time. it can increase your chances of transmission of the STI. if there is touch (or penetration) we aren't used to. . Once it's in. dominance and submission. Certainly butt plugs can be worn for longer periods of time.Butt Plugs Extended Wear: How long can you wear a butt plug for? It will probably come as no surprise that there hasn't been a lot of clinical research in the area of extended butt plug wearing (also sometimes called butt plug training). Of course if you have specific concerns or reasons why you think this might be a difficult thing for you to do with your body. the lubricant that you (should have) used when inserting it. The Bottom Line: So in the absence of any tested best practice guidelines. For other people wearing a butt plug all day. Of course the "requirement" is something both people have consented to (otherwise we wouldn't call that sex. When all the lubricant evaporates and you have a dry butt plug in your rectum there is a much better chance that when you take it out it will hurt. or at least at times when they aren't engaging in sex with a partner. per se. In relationships where partners are exploring power. What seems to be the safest answer though is that you should take the plug out every now and then. and doctors aren't usually well trained in the area of sexual pleasure. will dry up. for a variety of reasons. the best advice from those who have done it before seems to be that you can keep a plug in for many hours. As with any part of the body. it might be that one partner requires the other to wear a butt plug to work under their clothes.

or you can experiment with extending the amount of time you keep a small one inside. Make sure the butt plug is clean (scrub or sterilize it between uses). For example.net/QA. Don't take a plug that has been in your anus and introduce it into another orifice (such as a mouth or a vagina)--it could spread infection. For better or worse. and I often read stories that talk about a partner forced to wear a butt plug for extended periods of time.http://loveandhealth. then a visit to your doctor may be warranted. First. and your plug will pop out. If it hurts the next time. it is something you will need to experiment with on your own. what are they and what time parameters are we talking about. . hemorrhoids. Similarly. you can try either to use a larger plug. Brame): As far as I know.. However.an hour. there are no data on how long people can wear butt plugs. you will need some device to keep it in place. for example. either. as you could have undetected warts. by forcing yourself to endure more than you really can handle. remove the plug until you feel better or have used the toilet. particularly when you stand or walk. and enjoy all the fun of feeling controlled that way without risking injury. here are some general facts and advice to guide you. always opt for something made of flexible material (such as silicone) which will yield to your body's anatomy. and slather it on. a day? Thank you! ANSWER (by Dr. In order to do so safely and pleasurably. My question is: Are there any risks to using/wearing a plug for extended periods of time? If so. if you start cramping. let your body be your guide: if it hurts. make common sense your best friend. an afternoon. The anus does not produce lubrication and lube helps avert irritating or tearing the sensitive tissue in the rectum.cfm?Topic=9&ID=937&y=1&y=1 QUESTION: Hi there! I have a question in regards to butt plugs. Or you could wear latex underwear (available in fetish shops) or even a tight girdle. start with the smallest plug you can find (usually in the 3-4" range). you could train yourself to wear a butt plug for hours at a time. as long as you aren't in pain (or bleeding!).ifriends. Avoid hard plastic dildoes or plugs made of other inflexible materials. stop if it hurts. Otherwise. or some other condition that should be treated. I enjoy living a BDSM lifestyle. Don't go for extended periods without defecating--it could lead to serious constipation. Be aware that if you wish to wear a butt plug for an extended period of time. When choosing a butt plug. As long as you follow these basic rules. There are. Again. there are no significant risks of harm. Once you can successfully wear a small plug for 15 minutes. Finally. But don't wait to cause harm. It will not decrease the sensation and will make any anal experience more pleasurable. It should be safe to insert something that size in your anus for 10 to 15 minutes. chastity belts which have special attachments to secure a butt plug. take it out and try another time. the body's natural response to having something lodged in the anus is to attempt to push it out. Select a commercial lube over something out of your kitchen. Use plenty of lube. even if you keep it in for hours at a time. when exploring the use of butt plugs. Gloria G.

