Georqe Coombs and Eliza AstbuPIJ
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"For inquire, 1 p ray thee, of the forme-r age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers." Job 8:8 "That the generations to coin e might know them, even the children which should be b 0 r n, who should arise and declare them to their children". Psalms7~:35-36 "Both j u.stice aud decency require lbat we should bestow on our forefathers an honorable remembrance." Thucydides.

We wish to show to all of our .generation the wonderful henuge we rece1v!=,df~om.C)urancestor$. We l1vein this beautiful land of heed om where we can worship as we please. They COD,quer e d the deserts and,$e wUd~m,ess leaving for us the wealth of civilization already established (or us, They leave us a great e x 4 ~p I e of valor ~Dd c:ourage in their whole life and a testimony 0 f t h e everlasting gospel truths deeply embedded in our hearts. Let us aU buUd on to this heritage that our children may receive a greater heritage than ours. Associated with me in this effort are representatives of all the children of George and Eliza Coombs. Harriet Hudson of Santa 'Quinn wrote the story 0 f be r father William Coombs. Lena Lacy and others contributed to the story of Harriet Coombs Dutton. Hannah Mathis of FOUDtainGreen Utah wrote the story of Joshua Coombs. Clara sbawcratt wrote the story of Ephriam Coombs. Eva Whiticar wrote the story of Da vid Coombs and I, Eva Coombs, wrote for the George Coombs Family. 1have compiled thts in one story and greatly appreciate the efforts of these fine ladies in helping with this work. In closing take the advice of the English Prior when he said, "Be to their virtues very kind 'and their faults a Uttle blind ... Eva Coombs, Compiler 440 E. Crescent Ave. Mesa, Arizona



OUr oldest AncestotiUcbard Coolnb$ in our. Coombs t.ine lived
'ill Showyard OlCfordsbue•. where hemamed Elizabeth lDelber .. __,; three children "ertborn there. She died and he married Harriet Manhall aad herfC)Ul chj,ldrel1 were born there. lAter he went to Stafford. Staffordshire, England. He ",utumkey o(Jhe kiDgs jail in staffOrdshire. . mmyresearcb I bave raUed ..to.{ind the Coombs DAme in this Shire PrlQrTOthis time. so iUs mysupposition that he· was :brought to Staffor$bire to this job from ~()l1le other place. (Wbetber he was married when he came or marded HarrtetManbaUalld lived In Oxford wbere several of thelt children were bom, camlOt be. proved •. He was m~.rried ~efore he married Hard.et to Eltzabetb. He isgive~ as the father of three chUdren thau" not Harrlet's. Harriet bad four .chUdr.... ) We mow very little ·of an yof tlleseonly our .ancestor George who was born 2 Feb. 1815. Merlab tbe oldest daughter married Thomas AvaIlS. George marrtedStZa Aibbury. she.was a srnaUwomanand an artist by uade. .She painted diDD,erware.. There is. still. 1D. the famUy a pYle tbatshe paincecLThis work,caused berto be a HUle drooped. lit a kin g shortenban ever.: She wa. the modler of six cbt1cIrea. George Coombs was a veryg~d,bdck masoD aad his boys leamed to work with him.. They were aU masoas aDdplasteren. ..,... . ..... . . The Latter Day saw Missiomries came iDtoE.Qgland-preach .. ing the Gospel ai1d Georgeand EUzaaM aUthelr f~rnUyjoiDed the church. Ephrtam wau very ..goodsinger,aswere cthe ,whole r~mlly. when the elders held their meetings they woUld stand ; EPbrtiin' on the table so all could see hUn aDd bave him sillg "A MormOaBoy·'. He was a very attractive UttlefeUowand many people would come just tohearhlin sillg. TheCoombs FamUy took the Elders into their home and shared with them all they bad. Our fint George was presiding elder of TrentvalebraJICb in England. The Coombs FamUy like a lot of otherswantlll.d t~~o to Zion so when George was forty-n!DeonSanuday, MI y21. ... 1864 there· weie802 SdnrssaUed fromL1Yerpool,EIlgland un the vessel McCellen with Tbor#asE. Jermey.losepbBull,and George G. Bywater inc' ha r ge of the company •.. They saUed thirty two. days and arrived iDtlew Yo r k Clty.23]une .18&4 • While they were ontheshipEllZa fell and broke he~hipand some ribs. ~he Dever fuDy recovered from,this fall and suffered a great .:1ealuDtil me ellClorher life. The company rested seven days ,then started westward., They couldn't take the train directly aeroll he country because of the CivU war, so they took a train up toward where Chicago is DOW and got on a ship and floated down the Misslssippito Nauvoo. Tbere they were met with. ox teams under the direction of Joseph S. Rollins. They rested a few days then started.OD their westward trek. The trip wa~ long and hard and dangerous. If they hadn't had such great faith ~nd UUst in the L.o,dit would ha ve been mueh !nore of a; trialtothetil. They traveledfrom the first of July to 20th sept. Wheil they reaciled Salt .Lak~pCity Brigbam Young told them to make their camps and heViowd help to locate them. The Coombs family, the Sbawcrofts, Olesons,Gulbrandsens , and Morgans and several other families were sent to Fountain

Green. Of course the weather was gettidg cold so George Conmbs an'J boys built the house that could be In nde tbe quickest. This was a dugouton the lotwbere Claik Cook now lives. . ;.s. fter he bad a shelter for his own he and his boys began makiDg lJobes and made others homes. then a school house. They made houses for many others taking oxen and wagonsfor pay until they' all had their own outfit. Later they went to the West MOUDtainand got logs and butlt two rooms and a lean-to next totbe dugl:lUt. He lived in this house until his death. oneohhecany,,11S In the West.Mountain is calledCoortibs' Ca'nyon bec:~use of their enterprise there. -T.heCoombsf;urtlly wete· ail singers and rriusicians. fiey organized a c h 0 ir ahd a band. A favorite song of WiUlanl's was ':WlU you Love Me WbenlAm Old." He sang this to' Eliza nearly every day of his life. His hair was brown and wavyand'bisey~swerea _p gray. He was not too large a man, but had .i'w~ndetful stature. For many yean they were very poor and· endured ttlany hardships_ After about founeenyears·tbtags SOteastetfor hlin and Eliza, but she was not privUeged '1,0U.e his olaige with him .forseyemeen years after movtngto Fountain Green. Eliza died 25 Aug. 1881 and left him alone aull the famUy were married ana gone. He later married Lydia Dwa RowbwylDd 1hey ~ere quite happy together. She .ba .....adaugbdr C1&ta bya former marriage. George loy e d Cam for she ,,&ssoldDdlDd considerate of him. She had otherehildreaac:rOnmeSaa Ptre MOUDta When they had been marrted about a ,ear the three in. of them were going over themowualato castleVaUeytosee her children when some freak condltlOftcausedhiS f\lOt to sUp , off the brake and he f e llt 0 du~eartb Inseamy breaking his neck and causing death. He was a great man in his community. He helped the poor and needy, b u i 1 t homes for people. many wbich ale SliU standlng. He lent himself to a HfreelytAhis muslcand/tngiag and left a bost of friends whettbe went ;'"ay. I never heard of anyone who claimed to be his·enemy. whcnBdgham Young called 0 nth e saints for_geas and teams tobtlng in more pteaeers he also d 1dtbac.His iODt· Ephriam a'1d Joshua with the ox team uaiD a t the GteeaRiver Disaster. ~m composed a song about it, which I lDset hete.


,THE BOYS OF SAN PETE COUNTY (Tune: Just Before thl!lBattle. MOther). 1. We the boys ·of SauPete county· In obedience to the call; Started OUt .itll forty wagons to bring immigrants that fan.. Witboutfear or tho't of danget. Lightly on our spect. Every'hean with joy aboundiDg." Capt.; Seely at our bead.


~ ,Over hQlsalld by the foUDtaiD.Tbro'the

mud and in the

Slowly climbed the lofty mountains, 5


.,uuvc: we:: suo w S wuue


the sun


us declining

Glad we welcomed close of day; By some stream or gushing fountain To refresh at night we'd stay.
3. When we reached Green River Ferry;

driver if he could find aaother team, The tealll was fouad and Ep~iamwe.t, but George was cilt off from the clllU'CD. After a awnberofyeall he was reiDstated, rebaptised 30 laa.. 1889. He was j ust as falthfwduriDg tbiI period as before or afterward.

He aa.d the other famiUel .whoca~e .tQfou,ar.aill GreeD COIlquered the wtldlaad aad ·madef~ whomes. They ~uilt a on her banks aU oight we suyeel. churCh iothey coUldwoab.ip. th4"HeavwyPad3er. ~y of Moming ferrtedour wagOllSover. ch1Dldag loon to roll away. thembaclheldl Ollbeep. It was a Jwd coUaay 110". beNext to. drive our cattle over, But we fOUlldthey wowdnot causeofme.dleadfUlly cold wwell,the1a~ MCle.vly frGIa, sWim; attdtbe shOrt growtDgleuoa. But iAdOllliUblo couraae TbO~gh the boys were uphewater, Many hours up to cheit and deyoutfaith meymade med_IUO b1clll0IDII .. tcM. cblD.. Amoag his sou Joshua and welle daem_ ....... Bpbrlam "ad David "lie tbeatr1c'lmeD. AU of them ~ IiIlg. 4. Thus we tried ffOm mom EW eveaiq WiD, bJaoldensoa.·wasvery· aby &IIIl1lOOlt .... ~ •. p1IIaUc . weadJ.er most seyere and cold. life.but·was·a very8~ andge~~u. . . For tbe watc=raadtbelabor bro\llht uslowthougb we.werelAthebaa.cfJOIbuaplayedtheccQeclDct George die baabom. bold ·TbedayswOr,kwqD.Vel",~1b~t)Osbu dtclll'tpUy btl CQrADd tbe m1ghq wia.dsw~e blo"iDg AU .the day aad Il1gu netbeforegot.ag to ~d. George also played .. violiQ &ad .before, and.·... g~liDg, rus~ waeers. drove our.caa:leback ·belpedmakemustcfotdanCes. to.tbeshore. The baad·would.reaadeoa aUhoUdays aad extra occaal.oal. They bad their daoces and their theatr1cal.tlOOp IDcho Uwd 5. As dle boys were paalDg ·over a'fWlrtchllfewtth thelrOWQ~"The Coombl bad cheir flager ta every pte. .. .. Wl tel lD;che boat dl~ pour Capum cr1ecl.. ··'Boys•. wo·f.egODe UDder, we shall dte this JoSbua"aad Hamet were JIlamCct fA ilglaDd, ~d Joabua maryery'~ ·Oon weat .. cruaMcI·theu.ckllDg, ried Faute Baney. A~. threeyeaaafcer r. ac hillS utata Faille dtecfleniDg two U~ g!rk, Fauleaad Polly; Paule 'Neath ... wa.-sall •• don. wU-jUst two boUd old "hell her -motherdted. Ellla,PauIe', ADd m...mi8b1y ~c ..... :•• ept off .1dl-hAughty aod Polly's grandmother rook tbe 1Ude g1rla 10 her .... .u fr~. hel c1eam.Joah.lacerawrted SaQh Hugill. . Kalltetmazriedlamea Dutwi.'claydlq cookabip ill Liver· 6. Some to qxqblHus clllailDg. . pOol,'&lgIaaCt udllloved to~1D Urab aad ...... ldom .fda ·TUl.-'*· ..... ~ aU O'el. berpeop~8 p brt ammamedRl,ada -Sha.crgft. Her fidler, . Bop aJlwacUOCler •. JoIiaSbawciofc.wai'caUed to -.go' 'tc) the SaaLouia ValleJ ill .Ne·.r.,~&iIl.~Sf,Cp. OIl sboro.. ... SouthemColorad~1D tW oyem SpIula.lua.d RlubtonOWed SOUleto pWIkI ud ·~"ere clillglD& toearab11lh the toWn of La Jara. They ~ aUe d it Richfield. Oowalbe s~ ttde dkt·floac; theIlOTbia".. DO easywk'AI 1I1ecouauy w.. eVeIl colder Some by bea~ seemed. prcIlectecl thaa FouaulDGreell od the wfD4blew almoat ~.,eryda)'10 it Dd.YeIl to sbace IlpOIl the boat. walaoeaty rag toarabUIb dlis home. Georgelr •• marrledPIul1aa Gusrava G\ilbra&ldloa. WheD 7. ODe badlaQdecl OIllAbWld . the Gulbraadloaa.er. calledto WoodIUff. Arilou. GeOile ClIPI... 110." .Wows areea came wiCb lbem.;· At Woodruff tlWagsWtle DQt to ButcohilQllfe .uex1Dguilbed eaay because it was cOlda!1d .mdy. He fellback.&Id fA,. scream. WlWalll live1UaFoUDtalDG.eaallbia lUe ud·pasaecI .way TIies.sQ,boya from ~·.calrel:i. leavblgeftlJ~h1afrieDd..iI1Ialaae biuecoad"U., Uftd AIII.I.from frteJacll wboaa ·dIeJ did Jay •• leVU MoceyeaiaUddled iD-FowaraiaG ... a1ao. 11K •• sooa apUasbaU ...- ....... DaVId The_ BUlillplDd ltaf'd III Foua_ G,na III &bal blUer Wq.cI .... , a Ilumber of yem dleD..• o •• h 1mo ldaboaDd _ ~Utab ·"aido1a&"OJkiatbe·Log .... r~mpJe ..- .... Geozge Coombs aud b 11 fa III11 Y were balest bard worklDg aad'.ll.at . . people aad were frleads to eVeI)'aIe they met. They were came tobi..'·' deyout LarterDa.y sa.... He 11_ bia rel1gloA every day of hia Ufe, it wa. __ I SUDday CIoIk.to be put OIl ad off. He I.Rlcbard CooalhI. 1778, amg..~.Sb9wyAJd. Ox. 2. 1ft wU'e,EUzabeda· . wasa sby maa"heDit came to preacbJa& or public Ippearaoces. but a sreat III a a 0 f actioawhea ltcame to dolllg 1I1etJiia.gs 3. Cbarles.b. 1'198.EllglaDd, Showyard Ox. 4. JOD, b.1800, Easlall4,Sbcwyard,~. the ~1< aeq1dle4 ofbim. To. bow. the satcmess of the Cburch authorities I wlsh to 5. Elizabeth. b. ~1802, f.ag1.alld, sbowyar~, Ox. tell d:Ps ROry~.. WbeaBrllham Youagflm called for wago .. 1. R1cbald~mbs, b. 17~8,eagJaQd, Sbowyard, Ox. aIUl&eamtto.go IIlCtC _, 1&1AII d help. them ICroII· me plaW u 6. 2Dd -wife Karriet·MaDbaU~ md. 1812, b. 1780. Oxford. be bad two teaml &ad aeat ODe wf1h bia loa. JOIbua. but whea EAglalld. the se~ oad call cam.. be bad oll1y, OM teamalld hiac:rop to 7. Meriah,' bOlD 1813, Md. ThoQ1&SAYIDI palla. He tOld BrIgham Youag t hat Epblaim cowdgo al a 8. Gtozge. bora 19 Feb. 181~.. EU,zaAstbury, (b.2QdFeb.









1815). 9. ADD, bom 25 Mar., 1817. mel. 10. Davtd, bom 1819 1l.Ellza,bom 29 Aug. ,1821 e" md.Edttard Pithell . There is very little lmowll of tbese save Merial:l matrlad Thomas Avaas aDd George ouraticeftOf mamed Ellla Astbury. . 8. George Coomb.. SO~ of Rlchard Coombs aad Hamet MarsbaU bolD 2 Pet).. 18 18,0. 221uly 1194. Md. . 25 Aug. • ··1881. 12. 1" wife El1u Altbury. cL ofJobaAttbury. b.6 NCiV 1812. •.• 13. WIllUm Hemy. b. 29 Aug. 1838; d. 10 Oct. , 1920, b. BunlewStaff, Eng. 14. IOIhuaib. 4 Feb. 1841,ct. 8,}(oY. 19. 15.·George •. b. 2 Apr. l844,d.22 DeC. 1920' ie, Hardet.· b. 1845· 17. Epluaim. b. 21 Dec. 1847 18. Davtd. b.9luae 1902. d. 24N09~1928.:

in a dugout and live~ 011 boiled meat Without salt for six weeks.


William: and Iii.s I father went to buiid a house for Thomas Morgan. Thomas bad a little girl called· rut&. she wu (our or five yeall old. She would sit 011 WUl1ams lap aDd be would ·siag to her. ..Whell be was setellreea he asked her til so to a show or panorama in thOit days. TbJap weill frbntthere aDd 011 2 Sept. 1891, they were married in the MaDd Temple.


19. Ellzawas the daugbttrof,thoIIWMbtgail ;Vizard. They· were to t b Cbutcb. Utahtn18e:had UvedlD SalUiqu1DHfotecomtig GreeD. Seveb cbUdreD were bom to theM.




and'a.., to

to Foutltaill

·20. Thomas Reary 21. Faamy EliZa, dU!d lJ1 childhoode 22.· Zelpha· Cathem. died til chUdhOocL 23. 'Charl.s 24. MaJy ADD ·25~ WillIAm Mel'llil '26.' PrudeJICe~ntet wtl11am was a tellgloutmaD aDd very rattbfUl aDd hufttble. He was a k t n d and loving husband aod father. He WQ never too busy to he 1p h 11 fellow meD III times of Deed. He was ·blessed with the gift of bealJJlg. far lDduu 1:0 admilllterall be touched were b._chad maay heated. Oae~ehewuJck:ked by .. hose &lid bad tine balkeD dbt. He •.em lortheEklea and before tbey·SOt to OIl tllelr way out he felt ribs fltback ..... aod'h. watuleto · get aroad. Hewas award.teachermOltolbb life. !fe ... allOpaestdeat over the Deac:o... Yea r I aft e r hfI passlDz ·... Iylll a ~esdlood meedllg 10m e oae made lb. remuk tbat WIlllam was the belt DeaccaPreshleDt drat fOIDIIlII,GleaIMl had. He' taught bbfamUytbe prlIIclplel'afdl.Gospe1 aDd to UYe a cleaa. .hoaorable ·Ufe. WheD he flat came to Utahhttwolked til a .... mWta die UttleCottoo"ood C.oyoaaDd helped c. IDd baal __ used fa the Sail Lake Tabemacle. He d i dlUlDll work wltIl his father and blOtbea. Tbey buill mOlt of lb. brlck bom. iD FoUDraIllGreen..WWlamIDd Joshua ~lped buUcltbe old meetIDg bouse. WUl1am buillabdckhome for :bll ... CharJesaadWWtarn. They "ere very PJoud 01111e. bom. u tbelrfad:aer wa .. . old wbeD hebuUtdtem.. After be qUit laW mID "ork he.goc a ULtJef'alm 1:0 rabe wbat be coulcl foe himaeUaadhil stock. . He w a I a private iD Capt. Thomas RDa.uoaa' of the Utah MUltla lIIfaaay d'11rfD8the Black HawJc 'war. He· wuoa :.' .guard the Dlghttbe Cblef 8Jac1t Hawk escapld. Tbqfollowed him three mUe. soudl of FOllaIaiDGreea t08trcb Creek where Black Hawk was kWedIJIIi'buried. He enjoyed his famtlyand bJatD1awuo tbefuD_exteDt. III his family tbere ... a double mtxed quarrel. They saIlg for their OWD pleuure and for pubUc .. tertalnm ... Helived 84 years of joy aDd COD'MUDeotwtlbhla family and his frieDcII &lid his chuzeh.alsfrtlDdl milled a deaf (dead and his family a good husband and father..

WUUam Heary CocImblwa b081IDEDglaadi 29 Aug. 1838. He jomed the churcb·wheDau bb fadler'. famllydl«L He was a DWOIl by aade as were bkfatberand brothell.. they worked togetherlDllDllaad. Tbeybu1ltsomeof the belt bames of their time iD Staffordlhlze.They ,..tlIo .laid ·tlle. Tbeywaeto1cllfdleywou1d stay fa PaglaAd and Dot come to Utah tbat mey woald guarantee them wode as Joag udley. waDled it. But dteymacie 1Ip cbelr mila. to COJDe to Amette&. So they worlce4 bard &ad saved dlelr moaey. A· CQ.1a of WWiama wul1v1ag'widl tire JamUyclO dley asked ber UI. wallted to come to Utah wltlathem.She said yaaad.gotready. Her aame was Eliza. W1d1e CD • h t P board be uked her to mill)' . him. She dldOlll:besbip. He, felt sOft)' forheralld though he I dldD~t love her be woUld mazzy ber to protect ber aa.cLprcwkie for her. .They bad DOfamUy. The shiptheysaUedOD was the MeaeDan. Whea they landed III New York. WWiams uacle. btafamea brother,had heeD 011 the ship with them. Tbey got separated aDd De"" saw each other agata. Yeall_iter WUUam'sdeathwe.fOUlldlome ofdle brodtell (amUy U'riDglIl Sait J.ake. They aaveled by tralla aDd boaero Nebruka.Heremey· bought a cow aud calf, oxen. wagOlll. etc •• to make the loDg trek acrOll dte plaiDl. Tbeytraveled 'a Capt. Waif_eo. across dle pl&1as.. T h. Dthey came to the Platte, River whtcluhey qe_ed six tlmes.Wllllam who waaleadlDg die calf fen 111 udaearly drqwa. . The Cooml)s boys shot same oa the,way aaddlvtded with others lD the compaay. Tbey.allo gave milk to the sick and old. They had no trouble with 1Dd1aas. \¥beD they a!rived in Utah they weat to FOUDtaiDGreeD to make their home. T be' roadilD Nepbi CaDYOllwere terribly rough. They used tog 0 to Nephi Caoyoa to cut wUdhay for their stock. ODe algbt wheD he camehoine a soldier was witbbis wife. WillIam told lIer to take her clothes and go. She did. but she never married the soldier. She weD t to Emery Co.. to Uve ma!ried Nephi RobeftSOOand came to Foumafa Green to Uve. Sbe wu a Dice persoa to know. she aod Roberaoo 0" ned a shoe store. Willlam weat to live wtthhis brpther loshua. They Uved







20. '11aeeldestcbUd of WtU1&mH. aDd EUzaCoomblta11aom&s 7

Henry. hom 26th January 1881 at Fountain Green, Utah. 1u December 1887. 21. FaMY EJiz.a, born the 19th.Sep~ember1883at Green. Utall.. She died me 3rdJaQuary 1885.



Debora 24th February. 1953. ,


38. The ..bi,rd son of Keith alld Lois C. Allied is Cbarles~ard t bom 3rd.5eplem~r.1934 atMt.;, Pleasant; Utah 39.. M4ryLouis~,·.bonaAprt11937, at Mt.Plcasam. Utah.

23. The second son of \VWiam H. and Eliza M. Coombs, is Charles Richatd b 0 r 0. 6m February .1886, at Foumain Green, Utah. H ew a s educaUidin the. FOUlU&iIl· Green .schools. He and his f~ther wod<cd tOgemer 00.. meir farm ..A Fq.LllUain i Gre.en. He wasanardentchJ.llch worker and sang ill the fQUlltain Green choir for many years. In 1906 he was Called to fill a missioo in England for the L. D. s. church. He sailed on the 55 Arabas ship. while he was on his mission he m" Miss Lil.Uaa Ii. Gibson. she was a convert to theL, D. 5., church. He was:rele~d from his mission November 1908 and returned home on the SS Republic.. Aft e r he returned home he bought • small confcctlonary store which he managed with assistance of.his ,sistcrs, as he still worked on their farm, on ~e 14th October 1910 his mission sweet bean Miss Lillian GibsonlUrivedinfountaiD Green, and they Were ma.rried 19thQctpber 1910 in the Manti Temple. 27. LUlian.",asborn.l5t~ June. 1886 at Newton Abbot; Deveq engllnd. Sae taLlght sch~l in iQglaQd· ,and·one and haUyears afte rih~ came to. FOWlt.:liD. Green.. She sang in the FOWlEain Green ward choir. together wlthberhurbandand latef;W.a.~appointed cboustct, she Wi1Syeryeffi~ient, and beld that pOSition 22 yea~. The last few yeais she sang in the Fountain Green Choir andsiAgs In dUeD.and .,ttios in WardenwtainmenDand funerals. Charlesdied~2ndM,arch1'34 mDr.DicesHospital at Moroni following anoperauon. f01"4PpeDdicitis.Tbey·l1ad·two·lovely da.ughters, they were edLlcated inFoUDtairlGreenaad Moroni scbools both gradwted from, b i gh school they too had 'lovely singing voices and took the Ie 1& d s in a number of their bigh school operatas. 2S.Eldest cf au g h ter is Lois MagdeliDd bam 28th February, 1912 at Fountain Green, Utah. Sbe married :29. K'eith JUlias .Ulted NovembeN930 In tbe Mami Temple. Hew.ubom .the'i-Qth August, 1910; at Boise, Idaho. He died the ith May 1953. Their home as in Mto,Pleasant, Utah. He was a barber,aad a farmer. She iSiemployed uuheMt. Pleasant drug store, They b.1veJour children as follows: 30. Lillain,·LaJuu, .bomthe 9th March 1931, atFoUDtain Green.. She mmted 31.L.1Voy Ma~OIl. 26thJuly194S,at Mt.Pleasant., Hew",s born 22nQ. Jw)':1926at MotQrU.Utah" The)'ha ve three children 32. Anena Joyce, bom 21sc·}'lay.1949. 33. . Dennis .L~Boy, bom 2DdMay 1950 34. Steven DuWayn., bom29th January 1952. The secOnd daughter of Keith and Lois C. Allred. is Sadie Utah. She married 36. Lu Deal Peterson, 18th March 1949. He was born the 2!st February 1928~ Their children are: . 3;. Christie Lue, bom 8tb December 1950.
LU Dean, bcimthe 30th z...l.ily1932at Mt. Pleasant,

48. The ~colld dAugbter of William H. E1iZ&M. Coombs is Mary Ann, bomthe2thof June 1888i.D fownairlGzeen., Utal1. Sbew~ educated in FOlllKlin,G r e en schoolJaDCII&IIII i.Dthe Fountain Gf,:eeQward cboir. Sbe mamed 41. Parley Leon Holman. 10m of February 1916 In the Manti Temple. He wa", selfeduc"ed maa and became .teryefHcient M. D.Tbett home."as In Nt..' Pleasant, Utah. He died there me 1st of November 19 32. They had five cbiWrell as follows; 42. Phyllia ~th. bom the 29th of Mald!·1916. She IDlurted 43. Daniel Oscar Wycherly the 16d1 of October 1938. He was bom 29th oUcPJember1913. Tbet.u:bi1drea as follows: 44. ·ludUh ~,borD6th of OCtober' 1941. 46. DaD4el LeOJl,bom 29th of; AprU1946. 46. The second daughrer 0 fParley and Mary' Holman is Lois camUle,bom 7th of January1918atfOUmain Gleell,Uph. Shernatried 47.:ThomasManin Ivory December 18th, 1942 .tSalt Lake. He was born the 7th ofOetober 1918.' Tbeit'chUdren are: 48'.' ·Thomas Martin Jr., bom24thofAugust 1943 49. Rlchatdferrts, born 2nd of,·t\ugUSt1945. 50. The son of Parley and Mary Holman is Leon C. . Holman. born3rdofOctober 1920 at 8altLake Clty,:Utah. He married 51. Wanda Anderson of Moroni the 24th of January 1948. She was born the 31 of July 1921 at Moroni. 'Their son 52. Parley Leon was born the 8th of July 1949 at Salt Lake. 53. RobenEllis' ; 54. The youngest son of Parley and lvtaryHooman is CiIlySwood, born the 30thofOctober'1~2&atMto Pleasanto He dLed'tile24th of December 1926.· " 25. The third so n .0 ( Willlam H, and Eliza M. Coombs, is William Melvin Coombs, born 30th of October 1890 at FOWl, tainGreen,Uta14 He w as educated in the Fountain Green schools. He assisted his fatb et in farming and sang in the Fountain Green choir fur a number of years, He married 55.floraiu::ePearmaine t he 16th of November 1911, in the Manti Temple. 'They 'have four daughte~ as follows: 56. Florance Evelyn 57. Ruth Hanense ."58. Safah Melba 59.· Dora Jane Coombs. They ltve in Salt Lake City. 22. The ycungesr daughter of W'illiam H.and EHu 1'.1.Coombs Z~lpha Cathelene, bor n t h e 4tb of April, 1896 at Fountain Green. Utah. Diea the HJth of April 1900.
6G~ The second daughter of Charles and Lillian G. ccombs is


Iva Dean, born the 6th of .vugus; 191q• .she married 61. Gloyc Tidwell He in sborn the 28th of October 1914. at 1\1;)rc.ni. Utah. Their c nrldren are as Iol luws:

62. Carolyn Joyce. born the 19th of Aug. 1933 at FoUrltain Green. Utah. ··Sb.married 63. Rex Rowe. 6 J1I1y1952. 64. Bruce Gloyd •. bom the 12th of AugUlt 1930 at Mt. .;Pleasant
Uta~ .

74. Ruby Hudson, b. 13 Sept. 1924, dau. Wi IIi am Hudson and .Prudence Harriet Coombs. Children: 98. CiyleHudson. b.25 July 1945 99. Susan, b. 17 July 1950. 100" ' NidtRobertl. bit 1 June 192'7~ 75. ,Me;ry. Jane Hudson, b•. 20' ~t9Uda~ son and PrudellCeHarriet Coornbt. Child: 101. Mary Diane.b. 9 Juae. 19M.


~S.;··Russel LouiS. born theUmof

May 1941 at FOUluain Green 1946 at Mt. PleaatMt."PleiUl1nt


66. 101m Raymcmd, bomthe SdlolDetober sant. Utah. 67. Linda Dean, botn23rdofAuguSn948,

68. William HudsoIUODofWWlam'A1bertH\KIson,b. ·31 Aug. 1886 SaDtaquin, Umbo. 26. Prudeace'HarrietCoombsdau. of WWtamHenry Coombs and EltzaJ&ne Moqrau. ,b..1 Mar.; 1898 Ft. Green Utah,

76. lack HUdsoD, b. 2 Sept.. 1928's. WiUbtn ··Prudenoe Hartiet Coombs. 102. Mary Kathleen Nelson, b. 18 July 193t.,


69. William Cciombl,b.24 OCt. 1915,Fte Green Utah, ·d. 4 'ulY·'1930. All the rest of tbecbildren were bom .1.tt·SanuqUln. ,··Utah. 70. Ruth. b. 4 Oct. .1917 . 71. Kendall. b.22 June 1918. 72. Sarab. b. 18 Dec. 1920 73. RodDey. b. 6No,,~ 19ft 74. Ruby. b.13 Sept. 1924 7S.Mary Jne,b. 20 Sept. 1924 76. Jack, b. 2 Se~ 1928 '17. 'Charles Roy-. b.U, Slo:, '1930. 78.PrUdeace Katbl~ b.24 Oet.1932 '79. Eltol FraDCls PeteftbDeb;4 Feb. 1912 .70. RIKb HiidsoD.b. 4 1917. da1l,; WIlHAm Hud'orund )PrudenCeHaliiet CoOmbl,Cbtldl8a:' 80. Collllie Kay. b. "Mar. 1939 81. Berry.b. 13 laD!. 1943. cL14lan. 1943· 8~ . Patricia Joaa.b.26 Sept,. 1943 83.' Cbarles KUk, b, t 7 luly 19&0.

HISTORY OF THE'FAMILY '. Thestoty olthe



HuggiDS·~rtty is written by thetrdeughter.HlDuCMatbil. -<she baswritteD thlsit.oty to the:best of betabUltr--wtdI a prayer in ber bellll fo r ell'ftIle guidncewwi1:h&bope,1Iaat melewillnoc be·balSbctittcism 'by_'feadeaOf'_ COombI
famtl1esandthat'it,.wUlbe. abookaot,· to' belald_a,shelf andfolgbtteD; . but that it WUl'fu.UUllt!s·p1acela tbe ll'ftIof future generaliODl. In tbeoaward-t1ow,of_ y.... >~'dat is DbUecorded illdlt:we .laIowoal.y trbattbaW'd1lmpap.\'tlls. Tbejoy tbe'SOrrow.dlestlb",allill acIde_,of 'a pec)plli sUppfDgfrom memory ... ·dsecOWllp" IaemIatI. •Shall we let thntorladle aDd_ 1natecI'1Ia _ ....... of •• pastlWbi!e there 11 yet timetbe noIY'muK be IIIC_ aDd Ietold"<4nd ·it lsexpectedtbal tbepcatlll.lJofdieCoombI .famWes shOuld wbluo p~areccmtOf thetrptoaeerfledtage,iola dlls book'IwWte1&te ICIDft ~tbe Idstodcla1ete1l1S



11. KeDdaUHudaOa s.WUlllm HU<kon~D.dPri1dellce Hantet Coombs. b.22 JUlIe 1919. 84. Maxlnetb.19 Juae 19t2.ChUdren: 85. Kendall, b. 28 JUIlel942. 86. Kathleen, b. 21 Mary 1947. 87. 72. a nd 88. 89•. 90. Glen Rianer Jarvia, b. 5 Apr. 1917. Sarab Hudson. b. 18 o.e. 1920 dau.. WUltam HudsOn Prudence Hantet CQOlll~ Cb11drea: William ~ben b. 28A-... 1941. Shente, ·b.241Uty 1943. Laury Barton, b•. ~ Dec. 1948.



of my gracloupiouer



'pueinlaad 1heIr panerlty.

A SKETCH OFTH! LIfIE OF'f()SHUACOOMBs.SIt. A PIONEER OF 18f4~ 14. My fatber, Jdsliua CoomblWdboal4tb CJf Pebi'l841 at Stafford. Staffordsbire,Eaglaad. '.'He wa,tbe'secoDd lOa of George CoombS, Sr. ana EllzaAstbury. He 'U¥ed _flnt 23 yeall of b 1s life in England andIeamed

91. Patricia Judy. b.

16 Juae 1952.

thereftlye a rly .t ah1l11fe. Hfsiatber,GeorgeW&l also a maso~ .Heuiedto assist bilfidW With btt b1itldtD8~ dolDg 'tDslde and thus became I skWedwOdQnaofthoSedays. He dldtbetecbnic:al w 0 r kO"1 tarpwobuaCk 'fbf'CIle of. . the factonelt be re tbattoOk stxmoaibl'lO'CbmPlete.1 can

the'masouy' trade


73. Rodney t{ildson s, William Hudson and Prudence Coombs, b. 6 Nov. 1922. 92. LUy Oleberry. b, IS1an.1927. ChUdrep: 93. Thomas Rodney, b. 19 Sapt. 19," 94. Lily Lynett, b. 12 Aug~ 1949. 95. Wllliam Duke, b. 23 June 1951. 96. Trena Kay. b. 10 Apr. 1954. 91. Ly~ DcloyCook. b. 1 Dee. 1918.


bOWhlsbolswOi.tId tOSHilhe was buUcling it ·rigbt. He alsoassfstedin bulldlD,the faetoly8Dd : many other buUdiDgsthere. He married his am wife. PaDDY Bailey. early in the sptiilg. S MAy.of 1864. They and all the otbtr rtiembeft of b is fa then famUyaccepted the gospel and joined the .church of JesUs Christ of ·Latter· DaySalm:s over in England. In Apr ill a 6 4- . they set sail fortbeUl1ited States of the gospels ~ko.They"Ued on the be.utifUl ship McClemn With Geotse Firewater astbeil Captain and It took




bun DOW


calUo him todlOP btl

t oftenlliiUd

him teU




them ail' weeks to crOll._ OCea.a. .TbeylaDded in· the U. S. 21 May, 1864, then came the loag uek &CIOIS 1bepl&iIII with ex-teams.. Our Coombl family wele all good singea and mulf.ciaua aDd thus they eDtenaiDed the S a·in u in me eveaiaglllouad the campfbu_after amYiDg here, ,.ezeofr.enlefeaed to as the Coombl enterraiDen. They trayeled onloUtahi and un ved at FOUDtain Green. .. UW:liD the fall of 18M. 104. He aDd h1a wife, P&DIl)' lived in a dugout on the lot 00W' owDedbyWiffOldGJeeIl&DdellJaa. 9th, 1865. h1a eldeR dau. 105. Mary Eliza was bom. Sbe was d1e secoad babY.81r1 bom in fountain GaeDe Dw1Dg the wfDten of 1884-5 ~ worked iD·a c&nyoa aeamy west of Foumain Giallo known to u I tod a y II Log Canyon gettiDgout loglto bUIld. boDle.There was a I&W mW ell the Welt be ae h OhOWD owaed by Samuel Jewk... Famer woUld take some of hfaloga there aDd have tbem sawed illto1umber

WWord Coomb,'lacaad uwuberethalflveof hia seven cbUcI. ren were bom. He later moved b1I flDtlog. bause clown. 011 k)ttO usean granery andittll~ eemag· mac p1trpGIII "1950. He later buill the brtok boUle ItW dlele on dlat lot .bout1he


_me.flooIIaad me• .,_
pJet.ethebuikH"I'; .... cwaaconled

WldJeworktnglDtiWcaayon '. eaIDg oae ,hubulldiag.materWbela&4'to g napbUfeCllID gullDy'" to keep tbem·1WID. .The maw. feUvay4eepJa dlec&DyGl1 whl.cl:ueII4e&ecl,ltveryoold IQ4 dUlle_CO labCllID

lbe wtlbdta.


ot:beraece •• l)'thiDplO o~or Jumberon_ roof of me

ourchUldl bouae wlW:hwu'tom r-' DeW chapel. Th.ua, myra_rw ... bullclerasweltal aUller of" IOU. Tluough his thrift and ambtdoo be became qulle a prosperous fanDer • .aoWillg 8Qd~h1aaeedaby band. zeaplllB.ltallO by Iwld wltb b1IlCYthe, cycle and pain c:radle aad thea haUliDgh1s harvel1l home wi1:b~ox team. .·Aaawa caDIIOtUft by bread a10.. , he renmed to hII Datt". land to .... dube gcapelto thepeop1ethere 1I!.·.·Muda1898.· ·laIuttasatLtftr- ' pool, aqlolad, 21 AprU,l.Ut.tba'.ybia ftIIcpacl'4oa. MelvUl MoIg.n, wal bom. HepelllJeajOJed h1s laboadaere bill wanlll&b1eto .fiDUh bfa miIIlCll,1bue dpe to dle Wbultb ofhl.awife, sanJiUJdwu called back bome in May. 1899aad lhed1edAuguK5. 1899. He apeDl dae __ tader·oflda life In year
1888 •.



down iD Maroh 1948 to make 100m for our

,aad: ... dl.,wlaler,of'",,,aslpem. JI:L dae JPdDI of 188~ be bail tlda flmlogl'OODl co the .·lot at Fm. GleeD. toadl,_fIom .baIe fay JobaIoR llft1. DurlQgdaUUlDmerof Father was very ambtdo. anel caated GIl w1da .... DlIIaaIJ aad fanD w 0 r k as loq asbla.bealda wQUld· pamk. TbIoaP 1886 lie worked_bII_tpbaafanaa. ADdmacleq. .«l9beyard wlaeretbecily"ftIIC PJlDPbOUleIlOW ami _I h 11 thrift and ambltlca aDd the teIlcier cue hI.a ddId wtfe aDd .dobef1eJ4J.fc.Gr .. _wcltbou ...... He.~ lII&CIedle ch11cIlen gave bim be,,11 veiy COI1lfonatJly~ at ,flat~ .toWllWbSdaw_ai&cleOll dlae yard,qdbalk ofbia 4eath,.IW:b~J:DeNov.4. 19M. a, fOUlDta~ a the .geof83ye&llanda.1De .... -~1#e, weD .... bud .. ,ftcRadobe,bouIe .... forwaaLgd,· DOW 0W1lt!d by.Robett ~ .... 'HeJUdeIl101t« dle -ad." aad buile Ql_ of die labor aDd his ch1ldleaoobave •. ttaped·" ~ r ofldataUIIIg. SUntving to b.iw IQ~OI)' andlDOUID.b1I IIIda ..... tbatarelUdeoflb&c ~~ cbat ale._ sr.aacUqg In Fm. Gleea.--tbere are fony ho..... tIIldfDg III Fm. Green that wife Francis, eight of hl~ch~~" he lupen1led alld _fated ID bullcl1Dg.t dl1a wrttlDg. JaD.. .18 , aDd thineen great graad cbl1~teD. Fa tber .11 ~1MdJ.der. a • f,tIIer of DIlle 1950. -MaR of them are built hom brick. WbUe workiRg 011 tWer of the lOll, a preacher of rlghteo1llDell, dW adobe yard .U he bad to ea.t fer Ilx weeki was poiatoes. chU~n. 8Qd .of ourilOb1e ptc)~., who~ p.ioneer the way in iDdamy.ln boDaty. iDJaitb in.God. Ia Iowa OG·,Oct. '.22..186"' .• ~d~by g1r1 was bolD to .blea that bame. buthiadear wUefaaay dieci .... the baby was but two service to his fellow IQ~; aal11DiqexaDlple chat where be led houn old aDd abe wa, named famay after her beloved Mother. it will be safe for h1I poIferttyTpfoD9w. He_as ~ a,i._ ill po"Nan d. wl1b ~ two babygirll to 109. Joshua Coombs Sr. , bom Feb. 4, 1841 iD Stafford, Stafzear.bQc:b.is".klD4 modler toQk&be baby . fordshire, EDglaDd. MaD'ted . 106. F~., &Ild.ldad~ ~ewkelt.o()k ~.pd ~4e~forb,im. .,'. '.. , 119. F~y~UeylD.mespriD8ofI864. dledNQ,. '. 1924 at Al.tbe JIQpalaUQalDcnaaedlD f1II. P",ea. cbe dem,.nc!for Foumain Green, Utab... bomeoIw~.~~cI as,adobes an4. br1okalaow~ .vafJ,ab1e FaDDY Bai:kY. bOlD Oct. 1841.tS~fOlllo"St.affordlblre. Eq. married Joshua Coombs fll the ler1DJ,18~J?,led Oct-a: 1866 _toWDhew,~~ptCl=blal •. t1h Ida JDUODIY~~ f~~. FOUDtaiD Green, Utah.~: .' ,So~e "Jbe.ach Qf bh wlfeF&iQly.hewas,caJ!ed 111. Mary Eliza Coombl,b9JJlJaa. .. , 1885 •• trm. G... 9 Ut. togo ~ACIQIl,dle biaex-t,amaadb"" .lDuni112. FaDDY sophia Coombs, bam oee, 22. 1868 It Fm. GleeD pDD. to .'Ut.aiL. . OIldlaUri.p Dube Gi'e.alij1'er.dl.aaaer;~, 1bef_boatdM:y wele u.killg)lu:'wagOQl over Utah andd.ied Dec. 17, 1938 at Fm. Green. Ut.ah.. the civet qA.1IDk qd;4rowDed1tX q;aelloPd lOme of cheoxen-1beIDfllJUond IIlIaY ho~ f.D. the cll11llDg nze&JD to get tbelr 111. Mal)' Eliza Coombs elden ciaughtet ofJOIbua Coombs aDd oxteaa ov. to dle OPPQlite 'hole. . FaDDY BaUey, hom Jao. 9, 186.5 at foumalD. Gre ... Utah. Sbewasbomina dugout aodlJaube ~d baby g1d bom in 107. Six Yeill.fterthe d~ ()fbJs "Ue fallQ}" hemar;ned Saral;l ,La_"ugiDl •.22 JlIly. 1872, IIIcheSalt Lake CQtioWD;1eDt FOWltaiD Green, Her mother died Wblle abe ~as very )'OIIIIS' (1 ~;tbe"JDa:de.~utpf.D. to Salt Lake by ox team. She was ye~r aDd 9 mo.), but a kind friend. Muy Jewkes. motheled bom July·2. 1850 at Tom. River. Ocean Co•• N.Jeney. tU her until she W &$ old enough c~ start to wodt a little. Sbe_ daughter of WWiaUl.liugglDs Elel~ A"er. After zhcllmarlived for some time with G. F. aIld G, M. Coombs aDd belplDg nage he built the one room log house that is stiD standing on wheD'ever she could in the home. of her Unclei Ephraim aDd

Fountain GleIllafteramWigheleiDl884..He1:lad, SOOdvok:e aud was also a 00IIIIIt player. ._ .... mema.of die, fIm br.. baad in PoumaiD GleeD for ID&II)' Y.... 108. He married • dWd w t f e. Fraacia Sep1lllllber 51 1905. IIx yem after me death ofSaabo ·PUDCta.waabom Sept. 6, 18&8at SpaIdIh Folk. UqbanddleclOct. ),2, 1928






de,... .-scldlcba










oa"vtd Coombs, butner home was at grandfathen alld he xas a lid 011 th.mtcuide W1.tbhet.She,had to getpermUstonof him tol~ outto pan:tes aDd ud her eeminhoWl to keep. She WIIa cbUdattbe time whenther."etem.aD)'lDdlalu l1viDgiD. the htllJ uarFoum.aillGIe_aad rveoftenheard·berteUbow frtglueud d1e c h IId rea wen of them. especially the male India... TbIiIy' used to CODietocOW'Ilbelltag fot fcod_oDe day gi'aUdiD01:bertaw CIl • ppIOIClUDithroup. small· wimlOti • ta their ball door; wH1idD'~baV6:t1me tobolt ,m. d00f4lld'ihey declc.tedtobe"ryqum aadD01: auwer the 'dbC)f~buthed1dD~t waltfOUD iIlvttatioll to comebi--bejUit opelied me d*and entered. ·01 couatheywele veryf'rtghteued, etpeCiaUy MAry, but Grandmother kept veryCllm.' Beta1lced'fm· Ii Shori'ttirufin b1s own language. pointing at different dW1p'bi. the housedUlta asked for some bread which gr.ndmothftr very"t11tDgly gave to him and he Went out. lea vtng them UDb&m1ed~·buty.eryfttghteD. eeL She bad several experieaces with the IDdWII,but "wal BeVer molested by them. She uvea her life in FOUDtaIii:Gre. atld ,bad DO cbaIlee for educanoa. 11.3. She~·!dWard Diaper, Dec.' 2'7.' 188$nFounubl GNea,U.h. but lA_ themmta8e .ulOlerbDbed'ia the M&ad Temple. He died MarchM.1928. Th ey ha ihiigbt cbUckeIa tD blea!helrbaaae: U4. Mutba;Lauzaaaia' 116. FaDDyM.y
116. Sarah Ape.

Hi.s occupation was that of a fanner. He wal a very effieieDt maltandseemed tofttiniD any placohe waa Put. He used to go ou~ a lotat :U.gbt and Itt and. help tbe .iq.; .... tbe~tom1D tae days. . ~ he au,dMuy w.Qrked.OIl the local .Old Folkl Committee fer many yea ... WWl. they. beCiQ1e old eDOU8h to become guesa theael., .. at the ase of sixty. He very k1Ddanci·efftcteaubereub,;w .. Muter.of doll aomauetwutit"'uaQd YudU ,beubtl ,of..



tea il& dIaIe pame..ofthe1hlDplaacltde . Sftmlnglybe l1veda4boftilifti of 8'7 yeaa._aUfe..u spent'with hu beloved Muyaadatx ofbllCIbU. ...... " .. stUlliv.lng to .bl_hfl m=CII)'aad.haIt of fdeadI,hellaci rnadeby. bit love aad dewtioa •• .,.., 0D80 i14. Martha LauraD1a Dr.peri .. , ofldWucl And~MUYEllza. ·COolllbi Draper. waaIlomNof a,1884 at



,:115. Tbe .. conddaugbwofBd1r&ld;Drap" ..... }4aIyLCoGmIII Dtaper'uF&llDY May, .boa Dec" 18. 1898.catFouallfa(ileeD" -Utah. She Vlua beautlfulgidwl1b 1~eet··IIIlUefor nery:ODei',SJae ... iIJcI Greea~· Byherpat .... lfaher,Iaom •• ;.. :faouad·doa.of herreligtoUitratnmsw al.e ddech.pcatty ..... danceoftbe· var 10 "I,auxUlarlellD her, wud,cbIpeL ,Sbelt



'.,.,.,....ta ....

11'. 11'.

Edael Ella

&dwaId MIl_, be J... 2. 1892.».1_ 10, 19GB Lelud JOIIa-, 1t. Sept; ··11, ··189'7, .D. •.$epto. 26. 1.901

hlghlyrellgiDul aDdbu,peufaf1hIa ..... Sbe wu .'Secmuy ill the 'SuaetayScboOlfara,IlUIDber~;,..... a cJMiI leader In the ~laD.dallo.Ll""'dIa Jeaclulaibe ReUef Soc1etylllclateachermtbC"1aUpa a-.
1220 She IUII1edHealy M.~lUIy"'lwr. Sa".. bomPeb.16.18Uat.HoaeI».s ...... t)enme •.... 1'WeBIytwo yeara after their civt,1·--.. •., __ 'IUIIied'for time aud etemtty iu d1e Maad Temp1 •. Mllcb.e. 1919. They ha.,.

CooaI ..

