North A St.

e. Hettig Av

To Woodland Park
Florissant St. Galena Ave. Crystal St. Hayden St. Prospect St. Placer St.


Galena Ave.

Pikes Peak Ave.
Carbonate St.

Pikes Peak Ave. B St.
C St.

Pikes Peak Ave. E. Golden Ave. Aspen St. Lode Ave. Main St. Silver St.

West Ave. Golden Ave.

Eaton Ave. 5th St. 2nd St. 1st St. A St. Warren Ave. Irene Ave. El Paso Ave. Thurlow Ave. Colorado El Paso Ave. 1st St. Whiting Ave.
Shelf Rd.


Carr Ave. Bennett Ave. Masonic Ave. 4th St.

Carr Ave.

C St.

May Ave.

Whalen Ave.

2nd St.

Womac Ave.

To Victor

Shidler Ave.

3rd St.

Myers Ave.

Bison St.

Golden Ave.

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