You might have different results. Sometimes the anal muscles will be sore. I've been sleeping with a buttplug up my ass four to six nights a week for nearly 18 months now. I wouldn't recommend trying to keep any of those slim. you shouldn't need any form of making sure the plug stays in place . your rectal walls will have absorbed any lubricant you used and instead a thin coating of mucous will have encapsulated the plug. Soreness prompts rest.) It helps to take a bath or shower before bed and be really relaxed. at least for the couple of hours 'til I leave for work). just as training yourself to sleep with a different pillow or on a different matress or wearing a PAP mask (you snorers!) takes time. do your business as you usually do. As your brain goes through the sleep cycles. Wearing a plug overnight simulates having a nice thick cock up your ass all night. And that's it! . but also I use a plug that is of medium size. you should find yourself waking after eight hours of sleep refreshed. the longer you can wear one in one sitting. you should continue wearing that insurance. make sure that you go to the bathroom before going to bed. make sure your plug is clean and warm and ready to go. and then you can put the plug back in (after a thorough washing of course!) If you choose to put the plug back in (and I often do. you'll wake up. You may also be horny as hell since plug-wearing. this lessens over time. I'll address what happens in the morning in a bit.but didn't quite make it through the night with that one. fat plug overnight several times and I have also tried an 8" dildo . the plug will come out almost clean. or have been contemplating sleeping with a buttplug in your ass. Once the plug is out. whether or not I've been wearing a buttplug that day or not. After several over-night attempts.after all. every time it rises to light sleep. just as it does fecal matter. is primarily for sexual gratification at first. you probably need to go to the bathroom. (However. As you no doubt are aware. probably. As time progresses.All About the Buttplug Lifestyle Blog: Dec 2. I do not recommend plugs that reach very deep . after all. Don't worry. with slight traces of that previously mentioned mucous coat. First. then you are ready to try sleeping with that little toy plugging your ass. though that isn't practical. Lube up. The main thing to remember is that your ass and rectum must be trained to do this. you will want to choose a plug that is so comfortable to you that as you walk around. it's pretty much a permanent feature of my bedtime routine. if you're used to wearing something that ensures the plug doesn't slip out and don't trust yourself when you cough or sneeze. Second. plug up. well-slept. you routinely forget that it's back there. narrow plugs in without external help. and happy. This is to ensure that you aren't putting new or uncomfortable (and potentially damaging) pressures on the various muscles and tissues you'll be affecting. I sleep wearing nothing but the plug. meaning it has a good bulge to neck ratio. If you don't. you should go anyway. being horizontal seems to be enough insurance against the plug falling out.your sphincter muscles should be enough even when relaxed. you might find the following helpful. Me. If you can comfortably wear a particular plug for several hours. so don't push it. going about your daily business. and go to bed. Sleeping while plugged is only an extension of this. You may even be pleasantly surprised once you sit up to be "reminded" that you have a buttplug in your ass! After awakening. as I do. If you're like me. Your first several nights trying this will NOT be restful ones! Your mind will be too occupied with that fact that you actually have something holding your anus open and shoved up your rectal cavity to sleep well. You can always put the plug away and come back to it when your butt feels better. the longer you use buttplugs. I tend to use plugs that are medium in length and girth. you might find it ridiculously easy. or right back to the same degree of resistance as if your ass were fresh. your body functions will continue and fecal matter will tend to occupy your rectum along with the plug overnight. Do NOT force the plug out by pulling. Overnight. you may go from a mere 15 minutes up to several hours. really evacuate those bowels. though I have worn a short. If your ass is truly comfortable with the plug you've chosen. at least five. 2005 RE: Sleeping with a buttplug in If you've been wondering how long a person can wear a buttplug. Just relax and let the plug out with the normal operation of evacuating your bowels and the plug should come out slowly and easily.