121. Aury Heaiy Thill. berhuabiDd ddlWo _have racecled'her ill dH1h. MaEy baa De"ermade too many public ap~eI:hcept"heil repnseDUDg her ~berfl.aS.oiieiD July 19M •. m.·tiI1Yeiled me LeW .. LUIld lDOIlumellt .lId "as D. U.'P. QuMD 1D 194'1 • but Ibe .. a ImPt &ad Ii g h t ill the. backgrolJlUL ..' ',$be ••• a goOd wUe ·8IlcI1I. 'woaderful'MGther aaaful.ftUeci'the comm'llCbMIltoftieLordtD'llibltlplyaadiep1erdllame eaftb.'. She .. a wODdeIfuI,dear old 'Jady~ • joy to vtIiI ad COIIWDe widl; birm1Dd IIftIy .liIftaiMllbeColA eU \8 may lJiteteattag rtort. of her on.DeI bet IIlc:eltaa"'ll Y Ufe~ At· pte- . MDt .he 11 _oldeR !eddeallaPowDm Gre. &rid ,aHUt

Uveda1llbelr-.med.Ufe·.,fo .....

geual ..l&boriDgmaa&DilftlJ~,TJae,

Bec .... beea.
.. _ a ..


homeuadtbre.~dtell'i" Colbratob_1bIt ,123. Beat. May. b.," at Po..... G..a.

,1M. EtbelCUolUle."'.t

'12& BIaIy'SdWaId.be 12S. Beal. May lllalited·OiIbGIIaWWfallt, ...... He.as bolD AUg. 21,'1908 aiIlaLalllt,·MimI. 31. 1946.., He w a I acc1deadykUlell rollOWbIg chJldleil:

FNRatAGIeeIl . at Foumafa '0.. ..




Oate,•• 193'7.
:HI clle4May 'TheJ had the

128.CUol)'ll M bolD Sept.· .• , 1988 II FouIraID GreeD, self aDd dOet her WOIk. "alIIIuua4fioalwtWocf&ugbten' Utah. Laralee, boiD~o •• l.i9:n uLnaD.. J.. b eo..Utab. homes tWObJocklaw.~of her eight chlldrea an seW llYi1lg to b 1... her ...... jOy Ihd'aatUfaCdo'ilto bet ill liS.WUlIam J.Ck~;bOm Dec. 'lO~ 1938.t ...... u.b. ·Thelr marrtage solOlftbbed at the MtIld Teibple·&ept. Mo.,lM'. her decJlIdag yea .. m tbegreaustoftrttiutes for. 1i f eo f iaddltly _ clUfgeace, _klDg wdfltDdrtgbt l30. 8eaiemalZledRalpbJaelaDaDofLe9allOct. 10. 1M1~d .''theybave oae ICIb ad oft 'a.~ llvtng. . 113. MaIY" huabatad Ed...aidDlaper.b(,m},fatcla18.1881 131. RllphBieDt JacIcmaD. bO.NOY~ 18. 1948',", Apple River. WIIcoaam. . W1aeD •• very youagbby'1fe came to· 13~ Aft JeanboiD,
mAr¥eJo ...

p abe


•• ·iakd

caze: t)f. her-


W.llerHealY. bomApiU&.U3IatPoua1ltaG-.




. of Draper aarned .tterblS gr&Ddfather~ Wm. braper.tater' the falllUy moved to FreedOme,SaDpete Co~ fathef~Kenry' Draper." Bishop there ~d later dteymavedto Motoat and. Uved on the lot wbere tl]e DtceHotpital DO" is 10cated~theD after a time they moved !=ouataUl Green aDd thete he met his sweetheart Mu'l Coombs, and mazned het DeC. 2'7.' 1883. He "as u Elder In the church at the time of their ciVil mamage. but March 24, 1898 1t wal solemnized ill the Manzi Temple.

Utah with bfi


parem:s,settuagflat at Draper,

tJtah-·thecity BefoteBeaIIe'lli:larriAge toMr. '!as!e SM"taupe .. 4th pade itl thtJ:ountaln GreeD school aa.ftabltdeatln_y S.veher
work: .ueaeherthere'gam. . She' WUI teaChermSunday



SciJoolalld PrImary and a1lo Sec. of !he D. U. P. 0IpDt1Mloal

at Fouar.ain GleeD atld wodt~jdoridle coramtueeiD 8atberfng factund hUtortea for the bookcompUedby the FOUDtainGreen
D. U. P. Organization in 1937. (the boo k called T.... Pa~) ,


At present Beute, her hUSband aDd family'ate l1YiDgatLevan where rm suresh e isact1veiJlberrel1gioUl,cluda. AlIoher workasac kind andlovtng "Ueand mother,reariDghetfamUy of (tve' alid tea~hiDgtben1 the waY'0fltfe and ",l •• don; " ' 124. 'The second daughter of HearyPetellOoaDdFaoay,May Draper is Ethe 1.C&roline.bamat,PoUllt&ta Greeu.Apr1124. 1913. She is & beautifal,eaergeneyouuglady. eQl.lC&te4.u were he r blOtheuocllilter to d:leRiOUIlt&iDGreea JChoolianct Ch~ Shewala teacher tis the FOUDt.liD GleeD SuDday.·School. PrtmaIyaDdM. I. A.aDdIlCODd'COUDIeIorro d1e M. LA.. a1ao a Me I. A. Stake 8o&l'dmembe,aod·aecJet&ryof1:beMOIODi Siake·Prim&ryIOald. ·Sbuoamed

berlome' MorO~· St&keR.eUefSoc1cty • .and a member of die Fta.; <iJe_"ardcho.ir for a IWmber of Y.e&D.o Her blllbaad, Clil1ton"a.ametnber of cbe Choar ... &ad uthi& wrtciD8._ II theolclatm e"mbe r .of·dl&tQlgaaiulioD&Ildbta, .. beea for
SOy .... .They~eldDd.goodpeopl .. goocI'DOigbbcID .wi ,aJ.".,."WlAg.co"gife a belpiQg1wI4 .... ..., .. ad IIlOJ can. Hetl&.:.ucc_flalfamw. __ af'e1rlboep_ be bubeld.


IOmeteipoaliblec~vlcomcea ..... Scbool·80u4 .~, PUI.ofFua. GreeaJrrtg&_Q).aacl GIl r.be .C~cycOUDCU. . _, bav.·&1".,.U Yed,'o.·Fm.,Greta'_ ba" I__'fQ11Y.fliIed., IO.JyJ~y,,, 18$. :;.~~Qf,a_ 1.lt,·LlV fqUp~: . .


;Hewa·bam Octt26. 1&1'1·.t

1.0.,'- ~"'t.4~

Me. PleasaOt; Utah. They "ere DWried at Tooele.Utab,.ApcU 2.1942. He Iemd '1DWorlclWu' II.belDgiDductecl·lDto:me ten1celi4ay'1, 1948&t Foft DoIigW;' Utabo· Herecelvecl·bfj baIfc ~iDIDg&t FonLeorWd;WQOd.···MO,;Left for,ovezlell Aug.. 19. 1942. '1&adIag "Eag)and, .Aug;. 81,1942.' amemberof_8_.IIDg .... 'A'9t&IIoDBaI. ta .. ··iulopeaD dleater ofopezatto..Hk1rOdtWU c:oaaaucdDD ofaj,Uleldl;. He'waa .tNCkdrhe'&Ild~ pIOUiIe.·IIIl~·:gravel. c:lodliDg aG4·· -peIICIIlIu. ······He -..4·fo,·8'1. ~ .. UftlleUin 8aglaDd. Fraace. 8elglum.GemIIay,aadla_·fa ~1pI 1Il!ilOrlDADCly;:,8Ol'daemfr&llce_ceuralaftpe.·Hezecef.vec1 1he EUIOpe&D(Afrtc&II.-M1cIdleEuteza Ser9lcedbbollwlthoae silver ltUaadgOOd:cOaductmedaJ. ~'recei~lU;hoDorable clilcbalgeOc:to··l'l.·l~' At,_eatbe"';emploJmelltatS&lt



14~. ·.·.Mabel

148~ Luj_0l4toy4.

-, ~..


141. 'LaV~ 'DeaeOlcla'!)yd. .tb.. ~. IQd S&r&bA .... _ .. Ol~yd;." .. bom ID _ 2. 1911~.a ." •• 1 ....

school, MOIODUUghIDCl6ao"Col1t8t.E~. &be ... meaecondgracleatFm. Gleeo for two y.... . ....... amember of the Moroni Stake M. J. A. IIoaId for lOIQe alto taught a clUllo MlKU&l. Saa.awrted ....



GreeD. May oUr Ioc:&l




lMce acy,Utah.UId "y",'U~1D8..... '

1t&.Heary EdwaIdPetellaa. lOaot.Hear:y,_Faany May·P~r'tMY~~ iaQmea t. Pr9V94t. pr&II4Ult ~. dleY uvedle lOB w.. hom.JuDe 18.,191iatFollDraiaGreea. Ur.ab.. 'He lQIIE~ed fol19wms~,ely;*ldJen: 1M. o.'Joy L1vtIIgaqm_SIt. wi&.bcimAprU-16. ,1916.&t l~""il~ecb .•.~ .~~~. · ~8&at Prcwo. Foumaia GreeIJt· -,0_ .He .iaiawa, .. Ned .PecenolulDoDg··.bf.l . J.... Law~S~IIi.~~ ~~.193, at~dJUDCt~, pall and frieD.da.Hellauryflae,lpectmen'Of a aod f.I . ColQQ.clQ. .' . baadaome. good rw:ured 1DCl\'Uy fR.eadly•. ~o hN !now.yea ,l46•.c :Jean~. 'bqm, Feb~ ,7t .~l at·GJaDctJWlCIiODe CQlo. aDClblOllde.h&ir, the,w, ltetll. __ COQ:lb1UdQa. He ia a 1,",1 ... oJm.;~lw.y28 J ••.. ~~~,~~, Utah. geaerallabOlU&Qd the if ·bamo.iliD Pouqt&iD GreeD. T~y .~"'1,' ,sqDlCI.y .bqplAugo15.1951at ~vo,Ur.ab. have dlefollowIDgcbildla: . LP.W~~4D4n .. liyedfC?<fa~ofyeaD at Gr-.ad JUDe135. Saodra Joy PeteJlOll. bom Aug.21, 1938 .., Fta.Green. .~~ .:Colo~·wheJ,bet&ugbt fAme ¥Lllic; Depc. at cbe college 136. ·CIio1J:AyPetellQQi))a)o.t4&y,;L8. 1940. :,V,Q:I. GrOJD. .... J~eyl&r~~~l.Iclof~f&lllUya~&,re doiDg all they ..can 13'1. •&lWrd:'J&.y~,bom.l4Iy.18,,·lM6 .•at SWDd.. <;a~D tPa&lolb~1l1 ~l~lp~ly~d.~,,~~~~· fittiDg them

142. Lawreace Tbomu S&rdoDl. JUDe 6. 1.9M,,. die $&It Lake TeI;pk.iJe w.. boID. J~ 2.. 1911 at SaJ,c Utah. ~·II.'P"-~.qf .... c.C.9. ~of Y"- lalbe Sanpete Co. acbooJi and ao w 11__ at die II. Y. U. at Provo. Utab. Heserved tathe U.S. Navy durillg World Wu n,




Co., Utah.


They are aU ac1iveill1:beQburc1;a. 'Tbey~vecSfQ,·a time in .StaDdelvlJle;aa4hewor~ja" ~.~ apcl,y(aa AlljatantSupt.: to y '~'Dda ~~,ja,~M,J.,~



gr&4.~9m.tbe,.local,.~ _M~IUHlgb Scbool. .... e H 116. Sarab Agaea Drap.eJ.·d,1t1cl4!J.Igbwr Q( ldward~Mary baa a very nice peDOnality. 1M OW'IIIand operata 1he WWow Eo COODIbI;llr&per.i ~.~. 10•. 1.U9;&t:Jlg:a..:~~eo.,U:~. ~c;eSta~~~.f~(ir~en,~ jJ v.ery~&Dd cOuneOUI to She wu educated 10 t be' Fm. GleeD\~1a.,J:fer reUg~oUl al1J;l~ c~~lIa~4f.1' very~ood He married . lra1DiDg wal Rafted at home and bucamed on through ber ,148,;. t41~_K.~U.'ofN~pb1Feb.'1.~ l~a~Sbe wa bam IUeaad greatly,oDJ.\I8~,1Ap,OQ,b.y h~ ~Qlibl, pclIl4o,. held~.pt.(~O~ 1916 aJ,Nepbi.UU4.Sie fa a prtmary .. cber aDd f.I lo _ eburg., SA e-, It .. 1,J)~c:kbalr &D4. b.1I,.l. ey~ and "·of a. ,active,iA.zbechurj:h. Tb e y~. a Di!CeROl11elo Fm. Green bwnQIOUI'dilpolidQG;olleC& D .~~"~)'IeDj()Yf:M=rco~Gy ;.wber.b~ ~ aJ,l¥ays Uve.d &!lctbf.l famUyale .. follows: She married . 149. t,1y~~. boJll Sept., 9, .19as ~ Fm. Gre.a&Dd muried . 138. Pew:CliAteD QWroydo{;ftl:lro Gr~eD"Spet.. 22,19,09 in, '15.0. lac;.kJ... MUQ,ley, ,i8 Feb.: 1$&4,~. ldoraa.l. Ut.,

13$.,JAw,.IJ~t9Q.'9'c40yd. tlae.~llof Peter~od .Suab ABoel pra~J?~yd,vt~ b:9ftll~ 11.19~'atP~Greq"Heil a

c;,~ -.



Sept, +'l.1886at,Fo~taiD



16, 1942-

.GlCOa. . Sbehasbeedateacherlo the Mutual and Primary &$IOCiadODS" a counselor in the ward Relief Society and a Stake Board mem12


bolD Feb.. 2:j. l~

at Pm, Gee_

142. Mabel Aguea Oldroyd,


second daughter of Peter and


--o-~ ==--'r'::':O


'-' •..




.. _..,;

.... ,


168. AUtoS Ray, bam 'Aug. 6. 1952 Ie SpaaJIb,. our local acb~l. MorOQUBgh;mdattended SDOWCollege atEpbtltm. Sbetoo't vlol1n lellODl .' 16'7~ BUDice Co Jackloa.b otla AtHU 28, 19i. 'AI'Pm. Greea underdifferemmuaic profellOllalldhllvery aucclllfully maMaltJ8d: .,/~terecI the aftofpl&ytD&dleJlO1IIlIlldbubloqht ttluclltoyand 168. dlirlll C1ftoD Vaadelptff of Salt LaJre Clay. Utah. Jple&lUfttolD&nypeoplebyl!ertll--.Sbe.fI atp_ IllemThey hi.. ODe dausblet: ployee ill the office of the MolODi Turkey ProceuiDg PlaIa at 169, loyce AIiIl. bolllOCr.aO. Usa. MO&QQt.. Utili.. She married


30, 1920. Sbebasb l~ ck b.ir wtblue, eyes Ulteher"pWe aDd a lUllDy dilpl:JlttiallaQda pleuant sma.. She

clilldren:' 163. George'Gaty.bom!laa.29~

~-_~__ ,~''-'''-- ----,

.. b. "v, •....

...., -v.

"~"1 u.,'t'cWCJW.&UWtngl


at sp&IljshFodt.


graduated ODe yurat

Utab. ,.

1S3. Coy Emel101l'BJAckUnl of Moroai,May 21. lHO'at the MIIlll Temple. Hew .. born AptU'29. ,1919.tMOlO& He wcrlca &t t b • turkey plant at MOIOD1nd II a gelletal1&bbfer. . a Tbellhome ta at Moroat &lui they. bave t'lVol1tt1egtrbtbat are very goad ttageII..'fbey He:. 1M. Nedla BladGam. boID.Aq. Itt, 1941U1d'

.. '.AoOd ........


170.. Len Jaclaoo, bom lao. 18, 1922 al Pta. GreeD. , utab.

171.Ncftlaa Flem MacNtelaboucl_1tieyhaftl,Io.: 172. WaJrellladci<lllMadfte1, bOlla Jule4. 194t In salt Lake



lSi. ·AaDllean.bomMarcll2S.194S-.both~it''Mo~~



14& .LuJUAOldloyd.follltbnd )louDgMdaughter ofPtWand 174, ' Ed.tbDrapeilaCksc11~ bol'D()cL21. 19I1atF .. GrteD. Salah, AgDeIDraperOldrDyd~ 191'7&t F1b.Greea. Malried: ' .. She toO bublaelc haluDdblueeyealJld Uk. betmother,sbe alwappM_ you wlth. a amUethat mall. Y01lsmlle rlgbtback 175, Jean IDgrarri of Nephi. JUly I~ 1941. . _led III the at her. Sbe ta ldDdud gtulO.lDd all ttl e oadie teilo~ . sbeeplDduitzy .idll ... tather and It'IIDI at side of lUe;ahe4lllopaduated fIOIIloarlocalschoiitl'aadMocoai 176. Graat LeOn,boIDIaa.n, 1921al Faa. GreeD. Utab. Htgb Scbool. . Her reliltoua erabdag.tbome 'udlD&iBch DIed Feb. 9. 192'. caaieI 0Il.1da .. 0.,., the \y.... &be hu beeaa teacher ill '17',' SlJa ~1IOm lulY •• 1" at FtD...Greta. MmIed' PrtmaIy aDd •• DWried ID dleMIIIIi TeIIlple~ May 23.1948 i18. PhyUfaHtgD. Oct. ". 190M. She •• boID Feb. 13ID: _ . 192t",atPrlc:e. UtaIa;. EUIa ...... lDlllfDlu.1ItDa at GIUIIe.


1'73•. Teltie,bcmMay *1de at tbefantUy bame..

'., .....

.... ..,' 11. 19$2atSaltLakeClty.

. whenldaey


11'. 'Hywm Tbal.ADd_oDof,W.le..
Maa:b 21,l9t8&t"al


HeflageaerallaboteadatpreJUt uwaJa_cbeybaft oae child: ..1&8. Ellil AM _. bolD Feb. 29. J.9i48 It Motcillf. Utab. edlellUa

"If ameli



Utab. . TbeybaveoDadi"prer.

179. Lo_;tioatlJ~
Anny _mea

29. 1894 at FOUllt&iIl Sbe fa rather .'quletllld raenNpeIIOIl_.&l.obumoroua.beayouzetto'kaDw her real welL Hereducadoa &ad zeUgtaIDua_ W.,.&110 III tbe Faa. GreeDacbool a.rad cburch _ at:bome. SbemarrfM: 1~9. GIOIp C. JlClaoDof Paa., GleeD. He •• baaJaly12 , 189&at Fm. Gnea. He II • wool potrer," al_ widubne of .bU IClGIo Tiley &18:

MIry E. .COombt




daughter ()f EdWUdand




1"~ 19M aDd w to Camp caitr. for basic ualDfDg. W~ May 18. 1M&. He I8ned wIdl Co. I. 13211d1Df. Rgmt. Am. DIy. OD CebetRMI. Mowed III 1rUb urny of, OCCupatWl to Japla. 'rIJ_ae41D D. .Troop. athCaYAlryRplt.Nov. '.1M&. He rbaaapd;poll ....... for .. me·fromDeic. 194&tO'sepr,o 1948., Oadya. wu boDDPbly cUIChaapd at Camp Beale. CIUf. New •.. l', 19018

army Dec.


18. 1951uS&k1alleCily.



·tacIMa. M

" ...



Ja..... ~

withraakofStaff $it. Decaratfo .. receiftd: PhaipplllellhaaCiaa

wtda ....... Star. good collddct, AItIdc. PacifIC. WOrldWu II Almy of Occupatfoa. Combat. 1Df. Bldge.

180. El Ray 161. ·,·Sd.iD 162. C1a1reD. GeoIgec. was a m..... !If die F1II. Gee. CllyCouDcil in 1929 uadlll 192' wlul~Cky Mayor for a two yartenn. ODIofbJaplOjectl "II to1adlcapeourpubUc lCbOolgMUDdl. He "III COUIIIelorill tb. Y.M.M.LA.iIl1929 auwaiappawed ·fIO tbeSt&ke Hlgb Couactl.lD the Moroa1 Stake. .Their family "ere aU born ill Faa. .GreeD md theyUvedthettt aU Aug. 193'7wbeD they moved to Mldvale.,· Utab, "beN they' are
liVing. SlDee moViDg thae Ethelha. been actlveln:me ,Flat Wald ReUefSoclety ohhe Ea. Jordaa Stake; servtJ2g dlree years as couaselor and three y"l1&1 cLulleader and sbe hal gr&clOUllykepnbe commandmeau of the Lord to multiply and eep~eaiIhthe earth.Sbeta th. mother of n1De cbil8ten, eight ~Ul livtDJ to blell their home .. ro11o".: )160, GeorgeSlRay, bo.Oct. 14. 1914 at Pm. Geee. H~ Is qaged ill sheep ralling with hiI father and married to


"make their·home. 182.'C1&il.D BuS8e. bcMIIluly ( 19. al Fua.GlIeIlaad II

Grace. bam Nov. 21. 192' at.Pta. GfeeII.MaIIled: Robert D. Bro.D. Dec;. 14, IMt.Sbe ls.a repured at S. MadclHclpltalat salt LaIce CIty. 1953 wbete tbeir

··lie e*NddJelmlyFeb.


die sheep Iad, ..

8. 1951 Ieat to Fori wOOd. MbIiOurt for butc tN.1DJDI. He •• -oYeIMUJuly 1961 wbe. &e'iened ,,1m ....... tor 1 mOatbllll Korea. Later&e was UiUIIfelred to the 9lad. Seacbllght Co.wbere luuerved OQ t b. hollll .... 1IiIII1 bJa ~ to the
U.S~ He·.a. released flOiD acdve mUIW)'tenice &ad "as

y"'* ...... 1&_01



ttamfened toIL It. C. for fiVe yea&I .,dn_of Corp. ,Hereceived the UDtted Haifa .. Me.. 1. HII KGhIID Semce Medal. Meritorlo t1n1t col1UDeDclattaD--W/S"""e S.,_ .. cetved tbe8foruie Star Medal wbUe aemq. iDKoIea .. Field .nlwniDatlon Sectim of tbie 9SDd. Bag. Srcb. Sec. 011




June 21. 1952 Cpl.lackaonandhil crew, while retu.ll:1olQgf~om a Searchlight mjssion. detected~. figurea 1urkillS by an ammunition dump, HeW4lalol1e~pon$ibleUt briggiDg abo.!,!tthe capture ofiwoenemy so1die11 operating behind friendly liDe .. t:, He gave chase. disaqped .~ pairal1~ marched them back to htsbtvouac area where he called the lDf. to pick uphisp~ell.done 183. Joyce, youngest child of·GeQ. C. alld Ethel ~per, bern July 9. 1933 ar F~Green. She,ia a .Ndentof.the 8. Y. U. at Provo. (1953)

bas rather beeruhe 0ppoiite for the pAlUWeDty yUII. He baa lived mOltlyin the putwtm fear of thef1mue •. The "l1ter ..tb.inlca, Aury,.howd DOt fear me futuIe; fte bIiI a great deal of love and admiladon forbtm&ad MY' bebudelle "OIlclerfully well alit is DO',fawt ofbia utlleta dIIII baI1d1capped. ~. biab .It,;aDd ltill ia aDel lea btaf&lliily a good e~' and lurely. Lord "Ulake Clreot him. ,I.
lOS. FaDDYSophia Coombs. secolld daugbter of JoIIma IIld FUUlyBaUey.bomm:,adugoutat Faa. GreeD. Oct. 22, 1886 andll.dWMotbeI puucI ..nile sle&tbcyollClwhm she "aa OI11Y ttf,Qbp .. old. AJda~Hrleadof theill. .Stlter Nuy


120. Everea Coombs Draper, eldeat 10D of Edward I.Dd Mary Eo Coombs [)Japer. wabornSept,l~, 1900&t Fq. GleeD,; He J.wk ... ~ook·.the,wee.baby.uadmcxIIeaU berforUout a year att~ndedlCboollocally, gradua~dfl9,m Mo~ Hip. l.Ild·s..ow and then a .iater M.uy ColJANlCIOk-ber for a wbUe &Dd at Ibe CoUege iuEpbraim. attended Ichool at B. Y. U. at Provo. U. age of abQUI:CWO.. II ~ Jollled_IUler Y Mary' ill me borne of U. at Salt Lake City and the U. S. A. C. at Logan.. ,. of Grandf.~r aDd GranclmotberCoombtwhe .. dley loved IIld He has taught school' in Fillmore. H1Dkley, and c,.~eGate, cheriabed ber and reaKed ber to·the beat of die" abUlty and Utah. Also at Kamas, Granite DiIt. S&lt Lake City. He sermeag" ra... could9ffero ryeoffllll .... berClY &Ild My ~y ved in ~he Bishopric for four yean in, t b e FUllc:iaWard. So. Mother gaveberlUefor me. SbeanclMary w.. _ttve pklaSummit Stake from 1936-40. He manled: . . eeII and ..,clwed DIIay barcllhlp& Ad prtftuo-. Tbey bacl co 184. Rita Hansen, May 26, 1947 in Wyoming. site wit bom wClflc IS,O on .• they were .oldeaoagil amoagmeftlJattv. III , Sept. 14, 1912 at Sa~1nt1. Utah. . Atthilwrtt~&Qey.,e both . .tIle 41fferJDt famUIea to belpl»uy their clotbms. tcaching in Salt Lake City where their ~.me.... . ..Slaeb4d b~very little ICIaooliDg ...... JbedidatreDd a Uccle 1C1loo1 for awbUe.tterbermalri&se to: 121. Aury Henry. the youngeat qf eigllt childreil bomto Ed193.Joba AlouoHolawJ.. Tiley" .. lII&Ided Oct. 1885 ward aDd J.lo1lyEUza Coombs tGper, 'w.. bo~~.al.1903 t1t at Faa.. Gleeo&Ddlll the· LogaraTeblpleMay19. ·18se. ]cbn was born Nov. '1. 1869 at Spring Lake, Ucab. Tbeir Ftn..Gre.m. He &tteaded me, ,local '9laQCI1";'dcl1l1f~and .:.fiDtbome W_&three~lOomlos Ilouie'oua homaiead IOIIIb of SIlOwCollege .tEpbra'm.~; ~rrted: ". .thetf)1ItIloffga.Gree~. tmownaube Ced&tHULSbe .. d 18S. Jon.a Seelye ofMt. Ple&"I1t.Jan.19~9&n4cb.e" m.mage was lolomnized in tile M&QUT~ple l,ie,. '.' . '. . to waUt,to.towa aDcl~.zry.a bucket ohga CO_ltan co exThe "liter beillS Faaay'l .be III, 80m to tbia .1IQ1on were dne cbUdr~. ~ lOll aDd ",0. 4&.b- , ~efqrgrocertea. to enjoy viaiC1ag wit b them dowa thele. He WIS a very ten. workiDg.lDduHrtouI. JtrictlyboraeacmuuDd dleyboda IaboNd 186. Ric:bard Edward, bom NQv. 29. 1929 and rumed; very barddowJl QIl tbeirfarm alldsome y8&ll later Ile purcbued 113'7. Mt1rilyn MiUer of f'l' p ht , J.Q..l~.19.61.Hetqtered . a,buUdiDgplotiD. town aDdbuUt atwg;.lOOIIllog bo... (l&ter the U.S.ArmyMarcb~O.19S1.Dd wub~rab.y ~~ed MArcia 19. Ig5a, subject to recall,m tile eyeo.c of,anYcOQ1er- ,.000ano\dditiQDwubuUt OIl)"bere chey both UYecidle 1em&iD.geney •. Tbey bave oge daugbter: :iIlgyeaa of their lives.. In .i'youth be Uled tof ... tgbtwidu wagouancl four b__ "188. Kathryn ADD, born Nov. 28, ·19S1ap"epbi.UtaJa. . flom; Salt Lake 10 Ft.Duclaeme &IldFriaco.Ucab. He belped , cl&Jli.. , for die fiDut11lm&d tblc wentduougb FIn. Green and 189. Mary PaullDe,bom Mar. 1. 1931. at Fm.,Greeq. Sbe be worked as feeder on a ten-boDe' power 'tbruia1Dg macblD.e married: 190. Glaae Lamb of Wales, Ut. Apr. 21, 1950. They bave for many yeal1. He Was allo engaged III cbelbeepiDch.ay. Througb their thrift a a d ambition be bad a good farm, •• ODeSOD: a .bare-bolder in the Fm. GreeD Coop Store a Ddla Big . 191. Jeffrey Glade. bom May I, 1952. Sprillgl Power Co. He'wuPreaideat of the· plant for 12 yeal1. Hew~lcalledto GaUfomia·OQa'-miDiOD for the L.D.S. 192. Elln JoADD,bomSept. 4, 194iat Fm. Gree'" wbo will dwrch·Oeto- U. 19oa,ancilait.·,wHe F&DDY accompulecl him enter Jr. High Scboo1lhia )'Co1'. 19~.1'~ir dU,1~~ Mve all been ec:lucatediD .t=tD. Greea and MQJolU·t¥Jb.·4J.lllily for '. a~d,t( .. "beJ:irlt lady millioia&ry Nt apart for t.be caUf. MiI.lion.fbe y were release'dSept. 19. 1907. after ftWAg aD •wbich ~y can justly be proud. . Tbeyare"llDiCf:~k~gb kind boDQWtlemitajon.Tbeyw.ren·t bleaaed wi tb lIlychUdreD .and comeoUl. 'Aut)' ita 'PliO ~11m. wbieb bas relld,~ct bia .to;8r.ce.theii .bomelo.tbeyaclopteda.boy -wben be wu a few legl ~ralyzed, but doeat1wop:cielfulJobwtth b~.nd erutboursold. reared him as thettown, educt1ted bim with much chea. ADd as a result. hisw1fe JaI;it ha,1b,ad to belp with the support oftbese children. Tbeybavueamedtogemerand dODe te.nderneu and love. FaDllydled Dec. 17, l&38.Dd Jolm preit remarkabl)' weU. Sbe ba a. good edtM:&tionand,hastaught .ceded heron Jan. 19. 1935, bothatFtn. GreeD. SCllooland tbe9&lt few yeaQ ia the POIlmuUl$S a ~ f tn.~eeD • 194. .Reldon ]ohn Holman, adopted IODof John and Fanny SHe was elec:ied Cit)' P4c:orclt'.r0fP'Q1.I:;.re en in 19~6, which Coombs Holman. was bomin Salt Lake Cit'.',- Ma~' 31, 19C{ offlceheitUl holda and bas from 194~~ 194,. ,PriQ1to 1933 , .I beforebel,Qg Mckeo wlCbpOlio.· be was lnt!l=r~ed in fanning. He was educated in the local school. gradu4t'Cd from Moro\.. Higb .nd Snow College at Ephraim. He was 0 D the basket sheep taisit.gandautome~ ~~ lile bas IlQt ~een .110 active ball teams at both Moroni High and Snow College. He later one stace then o r b as it been fwl of glamour and success; it
0. ' • "",':








IIIU coaca Lnthe local Ir, H~gll $COOO! IOl a time ~nd aiso sang tDtbeeboirillFtI1.Grll!iea, "ul'tes. of the ElderS Quorom here (oueveny .... HIIIi m.attled: . 196. VlceDaE. Peteao4of Mbroolin theSotlt Uke Temple JUDe e, 1928. shew. bam lhMorOlli Aprll12, 1908 and their famUy are at follows: ) 198. Solm ComeUHolll1'all;:'bOiIl •.• Oct.. S,1929atM6rOlli. Utab. He ellteredthf: ~(umy)20 F~b. 1951 arid recelved lUI baitc .ataU1g at pt,; Watclll!iD. .ub.. He went overW ... Mar. 12.1962. :Hi .tWeahfa time ove~ .. inS'pall aDd ic 0 re a. belllg adlch.sto the HDQ Buy ,athBm. f:leld A~ HeWAI borIotably rel_eel j:eb. 6, ·1953 atFt. Le... , Wabfapla. .... ..... ... . .... .. . 19'7.Relc1oa Max, .bQm SUlie 15,1934 tD Moroai,Utab. He

moved to \)guell Utah wheresbe no".restdflS with their farnllywh1ch are; , 211. Leo Deaa, boi'dJ11ft2, 1931, atF" Green.. He married: 212. DarIa5elZle,· lu..'Z6. ;1963 at OgdeILSH. "a. fromLlytea. utah. ,... . . '... .. 213. .EM.a. ~ed: 'bolD JUiy 2S~ 19M 1. Flu. He la DOW With tl!epuauoop.n atPOl'l C:ampbeJl~ K~ky • He eDteNd lb. Mmee Apdl,1963. . . 214. Marle. bom Upl. 24, 1938 .tFtLG ..." slie Ii attending h1gh school at Ogdell, utah.·

empie. cue wasooni t\pn!LJ,L.1U.t HiS "as a shOrt life, . weUl1"edatFin. Feb. 10, 1937.Aftet hil death bilwife

G.reen. ,where he








uated from Snow CollegUt EpbRUn,Utab.1 sr.&rted teaching schoolill the year of 1923 and taught steady for fifieeayean. The fUstyear I taught ill a little oae,;rc.ariischOorbouse at MoftDa, .Utah. I taught 11 eight grades IUd tbat really was a unique e x pet ien e e fora new, lIielllletienCed bay Of<19. Some of t h Ii! stuclll!illu "ere large ulwas aild some.would come sChool wim their boots, cuPiand aU on. I'U IIltereRedillrallillgcauie. Hewau ger1erallaborer, famdDg. '. new:rrorget maty e .. r 0 r ..teacbtag.'fhe DUey'a, l~.t baUliD8 coal. heldllla ."p.ete.," Heasairitd: 103. M.atU 8ana1Iioa ot FaL" she w .. ·bOa:a:sept. 18, Loa aQd1:bea forme nexttriae I' Quam atdae'elelrieDrary -.:hool at RDOSeVe1t,goiD'loNeola 'the 101htwtalyear as Prin18"" at Fm. .Greea. They'" married ill the Mlilti'I'emple cipal Of • four-teacher school. , NoY. 23. 1898. uterillhlUlfe be ". eaUed'tolerYeaiJ1l1IiCG ill Fta. Greeu Wltia & bDae'-clraWEl beatie.He took a glUt III 1938 my Mo'drer passed .... 'yWbtler.,st eacli·(u8 at Roosevelt; and tbe,lIextyeat1,hi1e •• cbiDg atNe(ili.my,brothcr deal of pllde illtblawodc. with bII beautiful,weU-kept, black IrVinpassc!daWly, Ie a viti 8my F:atbetalOae:'lwtththe farm , bones aDd filled that milston very "ell. He served. 00 this mtswhich,he was'lIlIilble to care for sc) he .Sk~ mete Come 'back siOll fMabOut twemy-ftveye&ri. Througb their bard work &ad thrift be bad a nice (arm and "a to FOUlltain Green to belphim run the farm, which I dtd~ bUllCh ofabeep. TbeyhacftoutlOlDtoblela1hetr home of whom . DUiiJigtb~ye&tdf193't.l8 t tauglitscboOlat WIl.,atldmen the next year I ta ug h t at Fountain Green and Wouldtrork on 1I1eyC&Il be Juatlypa'Oud.They wereb'igb1yrel18ioUl; "good, the farm oiimeside.· OUtUl8 dreyearsOfteadrina lwould Ind.trioUi peopltaad llved &11 tbeir If'feIl.D Fm. Gre~ He atteiidsllttimer tcboolat variouaplaces, W bleb iIlc11ldecithe Ie"ed for .. .,en yea. oil the'l'aylotGrazllllOrgalllzat1oQ. Marla died Ap,il.2. 1938.adJ<ilhut·paaect'·.way SaQ. 31, U. S. A. C. andB. Y. U.The lastplaee ltaupr "81 at Spttngville Jr. Higb. That year me Dr. adviSed mete) quit teaching, 1952. Alter bn tbIt wUeMariapaaedaway, he married IaDel I). Cowley; Auj .. :)1.19$8. She'd Ie d March 5, 1952 due to my health. on.fo.1atch 9, 1929. I married: at Salt Lake City, Utah. 1'heirfamUyale u folloWs: 215. laVon Smith 0 f ~elt'Utab. ·_·ts lda"l_er of '~~. Leo Lotbua, ~~·& .. 1899 III Fm. Greea.He married: 2()S. Delll;&b Jlllttsenc>fMt.P1UUut.tttlb. SbewasbomJul, ChAs. W~ Smith and £mmaBalbtll·smtth and March 22, 1906 a,t Midway,Utab.oa Jube25,i929'.ewere mar· 1. 1905. He died JuDe Wa-1930.t Fm;; Green, Utah-They ba.dno family, blli lived tbesb6rttlmetheyweremairied in' ried at tbe'Manti Temple. To Us bas been bOrarourWODdetfill ~; FtQ. Green.RlI death w .. caused by gasOline tgliitiilg and he 216~ Say D., bO'ril March 22. 1930 waibUilled 10 bacllyihat he only lived a few,'daYI. 217.'Stallley Boyd. ·boml.D.. 4; 1932' 206. .:Alvin 218'~ CilarlesQtD,bolll Jan. 14~ 1937 207. }Wold Roas, bomOcto 2~ 1907lD FtD.GreelL Hemar219. 'Alvin Ooyle, boraOer. '6. 1941. riech We were rather dlsappdinted when we ~dn't8enctaughter. 209. Lola Wl&U Oct. 24, 1935 tnthe Salt Lake Temple. She but in 1952 Jay married.gulhem«onb1s missiOll aadldon't "as bom Oct. 22~ 1911 at Thatcher, Utah. thlDk I could thillk mere df _. reatdaugbter thall 1 do ber. ,As 208. EI9'iD Wesley,'boilllillfSj 1909 at FtD. GleeQ. HE: educated in the 10~lsChoOl, .MorC)oiHigh and .SnOfi College. lay says 10 hishistoty, hl!dllled a mJsslaa fzom 1949 to 1951. Our second SOIl, Boyd, eI1Iered the U. So' Navy, JUlIe 10. 1952 He assllted 11 Father, Joshua, "tth hla fab'n "ode and sbeep h aad took his' basic uaiDilllatSlDDlego; thell was sem: to Port r&laiDg. a. matried: Huenelt'le fora 12weekcoursemmechaDicsand then sent 210. Ioaa Dl.Vla of Wales, Utah, Nov. 26, 1930 in the Maori'

at a SWldard OU Co. Sei'9kie stattOn ill Richfield, utah. 1963. 198. Shirley.bomMay28.1936atFtD. Gre~Q. She willgraeluate fIoID MOIOIliKtgh.Scbool Ih May. 1954. . ., -: 199. PbW DeaDli. bOmoec.~, 194iat MClroDt.UUh. 200. ..,beft De&Il, bOii1 S&D.16~1946 at Moradt. Utah. 201. ··JOIINa ·b&vid COorDtii. elde..of 100bUa~oOrnb. and SU&h 1.. Hugill. "ubomMardl '7,18'7,IDFtD.Greim, Utah. ·H. wu·educa18d fDPtD. Greea.chOo1s~· bu:r btl education·wu vezy Ilmltect Alc1d1dreDbldto wOrk moreliltbOM daY' mall !bey.WOuld attend Icboo1. He UafiteCI Father.glUed.l oil hiltailli and li.~rbe wu

wu educ&ted liltH.·locat~I.Atp_lI!iIltheflemployed

'I, AlVin Atldre~w.I'l:IorIiJIil. 1,1904:'t;Yourain Greell.'dtah, a'SOIi of loshua·· Oa 'lid and Mar'.krUtseQ CoOttlbs. 1 lived at Fountain Green most C»f my life, &daver.ge hfe-going to scjWoI.gri.duarlDglromourJuntorKtihScbOOI.' at...ten~ed andgradtated from MotODiH,gh ScIIOOla1lddlengrad-






spurs. ran






to Subic B&yiJlme Philippine ltlallds wbeJeh.e. is nows14Uoned. Gam is a lUD10r at MoroDt. Higb School. He was V. and Pres. the tw 0 yeaa he a~~ed~r. l,ltgb here at Fm. Green, and l.1Styear be.al Pra. of bU cJ.ass aCMorOD1lUgb. Doyle i$ tnthe 6t.b·gradeat Oll' elem~y.cboolbere. . I h.a ve s e rv e dOD the p. M. A. commUDity,comminee for twelve y~rs. lap) Sec. & Trea.s..oftb,e West tMlUUoliD Wool-


W~ernStates&IJd Nonh CeDtral $~tes,MiaioJl" Jb,c West Central States Misaion. under*4ire~ODof ApqMloabla Taft Bl=QSOg aDd ~1d.J. l.ee, W1cb4~unea tDBUlIIIp,' MoDuna; thia.peWrn .. lOA~~"fqn:aed,.~qv __ ~, 1950. February 28. 1951 I was nall.feuedeo Raptd City, South DaltOta ~Qact as tbeoOXt J;)iaui~ ".., oyer the Black HU(
Pt.Q'l.c~ Qf




gN~~~aDdthe).eb,o . I was first couoaelor and" .. firstcouaselor
in our ward for four



Sboep~lrazers~ .' . .. meS_*y Sc~ool Supt. fl)f four years tq dJc,Pre.. oC_3J4QuoNm olElciea


R. Wbttebead.

. ipres'd~over,IJ1Ydim1ct~e&:lrl& wUb.,"OIIQJfullUiCCflll and
~n Wl~1s..,.mber25.






theeldestoffour!qua of b4>wai b9JQ ~l'CJ;a 22~1930 "tve:$.' ., .'. ". ....., .' . "'. ., ocmt f inRl;)o~velt,. Utah. ..... .'. ,'.,' ,.. ,., : My pareD1Iapd mybao~lqyd, GaQ.&Dd Boyle Qaet me 1w.u ~i$ecl theceWlUlslx, then mypar.1Il11OYed to Neola. ~'UUDis"MOAt.D. &ad.-e ~for~Q:le. lotliDI b&c;tc 1:0 ,Uf,&hwhereIa~edq.fiIHisrade. ~follow_ap_,my FOWltiillG~D, ~wnber29. 19~1•.. poUeDlImoved coFo~iDqrecD wbere l,peIlctAe .. of cb,ucs -Mer8etC_back~e fw~~ at y~lo .. jobl. meta girl taocM1 cI.lys. . .. ..... 220. P.~cs.._.HI,ldd>..1 hadkAo"D. who. a mlldoo1 fi.DjslJedmlelem~.sc:liooling •. foUo.ed by.ee years aqt'-Soutb I)akO", &Ddwe ""I"··J:)ecepIbs.21. oUupiorHlp.dM:D.QDCOMorollbhere I .... tth&9.~"il1gh ".1961. Iw",pn¥Aesed~~~ ~r J&QUary2&.~62 tD me Scbool'~ifAdU&ced iIl41e spriag .of 1$48. MaDti Temple, a cOllven' to' the 'cluuch ~Dd we weft! mimed Afterf""iabirl3,fligh l~oll wl.m some cl* scboo1~ms ~ 1. 19.2fIldie ~~d:I:tmplO~~" 1l~'" FOUIDtD triedt.o~till~aany. b""due ~a pb.yaic:al ba~dic;ap_'fJom G~e,~, tJ.. b,~~.1963.Ababy boy: .' . . binb"&ltulQedclow~. Tbil,baqd~p'~Q(i1ofDoper221. Jay Da'llcl w&l,~m5.Nov. 19&3.C Mt.P1 ...... 'Ut. 1ODalba.adU:ap tQi.~e ~uab, If:~. dleluQxWgb .c;bool my My ".ifeP.lI1.cu .Aim~i~e~~~ ... bona IDNaDaceammateiaocH, •• ~~~tI:a~Ce buq~scboolpeDfield, Obit.'.A"UlC13. ,1938, .~ abe wu .1104 aDd '"eae Dalll mmy tredunaD YUI ofscbool II. l,.a. ~g me tbree ~No",h ICbop1.Sbe w~ Ytstdaa .•. S9uth J)alcol& wIleD I met yean of biah. ~bool.foUo."iD& ,l __ ~ .yezy ~bbonoa in ~~4Rd ~ei cqo~ •. b~pt~liaadJDalrieci bel. ~l ~lC_.~ba .. al.. y.be ... act'yellupo",ofaUId.Dds. ;T~~Wle up~,~~~,~, 1?30, co.Aua_1. 19~. ·IDF.elmr4ryoflSi491w.u calleli OD ~1oDfl:)f~ ..• J..D. S. dulrcll.b~~iDg.JADYOUlJ8.t 1D "aitllDlll A BRIEf HlSOTRY ~.ARPLD..ROSS .COOMBS fall. Tile fewmoq,cbf f~U~W'D g Yf'''IIHPBJ.Q. ..prm»&#J:II: my'" .20~.,',H4rold .~CoaIDbI, for ~..ion 9f J glb ua I). Coonlbl, &Dd m"'~~~~.wul:Hml!~2, 190'1 tDFouDu1D I eDwed"m~ ~eatSalt. ""keCley. September 12. G~~lI.lIfI,b. IW.. ~pc1HcI.dlcc bur choU .... Cbdst 1949"bere w"~erelive~atea d&y.tra~t,os a"d the ,Right of pf~_:~y mllli. I scved .~ presideat of Clae IleaSeptember 21..,We ~e~t a crain alld waslCIlt to our various ~ aDd ,T~JD 1be ~Greea~ard. millioD ,fleWs.; "I aa;.mctecl.~1em~~c; hOQl1DfOIlQl&ID GIHIl dUIiDg the About8:00a. m, September22. we aniy'" IDDenver, QJlo. . yeaaof 1$13 10 1$21.: Gra~~~from,Ibe,,~ Hip' School thal being the headqu.arwof ,b lit W.. eem S"'_'Jnill~ for ill 19~ a.D4a~,~es..,~Uese fpllW.;t.ye&ll~ . whichl badbeeD _,Ued to."M!.~t~ ... ·e of19IfI,.ht~ I ...,TremOlllODo UiaIl. Box t ..'lw.. fim""U0M4at~~i~.whelie lla~ed UDEJ,~r,Co.~. ,vn.UIlt~ f.D·1:r~OI1toD. laerved .. presidlDec:ember17. 1949.I~btcbctme I "II,,- __ ed t~ Love- .dellq'fcbe~;I. A.fOf·cwoyep.Jr:a193.0 Oecamuhe ptiD),aDd. Colotado. where 1 laboledwl.cb IIJCIe.·!WU-4prll 28, ',);:~loftlae~U",,~oDSc.itool.Juned ... pdDc'plAl of me 1950 at which ".liW.'.II"tRedto'~_ p&kQta.tpLibor ..,C:;~OIl ~l forft,,,y!ill. ~lIIy yeaa ID Collias&DlOll8the Stowe 1Dd~~ple of cbe...... · Rldge,.dWlJWerIDD, I ~ct. $c;c)~ .M&.If.forfoury~." "'dthe privi_cloD. My fiDc flel4 " .. ~'MaII"$o"",Qakot& -where leg~ of being a primary tead.er, fQrJivey......(SOme thing my compallial Elder· Rqkft~ • .,k.,..... lfPCIUma ..y'wOD,. d qrausuaUO,ra man. but 1reallY,eqjo),edlL) . denul weeki U~MMPldqdworkirag wttbLaIMDite PeQple. I graduated flOm me Utah State Agriculture Collele ill 1934 OIl 0ct0IMr 11•. 19601 W&l.eDt w labQr· tD·~e·awie. the fitm a 8. S..·degree. ·ID19361 rece1.vecl my Admilliauative .:heaclquartea oftbeJad .. a~vatioD.wblle.ere oqr.labors certificate or my Mastillrs<leg~ ill AclmillimatiolJ,. were very •__ fui &ad 1. bapctzed two SloUi LalDllltte. Sister. . 11119351 beQame dlill prlnclpaLo,fcbePortage School, d uriIlg Loutae CalleD aad.Betty RI.lImiagShield~ mesixyearaillPO,l1AIp..l ,serve4as.PresldeDc of d1eM.I. A. aDeL, DudDgmytimelpent. labor1Dgamoagtb.e w.ma.Ditepeople ,as teacher ill tbeAdUlt cla~liIl Suaday School • .. our DIJa1cto. Ule'1ack'HWlof~WestenHhildofSouthOakoIn 1940 I was transferred to the Honeyville $Cboo1.. princip~ t.o,wuputaloa8w.khWyomiIl8,of..tbeWenemStateaMilsiol\:, . bere Iserved fQlU yeaa as fuucoi,IDseloriD~he ~ 1. A. and have

216 •. 1. lay Dee Coombs. being Al "in A. .. A d.1..& VOrl ~~lrh, C

al¥,l()1l SepterDl:!er21.1 wai;Ie,l~td Sylvester 'BzoadbeDI.Du:iQg.y workUlg UQ.qer~1d.,.. Fraacil,t\.. DUla.ma~W~~SU: tea ....... .' ~~~ of~ ... wly W,.'lq.flI~tsta-~.aacllbel.r


aDdlDgeRl.ga~ecl co,8WiIIp. hlcatau .froqlply lldllloD by PnI. mialoD 1 bad'" priYUep of ~_ PIeItdeIlt Ray Eo. ..sSy1 ..



~,tilDe.-...~~ •.




intoa Dew mission fonned from ours and rwo others, the North 16

now served as Superintendent

of the

Sunday School for three

years. I also served two yean as Scout Master in the HoneyVille ward. [ have s e r v e d as inmuctor·forthe ...ardteachellfor ·three yearuDdacted U-Stake Adult AarooicPriestlldodSec. I bave . served twoyeaa as City Councilman andelgbt ,yean of~Mayor' of KOIley'lille. 1b.a ve served ODe year .. PresideDt of theBex· Elder. Principals,·. AIIoctattoa aDd two years as V,ice Presideat of me Box Elders Teachers AssociatiOD•. For fWOyea rs lrepresemed Box Elder Couaty on the Slate Texl look .Commission. 1 married: 222. Lois JaDe Wan, October 24, 1935. I no. ha fe four children: 223. DaDW. CoQmbs. bolD March 2,1937, TremcmtoD, Ut. 2~. HaIold.~~ ..ho~Apri115, 1940 at TremaDtoD, Ut. 225. D.eIle. May,,,, 1940 at TrelDODtoD. Utah. 228., Gae,bom Mayl4. 1948. at IHDgbami·.UDb.< My "lfe,. Lois "AI bom Oct. 22.1911 at Tbatcheri·Utah. ADotber SOD borD September 13. 1953.

"as educatediI1the local school all d ba sUved there all bis Hfe;Hets a successful· barber. atid a1s6Wolti"attbe'Thermoid Co.atNephi.:Uuh. He also doe; ~atDuaR ','&ad vitteus kinds ci married;,: . 239. MerliDe JUSteDSeD •. ;Apttl15. 1931 ltsptilll:'cu" Utah, and oa.feb .. 24, 1942 ..betrmarrfasewat t sotomW.U'iathe MIaMi'T~le~ MerUzl4.w&l bor • .,.)18, 19UatSprilli City e :•...·.They ·have lie follOWing' cbiJdreD: MO.. Claudia •• born AprU 28;, 1931 •• t,.... aty. She


242.' Duane' Raymaa6 'A'n d eftOD JUDe 2. -ltiSOia_Muti TemPle. HewubomFeb.· 23. 1930.t .... W._wbere their home is located at presellt.1'beyu";,,,CbUcIrea: 243.·ae.aldD ••. bomNov;; 20..1951· .. Utah. .Iud MorgaaR., bona March2a. 196aat'Mt. Pleiuac. 244. . Sarah. Vealeace ,bam, A"to' a. 1931atI'Ul.Greea. She iJ ·a studeaUtMOioai:Higb. . 245. LiDda,bona,May' 1301942 atFt.. .Greta. 248.Sarab Vlolet.,eldesNIa.., of·ADdmr.· .. ;Huriet E. ,!,as bcmi,AprtI5. 1911~d:'diedDec.14, 1914". Pta.- Green. 247. F.yLegrIDd.boraNov.· ... . 1914 atFUa. Greea. 5He was ~ educated ill the loealschooJJ •.·He aerveda.aamllet'Glfyean iD . the Campi. He has "orke4Ior,.ttmeontbe Railroad and at preseat,Jae is workiq at the TheaDoidCo.at ~ephi. He married: . _ 248. RevaGo)dea.b. JUL 1.1941&Dcf.J .. : 18. 19M. they were married iD the Manti Temple. They bave1WOlCllJlaad


22'7. Hamel Emeliae.eldest daughter of Joshua and Sarah Lane Huggins Coombs, bona May 16, 1878 at P1D. Green,Utab. She



was ed~ted inth e lecal scbool.aDd herreligious'uaiDiDl; at thelocalchurcbe and at home.Shewu.acUvein theM. L A. and Primary cqaDizatioas. Sbe 'married: 228. Andrew FranlcliDMorgaa. Dec.' 16, 1898, .at FUL Green, and wu later married 111the.MADti TeJ:DPle,Nov. 23 ~ 1898. ADdrew wu bomAug. 15. 1812.at Pta. Green. .Hamel &melille,ttutbe Mo_I of sev_ cbildr~. ·on e gid CIIIe ciaught.: . preceeded ber illdeath.Sbe had ,maay klDd meads· that helel 249~~aYJePtallk1i11. bam A., 21. 1941•. 250.. Russell Speacer. bom April21.1N4_ biglaesteemfor her. She,wAla teacbuiD the Primary organlzadODat the time ofheuteam wbicia caDu~OQCbrisUDu DIy 251. SydDeeFae. BomNOY. ·27.1951. .All w.e,. .bora,atNeplU.wberelheirhollle .~. aboutODe o'clockp.m. Dec. 2&. 1921. Herh\llbaDdAlldrew. 252. Brad Rue, ·bom 8 JUDe 19~. died J~y 11. 1932 at Pto. G Ie ea ,where theY had lived all their lives. Theil family ale as follo"s: 253. PaDDYJOY" bom:~.2 •. 1918.aIFtD.Gre.D. Her ,yeusold &lid .. tiMiD Fba. 229. MelYiD PraDkUD. bom .. prll A 1898.t Ptn.' Greea e . mother died whs sbew.uftv. He wuaccldelltly kill e d ;l~y 24; 1929 whUe riding With,&; GreeD ".ltb two of theauaa.·. JiiliubethC.RobeIllOll &ad Haaaah C.MathisUDt1l she mant ... craiDed IUd becamea.uccesagzoup of)'01l:l8 pecapl. iD.car between .Ft:D.·. GrftG· aad'~i • 230. Orlaad JOIIuaa. bolD July 29. 1900. He left Fm. Green lui beauty:operator. . Shemalried: mAny yean ago and "eat .10 the State ofWasIdDpM1where .he 2S4..o.Vid Smyth DaDtelijOct. 8. 1938. He bas been &II employee at 1he Columbia-Stee! Plutat Prow, De" resides. He married: Utab·foube pili fourteen ;,They.fta very atcebome ia 231. Rachel H. ereder ill 1928. They. bad threesoaa: ,'232. Norawl. bozaAug.18. ·1928, at SpoIraae.· WasbiDgPtovo~herethey DOW live. Sheil die mOdieroHlvechildrea: 255. .David ,Morpn.bomJuae U~ 1939at:FtD.Greea. toll. Reb DOW .eryillgwtth the U.s. Navylrnhe'l(QllaaC&mp 233. Otlaad Fred. hom J..5. 1931. who abo.mld in,_ -258. Gayle.· bom Apr1l21.1961 at PIO-. U1ab. Koiean campa1gD.>Re ... rel .... dPeb.1953.audllOwbubeen 257. Joyce•. bom Match 1,1948 at Provo. Utah. 258. Jack William, bom April 1948 at Pro90.Utab . called;to the MeXicaD~.adwtUleavefor tba .. field of 259. Thomas Andrew. boraJUly 19. 1951 aI, PIo¥o.Utah. ~bor. Oct. 1953. 234. Claud MelviD,bona Apdl18.1932.. ,He ..lsoserved ill ',260.. James~UtCbel, bom Nov. 18, 1954.. the Koraa campalpaad~u re1.... dlathupriDi ofl942 •. .He wiU be married Sept.. 11. .1953. 261. SecoDd daugbt.of JOIh.aadSarab H.'Co'oaDbI was HanDa' Amelia Coombs. bomOct. 30. 1a78at.F-. Green. Sbe 235. Thoma. Delbert, sOn of Andrew aad Emeliae,,"sbom was educated iD the local scboolund bat always ben active Jan. 12, 1903 at Fm. Green. He marrted: in all church organizations" HubeeDa teacher ill all the 236. Leora A. LaZlen of Ephraim. IUDe 30, 1937. She was born May 19. 1897 at Ephraim. Utah. They owuecl'andop-· auxUiariesexcept Sunday SchooL She "al a block teacher io Relief Society for3o.yurJ. ,a wafareworker for fifteen years, elated a grocery store in Fta.GreenaDdllvedthereUDtil about 1940 when they moved to salt Lake City, "hele their home is. and Stake Welfare worker fOf five yeaa. ; Hal glv_me TeachHe is a general laborer and Leora in. trained nurse acd worb ers Topic at Relief siDce Oct. 1945alldisstiU,giviDl it. 1953. ata hospical in Salt Lake City •. They bave ODe SOIl: Sbe worked in the Primary OrganizaUoa forele~D years and 237. OelbertRoDAld. born June 30, 1938k at Nephi, Utah. graduated the first class. of Seagullgirls flOm Primary to the .238. William VUlI, boro Feb. 21, 1908 at PtD.Greeo. He l4. L A. on Oct. 30, 1922. She was a teacher in the adult






class in M. 1. A. and a. Stake worker in the Moroni Stake. She 267. Thomas Anthony. born June 9.1953. Indianapolis, Ind. wasa member o{t~e Singillg Mothers ~PI:ISinging Grandmothers chorus~ for five years. She was ~local Durse from 1910 to 268. Carol H. Chapman, bam Oct. .8, 1918, atfUL Green. She 1942. Mostly confinemeDU ~nd she helped bring many ~bies is an:activechurchmember, working for sometime in the Priinto mewQrld ~nd eojoyed her labors immensely in ~t eapamary organiution in Pta. Green; She also worked aa Sec. &.. city.s she was dolDg muc:b800d and made many life-long Treal. for the M. I. A. She married: friends. W!:aeuheSoa..1UI Daugbters of ourUtabPioneerswere 269. Perry F. Hall, Dec. 18, 1945 in the MaDli Temple. organized in 1924 she wat lstLt. andbasbelpedplacea flag .OD waa bomMay14, 1918, atNepbi, Utah. He served iJl World War all PioDecr&lld Veteraa.' graves each Decoration DaYlince aDd U in til: P-acific theatre of act loa. including 1953. She was GbaplaiD iD the first OrganizatioD 269. Perry F. Hall, was born me 14, May 1918 iD Nephi, of D. U.P. for two yearl. Gave leaoas for twO yean ~Dd is Juab Co., Utah. Hew a. educated in the Nephi .lCboola.& HistorianalUlb. been for the past two yean,wbich wal orgaDgraduated fro m the Nephi high .chaol In 1936, wa. inducted ized locally July 1942. in the U, S. army I, Jan. 1942. He received lUI ~c train262.. She married WU1iam Thomas Mathis, Aug. 25, 1898, in iDg at Camp Roberta, Calif. H il rank was CorporaL He was fm. Green. and again iDdle Manti Temple, Oct. 25. 1948. iD the beadquarters battery, 1431d Field Artillery. He was on He~aabomiDSpriDgvalley, Nev. Se·pt.3, 1872. He died May maDy of the .. lands ill tile Asiatic alid Pacific thealra ot· war. His experience WAI wide and varied and many teIIIe hours with 18, 1948 at Fm.· GreeD, wbere they lived mOlt of their lives • bambi exploding Ilearby. He was honorably diadwged 26, Nov. Since his paDiDg, b 11 w1fe Hanna keepa busy with a mODthly child Healm cUDic,beillgloCal chairman. AIIOwlm ber seere1945. Their home is 10 Nephi. Utah wbere he is employed as ODeof the foreman at the Thermoid Plant talial work .in t b e ir Coombs· family orgamadom - the local Their famUy follow.: genealogical organization,doiDgresearch. CbmpUiDgrecords, 270•. Carole Ana, bom 10, Nov. 1946 at PaYlOn. Utab makiDg fa mil y group abeets. writing bistories ·aDd attending 271. Gary Lee, boiD 17, May 1949. Nepbi.Juab Co•• Utah. . the Templeaoftenas poaible. Sbe Iia. a fairly' good Temple work record. Sbe is the mother of three children, ·one SOD aDC 272. Kim W. Hall, born 15, Feb. 1953, Nephi. Juab ce.. Ut. two daugbters. They are aa follows: 263. sarah LeVemei bom July 1,1899. at Fta. Green. Sbe 273. Dem.Chapman, youngest of the family of Welcome aDd married: sarah L. Chapman, born 7 Dec. 1921 at FoUDt&1D Green utah. 264. WelcomeCbapman, Feb. 24, 1916. He was born in Salt He was educated in tbe Pm. Green&Dd Idoroat schook. He Lake City, Sept. 6, 1890. He is a cemeGt Tech., a stOlle .erved 1D World,W ar II. He entered the alDlY, 12 July, 1942 cutter and a farmer. and received hilbasic wiDing in camp Cataoa. Colorado.H1I Sbe is a teacher ill the Jr. SWlday School and a block teacher Co•. mar c he d 411t he .way 1brough die State of Louaiarin the ReliefSocietyinFIIJo. Green. Tbeir home is bere and she caayillgheaVy packa011 theilbacka aDd it raiDed OD them e' is the .mother of two IODS and one daughter as follows: day. They W 0 U 1d lie down wheruer night o'ler took them. 264. MUtoIl Vern,bam Dec. 16, 1916 at F ra , Green. He He laDded in Germany g, Mir; 1945, the battle started 12, waaeducatedinthelocallCbOOl, MoroniHigb, B. U. Y. at Provo, Mar. 1945. He has quite a Dumber of merit baeiSes, ODefor and the U. S. A.C. at·Logan. He also graduated from:the accurate marksm&DShip,a:nd ODe for heroic ormentorloua ,U.s.A. C.witha B.S. Degree in 1939. He was employed by achtevemena, aDd a citation as a machine g1m secdOD leader .the Census bureau of th e U. s. Dept. of Commerce at wash. iD bis Co. Eo 355 Infantry fivisiOD In an outRADdiDg manner. D. C. Soen after completing college be wa. transferred to the DuriIlg the battles of Gennany Mar. 12 to 8, of May 1945, U. S. Dept. of· Agriculture 10·1941, worklog as livestock marStaff Sergeant Dem Chapman distiDgUilbed b i m I elf by meri·keting speciaUnatSloux City, Iowa. He worked there until be toriouslervice agaiDlt an armed enemy of dle UDUed States of was called intO the armed foree.iD the I,ummer ·of 1941. He· America. He contributed by bii 0 w D courage &lid intelligent served witbthe Army Air Forces over four years, being a membaDd~g of h is machine gun se~OD to the excellent combat ber of the 20th Ail Fcxce at Tin1&a iD theSoutb Pacific from ofhis Co. Hisdtrectlon of the supporting fire aatated two rifle where the fiDt atomic bombs we r e dropped on Japan, August plamoDl to safely cross the N4he river at Kim, his kIlowledge 9. 1945. of first aid saved the life of one of h i. gua:men at Wolfil &Dd He was honorably disc:harged ~m the armed forces in 1945 one at Nei~erworsnitz. Sergeaat Chapmaa:1 devotion to duty and reemployed by the U.S. Dept. of Agr. in 1946 with head-wAl in keep1ngwith the belt tradidona of the armed lervices of quanea at Union Stockyards at Chicago. m. He married: me Uilited States. He belonged to tbe 89thdlvtsiOD of grand 265. AviaMarcedes SeatoD at Chicago, "IlL, June 1947. Sbe division and ODe wonby of recogllitioa. He was booorably diswaa bom Dec. 23, 1925 near Sioux City , Iowa. She completed .charged Jan. 1946. He married: grammar andbighschool in Iowa and then accepted a pOsition 274. Ethelyn Morley, 18 Nov. 1946 at Elka, Nevada. Sbe with the U. S. Dept. olAgr. witbheadquanersat Chicago,·Ill., was born in MorODiSanpete Co., Utah, 31, May 1920. Sbe workiDg with the federal meat gradiDg BelViceas a stenograpber had a daugbter by· a fonner marriage: and statistical clerkfrom 1942 UIltil 1950. At present they are 275.C4rolyn Andenon, bom 25, Oct. 1941 at Moroni, Utah. living at Indianapolis, Ind., but are expecting to be transTbey have two daughtea: ferred some where in the west. Sept. 1953. She is the mother 276. Suzann ~hapman, bom 22, July 1947 at Moroni, U of two children: 277. Linda Cbapman bom 7, Sept. 1949 at Mt. Pleaaant, U~_ 266. Sandra Given Chapman, bomMar.14, 1951, Washington, Tbeirhome is in Moroni, Utah. He is engaged iD farming, D. C. trucking. raising turkeys ...id one of the Iorernan at the turkey



She was bam 22. Aug. 1905atMagratbAlbena,calWia. she two s~ and. one .daughter: 288•.,);)QnEdwin Robenson, eldest SODof loba E. aad asie H. Robemo.n was bom,the 20. April 1931a:t Provo. Ugb. .He was a graduate;. from the Provo High School. Hemarried: 289. 'AIm Janet Wintz '1,'Oct.,,1949iD theS&1t:Lak. Temple. sbewas bom '1, Feb." ·1931.at~l" U~b. r.: Their home is in SpriDgville,Utab.Tbeir family, a daughtlh 290. CatherineAnllRoberaoa. born 25,Nov. 1960, Provo, Utah." A SOD: 291. calvin Don>llobettsOD.bom17, Feb. i952 acsprtasri11e. Utah.' 292.Su,saD, :bomS.Feb. 1954. 293.SeconQSC)J1of1.obD.E. aadElswH.Iobe .... is Alma 282. Virgil N, Rostron28. Sept. 1934aDdiDtheMamiTemple bom28."Aug.1932at Provo, Utab.,He:F~ua",from die 19. lune,1950.Hewasbom U May 1908atMororU. •. Utah. Provo htgh:scbolll tn. 1950. ····Hea ho·· atteDded··the· B•.Y. U. at Tbey ,lived' in MoroDi ·forabouuUc· yean, then theymo'led .to Provo for ~o years. His twin sister salt Lake City, .UtalL. S he worked. in theprtmary. andiD me 294. AliceJaoetalsoborn28, Agg.,1932 at,Ptovo,UtahgraMe LA. thae. Tbeym ovedt o Lark. Utah in 1947. .Reta duated from the SpriDgviUe Highschool in 1960~ m.at1eaded worked as fim counselor in the Prttnary at Lark for 4yealll and as the L. D.S. business~llege for tbzee mombaill Salt LakeCky , presideDt of t ha t ozgalliZaUonfor the' pan ,2 ·11~ years alid is and in Jan. 1951 she was employed at the Sprmrme 8aDk as stW serriDg at the present time. .Sh. isa block teacher iD the . baakteUeraDd is stU! working there. Sbe nwrted: . Reltef Society ancliJ veryacti'le iD all church aad civiclCti295~ Ralph Snelson. He was born 2S Jaa. 1931atSpdDgfie1d.Ut. viti... They bl.verwo claugbtell1 . HeieaG&y,bom 6, Nov. 1935 atroUDtaillGreeD. Utah. 296.. ThesecoadwllofDavidA.aadEllZabeth.'.,.,., .... Is atpr __ ta a studeatofm.:MoroDi HlgbSchooL!. Garland Josbua, bom. 18, Feb. 1908 acPoUDtaill GreeD. ;Utah. 283. CaIole Lorraine, bom 5. Sept. ,1942 at Foumain: Green. He attended school atFm.. Greea. graduaredfro m ,the Provo utah, a amdeatoftbe~ark elemel1Qry~ Their bome . Hlgbscboolabout1927 aDd atteadeddle B. Y.U. for twaY.1S tlill LIIk.;. ·.Reta', bUlbiad fletnployed at the U.S.S.M. IG'R. aDd took a coone ·iIl bookkeepq. b •• orked ·qUi1e a number . eo. ,.atLadc.UtAb.fotthepatt 6 yean. of yeaa with bh father intb.tbeepb~.ad.u:mgre at ) 284. ElizabethE. Coomba.)'OUDgeat,daugbtero~ 10shua.Dd the parkp.Q.Sheswtmm_poolforaboulflDyea •.. He work. Sarah 1.;. HCoombI. bomthe 4, June 1881 atPoQDtaiDGreen, ed for his Bro. Jolm E. as bookkeeper iD hta feed store at SpriDgutah. Shewueducatedillrhe schools thete. Sbemarried: Tille. rnthespriDg·0f.l950be purcbueda Dice home. alarge 28S.Darid~Roberaoa. 3 Sept. 1902, MuliTemple. H~ fruit fanu.llIo cblckeDiand coo=". wbereb.it DOW living .aabom3iDeeo1881 atFountafa Green. utah .clwasedu-. nearSpriDgvWe. UtAb.HelD&llie4: cated tntbe'lCboo1sthere.He,owaedandopeDtedlbutcber· 29'1. Dorothy MulstiDt16, Oct. 193'1. she w.bom 22. Peb. ihop tnFouldatDGceea, 111 the spriBg of 190 8.hepurcbaaed a 1913 at Provo, Utah. lallefaamaear Fta. Greea,imMtllll Water Hallow.and·worked there for eleYeliyeaa.1918 he wucalledtDflll amialioll 298. The third SODof Oavid A. and Elizabeth C. Rcbed:IoD, to the EastemSt&telfortheL. -. .S.Cburch. D InthefaU of1922 is David Clark. b orD '10c1. 1910. at PountaiDGreen, Utah. they moved to Provo, Utah0ll745 North UDivenity Avenue and He attended leboolat Fta. GreenaDd ProYo. He'wasalwaya they :bave a modem home there. He wu thea 'easaged itl the employed by bis father with the sheep until 22. Oct. 1950 when sheep. iDduatry. He &110OWDIlOIIleaputmeathoUiel fa· Provo. betook over the mauagemeDtaadtlltilllU111dq~mwitb the He successfullyretfreclflollube Ibeep iadutUy iD 1950. She iI. help of.bistwo SODS;, HealsooWDI aDdopel8tel'alheep raach. tbe mother of eight childr.... flve iOlJl and three daugbtCi, a He married: fam.tly'sbe caD bejUitly proud of•. Sbe is&nactivecburch 299. DorothyBrey5. Aug. 1932 at Provo, Utab.. She "as bo~ member and works in the Relief Society of Provo. They have 8, July 1913 at Eureka, Utab.S bew been a teacberlllthe seta good example' fer thett dilldleD that where they havt led . Pttmary.aDdtheSunday ScboolatProw. utah til~ sD.ewas it would be safe to follow. Their family follows: ' released. Their homeisiD Provo •. Utah. They have the fol286. lolmEdwtnRobensou. eldest SOD of DaVid A.aad El1zalowing cbUdren: betb Ioberaon. born 27. Iuly 1905,lt Foumaia GreeD.Utab, '300. RoaaleClark.bom. .24, Aug. 19M .tProvo, Utah.. He wemtbroUgh the grarrimarscbool atFolDltaLD Green 'aadattendweaubrougb thegrammaraDdsome blghlcboolgrades at Provo • ed high school af Provo, Utab. He .. tsted' biS f at her in the At present is takiDg a correspoadence COUDe. He is employed sheep industty tintU1932. He purclwed a home in .5priDgvUle·, by bis father with the sheep in raacbtDg and sheep raising.· He Utah. In April 1933 he rID aebickenfarm there,UDtilI949 •. married:, . He started to work for the Globe MUliDgCo. , .in 1937, Oct. 301. loyc;:eHoover of Provo 10, .Nov. 1952. Tbeirbome is in 1943 be bougbt the bUliness and DOW be and bissoo'soperate PrOVOi Utab. sbe walborn Tbeir chUd: the business and they are also engaged in raising turkeys: He . 302. Morgan Clark. bom 61an. ,1954, Provo, Utah. married: 304.' seeend s on of David Clark aDd Dorothy BO' Robenson is 287,. ElJieFemHarker. 23 Mar. 1927, in the Salt Lake Temple. Wendell Wayne born 4, Aug. 1940 at Provo. Utah. Tbeir processing'plaDtatMor~ni. Utah. 278. Thomas Ross Mathis. son of Thomas and Haana<C.Mathis bom20. Oct. 1903anddiecl30. Sept. 1906 at Ftn.Green.Ut. 279. Theirsecond,daugbter'Nancy RetaMathisbora19, Mar. 1907 at Fm. Greell. Utab.SlaWellt tbroughtbe grammar )school there aDd graduated from the Moroni highschool. May 17, 1928. She sang iD theFtD. Green wal'd choir for anumber of yean and was an active cburcb member. Sbe married: 280; Glen Iohansen, 18, May 1927. HewubotD 26, Sept. 1905, Mt.Pleasaat,Suapete Co. ,Utah. They badooe SOli: 281. Harold RcssJobansea, bom 18; ,Feb. 1928at-Fourua,iD Greell, Utab. HediediD Salt ,La keCity24, 1943;. He was buried at Pm. . Green, Utah. Retamarrted:
,is the mother ofthr~echildrel1,



305. daughter Tamra AWl, bom 8, April 1942, Provo. Seanle, Nash. In Dec. 1945 he received a honorary med1cal 306. Tbeeldest: daugbter of David A. and ElizabetbRobertdiscbarge. After returning to' civilian life; be was employed son, is Beulah Lane. borii4Decemberl912 at FOUDtainGreen , bytbe PolfreymenCoDStruenoD Co. asioffice maaager. ID Utah. She 'was educated in' POUDtain'Green' and Provo schoOls. 1948 heimovedtoSaltLakeCity,andaccepted a job with dle Afterbighscbool she fiDish~ a coursembeauty culture. She Clark Tank Lines as operation's maaager wberehe is now em-, worked lD this for 3 yean. After beii:lg married sbewas ateaclier ployed, They bave a son aada daughter .. follows: in PrimaryandMIltU&I. andserYedone year on the Stake GenDouglas David, bom 6, Dec.1Ml at Provo, Utah IIldJ ealogy Committee. While ra1lmg' a family sbe worked a numJudith Aun,bom28, Dec. 1948 at Salt Lake acy, Ot •. ber of yean agailliD'the·Prfmary; She married: 307. Boyce Ricb Clark, '31 Aug. ·19341D the Salt 1.a:keTemple • 321. The;fiftbchUdof Joabau an4Sarab L.H.Coombi Ge9l1e Epbriam,bom 10April, 1884 Ate Fountain Green. Utah was equHe was bom 15 July 1912 at Morgan, Utah. Educated lDMorcatedlDdlefta. Green S.chools•. Was agenesal ~er. fanngan grammar andh1gbschool, latetattend1Dg the B.Y. U.at ing" herding .beep an dvarioUlQther kinds.of labor. He bad Provo. He bu always worked in the truckIDg busmess.fiDt very poor health the lilt yean of blalife and _bored UACler very with farming and produce work; later iDlDgralD bauling_d great difficulty. He lived mOlt of his life inPoumaiD Green. then into uuc1dDg peaoleum plOduca.At present th is'_;hfs .:Utahafter·h1amaaiage to 'work liviDgiB5a1t ;LakeCfty ,Utah;; T~y ha\fefour SOOl: They moved 10. Lark Utah. ·He was . 308: Boyce·Roberaon; bom21·Peb. 1939, at Ogden weber 'Co. ,322. .Apea:Audenon. employeda.t the Lark Mme;,;;Agnea Andencm wasbom.2'7, Utah. Utah. T~ey were marr1e4 22, 309. Danie1Wallaee; ·bom4Aug. 1942 at Ogden WeberCO.Ut. - AprU l891,at.fountaillGreen, June 1909'and ill ,the MaIltl Temple 6, Dec. 1916. George 310. John. bOrn 17 Feb~ 1947, SaltLlke'City, Utah. hom. of Mr. &Dd 31l~ WWlamiObenIoD. born 16 Oct. 1952. 8& It Lake City • Ut. ·died". Feb. 1950 III CeJltral Artzoaaaub.e MD.,NI!.Coombs. Hewenub.eretotzylD improve bilbe&kb. ·HiI bodYwasblOugb.t backiomelDfm.Greea, UtahforbUda1. 312. The third laD of DaYid·A. aDd EU.zabeth CoRober1lOll. Brooka,born7.'Mar.1916atPoUDtaiDGreen,Utah,completed Tbeybadfour children,. two lOIII·aad .. wo-daupteD as Collows: t the grammar grades there aDd wal a gra4uate of dle Provo high 324. E1deadaughter of G eorg .• E. aadAgueu A. Coombs, schooL Wuemployedby his famerumll hiI murtagell"Jan. Elaine;bom22, July 1910 nFouotalD·GneaUtab. She .. 1938,at,fIrovo,-Utah to: ' Secretary ofdle:LarkPrimary, teaeherlD SuDday acboolaad me '3\3. lUIs Bmpam. ,Shewalborn 3, Feb. 1918 at BeIljamiD, Ael1efSOciety.She.1D&Ried Utah. TbeyUve&lPaysoDoUtab. He owasanapanmeDtbouse au. Fred A Falbni.l00ct. :1930aDdID'6a1tLake Temple dun and owusllldoperateJacattleraDCh· near Payson, Utah. '30, June ,1949.·,HewasbQal13. 1\lI1e;1907.8&lt Lake City, They baveoaeadoPtecbdaughter: Utah. They are bom ardent cburdl worken.He .... beeIlBoy 314. 8etIyADDRobenIoa,bom4,July 1945 at Murray. Utah. ·Scout COm~rat ·~for tbepaac t_ ,... aiact all employee attheLark miDefor23,yean. . Thetrhome II IDLaIk. 315. ThesecOad ~ughterofDavldA.aD4Ellzabe1:bC. RobertTbey have tbreelODJ aa4 twO daughten:as' foUows: son, HaaDaEltzabedl,bornl0,April1917, at FounaiD Green, 326. GrantAadlewfahmi.bom IS, July~1931 at 1AIk. Utah. Utah. She weD t tbroughthegrammar grades"alld ,to seeoner Agraduate &om IlDgbamHtgbschool. .Now sen1Dg fa the· U. s. grade' high school at Provo. UtAh..Sbe·mamed:' Navy.' He, VQIUDteere4S, Jan. 1951,lecel¥ed biJ 1Jaaf.c train316. Lawrence Darrel Mullens 8 June 1935. at Heber, Utah. ·mgal Great Lakes Micbtgan. He is amacbmltt mate 18COIl4 He was bo m 4 Sept. 1915 at La-PoiDt, Utah. They had one Qlasa~' Heaerveclhh t t meonboucl ab1p uclbaa .'liItted 19 IOD: cow.u:nsolRlide ohbe U.S;, "He rnazriri 25 Apr.. 196& 317. LawrenceDav1d Mu1lGI. b-orD U,OCt. 1936 at Provo, 321." 'lADlMaI)' GaUentflOm Mil.acbuaem. Utah.. Hanna· Elizabeth ,died 14,Oct. 1,936 at Provo utati 328.. Thesecoud IOJl of Fred~ anelma1De Co Pariud..I1V1D 318. Youtageauo nc:R D&vld A. and Elf.zabeth .c. RobercJon, ·Fredrick fadmi,'boill2 9 • .Aug. 1938. salt Lake City,: Utah • Ross RobenSoa,bomaochlied 28. AUg. 1920 at· fOUDtainGreea 329. ,Parrill GeorsePadm!.bom7,JUly lNO.SAlt·!.ake Qty, UGh. Utah. 330., Lo1lElaineFarhDi, bom8,.Aug. 1941atBiDgbamCailyon 319. Tile Youngestdaughurof Davtcl A. and Elizabeth C. ;Uw.h. . RobeIDOD, EiDm& Ruth, bora 24. Dec.' 1923 at Provo,Utah. 33.1;,: J~ Padmi, bom lEI-Oct. ·1946a~Murray. Utah. She received'ber education tnt he·Provo public. schools.' On 332. EldIltSOU,o( George. So and ... ~ ••A.CoombI. Geroge June 14. 1941, ah~ married: 320. DougwLelterBoulden. He recetvedhn early educaVeneerCOombsbom24,Sept. .1911 at FOUDEaillGreea. Utah. COIl at CUtle Dale, Utah.beiDB cJaaapreaident hi.ueDior 'year. £duc.tee to metendlgracle.lDtbeFta.Greea. aa.d ;MOIOIl1 acbooJs He graduated wH:h boDorablement1on from' the II. Y. t).Uniwasagenerallabofer wbile at Pta. GreeD. 1111961 be Q10ved to 'fCISity in 1941. Aec:e1vedabacbe1orohciencedegree. Doug~k,;HasbeeD employed by tbe Utah Coamucl1oD. Co. at las entered the U. S. Navy June 1943, bolding the commisSion LArk, Utah. Alpresent is wor.k1Dgat Gariield. Utab forme of Ensign. Hew as statloned atHarvardUDiv. He wasdlen .... Chemical Co. He bas a borne in Lark, Utah aa.du cariDg fo uaasferred to the Uiliv. of Arizoaa at TucsO!lfAriz. From .Ilia Widowed mother· there he was stationed at Hollywood Beach, florida a Q·d from there back to Harvard, Univ. Hew a sstationed at Pier 91 in 333. The second daughter of George Eo aad Agnes A. Coombs,



Celia Agnes Coombs, bbrii9 ,\ila:rch, 1911 at Fountain Green, Utah. Sbe attended sehoor'atrto. Gteenand at the Moroni high scbool.Sbe married 334. Dell Lund, 12 Nov., 1932 a tMI!Dti, Umh.They had ODedaughtet " 335. Selma LUDd, b 0 iil 14, Dec. 1932 atfotlntaiil Green, ) Utah. She attended SChbOIat rt:li.G~en aDd later moved to OdgeD; Utah with hermodler.Selma married .... 236. Claude Clemets. 31 Aug., 1950. Hewa 1, Sept. 19a9, thea serviDg in the U, S.' Army. They bad OIle daughter aad ODe SODII follOWS: 335-a Kathy Lee C1emeu; born 9 April, 1951. Salt Lake .City, Utah. . 33S-b Keanetll Lee Clemeu,bbtll 22:iUly'1952, It Salt Lake City, Utah. S~lrila married· a second huSb&DduntU .a35-c 10bauyBemerdO; 11 Apru, 1953. HIiI,Wu'borl190ec. , ' 1925 at BlDgbam Canyon, UtIb, theyhav(on~SOD 101m Joe , lr. .boiD 15 lul y, 1955 at ·Mum y, Utah. They live &tLark, .. Utah &Ddbe faemplayed at theU~ S. S.ft &M. at Lark, Ut. 333. QUa Agaess Coomblmamed aS~Cond'bUSb&nd; Walter GeOrge loGte. 22 No'l. , ·1943 at Ogdea. tttab. ·He was hom S, lune, 1920 atPaaODl, ICaaw., They have 'one daughter 333-a ADDette 101lUi, bora 11 Aug., ·1944; at Ogden, r otah.girls 338. Cella's !bird hllsbaadPeterBemerdo bOm16. sept. .isia, in the U. S. They areaow Uving at Murray, Utah aDd both emplayed at the Hill 'Air Forcebueat Ogden:. utah.



33'1. The YoUDgiit sOIl of GeorgeE. aad AgIIIin A. COombs, ADdrew LaVoy. bom 19 May • 1922 at FOUDtailiGreen, Utah. Educated iDthe Ftn.,Gteen &Ild MoroDl Schools. Hettlanted 338~·Wllm.BettySeley, 241an., 1942. Shewalbom9, )ApIU 1925&t Btrch Creek, Mt,P1easant, Utah.·· They moved 10 Salt Lake City after chell mamge. where he UelliplGyed , u & driver on the Salt Lake City Bus LiDes. .Theft home is in Salt Lake CItY. They·bave ODe 1011 and two dailillttrs: . 339. Davld LaVOy. bom 29 May; 1944 at MOIOai., tltah. 340. Betty lean Co3mb., bom 29 luly. i94S, saltLike City ,

Lula B'l'tanC6ombs. Was bo t!lin Los Wayne Co•• Dec. 11, 1911. She Ii ved there until she was eleven years old,then moved to Lark. Utah. wheresbe resided untUshe was married to 347.· Elmo C. Brady on~~3~ 1935~ lie WII hom ~l&y IS. 1910 atUntoll. Salt Lake Co., Utah. They moved to Nel'bi in 1935aD.dreil.lt1ed thereumu 1943. It Wail hfteOllAugust23, 1938 that their cbUd. a 'lovely little blackbliredgirlWII bom. 348. They named·lletPame1a. . Tbe)' mOved froID NeJ»hi to Salt Lilke in .1.943&iid thn to ObiOD iJi thetanof that year,and then: thell_ciad chUd was born. 349. It\\'a~a'lltt1e h,cfU1redgld&Dd tb.y~aamecfher lWea. They 11l0ved·to:KaDlUbitbe(&11~f 19.QandrealdecitheN 1946 •. Eltnoeoached audtaugbt acbool there, .. he did 1I1NephLthey move dto S&1t Lakeag_iniD.:t4yof 1946 , whet~Elmo'becameaffU1ated witb.uleSalt t.&ktco. ReCreation "Iie·partlrt9t. They l1vedthere Until the faU·of 194'1 and they came out to Union again. They badtheirthir4 child OIl Oct. 1, 1947. Itwa aDOther llttle gUI aIid they named her 350. Barbara. They b 0 ug h t a home. in JUIle 1949 ill Uman with the bopesofsuylng then fOr a Ions. lOngtime. The like it very well aneftt is Elmo's home tOwn. as he was bom there. They were rh~d and Sealedtlltbe S'lf4keTemple on AptU 22; 1953~ They wait ed a loDg timefonbfl to come about; blli it did and they are io very tbAlI1cfU1tbatdley were ablcno go totbe HOuteoftlifiLOltUlld beaealedfOr time aad Sttrmfy. They allo weDt .iij. die L08A1lTemple OIl the 24th of Aprti, aDdu; theM.a AriZOIl& Temple III Itme~ aDd· dley visited the St.George Temple On their wayboiDe f'romArlzona. They are all we 1'1 and at preseDt time. ~iDe is teaching in the Primary and Elmo hUbeebmade Secretary of the ~t Jordan Stake Senior AaroIllo OrgaldZatlon.: . They also work ascomrriirtee riieinbeD fot the UDica 1St-Ward.




Utah. 34S. Barbara Coomb.,

~ Mar., 1947 atS&lt Lake City. Ut.

3$1. The eldest IOta of SCi",ard A.&nd Lula 8. Coombl •. Edward Bryan borD nth of Much 1913 at Loa Wayne eoUatyl Utah. H~ died th~· 9th of SepteDiber at'the BiI;igbam canyOD Hospital following au operatiOD for appeadtcilil. 352~ The secoDd SOD of"l:dwaid A. aDd t.ula"' B.CooIrlbs, . at Loa, Utah, 8th of AUgust, 1915.Hewa ·edllcatedin bora Loa,

$44. The! siXth child of1d1hau aadSarah 4H.Coombs, Edwild AloazO.·bOfD 24 Oct. • 1886 at p~tn Green, Utah. Hewueducatedin theFUl.Gre-en tcbooll and l1'1edthere UDtil 19O5. Hemoved to Loa ~ayne Co. .UWl aDd was em.ployed as & sheep herder.; There he met . 345. LuIa Amelia Bryan. They· were tnarried1 Sept.. 1910 in theMant1 Temple. She,,11 bom6 Nov•• 1887at'Fte-mont Wayn. Co~ Utah. They 11'1eat Loa wherefl.-Ie of thellseveD children were bom. He moved to Lark about19~4 where he was employed at the Lark· Mine· unti'l 1935. He died '2 1UDe, 1935 at the Bingham canyOD HOIpitalfollowtng au operatioD for gall stottes. After his death his wife Lura Wal employed at the 1.&rk sehoc;l house as janitor. S he bas dOile variouS other civic jobs. She did quite a lot of painting and paper hanging. as she It 111 had lOme of her chUdrelllO support. . She moved to Salt Lake City about 1942 and was an employee at the garment factory on Richard Streetatthe nme of her death 14 F.eb. , 1944. Both are buried in The wasatch Lawn Cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah, Their family of seven foliows: 346. Ellen Elaine Coombs Brady. oldest child of Alonzo and

Lark,and Blrigbaril,Utah. He"uillductedat Fort Douglas, Utah on April 5, 1945. lie took baatcfnfanuy uaiDiDg at Camp WalteD, Texas for l1weelcs. Thea heweDUoFott BeDDing, Georgia to we hfsuaining for the parauoopeD fot 12 weeks • He was It1Japan with the occilpatiOD forces· as &mernberof the 11th Airborne Division. ·liewlI ODly there 8mollthl'and came home fot hts.dbchargeat Camp Beale~Callfomia 011October 30, 1946.Hfs rankwIIT4 as be was fufally let out. His present ClCcUpat1oDuLdcomorl'veEugtJleer for Kennecot Copper Corp. at Bin g ha mCanyon,tJtah. lie married to Millicent Ann Champion at Lark, Utah. November 4, 1939. His wife was bom at Mammoth~tJtah, Feb. 28,1921. A daughter of Edward and ElizabethADDe Roberts Champion. He has three children as follows; 354. Janice De e Coombs, born at Murray, Utah, December 30, 1940. 355. Edward Brian Coombs, bom at Bingham canyon. Utah,

July zs,



ne ruarriec

1V1t:1U" JU""J.H;IUIUUUll t\ug.



at ca n

356. Kenneth Lee Coombs, B 0 rna June 1954.

t Salt Lake City,


33'7. The t h i r d son of Edward A. and Lula B. Coombs, Don Rothwell Coombs, born the 29th of April 1920 at Loa, Wayne County, Utah. He was~ucated in the Loa, LarkSchooll. He also attended' the High School in Bingham.' He was inducted into the army 2 Sept. 1942, He received his training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He was sent to Asta~tcPacific 28 July, 1945. He w a I in Manilla and other islands in that theater of war, Until he returned bome and discharged at Fort Douglas , ::tah, 16 April 1946. He held grade' T /5. 358, He married Lorraine Joyce Clover. She was born 27 Oct. i924. Theirm.niage was. solem1zed in the Salt Lake Temple 13 October, 1948. Their bome is at Spanish Fork, Utah and they have three chUdren~ two SODS . and one daughter ~. fQllows: 359. Michael Uoyd Coomb4, born4thJuly. 1941 at Murray. Ut. 3GO. Lull. Lorratne Coombs, bOm 14th of September, 1944 at ~ehi, Utah.' 361. Steven Don 'Coombs, born 6~ of June 1952.

362. The second daughter of Edward A. and Lula B. Coombs, Emma Coombs, bom the lOth of May 1923 at Loa Wayne County, Utah and died the same day. 363. The youngest daughter of Edward A. and Lula B. Coombs 373. T~ second son of WUford and Ellen C. Coomb.. Alonzo is SnirleyGoombs Gibert, bom1D Lark, Utah .. the lOth of Nov. Dever, bom 2, April 1912 at Fountain Green, Utah. He was 1926. Sbe W&$ the sil(l:b child of IidWard Alonzo and Lula Brian He lived at L Coombs. A 10 vel y Utt1ere~ hailed, brown eyed girl. She , educated in the Moroni and Fm. Green~oll. Fto. Green until 1935 then he Went to Lark, Utah. Hal been Ii ved in Lark and anendedthe' ~gham High SchooluntU' after eQlployedaqbe Lark MiDeas a miDer and a leaser. Hal workdaddy died in 1935. Mother moved intO Salt ~ke then and edas.C9mmineemanoftheLarkBoy Scou1Sfor eight yean. H~__ resided at :ni Eo 21$t 50., until she ~d a,way on. Feb. 14, is first c;ounselar to the Sunday School luperiD.tcndency of Lad: 1944. She wen t to Los Angeles, C.lifomia and lived there until she met and married He mam.ed: 374. Ua Louise Peterson 20 Jan., 1936. The marriage was 3p4.Earl.Ge~n, in June of ~945. , They moved to VallejO, Cal1fonu.a and there their first child solemo.l.~ed.iD.m,e Manti Temple 12 June, 1953. Ila was bOrn was bom to them. 12 Oct.i9~ at Lark, Utah. She iasecond counselor in the Lark 365. A \inl:e brown eyed, brown haired boy. They named Primary presidenc;y two and one half years. Their home is him Edwcud lloy. ' there. They have one daughter: 366. Their Sec ond chUd, a linle girl was bom to them on 37~. Ellen.Louise Coombs, born 20 Jan., 1943 at Bingham Canyon, Utah. March 9, 19S1.5he is a beautiful bZ9WD eyed, brown haired sweetheart, Beverly. 376. The ,th i rd c h 11 d of Wilford a, CoQrnbs and c. They h a v e just moved into their DeW home at 1048 Taylor Coombs, Morris WUJiam Coombs,bom 10 Jali. 1914 at Fm. Ave., VallejO, California. Green. Utah.. He was educated to the Moroni High School. She has a wonderfulbus,baQd a lovely l1nl~ fa.mily, but we Was employed most 0 f the time as a sh~p :herder. He was accidently killed on the winter sheep range 30 Nov., 1951. wish she lived closer to all o( us. He married: 167,. ThomasPean Coombs, yo~gest son of Edward A. and Lula S. Coombs,.bQm june ~2, .1930 at Bingham, Utah. He 37'1. Bess,ie S. Ieasen, 29 July, 1937. She was born 29 July, 1919, at Moront. Utah. They, had three sons aDd two daughters recetved most ofhi$ education at Lark, U.t4hand Salt Lake City. I enlisted in the arm y 13 S~pt. ,194:9 as a, Recruit.. I took as.Jollows: .' 378. Monis William born 12. Mar., 1938 at Fm. Green, Utah Bas,icTrainingatFortOrd,California., and went to Clerk-typist SChoo,l.1tFort Ord from 6 Jan., 1950 to 14 March 1950. 1 was and died 12 tdar., 1938. 379. RellA Inez bom 4 June, 1939 at Fountain Green. Utah. promoted to Prtvateon 1~ ~c. 1949 and was promoted to PFC 380. Mark.ay Coombs born 5 Feb., 1941 at Moroni. Utah. on 10 Oct., 1950 and then promoted to Cpl. on10 oer, , 1951. 381. Lula Joy bom March 10, 1943 at Moroni, Utah. From Fort Ord 1 was put on orders for Okinawa and 1 e ft the 382. James Dean Coombs 2 Aug. 1946 at Moroni, Utah. States on 1 l\-Jay, 1950. I arrived at Okinawa 19 March,1950. After this I was stationed at Camp Stoneman, California from 383. The fourth son .of Wilford He and Ellen C. Coombs, ' 15 Ua;, 1n52 until 18 Dec. 1952 at w h tc h time I was diswood Joshua, born 13, Jan., 1916. at Fm. Green, Utah. cil\lrgeJ a Iter three years and three months and 5 days of active was educated in the Fm. Green and Moroni schools. He ·lived service .