Tammad Rimilia: “A medium size butt plug is an excellent place to start. It can be fun to have a girlfriend fuck you in the ass with a strap-on. Each time it feels like it won't go in any further. but it should slide right out. “Put a big blob of lube in the palm of your hand. Once the widest part of the plug goes past the anal sphincter muscles. There may be a momentary discomfort. which might scrape or damage your skin. “There is nothing wrong with liking the feel of something in your ass. and gently work it into your anus. The small size is for convincing uncertain anal virgins that it isn't the least bit bad. “If you feel the plug ‘sticking. then go in further. let the plug soak in the warm water for 10 minutes before you insert it. pause. for an interesting reversal of roles. wash your hands. “Once it's in. so there's little benefit to you. and then roll the plug around in your hand.Inserting a Butt-Plug For the First Time by Jack Rinella The following is an essay I borrowed with permission from Tammad's web site. which it will take them a commensurately long time to recover from and tighten up again. and see how you react. Time things so that you've had a bowel movement recently. Then put a blob of lube on one finger. Add another blob of lube. I strongly recommend that you get some latex rubber plugs from your local ‘dirty book’ store. If you're worried about it sliding out (which is only likely if you have a good sneeze or you start to cramp).” “It's not a good idea to sleep wearing a plug. You won't be awake to feel it. given that you've already decided that you are interested in having a plug inside you. gently assist the plug the rest of the way in. “A few hints: put the stopper in the sink and run warm (not more than about 95 degree F) water into the sink. put your ass up in the air. It's much easier to clean 'em. sit on the toilet. Or take a water enema. in general you want to leave 2-3 days between ‘anal play’ days. and it will loosen your anal sphincter muscles a lot. you’ll find some added some comments from a Ken and my slave Patrick. so that the rectum is likely to be empty. Don't worry if it takes several tries. And liking those sensations doesn't mean you're gay. Kneeling on the bath mat. until it's coated with lube from tip to the base. :-) If you are considering using food items or random household items as your first butt plug. savor the bittersweet "burn" of stretching muscles.’ remove it. At that point don't try to stop it or pull out. they'll clamp down on it and pull it the rest of the way inside you. . maybe twist it 180 degrees to spread the lube. “Also. pause. and you can pull back and then insert even further. When your finger moves in and out easily and slippery-ly. and enjoy the wonderful sensation of being plugged. and work that in too. After Tammad's essay. After 60-90 seconds. reach behind to hold onto the flange of the plug. they are less likely to have bacteria on them. dry it off. When having the plug inside you starts to become uncomfortable. don't. some find it to induce a strong sense of submission. It provides an excellent introduction to butt plugs. and reach around with your un-lubed hand and begin to work the tip into your ass. or when you just want to take it out. wear an old tight pair of shorts to hold it in. Certainly occasional binges are OK. take the warm plug out of the water. and roll it around in your still lubed hand until it's evenly coated again. while going overboard at first isn't a problem. Then go about your day! Some people find wearing a butt plug to be a sexually arousing experience. hold it there. assisting with gentle pulling. and they are not going to have sharp ridges. so that your muscles can recover. repeat. Go in an inch.” “Listen carefully to your body. then resume the insertion process. pull out a ways. face down to the floor. the muscles should relax. and use your normal bowel movement motion to expel the plug.