Lake City, Utah where they are at present making their home. He is employed by the KennicottCopper, Inc. at Bingham, Ut, 369, They have a child: Mary Lyn, born 25 Aug. 1954, at Winnemucca, Nevada. 370, The you n g est son of Joshua and Sarah L. H. Coombs, Wilford H~mry, bom 13 April, 1889 at Fountain Green, Utah., He was educated in the Fm. Green, 'schools. He has l1vet there all of his life, he does various kinds of labor and is SOrt of a handy man for all the Coombs family. 371. He married Ellen Janet Crowther, 28 Sept., -15110,bis childhood sweetheart. She was bom 8 July, 1892 at Fm. Green, Utah. She d Ie d 8, Sept. 1940. She was the mother of 11 children, six sons and five daughters, two preceded her in death. T~eir family follows: 372. Virgil Wtlfordborn23" Jan. 1911atFountainGteen. Utah. He ~as edu~t~ in, the Fm. Green schools and was a graduate of the Moroni High SchOOland was a general laborer there •. He volUllleered to the.~ of his country 14 Mar. , 1.~42, He went into the army 0 f th e United StAta,. He received hls,;l:Ias1ctra~g in Palo AltO, calif. Hi. ra nk was Privi,te Fint Class. lie was in Co. D. 168th Inf. regiment division. HemethisdeathwhU~onduty in Italy about 1 p.m. July 1, 1944. His body w.. brought baclt home to Fm. Green for fiDal buriAL 20, March 1949.









there until about.l~43. He moved to MAgna, Utah.and lived Japan.. Left thet:,eandteturned homeancl:was,iwnorably disthere untU 1947.J{e then moved, to Provo,. Utah and is emcharged at Washington 13June, 1952witb tank of Sergeant ployed at the G~vaStee1Plant. He married.; FizstClass. .tiemar~ed; , 384. Ruth Lamp., 10, Aug•• 19.36. She was bQrllJlan., 1920 ; 406•. Beuy~uStee119,Sept. 1952 at ~,Utah Co. ,-\ at WAles. Utah. their home.ts at Provo, They have three sons, UtAh.Shew&S born 3,Dee.'1930arSaatiqufD,.;(Ttah; .They are .~ ) 385. WUfordJay C()omb~bomlOMar • .1937 atWales,Utah. now living at Nephi, Utahaudheisemployedat *e Pord Motor 386. La Ray Coombsbom 4 Mar. 1 1940 at fountaUl,Green, UI. Co. I' there, 387. RubyCoombs bom 14 Sept. "1941 at FountaiIl Gteen, Ute . 406. ThefourthdaugbterofWUforcI'H. QCoomba. 388. Norma J&I'Iebom21, Iune. 1944 at Bess S. Coombs bom 181uue. 1938atfolWaiaGre-.Utah. 389. Virgil Lee Coomb bom 7 IulyatSaltLake City, Ute EeJucted·iIl '. he Fm. Greeaschool aDda'gracluatt'oi'. t ·.·Moroni 390. The eldest daughter of WUford H.and BllenC.,· Coombs. High School.·· now employed at Ralph's GrocayStoie at Nepbi. Sllen.V&leri&, bom30Nov.,1917.,at Fountain Green. Utah. . U_, Their" she" .. educated ill the FtD.. Green and. Moroni .HighSc:hool.417.Tbeirfiftb,daughtef' Arl_COomba'bOmIO.: Dec. 1935 She married: . . at Pm.., Greea. ,Utah•. Sbecomp_dthe,-pammargractes at 391. Frank Parlwa l' May. 1941. ....liewas .bom 18~, A"Ig. 1916 FtDo Green, and is. DO". student; attbeMarOal HighSchOOl. ~t NephiIuab Co., tItah. Their, hom e is .at.Nepbi".nd he She married: . · is employed at ThermoidPlant. They havetw()~ons and. :408. Mom ,Allred 13.'~ ,1954. He·.,..,bcmt atMt. Plea· three daughters asfo110"s: .. sant.Utah 25 May_.19a2.;; · 392. Fred Dee Parkinbom 1 Aug., 1942atPayspD, Utah. TwoyeanaftermedeMhofWUfordH. COombtfim wife 393. Lucy Sllan hom 7 Mal.., 1944 at Nephi •.'Utah. Ellen C. Coombs, he mariied: 394. Carl Parkin bom27 Nov•• 1946 atPayson.Utab. 409. Mn.HallieField27 Feb •• 1942a~FoWlal1liGreea. tIt. 395. Angela Ruth bom24 June. 1948 atPayso~Uta~,. Sheistllemotbeufl3 chUdren. MOlt ,of them UYiDgiDPius396~ Janet Valory ParktD bom 18 Aug•• 1950 at Nephi, Ut.burg. PeaD., ,Hallie "&thom26.J .... 1888&t Mason Town West VilgiDia. 397. The secoDd ~ughter of WUfordH. and BllenC.Coombs, Sarah lolle, bom 11 Aug., 1920atFo.ulltaio,GreeD, Utah. Shew .. educated in tbeftD. Green aDdM~n1 High Schools. 15. George Coombs settled in Fowuata Greeri wtdt·lds father's She marr1eci: .... ., '. ., .... -.." famUy. He,helped tobtiUdthe home aad provlde for it. After 398.L&MoatTaylor 3 Jau.. )939 ll1theMalati Temple. La a time he marrieclt ) Mont wabom23 April. 1915 at Freedom Saapete Co•• Utah. 410.PauliDaGUftaftGulbra!ldseat:daugbterofHallfGulbrandHe is a gen_1Iaborer th·e1r hom~ is at Payson Utah. They aellamiEllel1PaulseawbowereCODftrutotbecb1llCb,from Norhave two daughten and one SOil as follows: way. They came: as early emigraDtsfDFOURtalDGraa. Utah. 399. Ramona Elora born 10 De.c. 1939•. Fountain Green •. tItah. They !ivediD a log,bous«; 400. GaryLaMom Taylor bora 12Juae.1941 at Pm. Greea. Ute ; Af1:ertbeirmarriagetbeyU\oecUil '()UDtalD.Greea. tUnnber of 401. Beverly .Icm.abom tOct.. 1945 at Nephi. tItah., yean. Georgeandhllbrotbedphriambadlheep api.B1gHollow . . ,andwer.e away from bomeqUiteabttteadta&.ettsheep. They 402. The fifth lOll of WUfordH. and Ellen C. COQmbl.. Dualso bad farm.land&lid~lpedtoi'.1Iecthelr U~T!lelr lived uane bom 29, No.,•• 1922 at FOUDtainGreeD. Utah. died 12 in F0Ul1taiDGreenUDt111882.ltuheaprmg,of·ib .. ·ywtbeysold Dec. 1922. at Pouatam Green" Utah. . out'alUheybadaldldthefam.r'Haaa-GullmladllG and family 403.. The third dAughter of WUfordH.aDd BlleD c.Coomb.. aad all cal2letononberaArizoaa. They.ropped'UJoHph City Rena Inez bora 18 May, 1925 at FOUl1taiDGreen. Utah, died a.boruimemenweJi1:'oDto Woodraff. Here George practiced 10 Aug.. 1927.at FOUlltain Greeo, tIgh. ·hllmlSOo'strade .. HehelpedbUUd*e eo-op itOteta Woodruff aad maay of the flrsthometthere. 4Q.t.The amtb son ,0fWUf~ II. aD4 Ellen<;;.eoombl, Kell' His Jamil: wa'great,fr1eads wttbt'he smttlUOtb. otrteas and c.. Cooulbs.,bom lAprU.1929at FoUDt&~Greea.' Utah. He. Hatcb familieSo' WoodrUff wal pretty col d' ta the "imer so .,,,~educatedil1 the pm,. ·Greeluad·the·MorOllitchooll. He George,decided togooa lolldt to tbeGlla Valley. The GulvolUDteered tDt he semceofhfl coumry. &ad wem IAtoThebr&ndsea's stayedin.Wdodrufftbe restofthetr.Um In 1888 umy5Aug •• 1948. Herecetvedbfl bas lc train1tlg;at PO.rt,GeorgeCoombsaftd blJ famllyeamttolbeGil&VaUey. They Ont, Calif. After a short furlpugbbomehe was shipped to stOppedinP1Jria a shon _hUe al1dtb_cameoDtOcemral to Guam al1d worked 011 tanks asamechAnic. He held the rank make a heme, They were' amol18·theearlysettlen here in of Corporal and wain Co. 5111 quanermasters divtaiOb. He, Cel1tral andlmewalltbeeadyfaml1les. tbeJoaepbCluff, David was & tank driver andheadgwmerinthe T&DkDiViJioa. Thus· Cluff. youngIosepbClllff. TbotnasG.W_er, WUllam Webhe "eat ioto several differeDtplaces and sawm.ucbac:tibn and ster,C1emons, Jacob Bigler, Georse Shuns.II8tbe Norton in some very dangerous places in that theater of war. . He went· '.familiel. The town wasthel1MOItly' iD btush bad' clearinto Inca "ith the marines. He Ie ftthe mariD$s at Seoul edollly wheretbey lived and plaoted.Tbe lrrtgatloa ditch zig; and.wentinto the 187th Air Bome aad helped to captureapeninzaggedtbroughtoWD in the pam of least resistance. sul&. Lea v ill g th e 187th he went int() HamnUi18 alid the A one room adobe bUilding oil the lot' wbeta the present school Chinese elrove them out..He wellt into Wong Sung and back to standsservedasbotb church and school. Mt. Dameron was Japan. Then he wen t to Okinawa on maneuvers and back to the first school teacher. Joseph Cluff was the first bishop. A






few years later Geo. Coombs was chosen bishop's coUDIelor. He served well ill this capac~. George obtained a imaU Orgau. and they used to play for all the dances in the Valley. They would load the orgaa 10 a buckboard. aad away they would go. . GeorgepJa.yedtbe vtoliD aDd h1a lOll Nadwl played tbe chords on the orgall for him fro m theUme be had til IWld to reacb the keys. A towD band wu orgaD1Zed and George Coomba was importaat in that. He played h1a ball bom; m .. ic wu IUa bobby aDd be loved it. A ward choir wu ozg&D1zedaDd be wu choirleaCier. 1D.b1a home aU his family wouldgatberlO1iDd the olJ&llat D1gbt. They· would sblg church hYmDI aDd popular loap as well. AI beautiful ~ double qu.ureneu lever beard was IUDg by b1a four SODS AJId four daugblen. They ... -Let UaPloat tblougb Life Togecber". It was beautiful. AU the family coJild chord on the orgau.mdLeoaard; NaIbaD, Emma, ,&lid Ed1mcould cbord on tbe guitar. GraDdID& oftea.wtJbedfor baa the happy days aga1D when every body I&I1gevery Ilight. Wben it came time to build a 11ft' ICbool ho .. e George CoouJba laid the brick 1Dthe waU aDd wu tellded by hillOll NatIiaD. It is part of the old church bo~ It"u used for both church md school for lIWly yean. 1D.1894 George accepred a miufoa. to EllglaDd; he was. gone two yean. .. 1I famf,ly gOt aloDg al mOlt miIItoury {amOtes H do. By wWfDg sacrifices aadcloae maaagemem &lldwUliDg haDdl to help the y WOIlout and the father ft11ed btl m1ls1oo. Whell be retumed he blOuglu home· witb him the Harry Tbomat family who uyed wUh them. for a time beforeestablisbmga home for tbemaelva. GeorgeltiU work4=dh1lm&lOll'.uadebu1ld1Dg homes for others, 'but be Ilever built a Dice home for bia family. H1I olden .CIl GeorgeJr., murted JeaDie,Julle Cluff. a daughter of AlfEed.a Ild JeAllle FORer Cluff. 'They llved 1D CelW&I, Metcalf aa.d theA 1D CemralagatD. El1z& Ellell the oldest daughter mam~ Brfgbam Hazr1I Cluff of Plm.a. They lived tbere fOflome time \beD. moved back to ceacral to make their bome. JieoG4rdm&rriedEmma.Rebecca Shurtz aDd llved 1DCemral. Na~ ~ed ·Surill& Amcl1a Webster u.d wmwn mar ned MutbaWebeater. The gtrllw~ lfateD. Martb.a~Coomba mameda:a&rlea_W. CoIIlbsi they llved fi.IIt 1DCopper Hill IlCU Globe aadalterwarda fA Ceau:ral. III 1901 George Coombl.·bia wife, two youagen daughters Emma.and Edith. aDd h 1. IOIlGeorgea.Uam1ly and the Alfred Cluff aad other f&Q1ill.. . e 1Dduced ro goro Guatamala where ri~e.wcre .uppoeed tolfOW OIl ueea. They IOld all they had to get money to go oa. Tbeytook a.aa1Dto New OJ:le&DI', and saUedfromthere. Opon. am~ ill GuataID&la South of . Mexico they were IQQCl·Ulldecelved, &ad ·fouad. __ .tbiaga were represemed to 1'hecoumry."alfullofmaleriaaa.d s1~eu aQd tbe coUlllr)' was Dew UldUDblOka aDdw1m lUtle to ,work with they were bl a. tad plf.gbt. Aft era· time youag George's Utde g1il Gen;rude died a a d had 10 be buried there. This evem .eemed to make up every bod~ea m1Dd to get back home. a Ild the good old t1Iltted Sracea agall1 w~e they bad mODA:ytogetback. Itytbe time they gOt bome all the fam1lles were prett)! well ff.Daaci&lly broken. George Coembs,audfamlly Uveclall a p1.&c;e yer IA .ryee where they stayed two years aDd o they came back to Ceaaaito live. Emma married.Homer M. Tate froml'batcberaod they moved

Copper HUl Ile:l.X Globe where be worked iD the mille. Edith married Joseph Sanger Shiflet and lived 10 wu:b her parenD umll just before her .econd baby was bora. George badltoID&ch trouble and anima be WOuldhave terrible cramping .pells whtcb were Iiazd to endure. NadJ,aa's 2nd wife Eva had the post office 1DCemral ill If .aDd George bad tbemail carry1Ds job. Mally timet he w~,___ be Ull&bleto meet the ua1a.. OIloae of these occaw. he came to meeuhetra1Daadtooka spell ofcrampa. He cOuldD.'t meet the uaill, but wemollhom.e. Afterthemail ~u put up Nathan and Eva walked dowIl to tee bow he was. TheN teemed to be DO relief for him.rhe doc1OrW"'>S called, but could do IIOtb1ng .for hJmaa.dby eleveno'clOCkbep&lled away. It was the 22D.d Dec. 1920. He wu burted1D Cem:ral 24 ~ 1920. It WAI a bard tbiDg to come flOm burytas a father aDd fix a ChrtaaDu. but we have to go Oa. DO ID&uer w ha t comes lID 111. He wu a mall well loved aDd respected ·by all who kIlew hbD. Hh Wife Itil~ llvea 1Dthe bom..e be bought for •• P au lille SPellt maa.y yeall, 1Dthe temple dotas eDdowmeat . work for dead aacaton. When • h e became. too old to climb the ltalniberema1Declat home 1DCem:ral. She was 99 CIl the 2 Octo 1950. She' tI Graadma to every penoa.1D tD1nL. She lived a veJY goocllife aDd wu a good De1gbbor 10 aU· who kDew her. SbeUvedtobe 100 yean old aa.d tbea.Clleci 12 J&I1. 1952.

15. George Coombl Jr., bom 2· Apr. 1844 ill 8uD1em S1iIff. Eaglaud aDd dt~ 22 Dec. 1920, lOll of George Coombs and Eltza Altbuiy. M&rr1ed: 410. ';Pauleaa Gustava Gulbraudaen bom 2 Oct., 1851, Alker-. Ntr., daughterofHaDlGulbraudlegaDdEl ~PaulaeD. Cbil4na.: 411.. George Heary, bom 17 Oct. 1870, Fm. GreeD.. t1t., 412., • EUza Ellea bOm 4 Dec. 1872. Fm.Greea, Or. • d.l 413.WWiam Bemard, bora 21 Mar. 1875:, Pm.Greea.. Or. Died 19 June 1940. 414. Cbarles Leoaard, bam 1 Apr. 1878, FtD. Gftlen. Or. 415. Natball Eugene, bam 17 Oct. 1880, Fm. Cheen. Ot. 416. Martha Jaae, born 10 Jan. 1884~ Woodruff. Adze 417. LydLa Marte, bam3l Mar., 1886, Woodruff Ariz., died 4 Mazch 1887~ 418. EmD:I& Pead, bam 23 Feb. 1888, Cemral, Ariz. 419. Edith, bam 21 Feb., 1891. Cea.tr&l, ArIz. 420. Ada, bom21 Feb~1891, Central, Ariz. Died 23 May 1892. George Heary Coombs grew up 1Dtbe famUy home. He married JeDD1e June Cluff aDd they were rather addicted 10 movUlg. They llved1D Cemral, tbell Metcalf,tba back 10 Central. Tba whea IiiI fadleraad fatber-ill-law Weill fOGuataID&la he wemwllb dJ.em. But _ cOUlltzywal DOt u it had been pic tared. Tbey becattled1lcouraged aDd when. b1I tIDy daugbter dtedtberehewamedtocome back home eo aU the poup came also. George was flat blOke by·the· ilme he got back to Cemral. Hesrayed 1DCeIlI:rala lhornime thea Weill to Mesa to work for Frank Cluffh il blOther-m-law. Seme time later he went up &IOuadPaYlOaaad Pine aDd theIl back to Cem:ral. After a time , he wem up to Ramah. New Mexico &ad over iIl10 CbiDo Valley • He l1ved a.ear Camp Verde. Ariz. Hegouick&lld came to Mesa to bisbrother Natbaa's.He wu with us fonhree monma IIld 1P feel1Dg much better. ,We took b1m OIl our vacatloll with ~ &Ildleft him home. Some time later they' all moved over to Mlller Valley and lived ill tems boarded up. He bad suffered





with It1teasepa4n for years. but it became,,()ue~nd the 1st of November he came to ourhousewtth his wU"e-to·belp care for bim. HebadcanCef oftheblAdderaudglaod.,,·<They were' wlthusaearly two momhawblllwe ,cC)uldsee the near. Hewamed ~ go horne alleiseehis family. HlIS01l'FrOk came in & auck.They, maue of. bed, for hw aad toOk htm,ltOme. He got there u8p. m."sa" aUIU chlldrelubatnlghtaad atS' a. m. he passed aW4Y. Hbfamlly,areacatteml'lIC)wtS'Omeul' wamiDpXl &lid dUfere. paRI of NriemArizou.Htswtfe fa still linag. Praakbas Ujel mattted audthey.Uve together. ' III Oa~ Creek Callyolls,ome place. They buried' bimlll Mesa OIl oullot. " 411. George Coomi)l,bomI7 Oct. 1870 at Foumam·Green, ' Utah. son of George Coombs, Jr.:a nd Pauleaa·GUlfavaGulbr&ndaon. marned: 421. Idn1eluneC1uff,bom30ct.187'tatlPseph,Clty" Ariz. daugbter of Alfred Cluifalld leDl1ieFoster.:' Cbildta:,


caused her head to be very)arge.She"haciSt. Vim DaIH:ie and Iler·li.f'e was not e~y. WhUe livingln TOD1Dateuhe met wUi'iam Malolie a mall oldertbaaherfatber ..but he WlSgood to her'~Dd ,WOD hei heart. After her third chUd,w .. bontshe fen near the fire place and c&ugbt her clotbel OIl ftre.She was severely bumed. Shewascaken to the'~~obe,'lIGIpUal &ad'dled there. sisterLuJa tOok the two yoqercbUd&eJlco'l&iIe. Andr~wtht eldest was b:l.emce"aever __ bomeafter hf.I


434. WWiam MalC)lle. hom 23 Dec. 18~'IIlBeedleiTexas. df.edl1uae 1950, Globemarded 1925. ill GI9betAIiL 426. Cora Coombs, bom 14 Aug•• 1902Cea1r&1.Alta.Died 22 Od:.1943,~ugbterof George Henry CoombIaodJeaate JUDe
Cluff. Chtldren: 435. George ADdrew.obom 8·Sept. ,192'7. ,II1Mlaml, AdZ. 436.·Freddle trvtn. bom 9 Jan. 1933, Camp Verde. AriZ. 437. Lula May.bom4 July J938.TolltO,BasIa~ ~ 427. Fem Coombs traveled aroa with her famUy uadllhe married FentOll Cluff •. TheymnuaUeclaloD&tUl1iaey lhed 011 Pages ranch aear Comv111e. Wheaherfolka leftthey_yed 011 , alld are st11lin tbatll~ .'~ 438. FeDlOIl Cluff.bofl1l7 JUDe 1899._ofw ... .,Cuffand Elizabeth McBride married 23. AUg. 1923 to: 427. Fem Coombs, born28. Mar. 1906, Garfteld Ariz.. dau. of George Henry Coombland JeDDieJwaeQuff. CbUdreii: ',., 43a-a. 'HUbert Femoa. b. 18 June 1924. MIAmi, Ariz. .439. George W&!1'~b.19JUII819a&.,MtamL Ariz. 440 •. Afthur Lavaaagtm.b. 20 Mar. 1933.CottoawObd.Ariz. 441. Norman ~, b. 11 Sept. 1936. Prescott, Ariz. 438-A. HubertFemQQ Cuff. b. 18,1_ 1*. MtaultAtiz. IOIl.of FentOD Layfette Cluff aad Fein Coombs maJrted 12 May 442. Evel ya LoulsCluff. Children: 443. Wayn«JMart1D.~uff. b.4~ 194'7,CouoIProod.AItz. 444. Raymolld Huben Cluff. b.19 JuDe 1949. OotIu1l.oocI.Arlz. 439. George WalreaCuf(. b. 19 JUBe 192&" MUm,Adz. ' DIiIrted, 3 JUDe.

mother dtect.

422. 423. 42S.

Arthur: bom4 Apr.l8ge,


Genru,de,,4Apr.1891l~Ceaaal; Ariz. Lul4 Jane.b. 2.Apr. 1900, Central,. AriZ. 428. CQra. b. 13.Aug. 1902.Cem:ra1,Atlz. 427. Fern. b.28Mar. 1906, Garfield, Ar1z~ , 428. Richard 'PrallkliA. b. 23 ,Dec.19oe,Mesa;Adz~
429. lessie Pearl, b. 20 Aug. 190B, Celltral, Ariz. 42S. L ula ,J&IlelDO'ledwllb bet father .. famtlythea .he got work ill Globe. Adz. Htre<sbe metallci m&trledTedO'Dalr. Hell aFrenCbmaL Th e YcUved IJl'Globe .... bit61heifbegaa aUlDg.&rouDd with berfacbtDfamUy.She'ud oUba~y. but wbUe they were 1l'IiDg out from Camp Verde mey'ftre so far from a doctor tbatsbe came to Mesa to her't1m:le Nathan's house andlt&yed there duee mOllfhs·uadlshe get her baby and was able to go home... ,Afterwudtbey'moved to PrescOtt alld' l1ved ill the Miller Valley area.. Here aDOtberdAugbter waa bomtothem, butUved oaly a fewmolUb&. T~.aa a meau of iAvestigatillg the Mormo!t'le1igtOG m oU 'thoroughly. He joined the Church_Uta. be. a ftfY faltbfulmember.iDee • They tookbersister Cola 'I twO ch1ldrell to' abe·after she died. At presear: thetr lOailinthe Air CCIpI aU Ona'l101llD the Army. Theyst1l1 Uve ill PreIcOtt lad &redOlDgVery well. 430. Ted O'DaIr,borll 18 JUlIe 1900;aa.r, Me~1OD of, FrallCfa O'Dair &lid, AaaeDuval.trl&l!Iled: ~25. 25 JUDe 1926 to LuJa JAlle.Coombs, bom 2 Apr.1900 Ceneral, Ariz. ,daughterof GeOrgtI'Hemy Coombe aodi~lmle JUIle Cluff. ChUdren: ~1. Dick Doaald. b.28 Juu 1928. OakCteek; Yily'~ Co. ~Ar1z. 432. Doaa Lou, b.29 May 1932, 'M.. ,MarL'CO~. 'Ariz. ~3. Paay A. ,b. 23 Juu 19:J8,Prescottt ArtZ. ct'l4 No'l.1938.

1946 ~

sorlofPemoa La yfette CluffaQd F_Coombs. 1944 to: 445. 'Ethel Lou1le Grey, hom 'Huly 1929. Children:

CoDDle Lee, b. 20Sept. ~. ..



'429~ 1essie Pearl Coombs aaveled with the family till she met .and marrledRoy Phelps. Tbeytoo l1ved,IDPrescOtt. HeN"she had a terrib le time after all appeDdlx operation aDd neatly died. 4:31. PiclcDonald O'Oair, ,sone, of TedOiDait ~nd Lul.Jane She was healed by faith and has 'lived to rear a ntcefalt1ily. ' Coombs, b. 29 June 1928, Oak Creek, Yav. Co., Ariz. md , They live in W&shingloD no". 447. Roy Lee Phelpsbom2 Aug. 1901 Cordell. Washltaw Co. , 19 Jan. 1952., Oklahoma: son of Clinton Roy Phelps and Lola Grace man ted Grace AlraTaylor;dau. of WillllmHafdld Tayiorand 18 Dec. 1926. Lordsburg. New Mexico. Doris Ada Barton, b. 25 Oct. 1932, Famswonh L4ilc., Eng. Child: 429., Jessie Pearl Coombs'bom 20 Aug., 1905. Ariz. Paul b. 17 Oct. 1952; Prescott, Arizona. daughter of George Henry Coombs and Jennie Iune Cluff.


Cora Coombs was unfortunate. In her baby days she fell and 448. Lola Pearl bom 20 Aug. 1927, Pine, GUa Co.. Ariz.


Arizona. 460. Fawn Loraine, bom2S, Ftb~ 1933 CamP Verd,., Adz. 45L "'FcDlLoreeDe, boID25.Feb~ 19as,CIalPVWdo,'Ar1z. 45~ Dorothy June,bom9May, 1935, PNacott, ~C_l ADD. .bora 16, Oct. .. 1945Asb.1aad. OIeg~

11 ved ~nd h e 1p e d to build !1P' the _place tb&t.1I DID". ~




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it p~Dted 10 fruits •

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fArtzoaa.daughter married241uae.
464. Haney

•. bol:D. 20 •. AQg. 1927P1.De. Gu.~, of PhelPlIG'lI.f,e,P~ .~.




'. .....

Edward JobaIoa, bolDl? Oc;t. 1923, Globe.~


of Cllarl. .

Harl_ Jolaoa ",

lad WUIIIa


..gQltl0a4~He flaaUylett:batplace goUd he aad ~ bromer lPhDWa aawmt1UaMt. 'Graba~Tbeylbippectdaelr IWDl'7-4Ct"a&flume_ bad it p~ , ettyatdle' FlUme Camp .. !, ?"M~cd;&nhefootof the mOUllll1D.· They fIully IOld dlb. lIdgb&alor Brtgal Ile ""ClUid dmeOWlled the Ollve . Hotel'JQs..a.ffof d';aad'dieY·bougbl. • Place. JUIt ';~ of Hmy ... ••.', l.aY'OD ;mCslI:ral.Iathetrl*zer Ilfe.1f D1OVedtot4esa &ad QIIUU'lovelybfghome~After.".rd1bey Iladed1rldi. Spbdam

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fNm'Ted'Noltlatllo" could Oregoa. have a ~e ., "eU Sbebeceme m.•... operated OQ.~be dleope.tIDQ;baifeU ad Ihe 449.~~Pbelp!,bonl18 Feb. 1$29 AablaD4OreDever reco~_ "'DUbe.F&ll;. They ... pod people &ad goIllGllOfRoy Lee'Pbe-lpIiDd Fem~ m~d .. JQDel.949h1gh1l'''~.by,.U. 2 __ '''' Dle4. .0 Jaa.1M8. in AIblaad, OregODtOAdllaPe&r1M1~bOm1$ Jta 1930.)4ed. 468. Bdgbam. HaJrIa Cuff.b. 18 May, 1869, Provo, Ut. died DregOll dau.ghter of aa y m 0 a,dlllue,t; )4WrfQd~1m. Huffman. .. . . Mar. ,19420 "(:emil ....... ,of ..... Quff aU •• • • L· .CIaildrea: 'Ia:·~ElII&EUeaCOoiabl.bom"·~,. _. Fm. lOlA. ·1Me~~DI. . of GeclSe 0MNabs , 460 •. JUdy Lamae 'bom4'_~ 1950 Aahlaad, ~~~, J~.' Qd ~,J~ .. ..... GuIb...... ,'.. 461. Dea1Ie Theima bom 9 JUDe 1953.

.., .' . 456. Terry Edward, bom 12 Oct. , 1946, AabJaIld. J~Co.. Oregoa.· " , .' 45'7. Gdy':Lyaa.bom 17 Sept. 1947,Aab,1utJ, J~Q Co., Oregoa. , 4s8.GleaUMay, bom18Jau. 1949, Aahlaad, J.ckIoa.Co..

eo. , :.0reg0lL

aatlcIrea:. . MarU)'aSdDa; bom'9Feb~,1Mf~

.. ": ~,JICDoa .',

.' "~'._. .....•..... .m._,.O;'yed. ~.CtIIII:& ·- t..o.. t~ .. .aIIIII.hoblaa_.··lDp1&dcel..: ' ...... -..... m~ckecl' -- ....._., .... aaad M ... ·.. j 1a -at ,.aali&at Mlta. 'Tutpropeny'lutlll tache family atate • Brig became W &ad very dWlaadlll .. bte. Beeame back '.tq~l.ad .... lf&ytag.tllla.ap&"'Syl. ·RcInoD'1 .. beD he;;d' ... Mat,.,1Ml.t' ... .
EUza •• bougbther ,b.cklD a UtIlepJ&ce bIU' came' backtQCeaIIIIllDd

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.7~,;av ...



451.pem~.PbeI .. bom.25peb.1933 camp Verde, 4rlz,"~.~~~boaLli'" .1891. F1LGreea, Ut.ah. _ug_i,terofioy IAeJihelpauid Fem oaomlll married 25 Feb.dlecl, 16 .Nay,:w~a. W9Mmff.AIIz ... 1950 ta ReaQ.Nov. . . ~y.,~3J&14 1894~'.CeIItr&1. Ad&.. D. 10 Ap~ 462. to BUly Paul T.ylorbcm14 Jfeb., 1931 Bun:alvWe.•. ~l.Si4, c:~ '. .lMlpp~ ,JOD of JobaDave.l Taylor mel Cora: ijale. .." 471. wLliorcJ~ bt:qu as Mu.1_. Ce.u, Ada,; Q1UdreD: .' .47;., $lcD. ~__ aoA ... ,1898. cemal,Artsaaa 463. SOIl Bruce Paul, b. 1 Nov. 1951. AIb1;aad! qregoll. .473. ~i;\~U J)ec;.1898.Cer$:al~Artz. . 464. Son Tommy Ray, b. 2S Aug.l~64~ .... .. . $ylUa,~1Kft;'1".1801,'CeIIaI1. Ariz.

I 1 I t

sl.~ .•


~75.. V.,.fijMe.Itam.23 460. F.waLor&tu,PIle1pa bora. 25 Peb. 19as.· C&u2p V~e, ;.AriZ." daugblerof,~ 'IaJIMlpI' Iud Pem CoombIDWrled 24 Feb. 1950 to .' .' -463..RlcbardAay Cox boIIl23 :Peb.·19i8.OIld.III.t.·~~ lOa

Apr. 1803.- Qaual,


478"T~~i~.' bomU4pr •• 191o,Cemral, Ariz. BenDa, bom 10 Mar., 1912, Ceatral, Ariz. .SO."Gw~4&EIJlIlbqm,aMu. 1915"Ce_1, Ariz. 481~' ZoVa itbly~.~.s Apr.:1918f'\ ¢.emr&1, '.AriZ. 'b~aalld

Qf Fraa.c:fa;Wfiba;m-Coz ..

:8eUHoXle.' atAablaad.

. ~,,~

.. '.71.~W'JfCJr4'Cluffl,v welllfked. .. t1 mostof),Jia,J#'e,1Il Ceatral. W&I.. ell He wal ta World Wul'iDthefteld

Children. 464. Aleu. Rae.bom' IHaly1962

After lUI mum he married:

40~ ;'DoJDmy JuIlePl1.e1ptcl&ugblerofRoY Pearl CootnbI. b. 9. May 1936, .Prac;ou.

PbelpelDd J_ie
MeL 9;.~". ,.',.,"
.. '.' .

Arlzoaa •.

".MemAJ0i8tmer. 'OUldrea: -

b~10 Jaa. 1982,Ste&JabQat, $prblp,

.482.>~ry~~)'Cl'N_oa.Her:f."rgave ber.bouse .cross "from hfs",~Q.,-Nldcb..yUved,th_<UDtU they had JliOit of their .fol~UY U:!ead;l.eymoved· toMesalDd'!ived ia a teQt house on his fathers lot. He worked for' bU. brother-ln·l .... Laurence \f~h~us"., At Pf4SWlt beis.j&QUot at 1wUor HlsbSchool.

466. Mania Lee, b. 20 Feb. 1953. Bu:eka, 46'7.D1Mt.&'Leab,'b. '9ltW.19M'A'II1aad,

cal.. d. 6 Mar.1953


WUford auff bom 29 Mar. 1894, Cezmal.Artz.. lOll of ~Cluffa,ud EUz.a m.. Coeb2bI,mazried 4 Sept.


1~20, to~,.·.::
Eliza Ellen Coombs lived to Ceatraf .. fth her falnUy 1.ID1i1 abe married, Bngbam ~ms Cluffof'Pfm&~ They-'Uved 1I1.Jl1Dla a shon tUne .11m oved to Ceallal,tomake • home. They

482. Mary EtblYI1 No U 11 bom 7 Sept. 1902 Central, daughter of liyntmLewuNononaad Mary Nelaoa. Ch1ldrea:





483. 4U. 485.

Keith Nerton. bom 6 Oct. 1921, Cem:ral. Al'tz, Louts Lamar, bom 1 May 1924, Genual, Ariz. Nacla Ell.. 21 Mar..1927~ "CeDtrll, AriZ.


NOIeJIa., boIaaaDec.~ao.,C ... l,· AriZ. 48'7. CUclIfrigbam, bca.ll Sept. 19M,'eeatral,. Ariz. 488. MeIVlll Kay. bom S lUlL' 1931. Mesa. MiL 486.
489. 483. Flora Fem. ,bom 9IUlyl940,Mes&,Artz.


Cluff, b. Z6 Apr. 1926~M_,"Aftllrriid. 301!c. 1951 '509. IaDice Ferr1D.dallii of.EtberPellUl aDdJUlia SUb MacBride. b. 13 Oct. 1932. Mesa. AItz.

<lIUd: 510. Jain •• O.,.ld.

It. '7 Oct. 1_,·


GInbWaU"ee J........

., J....

,.. iIce,J __


Kelda NOftOIlCluff.. SOD ofWUfcIrd 'Cuffaild Mary Etblya NortOD. bom 6 Oct. 1921, ee.. l, .Ar1z.; Md.; 18 Apr. 1952: 490. Lots JeaJl Pew, d. of Ellis Ha"ey Pew aadEllza !toXey Boad. b. 11 Oct., 1926, -,

491. ...... 1... , b.10JuJ.y 19S3,'Meiia.A'dz •. 484. Louts Lamar Cluff ~eat w t th b i. fa_·tOMe... but didD't Uke it toOweU:UlCl'w •• of the time. He married: 492. Betty JeweU BoWl&D ad they llve til Safford.

SsteEUe~Cuff, bam 29 Jaa. 1919lD111lecl18 Apr. 1945. They Uve 1D.C&llfonda. .He..atedt. 504. RuthJuae Pdce. They« He lI_1UIIied 50S.EUeenL. McColoUPKe1ltr.&(wtdoWwtdl _cld1dna: 506. Breada. b. ~ May 1948. TUcIOII.'AdZ.
507. 50S. Stepbe ... b. 22 Dec. 19". Tucsoa. Ai&.i.


.and ElIte

at '~.,

484. . ~LamarClutfboallMly·ltM .. ceillNl lOllOf' WUford C1uff&DCI .. YalyEthyJa NonDa'lD&rIted'3C) 'DeC:t" 1 492. . Beu7JeweUBowmaD bolD. NoY.l929safford,daughter of••••. BowmAD &I1d •••• Clarlclge.' .; .

rted2~ Mar" 1$44. Hefl'Jab .... &behadb .. wttta,ber .. 60'1. Jo_\\,el1ey ..... 508~ .JOim MiIueJ..bamll Zel1aCluff

'thedaMa y ,Jelllc:l8 .'_,Ofiam".aua.!e]eaIdaI Ella Cuff, bolD 30 ~pr. 1920. Cemra1.Adz. Mara:ratpHlleat tilocatecl



Ocr. 1Nt laLolAIIJelfll.' CaUl.

493. Marl...

4M. MuySue,

hom 1 Mar. 1951. boIal7 Mar. 19M.

..... ·NOaeae.Cuff.daa •.·iOfWUfOrdClUft:aaa'MaJy'Edlelya .Naftoa.,b. U ,*-1910 CeD1I'a1. AdZ. tac1. 8 April' 1953: ...... Uoyd GeoIB. Matthewt. . b.. 10"Ja... 1.sa.

JUDior Luoy Alleabom12 AprU. 1924. ID.MeII.AdzClGl.i.: o~,Bttp&m<HllitlCluffUd EUH Mamed 2& Ma)'l943to,N&cIa E1leD. Cuff. bona 21 MD." 19t'J' '41& ZeUaQaft' cia •• CeDual. Art&. ofWUfard Quffand Mazy !thyblNOr1D&' .mebCoombl..a12Deo. '.~_ IIldlDUJtedt'May. 1919: MUeaNelUa Laycaa._ ofHaat,W .,"'_IIId·!mUy CblldreD: ,498.. RicIwd.laGJ b•. 3 JQ.J.1944I1lM_ '.~ ~ey~ boat " Sept; 1899.


wellllD icboollil CelllMl .... TIWcIaer.; TIleD ~U. MedlaLaJ1lCll aad ..., It.,..;· til the ftelcI up 1hey called bec&Ulethey ptlt1£mD Noah FerguIOII.They .... 1IlQHd &ad bave .a 10V~, bome. ZellaCafUl'fed wMIa"'~,ftmtly_"pew up II did die ·other Sbe NedIa Laytoa.They.ba.e.lIlcefalQUJ.: SM;_ beea ftIY,.Cdft ill dleC,h arch ... be1cIlII&IlJ pcIIlt:Ia tadle Wafd. '1'bey .. saece.tu1.fum-.He ~of caaceL·
~mardecl ~ a bo...






49'7. Nada .LouIIeb.· 3· Apr.' 1949.lD Adsc8 498.KeDDe1h Wa)'De h• .g May 1951. Mea. ArizoDa 489. Mama II, b. 18 A,rU. 1953. Meta. ArlZaaa ' 499- .. Marilyn K&y.b.2S May 19510


ElIte EUea Cuff graduated from high 1Choo1,1DOIttbe State exam for t.. chen aIMlpellefLSbe .... toi'lHo 1DIUlDmer school &lid came baell lID CeDlral to teach. The WorIeiWar t bloke OUl.ad ber ftaDM.W.Daeelea1d1:i1' .... dlafted.After 'his baste, ttatzWlg"aao.-6ay .i.amedatldibewem hafteD to ltay. till be 'Willi <Ut't Ul'lle d aDd they
"eDt OIl.

511;. LIla Vemell.,baal8 NoY.1911.tlf ...... AdS. 513.. Raey VlrdeU. bca 2'7Apre. 1_. CeIIMI. Ad&. 514.~· LonIa Ma_e. bola lJ,Ap&lt18. <>rIIIIt1. Ad.B. 51&. ' .Emma Enlya. bora a Dec.. ,1980. CeaIIai,' A11Z. 518. "'MUeI Delw.JIle. bolla I July 198'.ee ..... Arts.



Eliza ElleD, Co~bI, bom 20 Aug. 1896, Cem:ral. Ariz. married 4 Apr. , 1918 .~. : 500. ,Jame. Wallace lealdDIlOIl ofSIlaI PIftc:e JeaJdma1ld Mary May. He WII bom 7 Apr.. 1894. 1 CbildreD: 501. Guth Wallace, bom 29 J~ 1919. 502. Theda May. bom 30 Apr. 1920.· 503. Derald B. JeDktaIs. of lames Wallace IenldDs and Elsie

Heleameclt!aebuber".He'wU .sOodoae.· ddidreD:., " .' '. The, Uved at CIlDtr&I.Tbatcher. SaffordaDd thed"eDt ~. Mea S18.,S~ Kay. hom '. Apr.. 19l1j'la CeaIInli where they 0"11& ,hoase·1lOW. They bad tbnecbtldrea.,BotIl "5i9/ !lotle.hom .• May., 1M8 IDc:eaII*l. AdS. are allve aDd llwaa··!il·CenUal. '520. Rodiley.AlYiDo holllli JUly. 1149. laC_I. 412. ElIte Ell. Cuff daughter of BrigbarDHa1l'b CUff and 521.EUea. bam 29 New. 1953. III



VemdlLaytDll ••• of MUeI"'y" LaytallaDd Ze!la Cuff, hom 1921.'mallfedI2'May. 1940 to AIvfD HarrIJ Dodge lOll of Delol· A. Dedle aad AUee Allred,bom • • • • •• QlUl&l,'GoW·ia MiIM.


....Li•• -


SylVia PearI·Cluffbupr.r of JdStia*'HlIdI ClUff aDd Eltz& Ellen Coombs. bom.!7.Apr. 1901.lrlurledl0 NoY. 1918 In ~m:ra1, ,Arlzoaa to: 529. JolllfSchrarcl Noftaa,iGaoHoIm·EdWUdNOItClluad. M.uy Etta ~ebttel:. b 0 rD 18 Mal, ,1899. The, lIft fACeD1JalaDd are ~CIIp~u. In tbelr faJ!D1Dg. Formerly ~ cnnaedgoaa. Sylvie Pearl Cluff grew up here 'Ill Cemzal aad manied her 27

husband during the World War I. He was drafted aDd got as far as Bowie when me Arm1ltice WAI aped aDd he cam e back. He was fun in me goa t business, but DOW is a successful farmer. She is active in the Church. Children: 530. Miltol1 Edward. bem 8 Nov. 1919, Central, Ariz. 531 •. Anhella. bom 17 AUg. 1921, Cem:ral, Artz. 532. Fay Etta, bom 17 Apr. 1928, CeDlral, Ariz. .533. Thad Cluff, bora 22 Aug. 1934, Cemral, Ariz. 5.30. MUtol1 EdwaJd Nonexuonof lobo. Edwald Norton. Jr. aDd Sylvia Pearl Cluff, bolD 8 Nov. 1919, married •••••••••• to: 534. Dorothy RJulel da ugJuerof ••• RUSlelaDd •••••••••••• 21 Jao. 1924, They live tn· FhoeDix. ChUdreD: 535. VODdA, bom 24 Feb. 1947, PhoeD1x, Ariz. 536. John MUtOQ.. bom 11- Dec. 1951, PhMIdx, Ariz.


Judy LyunMcChr1stoD,

b. 3 Jaa. 1950, adopted 15 MAy'

1954. 551•. WeDdellUoydNoftOll. 1011 ofFraDkLloydNortOllaDd Veraj VUate Cluff, born 24 Dec. 1982, married: 556. Venna Weech. daughter. They live in Saf " ChUQe~ I 557. 558. 559. 560. 552. WeDdell Nlel. bom 5 Mar. 1945• 10 Voau, bom 31 Dec. 1941. CUmoD Uoyd, bam 11 Dec. 1948. RoIalee, bam 5 July, 1952.



PbUben NortOD sonofFraakUoydNortoaaluiVera VUate Cluff, bom 6 Aug. 1925, married 22 Ocr. 1947 to: 561. DoIu1a Grover, daughter of Geolle GroveraDdAlice Ollen, bam 11 Peb. 1925. They Uve in CcmraL . CblldreD: 562. MaJIha Gay, bom. 27 Mar. 1949. 563. Dale Grover, born 17 June, 1952. 476. NJomi Cluff, daughter ofBrigh&m Han Cluff aDd Eliza EllenCoombl, .·bom 8 Aug., 19.05, malriecl 23 Aug. ,1927 to: 564. Je.. e LaVaughn shurtz 10D of Geo&ge Rlley slwrcz and Emma Rebecca NonOll, bom27 Apr. , 1904. Thev.live til Centra!.. He workl in a lumber yald In Safford. ChUdren: 56D~ DenzU Rue, bom 3 Jan., 1926, CeQlral. Artz, 566. Norman GaU, bom 3 Oct. 1927, eeDt:ral. Adz. 567. Doaald Dell. bom22 JUDe 1932, Ceaual. Arf.z. 568. George LaVaugbD. bom 16 Oct. 1936, CeaDal. Adz. 569. Janet Fay McChristoa. born 6 Feb. 1951, Adopted 3r April. 1954. 565. DenzU Rue Shunz, 100 of Jesa1e LaVaugbD ShUltZ & nd Naq!Di Cluff. b. 3 Jao. 1926, CeDa:al, Ariz. Mel.26 .\ug •• 1950 Phoeldx •. ArizODa. 570. DorQthy Jo (Wgen, dau. of Mr. and MIl. Frank William Rogell. No famUy. They live 1DPhoenix. Both are cleaf.

531. AnheUaNonoG, daQghter of 10m Edward Nonoa.. Jr•• and SylVia Pearl Cluff, bom 17 Aug. 1921, mamed lit to: 537. ~f Follet. loa of MQIlle Follett anel Edna carter, bom •••• To them two little girls were bom. They leparated and




Children: 538. Paulille. died 539. Alleu, bam ••••••



a child in Mesa, Ariz.

540. \V~yn.e Vaughn. 2ad bUibaDd, bom.... They live iDPboea1x, ArizaD&.


Cblldrell: 541. Teddy Wayue. bora ••••• Pboenlx, Ariz. 542. L1Dda C&zql, bom 3 Sept. 1950,PboeD1x, Ariz. 543. Robert Dale. bom 20 Oct. 1952, Phoenix, Adz. daughter of J 0 h n Edward NortoI1 Jr. , ~d Syh1aPearlCluff. bom 17 Apr., 1928, married to: 544. Glen Allen Howard, loa of Howard aDd ••••••••••••• bom • • • • • • • • • They live 111<;:entraL CblldreD: 545. Gleaaa Fay, bom...... Safford, Ariz. 546. AUen David. bom safford, Ariz. 547. Evelyn, bom 18 Mar. 1961, Safford, Ariz. 548. RI.ldd Nonoa.. bolD 30 Jan. 1953, safford, Ariz. 532. Fay EttaNOrtoa. 533. Thad Cluff, IOn of Joim Eidward NGnOD. Jr., aDd Sylvia Pearl Cluff, b. 22 Aug. 1934. Celllral, Ar1z. mel.: 549. VtlgiAia LorCDe Fela. 1>. 15 Dec. 1936. 475.

566. Nonnan Gail Shurtz,
5'71. Florene Butler.

SOil of Jesse LaVaugbn Shurtz and Naomi Cluff. b. 3 Oct. 1927. Central, Ariz .• md.:

572. 477. NOIIJl&D DeU. b. 25 June 1953.

Vera VUa.te Cluff. daughter of Brigham Ham. Cluff and CbUQeD: Biza Ellen Coombl,bom 23 Apr. 1903, mazrfed 31 Dec. , 1921 : 6So. to Fraok lJoyd NOftOD, lOll of 1 0 hn Edward Nortoa aQcS 574. . CherrU, hOm JUDe 30,. 1930 In Central, Arlzou Mal)' Etta WeblteJ, bam 4 Sept. 1901. They live in CeQtral 575. Wayne. bom 23 Feb. 1932,. Central, ArtzoDa over OIl the "e I t hUl. .He II a prosperous farmer. They are 576. Joan. bam 19 July 1940, Central, ·Arizona.

GaU LiQaelQuff, IOn of Brigham Hazril Cluff and Eliza Ellen Coombl, bom 4 JUDe 1908. maa:led ••••. ' to: 573. ~lva Allred daughter of BelIUMyron AllIed aucI Alice Allfed. 80m. • • • • They lelide in Mesa.

goed ctnseas,

575. Uonel Wayne Quff, IOD of GaU Lionel Cluff and Delva Allred, b. 24 feb. 1932, CeDlDl, AI1z.. Mel.:

ChUdreQ:. 551. Webdell1Joyd. bom 24 Dec. 1922, cemral, Ariz. 552. Philben Pale, bom 6 Aug. 1925, CeDtral, Ariz. 553. Marva JUD, bom 4 May, 1935, Cenaal. Ariz •. 554. Betty Vi4te. bom 8 Sept. 1937, Ceaual, Ariz. 55.5. lerry. bam 5 Dec. 1938, Central. Ariz.

581. Velva Lee Thompson

582. Eric Wayne. b. 29 Jan. 1953.


WUilam Bernard Coombs speat practtcallyalfhililfe in Central. Hemarrted ManhaWebster who hid been ID cemal Mesa. most ofherltfe.He had asmlUfarm atfiDtwlth AlmaU ChUdren: , 578•. CODDie. b. 20 July 1950. MesaiAriz. brick house ODit at fUst. Later he. obtained a pl&c;ethereOD thebighwa.y llDd bUilt a tWobedraom hOme. It ... , 1feIJgood 579, Vickie Lyua. b. 19 Feb. 1952, Mesa, Ariz. home.He "oikedoll the roack fordte ~oUltf a lot•....b~ tead,478. Tbora Ma.ud Cl!lff.;. daughter of Brigbam Harris Cluff and ed hit OWD fiml. W1iBellvt.agbere Martbagothetb.ladc:augbt Eliza ElleD Coombl, bom23 Apr. 1919 in Cemral, Adz. Mar'inthecreariueparatoflDd loU her tbird fiDier oa. _left ried in Cem:ra1 to:, . band. Tbey had five cbildrea. TheoDlY'son died., momb 580. Laurence Woodhouse, 26 Apr. 1910. They Uve . in Mesa. and ten. days afterbirth. TheirlastbabysweJeiWiQI aadoae wasbom dead.·· W1Uf&D1wasbUhopdUring bill&terllfe. Martha ChUdren: worked' in CtiffdetltOJgaatz&tlo .. in the 580-a. Alma Ruth bom, 22 MU.,1937 .. "c.naal"Aiiz.' 580-b. Beth, bom 18 Sept., 1938, Central. Ariz. He had togo to Mayo Clinic about tWo yem before bll 580-c. Latry. c.. bam 6. Oct. 1939, Mesa. Ariz. . l-tfs':healdiUdbeen badfo'tsomettme. Hewat never wen afterward.He 'sold his bometo:bll upbft.wuUam co"omIia and 581: Kathleen,borD 12 Feb. 19403,Meaa. Ariz. ; .; bUi·ltnextto his mOthelS. HeaadMarrha'weregooclto_ clur582. HeleD DEilolse. bam .10 Aug. 1940" Mesa, Arizona ing her old age.. Hil health S r e 1f 1IOae aa4 011 20 J1IDa' 1945 583. Gwen K.. bema JUDe ,1952,;Mesa.Ariz. he passed away. Hf.I w1fe Manha ItUlllvea there til. Ce~. 584. 8aJry, a.dopted 6 Nov. 1949. HII oldest daugbter Gladys weutto schI:Jol iaCermal8Dd Thatcher.Shemarrled Edward Llmbioa. 'Hewded lILa drug 479. Bertha Cluff. da.ughterof Brigham Hams 'Clllft' aDdEUza store aDd later became, pbarmacfat. He movecf to CbaDdler ElleD Coombt.bom10 June 19120 CeDtral,' Ar1I.; ,·Mamed: aa.dweQt illpanaelihtp ill a dNgatoJe/bir did well .. began 585. PbWip WUliamt. SOD of Samuel WWLama.aa.dHelea., to buy up laad UDtUhe baa accumulated eIioUghtO mire. He bom ... PIma, Ariz. They live in Los Angelel, Calif. aow 11vel in CaUfomfa above Saa. FraIiC~ They Wtwo ChUdreD: . '. daugbWawhoarebothmardedilldhappytDiheuU_fllllWel. 586. KeDDethC.~ bom 22 .MaJ.. 1931. P!DJa . Letha WeDtto Ichool1D cem:rai '&IldTbaecber. . She worked u 587. MarIID bom2Jaa.,: 1933, Mesa· ,'" ~. a,tteaographer for a whUe beforelhe nwrted Ezvta ClUff. They '. ; 588. GlUt bomlUuly, ;193&. Mesa l1vedinPrescott.COttea..woodaadOther pJace.,but are .. fa .' 589. Dl&a.e,bom 12.Nov•• 1946.,Saa. l'edro. Central. They have a good h_e. Atpr_. the .. Iia the aaea.ollofftceiD the court h011N alld be Iherlfa office • 586. Keaa.etb bom22Mar.1931,1OIl ofPbWipWWlams They have a ntce:famlly.Tbeolden:da1igliter JoNeUmaftied aDd.Bertha Cluff, Pima. Ariz. Ma.lried: " RuloD Daley and llv. in GObertiJea.. 590, Grace. R1lla also leameci to b e a Iteaograpber, but IOOD IDIUted. Cbildrea: Milford JoImaoa. .They have llved blPnlCott.· Mesa &Ddare 591. CbifstIDe .. 592. Pamela Sue DOW' ill Pboea1x. ·He II fa. cbe lDIuraace bUdDeawtthlda .bI01beD.

576. Cherril Cluff. da.u. ofGaULionelCluff and Delva. Allred b. 30 June 1930, Celitral, Ariz. Md.: 577. Jack CQQradNaegle, son of ParleyPaulNaeg~ and Mary Anoaa Coombs. b. 15 Aug.1930,Central, Ariz. rbey live in

602. 2DdmarriAgEl was tt, Carl Tyler, bom •••••• ahd •••••• '• .;• • They live tnMesa, AruoDA.

soa.of •••

.&Id. .


c., c..






Gwain EWI Cluff ion. of Brigham HarriI. C1uffaml.Eliza ElleD Coombt" b Q~D 2 Mar. i91S fa CtDUal. Am." Mal!1ed 5 Feb•• 1943 ill"". (Ar1zoaa'to: 593. Eloise Tyler. botIl13 Dec. 1925, daUghter of. They live in,Mesa. Children: 594. Gwa1a..bora. 1 July. 19". M_.AriZoDa . 595. Melode. Lya.a..bom13 'N9'i. 1947 ;Meia,Artz.
'00 .- ..

TDyha\reamoclemhomeaad,twoJoiraly etal.... ... was twiD,but the Other ObewubOm dead. she married Gerald IohDlou nephew to Rllla'i bUlbaDd. . They Uve in Chiao VaUey ODa farm.




. 596. 597.

David H&lIfs. hom 5

Ju!y 1950,

Mesa, Ariz.


WWlam Bemard CoombllOll of. George Coombs and GUltava GulbftDdlou: bom 21Mai. 1875f1011Dta1DGteen Utah. Died 20 JUbe '1945 in Cemral. AriZ. 603. Martha Jane Webster da.ughteroftbomai George. W'eblter andMaryE1mer~boiD4JaDo 1884t.avaD, atil. mamed S Oct. 1904, Central, Ariz. Theyalwa)'llived In Central. Ariz. He

was',: prosperous farmer.


481. Zova EtblYD Cluff daughter of -BrIghamHairts .Cluffand EllzaEUea. Coombs born 5 ARr•• 1918 in Centrak Ariz •. Matned Sept.. 1938. to: 598. Glallt Layfon SOD of-Rlcbard Layton and,WlDDie Cunts. bom J1.QJe 1919 in Thatcher,,~. They Uved in different places and after mreechidren wereb~th81 divorced; .

Children: 599•. ' Peggy Lyaa.. bom 30 May, 1937 • Cem:ral._Anzo· 800. Suuna.. bom 13 Dec. 1941, Duncan. Arizona. 601. Patricia, bom 11 Sept., 1943. Safford, Arizona.

604. Gladyt\ bom 22 Aug. 1905. Ceattal, Ar1z~ 60S. Clyde Bernard, born 16 Dec. 1906. CeDtral, Ariz. d. 22 Jaa. 1907.. 606. Letha, botn 29 Mar., 1911. Central, Ariz. 607. Rilla, bOrD6 Feb, 1914, Central, Ariz. 60s.. Cleotha HeW:SD,born 25Jaa.. 1922, CeDtral, AriZ. 604.

Gladys Coombs,dilughterof WUl1am Bemard CoombS and Jane Webstu, b 0 r n 22 Aug. 1905 in Central, Ariz. :;9

Maaled :.l3 July 1923 to: 609. Edward ~mbloJu a n. pf ep~Ili.lg,M..J..-mbIon and May, Bymes, born7 Sept. 1902. Cemral. Ad;z. They Uve in Chandler, AriZ. He iI a prospero .. maD"

610. Geraldipe, bom 18 Arf •• 1924. M1~'" .MiL', 611. La.~. bora .1 JUDe l~as. Ceaaal,~OQ&.'




608. Cleotha Hellen Coemb. d aug h t e r of W1lU&m. emuel l Coombtand,MaZtba]aneWebater bcm126'.Ja1L. 1922111Ceallal, Ar1zoDA. Married 21 May 194110: ' 631. Jamea~ldJohalOll toaoflama Geralchlld Hazel 'lohDadD.. bom13 Aug.' 1920~ They ltve ill Odao ViUey. Az1I.



610. Geraldille ~mbloaa.qght:er of Uward LaIPbIon and, Glallya Coombt. qom~8 Apr. l~24.,~a. AIia.mm,lq lit: lack fmu,bom •• DtVOi'C~, MI~" 2Qd 0Il~4Sept. .1948; '613.CIIa.~ea l<eaaz Rudy. borp 20 PI=~ 192Q. They.J'v~ ill Burbank, Cal1for$.,

632. 633. 634,

Gezald Bemard, bora 17 Aug. 1943, PrelCGU, Ariz. ' SteveaWayua.bom,SO Ju.1M'7, PleIco1rt Adz. Tharon, bom 25 Mar.; PretcoUo Ar1I.



-","~-.' '-WoUKea:

414. ,'CbarleaLeoDard ·Coombe. _of George Co.mbIlDd Pauleaa GUltava GulbaadaoD. ,'borll: 1 Apr. 18181A Fo... Green. Utah. Maaned. died 1940.'
I • ••






61uae, ~~ •. Gl~,;Cal1f.

J* 19~O,Gla.J.e. O,ur. .'

.•,·636., Emma



Geoqe RIley Sbun:i &:

f311.'~eL4Plb101l~usbt.of~chrard,Lam_JUDdGladya Coombs.' .80fll 1 JQIIe" i928.·m.~ 18JQDe1948. 1:0 8emard' CJareaC~DoYe. b~~Nov.'1926.' Th,ey leItck4fa Maty1l.Dd· but"naw aretaPo1QOm&. Callf.

~1aDd. 642,. LelIa Veri. bom 2 Apr. 1914. CeaIA~ .us.. 6~.'QWL ~~ DP,ft. b,. HoUY"eoci.,caW., ~643.11CLezoy "bom80Dlc.1918. Ceaaal, Ads. , , . "', . , ".&W.,.~~M11_ boal'MMa),. 1919.Ceaaal. Ads. 6OG.LetbaCocQblcia.ught:. of ,WIUJ4Ju.BeawtlCoGmbl&Dd. ,.us. ' Nellte. oMiD 10 OCto 1921. Ceaaal.Ada. MaftbaJ~:JlcbIc~~29. ,1911,09Iaal.,A1Uemar"5 ': r1ecU8 Jul)' l.9$9.,~:' Cbatlea L~ CoombiUvecUaCem:ral ~ for fum_ $l9. irI1al~ Quff_qfFJUWIA Cluffand RbodaBiaan. a number of yean. He __ dlmma RebedShaaa of Cell80m 14JU1y19~ c;,_4 HeJaafarmer. rnl. Theylatermo.ed>tDG1obewhelebewodc_mdaelDlDA 0Uldrea.:, He W&I act:tve ol'aluOh wtdleheltwdmGiobe. He."......, 6,20. ,)oNeUH,bqIa. 29,Jlec; •• ~ltc.aual. 4riaaaa sUlldaySchOO1IUpU1ate" mtcbotrl_der beitctea betIIg 611. aoea.fay.~ 2lApL .•..~38.·PreIt::on. Adz", ward teacher. EiDmaalaoworked fa cbe chuICb a lot. He ba-. 622. Raaald,~boa 1937. PnICoUo>ArIa. &lwayabadgood'bealdl. bUlftryauddGij _· ..... 'he bad 623., W'WfQ1Jtf.cbNd~ll Nov•• l831."Cemral. Ariz. abean attack &Ild~tCchlmOlC UlnatWYI He .. burled. fa 624.D.mie f~~·lO PMo1947.S&ffoId.· Aztzo " Calm!. Hil wife worked auhelchool cafeteria .. biker a ", 'number of leaD, W&l1nGlobe, b'Utnow ltvea fa ~,~ , 6~ JoNeU of" &ma ·P1'AIlIcliaClUfhad Lema Cbarlea Eward maaned Allee Beary. Thiy haft IIG c:bIIdn:D. CoombI.ac.I9,~. 1931. ·CeDllal. Adz. ·.. lII.ed to: They llve tn Karuu Clt:y. tdiIIOurL 626.. RuloIa~. '9Q 0 fMukllaUey &ad luaaBeal.bom PaulJae mauled Haay Th~ They llve fa Globe. He 29 .~l., Tbey~"IA.QIlbert.AdZ. me m1Da.~haYe Wee All are mar, '. a..u.dreil: ' ' , Mel aad'.Uve, ~t:be tta1eo .' , '6~' 'RuloD BlaIIdt, b. 9 JUDe 1960. ., ' Llll1&llmamedMaaDTboraatUdUYII/!lOW Ia PboeIdx. They 627. Kathy JeaD .... , b. 14 Mar. 1962. hi,ve. uo:fQlUye: , .' Vedamarried HaID10D &lain. They l1wdDGlobe. They are 621. Cleoae. fay. au. O(JarV'Q.t:~Cll.lffandLe1ba veryacdve fa cIwrch work. They have ODe daUSlllllriaaatecL

Cl&lJ.dleA; .: ,,'_" , , ,Geay J,yaa.. bc;unll N~v.l~9.

EQlma Rebecca, NOItOIlo bOlD 28 Dec. 1882 tIlfOllRoo4&1e. SheltVel .,GlObe, "',~, Cbildrea:' " 63'7. Cbarlea EctntdbolD 6 New. lto2.Ceaa&1, Ads. 638. Pau1iae. bOm13·Apre 1906.CeaDl.A~ 638.' WlWl.,bom18 Juae'190'l.Cemra1. Ariz. 640. Veda,' bom'lSe~i9ot,Ce_l, Adz. 641. EmDl&. bonl4 Feb. 1912. CeDa:ral.ArIz.

Utah. '










.. ' Coemba.b.


'Temple, .~.~
628.; .: ~V1A



They bact. lOIlaadcwtaprll. b·ut 'Olle of tile twiIII They are· good church workea. Leu Veri m&ld.ed Geolge edward Beckltead. They llYed ill 60'7. Rilla Coemba. daughter of WlJJ,IpJ; '~" Q»Qmbll.lld Maftba.Jane WebRer. 6 Feb. 1914 iD. ceaaal.,Artz. mar .. OJabe. They CbSldletl. W'idle OD·n:dp tIltbe Nonb em, put oftheSlat:eth e yWMClted 1beu car. " .. " .. ldlled ried 21 Nov. 1933 fa Temple to: cODdltloll for a loDg·time. bllt 11alright 628. w~~ 'CIQ tlJ..-pb S, ..~.bom 161&11. udhewufaaaer10us 1908. Theybave lived fa dlfferem placa b\ll,are iIl,"D1x '.DOW. now. Peal Leroy Coombl malried Vel_Ogden. He bad a peery-, ChUdren: 1t:0000iII~lobe. RelOld and WeDltDSoum PhoeId.x wh_ he ba. 629. L yl. I<aYbom 13 Noy. ,1935, ~oa. Ariz. Md. 22 a ROle of hardware and other tb1DgI. Hell do&Dg weU m1W. April 1954. Thomaa LaMar Legler, bam 12 Dec. 1933. bus.... They hadDOchi1drell, bill adoptHOIae abollt cwo YUII,"gQ,also another one recently. . . 630. Sheml~. botlll J~,193~'t~ott. Ariz. wozki.


~ •. JG9.,·of *W~.·Ol1",IIDgham.

EmmaCoombimaaledRdia·We1lcer·ofSeffold. ill Saffold acwlliletbut are ,ua,PIIIitIdx



wIaeie berlmibaiIA





Heinarti~d Vera l..OiSW~i'6urton,

They ba vetwo children.
Nelliemaftied Paw

8ecktt_ TbeylivediJ1Glcibe.
t\VolittlegitIs. ','


are now in Subee,Artzoaa.iTheybave

637. Cbarl .. EdwaldCOOIDbr lOIlolCbariesLeonatd·CcOmbl , and,Emma Rebecca,ihuta:bomSNov" 1902. Ciatral, Ariz.

'062. HeUen'Louisei3laUi d3ughtet df'HattnoftSlatn indVeda Coombs, bom 27 Jall. 193iln Globe. Arlz.riiarrleci 17 Apr. 1947 in Florencei Arizona to:' 664. Robert EugeneEvabs,bdm ••• theYUvelIlGlobe,Ariz. Children: 665. Calvin Eugene' bom 15 Mar. 1948, in Globe, Ariz.

646., AIle .. Heary.bom ••••• in K£Dsa&Clty. Mo. _


I20fatnUyaild live

tied 17 MAr. i929 'tU safford, AHzoG.\to:· 666. RoU'b Welker born 14 'July 19111n

641. Emma"Cootnb*daughter~·Cb4rle.LeoD'ard Cool'l1bs and Emma RebeecaShurczbom4Feb. 1912 fa Central, Ariz. mar-

638. PauUa.C;OQ·lD bl ·.·d4ughter.of;,Cba'rl .... ~oD4rdCoomb.inPboeDix • . &IlCI Emma Reb~; Sbunz. bom13Apr.190Sln:Cemral.-,Ariz..·' Children: m&lried22M&Y 19~ £0':"667. ROtl.tDLel'Qy-borii15Au8~ 1931 fb Salford. Ariz. 647. 'Fredelick .Tboma'"loa ,of 'Hmy,' Thomu-botnin July "'668~';Mareella Jean' bom 1'7 ·Oed. 19'33(twin) 1896iD Englaad.They l1ve;iIlGlobe.Amoaa.;669~ MareelineJane bom 17 bee. 1933. O. 13 .May 1942648. BeayLou •. .bom,211"L 1927, Globei A&.' ,&&9. PlozaM&y.bom 11 July 1929, iIlGlobe.A1U.Coombl.b~
&SO., NomLILee, bom24 Mar. 1931. Globe{ A:fljoaa.


They live


648. Beay Lou TholDNo·da.ugbterof,FiedetlckThomu and ·Leu Coomht. bam 211aa.. 1927 Globe. Arilbftatr2amed... 19 Mar. 1946. fA Globe,Artzoaat:o;671~ 651. Nuh lC1Ge1,bom 19" Apr. 1920~. ill'Globe; Arlil. They live ,iDGlobe. Arizoaa. .' Cbildrea: 66L JelrY Nubj bQra16'l-.. '194'7, in G~;ArII. ,8&3. Patdcla ADM bom20Mar. 1940. in Globe,' Arfz.668~
~ i,.

Rbul1I:eRay Soil Of'-ounAdolphUs Welker Emma 15 Aug. l~31i Saffi)rcI, AlIz.Md. 6 Sept. 1952, 'Al'iZoaa Ti!mple:' , .' 670~ Mangee' Aiul' dau. of Joh n Anhtao Peteaoa alld .: Agnes ·Luella'Blrch. b. 1 Jutle1932, 'Cbtld: Oetd1I1LaRay Welker. b. 260ec.-19s3, Phoeaix. Ariz. 687.



672. Robert'Watto,

j)DbtLoreilWatscmDaggettandMarriet May ClUie, b. 4Sept. 1932, Po1lcta1il. tI. T.Mei. 28 Mar. 1952~PhoeniX. Arlzoaa. . '.

~'Erilrri&Coombl. b. 17

F_MaeTholD&l.'daugbter'ofFtedftck T'h 0 hi as and' 1.eD&- Coombs. bOID11:1uly19291D Globe. Ariz.',matr1ed 17' Aug. .1947. in Globe. ·Artz. ,to; 8M. GoldeaG&le·Hemaker,bom20July1928.lDGlObe', Ariz;. They live in Globe, Arizolla.


Dec. j 933,Safford,
b; 13 Aug.

dau.· otROa&IlAdolphu.Welkerand
•Ariz. Died

~'73. Rt~keyEusene, 13 Aug. 1952.


Leoaard Greeg,b.

'. 3 Sept, 1953. PbOeDix. Ariz.


642. t.eaa

Veri Coombs,

da\lgbterof CbarlesLeOllUd Coombs

SUl&Dbom~ Feb. 1948lD MOdest:O,cal'tf. llldEminaRebeccaShuttz, bom2 April 1914 In Cenual.Ariz. 656. Glen!.. bom19 Sept. 1949. ModestO, caU'!. they llvemiuiied12 Mar.-1933lnGlobe.Arizona. in Moduto. Callfomta. . 675. Geol'ge Eclwud ~ckatead.Jr., ~om12 Mar. 1910 In Ft. Apache, 'Artzoaa. They llVe In Globe. Ariz~ 650. NormalAe ThOlhU. dAugbter'OfFredetklkTbothal and Children: , 676. Marjorie bom3 OCt. 1934. ill Globe,Artz. LeIJa Coombt.b.MMar. 1931. Gldbe. Ariz. meL: . 6S7. .Tanner 671. Jean. bom8 AUg. 1937 In GlObe. ArIZ;; .' 678. Phillip Geotge, bom 191uae 1948, lDGlobe, Ariz. ChUd: 658. Pauline. borD3! July19SS,Globei AriZona' 643~' 'Dent LelOy' COOtnbs icIa of Charles L~ Coombs and 639. ·WU&IlCooltlbldaug1ltet ofChailesuODAfdCoorrtbs and Ernri1&RAlibeccaSIiurt:t:,boril3 0' Dec. i9l811l Cemral. Ariz. Emma Rebecca Shur1Z b<mr l8'Jtine 190'7 lnCenaal, Arlzoa&. 'Mamed23Feb~ 1941 In GlObe. AriZcH. to:" married 6 Nov. 1937 to: 679.VeloraOgded.bol'll ••• They bave DO bUy and llve 659. MaiID Thomas, bom ..', ••• 'hi Texas. lDGlobe, AlUoaa. .




Cblrle&teoMrdCoorttbs and Shurtz bom. 7 Sept. 1909 Centta1, Ariz. married 28 June 1928 to: 660. Hannon Slain. born 18 Oct. 19071D Thatcher, Ariz. Theyuve In Globe, Artzoaa.

Emma Rebecca

Veda. Coombsdaugbt~of

LeoUrd Coombs and Emma Rebecca Shurtz, bam M )day 19i9 in Cemal. Ariz. Married 28 Apr1l~ 1943 iii PhOeiltx. Arlzoaa to: - 680. Vera LoUWarburgtDn. born3Aug. 1927 IIIBaldwiD Park, Callf. They l1Yf,'1n Globe.ArlZoaa. .

644. Max MUtoD COombilOD Oftha~les

661. En1eIt Geotge,bom 14 MAy 1999.'-1A Globie. Adt. 662. . Hellea LoutH, bom 271an. 1931; In Globe. AriZ. 663. Nellie Joyce. bom 29 July 1934 in Globe, Ariz.

681. . MalkMlltoll,


Jr•• bom 30 laa. IM8lnPboeaiJC, Ariz. Lulda Raye. bom 20 rime 1948 fA Globe. Alizou. 680-a. Gary Dent, b. 27, Oct. 1951. Plioenix, Arizona 682.

680-b. Debra Lyn, b. 3 Nov. 1953, Phoenix, Arizona. 645. Nellie <::()OmQadaugb~erof Char lea Leoa.ard C.ombs and Emma.~pec~ Shurtz bom 10 Oct. 1921 in Central. Ariz. Married 13 Aug. 1938 in Globe. Arizona.: 683. Paw Emmett Beckatead, born s.oee, 1915. W111alow, Ariz. They live in Bilbee. Ar1zooa. CbildroQ.: 684. Maxine Gaynell. bom 9 Oct. 1938. Globe. Ariz. 685. P4ula. bOlJl12Apnl1947 •. ql~be. Artzoaa. Nathan EugelU! stayed in Q:nual. He farmed _nd worked for other farme.... He 1.ISed to work on tbreab_ and bailen. He filst married Surilla Amelia Webster. They' fint lived with b~ parents. then after in different placea in Central.~athan had a bad case of typhoid and recov"ed.Tbeymo~d to their own bome then. He had to go to HOlSpringa. A,.~ to get ri4 of the rbeumailca it left birn. About~e mOQtba a(t"their thUd baby w a I b 0 r n ahe WAI on ber way to Mutual Tueada y D1ghtwi~beraf.l~l.au.ra. S.be was .alwayu.c.tive in the churcb.Na~llwas'.home wlth.thebabies. Some young people driving by drove up close enough to biube ho,ae tbeyw~ driving. full)ength with a buggy whip. 'l1W made the lIonejump and run,' their buggywaa over tUIII.cdand.bolbwomen d:uowQ. out, Surilla never reg a i ned CODiCiOUSDeli .!lfl~: within and tweEny-four boUlS, Laura waa ba.dly inj~ed,but recov~ed. Nathantookhf.lbabyfiDt to hll brother Willi to have it cared for, butttw.,. 11C)~ loDg. tUl be took it to bis momeD allei lived there. Glen sfayed matt of the time wllb b1a motheD brother Olear Weblteraad Anona stayed wtth lacr moth~.ilter Laura. He lived alQqe.acarlY.Ili,ne yea ... He.theIl m&(rie.d E'i&Ecboll who had taught ..ubiachildren in the three yeaq.qehad ..& ugbt J there. The y added on the bouse and made fQOlllfor all the chU~en and.bis pareDli too. Their fiat cbUdwaa·a paralytic, from birth. He lived twenty yeaalacking eleven days. He was a pOGr~il~able c:hUd who coul~ .never takehll place in the world. His mind wasaot affiicted,jUlt bll body snd maay times be told bjs.father bcpnigbt as well 4igal1ole a~ bury . him for he could neverbeJpb,ta. daddy. They lived l!l Central till their filSt four children were born. Then tbeytnoy"d to Mesa. At filSt Nathan w~ked for a ce~eat plallt or company but soon got on with the city rUllPiD8uy.gatioD ,(ater. Then afterward he got OQal caretaker of the cemetery •. '.He worked there fifteen years. It ruf,Ded hi,s·bealth.WbeD he left Mesa he moved to $DOwflake wberebebaci a g09c:l.l~ouse.... Dice . farm and a Jallitoa job that gave himttme .tQ.fW1 bta. place. Eva opelleduptbe high achool cafetena whid! had been closed for several years. Eva bad beea Supervisor of the. Mesa $chool Cafeteril,f()1' four yea~ sowaa experienced. It .. as ~e best set " up they had ever had, NalhAn wellttoC~tlttpyisit hj.a mother who was ninety four years· old •. She told it·wal his duty to come take ·care of her as he 'was ~e only.on sh.e bad left. He sold out and m 0 ve d to Central'at Chriatmas time. Tbe bouse was so Imall be added oa ""obedroems, a bath, a. service porch and afroqt room. ' He wa s not able toW-ark and the inoney was melting .fast. Eva ta ught school one year. After sctlpol was out she worked in a resta uram for a year and a ha if then u a rt e d cooking at the Cenual School cafeteria. The house was undermined with wa ter and desuoyed tUI the school bad to be moved to Thatcher so she .was out of work. H is. mother was one hundred years, 2

October 1952. she lived till tbe 13 January 1953, when she paned away. She WaI·bedfaat for twomoatba·before me died. A year from the next Marcb Nathan mo v ed toMeaa to live. ij.e~ there now, Eva Wal ,cooking lotheLebi School cafeteria, b4~,i;nqwin AlteratioDl. at the Peoaey Store •. Glen had always worked for wages and moveli flOmplace tQ place.6eJillt mazried RlaGarter.theybadtwolODl, Altel. they w* both irQwa and married Glen&ndRita dt'90rced, Sbe maJried Cecil Moody. He 11 in the Air Force ancllhe lI·wlth him. Glen 1ll&tr1ed lecond Clarice B. Goodmaa. Tbey have two linle gull, He 11 wolking in Phoenbe now andU.,e. there. Mary Aaooa mall1ed 1st Teddie 1. Fergusoa. They bad ODe sou.. tbtD.,diYOlCed,· She Uved IlDgleabOut aaxyeall, then~ldcdP&Jley Paul. Naegle who bad been marrtedbefore and divorced. He had three ~1eD .aDd .be bad oDe and they ~d. ~aJack. 'Parley worke4·fcrtbeWater·Usen driviDg trucks loaded with mentowo~Hedeveloped can c e r aad· suffered cemhly. He pasaed away. She went co Saowflake aDd lived 1ol;aer falb.eah 0 UIC that wiD_wtthlOlDe of her older blO~ ... and.iltea. Since leaYiDgsnowflakethe goca from avd,n,inlowa toJacklD MeIao·She dOCln'c try to make a bome for heaelf. lU1t DOW she ta ID Iowa with Elwin. ElwlDm;miedSusanAliceTdmble. They UvedlD Snowflake awbUe.~eDllloved.to Iowa. sbe hal taught aCbool three years but is not this year. They have four cb1ldreD. J,f.ckIllUriecl·CherrUCluff. He worked fora car dealer, now he wora for MWet Si!DI,l1vea ia.Meaa. baltwoprenygtrla. Erma Lucile married Morgan Taylor. He worked for Alabam in Ph~.acI Gu,. Bead alioFlaglt&ff~ When he left them be w~co ~eqaahndworkedfo.rDon Pace in Safford. mea for M1DerWebater carpemedDg. Tben they moved to LGI Gatoa. _QUfoa;tia., . they havealwayabeenveryacdve IA church work ·~haa QQa bilhopl',couoseloraad me,ReliefSocietyPreaident, They had two cbildrea..Hejo1ned theuavyaad be and ti:li family arc pn,Mtdway lIland DOW. Tlley wW be back in the State. for Chrilanaa. Rilla Nadine ~rr1ed J o. e p b D. Faoara. They Uve in Sail Jose, Th.eY have ,tijree children. He f.I a ca!peIItCr. He f.I a co&lvertrpthe. cbwch. Surilla Amelia rnz.rr1edDooald A. Foote. He went into service. She bad a IOD whUe he' WAI in aerv1cc. They got a divorce befprebew"diachargel!. Hewau.cbool teacher and a 'good man. . He 11· ~d to T~,a Germall girl who ta a regiltered nuae, They bave four children. After the atgD1Dgof the peace sbe married Cheater CluffwheD he came home. They live in~pringfield .. ~g9Q, TheyhavctwoUttlegtrla. He 11 a carpenter. They have built them a beautiful bome. He bas done ~t,a~lhtmself a, he c9Jll4~y for,it. Recently they divorced.. ~beiJOldherJJ,Qme a·Qd bHcome toMe" to make her home. Arnold Gus ma~ied.l,.ucUleJefferies. they have bought them a home in River Edge, New Jeaey .near her people. He leamed, Diael Engineering whUe 10 servi~ and ~ employed. by the Seaey City. TraD$fef Corporation. They have two children. He brought his family to Arizona for bis graadmother's ODe.llunikedtb birth<.lay. birthday is.tbe "me day. Dean Coombs married RadaSbU1et. She had beeD married before and had a small son, They have bad DO cbildrell of the' ow~. b~t ba ve,adopted a bt?byb~y which they really enjoy. He is a body and f~ndet man and a. car painter. Recently;old his





bUlineilaDcfmovtd to Arizop.ato live. malt at· Bake Right Auto Shop. .

Children: 703. Laura i.ee· bOrD 22 Dec. 1948 ill PhoeDbc. Aria. ~ied 30 M&i'.1949. Zeaaa marrted fiJlt PhUManm.,. Tbeystay~dtogether ollly. few moDthl and divozeed.· Her babywat bom after.thedlvozee. 704" Married 3rd time to Karen' Friend bom 5 Apr•• 1933 in She worked as a wahreu for a whUe after herbaby.wal older. . Chicago. Ill. 'ChtldreD: Thea abe took a beautycoUJIe. ruJ~eaftel'.e fiailhed abe" 705. Todd. bom6DeCo·i950. muriedSartl BoWmaa. TheyUveacrou therlverfromSolomon.. 706. Sherry LYDD, bom 3 JUDe 1953. He 11 a CQttOnfanner. They~ve two little.o. 415. Naih&a Eugene Coombl IOnof George Co.mbl aud Paulina Gustava Gulbr&lldlen. born 17 Oct.. 1880 ill FotmtaillGreen, urah. Married lit •••• in 'Central, Ariz. .to;' 68S •. Sarma Amelia Webster dau. of Thomas. Ge:orl!eWebster and Mary Elmer, bom 12 Dec. 1882 iJ:l; La,van. Utah. D.21 November 1909. . He bal poor he a 1t h and bas dcme some building. He baa a nice home. 699. Vi rg i I Doyle COombS·son Glen Natban CooalbI and Roxey Rita Carter, b 01'11 5 May 191$ Central. Aria.mamed 1st on3 JaIL 1945itl 8oftcia.Ma .. to: . 70'7.' l.()ratne Berry, bom 1 0 May 1924 in Boetca..MIII. They moved to Phoenix. Children: . . 708~ Glea Richard bom 9 Ailg. 1946'in Photntx.Artz. 709. Llada Jean bom 11 Apr.1948tDPboea1Jt,"Arlz. 710. Md. 2nd80dJtleRUeWhf.flockCrandall, born 26 Apr. 1927 in Colorado City, Texas. ChUdren: ..


He works as body




68'7. GlenNatbaa.bom18 Dec.1903,cenual,Adz. 688. Mary AnODa,born 15'IUile, 1905. Central. Arls. 689. Erma l.ucille, bom2 July 1909, Central,·Ariz. 690. m&rrted2nd~e on 21Sept.1916 iDCeatralt6 Eva Echoll daughter of BenjamiD Echola and Georgiana B1ail, bom 16 Dec. 1889. Graham Co., Arizona. .They live .inCenual now.

711. BODDleD4Jylebcun 90C:t. 1949'tD'Phoeaix. .She had been married before to Larry CtandaU of SAffold allCl.1i twocldldreD. ~12; CaolAmlbom 1 Nov. 194&. ill Mesa. . 714. Rickie Edwald bom 2 Nov., 1948. ill MoreDCt, Ariz. 715. Debra Sue b. 6 Aug., 1954.
688.M4ryAiloDa C08mbl cliiu8h_ot ·.cOombs and SuriIla Amelia Webster bom 18 JUDe1905 JDCemDI. mar·lIt to Teddtelay¥ergusOD. iOta of MelvIDPfeitola feIpIe and RiDda••• bom 13 Nov. 1903,KeatuCky.TheydlYOll:ed.Children: 716•.. ElwiD·Ted, bom 211tt1y 1922 1D ceniDi. Adz.: 71". . Macted 2nd on 26 Mar~ 1929 to Parley Paul Naeg1e IOn ,ofCoa.rad Naegle and PaUline •••• He died ..... ·ChildreD: .718. Jack COa.radbom 15' Aug~ 1930 f.D Meaa,' Arizoaa. 716. Elwin Ted Fergu.oo: SOIlof Teddie J•. l=erpI(IIl aDd Mary ADOIIl.Coombl. bom 24 March 1922 In Ceitlal. Ariz.. married 27 June 1941 ill Mesa Temple to: 719.' S un n Alice Trimble daughter of~eTrlmble and Nellie Samantha' Ricurcll.bom 24 Mar. 1~23. They Uv~ in SDowflake. but are DOW tDBdaaparte. low •• Children: 720. Nelona, bom12May1942. 721. Paria, bom17 Nov~ 1943. 722. Victor Ted, bom 26 Feb. 1946. 723. Paul Nathan, b. Iowa.

691. Hal Eugene. bom 2 Aug. 19 17. Central.' Ariz.d. July 193c! in Mesa. . 692. Surllla Amelia, b. 11 ~pr. 1920 •. Central, Ariz. 693. Arnold GUs, b.2 Oct. 1922, Central •. Arta. 694. DeaD, b. 16 Peb. 1925, Central, Ariz.695. Zenna, b. 26 Apr. 1929.iD Mesa~ Ariz.· 696•. Roy Elmo. bom 28 oee, 1932,' Mell. Ariz. 19


691•. Glen Nathan Coombs, sonofN_than Eu(ene Coombs and SurUla Amelia Webster. bom 18 Dec. 1903.iD Central, Ariz. Marrted26 Oct. 1922 in Central. ArizOD&fO,; 697. Roxey Rira Carter daughter of William Carter and Julia Ballard, bam 12 Jan. 1906 in Pima, Aria. .They are divorced •. ChUdrea: 693. Kent NathaD, bom :Uune 1923 in Ceatral. Am •. 699~ Virgil Doyle, bom 5,May.1925. in CeDUaI, Ariz.


691-a. Glen Nathan manieche~ODd ClariceB.Goodm&n of Phoenix. He works for wag. aDd they move .aroundwith the jobl, but at present they are in Pboellix. They bavctwo beautiful little! daughten. CbUdreli: 691-b. Rilla DIane, b. 4 Sept. 1951. Ceneral, Ariz. 57'7. Jack Conrad Naegle son of ParieyPaul Naegle aDd Mary S91-b •. Sharon Gwen,. b. 19 May 1953, PboeDix. Ariz. . . AnonaCoombl; bam 1~ AUg. 1930 In Mesa, ..ira. ,married • • ..• .to Chernl Cluff . 698. Kent Nathan CoombslOD of Glen Nathan Ceombl and 576. CherUl Cluff, daughter of Gad Lionel Cuff aDd Delva Roxey Rita Carter b (, r n3 JUDe 1923. In Central, Ariz. MarAllredo ried 1st·to Marjorie ChUdren: 700. MarjOrie Perfoy of Phoenix. They are divorced. 578. CoDDie bom 20 July 1950. in Mesa. ArIzona. children: 579.. Vickie Lynn, bom 19 Feb. 1952, Mesa. Arizona. 701. Larly Kent. bom Aug. 1943, PhoeniX, Ariz, 579-&.' Jack Garland, b. 25 Aug~ 1954. 702. Married 2ndon4 June 1948 to Joyce Morenda of Phoenix. They are divorced. 689. ~a LucUle Coombs da ughter of Nathan Eugene Coombs 33.

ana sunua Amelia

Webster born 2 July 1909 in Cenual, Ariz. married 25 Aug. 1926 ill ~lobe, Aruoc.a to: 724. Henry M 0 r ga n Taylor son of KeJUle~Taylor and Beva Beals. TheyItved in several places, but now are in Los Gatos , Califomia. He is a carpenter, Children: 725. Rilla Nadine Taylor, born 21 sept, 1928, Globe, Ariz" 726. Noel Morgan Taylor born, 2& Dec. 1930. Gila Bend, Ariz •.

They' h e farmed his fathen place for years. Tbeybad a baby boy drown here. They had a nice family. \ 726. Noel Morgan Taylor son of Henry Morgan Taylor and T he y sold here and went into Phoeaix. He worked different j Erma Lucille Coombs, b.25 ~c. 1930, GUaBena, d Ariz. r..ld. places: and she' also worked 'around near her home. For two or 21 JUDe 1954, Salt Uke City, U~: , three yearssbe tended baby for a Doctor. She Wat a lady Doctor. 'Later they moved hack to cenD'al. She pused away aad 731. Eleanor Rae Croshaw, dau. of Mr.aod Mrs. John Lionel in ~ year ,he followed her. Croshaw. Charles William (little Bill) married Alice Sowell. He has 692. Surilla Amelia Coombs, daughter of Nathan Eugene worked for the state on a survey gang for yean. She.bas taught school for a long time. most of her married life; They have Coo.nbs and Eva EchOls. born q, ~pr. l.929 in Cenual,·Ariz • two:daughten. married 1st to: Wylmeth married Leroy Bowman. They have two chUdten, ···?31~DoDald AltoD Foote. sdn of AISOIIF.oote and Matilda Parker •. Thc:y are divorced. MarleDels StU! single and going to college. , Children: Velma Pearl ~rried liamest Thomas. He Wo\l a very ge mechanic and bad his own shop in Casa G r a Dd e. He pasaed 732. 0a1.: Arnold, born 26 June 1943. in Mesa, Ariz. away about three yeailago. They h,ave a nice fanlily. Velm~ 733. Marril!u 2nd to Chester Ea.r,Cluff, sono( James Earl still lives in Casa'Grande. and Frieda Lines. on 26 Oct. 1945. He was born ,infima, Ern est William ma:ried Surah Berryman. He worked with Adz. on •••. They lived in' Springfield, Oregon. Hel$a cirhll father and siDce nis fathers death carries on the business. penter, She hurc=cently moved to Mesa to make her home. Children: .' He isa good mechanic also. They have two children. Clorenc Thomasmarriell Ralph L. Fish. They have one dau734. Eva Ru~. bern 11 Oct. 1946 lD Central. Ariz. ghter .. 735. Kath_een. bora? Oct. .19'*8 in Springfield, oregon, Barbara Lenore married Thomas Richie. They have one ehtld, 693" Amold Gus CoGnlj)s son of Nachan Eugene Coombs and Carl Richard Combs married first Merle Dameron. They dtvorced; Theyhachhree chi1dr~n.One little boy died. After Eva Ech9,ls;t;orn 20ct,' 192.2 in Cenual •.Ariz. married 1 Sept. 1946 in Teaneck. New Jcrsey.co: a number ofyearshe married a g if I by the name o( Margie. 736. Lucille Jefferies d aug h t c: r of James Ruuel and Lucille She has been very good to, him and his children. HII daughter Jefferies. They live in RiYl!rEdge, N,J. Bom3 Oct. 1919, Odessa tsnew martied,but Mickie isstil! single. He was aear Blythewhcn ·l'beardfrom him taSt. ' Nes York State. - He metherdurlDg World War 11. Cllildren: . LysleBrowl1 married Aline Asay. They had no c;hlldren; but 737. Barbara Jeanne. bornI9 Jan. 1950. River Edge, N.J. adopted a little boy who fills the empty spot in thelf lives. 738. Jeffery Arnold, b. 19 June 1953, River Edge, N.J. Fey Elmo married Wanda Mangum, He mlJ\'ed toCafifornia tv get work and dic:d out there. She is still iDCalifornia. Theressa EI~en Combs married Forest Ford. They had three 694•• Dean CoORlb$ son 0 ( Nathan Eugene Coom!lsand Eva Echols, born 16 Feb. 1925 in Centra l, Artz, married 24 Nov. children. They divorced. He mar r i e d again soop. but she 194660: waited nearly four years. She recently married and moved to '739. Racla Clorine Shiflet daughter 0 f Joseph Sanger Shiflet ..CaUfornia .. Calvin Combs married Wanda Follen (rom Pima. They di- and Edith Coombs, born 12 Nov. 1926, in Central. She' had vorced; The son was born after. He married again to V[\'ia' been married before and had ol son, Laverne Brokes, '!'\e:, live in Tucson, She married a man U. Children: 740. James DWight Menon, born 8 Sept, 19~6 central, MiL. Sa ffl>gj andli ves there. t-n, Micholel Dean. b. 12 Feb. 1953.
lived in CenD'al and

725. Rilla Nadine Taylor daughter of Henry Morgan Ta ylor and Erma Lucille Coombsbom21~ept. 1928, in Globe, Ariz. marriedU July 19471n San Jose, . CaHf. to: 727, Joseph Domenic Fanara solu>f Ignatious & Lucille Fanara, born 27 May 1923 in San jose, CaUf. They live in san Jose, Califomia~ . Childrcn: 728. Ronald Jay, bom 29 Dec. 1948 inSan Jose, Calif. 729; Sheilla LUCille, boni 19 Dec. 19S{) in Sa.n Jose, Calif. 730. ·Pamela Jean, born 10 Aug. I!}S3, in San Jose, Callf.

695. Zenna Coombs daughter 0 f NadJ,an Eugene CQombs anl Eva Echols, botn26 Apr., 1929 in Me~. Ariz. m,~d 1st to: 742. PhUdon Cleon Martin son of ClarenQe and Eliza( Allred. bom4Sept~ 1925 in CeDD'al.They were mamed onl 3 May1946,butare now divorced. Children: ,T 743.Melv~ Eugene, bom 14 Feb. 1947, in Safford. 744. Marned2nd on 24 Dec. 1948 to ZeQOl Howard, lOa of" Enos Howard and Amy Bryce. They areao" divorced, 745. Mazried 3rd on 5 June 1949 to Sam Tid BowmaD, SOIl of( \Vall ace Bowrnan and Vlcila Tidwell, bora '7 AilS. 1926 in Solomon; Ariz. The y 11v e' in Solomon, Ariz. a.nd he II a ccrtcn farmer. f Children: ~ 746.. HaIWallace,bom 19]une 1950. Safford. Am. 746-a. William Nadlan. b. 1 May 1952.




Mlnba Jane Coombs married Charles William. Combs.


416. Martha: ]anCoom'bs daughter of GeorgeCI)c)mb~.~d PauliJJ& Gust.ava GulbraDdSOri.: born 10 1an. 1884'inWoocit.uff. AriZou.Marded •• ,;. DI8d20 1947.' ". 748. Charles WUllamCombi.S.of I$aac C09mbs and Caroline . IeDldlL 80m 28 ApriUS·75 Mathias Hardy CoWlty, Va, died 6 ·)dar. 1949. Tbeylivedin Ce,DUal. Arizo~,


774. Riiph.L. Fl,sh. of.BasC{uedescent. Children: 775. Brenda Anne. bom 28 Mar. 1945 inCau:,GtHde, ~. 776. Pete, Bemardo Sid ega tn. bom 12 Dec. 190a.,C&saGrande 768. Barbara Thomas da~ghterof EmestSidneyTltomas aad Velma Pearl Combs, bom 21 Sept. 1930 in Cenua!. 'Ariz. 777. Married ThornaslUcbieDavts. 778. 779.


Cbarles WiUlam,.bom UJuly 190~j.Qcenual. Ar~. Velma Pearl, bom 1 May 1904 in Central. AriZona. ~r1 R1cbard,boDl 3 Apr. ,1907 iD,eea".l, J\~OQA. i52.KeDDem~ bom 13 Sepr..i910,inCQPperbili,Ar~z •.;D.19 749. 750. 751.

ChUdreD: LyOD, b.om laD. 1951.,. MArtiDBeDjamill. bora..1.6F.eb. 1954.

lUne i912.

Lylle 8rOwsa.. ,b0l1l1~J)~. ~nual,J\riz.,. 154. Fey Elmo. b.2)une i917 tllCentral,D. 2~ ~ug.1944 755. ThereSA Eleen. born'22 Oct. 1921. inCenual, Ad~ 756. Calvin. born 1 Mar. 1925, in Central, Artz~.



749. Cba~le.,W111fam.~bs IGIlof CbarlesW1I1fam and Manba·1&De·Coombs. bo~lUuly1902.iaO!lntral,·ma:rried . .751.ealllUcb&rdCombi MAtdi.alane~mbl.bom 3·Apr. 1907 IJ1eem.L ~ 757. Allee Sowell, daUghter ofIo.eph W. Sowell aodflorence 1st to:.. ," . SldImer, bam 7 luly~909 1I:i.Ce:lltral ,Ariz •. They.llve tn CeDual •. Arizoaa. 782. "Merle Dameroa..daugbteJ of Jolul&ad Lula(ClUft) l)ameroD. Bom. ••••• , they divorced. . He ts.calpeJ!ret. Olildren: .'. . .. ..Cb11dren: 758. Wylmeth IUDe. bom 18 '111De 1931, Ce~tral.· Ariz. 783. Od_ 759. Marleea. bem! 3 Mar. 19~3 1D: entral" ,Ariz. C 7.84. Delbert. DeJd 7&8. Wylmem IUDe' ,dau. .of C~eswilli~C~bs 785. Micky. .' ~ Allee SaweU. b9ftl i8 'JuDe UJ31 In Cemral. AriZ.~rrted .786. 2Ddm. Mugte.. ltvediDWalteda,·IlOWDeII81ythe.C&llf.

Ch&lieS·.uliameondil~~ ~£

769. 10.a FraDc.tbOmu.d·a"lbEaofErMSt Sidney· :rhomas .,aadyel.QlaPearl ,C9IDb1!" bora~ NoY~.1933lGCe~tral, Ariz. 780i,Ma~ tohull;ugueMuoD. • ChUdreD:. 781. ErDe.t..bornOec.1950


• ......

t Maach 1949 to: .' "....• . 760. Roy 8oWnwuonofEdwantBowma~They
,chert Arizoaa.Bom .

. .•. l1veiD.Tbat-

) Childrea: .'. ,'. .', .' .. .... , 761. KeDileth Roy. born 1 Oct. 1949" Ce_l

762. June TVODDe.b.22JUDe1961. 763.CathylyDD.bClm240Cl.J952iC.entral, 764. ,Doan&AUce,bc)m8 Sept. 1964~.Cenual.

•..AriZ.. CeQtral;,.Mz.




753.' Lytle BroWll, lOIlofcbar1esWUlfameo.m. aild Mirtha jane Co01ll.b s , b~-12 Dec. 1913inCemra!.:.Ariz. :marri~d,. ~.~•.•• to:. '.' . _c .. ' 787-. ,Al1DeA41Y, dJughlerof ........ AsayaDd M&gleA1ked. . Tbeybadaochildrea,bu.tadoptedalittle.boy.He1s a farmer. 788 •. lolmie. .754. Fey ElInoCombs. lOll :ofCbarluW1Uiam CombiaDd . Mal'tbalaaeCoombl,bola.21Une 1917 1DCeatral.A",.marrted ••••• 1t. died Aug. 1944. 789. Wanda MaagUlIl. born ..... InPima. Ariz..Sbe llves1D caIUorri~ •.


Ariz •.

Velma Pearl C~bI,d.~hter of CbarlelWUUlm.(l1ombs Ud Martha laDe ,Coombs. boml,May19Q4lD CeI1tral., Ariz,


maaied • • • •• to: .

&mest SidDeyThciMN.,c8of Harzy. ThoQlal aacI' .~ •••• bom .. ••.••• In Euglaad., They l1ved ill CaIa Grallde •. .Ar1z • He died. . . ..' ....

. .'


Children: 790. Iudy ~y. born
791. Cbarlene.,bom

768. ElDest WWlam.bar.181uaeI923








boia il·.Sept. ,1930•. Cemr&l.A~" 169. loan FraDcis" IxJra8Nov.,.1933,Ceatral.Artz.
1'70. Cazol Anita.' bani lonulY1936.
~66. ElDest WiUiAm Thomas SOD. 'Velma Pearl Combs. born,18Iune
• .C" ;: .:

Clorette. Bubara.


·Gsuai. Ariz.

". . •. Cerural. Ariz.- ..,
. ; "'.

. .

755. Tberesla Eleen Combs, da ughter. of awl. WUUam ..Combs afd Martlla .1aue ~ba. '. ona 22 Oct. 1921·1D Cemal b
Arizona. . Marril!id ... u • • Now divorc~d. 792. to Forest Lumerford, bom 11 AprU 1918. She illtW ID




or Emelt$idneyThomasaod
1923, in Central,married:

Children: 793. Katherme Nell, bom 16 Nov. 1940 794. Shirley ADD. bora 21 Nov. 1942. .795. Forest Luther, bona 14 Aug. 1949• •.796. Thereaa md, 2DcI WWiam Yule chlld: 797. Martha [.Quise. bom 4 Apr. 1954. EtMome, •

771. Surah Berzymaa.
772. 775.


David OrlaD, born 3 Sept. 1947 in CasaGrande, AriZ. DoGald Emest, boruS Nov. 1949 in Tucson. AriZ.


787. Clorene Thomas daughter of Ernest Sidl1eyTbomaaand Velma Pearl Coombs, born 11 June 1925 in Cenual.Ar1.z married to:

756. Calvill Combs. son of Cbarles WilliamCombllDd,Manba Jane Coombs, bom 1 Mar. 1925 1DCentral. Ariz. married lit 35

796 .....• Pollet, daughter of author FoUet and Josephine Merril, bom ••• in Pima. Ariz. They divorced. Children; 797. Kenneth, bom ••••••••• 798. Maa:ied2Ddon 8 Mar. 1947 to Vivian LaVeme Breakes, bern 17 Dec. 1928 in JamenoWD,' .N er rh Dakota. They live in Phoenix. ChUd: 799. Debbie Faye, bam 26 June 1954, E1 Paso, Tex.