“The moment when the plug has slipped in fully will be a bit surreal. the experience is no different than when you work out other muscles on your body. and before that use your fingers a good bit. The idea here is to ENJOY the sensation.. his insertion instructions are right on target. thermometers. "I know. at my request. I was lying there thinking relax and submit. I know. so don't force it. not very obedient! So what happened? Why did I cum like that? Also. first one and then two. I almost missed it. if I'm gonna continue in this m/m. Sleeping with it in is also important if you are training to increase the size of the plug you are using. You are making your ass muscle work in reverse of what it normally does and it won't do that without some protest. Again. While wearing the plug avoid activities such as bicycle riding. what this means is not to sit down while having an overly long object inserted. As the plug is reaching it's widest point it will help if you flex your ass muscles and legs a bit. how do you relax and submit when things really do hurt? I mean. Another reason for using the latex butt plugs -.” . then a toy. “The burning sensation is a real feeling. “A few days’ rest from using a plug will allow the muscles to resume their tightness.” These comments from Ken might be helpful: ".the top on Sunday. You'll want to up size before too long once you've seen how minor the small one really is.. relax and submit and let me tell you my hole was yelling back.. Your intestine makes a 90 degree left turn about 6 inches in. If you have never used a butt plug or dildo and have not been fucked a lot in the ass you will find the medium butt plug Tammad suggests starting with a bit of a shock. and you will find that you naturally want to sit with caution.they aren't likely to be too long for you to wear. ’get that thing out of here!’ I'll pause here and give you a chance to stop laughing. don't insert it too deeply as they tend to be longer. legs up and began using a small dildo.” Additional comments from Patrick: “There is very little in the essay that I disagree with but a few added observations are in order. spent some time playing with my hole. even sitting down. "Anyway. I didn't feel exactly ready prior to that but all of sudden. especially on firm surfaces. Then he put me on my back. much the same as the burn you from working out a muscle beyond what you had previously. Prior to this the most I've had in that orifice is fingers.. You'll be able to tell when it doesn't want to go in any further. and you don't want to poke through the wall at the bend there. and without any warning or particular enjoyment I came. You'll be surprised at the sensation. First fingering. though there is that peace of mind that you are doing the right thing by keeping it in.If you decide to insert a dildo rather than a butt plug. In practical terms. whoosh there it was. The feeling will be much different than that last bit of exertion that you went through to get it there. "He ordered me to j/o at the same time. all of a sudden he pushed it in. and enema nozzles. but it was okay. I'd never had a fingering quite like this. “I haven't found sleeping with a butt plug in place to be much of a problem. Of course. Go with a smaller size. ‘Is it in there?’ you will ask yourself. submissive lifestyle I think orifice availability is an issue. because I had given up on relax and submit and was now representing my hole and yelling at him to take it out. Tammad is right that you don't feel it." Patrick continues: “Getting back Tammad’s essay. Raising one leg up will change the pressures on the plug and the last bit of slipping in should go more smoothly.. Extended wear of one size is the only way to build yourself to a larger plug.

A Mistress requiring the use of her slave's anus for say a strap-on or electro anal torture should open him up gradually by increasingly extended use of a butt plug. Examples in play: House training a puppy.specially designed dildo for use in the anus that is shaped in a way so that it will not "fall out". Bathroom Use Control . Butt plugs for potty training . Most commonly inserted and left in the anus for a given amount of time. and golden shower play. rubber pants. “The Mistress Manual” by Mistress Lorelei Butt-Plug – A thick cone. .Scenes where the Dominant restricts or takes control over the submissive's bodily functions through the use of techniques such as catheterization.Butt plugs are anal inserts in many sizes which can be installed for total control of biological functions.http://www. The lining of the anus is very delicate and quite easily damaged so anything inserted must be well rounded and very smooth. diapers.com/glossary. Often they are strapped on and locked and the sub may wear them continuously. enemas. made of leather or rubber. insinuated into a disobedient male’s anus to remind him of his lowly status. Start with a small or medium-sized plug and increase the size and length of time gradually until the slave can take whatever you require for as long as you wish. Petroleum jelly is the best lubricant and will not be absorbed. “Primer on Male Submission” by Ms. These can considerably increase the slave’s feeling of total control by his Mistress and the use of the slave’s anus by his Mistress adds greatly to his humiliation. age play.html Anal Plug (Butt-Plug) . Do not use water based lubricants with butt plugs as they are quickly absorbed by the skin. Also used for "ass training" to stretch out the anus and get one accustomed to having something in their ass. “Owning and Training A Male Slave” by Ingrid Bellemire: A word about butt plugs. and possibly golden showers.differentequals. Simone Butt Plugs – An excellent device for public humiliation and control.

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