810. Pauline Ruth b. 22 June 1934. Mesa, Ariz •. 811. Susan,b. fi Oct. 1941, Phoenix, Ariz. 81~ Steven Alf~ed, b. 4 Feb. 1947, Phoenix, Ariz. Harold LeRoy KortlOD., b., 25 Apr. 1936, Mesa, Md. 810. Dec.' 1952, P a u'11n e Ruth Sandell, b. 22}Wle, 1931'daughter of Alfred PeEry sandell and Pearl Tate. Child: 810-a. Kathy ADD, b. 1.5Jao. 1954, Mesa, Ariz. 803. George Vinlilg Tateaon of Homer Man1D TateaAd Emma Pearl Coombs, bam 8 July 1916 in Central, ArIz. maa:led: 813. Eva Ellen Richardson, daushterof ••• bom in Saffold. She was a widow with oDedaushter. They llved in safford, but are DOW Tempe, ArizoDa. ChUd: in 814. BUlie Joy. Margie Fay Tate, daughter of Homer Martin Ta te and bl, bam 30 Nov. 1925 10 saffOld, Ariz. married OD15 Aug. 1950 to: 815. Herm&nPb1WpHm1s, b. 29 Apr. 1924, PhoeD1x. They were in Davenpot, Iowa where he studied to be a chiropractor. They are now in Tempe, Arizona. Child: 816. Mark Pbilllp, b. 5 Aug. 195~ 804.
Emma Pearl Coom

Emma Pearl maa:1ed Homer Martin Tate. They lived in Bisbee, Globe, Ceaual. Safford and Me:laand Pboenix. He worked in the minel. In Ceaual he grew vegetable.. Was sheriff of Graham County III Safford. Ran anautocoun: in Safford, moved to Mesa a:ndback to Safford. Then to Phoenix. Theu youngest daughter finished college and taught in Mesa. They lived here then. About this time they' divorced. He has remaa:ied. She is .till in Mesa Working at Franklin School Cafeteria. Martin Coombs Tatemarried Lenore Clifford of Safford. He is a teacher. He is pri,llcipal of One of the Phoeatx Ichools. They had no chUdreD of their own, but have adopted tblee. They have always been very act 1vein church .ffaill. He Is now bishop of the Capitt)l wald iDPhoenix. Pearl Tate married Alfred Perry sandeD, of FI. Thomas, ArizoDa. He .tarted out working for days wages. He leamed to fly a plane. Now he has his own airport with a fleet of .lx duster plane.. He hal a good farm and a home in town. They ha ve three chUdren. , George V1D1Dg Tate marrled Eva Ellen Richardson. She had been married and had ODe daughter BUlle Joy. BUlle is in lerviceasa WAC. George is a patilter by trade. He is in the process of moving to Tempe for the Wimer. Margie Fay Tate married Herman Harris. she went with him to Davenport, Iowa to ftDiIh h1I Doctoa training 10 the sChool of Osteopathy. He is now working in Tempe. They have a little SOD.
418. Emma Pearl Coombs d a IIgh t er of Geolge Coombs and Paulina Gustave GulblaDdsoD. bam 23 Feb. 1888 in Central, Ariz. married: 800. Homer Mar$ Ta te laD of Mardn VaD Buren Ta~e and Malgaret Vining, bam 20 Apr. 1882 in Turners Comer, Tex. They live in Mesa. Children: 801. Martin Coombl, born 5 Mar. 1911 in central, Ariz. 802.. Pearl, bam . 29 Sept. 1913, in Cenaal, mamed 21 Dec. 1934 in Mesa; Ariz. 805. Lenora Clifford, daugbterofAlhal Clifford and Nora layton, bom 19 Nov. isro . They had no childrel\buthave adopted: 806. MarieDe, bam 8 Mar. 1942. 807. James Martin, born 16 Feb. 1947. 808. Barbara, bom ••••••••••• 802. Pearl Tate, daughter of Homer Martin Tate and Emma Pearl Coombs. born 29 Sept. 1913 10.CeDlDI, AN., mamed J Jan. 19:14 in Globe, Arizona to: ~09. Alfred Perry Sanders, bom 22 June 1911, Ft. Thomas, Ariz. They llve in Phoenix, Ariz. Children:

Edith Coombsmarrled JOIepb5anser Shiflet. They have been in CeDtral all their 11vea. He has a good home &Ad flw: haul •• ·His mamed cbildren nYe 1Dthe houses. He pow" COttoD and is quite successful. He·reDts his farm DOW he is pretty lame as with arthritis. Edith's health bas DOtbeen too good for yeall. blit she is better now. Ruth Marie malried Karl Spafford. They were divorced. T.! little gUl was bom later. She later mar r 1e d Cbarles Heui) Houser. He JUStfinished h1I DI vy career and is retired with the Navy peos10n. He workl for an auto pam place 10 Safford. They have her listen SOnabout 9 y8&ll old. Vel1taSpafford maa:1ed Jack Gould. When the 1r daughter was four years old they di'forced. She later mamed John Parker. CbetShUletmaa:led Elizabech Smith. He has beeD a carpenter a lot of the time and has for yean worked for the state asa surveyor. He is now on the Highway tiO project near Showlow. They had five children. They dlvorced recently and his family are taking care of hls children wbile he works. . Louise Shifiet mar r i e d MaUrice Hright. He is a body and fender man and a car painterand a good ODe, too. He 11 working in CUfton. They have three cblldreq. L~vt!in New Mexlco~ Lavar Shiflet mamed Jean Herrono He has worked for Don Pace since War 11 peacewu signed. TheY live in Central. Their fillt baby died, but they DOW have three lovely children. RadaShlflet marrtedfillt ,Dean Kyle. They divorced. Th~ baby wal bom after. . Her lister Rut h h a I the boy with her. She married lecoDd Rayburn Melton. They dlvorced. Their ba.by was bom after. she ha s him. She later married Dean Coombs. They bad DOchUdren. but have adopted a little boy, They live in M~a. Nelda Joe married VerdeU Howard. They live acroll the river_ from Thatcher. He is a cotton farmer and a good one. Thr have three little g1rls. 419. Edith Coombs, daughter of George Coombl and Paulina

Gusti'll GUlbra.ndson. b 0 r n 21 Feb. 1891 in Getltral;,:'Arlz. married to: ,817. JOIepb SlDger sbif1:et; "son of Alldrew jacks~n andManha Shiflet. bom 23 April 1886 in West Va. They live ill Central, Ariz. He' is a successful farmer. , ' \'1 cbUdrd: 818. RJth Marie. bom 21 Oct. 1911 iD.C~naal, Ariz., 819. Chef, bom30 Oct..,1916fnCentral.Ar1z. 821. LOlliIe, bom 12 July 1920 in CeI1tral, Ariz. ' 821. LAvar, bom 20 Apr. 1924 in Central, AriZ. 822. Rada CloriDe, bom 12 Nov. 1926 in ~al, Ariz~ 823. Nelda Jce, born 30 Iuly 1931. in Central, Ariz. '

843~YedaJoyce~:bom 16peb. ·1953. 843-4. Baby. MelodY~ , 8~~Rad&ClorilieSbiflet!



Edith Coombsbom 12 Nov. 1926iDCemal, Artz •. lJlardedllt: 844. Keao KYle of Pima. They Clt,,*eed.

845. Gary Chartes Kjote,


2 Api. 194&.

846. Martt~~toRa1btUa Me1tonofPlfta... TheycftYOlCed. Cblldt~: 847. Jamel DWight Meltori, ,bbti18Sept. ,1946.
848. Married 3rdto Dean Coombs lODofNatb&o~upDe CoombI aadSV&ECboil.'bom 16 Feb. 191511l C.. l, Arlz.Malried: ,94 Nov. 1947. He fa a ",eryg60d bOdy UcIfendermanandcar painter. They live in. Central. Children: , 849. Michael Dean/bi '12Feb.t95a~''PIiCldtx,AItZ.

818. Ruth Marie Shiflet dau8hter ofJosephS&ilger~lnetand
Udith Coombs" bom 21 Oct" 1911.iJ1 CtlElu&l..Ariz.',rnarned: 824. Karl Spalloi'd ofs&fford.:rheyaredi~orced." ;Childreb:' ' ' 825. Vellr.a, bomISept.1930. in CeJUr&l"Arlz." , '826. ,~latned2nchi) Cbarles Henry Hauser, bom 27 Oct. 1912. Thev reside DOW in central.. 825. Veltta Spafford daughter of Mr. Spafford aDd Ruth Marte Shiflet. born 3 Sept. 1930. in Central. Ariz. ~~ed 10 June 1946 to: 827. Ia'ck Gl>uId. bODI 15' ~eb. '1925. They well' divQlced. She later mamed Jolm Parker. ,Qilld: '(of Gould) 829. Paulette, bom 15 Mar. 1948, in Omard, Calif. 8'29-.. 'Ruth Icibl1ell. born 27 Feb. 1955. 819. Chel ShU1~tlOllofJohphSd8erSbUift ltidsdlih CoOttlbs tom 30 Oct.. 1916 ill Celltral. Ariz. rna~ed20Feb.193:no: 130.'EUz&~eth Smith., ,daIlghw of£",.et ROt S'mithaad Odessa Smith. born 22 July 1922. He wodel for Millor We~erii1Satfold They Uve,lu CeatnU, Ariz. '. , " Child reo: 831. Dorothy LOuiJe.boi'D18 Iune1940'iDCUtXl.Ariz. 832. Linda Joyce, bam 16 June 1942.fJlCelllrll, 'Ariz. ' 833. JoAnn, bom 21 Aug. 1943 in Central. Ariz. 834. Sandra. ,hom 5 Dec. 194'5,in Cei1tral. Adzorra 835. Joseph Roy, born 2 Aug. 1947,' in Centrial~ Ari*. 820. Louise Shiflet, d aug h t e r of I~epb Suger shit!et and Edith Coombs, Borll· 12 July 1920 in Central. Ariz. married, 2 July 1948 to: 836. Maurice Wright. b oro 1915. He is a bodyand:tel1der worker and'car'paiDter. TheyateiJ1Tex4S. ',. Children: 837. lvlaurice. bom26 July 1939 in Ceoual,:Al'iz~ 838. Marlow, bom 28 Feb.1941~iD Ceh1Ul.AtU!:. 839. Sharon, born 10 Dec. 1945 in CenUII.AriZ. g39·a~ BarbaraLouise. b.3l-.1ar.1955. Sll:VerC1tY, N.Mex.

823. Nelda Joe, Shtflet daughW'OfIOIephSUter<$bUletand Edith Coombs. b or4 30 Iuly 1981 Ii'l Central.AriL awried: 7 June 1949 in Mesa. Arizona to:
,$ July 19301D HUbbard.

~5Q.Verdel1Howarch0I1 ,ofe_KoWardud°AWly !tyee, b. Atlz.', , eu;a cOuoufarmet. They


live across'tbe ri",er RoIllTbatchr.

851. 852. Edith Diane. bom 27 Sept. 1950. Maria. hom 8 Sept. 1952. f sturdy Norwepaa1'iockaadclid

B52-a.Pamel£, b.' Octo' '1954~
The Gulbrandsoos we reo

some farming and lot of fishing. They wee of the middle' cilia, not the richest nor the poorest. They weregoollboaorable
people and we are proud of the' Norweg~D ill UI.

853. 'GuIbraild Christop~I'.OD, 'ChUdten:

bOlO 1'183Ja AlkerNorwa)'~ manied .. 12 Apr. 1818.;,died 1:860. Wu raanled ;ro, 854. fiii1he ofseD. hom: 1794 ill Asker. NorwaYi,dted 18'1" ;,
855. Christopher Gulbrandsen, bom9May1818'ID'Alker.Nor~ way. 856. ~ndreu. bam 18 Dec. 1820 ,IDA.er • .NonIIay .. ' 8$'7. Haas Gulbrandsen. bom 13 Dec. 1823. ID AskettNonrpy. 858.Mareo,KristiD~. born 8 Dec~ 18291DAlker. Norway. 857. ,Haas GulbraDdseo. s o~. of Gulbralld CbdatopheI'Ion &!lei Birthe Olseo, bom 13 Dec. 1823, married: 859. Ellen Paulsen. daughter of Paul Pedelleo and LarIne Gulbrandsen. bom28June1823,dted 18.&8. The .... with their famity jofiie~Lthe L;. D.S.Cburcbll1c1 were hopiDg\heycoald com e' to' Utah when Ellen died. He later married IDagabarg Maria PetelSOD. They had no chUdren. They 'Came Co America settled lD FOUDtaiD Green. Utah. They tater dectded toCOlJle to Arizoaa wttbG eo rg e Coombs their soo-In-law. Theya:u wenuo Woodruff, Arizooa.,LaterGeorg.:~,(the toIlin-lAw) came to theGlt& Valley in Southem Arizoaa. But Bro. Gulbrandsen s t aye d therein Woockuff.HeUved to b~ eighty eight yean old. He wai • till farmiDghis owa place. He led his heaes to Wilter one day ilnd oae of them rolled over and injured him. He never recovered from the injury. He was 37

B21. LAvar shiflet sODOr JosephS!l1gersh1f1etandEdithCoombJ Arizoaa married to: 840. Jean Herron, bom •• • •• He is a clerk iii CoaPace's ~ Safford. They live in Central,Ariz. Children: 841. James, bom 23 Aug. 1947, died same day. 842. 'Derald Wayne bom •••••••
bem 20 ADr, 1924, in Central.

' sto~

ora ve courageous man and very sincere in his religion. He bad a very loud voice. One day a cow got bogged ill tbequick sand in the little Colorado River. They bad tried to dig her out, beat her out, got a rope on her and tried to d rag her out all to no avail, Grandfather Gulbrandson.camedowato lee wbat .!l.the fusa was about. lie let outone of hiJ fierce yeUs and ~ cow .got out by herself and uoned off. Children; 860. t-.l:ltta Gulbrandsen, .bom 10 Oct. 1845, d, crossing the plaina. 8tH. LouiseGlllbran<tsen, bo~27NQv. 1848 InAsker,Norway 410. Paullll4 Gustava, born 2 Oct. 1851 Ln Asker. Norway 862. Bernhard, born 1853 inAiker, Norway, d;o clOIIiIlgpl&w,.

878. Hana Gulbrandsen, b 0 r n 6 Sept. 1797 ill BLakkeRlod, Asker; Norway. 879. Ele Gulbrandsen (daughter) bom 3 MAr. 1800 in Asker, Norway, 880. Lan Neilsen bom 1744 in Frogner Aaker. Norway, mi·· ned 1st on 23 Nov. 1768 to: . 881. KArt SoreDlen, born 19 Mar. 1747 ID Froper. Aaker, Norway, d. 1774, cIa.ughter of Soren Ftoper &: DoIcbe JellIeD. ChildreD: 874. Peuonelle Lanen, bom 19 Aug. 1769, m.arrted Gulbrand Hauaen.mmted2Dd 12 Dec. 1774 to Berre Nlcbelaen. bom 1752 In Woren Eje AIleer, Norway.

861. Louise GulQrandsen. daughter oJ HaDS Gulbrandsen and Ellen Paulsen. bolo ~7 NaY. 1848 in Asker Norway. m.lrled: 863. David Cross, son of ••• and •••• Children: 864. WU.liam Bemb&r~! born ••• mamed Amelia 865. Nellie. born •••• malrled Johll Hunt. 866. Pearl, bQm ••• ,. married Wllu..m GlblOn 867. Cora, bom •••• , married Ezra .tucbal'ds. 410. Paulina. GUiraVol il.llbran41en, daugbt:er of Hans GulbraadC sen and ElleD Paulsen. 1:1am Oct. 1851 iIlAiker Norway. Md. 2 15. George Coombs, Jr., SOD Cieorge Coombl andEliz AItof bury.b, 2 Apr.l!!44. Their history iJ given with_ CcIombl family. • 868. Peder Laaen, born 1744 ill Hom~. Asker, N~a ried: 869. Maria HaDlen. Child: 870. Paul Pedenen. y, mar-

882. 883. Karl LaDeD, bam 12Feb.1775 in WOJeIl Eje Aaker, Norway Neill Laaea,b. 28Nov,1776iDWOIenEjeAaker.Narwayt-.

870. POl Peqeaen, Ion ofPeder Lanen and Maria HaDlen. bam ul 1744 in Homer, Asker. Norway,marrled: 871. Larine Gulbrandsen, daughter of Gulbrand HaDleQ;bom 3 Oct. 1793 in ~sker, Norway, died 1864, mamed: 859. Ellen Paulsen, bam 28 June 1823 In Asker, Norway. D. 1858 ill NorwolY, married Hana Gulbrandsen.

884. Soren Froper. bom 1709 Ln Froper Alker.NOlW'ay. J;DU.lied: 885. Dorthe JeDieD. bom 1718, Frogaer Aaker, Norway. CbUdrea: 886. DoJ:the SoreDIen Frogner. born 16 Dec. 1743, Ftoguer Asker. Norway. 887. Mari SoreoMJl Froper, born 5 Mar. 1745, Frogner Asker. ·Norway. 888. I<.tn Soremen Frogner, bam 19 Mar. 1747, Ftoper Aaker. Norway. 889. ADoe SoreDIeDfrogaer, bam 21 1&0..1749. Froper Aaker, Norway •• 890. Do,nbe Sore~Frog~r. bqID.7Feb. 1751..FrdgaerAske~ Norway.. . 891. Even Sor~ Frqgna, bam 191une 1753, Frogaer Alket, Norway. 892. Marthe SorenaeD Frogner, b. 9 JUDe 1756, Fragner Asker, N'Jl'Way. 893. JeDl Sor.en Frogner, bom Ma y 1755, Frogner Asker, Norway. died 19 ~tay 1755.

894. Jorgen J()rgemel1. bom 1679' in Asue ViDDetIlad Aaker, Norway marr._i.edin 1700, died 21 May 1760. 895. Anne Gundezsen, born 1675 in Alae ViDDeulad,Asker, 857. Ham Gulbraadsen~ born 1733 ill Bl&kkesrad, Asker. Norway r' Norway, Children: way. mamed: 872. Mone Syveaen, bom 1735 In Blakkesud. Asker, Norway, 896. HeIge Jorgeuaen, born 1706 in Astre Vinneulad, Asker, Children: Norw~y. died. 873. Gulbral1d H&naen, bam 16 M.ar., 1767iDBl&kkelra~Askert . 897~ Paul JorgeDleJl. b o m 1703 In Astle ViDDealad. ~ker. Norway. Norway. 898. Hans Jorgeasea. bom 1705 In Alae ViDIleal.ad, Asker. 873. Glllbrand H.nl e D IOn of Kana Gulbrandsen aDd ~tane Norway, d1edjuqe 1764. l-.ia..ned: SyvelleDtbom 16 Mar, 1 7 67 in Bl&kkelrad Asker Norway. 899. Ellen Jorgeosen. maaiedU Mar. 1789 to: 900. Chnsteu Jorgensen b. 1718 in AlUe ViJmetslad. Asker, 874. Peuouelle ~nen. d aug b t e r 0 f LaIS Nelsen and KAri No~ay. Died 2 O~. 1747. SoreDld, bom.19 Aug. 1769 in A1ker, Norway. 901. Anne Marie, bom 1708 in AlUe VlPDeul&d. Asker,Nor· Children: way. Died 1773. '875. Haagtne Gulbrandsen, bom 1789 iDBlakkesud, Alker. 902.. Jorgen Jorgensen; bom 1710 in Alae ViDDetslad. Asker, Norway. . Norwy. 876. Larine Gulbrandsen. bom 23 Sept. 1793 in Blakkestad. 9q3. Marte Jorgensen. born 1715 in Astle ViJme~, Aaker, Asker. Norway, married: Norway. 877, Paul Pederson. 898. Hans Jorgensen Hoen, born Hoen Asker Norway died 15

JUDe 1764 IOD of

of Hatch, Utah.

895. Jorgea Jorgeblea and ADDeGundersen, rriilrrfed~9 Nov. 1751 Asker, NorwlY. ElleD JorgeDiea Solstad.

excePtfbral_viltt'li to-J~,~\Wyo ••• he ll~at thetunfhll life., ' He Illdhfaboyl &1tp~feclthe,~

904. M&reIl(-M&ri)HiDND, bora 4- OCtii752Ark'tr,
malrted: Pedar Lallell .905. JorgeD. Kallen Hoe. bolD 5"0ec. 11st..



to Jam elDuUoD Jr.,at 1.1veq!OOl, .atgl'i1d. .,J;~lilled. for ··lS.·Hamet •. Amer1~th&td~y,ar#YilYCiDU~h~the fau~~utw:na0f,lS~._ buryb. 24Apr. 1846 BUIIlem Scaff. f:a8.;d.,io M&J,j8aalllCl. They settled.t Ced&I dtY.'. 9t1b, but didn't ltveat Ce'darall '. 19Mty1864Liverpool.BIIg. .r: .'" '> .' ." ,.... . die time"! ha",ebe&ldGr&~a.ther,&~daJ.lpmy,,motbe1·'tell 906. Jama Duttoa.b.18ld1y &.(....9 Apr. 1 ..of H'Vtq atComciuk.aIlO&t'01iDt&1DGneaSa.P4I~III,·Q;umty, ,.. 1923,Hatch. U~ TbeyU~JBr~'Urab. '0., ' Utah. GraDdmotber "11 an ambitloUl womQ. I ba~,heard CbUdrell: AUbltm fn Cedar City, Utah.' MorberIDd AuDI: Ma•. aa,y.• t,lhec:oUld1mit4-p&lr ofmeD 90'7. Sarah ADDCoombt, b. 9 Oct. 1885~ cI. 21 ..... 1912. lOCkIiIlODeuy,beatdll ,cIoiq ber~f:ko .'_ , . .... 908. George Ja~ b. 281",18680. she wa the motberof efghtcbilclrea, f9~boyI:&Ddfour·llrll. 909. Eliza Hantet. b. 11 Aug. 18'78. They all grew tom & a aad wom&abood except th"y~elt ,.910. MaryProblll. b. f.7 JaD. ~a.,1. boy. Joba ,Tbomu. "hodiednea mre.weekl •,lde9U . ... MAztbaiUenb., 1~ IS'7&. I bave ofte1lbeard Gaadfadl •• Uoftbat aaddD1e whell he 912. WWlam Hemy b. 30 Aug. 18''1. 10ft his father. bU' Hcs baby boy,oaee.aclldayiathree,91a 'JOIhu& ipbdaaab.·181u1y Hao. ," 914. John ThOma b. MaYo,Hal. cL, 10:"'y'188L Gr.aI1dm& " .. a'lery~urageo" .0maafor,GDe;~.youas. &: " ... hUe llVlDg It FoUar.&iIlGreeD that die follOwlIl8 lDctdem 907. Sarah AIlDCoombi DuftOD;dau.JamesDuttoDaadH&lriet IOOkplMe: at,ddatime:c •• :,Jadiaalw_vuy,UIl!rieadlyaDd COombl,b.;9Oct., 186&.,c:edar U.t. md.'sept. 1_, ~. DO ODe dared8o_.eirfle1dl:~o Rdc, '\III&IBlJd.". Ole day d. 21 May 19H. graaclmother bad baeD dolDgber laUDdry aad .. -uaual.lf'ter. ·91~JeaI ADd8l108 b..11 May·l858, 'Sr.LOutI.'.Mo.4L'·17 waahlllg lhebad 1CrIlbbe4,her floor wlduIIlde ..,A•.. lll.dlerSepc. ,·,1910. They Itved ..a..¢edatCla.y ,'U_ t ploaeealhedtdD'tha_11lIDYut_ilIfor,.&IbJDa;.,She beat- ·.C1dldrea: . .. . eel the .uh .aeer IIld lfoUed her· c10rhesill a t1A:fi~,gllloD 915. JeaDa'ltd, b. 25 Dec. 1884.-; ." caD. Tb1a day.Ibe,.~~,l:aer wuhf.q aDd c1..... 4oDe;Hd&l 916. Sarah Harriet C. 18 Nov. 1888, Cedar Clqti,tJtD. 15 shehad to t&ka81'el'J',~of lhecatlfteletlt·.,tU n_beDec. 1936. tween the.ac. beDQ &QcIthedoor. Gralldfadler"w ...... ay 917. NtcollllaB. 5Se~1I89 •. ' from hom 10 QQadmaaDd.ber chfldreD.tw.ere a1oae&' GlaDd918. ElizaEllenb.14setn:. 1891." motherbadjultlacdo~to fCalldrelax .. ,wbeiD, •. llrgegIDup 919. J.EphiaUD b. 271aa. 189'1. aatCii,'Utah.' oflndlaucametothedQOr. TheydlclD'tteem to W&Dt laydtfDg JUIt I&t IDtbeclGotway lad atOUtld the')fIrdtliktiri :&lldIa"gIl916'•. sarah KaIrletADdeDOD d au -. Jeal ~eIIaD aDd s.rah lag amOllS the_elYfII; oaeYoUlll:lDcIlaa.bo "Uadli'dOor-'ADDCocnbblD'iltr6llb. UNw. 18. Cedar City, Ut. md. 1 "Iy, reached out aad puttiDg hlafiDgeD ill thfrc:aatliltw ... ,Sept.1907Rateh,ut.d~ 10 Dec.,l9ae. ." , IettlDSthere, "'ega'a_bJiIJaIttoa die~'the·c&il.&I, ..:..~20~ Theoclore·pmn.~y lr.l.oTheod_~Au.Y &ad or cobe. black'GDme bottom'iQd'wa.maktiJga1l.rge black Mary Joe b. 2'7 Mar. 1883 Mammoth, Utah. 1'1seyUvecllD lpot CD her clean noor. ·Stop that, " II~' Gr&I1d'iDa,'btlt he Hatch and were fanner fol~ . laughed at I1er abdWeatoR WIUrliIB~ clhI; AgatJ1GrUdma Children: . ", ." told bim tDftOp.adtbfadIlUt'lbe.dded."ff'yOuclOtbat'~81fD. 921. Ruth, b. 16 A.ug. 1908, ClOWl.y,Wyo. I'll tbzowtbatbuC1cetofwatel oayou." . The tadWl'lald'lOme-··' 922.£dtthb. 2'rPeb.1910~ tJtIIh.." thiDgto h1I friqda:they all laughed, ~d he whirledthe, can. . 923. Pezry b. 3' Oct. 19H, K&ieh. Utah. ..... . but b8forehecoUld move fromtbe doorWat.~Qdm~.qUtCkly 924. AIlmoa 6: 13 Feb.1918,HaI'Ch. UA ~4·Sept. 1914 p'icked uptbe bucket of water alld threw thew.ter oDhlin., He 925. Role b. 25 Jan. 1915, HItch, 't1tab. .. wa very angry and would have doae ·blat aataJwy ,but theo~er 927. GOldea b. 9 Apr. .1919, HItch. Utah. 1Ddf&al~ughed'ncl.ld,tJgh, Heap, bttve .qiJ&w,beap tJ'rave 928. &sie b. 31uly 1911, Hitch. Utah. scttLlW' atld ,;ouldnotallo'W him to hani1 be~ 1;'b.ey 100a left. 929. Gertrude b. IS luly 1923" Hatch, Utah. Grandmadledattheageo'f26. Aftergrandfather'solderchUd930. Theo b. 1 Sept. 1925,Hatch, Utah. rea "ere marrted, grandfather married agam.. but it viii ,not a ' happy IituatiolllO itlOoabrbke up. Soon after this Grandfamer $21.Rutb AJay dau. Theodou Par~er Asay1f.o and,Sarah and hil children left Cedar City and'movedto the Im.lltowa Harriet Andenoa b. 16 Aug. 1908 Crowley. Wyo. md, 6 JUDe

91glaad or BuIIlem, Scaffordibtre, Ell g 1 aud (~ther. me i h at I h e " .. bom. at Newcutle. Icloa.'tklO.w COIrect.) Whenahe wautglneeD age







the glrlllccompan1ed them OD the baa vt6~' '&ad ozglD. Sarah and Harry lometlmeapl&yedtMmdclollD. Graadfatherplayed·tbeftJ1JIiror ..... few lIiOtitbI before hiI death wldch Occ~AprU.18Iaat_"" Vr.:, They jofDedthe church to. :lD&laadwhich ~~., ..... t.hey.;came to Amerlca. GraDelf•• • CUd aom~"TelDpl.1Mk f. his people, butl dea't kDowbow DI.QOJa... Tbfa""'_".but&t-laU I know a~ut their 11ves. No doUbt .are lUIIJ:more fatenltlDg fac1J If we kDew lbout dlem..


Hatch aDd



Coomb..~G,,~,,·ms."'J:8a9.' ~






1927 Hatcb. Utah. 931. ErvfAHall .. GeorgeAJbert'_U&Qd$lrab_lIDe PdDce .' b. 17~eb.leoo Vf~U.h.. 'TbeYlhr.dblW~tDD D»1tC)f1hc drI:Q; ", ". ' ,. ' ~'"

EUD1ceEliza b. 1:) Sept. 1 9 1 2, La Ves:klA, Ut.




:LaVerl¢D ..,\1t.,
954. Del Ray b. 28 July 1938, LaVerkiD.. Ut. . 95~., c;~t;e"w.:Wa)'Q.e p.!l.OC,,,,1$fla,f~v~w.. Dec. 1951. . Ut. D. 2



die _tof

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Juu &.aVe_tJtah.
. " Ut.

wezebOlDlQW~ Peb. 1980. .' . '

9~~. LrJi,Slaiaeb. 9 July l~t
967. RhC)DcIa 29 be'


b~ 16 Nay 19320




1951 Hwr1cane.

936.I.&YOIIAay"b.· '20 Sept. 1935937.·;'lI&Q1b"10Nov.'1937.

922.. .&Slda May. clau.Theoclon PanDerAuyJr. aDd Sarah 'ADckIIoD.b.tTF.b~ 'lIIO'B'at cb. Ut.m¢.'ll Oct.



1'WyD&say_.,.:b.' SprtDgfleld,·OtegOIIo:TUybadaoc:bll.clla. 27 MaytH7.'
. CbilcI: 939. WWlam Uoycl'~ 21

938. WWi.am B. BambUI.

' .. Jo.epb&ucuiI Baallwat &Del 80Ci. 180o'lfau:b.Ut.'Tbey 11,.d IA



··'9•• ·"&M'_yclau.T~PUmer_y "Aa:lde_b~:8Ju1y19B1Ha_Ut.mcL 0.:" '. , ....,

aDdsaRb~ '1. Nov. lMOBatda. ,"

Yay 1947.

961.'" <::bIdes HeIuy LeiDpeD';'lo1mW LempeII'IIld'lareace Ackley b. 5 NOY~"~t20' MoDtoe.Ut. "Tbey 11ft laSUlta




923. Peay AMy.. TbeocIoaPaaurAay&DdSirah Halltet' AadellODb. 3 Oct. 1911 Hllilcb. UtoiIIlcL MOct. 1938 KiDg.toll, Uub., 940. MyUle Ntellcllulaa. MUdDAlfIHlllelIoA_Uoupbme Zabdakeib. 28~' ;.191'71(1 ..... Ut.· .
They 11ve .. Rlcbfield. . :,~.c2d1df··' : .: . Utah.


962..'MciI'LJiUl b.' is July1941~ LoI4DB-. C&Uf. '988.' Doaa Martib. 10 'CIUf. '964.StaDleyGeaeb.20'NOY~·1949.' L'aVerkta,Ut.d. 10 July 1951. .


96&0 'Pallj"Ci&rtae .. .

b. 1 ".



pau. ;(1tU1~1Iom) b. 19 0e&.,1940, ·RIebl"'d. Ut&b..

925.· ..... .Alay,.... :TUodarePumer
Aadellh b. ZG.UIIeUIOHnc1a."lJI.md.iMay 942. MeIrIllIIGbIDloll .. MelrtURabImoD Tbey 11ve IA Kaub, Ut.',:.;.;

Mayaud Saah Hamet; "KaIcIlit1aL· ,,' '. . 1933lC&aab, Ut. "'. :.966. ; QareDCe Cluff I. GeoIJeLeoQuff ucl ClaraSbeffer aDd ..... KanAb, Ut.' "27Jo. J.e14.'Jlayclen.'Ut,;TIaeyUfttaCalielUle,lIe ...

;' 929.GeftN4e~AlaYclau.' TbeocIore'Pumu ·/Halltet,Aad'" bile JlI1y19l8~ ,~

..1iIcI. 1f •• 194,·· b.


Suab, -_

,.Qatldrea: :,.;;.'

943. 944. 945. .Me. 947.

Nelcloaa b. 30 Apr. 1935, KaDab. Ut..968.':.' MerrUyD b. 11 Dec.lH'l lCaDIb. Ut.', Aldeae be 10 May lt39.J(aub •. Ut. saa+.J)el&.:f)" 28 ~t.1M. L&VclldD.Ut. Qutla La Rae b. • Dec. 1952, Kaaab, Ut.


.... b.. 18May,,,l944.ClU_CO.Ne'l. ,H9. i,RaleMAlyb.M'Apr."IM'It eautIDtet'Nev. ':,910.. LolII-bi ';6"eb.1949,' HuIIkah.\tJtah. .: 9lLCQIIDf.eAlaleb. 16''\,.. 19&8;'HUlrlCaae,Ut. "',

932.. 'VeDlClli~J:I&i1.. Er,YlD :ij&U:&04_.Y b. ,.8)lIDe,,~b'i ~"k~ .U2,6~~_ Uc.':.c ... 1928~ LaVtirldia,Ut.iDd.UJIly l.969St. Ge,OIIe.Ut. ·;V ... ,)i~V.: .'. .;'~ . ,948. l<&dutD.aS{:DUtir.dau,,· ADdre., S~ ... b.S1 A~19309'7a.... .• .. jamlA., .a.iJ,a.ke,"'lJloUel8lakeaacl




SaIab Hamet ylM2 Lu OJlve Wade
... Ut.

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<;;.I?;·~.~o'l.,;:,_Sk~~{(J"<TJI,Jy;l&Wltl1L&y .,97f.:'.,mlAb .. 2?t4y 1943jiLa:V~





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Lab b. 30 Mar.' 1951,'Pnce. Ut. 960. V. L)'IID~, 6 Alii. ).Qa, Prtc~. Ut.~'t"t,~

951. J- ~ •• ':Hma"·,~b •• ·Oct.l'1.7, '.'J.4e .. Adzoaa. Md. 7 NQv~ ~. ,a.a, ,VegN.Nev. ' .... f~"dU'~l~~.,~Hall_ RIab~y.,b. 1930.W~Ut. '., .., ... , .

Btabee, . _.Feb.

"i:~~,;,~. b,; .. pct.l$ .... ~:Qty.··· G4y
~F1b1Di1ft~b •• J~. ~a~7 ~tdl,' S~Geollle Tomple utah. " . .. .... .' 976, .,~ t~~ag1Dlldau., D1~"",QID , JaDeTbQnqDb~ 1lOc:t.1900J~~tli.'1)ey. .

Y!ODll,b~,1.8>~" 'l.t.'l,LaVuldD. JeDlA.Dde,iloDaad


tJt. SaIah'AIm
1918. 20 S'_


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tee b. ~'Au8-.



~ ",. 1935St.

926. Huel Alay ctau.Theociore Parmer AlaYaad SarabHan1et
ADdeaoQ b. 12Apr~ 191,'Hatch,Ut.

.... Utah.

tdd. lOScpt.

.9'11. 953.' Cbatc'Lawrel1Ce ,Hatdy 1',Geol8e A. Will. Hardy&Dd978,
George. Ut.
40 Temple.






b. 11.Apr.l920. Ha~ •.. Ut.
;922. ~~;





aDd ElIabe. 11ft til. lfatcb •__

V"U b.:~,f.~b.

979. 980. 981. . '\7'1.

Fred]. b. 24F~. 1925, CarmonvUle,. Ut. CleOpba b. 29 Dec. 192 Blanding, Ut.
Elmo b. lB Feb. 192'7 Ha~. ut.


[Awrl!Dee AndmoDL Ephrlam. Andenonand Martha Jane ("eora b. llN'ov. 193&. Apr. 11, 1920HalCh. Ut. meL 13 Octo .1946. Hau:b.U1ab. 982,.. F1oIeDce.A.M.uttadau.Heary~Sr.aJUt ElIZabetbo.· . 1012. RubertADdellloaAsay' ... ·L.o,May .... lftcOUIIaAllde ... They Uve ill Hatch. Ur. . b. ~ June 1927 LoYeU,Wyo, ,md. UUlY19So. OlUdreIl: 1016. Loma ThoDiplOllb.14 Ocr.193o.t.owU.Vlyo. 983. Wanda Jaae b. 17 Noy. 1946. ChUdr.a: both bom ill LoveU. Wyo. 984. Lawreace DeaJl b. 6 JUDe 1948. Hatch. Ut.. 1017. Marla Letb. 17 JUDe 1951. 1018. Vickie Jean b. 21 June 19&2. George Jam. DlmOll wu a maIoa &ad carp .... and black1019. GUbert Bemard Wall I. ~hle Wallb. 7A~ 1919~ amlm.. He he~to baild the churchbouae&lldamutemeat ball at ClIIIIaIl'f1Jle,. u-.b. He a 1.0 worked faulaJlCl a Vfsa11a. calif. Mel. 11 Oct.:. 1,,". saw mU1 maldq lumber. 1010. S&rahDevCftll'Asay dau.Leo AlayaudNtCOUDaAlld8aoa b. 15 Oct. 1923. ~" Fletcbar ...... &.0a4erf1l1·:boUJewU.·and ·&1JOadeIfUl·· modw. She worked ta .. T.ple udcl1dpleuybad WOdh quUtecl quUa &ad lOJdm.m f« a bobby forllerlpa. time. 988. "Daaiel Duttca d. George Jamel Duuaa .... Madlda Pletcher b. 30 JUDe 1893 Hat c II • Utah, m d. IS Feb. 1913 908. GearS- JametDuttal .. James DuUOIland H&rrletCoombi CarmoIlvWe. Utah. .. ; b. d J&D. 1874 d. ~9 July 1945. . 1020. ADDle Maaball dau. WUllam H Mallball &lldRudl b. 9S&. Matilda Fletcher b. 13 Jaa. 1872·d. 22 Dec. 1948. 19 Sept. .•1893. 0lUdrea: All hom ill CamloJrrille. Utah. ..... ChUclreDs 986. Emma Harriet If. 20 May 1889. 1021. Ethel b. 2'1 Nov. 1915, Hatch. Ut. 98'7. Sarah ADII. b•. 13 Apr.;.1891 •. d. ItJUIle ~932. 1022. Loma b.·25 A... ·19.11.' ........... Ute 988. Dabl~ b. 30 J- "1898. IOU. 'WeadaRudab.18 A,.-•. 1918, <:.IaDaImlJe.Ut. 989. Gearse JUDea b. 6 Nov. 1895. 1024. LOre. owaae. b. 1l.Apr;. 19BG, .~.Ut. 990. lCeadaU 18 Dec. 1897. 1021. DID1el Rex...b."1 MIy 1911. CIIiu:Ia9IDe. UL ~1. llabell b. 2S A\Ig. 1901. .1.026. Maurice MUeI b.IS A,,~ HatcboUt. ~2. Oscar b. ·26J&L1903. 1027. FJ,oreaceADld,e b. 12-1".'191'1. eatcb.UdL. 993. Hilda b. 23 Mar. 190'7. 1028. Magie Mo· b. 16 Oct.>1981.Hatcbo Ut. 995. Ester Matilda b•. .n Jaa. 1911,d. 18 De'),.. 1929. 998. Mary b. 18 July 1913. 989. Gecqc. Jam. DImoa. It. ... GeaIp JalllelDIaaIa.d 997. Zetta b. 28 Dec. 1916. MatUda Fletcher b. 6 Nov. ~.. & Hatch. GiaIfte1d. CO••

}qgum b.

1911. 1939. 1012. 1013. 1914. 1010 •.

Le Laqlar b.26 Mar.1926.Marn.ea,

Wyo~d~13 Sept.<

Ruben ADdersaab.·SS JUDe 1m. lovell. Wyo. Roben, b. 1 May 1929,. Lovell, Wyo. d. 23 Feb. 1944. Lawreac:' ~.b. 13 May lUI, LoveIltWyo.·




986. Emma Harriet DuttoJl dau. G.orgeJamesDIIUCII. &IlCI MatUda fletcher b. 20 May 1889 C&IIDcmWe •. us, md. 12 Aug. 1909. 99 8. LeRoyMlltoll T wit c h-e 11 .. 0I:dIl Twlrcbellucl,Llby Smith b. 4 NoY. 1884. . CbUdrea: All hom III CI.aDoImlle. tJt. 999. CecU LeRoy b•. 13. May .1910. 1000. Cleo. EUubeIh b. SN&11911..· 1001. AmlDlta b.20 Nov. 191'" 1002. caft'D& b. 13 Apr. 1911. 1003. Elsie b. 26 JUDe 1918. 1004. VtrgU b. 20 Noy. 1922,. 1005. laVeDa b.26 Oct. 1924. 1006. Flena Bedlb. 1 July 192'7. 1007. J~mes OrrID.b. 27 Dec. 1930. 1008. ADgUlDwtpt b. 13 May 1932. 1009~ Leo Asay .. 101eph kay ir. aDd lulJ& S. Robens b. 16 Aug. 1891 GeorsetoWD.. Ut. . 17. Nlcol1D&.ADdersoJl dau.-Jeaa ADdeaouJr. ADd· arah ADD\. s Coombl DuUOD b. 5 Sept. 1889. Cedar Gtty, Ut. ChUdreD: 1010. Sarah Devoaa b. 15 Oct. 1924. Lowell. Wyo.

1029. MlDe"aSilakespeardau. MerrUl b. 22 J&D. 1906. CllUdrea: 1030. Eliza Mae b. 23 May

RlcblrdSb.lcI.' ......



1031. Loil b. 23 Mly it2', Troete,' Ut. 1032. Georpa b. 8 Nov. 1948, Pa1IptticII.tJt. 1033. J&mes RfCbud b. 21 A"_ 1945 PaaptIeh. ·tho

192a, Trcptc .. Ut.

1034. Elmer Heap Wlmu. RGbeItUylcirWlilaalici JeaaIe Heap b. 16 Mar. 1915 PamrI:D. UUh.·m.t. 17 Aus. INI. 1030. Eli z a Mae Duacadau. .GeOllc lamea .D1ItmB Jr. &Del. Mblerva Shake.pear b. 23 May 1925 Tropic. Cbildrea: .All bomJa Rlcbftelc1. UtA. 1035. EliDer James b. 1'1 May INa 1036. Roger b. .28 Sept.; lH5. 1037. Bruce Taylclr· b.,. Feb. 1949. 1038. Russel Lamar b. 20 JUDe 19S1.




LymaD wtUdDIoD'Sclce.ley


loupb lickeltley &ltd

18 Apr. 1945, Paqwtrch, Utah. 1031. Loll DuttOQ,dau.G eors e James Du1:!OD aDd MiDerva Sbakespear 23 May 1921. Tropic, Utab. Cbildrea: 41

sarah Ellea Willdllloab. 24 Mar. 1907 Loa Utab.M4

1040. 1041. 1042. 1043.

HenrienaOooaScbniderb. 14Sept. 1946 Spokane, Ute Edward A. Sclmi.eder b. 6 Ian. 1949, Pangwitcb, Ute George Ioseph b. 18 Oct. 1951, PaDgWitch. Ute Delmer DuUOIl b. 10 Dec. 1953, Richfield, Ute

1069. carvel Oscar Dunon s. Oscar Dutton and Delph& 1. Sbakespear b. 14 Mar. 1927 Tropic Garfield Co., Ute md, 17 Sept. 1924. 1072. I oyce Hendei, '1 dau, Parley Harrls Hendersonaad Evelyn Elmer b. 7 Nov. 1930. 996. Mary Dutton dau. G e 0 r g e Jamea Duttal aDd Mldlda \ Fletcherb. 18 July 1913 Caaaoliville, Ut. md. 19 JUDe 1932. 1073. AagUi V. Bareoo .. Iou Hyrum BucOil alld LydllAmi Robb b. 14 Sept. 19 OS, Paagwitch. Utah. . Children: All born ill Pangwlecb, Utah. 1074. Arthur lay b. 14 May 1939. 1075. Mary AnD b. 19IaIl. 1946. . 1076. Jamea Morgall b. 3 IUIle 1950. 993. Julia Ellzabedl DuUoIl d&u. G e 0 r g e Iamea Dutton and Matilda Fletcher b. 26 May 1905 Caniloavllle. Utah. Md. 23 Apr. 1926. 1077. Ira wUUa Elmer I. Hiram Elmer aIIdFr&DC:tI Elb&becb Willis b. 28 Jail. 1896, CaaIloIlYUle. Ut. ChUdrea; Flat six bona ill CaaaOlWUle, Utah. 1078. LUe WUlIa b. 22 Iuly 1928, met. Lneaa BOlllaL 1079. Beth Elmer b. 20 Aug. 1930.md. Epbriam Tw1tcbell 1080. Howard b. 2 Oct. 19321081. James Hiram b. 9 Apr. 1934 1082. Lemar b. 4 Mar. 1937. 1083. VirgiDia b e . 3 Oct. 1939. 1084. Theora b. 8 Oct. 1944, PIIlpUcb. Ut. 1085. Jolm Cbeaw b. 30 Nov. 1947, Paapl1cb. Ut. 994. HUda DuUOIldau. G e 0 r 8 e Jama DuUOIuDd .... Ulda Fletcher b. 23 Ma~ 190'7, CamaollVWe, Utah. 1086. Hany L1I1colD Lealie s. Fraak Lealie alld Flora Mulpby b. 2Iuly 1900 PhoeDix, Ar1zooa. ChUdrea; Flm 6 bom 111 CaaDoII"l1lle, Utah. 108'7. James Fr&llklll1b. 13 Sept. 19321088. Keaaecb LiDcolD b. 16 Oct. 1934. 1089. W~d b. 1 Sept. 1938. 1090. Hazel b. 5 Noy. 1988. 1091. ElDora b. 15 Dec. 19401092. Barbara Je&Il b. 9 Sept.' 19431093. Charlel L. b. 2 IUDe 1948, - P&Ilpllch. Ute 1094. Hilda MatUda b. 12 JaD. 1950, Paapttcb, tIt. 1095. WUliam HeDI)' Powell b. 16 Noy. 1872909. Eliza HaD'lee DuttOD d au. J. m.. Duttoa aud Hamel Coombs b. 11 Aug. 1873 ~darCley, Ut. ~ 17 Aug. 1938. Lovell, Wyo. Children: 1096. Harrlet ADa b. 3 Dec. 1899, Haf.Cb, Ut. 1097~ Sarab Ellell b. 31 May 1901, Haf.Cb, Ut. 1098. James Hearyb. 17 Dec..190S, CaDD,OllvWe, Ute 1099. Mary Eliza b. 11 July 1906, CaaIlOIlvWe, Ute 1180. George Epbriam b. 29 Dec. 1909, CaDDOllvUle, Ute 1101. Bercha Elizabeth b. 211uly 1909. CaDDOlivUle, Ute 1102. RAlpb Riley 1096. Harriet ADa. Powell <lau. Vi 1111 a m Hemy Powell and Eliza Harriet D~ b. 3 Dec. 1899, Hatch, Ut. Cblldreu:


990. Kendallltaa.y DunOll" George James Duttol1 aDd Matilda Fletcher b. 18 189 a Ha tcb, Ute md. 26 JUlIe 1930, Caanonville, Utah. 1044. Beamce HeIldenOil d & u, Parley Hama· Headenoa. aud EvaUue Elmer b. 7 Mar. 1911 C&IuIoavWe. Ut. Cbildrea: Fint five bom 111 Caaaoa.vWe. Utah. 1045. Budd Keauard b. 19 Iuly 1931. 1046. Be;a b. 26 Aug. 19321047. Evelyn b. 14 Oct. 1933. 1048. No~ b. 22 May 19351049. Karea b. 15 Uly 1937. 1050•. K.end&ll Mel.m b. '2 JUDe 1940, K&ube, Ute 1051. Karl MOD b. 7 Sept. 1941 •. C&IlI1ODvUle.Ut. 1052. Merle b. 19 J&I1. 1942, C&IlDODville, Ute 1053. Lany Gene, b. 20 Nov. 1944, PaDSwitch. Ute d. 14 Nov. 1945.






1054. Lark Reynold. b. 14 Oct. 1928 F:acalure. Ut. md. 23 Dec. 1950. 1046. Sea Duuoa dau, Kendall Alay Duaoa and Beatrice HeadeDOD.b. 28 Aug. 1932. C&aDoa9111e, Ut. auldrea: lOSS. Wayae L. b. 1 Jua 190. Paagwltch. Ut. 1056. GeoIge MlDgum. lit bt.Uaad. b. CaImoavWe. Utab, .. Damel PuuOll Maagum &ad EllHbeda JIDe Tanbea. md. 6 Nov. 1917, b. 26 Aug. 1900 C&1IDOIWWe. Ut. Chlldreu: All bOra ill Ca~Il"ltlle. Ut. 1057. GeolJeDa"ltd b. 20 J.... 1919. d. 20 Jau. 1919. 1058. James Alvfll b. 23 Mar. 1~20 d. 20 Aug. 1938. 1059. BeDita b. 24 July 1922. d. 20 May 1934. 1060. Laura Jaue b. 29 J.... 1925 de 20 Nov. 1937. 1061. NUe F1etcba b. 26 Apr. 192'7. 1062. Mae Madlda b. 21 NoY. 1929. Divon:ed: 1063. FiDley Judd, 2ad HUIb&Dd, met. 19 Oct. 1947. 1~. Frallkl1l1 J. Sevy md. 21 Nov. 1948. 1062. Mae Matilda ..... um daD. Gecqe Maagum &lid _bell DunOil b. 21 New. 1921 CIaaoIl"l1lle. Uab. Cbildrea~ All bom ill Plqwillcb. Utah. 1065. Jerald FraDklill b. a6 J_1946. 1066. VlEgiDia May be 12. ~ 1960. 1067. llabell Jaylelle b. "Feb. 1963. 992. Osc&r Duuoa •• Gecqe Jama DuUDa·alld Madlda Fleecher b. 26 1&11.1903., C&mIOIlvWe, Ut. 1068. Delpba JoaephiDe Sbakespear. dau., Richard Sbakeapear aud Fraacls Marill b. 13 Apr. 1908, Tropic, Ut. auldret1: 1069. <;:&rYeIOacarb. 14Mar. 1927, Tropic Garfield Co.. Ut. 1070. ldella b. 9 Apr. 1929 CaDDOllvUle. Garflled Co.. Ut. 1071. Iohn Delayb. 17 Sept. 1932, CallDOllvtlle Garfield County. Utah. 1072. Flora b. 27 Oct. 1936, C&aIlOavUle, Gaifte1d Co•• Ut.



1 l I


1103. Harriet Dtlwn b. 4 Jaa, 1940, Lovell, Wyo. 11M. Beckles Hebe1'Boothb~' 13 Nov. 19 • .-•• 1097. Sarah ElleilPewell dau. Wm. Henry'PoweU'aod Harriet Duttdli b. 17 DeC. '1903~ CaanoDVtUe, tIt.

1140. Rile b. 30 Oct. 1931, Cannonville. 1141.' ,Terry La Fall b. 16 Aug_ 1936. ~tU1oa.tUe. Eliza 1142. Warren Louis Wilden So Warrell Kdtral1dMal'itl Petro b. 5 July 1925 rnd, Cannol1vUle, Ut1139. Nina Dutton dau, WilliamHeary Duttenand LUlyFrancis Maagu.m. '

1l10. NellteOrriD. 1111. RolaDe 1112. EUeeD.

ChUckeD: ,.
lt43..LeoaaLueb. UJune 1949f1aDpttCb,G&rfteldiCo. , Ute 1144. Sharoa b. 3 Feb. 1951. ClllDOUvUle. GarftelciCo.. Ut. 913. Joshua Epbriam Dutton •• Jama DuttoDandHall'letCoombs b. 18 July 1880 Hatch. Utimd.' 31:Dec,i904~ 1145. Julia Edaa MeltUl b.' 24 0cI.li886. Children: All bom i.D Hatch. Utah. 1146. Joshua Epbriam'b.4Oct. 1906~ 1147. Edaa Julia b. 16 Aug. 190'7. 1148. JamesSlwta,b. 9 Nov. 1909. 1149. CecU b. 131an. 1912. 1150. DelzU b. 4 Mar •• 0115. ll~h Rod b.UMay •ifl9i d. 4 Sept. 1921. 1152. Doaald b. 13]tt.1921 d.SO lali. 192:L' 1153. ArmiDta b. 10 '\U11924~ 1154. WUma b. 7 t'ec. 1926. 1155 Vemab. 30),w. 193~

DellRoy RIley mattied: Mary Eliza Powell d au. Wm. Heary Powell and Eliza HalriecOUUoab. 14 "IUly 1906CaDl1OJlVUle'j'Ut. Chi1dreD: Bo.boraiDLcw~ll, Wyo. ," 1114. Flydell b. 10 July 1937.
1113. 1099. l11S.' MatyK&Y'b. 1116. d. 13 910. b. 27 11 Apr. tNt. b.~J~t85$

Harriei Coombs d.,16.NOv.1933. CbUdren: All bom 'Ill HatCb~ "Ut. 1117. Harriet b. 31 DeCo·'lElS7." 1118. Andrew b.16·0ct0"·1889~ 1119. MiDDie b. 5 Dec. 1891. 1120. L... b~ ta'Oct; 199'7. 1111. M&nbab. liMy 1893. 1122. AaDle b. 6 JUly 1900. ,1123. ClUfordb. '18 Nov. 1903.' 1124. Leland b. 5 May 1906. 1125. Edna b. ~OApr. 1910. 1126. .Mat)' b. 131aa. 1918. 911. Manba Ellen Dutt. d. Ii.. 1 me iOUttOl1auHarriet a Coombs b. 11 Jan. 187S,;Hatch,Ut." 1127• Joseph DellveranceWUsoili. GerogelHltv.raace Wilson and Martha Rial b. 12 ~ 1864 MoUl1tPleasarkt, .'Ut. 'd. 23, Oct. 1940. ChUdren: 1128. Riste. 912. William Henry Du_s~,James Dutto1Iand HarHetCoombt b. 30 Aug. 18'77 in EDgWIcL 1129. Amli,ce E1izaWWII~ Ittwffe,b.6May 1880. Children: all bom III CumonvUle. Utah. 1130. ADDiceb~1904.' 1i31. 'WUli&mKenry It. .b~ 1906. 1132. Nola b. 30 JUly 1908. H33. tee E1t()11.25Ian. b 1910.

Theodore Palmer Asay Mar. 1915. Mal)' ProbfADuttoDdau;' JaD. 1870ced&retty,Ut.

Trel1tOa. N.J.

lam. Duft08alid

1148. ICllhua EpbrtamDilttoa .. JCIIlura:lpbiJam'DUuOiiUd Julia
EdDa MerrtUb.4 OCi.19OS. Kaccb. tit. MeL 1156. Malele Deal b. 8 Feb. 1918. ' ,. ClIildren:

1157. lay Alfred b. 19 Apr. 1945. 1153~" HOII'ler Reed, b. 1941..



Edaa Julia Duttoa dau. JCllbua Epbriam Duttciaabd be 16 Aut.· 19M, Hatch. UtO 1159. ,Horace Burmwab. 1'7 1907.


1160. 1161. Lob b. 2'7 Dec. 1925. Retab. 7 Feb. 1925.


1148. James Elwm DImcIa •• IGlh. £pbrlamzDUttonjadJulla ,Eb'MemUb.9 Nov. 1909' Hatch; Ute

1l6;a~ ltubySI1oW.·
Cbildren: 1163., Mane b.'29.1936. 1164.,MymaJean b.21'Feb. 1M2: 1165. ,Deana b:4 Ian. 1945. 1166. David Jamesb. 21 Sept. 19Sa.

';~.:. "_

1134. Lily Ftancis~i&_lJ.18Nov.ist8,211dwffe, dau. 1149. " Cecil' DuttOn .. 101 h u a Epbrtam,DuttoD aDdJulia £dna MezrUI b. 13 Jan. 1912. Hatch. iJt.: Davtd Ne'Nton ~118wn aUcfEll!abetbJa~ThOrtoa. Childten: ' 1167. DelmaS.ndets b~U May,191'7. Children: '. 1135. Anna D. b. 20Feb~ 1919~ Georget~WD, Ut. rnd. Bert Stock, 6 Sept. . 1168. Dean 5a.aders b. 23..... 1938. 1169. Cecil Kelly b. 2 .. ·•• , 1941. 1136. William Doyle b. 13 Se~t. 1916,' GeorgetoWDO Ut. 1137. New eli Thorton b. 6 J a fi • 1923 CiDDoavUle, Garfield U50. Delzel DUtUlil S.ld11uaa EpbriaDi DUtton &ad 'Julia Edna ce., Utah. 1138. Dean V. b. 19 Sept. 19'26 'cannonVille barfield': Co. , Ute Mezrill b. 4 Mar. 1915, Hatch,Utah. 1169 .: Melba Dan RoUDclay. 1139. Nina b. 1 Dec. 19_ Cab.l1oDVtlle, md, Watten Lewis Child: MUden. 43,.


Cora Dawn b. 31 Dec. 1939, D. 2 Jan. 1940. Julia

1153. Apn_ Dutton dau, Joshua J;phriarn·Duttollalld EdD& Merrill b. 10 May 1924, Hatch. Utah. . 1111.. W.lso g.ltb.li~~rd ChUdren: 1172•. Michael Keldlb. 17 Oct. 1946. 11'73. Donald Jay b. 7 June 1950. 1154.

Elizabeth Srntth lona, lc;la. Children:

b. 6 Dec. 1871 Kanab,

Utab. d. 1 Feb, 1904,

1198. Hyr~crlwm"Du~ •• liy~$~i.J)moDaDdSarab. Jane McCaDDell b. 21Nov~:J.a8e C.rCity,\it. mel. ·12 Dec. 1914, Idaho Falls. Ida. 1207. ELla NelUe Ricbardaonclau.Alben:JOIepbRicbarctsonanci Lucy Huntington b. 22 Feb. 1883 Id&bo Falla. Ida. cl. 22 July li~. Id~~al1.. 14&.' . Children: All four bom in Idabo Falls. Ida. .,120S.\ ,,~jJaDe b•..~ .. Nov. ~S.l5. ct. ~J~ ) 191'7. 1155. Vema Duttoodau. J~ua Epbri&m DutCOllanqJulia Edna 1209.·· K~~·V1rgU b. a'7~0y.19.18. MenU! b •. 30 Mal.. 1940..flatch.lJt. 1210. Dorothy BeU b. 5 Apr., 1921. 1180. PhUip F&rnsworth.:rbor1ey. 1211. Arcb.le Vemon b. Deo. 1922,. ChUdren: 1212. Alben: JOIeph b.1-lSept. 1925 ... 1181 •• PhU1p Reed b. 16 Apr. 1948,PaagWitcb.·Utah. 1213. Auguat Peasley s. JOQDCbaacIeuieY.'aad.l4aJy ADD uss, Bumell b. 29 1950, Cedar City. Utah. .1lU.)Thoal&lD~ . Guemaey b. 25 May 1860GluaYWe. Pea·, d. 26 Mar. 1903 Trufant. Kent, Mich. 1184. A~Morna ···bomof ~ EagJaDd. 1214. MAry Distol b. .31", 1e.f3.Crawford, PcaD. do 23 Child: July 1932. 1185. James DuttOD b. 11 Apr. 1811. Alprabam' CIwi~EDg. Children: All. bom ill TNf .. t; ~aD. 1215. Allan b. 18 Aug. ),889. d•. , Aug. l889. 1186. James Dutton b. 11 Apr•. 1811, Alpraham Ch.s~ EIlg. ;12l~-40· 'leJ$ieb. 22 July, ISH. 1187. Sarah ProblD. 1~15-b. Maggie b.3.~.188'7. Children: 1215:-0.. ·~.b.·20Jda)' 1889 •. 1188. John Probinb. 12 Oct. 1a~, MancheSter. EQg e " laI5-~4;.'My~'b.,9.'Apr.l$9l. 4. 9 May 191'1. 906. James b. 13~)'1839.ChcsbUei EDglalld. The family of James given before. 1215-e. Charles b. 10 Oct. 1892. 1215-f. Tillie b. 3 July 1894. 1188. John Robin Dunons. James Dunon aDds&rab·ProbiD b. 121S··g. Josephine b. 3 Dec. 1895. 1215-h. Evelena b. 11 Nov. 1898• 12 Oct. 1834 Manchester. EIig. d. ZApr. 1920 Ct::darClty. Ut. . 12·15..1;.!ACD& .b.1QOct.,;19:02. M,d.5Aug.'1854. came tq C:~ Clty. ,1866. n89. MArgeI)' COOPer clau.WUli&mCooperu4K&therlDe 1215-j. Edwin b. 7 May 180&. Powen b. '4 Dec. 1831 c:bntenon Staff,.EDg. do 17 ;1une 1914 1215 ..k. . Mary .Iieaeb.l4 tay; 1909.' Cedar City. Utah. Children: Fint four bam Jnc:o.~rton :S~f.Eng. 1215. Allen Peasley .. August P~ley.&IlCl: .~a ry Distol. b. U90. James b. lEtAq. lti~ .. . '16: May 1·856. d 18 Aug. 1882. Truf~ ¥.1C;@.~;"",,, ... ,~939 Waho Falls. 1191. John Edwin b. 18 Mar. 1$67.d.26,.Oct. 1859. Ida. Md. 3 Nov. 1909. , 1192. Sarab AnQ.b.31. 4.... ·1859.' 1199. Effie Duttoll ~'!l,.HytumSm~PJmo~ aD4 $arab Jane McCoonell b. 26 Aug. 1880 Cedar aty, Ut1193. Thomas Edwifl·b. 28 Sept. 1861, d. 29 July 1922. 1194. Hyrum$lnllb. b•. U,Sept.c la&l, .Willial1lll:iurg: •. PeDl1. ..qJ:at.!d~~. ,Al~i'~ .1D~Jao~al"' •..J4J.llo. d. 20 Nov. 1932. ' 121~. .A.llell.b~29.~~pt.l~~O ~.ltlqv.1945. 1217. Kimble Leroy b. 19 Dec. 1914. ct. 23 Jao. 1915. 1195. Martha b.22Aug •. 18~8.· Sc.Nichola.. PellD. 1196. Mary Ellen b. '7 J u I Y 18'71, St. Nicholas. Penn. d. 9 1218. ~J~~R:i.clla~db. 2q.~r. 1~16~ 1219. Ethel Ruth b•. 2 Sept. 1923. Sept. 1873. 12ao." cEff~eIreae b. 9, Aug, 1926. . 1194. Hyrum Smith Duttons. John Corbin Dutton and Margety ~2~1•...Thel!na,ilizabeth,b. ~2J.l.lly~929. Coopli't b. 16 Sepc. .l:~&'k·c;;b.esc~noa Staff. '5ng., Iii :20 Nov. 1932 Idaho Falls. W4ho.. 121~. ~lcs..~~d,P_~~y I. A llellPeasley aDd Effie 1191. Sarah Jane McConneUdau. J.ehl.eIMc::.COIlDe11 ijJther . .D,~n .b•• 25MM. lUG, ~o and F4Ua, Idaho ~ 23 Oct. 1944

WUmaDutt.oll'dau. J ash ua Ephriam Dunollalld Julia Dec. 192tl.Hatch. Ut. md.'lst. 1174. Albert Eo Dix. Children: 1175. ColleGe b.14Feb~ 19~. 1176. PatriciaAml b. 2 June.194S,; Dlvorced~ 11'77. MorrUl NeUsOQ. ~. husbaad. Children: 1178. Matilda Marl ... b. UNov. 1950. 1179. Brad b. 23 Mar. 1952.
J;idpa MenUl b.7

119:3. Hy~um l'b.o~b. 21 Npv. ISB6. Ce.dac City. Ut. ~199.• , Effie b.26 .t\ug.~88$qed.et~qty. Ut.. 120•• Ethelp.26Aug. 1$8& Cc!dar City, Ut, 1201. John McCoonell b. 23 Nov. 1890. Q:~ City. Ut. 1202. Jeheil Eli b. 10 Mar. 1893. Cedar Cl.ty. Ut. 1203. Esther Elizabeth b. 2 Aug. 189S. Cedar City. Ut. 1204. Sara Ann b. 21 Dec. 1897. Cedar City •. Ut. 1205. Ernest b. 1 Jaa. 1901. Cedar City. Ut. 1206. Edward Kimball b•. ~JaP.1904. lQU,·lda.,






Dillon, MODt. 1222. Ada lue Jack dal4 Geotge Jack' b. 26,'Dec.· 192'7. Children: all bom in Ic:t&bo PtlJS, Idaho. 1223. Rqbert Lero~· !', b.20$ept. 194~.
1224. 1225. 1226. Allen Ernest b. 6 Oct. 1946. Ada Irene b. 16 Alig. 1948. Gary Lyan b. 23 Mar. 1950, d. 16 Aug. 1950.

1253. Dallas HillMilidock $. lol.ephStacy MtirdOClc' and Mary Alzina Hill b. 22 June 1913 Rigby, Ida. md. 2 Apr. ,1934. 1242. Zelda Veri1eSlaYbUDg da~ ADgUeYoUDg and8sther

ElizabetbDUtftla. ChildreD: AU bOm UlldihoFaUl. ldabo~ 1254. Dallas Ted b. 28 Jaa. 1935 d. 24 Dec. 1945. 1255. David A. b. 18 JUDe 1938.
1256. DixieRoseb~ IM7.DiauaElizabeth 14'Aug. 1939 b~'9t_1948~ , Young and Esther 81tza-

1227. Wesley RaymOi1dWagaen,. Lloy'dRa.ymol1dW.,uitl11i
Flossie Belle ElU. b. 9 Aug. 1922 Moreland, Ida. md. 130et. 1942, Log.a. Utabo 1219. Ethel Ru1:b Peasley diu. Allel1Peasley.ndErrieDuttoD b. 2 Sept.1923Idaho'Palll,Idaho. Children: 1228., Iean.eue'Rumb.·16IaD. 1944; Idahc)paus.:'Idali(;. 1229..' ; R&ydloDd 1. b~ 2211.iJ1eW46,Rupert. Idaho. 1230. David Lee b. 8 lu.ae 1946, Idaho Falls, Idaho. 1231. Larry, D.b., 7'Feb. 1948, 0SdeDi','Utah.' 1232. sb.auna Joyce b.141)eco: 1952, Rigby, ldabtJ~

1243. Loreazo Dow Young I.ADgUi beth Dutton b, 1 Aug_ 1917Sh'llay,



1283. Cleon G. Hammers. GeOigeRUej'liatt1meUad Eleanoft! Tayson b. 23 Nov. 1924 WoodvUleIdaho. Md. 81~ 1948. 1266. Elton DavfiC&1l b. 241&il.'l914t::biiierfteld.thab md. Idaho Falls, Idaho. 1220. Effie Irene Peasley dau~Alleb Pwley~ad Effit!!,OuttOD 13 Apr~ 1940 1244. VetdaAm4UaYoq*u. 'Aagul Youdg<IIlClEltzabedl b. 9 Aug. 1925, Idaho Falll, Idaho. Dutton b. 8 July 1919 ,Shelley. '1&110. ChUdren: ChUdren: All bom In ldaho.paua. IdatJo 1234. Clifford Clec)Db. aODae. 1948.'ShfiUeYiIdaho~ 1267. EltoD Lyan b. 7 Ian. 1941. 1235. Karen Ludeae b.4~'1961IdahoFallf, Idaho. ; 1268it'M,ujOrte 'b. 26 Mal. 1941 1236. Anthony Cbau.acyb. IS Aug. 1953. IdaboFalls, Idaho ' 1269. Ze1d& ADDeb. 24 Aug. 1944 1270; Randy 8. b.T Mar. 1946 1237. Thomas Grant Gallops. ThotnasM.lidonGallop arid Rachael HalllJ&hCol es b. 16 JUDe 1928, md. 8 Dec. 1948 1271. Carla b. ,18 AUg. 1948. lUrie, Idaho. 1221. Thelma EUz&bethPeUleydail. Allen: PeuleYl.ad Effie Dutton b. 22 July 1929 Idaho Faill. Ida. Children: 1238, LiDdaSue b. 4 Aug. 1950, SbltUey, Ida. 1239. Thomas Gramb. 9 Feb'. ,1953. Idaho Falll, ,Idaho. 1240. ADS Young s. Lor e n Z 0 SobrtDlki Youag 'abd sarah us Amelia Black b. 4 Apr. 1891Hw1tillgtOD~Utahd.23 Apr. 1937 Sheiley. Id•. Md. 14 Aug. 1912. ' 1203. Esther Elizabeth Dutrollda u, ofHyrum'smub DuttOn and Sarah Jane McCollllellb. 2 Aug. 1895 Cedar City. Utah. Children: 1241. Angus James' b~ UFeb. 19U Idaho Falll, Ida. d., 27 Oct. 1934. 1242. Zelda Vernessa' b. ,24 AUg. 1915,Id&hoFalll,"lda. The next ten chUdrenbodlinShelley, Ida. 1243. Lorenzo Dow b. 1 Aug. 1917. 1244. Verda Amelia b~ 8 July 1919. 1245. Edlth b. 15 Nov, 1921. 1246. Lela b. 17 Nov. 1923. 1247. Benjamin Ernest b. 4 Mar. 1925. 1248. Alta b. 7 Nov. 1927. 1249. Thelma Esther b. 18 July 1923. 1250. Fay b. 12 May 1930. 1251. Joseph Watson b. 21 Sept~ 1933. 1252. Betty lvLuie b. 11 Apr. 1935. 1272. Eldon Lavar,Wii1derLWULIUat WIDder andF10leDce Rit1er b. 12 Aug. 1914. md. 29 Jan. 1938. 1245. Edith Young dau.AbgUa TOllllud Estber'&UIIibeth Dutton b. 15 Mal. 1921 Shelley. Idaho. ChUdreIl: 1273" .KeJlIleth .taftr b. 15 MayU3t. Idaho' FalJai·fcfaho 1274. SaUlldre Kay b. 5 Aug. 1940 Idaho Palla. "Idaho" 12rto. ' Edith LolraiDe b. '21Jaa. 1948.'LoDgYiew Walil. 1276. Bart b. 14 NOv~ 1947.ldabD'alll. "lda'bDe,'

1258~iTbelma~fbg~ , , ,, . Children: All bom ill Idaho 'Fali; tdibo. ' 1259. Beverly Jean b. 4 Mar., 193'7. 1260. Betty Lott.tile ~i4' MAr. 1931~ . 1261. Gerry Dow h. 5 Mar. 1939. 1262. Jea:ryDOn b. 5'Mar~ 1939.d.3 sePt. 1263~. BoDllieLeeb~9'7F" 1944 1264. Patricia AIm b. 13 Feb,; 1941 ' 1260. Terry Lynn b. 20 Nov. 1949.


Children: All bornlD LoIigv1cnr W.... iIlgIoD t
1278. 1279.. 1280. 1281. MAlgaret b. 2 Jaa. 1943 lames Russell b, 17 A... 1944,' Vernal Dale b. 10 Oct.. 1947 Patricia Jean b. 20 Mar~ 190.


1247. Benjamin Ernest Y?UIlg .. Angus Yuung abdEsttier 12 Elizabeth Duttonb. 4 Mar. 1925 'Shene),. Walio. 1282. Pettily Evelyn Ertcklenb.3 Mar. 1931 BeJgJll.Nn4y ChlldreD: Alltbree c!lUdNnbom In IdahoPaUt.lda. 1283. 1284. 1285. SUWl Pettily b. 26 Feb. 195t. I<atheryn'Gayb. 3 Iuly 1952. BenjamiD Dowb. 5 Nov. 1953. '

1286. Henry H. Wetgel 1248. Alta YOUDg dau, Angus Young and Esther Elizabeth Dutton: b, 7 Nov. 1927 ,Shelley lela.


1287. 1288.

IU)bea H. b. 21 Oct. 1952, Pocatello, Idaho Thoma. J. b. 1 Dec. 1953 Pocatello, Idaho. ... ,.'",.. ,,_.


Ann Dutton b. 18 Oct. 1919 Idaho Falu. Ida. ChUc1r~n: 1310.09Qna¥&yb. 2IHune1934. Idal!.olIals.1"' 1311. BoDDieDean b••••• I4IboF.alla. IQa. 1312. Vernon b. • ••• Idaho raUl. Ida. 1313. Joba Simpson S. George- SlmpaoaaDdSaahLalceb.5 Dec. 1888L<:lgan,.Ucall. 1204. Sarah Ann Dutton dau. Hyrum Smidl Duaoa and Sarah Iane¥cCoM'Ub •. ~~I)~. 1897 <=edu City .Ut. O1Udren: 1314. Leda May b. 15 Nov. 1929. IcI&bo FaUl.,~ 1314." ,AIlQieLquUep',2$09t. )'930.ldahoFallat. 1316. Dick Riclwd b. 3 Feb•. 1a+t-.il.daboFaUl.1cIa.

1289. PfeatonHyrum Butikofer b. 5 M4r. 1918 1249. Thelma Either YOUDg dau, ... rlgUI Young ',a.nQ &~er A Elizabeth Dutton b. 18. July 19af •. Sbe~l~y,letaho,

CbUdren: 1290. Philip Ryan b. 21 Feb. 19~7. S,toektoa,callf. 1291. Steven Preston b. 14Sept. 1~" Idabo Falla, Ida. 1292. Kevin Mark b. 20 Jan. 1954, Idaho Falla. Ida.
1293. ,lackW. ChUa b.~30Sept. 1925. md, 1 Dec.1~~ 1250. Fay Youngdau. ADgUi Young and Eatk,,-El_f,Zaj)~eh~tton b. 12 May 1930 Shel~Yi I!;la~. . Children: 1294~ Kimble Bart b. 5 M~. 1952.IUib.v., ldabo'




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Bower b. 19SePlo 192' •. 2dm0Q4.WIJIi,


I.ilUaD Clair lS.Nov.l946

Idaho Falla. Ida. - 1293. Jack \V • ClLiles j) •. 30 Sept. ,1925. md. 1 Dec. 194~. . 1314. Leda MayStmpIQD 014 J Q hn StmplOll.1Id SU&h AIm Dutton b. ~5:~QY. 19~, ,Idaho Falla.lda. 1250. Fay YoUDgdau. AngUl-YOUDg,,,a4\~tbef Eliaabcd1 Dut~ Children: All fo!!r bom 1Il Seattle. Wqh. ton b. 12 l\lay 1930 Shelley, Idaho., Children:1318.,.J:;lQp.ett.lLeeb. '24·~. "194'7. 1294. Kimble Bart b. 5 Mar. 1952. Rigby. Idaho. 1319., Nalley Jo b. 2,~y1949 •. 1320. Gary Ray b. 8 Sept. 1950. 1295. Jal,:kb.~lA.p1.19~ ·~twn Ciq-. Utabo" 13~1.~.leny:I.YQ.J:l,·b. 13 Nov. 1951. 1251.. JOIephW:a~D,Yot,lllg ... ·~ .. YoWII.S(tEl_,Eli;a." 1322. Joba R. Sparks. beth Dunoa b. 21 Sept. 19aa.~ep.YiWaho •. 1296. Shirley AnD Gar_ (Dlv0rce4) 1315. AQlUe-I..pQ_$ImPlODdaU.:foIm SiInpIoB-aad SalabAIID CliUd: Duttos b.·.as':Octol930IdahoPall1.1da. 1297. t-.-1icbi&el Gordon b. 12 Feb.. 1952,' I-4abo FalJ,f. -.ldabo.' C~~e~:AUbQ .. iA:ldabofalll. Ida. 1323. , Howard Wayne Helm b. 10 Dec.' 1948. 1298. Anthony Peter lAwrenceTan~ b. asSep,t. - 1933 1324. ,J.uae,L.. ,~.b. 14 MJr..1951. Firth. Idaho. 1320. IOQa i<;ey Web_24 NoY.;~1952. 1252. Bettie Marte Young dau. AngUi Young and Either Eliza1202., EIUeb~Jl.uUQlu.Kytum :SmtmDuttoD aad Sarah Jaae beth·DJ.tnoab. U~pr. ,1936Ske1le.Y.-ldaho. Child: McCoDDell b. 10 Mar. 1893 CedarCky. Ut. md. 10 Jaa. 1920 Idaho Falls. Ida. _ 1299• Pam 1A.~ b~ .21, t-.lfy 195ai1d&bofalJa.,Idaho. 1326. Hulda LQl,IUe,A,ndellQD dau. JohnAl,IguaciDe AaclenonaDCI 1300. Thomaa l.eroy Kelley .. John LogaDKelley andFlQrenc.' Ruth ~~ea.Rtnk b.28 ~OY. 1900,MoarrGle, Colo. ChUdren: All bom in Idaho Fall•• Ida. Alena'Ha~erib •.'2cl.o... 189.5Saoan Lake, Jo .. rn4.'9:Mai~· 1327.·1.0\111 EUb.- 3 Nov. 1927. 1~t5 Idaho Falls.;lda. ' 1204. .S-rail _'-Pl.ltlODctau~ i'lyrumSmid:l Quttoa.aDd' Sarah . 132$;; [)o~ld E;atlb.7 Sept. 1931.. 1329. Henry Carl b. 2 Feb. 1934. Jane ~ IcConaeiWl.~lDec .. .l897Ceda-r"City. Utab., 133$;.i·:HarolgRa y: b.25 Oct.l9§. OlildreD: All fivecPll.~bomiD~;Falla~lda., 13:n. 'M"':Ci.eryJ.ou~b. 9JW1e.1938. 1301. Ernest Leroy b. 30 Jan. 19U5~ 1302. Sarah Jane b. IS Ocr. 19.18. 1321. "Louf# EU;Ounol1$. El.1Jehiel Dunon.aad Hulda .LouiJa 1303. Ruth Melli. b. 11 May 19a2. Andenon b. 3 Nov. 192'7 Idaho Falls, Idaho. 130~. Nellie Irene b. 25 ,~t. 19i4.'" 1331.,.. Alta'EleneW41kerOau.WUltam W'al k e ra,D.d Karte 13u5. Joba Ralph b. 4 tolay 1927. ElizabethCrofm O. UOct..1928" Shelley., Idaho. Child: 1305. John Ralphl{elleys. TbornaaLetoyi<elley"ad'SarahAnD ' 1332. Joseph Eli b. 13 Feb. 1954, Idaho Falls,: Ida. DuttpQ.b~ 4-;May 1927 Idaho Fall•• ,.Idaho., mcL,6~c. 1946. i306. LQ\liseWa1eq da14&1eJeD Waters b. ',I Jan. ,1926. ' Children: '1201. John ~lcCoDDell Dutton S. Hyrum Smith Dutton and Sarah Jane McConn.:!l b. 23 Dec. 1891CedarClty. Ut. m~9 Mar•. 1307. Linda LOUiseb. 5 July 1945. lda\lo F"lls, Idabo. 1915. 1308. Lucinda Dore. b. 3'May194' Id,ahoFaU'i loa'hO. 1303. Ruth !-.Ianilla Kelly dau. John Logan Kelley .andFlorence 130Cl. Alvin Clifford s, E. K. Clifford b. 12 Dec. ).901: Idaho Alma Harper b. 12 Mar. 189.6 Storm Lake. Iowa. Falla. lc1a. C11Udren: All six childreAbom in'Idaho Falls, idaho. 1:102. SarahJane Kelley dau;;Tbomaa Leroy Kelley' and Sarah 1334. John Logan b. 25 AU8~ 1916.•



1335. lama H.., b.JMar. 1915., 1336. FlQreDCe AleDab. 12.Mu.. 1919. 1337. Fllllcel Fem,b.2SOcc. 1921. 1338. Eugene Jezryb.6 Apr.J924. ' )339. Alice, Arleneb.24 OcC.,1926.

1349. Fraacit JOieph W~lk•.. W & lk u Hellman b.. • .lUvtDgatoa.,.}4cmtaU., ' 1336., FloNUCe AleaaDu~d&JI;"JoJm, McC01Ulel1Dunon,and Ruth Manilla Kelley. b.J2 ,Mar. 1919, Idaho Fa1la,Ida. . Cbildren: All bomldaho ,falllo Idaho. 1341. Bett1eLorratDeHeIIleb.:231uly1936. 1342. ' Ruth Marieb.261uq1936. 1343. , Ch&rlesPrances,b.13'Dec. 1939. , ",' lames' Leess.JomHe'.1 ,,:4nd 'Bettyb.·23Sept.1824 Glouc;beste~. ED~. ~; BHov.,ISSS Spr1ngville.>Ut.md~ abt.1880. 1345. ,ManU Wheeler d au. ',.' otepllWheeler ,aDclMary: Atme J BuckiDgbam b., 10Oct.,1844·,CbeltoDbam, Glob~'Eng~ d.27 May 1931Spri12gville.. Ut.. .' , QUdren; All bomin Spdagvtlle. Utah. 1346•. Davi4 b. ZOf&n.1881. 1347. Harry Henry b. 22111l.188a~ 1348. John Walter b. 24 Mar. 18851.349. BeDjamiA b.3 Apr.1887. 1350~ Susannab Belle b. 9, Oct.', 1890. 13&1. HAIry Heur,J.ea .. J&Il1~Lees.&Dd MazdaWhee1~:b. ) JUDe 1889 S"'iDlville. Urab.rnd.,:~JUDe,1906. I_ild&. dOO. , Ethel 0uu0D' dau.HytQID 8mithDuttollandSarah Jalle McCOIII1ell b. 26 Aug. ~888,~edarC1ty, Ut. ,
QUdreD:. , " 1352. Josepb Hyniln b. 1 JUDe 1908 'SpringVille.


1355. Mary Effie Lees daU.HalrYHeary Lees abd Eds.l JjUftOll ,b~ ·',NoY. 1918 'Idaho FUIa; Ida. Children: 1368. Lola Joy b. 11laa. 1939ld&hopalta~* a'l1.CiS;\Jlan ,1369. Glen, Anbur b.9 Aug. 1940' ldabo P&II., Ida. 1370. 1357. Lloyd Clark. HeDly ,a.ee.. &1Id Ethel

1367. LeonardB. Mooreb~ 211411. 1914, h'1d. 24 Mar. ~938 Rexburgh, lda~

Ruth Arlene Leu adu., ofH'any

17 Iutle.i928. IdahoFIl1I. l~' CbUd: 1371~ GayIao Rutbb • .$' Mar~1952. Tooele,thah. DuttClll'b.


1205. EtIleItDuttoaal. H~ Smltb'DuttaDatld 'Sa_laue McCouneI1 b. HaL 1901 cedai'aty~Utah, do 13 1t46, ·SalJiloa.Ida. 1372. Ruth,Malte AiJltrUirtdal4o.Vid ADItriim alid Nellie :Elliotb. 17Sept.1901,Sauaoa. Ida. CbUdren: all bom' lD Ida.bo paill, Ida. 1373. Lucille. Ruthb. 1]aDi. 1928. 1374•• Dor'tbaLoraille b. 26 Mar.1910. 1375. Gerald Emest b. 25 Mar. 19321376~ Lloyd DeaD b. 7A,r. 1934.· 137'1. Dale L. b. • ••.• 1378•. VemD.b ...... ~



SKETCH OP THE LlPEOFEPHIlAIMC00M8S By bia daugbt~ Clara c.; Shawcroft Ephraim ~mbswa..borDthe 21 of December 1849:. BUrslem. Stafford Shire.' EDglaDd. Hll father, George Coombs, " .. a MaIODltyaade; ,belDga .skWful bricklayer. Hi. motber~ Eliza Allbuay,eoomba." ... gifted inartofChfna-paintiDg. sheworkedlOlDetn.dle famoua c:biDa; Fact9l)'in!lllll1em, EDgJaad. DUriDgtbeyear 1843tbeLatt.-Day SaIatMtIIl_del',caUed at tbehomeof:Mr..aad MIlo GeoIS.Coombt·iD Staffold._ .. laDd•. AfterU.teDing 1:0 lbe~tlD"'le uacl aftermuoJumdy and pia yer my graadpaHI1II w•• bapdaed'JatD die Clnaol1 of .Jesua Chrilt of Latter .. Day ..$ain1l. f;;ecqeGoondlibeiDIbapdled by Elder Burkin fA October1843~HiI"Ue w.. b.pdlledbyEl~ G. I). Wlnche, following October. In. December lS4~ the home of ~olRe and Stu·CoombI ... blelledwith tbeblrtb of their. founbsono T!dI.lODwUmy Jather,. .:B ,pbraim <=oomb&,; ,Botbb do reancl after father~.b1fth,hiap&reD1l. ",.their cbU~ren. relatives.aacl-:ftien~would ofteaaccompanyche Eldel'ltotheir mee~ llelpiDgthem wtdlthuiAgiDgaad assistinginthe Church lemce:s.They "imeued ,manyhealiDg .. speaking in tongues. aDd saw the spirU of the LQrd made .maairest iDmanywaYI: thus their tesdmODiet W ere.l1reaathea~. Oftell time. at these meetings. and especially (At theCoaietence Elders would place my famer, ~ea a vU)'lIDall boy. upoa a table or stand and bavehim smgthesong "The ~Boy. " Father said that though he was still a child he coulcJwellremember how he and btl father' •. ramily wer e with the Eldel'l when they were peaecutedaad mob bed. They were hit by rotten eggs and had their clothes trampled in the mud.

1353. 1354•. .1355. 1356, 1357. 1353.

Utah. 1910 Idahofalla. ~. Leda b. 1iJuly 1913 IdaboPalla, Ida., . Mary b.7 No~. 1915.Idaho FaUI.Ida. RubyJaae b. 27 May 1922. ,1daJ1O Palll.Jda. Rum Arlene b. 17 May 1928 ,Idabo Pans. Ida.,

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Harry EmellOll ~s.

.,amy HenryL_Ud


b. 7 Oct. 1910 ldaboPalls.,Ida.

Md. 9 Nov. 1984 ldalloFallJ.

Idaho. 1358. ZOI\_da.Mary Quintond&u •. AlbmH~ ~toD lvtal)'ADD Colby h. 17 AUS 1918.T.yJorvtn"Ida.: •. ChUarea: Allbom i.Q"Idalut.=&1", Ida. " 1359. .Luey MAe b. ·15 Iuly193S,c!. 16 July 1935. 1360. Jallice Lorratneb e . 9 lao. ,1937. . 1361. RoIlald Jene b.-6 Jau.1939 1362. LeoDA¥arieb. 18 Sept. 194Q •.. 1363. Lloyd b.15Nov. 1945,~. 16 Noy. 1945. 1364. Carvin LeODb. 20 Iune .1947.


1:)65. ]acobMesaeu. DaV,e M. MeSieraad.KateJrvingb. 14 Dec. 1910 md. 25 Aug. 1930. ' )3M.Leda Lees da u, Harry Hea.ryLees aad Ethel Dunon b. llJuly 1913 Idaho FaUI,lda.

1366. Delores Elaine b. lR Mty 1932, Delta, Colo.

The p e 0 pie in their comm unity would plead with them to give up "Mormonism" and they promised to give them all kinds of work and promised that they w 0 u Id never go hungry, But they turned a deaf ear to their pleading. and made plaos and preparations to leave for America. As there wasn't a a y L. D. S. Sunday Schools near where my father Iived he anended a Methodist school and it waa there he leamed the scripture. and many at her good things. He attended this school for three yeaD which was the oo1y iChooling he had. Father's first iWignmentin L. D. S. Church work waa given him by Elder Charles W. PeJUOle, t hat 0 f teaching t he English language to a DuiJh Conve~ 111 fulfilling thU a.aignment he leamed the DaniJh language which wal a great help to him in latter life for he settled in Fountain Green, Utah where there were many Daniah people •. When Father was a yo ung boy he bad an experience which added to his testimony of tbe ~thfuIDess,of "Mormonism". His mot~er aak him to take some church literature to a family she knew. He waaaf~id to go for thtl family owned a very visious dog and everyone waaafraid of it. His mother promised him if he would go and take this literaturea. she bad uk him to that the dog would not harm him in aayway. He did aa .he told him to and the do glay in the yard Dever offering to attack him. Fat her, accompanied by his father, mother, brothelS and sister sailed with some 802 Sain1l from England for America on the 21st of May 1864. They 1.1 ile d on the ship "General McClellan. • under the direction of Tho m as Eo Jeremy, p. Joseph Bull and George.G. Bywater. They were lixweeka ero.ing the ocean. Near Newfoundland, "1:be:.ship can intO an ieeberg, which made a hole in the .ide of the veaellarge enough for a man to crawl through. The captain and some of th~ sailoa said that if the ship bad not been loaded with "Mormoaa" it waul d bave gone to the bonom ()f the ocean. Grandmother Coombsf e II on deck aadwaaseverely injured being an invaUdthe relt of her life. The ship landed in New York on the 28th of June 1864. This g r 0 up of Sa imI crosaed the Plainl in B1Ihop William S. Warren's COmpany. OnaccoUDt of the ClvtlWar intbe UJlitedStAtea it waaDeccssaryfor them to go uptmo Canada, then into Mislouri, thruWyoming and on into SIlt Lake City. Utah. Fat h er drove an ox team the entire diatance of lome 1200 miles. They amved in Salt Lake City the 4th of October 1864. Fame'" folka went oD to Fountain ~reea; Sanpete County, Utah. Here Father- helped to cut aDd haUl logl from the mountains to build a house and corrals. They worked 1D theanowwat.lt deep. going early in the molDing and retummg late at night. Father said they lived on nothing but squash for six weeka, no bread, meat, but t e r i eggs or any subltaDtial food - • j USt· in squash. He never cared for squash any more. pia He wore wooden shoes and was often taken for a Dallilh bOy. ' The Coombl famUy 11ad many uue friends among the Danish and Norwegian people in Fountain Green. . It was during the years of 1865-66-67. that Father.' with others, lbared the terroa·of the "Grasshopper War" as also the Black Hawk Indian \Var of 1865 to 1866. 1 mig h tad cJ that Grandfather took partin these wau and was a great Indian Campaigner. The following experience is given as Father wrote it: "It was 48

the rust part of June 1868, four yealS after 1 a r r i v e d In Salt Lake Valley. I waathena young man of 18, and bad settled in, Sanpete County to make up auain,kDown a. the o'''Sanpete Train", to go to meet emigr&DlI. Tllere were 40 wagOUlwith ox teams of 3 yoke of oxen each. There were a few hODe and mule teams. The snow bad not yet gone in the moumainl.s East of Salt Lake, in what is known aa the Wasatch RaIlge, wt bad a difficult time going thru Echo C&ayoa. A 11 the riveD and streams were Iwollen.· At Ha m. Fork, of GreeD River, we croued safely ODa bridge covered with abouta foot of water. On June 24th, we arrived at Green River. The next mom1llg we ferried ourwagoDSover aDdbopedtosw1m the cattle, but there was a bigh wind blowing aDd it was very cold. The boys worked for hours in w a te r up theil chW, but to nO avaU, die CaUle would not go. Thenwe tried to ferry themacCOll, We got them loaded and stanedout. Thecanlebecamefrigbtened, crowded to the stde fo the ferry and broke the rope and tipped the boat. The captain.bouted. "Boy. we're gOing under I" My blOther and 1bad succeeded in jumping from the boac and·regawing me shore, buulx of our number went down. Yes, lost theillives II The bodies were all found, but one. ThOle of us who survived were .oaking wet and no eXUa clomq w a. to be bad. For three days we were without food or bedding. The wind howled a hurricane during the day. but waa still at night. We dug holes in the sand to sleep in and pulled maws to lee whicb ODe should be last to go in his bole. The 1a I t one bad to cover himself. We continued to tty and make the oxeD.wim over durlllg me three days we waited for the fell)' to be rebuUt. Oa the founD <1&y,the ferry W&lin operatiGD agam. and we feated the rem&tniDgftock over, and proceeded on ourjoum~y. But before -we started I w a I elected to replace One of the night herdm{ woo baddrowoed. So from here ODI drove my team in me daytime and stood guard half of the night. When we met me emigran1l of Laramie City. one of the emigDln1l (a Welshman) was chosen to drive my team. We bad many thri11ingexperiebca while crolSing thOle pla lJIa , One that lremember veryvtvtdly was when one of the emigDlDt women 100t her baby JUStprior to the tim e we were ready to start our trek acroatbe plaiDI. ShedldD't WaDther baby buried alone ODthe prairie, 10 Ihecame~ the stUl form in her anna, thru blinging rain Sloan, and OD till we reached an Indian burial groUlicl. There her loved one waa laid to rest. Another experience was w he a some law offieea came WO our camp. It seemed 'thauome cattl~ and horse. had been stolen and theofficea, aeeking to find the thieves, came i a t 0 our camp. They bad we men Stand up in a row and they g~ve III exactly three minute. to say our prayea, as we look ed down the barrell of they gUDSthey held •. We prayed as never before, and the things we had dODe in oUllives passed before us. Our prayelS were answered and we were freed. No one was hurt. Most of us were poor owing to the gzasahoppel1 taking most of our crop. the two yeaa previous. When the call came for us men to go after emigran1l the w 0 men of Sanpete County did ali they c c u I d to help us. Some of the women gathered wcel, others washed it, some spun the yarn while atill othecs ._ made shirtsand pants for Ill. But even so we did not have mucl clothing, molt 0 f us JUSt the cloJthing we had OD, some fn had an extra shirt. In sptte of ali our experiences and the lick of clothing 1 do not remember of any one taking a cold::,

_., .:1.:


1869 Fatbttweiuo work, for the ..Jniol't'PacUic t ogdea.Hewu work'iD8,thetewhfRithe'two. railroadJ. rbeUmoahcif'ie ComlDg frottt;'ihe Easta'ltftbe CtlDual Pacific coming, frem,·th:e\Weat,'metori' tlietamelfght j"'of "ay kaowo ."PromODtCJq RUg e ", 1'!Wi ... emtlle 10th / of May 1869. There wua great celebUtiont.h&fday. 'As these ualDl approached- fro m oppoaite dltectioDl aad &topped withiD a few feet of eltch other. a merriorable scelle w u enacted; for between the noses of the two engiDes the Iymbolic Golden Spike wasdriyeaslgD&l~1Dgthe completion of the fint chain of raUroadJ to SpaD me'ArneriC&11Comment. After returning home frem the ratlload Father "orked at fanniDg for awhile. 'He did quite a· bit of hUDdDg4ad fishing Dot only thea. but a1lO In latery".. ...': ......•. . .....' . The yeart folloWIng. bit retutrl.to.·Po_~:Greenfather took an active panlrnhe ellte"nalDtndti OfthOurroUDcUDg communide&. He 1&118 a g rea tdealsfDgiDgmany comic songs. Some of these songsI remember him siIlgiDg to we childrea IUch u "She 111 Ilg Green Peal"-- "BoUllCingBaby 8oy"--and "Leather Britcl'let"~ . Father alao took an active .. part fadramat1~i'Heofteiplayed opposit my mother'l aunt, HaDDab .Collard. SOme,of the odleractocUndactrelSeiftret l'ftJeI tiuyri:1oit~· PollylOhQlon. DlcltWestWood. 'T;rooftbeir b_pily.'weie "M'tIt1~'J6W" alld· "Ten Nights ill a Bar Room" •. Th~pll)'lwoU1dbegivtnlD the differenuettlemenu. They played ""'el1Nlgh1l midl.r RDomIt forteruucceatve DtfCht· . Father ".I.a·lover ohpons of aUkfD'dI;Udhe W(Juldpa~• te·la tbemdartag ·thedUte*rt ceiebratio. . ,. It wu iii FouDUm Green thatbif met a lowly" b~n;;eyed }!aslfsb girl by theunte ofR1nhShawcro~ .Their ftteildihtp .IOODtumed to low •. and theywi=re mamed'trnheEDdow!tient HOllie 10 Salt Lake CIty'. Utahttie 19 tbolDecember 1870. AlthOugh they bad left Eitgl&nd J t t be .. metlm~;,-~tiicf o~ die same ship aa,dcrossed'the"P1alDsill the iaDte coMpaoyit wUll't until their famUles hid 'iettledll{FounUID Green that these two young people became acqUl~d. .. ."" F 0 rtwo yeail, (oUo"tDglrltm&rtf.age, Father hercttd Ih~p OIle-thtrd of the. ltrnft. The they moved. about flvemUe. ealt of FOUJ1tailiGteen towbat"as ealled Slg Hollow. Tbey lived there during the suminermo'iDg totoW1l4Uringw,e WiAter. Father b~rded the -dry herd"oflheFoW1tilDqreen ~-op (or about four yUII and neaily upto the tlmitb:ey'moVed to . Colorado. IJ1 the fall of 1884, Father. Mother and their lixCbUdhn: Ephraim William. IohnDav1cf,fNdeaC8 ~. NeWePearl, Ruth Adllad EmtftGeorgetldt utah tomak6thelr'homeln Colorado~ T~ compallY mllk~'tbU trip togetherwete: Pet~ N. Guyrnon.FredSbawdoft,'Ger6ge Morgaii,Cb&rlefWbite, Ephraim CoombllDCI theh'fatnlIie.. MaIY Aagar4il1d 'John Morgan ako IccompaDiedtheift. . ..,": . They caine by waydf Gf.eeoRiver,<lrand ll1Dctton over Cochetopa PaIl.thruSaguachealldott down tbrutJ:ieSaa"Luis Valley to Richfield to-the home~fMother's brotberJohll ShAwcroft. .'. "\tf;<t.~ "l~ ". .'. .' .,.. .....,' .•.. My folb 1 e d . 1na dugoutdutillg' theflrSt 'i¥Ul1:ei~ lilthe 'spring of 186Sdley-built. olle reem 10g~hollle wtthaleall to for summer·ute. A lew· yean later they built a brick house, where my brotherRO}'llft 11'1&.' After loe&ting in Richfield f 0 u r more children bleaed their

In the'pltDgdi RaUroadlDtbof


'btiild 'uP"tlie'eomrttuti1ty~He ~ e 1 pe d Josepi Thornaas!llfty 'Ricbfield and the sunoWldfbg'land~ . Father could tell where everyltODe and eV~"ecUoli ••• le~ pather and Mot be e did everytbiDg' diey coul~rto"Ye their childrella happy cbqdhood. WebadC!mp1Dg ~tp..,.etc. •. but th~ oaesthau r e mbat Vivid '·fa'mY'memory ar. titplwecook to se.e the ClrcUl wheueveritc:&ineto A'-mc.a. .•FatherWOUld load the .tgon with bed<llns.foOd.Dd ~ cbtid_. anddti'e the IS mlli!no AUlDcia., We,macie~mJ»~. sl.epiDg oatUQder 'the<ltan awakening: ~i'IYlcf wecouldl .. t1tt .arcu.,tralDua·loaCttbelld1Jn&li.W' .};atched me ~eQd tookilnb.ecilcUl, agahrapjlld1llg the night at camp. 'Wehh Wly.aext mornmglOl'horne. . '. .. Afterw~chUdren were mamedwcwithourfarnw..Would 'gam.lnh~oidhc)me eaCh year 011 Mo.~r"saa<l· t:arber'l binb ~ day .fuI1.t!1'Iarymfl211t:of Decem~We wouldbav. a big cfamflydllfner, tbeJlspead'thettiDe viltt1llg.,lbIpIJ "'.ll1teD1I1gto Mo~errecitfi.At t:beIe. family ga.eriDgl·Fadler would $iiJI the humorous and rellgiOUIloap "e. all loy_" ·to·bear;btm sing•. there WOuld be gameiUd Docs'then mOle' .... mOle .slDgttl8, ..daIlCiIlg etc. ·.u ~d lIleaJoyDle time especially 10 "by the p~eof Famer a nod M~ allCl the~vetbat they gave to olle and aU.' . At the Home ComlngiD Fm. Greea •. Utah. whelemany of the people gathered ,for the Celebra~,ba&beque,_apona • many who bad lefithere ma.IlY yeaa ago atteDcfed~ .... held lulY1925. Father. w II .ked to.tag lome of hu cOmic IOIigs . .MAny oldie old timeD renlembeied. ..' As bas bee ouid he took pan iD the thute •• playiDg"Ten ~igh1ltn the Bar Room". tellluccelli,e (I1gb1land OIleaight . 'for Ricb&rd. C row the r the .pionicrter wbo had never ... the .play, whO said he i1everhadt&keDhts.eyes off from the book. 'AlaoaDother gOod play -Ma"lda"~... '.' ., '" ....., DurfDg the Black~wk war linhertOita Ipm w_ ddnktag at iaspriDB. Al1Uldln'watcb1aghtn1.ptcbCl up'the.parndlcept ..It. Hecowdof kr11ecl latbet.butbica .. eof a:ldDdIleiI tq~ Ii1dlli1 hlt llfe"ulpuedalld)alerhe reaimed ."lIf:.wal ···a'rnemberofUtahindl&ilVeter&,,~·n. We IpeIltm.,bppy hours iD our (atherholi1ewttb big and:'WouW.tas and recite. Mo the r reclt1J1g with 1he different cbUdreri reeit1llg .alsoalld WOUld liD8 aad recite unt1lfhe weumaU howl of the moh11ilg~ Al way. gatherill, th_ 10 cbJrimeratefatber and mothtrib(rtbda)'l.D*~'211t allcl-lao at Tha.wsiviDa. .' We accornp&lliedour~em. to conf.,ucu·and SUDday ~bool JubUees, ofteaf&lClDIP & rt in U wellu dril affaill. The followillgare examples of.ome ,ot tile 'fork he 4ld. W1:aUe "ill IUchfield wua BrUch of the' Sanford. Ward. Father .UMt apAri Q Prestdtng Elder, later betilsmade. sishop ofluchfleld Ward. Theae POlttiODlcovered" period of 18 yem. , Hew.1 Presld~nt oEme fblt Quo.rum . of Eldell ill the San Ll.jf,Stl~e',wcU secretary of the.CburcbSthool when flat organiZed in the Stake. . '. He'hal beel1 a SWiday School Superintendent alaoSecletary. He was Prelideot of the Y. M. M. I. A. He ailo " .. Secretary of that 6rgallf.zatioll. Famer wUAlslltant $tikeSuperiJ1telldellt 'ofR! 11g10a a me In be r of tbeHlgh CollllCil and Ward Representative of the Genealogical Society,
.0 •• " '.

uniOil~;f,h'ey ate: EIl'llardBilltoil.· dara lda:,.Saclie,Mati .and 'On1lRCy; ' ~"... .. ' "":*~ . .Fatbe.r~ eIPed:io !lund bt1dgits,. ditc:bes,o.adsuicl_lped
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ledgeofmuaicwaliDpossessiollofbutfew. HillOnga of praise, a~c!l'.eJ:al1clof mirUlwilHoalQefemeanbered by all.

An4,~q"·"~ltllA.fl.ll'voic;eill~~1 ~may·the aaemocy ()f.~gOQd de~~,~iv~ (Qt.everiA ·the heal'll ofhta loved ODes .aa.coI.f#ep.c:Is;.lldtnl'ytheQ;nnfOit."b1~wi*. dIaIe who meum tile loss Qf 114m Who baag qne to jQU. bflloved oaea lA "That 8eaQtiJQl"'~~ ,ot·SqlllewbeJO".






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GreatGransl~c;bUdr~"~.o •••• '•••••• ..168 G~~~Gre&~CIr~'"ccqu..ueJI. ~.. .; ••••• 57 ~

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~~~y.g~t.W&l ~"P'toWUUa,m ~~.allclb' H~ sJa... g1v~~,~9fJlula.,Sbe beca_qly,,~, .. TbeL&aer~Day Sa1at ~caU,cLat_ WQ1~"'clAlaD..~,~t. . AUdy.pa~

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He wuambltious',. lQ~t ~~Jedje; !:))Jcb p~d him a~v. 'd1eaver&se elf h"feU9,!~ ' .• He wa.cme'ofOUrearltpt~. HeW"'~lefd.~J. 111 cb~ .afialll he~helda p~UWnt pla~e. l~tA~IlYc;a~iC1ei . fronfthe c)ffiC~.ofbuDlbJ.~ toS~~',~ Co~~ NotCJlIly iii ecclestaid.~l.tt.ta:)I,1t~.~~V4aadl~&l~~1I b.ashflcouatel~c1ad~b.lousht. f~laWye .. w_IlQ.'·'o

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two..~oceimeDiodes '. of b~Q~~ •• be 'burted~daoUrbciDel"beD' "we ~~mgfies 'Qf'oUr8oodlive after III.. . -: ..' '. ' .. ....' . Ephraim (;cXlrrd)I,tbe,P101leer, wIll b e missed by .aU., for he

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out·t)tt;mer.Yet',bewUlbe m~edJ# ·~ore. byb~ f.4mUy by whQl1ih~waa atily bOQor~dalld obeyed even aathePawebs of old. He w~u Idnci loving n~~&Ilc1 and (ll~eJ;'!" cqm~llion havetQ tb.roWhel QV~_~dAr.ot1le «CAp. to hil children who, have eve~~ougbthfs ad~c!l~d,.pp~v.llD M their undenakingl~ 'Hiswalthe strong a~1,l p on" w.hlc~.tlJ.!=y '." y MOther's graDdparenisli"~d wtthtbeirc4augbter AQI1 and_ leaned ~ their hQUDofsorrpwand d~~II~Hii wal.·'tbe"vpice b~.hUlba~cl~faIllUy:"" Q ~ e ,()Ctbe4uUet Modm and ch.
oichccr, ()rpraiicwhiChC:Qu,nt~d abov~all othCII. .. '. -

Sbe be~qle~eziJl.;~.AclIqCh .• ~ aUCQd D. ellUldl mllCtiDgI~with~ od1~.))ut.~yed atJiQmetocanfor ber "da~Sgtet.·Tile ~~ teAtWO~ •UJ.tth,y wou1~Uk. for her to come·totb~~ee~ AI GJ~~ocber --.Ci th~: buUclblg' theylaiclto.~~s~,Sllaw~ ~~'D,O.feu .Yo'- Cbu4IbaU l;lve,~Jo,~~~O,L.~"·~~dm.,~.4d 101101 faldulld IU 'tbtU' her'life' .he'exelCiled ··ddafalth arid inany recel".dmany blfJII~" . .' ." .' .. ~,.!S~f"DAl d~bta9Y",9~ ~ •. t~'my ..~ptRD1I bome '{~e~h;~,> ~~\,ll~8~ ~laIl4.'1' •. wom... ,,~ give .~.fqg4.Qd~~~. ,,~~d~ fOl···htlc:l~ eaciulme '~!='.~ ••. {9~~,;'~~,p ...p@iA8.·J ... "·!iD81and. tbey.~~:tp/.theJxlyr~~.t'tb.oy Mil for Amerlca~' He wowdcry aDd CIY~Jhel1P~8CO~.who wII v~.frail,. wquld make;~~pI ;Cb&t c b e rocIqag of.me abip wol4~ ma,~~th~~k -Ib.e 'I!lf)uJ4.liIl. aa.cl ... ,would

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.. He walaleadc:r~~lDglQgch"$Q~81.otZioa. .1Jl.tlJ.e~ay.w~1l ~reWete'llo music .tcachea a,Dd whell e:ven a.limit"l<PQw." ." _.. '. ,l ~ _ " •", _ • • " .. .' ..:,

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elderlYt0f1pie.5e(or~ they remed.

Her brothelS .. ere MfD1Iteft 0 f t b e pariah. of the Church ofthewagoa. 1be.io lt1'1,8; oftbewaa.·;c&IIIeCta:be buclcec. &lglaad~ WheD grealsralldmotberjoiDe~.tbe "~ormo~ ":~~ch. swing bac:.kand f~bl.ok&DClfOJdl&l1.~: \¥,beD me,.. uopped' , her broth .. aDd par.a tumedagainst heraltd wouldQot have that ~eaijrigthe~. had be~ cQuraed"r"to.bUfter. Of.aianytbiDg to do with her. ollly to try aDd pell\J&d~her.tolt.a"e time.tb.ey12QUe~ "'~boDeI.fQf ...,~.... .: . her Church. OfteJ1tiJQeathe would!)e wa1k1agwhell hcr~~fI .. The f9Uft,~ved ·1A~t ~e CJt1.U~.~" 18M. would drive bym the tabey cariAges aadwouidD.~upeak to her Moth"rweatoJuo Moroai. uwu,tthb.,.... TbaIltlt.Y or recogDize her iD any.. ay. Thea a8allitheYJ"0U1dnop~ she aa.cl ber btom.lobnW'Dt.to WO$~ __ "-'d.·Hei beg to l"ve the Moftftaa'fa i thaQdt.btriube "oui~ be fatherb"iDg. a~pple. the cbfldreu waDlHtO help._"_. welcome to come &DdU"*lthdi~i'D~aeDjOy r.bern,aay~om~ theycqUld. .. · . ...., .... . forti they bad to offer. But' ibe refl.lledaud.tema1Ded.falthful La~rtbeymov", mJoUQfam .~., tll~,'~;ll .. lIl. to ber caavicdDDI. ..... . ,>,'.. dug-Olltfor.~e..lt"..b_

Great-grlUdmodUiisarah Hunt wuof a ""ell-~o-do fami,ly.


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Food'Nau~rce~Q)'{~mes'~lDStb~jOUft1~ •• :rbeY'mi1k" .ed oQeohbe~xeapun1Dg~' milk iI1:4}?,y,ck..... . buaJ It qn


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a broke.. biCk.·wbicJlcaUledJiim,j) bia life. ,thua It.at quite a mUU1e .aQd.gleat~e tQ get mouy &Del clotheI'D make tbecnp to Arnerica.,Gr_1f&D.dmolher IDdG_lDOther'uaed to do tbelrOW!l_'''IQ8_ ..~t of thldIfamUIea.. '.'. ." .:«. .. ..... .... ........' .:, Motbft·.Ued·f or A:rli~·tlie21Itof.M&y13I4 •. foU.taUed. dlelblp .. ~. McCleUaQ.; n.ere··'.'~i~me 802 8aIJn:I.aboud.fI~;AI~.D .. rect.Newfoua.41af;1_ 'Ibip bttan1cebeigDl&k"'~lIo~.ID. ~~:~ .. ~ for a lUll to CI&"l"tHctiUdreaptheteclaroUDCl Grqdi mo1her1lkiDS betlft11e'~.Ould dDk tie ckO~. . She &anered. "No I Neyer. DeYet.qWeW'Ul bellitlllC.ad wUl reach ZIon.· TbeOpiaIiUct;lqmeottb8lAUoII&b~c1m. Jbtp I&1dbadDi)t1bl*,i;eeb lOUelf With "Monn."mat' 1 t would ha .... walt to tb'bcmaD;aoftbeoc....' ....... ...: Motherbec&meUlatiOUd .·Ibtp.buttblume 'admlDllt~ iDg of the ElclUaadd f&ft!lbl ·ih".. hea~ After iaUIDB Oil'Che'oeeu t(Jf dx t1leyazrl1icl'-t.Ne;' York the 26tboOuu 1864 Tbeywea& Uptbru~oJato . MiIIOudwbeiedieyJolhedtheBlntP*'tala,1Ud1'.-, WUlt.amS. Coaipuy.Mothet ~ aIke d, the eDdre

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M9daer~ID~~lf,.~t ... tb,.~Ia"hot"~~t. Mc)tberJGl.,~me~.~ ~ ... ·&.U e-:., .... ,,,.1 from the bruib wbere it cllllll:.tIle..,~ ~,he1pe4 Jp1D.dyeaDdkDit lt1AtI)·lt~k"" ', S",J1&I;, •• _fwheatIU&w·athan"Uime,.,~tbem. braldedlllam .... ,ma4e Uti for the, lamn,.. , .: , ODe diy the lad ... ~ametC);myGraMp'I" .... :aad: waated,raleaYe,olll~·f&eIb""".ytIaa_ be, back .afterltacaeerratp ... :,~~., .... <.......






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beat upoa their, c_ • ~t b their filii_ de................ my meat I 1"&Qt.myma.tf,r,GIlIICIfaIatr •. "'pIed .' iD &Jluctdeul._~Q&1!"fIa ... ,lIJ..__ · ..... lfUII,"bed.'~
He begau to 8I0&Il &ad mOlD ..

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people~ _,left

Mother oftea to 1d ..

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thOUsb be:..

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diltaDce from Miaourl,mSalt mn.... ·A1oa1


woU1d~ ... UliiI aD,y,.... ·.~~.~--or' buffalo cb1pato'belMd II Net 1c;tdte JO (:CIok~tr





ftl' me.~.~
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belp_fa .",..",.i'b~.a. WII crippled mat ena with the ~td of c:z8tdriea bIi feet would drag Ibe ground a_.. sa iaii."u wou14 at&!Oltdie .... ' ~2()O and ctiop wood. DIIrIq lhelDdla would do~"could,~ 'iD the Guard Houte aDd sat

bo"araa4fMbc. __


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,food 011." ." ,'. .....•...

Mod:lei·,aDd.,my"P~_."'l;IrallltQ:lOai,,,,,,~,e,r.m,addbl: Tluee 8Jffl:6f:t'bli;co.Y~DPtMo_"iJ •• eDa· the,~"~CDt Ko.u· ,1Ik~C~k .. Qq, .qtiIl".,19tllof .... wasOll for procecUCil ancl COlllpaa.y.,Oaeoftb~~.~~ oeCe# 187o.:./r.~y mQe .Ih.l'~ bODIeill,' ..... GreeIl .,eryW &lid just .. it."118"'il"~:" dli~l4wlaibe 10r~.~e.,TbeIl.Ibe1,lDoye;d~.J.,_~.Dl1D,"bat ... cuatOttl."hilaOaOi"Cla!tflird:ditcamp.all' beialCllowD.. '.Bt, HoUow~ UYtuS t b'ue duriDl .• aummer ad gaa 1lDgtiI&tbi!ir&moaaPlbQ.df $oDS tt'Cod.;COausYe Sama" ,·m0vu.,llack,totowallldl.i, ."lrater.· . elpectally .. t.. v : ..••'. .. '.' .." . ". WhU,U .,~ DS' '&&81& H.,Uo".:, Modaet;bad -uy fIIIhteIIIDI. "ADd iboU1d.eiilebe1ort·oi'1~lUIleY'.'tbtu ',.' experieDceswldltbe IDdlAalallhe aDCt1ecb11c1re1a ... d o£tea Happy day .111f1.e1f. .'. . .'.. '.' : left aloDe, .wbUe the.in.eD "'•.Je·her4",~.~ep ,Ud We the ate fM1i01il ~tfUd lOaoWtOo: . . SometitDerthelDdta .. ,Would,come, .. ,to.dle .. ~ ..,~ ta' Wi. meJ18tWe Ib&U'dWen i thewtDdow'.,marCb&lo~d cbe',houae, &ad .. 1t" chacome But U our &Ie spared .gaiD ' Sitoatheporch., Tbeywod1dJlI1 aw~.th.'lea" ... mY'*'" To lee the SafIUI their reat obutD. tousl)! a. they came. "gatmey .. ould com~:~d:ut ~_aad o lin .,e'Umu tIdl cborUt lWell dem.ndJood. etc •. Ofteu at Algb, .. IDdt&aI .. Oul4,C$Ileto w All .. tr'eUIAllII went tbespriDsfor .. ater--somelimea they .. ould deep at me spriDg





and again the y would go up to the haUie and spend the night rea, cwoda\J:ghters Prudence AllDa[l,~Sii,d1eMaud, b.1~ there •. ManyC1mesae1l1dWil wou1d'b'edrWlk~' "'(IIUd'make . ceeded her ill death; 46 gra.D.d.c:ti.lldr~aIl413sr~~. a lot ofl1Oileaad:'W01ilct mOop ama theho,tISe;"butl1,eier oaee chll<1rel:l. '. .' .' . did tbeybatm .,Modlet. ,;Pather or&l1yoftbe chUdrea. ..


In laM MOther au;,!' F&'iiierwt1:h.thelrdX chUdreli: Ephriam Wllllam~ loba'[)anct~ PNd_e'Alm.NeUfeP~arl.Rutb Ada and Emelt George;"decldedto •• "toColOAciO to~akethetri 17. EpbiatmCoombl: home. III m&kiDgprep_tiDalfor ~. journey. MOtiu=rnadeReikteDd:R1Cbfteld, CoQejC)l~~;C9l .. cto.. loa Of&proaaoUf·of'iaclca,'tobeu.edal'ouDdmecampfire. 'She 'fice, Lt.l&ti.(:olo.· ",'" . '. . . . madelOd& crackers to takewichthi:IIi.Herbtother, UDele aoIIl:.21J)e~Dlb.r.18"9, &~SGaWY&J!l. ~sub~

Fred SbiwcroftaacthfsfamUy. andinezalodler'famUtelm&deof the trip with them. They w"lix weeleaaneliDg. bYW&SOD
tralni' ftoa.lFOuataiSl~'

Polly.waoft.ckcWe On thew.t .. ofdieWagoaatipped'o.er,.'lGl18:·.'ILIftO"roi.d.· me. mC'(l"hadmde-;';aa1he"""'''CUylOidJotb18h,,.y.d1ea:. ..·saln1l·&b~~#~cin9_1!a.~~ Eacil' 'l1lwId&ytbtt'hUlflitap; "-80lil 8iriligme·wOmeD'P. IGleIdl.BUU·~cfGeOlseG.~.~ a cbuCe'icIdoilieli'.Ubfilaaad .JaOgi .... baneS aDd AIilted:14111etJb1red·S*_;.'S'uD'e

tJt&JItolU.cb.fteld,'COlorldo.,Aunt .' atea uifarl'atber;parfofdle tUbe~


Staffold,StaffordCoUllCy, EDglql,L



saptlzed: to' May 1858.' .. .... .. ' Sau~ forAJDeri&:':21 ¥&)'•. ;8s.t. 14ft.,~JII1cI w"'lda , pareIJIIICIQ tb6lbipGeUral MQa.llap.Tbele"'. eGa


came· •• yOfnR.'The'wolllallwQuld"t&ketJietrclgmea
dowa. cotll.eiUe&ra aad.ub

baag1hec1Oth.out''OIldilrblulla·tocltY; .~ ': .: OfteIldmtll'atatabtnerr o_~1hecOmpuYwoli1'djo1DiSl

me. tbef8~'TheDthjy/would

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Tbe'l1alteclsca ...

often play jok... TbecolII'Paa1'

te1l'Itortet"etc. ,.Dd'.ywotlld

journey ltiiIitillilrud ·iDOIepl.....

~~==:C~'::,Ibe::e-.=.:::;,~lbIIIls ~~;l.9n..~... ·:'.::::·F.·~' .• fflCl·.~~~;:
p&reIIZI ~"lldly.~

",,nactied'IlCIaftjW.COloacio IhetarepartOf ..... ' ....

pull Pra Ilk a on each omafD 'iilaketbe

$a1tLakeCl.ty,~ ,•. ' . .. .. . . . Am."dfllS~t-t.&ke 9f.ty~' ~.Oct. 1_


iA'Jc,n-.fIII'.· '.



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liwunec ... " f.~



Fo_mGreeD. SUp.r.eCouaty;U ....... ~ IIP,IIle. l'1dlclbtla
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~":.:!J:m.:.~~:~;~;uIdoIlaftar~cameto.'~.~.,:.~.21"'"'C",,~-.... ,.g&J.*.g,':'!.. ..' .Af ~, .••. :.:.·'J~.:.··.~.·!.tr., CoJar&4o. ney, :IcIwUd' and ParIl1ll:"gJ.fatil S~~~.Dd_.H" . sf~ci.fw,~~~.: tl~Y ie.......
0IIIa Roy.

Matber,'dleIabentdp •• of 18M.·,,:SU;nrIt.fa;1be'ClUtldlagre&f the ~ pclIidoiII:;
fall RellefSoclay··V .... T....

A==~:=.:-=:~=:m '~:.;~_~~.~!:~=,~
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r, tecelYedIAGeS&ALllfllltake




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1DhoaorofFacberIlldModaeD'aodaW""AllllWeriuy;"~eh w.tbefllKGo1dt9l'Wed4flla:Wtt'."ldW-.L·~'

JmInlctOr:fIi CJI&!',:-""' Suped iOfReUpMaia.&' We, '_;'~"""';al fiIIidlypUIJ



... 'Aaoc:fatioat.. ···ta' ItOl.~91.0." .

'If . ,.''U:...;;.....''o'tiah '1rith her. ~ ' ... " .~-,~ ...,'.&.-'.,. ~;U».~~ ','.. .'


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.f9.,~ .••.~ '.:"-.":'.' .•.. '..:: .. ... ~.:.'p .. ... ~:'.,.../(."Qnq ' ....
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me oidef'people;pre.eu.

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',."" ,,,'~,.'.,., .: ,' "


..,....".. '

. .....1'" " :: ", Mother palled away the lldl"of-ladUaryI925,&thv'hOme; ill RldIfldICoIo.ao.·· SHwat'1aiil,:to'_~dati'l3tb. Of _\lit)'





Cemetery~ ,(,.

'bed''l&tclof'1lertUhbtfwa qUOte-';'''She''.I. and 10*8'''W'' MotbWj"!A~JlGrgrutfa1tb.&D·bDDea.



ttcbey-payei'aDd atrue
dlougbtfu1·· oh be'

poraadtyto"·sooCI~'~" Motbet~ftto1lioUmhei

pooraDdae.y··aDdaeftipauectup·'Iii. op"·


fi1eDd"SU .... 'e,..
.. . ,',"

Prf.mary ,~"~la90·.19Q~ .• field Wild Primary Moc.·1901tel~1~ .. ~ RellgiQl a ..... SqPr,.9,f~~kIII.~~e12re She dfecl: 11 JanUarY ,'1921 &i :1UQ~~~j~Cot.III:.J.


1i •. ,~ QNp.: of ~

.. 1111.

.paatag ..·my·fa_


aDd'eight chUd';' .

Heleft Utah111 llgUlt A 1.~tA~



CoaejOi Couaty. Colozad •• ·tiflRlql,~waaaccepted

iD tbe'SadLuflSfAkeiDOCitoberl884.HeWcl. .,"-. ..

the (QUow-

iDg poIidCIII: .". ' ... ' '.. .: Pres.. of Flat QuQrllAl of Eldeata:'iheS&nLufl;Swe, 1888. Otda:1Ded pratdfDg ElderofRL~1eld Branch. of S&Dfozd Ward. 22 Apdl 1888. ord&iJ18ci H1ghPriestaad BlIJiopof Richfield Ward: 15 AugUR. .l~l,. (Sened 111 dlll pc!iltiollfot14 yem) •. Sec. of Y~M.t4. LA.; Supt.

80m: 18 Augult 1871. FOUDtaiD GreeJI.:saDpete i Bapt1zecl:. 6 ..September 1882" by Gecq'il~wtI:lei CoDfiimed: ., September 1882 by Rubia. Cuter. Ord&iDed a Deacoa: 5 December 1888 by leu J.. 1390 •. M~~: EllzabetJl. Reid in 1889•. Reaideuce:MotpD. CODejol Ca.. Co1oradooi


Of Y. M. M. LA.SIlpt.of

SUDday SchOo1. i8S8~18~5. Sec. of" ChutCli SChoOlio&ld. .Aisllt.' supt." of S~.ke ReUglail ClaII. ..IDItrUctariDRellgionCla..

'Reptellllt&tlft "In ~lSoCtety •. chodater of Rlchfield Ward. ChoriIter 'of SUIld&.r SCil.60~lDRruc. tor til SUDday SchooL W;rd Qerlel, 1919td192S •. ~&id


~ of Rlchfle1d CaDlI ~paqy188S to .1~'2S..SeC. of SoUth Side Aa6yaDltchCompuy.See.Of SChool DImtct No. 6 from 1888to 1896. MqtIriat"·o;puty SheiUf. ..Oeputy AlI•• ' · Deputy WaterComm"tGo~ ANd Oveaeer. Sec. aad Treu. Ma'naua Aaa.Sec.SiD Lull Dral11age DII1:dct No. 1. Water CommfPloaer. Water Malter. CbUdren: 1380. Epbralm wwtam '.' . ..... . .. .8om: 18 Aupals71 at 'OUDtaIllG~ Utah. MaIdecI. SUaaI*b Reid. 1381. JobDJ)a~ 80m: 24 September 1873 a.t Fountain GleeD. Utih. MaIrtecI: MIla SteftDl. 13st. Prudence ADD: 80ab 9 Septembefl8'73 at foUDratllGreea, Utah.

Teacher for dian)'

yd"Memb •. 6fHls~eo-U.

80m: 1iNo-ielDber 1873, ai Pittsburg, AU...,ee.. pezm. Bapd.Jed: 5 Auguat 1886. " Caiiftrmecl: 5 Auguu 188'~ 'She he1ddle followlDS pCIIltla: Sec. of RlCbfte1d w.. Prtinazy AlIa. 1891 to 189&. Worked III JIrbawy taMargaQ BfaDch maa{yeaD. Endowed: 'I April 1940. Sealed to hUlbaad: 8 April 1940..

Parema: MatdaewRetd &ad. Aaa Boamer.

Jara, Colorado.




R.e';bapdZ~d: 15 AUiua 1915 by Jolua So l(IiI8bt. '. CoaflnDed: 15Augult 1916 by Ephratm Coom .... (fath., Ord&lDecl an Elder: 2'1februuy192Sby J&IIIIII P. J--. He held the foUowtllgpplittaaa: . '. Wald Teacher &om Febluaiy 1923 to 19i'7 fit. RIcbfIeld Ward. Preltdem of. the Mcqlll Braacb.oUUcbfteJd WaId, forleftral yem. Walill Sunday SchoolSUpufDreadency. WardTeacber.



BolD: $ May 1890 at





. Died: 13 AuguR 1891.


DlecI: tO~mber
Baal: 11 Se~r

e ePear1:-


. ~.

. .,.,

..' '.

l8?1 at FoumalD

.: VfDIOD _. 13M. Ruth Ada: . BolD: 18 J~ l~CJatPoUDWD·G&eeD. Utah MarrIed: EchriD O. Coleman 138S. Emelt Gecqe:.. ..' . .' 80m: l'7 1882. atF6mirata Grea. Mazrted: sarah E. Weimer.


.' ~ .....


1392. WUllamEarh 80m: 24 OctOber

DIecl: 24 Noftmberl899.

1891 at RichfIeld.


Co.~ Colo.



1393. ADDie. Prudeace: .' 80m: 31 December l~a atRlchftelcl, MaIried: JOIeph Elmer Mott. Died: 3 October 1950. 1394.. C1Iarlea Maubn: 80m: 17Seprember 1898 atRlcbfteici.

ConejolCo., Colo. ,



Edward BunoD: 188 s, at Ricbfleld, eo1orado. MaIrled:. Deycte B. HUlchi&. 1387. Claralda: 80m: 21 September 188'7, , at Rlchfleld~ .CoiOiiilo.;

Bora: 2


139S. . B1&DChe Ett. . .'. . lorD: 1 December 189 $. atlill1pi1e faraa,o..jOI.~ Colo. (NOW fD County, Colerado).

Lo_ ...... ,Zelma

CceJolCo.. Colo.


Mazriecl:'l.eWfI EHudSbawCzort.


MaiMd:W&lIer A"oOd Jo1mloa.
1398. Albert Ephraim: .' . 80m: 9 .Nayemher 1900 ai tiptft fum. Ccxwj. Colo. (NOW fa ~_ CoUDty,eo_&cIo.)




SAdte Maucl:

J r!1,i', ,. '.'. .,.. ' lli1Ua1y lq, at' ItlCbtteld. CoICd~

eo. ,

M&Irted: Roy'I'AIl



1389. 0IriI IDyl . .. .. . .... .... '" " BollI: S MatCli 1"2, Ai ittcbfte1d,COldtado. MaIrled: NIIIa '%ateu~a.· '.'

DIed: 30Noyeaiber l~jt Rlcbtleld,eo~jOl Co. Colo. BUlted: " ~ember 19" In SaafOld Cemetery, SaD!ord. CoIlejOl Coumy,. CO~OI'ado. ..
1380. EpblallD Wwtam

139'1~ BeUle Ruth: . '.. 80m: 15 No....mber 1903 at Morg.... CoiIeJOI CoUIIEy., Mazried: Louil C. Maea. 1398~ Mabel: 80m: 16 JanlW)' 1905 at Morgan. CoaejOl Co.. Colo. Mamed: Jama Clyde Guymon.

1399. Opal:

CoOlll~: (deOe&led)


MOIRa.b.. Cobljo. eoW:lty, Coloradb, fice, La Jara,. Colorado. ParemI: Epbraim Coombl and Ruth Shawciort.



80m: 21 January 1907 at Morg~ COIlejOl Colo. Mm1ed: Roy Stewart McDaa1el. 1400. Vemie Alice: 80m: 27 December 1908, at Morgan, CoaejOl County Colorado. 53


.,,1arried: George Everett Ford. ---~"Ail. Jliunea Leonard: 80m: 9 Fehruary 1911. at Morgaa. CoaejOl COwlty. Colo. Mmled:GenrucleCb&veIo . 1402. "'RoberfWarzett: Bom: 18 February 1913 at Morgan, Coqej 01 ce,., Colo. Maftied: EelDaLangnoo. 1403. Uldene Loa:iIe: BorD: 31 AugUft1916 at Morgan. CoMio.. Co•• Colo. Married: Jobo Merlin Langltoa. ." Died: 14 Nov. 1937 at Morgan. Cont=jQsCOWlty.Colo. Buried: 17 Nov. 1937 in Sa nford Cemetery.5anford. 'Con~jos.County. Colorado.' . ." Endoweda.nd Sealed to wife by p,()xy: 1:1. April 1940. 1391. HannAh Pearl Coombl: Residence: (deceaaed). PafeJltl: Ephraim William Coombs aDd E~abetb Reid. 80m: 5 May1890 at.R1cbfIe1d.Coaejoi Coumy,ColO. . BI.n: .5 June 1890 byComel1ua Haya. Died: 13 AugUit 1891. ~aled to PlleQa: 8 April 1940: lulie E.Rei.d stagding for'

Bom: 3Jan~i920at LClJar~,-C?QeiQt ce., Colorado. M~rrled: Agnea Mary Maddua. ' 1409. Kenneth CIlarl~: . ~orn:24Se.ptembert~21. atC:a.rroe1 ~~. Coo.ejQl

r ,

Co~~. Color.do.



~410. ,Ethel: -,'
14,11. Troy Allel.!:





1923,<;armel J>im1ct. CoI:l,jCliCo.. Colo,; . ' .. ~CoaejOl

8orD: 4 Mar. ,1~25,tc:.aijnfll a 1412. Wilma: '


8ora: 21~ •. 19~7 .I:t. ~el DlaInct, CgatjOlCo.. ColoradO. '.' '. " '. 1~1~ '·Qw.I:Y~'~lCb .... ,ik!itl; ~M~hJ~2S ,at ~IoIQCN. ~CR Co.. Colo. 1414;' oe~G~l~: .... . Boro:llOctO~1930~~~ 141~.Hane}' 1'1l,1ll:' .'




Al~*eo.. .


. '~:20 Jaot.ialy 1932 at ~.~ ... 14.1$. Jacqu.Une:· . . .'" 1417.


CQ.. Colo.


20 ~ •• 1ewell: ,',.

1~33.#amOl&. ..u.lDloea Co. • Colo.

Bam: 12 Sept. 1935 at AlamOla, AlamOA

co. , Colo.



1392.WUlialllEarI Coombs: Reaidence: (deceued). Pareaa: Ephraim WUl1am Coomba i.D.d ElizabetbRl=id. Bom: 24 October 1891 at Richfield. CoDejCli Co,. • Colo. Bleaed: 20 December 1891 by Peter N. Guymog. Dled:24NoftDlber 1899. BaptiZed by PIoxy: 22 May 1923. Wade "lIcioIlebyLQwitz Co Loraa. (W.. I i ck aD hla 8lb blnbclay. HeP~" a1taybefore be w.. ·baptlzed •• tllIa oecellltatJpg the work be daDe by proxy.) , ',' EDdowed by PIoxy: 81une 1923. Work".

Endowed at Salt Lake Te~p~: '1 May ~ Died: 2 OctOber 1950' at AlamIlH,ALamaaI.~. Buried: '1 October 19 50 1 o5aaford~~IY. ~~j~,Couray~ CoIClJado.



1408. Elmer Eugene MoU: Rea1dt=Q,ce: Rulcb,.onhof La lara. COilejOiCoullty, Colo. Parenti: 1_phmmerMottalldAmde~ ~ba. 80m: 29 September 1913. at Moqao. CqujGIeo.. Colo. 1406. Gll4y. Mott: . . . Relideoce:NearL&Ja.ra..CcaeioeCo*7,Color!Ido. Parena: 101~ph Elmer Mott aociADale Prudeace CoombL 80m: 25 Aug\lR,1916atPalQl~r ~loear'" Jara, CooejOlt CoUnty. Colorado. .. 1418. Mmied: WWlam FredWoodI: '1 Marcb193'l by Stake Pre&. lQbQ B. ~e~ at NOftQQTWe, Col~ '.



C. Loraa. .'

doaeby J4)witz ,.

~aled to Pareoa: 8 Aprtl 1940. 1393. ADDie Prudeuce Coomba: RaideDee: (deceaaed). 'Pueoa:Epbraini WiULlm aIldEuzabedl Reid. 80m: 31 December 1893 at R1cbfield.Coaejo. C~~ Colo. Baptized: '1 September 1902, by leoa leDHD.t . . Confirmed: '1 September 1902, by W.F~() •. Bcihl'mao. 1404. ~e4:JOaeph"ElmerMotuhe "tho{ December 1912. by Pret. '&utUi S. ~p'a tRame~,qopej(JI Co. Colorado. . Rea1d~; Rancb Die-La lara, ..CcaejQl.Co•• ·Ce»lo.






.' .

Pareoa: J~ph

MoU: aad Eme~~

KeUy. .

Bom:260ctOber 1386 at Molgan. Co~jOl Co19. CbUdlu: 140~ amer Eugene: 80m: 29 September 1913. at Mozgan. COIlejOlCo •• C91o. 1406. Gladya: 80m: 25 AugUit 1916 at Palmer RaocbDear La J~a. ConeJOI COUDty. Colorado. .. Mmied: William Fred Woodl. 1407. LOull Epbtiam: . 80m: 5 May 1918 at Carmel D1Ia1.ct. CODejOl Co•• <:010. Married: Irene Ruth Maddux. . 1408. Lyle GraDt:



1419. Freda AnD: 80m: 23 Mfoy193$ ~ M.~ Ala~OII .<;:010.. 1420. Glynda Rae; 80m: 11 Februaty 1941 at Del None, Color_o. 1421. G,9tQ~ Gale; ..... .,. Bom~"i9'lUDe '1943'~ Al~I:!II:t;~CouDty. C910. 1422. Myma Kay: . 80m: '1 J~~.194'lat,.~~,A~:Co. ,Colo"


1407. LOuis ephraim Motl: Rea1deoce:,_. ~arJj.Jaa, Caa.eJ ,Bocu.:5 May 1918 . Colorado~'

PareDD: J*phElme, .Mpnaod_1eP,cUd.ce

oa cOt.my.


, ' .,'




Sefiecilll the'Unlted StateiArmedfOftlea 111 World War 1L Saw a lot of actlooiAGermaoy. 1423. Married: "ene IuchM&ddux.lefebmalyl947by Elder A.L. ~~~e at Al.aD.lqaa.~OII,!=ounty,.Colorado. Chlldreo:' '. .. -'., , 1424. W.. ley Tere,er:


80m: 11 Oct. 1952 at Alamosa. AlamOia County., Colo. 1408. Lyle GraDIMott: r Relidence: Ranch near La Jara, CCIIleiOlCo..Colo. PareD1I: JOIepb EbneriMoa.aDdAaDiePrudeDce eoombL 80m: 3 January 1920.at La.J"., CoDeitJI CoWRy, Colo. Sened lD the United St&tel ArmedPQJCeI·lD·World War u.. Sa" & lot of &cttoa 1aGermaay. Heed·bit brother, left fortbe aemcetogethtr,were%OgetberDlOlt of the ttme'aad retUmeci·bome toge_. 1425. Mllried: AgDeI Mary Madduxl25 No.ember 1945 by Elder A. L.Price at AlamCII&, Alamcu Co., Colo. '

Bom:.20 January 1932,· atALariiou. 1416.1acqueliDeMott: Residence: LiT e I

AJamou.Co~ • Colo.

with her Father OIl rlllch Dear La lara.

ColoradO. Parenti: I_ph Elmer MOlt IUd AIIDIe PmcIeace Coombt. Bom: 20 October '1983 at AlarD.... Al&11lCU Co1o.



1417. Jewell Matt: Residence: LiT e a

with her Father OIl raach near La 1_

P&reIltl: JOIeph Elmer MOlt IUd AmliePrudell.CoIOIDbI.·· 80m: 12 September 1985 at Alau_ ..AlamaI .. ·Cow. Colo. 1394. Ch&rleiMatbe" ·CoombIt Residence: Morgan. CoIlejGl COUIIty Colorado. PcIIt-()f• fice, La Jara, Colorado. PareatJ: Ephraim W1l1lam Coombs and EUabeda laid. B~.l'S.pte1'Dber 1896 at JUcbfte1cl; Canejol:co. ,Colo. Baptized: 2 Oct. 1904byEpbraim Coombl(GrIllillfatbM) Confllmed: 2 October 1904 by W. F. O.NebImaa,; OtdataedaPrielt:8JIil1IIIy 1998 by PeterA;., IiUIt ... Serred In the UIIlt:edSUtel AmledParce InW'Gt1cI W. B W.. WOUDdedlll acttoa. 1429. Marrled LouSle RDberaoa. 1430. Zelma Scheibe. 1395. BllllChe Ella Coombs: Resldace:Route 1,Boa. Co1cado.,. .' Parella: Ephraim WllUam Coombl aad· EUHbelh4te1d. Bom: 1 Decembtr1898.atimpllePIIm.c.aejalCOllllfy Colorado. (N~w III AlamOl& Coumy. Colorado). Blesaed: 5·March 1899. Baptized:: 1 September,19O'l by MaItiIlG. Pdce. .,Confflmech 1 September 1907 by 1'homa,BIO ...... ':. 1431. Mllried: Walter Atwood JohaIcm:29 December 191ht

1409. KeDDetb Cllulea.MoU;; Relidence: Ranch Dear La Jara. CoDejOl Co., Colo. Pareau: Joseph Elmer Mott anQ·Aaaie PrudeaQeCqombi. 80m:. 24 September 1921e .AI Car mel· Dimtcto Conejos County. Culorado. Served ill the UaiIed St_Arm.ed Fcm;eI tDWorldWar .II. W.. 1t&t1oIled ia lb. Pacific lIlaadl. 1411. Etbel Mott: Relideuce: Uvea ,,( th her father OIlruch near La lara, CoaeJCII Co... Colorado. PueaD: JOIeph Elmer Mott IUd ADDie PrudeDce·Coombt. Bam: 11· May 19U, a C&rme1.OIIrrict.CQaejOl;Co ... Colo. Filled a Mlulonfor. che L.D.S.ChurchlaboriDgin the CaW'omla Mildoa. 1411.. Troy AUea Mcm:
La Iarai'- CCIIlejOlCQUDty, CQlo. Parenti: JClleph Elmer Mutt and ADDle Pludeace CoQmbI.. 80m: 4 Much 1925 at CazmeU)fnrtct.CoaejOl CoJo. Sened in the Uaited States Armed Forc•. -iIlWorldWar U 1426.· M&Iried:. T .... ·Collen Burgte:13 DeQember 1946 by Earl B. Crayr.brcD at PrO'fO, Utah. Divorced: 1'1 September 1949.


Relide.. :. bDc:ha,ar


1412. WUmaMou:· Relidence;. RaDch Dear 1.& Jara. .CoDejGl CoUQty cCcilorado. .. Parents: J~ph ~er Mott and ADDiePJudeDce~ BolDa 21 Mar. '1921 at C£mleIDlmtct, coaejGl,Q). • COlo. 1427. Mllried: Lee Olear H~ 29 ApriU947 In Silt Lake T empe,SaltL&lce CIty. < t1t. Pareall: Olear Hortoa &lUI Joy. em.

Parenti: Aildrew EthOll Joimloaaad Cella 0eaa .. 0eI0m. Bom:31 December189S.atHalYald.,ClayCo..N .....

Mozgan. Colorado.


1432. Margaret: 80m: 15 Oct. 1916 at Morgm. CoaejGI Couaty.Colo. 1433. Malried: Stanley· Walter Shupe.

1434. AUeen:
Bo~: 18 May 1919 at. BlIIlca.

1428. MtcbaeIK_: 80m; 20 April 1952 at AlamOsa. Alamosa

Coumy, Colo.

1435. 1436.

Malried: Frederick ClaytClll:

r... AYedll.

Ccn1l1a Co•• Cololacio .

1414. Dean. Garold Mott: Relidence. Ltv ea· with his.Fa.r OIl ranch near lA Jara, Coaejlr. County, CoIQrado. P.uentl: JClleph Elmer Mott&rld ADntePrudenceCOC)mba. Bom: 11 Octobi:r 1930, at Alamou. AlamQla Cq., Colo. NOJr aemng in the {Jnited States Armed Forcea. (1953.) 1415. Harvey Paul Mott: Residence: L i vel with hia Father 011raDch Dear La 'Jara, COlorado.. Parenti: JCleph Elmer Mott and ADDiePrudence Coomb ..

80m: 29 AUgust 1921

at Blanca, CoIdll& CoUDty. Coto. November 1921.

1437. Beale HeleD: Bom: 9. December 1922 at Blanca, Coadlla 1438 e..: Married: LoWell Francis.Truitt. •

ce., Colo.

1439. Walter Howard: 80m: .'1September 1924 at



I.,an R. Born: 17 AugUlt 1926 afltBlanca, COIdlla


Colo. 55

Lois ~1a.>·: Bom: 25 October 1927 at Blanca, CostUla Co., Colo. 1442. Perry Willis: Born: 4 October 19~9 at Blanca, COltillaCounty,Colo. 1443. Betty !i:an: Bom: 2 October 1932 at Blanca. Costilla County. Colo. 14W.Jamea W,mcn: ' 80m: 25 May 1934 at Blanca, Costilla Co.. Colo. Maaied: Nina fay Harvey, 15 Aug. 1954.
14U. ..

Died: 28 August 1953. 1432. 'Margaret Iobnaoru .Pa.reQts;Walter, Atwoocl. ohnion and BlanChe Ellen ccombs, J Bom: 15 October 1916 at ~Iorgan. Conejoa Co•• Colo. 1433. Married: Stanley Waltcr Shupe: 24 Noy.embe~193.8. Born: 9', March 1915. Children: 1445. ~draLee:, 80m: .4 June I~Q at AlamOia. Alamoaa Co•• ' Colo. 1434. Aileea JoIwcn: Pareau:Walter Atwood J oMsC)l1andOlanche EUenCoombs Bocat·18 May 1919 at Blanca,COItUlaCounty. Colorado. 1435. Married: Frederick L. AnriU: 20 September1943~ Children: 1446. Carol Ann: 80m: 4 Iuly 1944 at Saginaw, Michigan. 144'1. Frederick Walter: 80m: 1 September 1947,at saginaw, Michigan 1448.BI&IlCbeAHeen: 80m: 21Jauuary 1960 atsagtna". Michigan. 1449. Clayton lohman: Parenti: ··Walter AtwoodJobnaOn andBlanche flleaCoomb., 80m: 29AU8U1t1921~ at Blanca.· COItiUa County • Colo. Died: 14 Ncnember 1921. 1450. ; Beale' HeleD JObQacIa: .Pareata:Walter·AtwoodJobnaon atidBlanche, J:llen Coombs. 80m: 9 December 1922 at Blanca. COItill& CoUDty.Ct'll~ 1451. Married: Lowell Francia Truitt: 11 May 194~ 'BOm:' 18 June 1924. Baptized and CODflnncd~ 23 Febru&ry1954. Children: 1452. Gary \Valler: Bom:S5eptemberl!J-Wat Eugene,· OregoQ. Baptized and Conftnneih2llFebruary ·1954. 1453. Mary Ellen: 80m: 11 Noyember 1948 at Alamosa, Alamota Co•• Colo 1454.,cR1ckeyHarc;ld: . 80m: 2 M;.y 1950 at Alamosa.. AlamdlaC~ •• ·Colo. 1439. Walter How:ud JohDaoD~ PareDII:' \V alter Atwood JohnIon and Blanc:he Ellen Coombs. 80m: 7 September 1924 At Blanca, CoaUla'Co., Colo. 1440. Ivan R.. Johnson: PareDU: Walter Atwood lohmon and Blanche Ellen-Coombl. 80m: 1'1 August 1926'at'Blaacaj COitilla Co.~ Colo. Baptized aad CODflrrned: 1 No.ember 1953. 56.

Lois May Johnaon: Pareilts: Walter A two.ad J ohascrrand Blanche Ellen Cuombs . Bom: 25 October 1927 at Blanca, CoatWa County. Colo. Baptized and Confirmed: 28 February, .1954. 1442. Perry wilUs·lobmon:· . Paredtl: Wal~er:AtWoodIobDaaDan<IBlanche Ellen Coombl. Bom:4 OctOber 1929. at Blaac&o CCldUa Colo. 1443. Betty Jean JObDaoll: Parenti; Walter AtwoodJobtaoD IDdSlaacheSlleuCoombl. Botnl2 Q<.;tQber1952 at Blaaca. COftWaCounty, Colo. Baptized and"Confirmed:· l' NOMmDer.1953. 1444. ·Jame.~alrea.Jobnloa:· Parenti: WalterAr:woo<!Iobn.oD and Blanche SllenCOombl. 80m: 25 May 1934 at Blanca, Costilla CoUDty. Colo. Baptized and confirmed: 1 NOMinber1953.



1396.- Albert6phr-a.im Coombs: ··Re&idimCc: •Alamoaa. 'AI a m 0 laCouoty, Colorado. Post Office Box '114. ParentirEphralm WilUam' Coombl andEltzabem Ret4. Bom: 9 November 1900, a [:empire Farm, ;ConejOl CoUnty. Colorado. (Now in AlamOia COUllty. Colorado). Baptized:' 1 AugUR 1919. by Martin G. Prtce. . Ordained'a Pfiest:8January 1928:byDa.vtdE,; lbawcroft. 1455. Marricd:Eater Blanche Lake. 25September192'rat SaDford.' Colorado. . .... Parents: "Robert OweD L.and Nora Allee Towaaead. Bi)m":2 January. 19GB. in Mtllourt.: Baptized: 2 IUDe 1935, Childrell: 1456. Albert Hair)': BOm:26 May 1~29,atAlaJnoaai AlamCllCouaty. Colo. 1457~Robert WlUlam: 80m: ~3AprU~ 1931 at Atamoaa, Alamosa COUnty. Colo. 1458~ "'Donald 'Jama: BoiD~ lS·Septeml:.::r 1933 'A t Aim •• Alamou COunty. Colorado. 1456. Albert Harry Coombs; Parents: Albert Ilpbralm Coomba and ElterBl&GChe Lake. 'Born: $ May1929atAlamOla,AJ&mCllCoumy.Colo. 'Baprtzeci:SO:May 193'7. . NOWterVinglJithe United Statal Anited ,Forces. (1952) 1457~ Abbett \Vl1:UamCoombl: Parents: Albert EphraimCOoanbtand'ElcerBla1lche Lake. Bom: 23 April 1931 at .Alamoaa. A1&mou:Coumy, Colo. 1458. Donald Jamel: Born: 15 September 1933', at Alamosa. AlamOiaCo. i Colo. 1456. Albert Harry Coombs: Parenti: Albert Ephraim Coombl and EltcrBlancu Lake. . 'Bom: 26 f..layi:929·atAlan'lCla. Alam~ County,Colo. I3aptized: 30 Ma.y 193'7. 'Ndwlervingin the UllitedStatea Armed Forces. (1932) 145'7. RobettWUUAltlCoombs: Patents: Albert' Ephraim Coombs and Ester Blanche Lake. Born: 23 April 1931 at Alamosa, Alamosa County,.Colo. Baptized: 1 September 1940. gsa. Donald James Coombs: Parents: Albert Ephraim Coombs and Ester Blant:he Lake.

Born: 15S"tember1933a~Alam B&pti.Zed:7 Pebruuy 1943.


AlamoaaCo. , Colo.

Sdciety; TtlACher lnSut1daySc:hoo~reaeherin Socletyand Worked'ift Stake Primary AsIn."


1397. Besaie Ruth Coomb.: Reaidence; Denver, Colorado. Parenta: SpbraiD1·WtWamCoolI$blandElizabetbReid. Bom: 15 NClYcmber.1903acMergaa.Cor1e;jOlCO., Colo. Baptized: 6 Aug\llt 1911 byltiutiDG. Price. Coafflmeci:· 6 Augtat1911 by TbomaaBroU. 1409. Mmied:Lotdl·QodDdoMaea: 14.MarCh 1920.

NOllnali Clyde:

Born: 6 Dec. 1926. at La JaraiConejas ,Colo. 14&' ~Plu1Lae: fJolD: >UMat,; 1930 at La Ila; ConejOiCo •• Colo. 1468. Jack OaYfI: 80m: 5 April 193$ at MorgAn. CoaejCII'Coumy, Colo.
1469.: BessieAIUl:


.Bom:· 23 AprUl895.
Children: 1460. JOIepbiDe Wanda: 80m: 7 December 1920. 1461. Bubara. J~ 80m: 15 Decemberl 1928. . 1462. Betty Lou: 80m: 27 }ltoyem))er 1925., . 1463. Loufl Olarlel: 80m: 16 April 1930. 1464. lilly Lee: 80m" 9 June 1931. 1460. JOIepbtne W4Qda Maea: Pareaa: LouilClodllcto Maea·aad 'Seillie ·.RumCoomb .. 80m: 7 December 1920. 1465. Malrted: ••••• campbell

Bom: 13 Sept. 1934 at Morgan. Conejos Co.. Colo. f,
1466." Nr.rmail Clyde Guymoa: Reatdetice:Ranch ",enofL,Jara. CMorad~ Parenu: Iamel Clyde Guymon and Mabel Coombs. 80m: 6 December 1926. at La Jara,CoilejCllCO. • Colo. 8lWech6Februaty, 192" . Baptlzedt·2'JUG.e19SlSby Hal'ly'Tb~' CoIfimted:·2IUDe·1935 by R."arreuCOol'rlbl.(Unc1e) Orda ined , Prl~ Served ill the UnltedStatesAnriedForeei'ibWorld War 11. for 2 yeaa .. ElC~He."lyMaCbiDflt Opemar ADd Electric~ 14'10. Married: ColeetiSewaldst:8·May'194o. PateaI:I: Roland Sewaidlud LauD. Oowther. Bom: 8 May. 1.92'1. 1.471. DeDnil'NomilD~

Bud. SchUltDg.
Children: 1466. RobeftLouis campbell 80m: 23 February 1939. 1467. T. RaeScbUli.Dg: 80m: 10 June 1945. 1461. Barbara Jeall Mats: PueDtl:Loufi' CloriDdo,MaM ancl se.te RuthCoombi. 80m: 21 Nowmber 1925;; 1469. MunechHUlband'taame DOlkaD'Wll byODt'gbillg this .record. 1~ BUly Lee Mael: ,'.,: . Parents: Loufl C1.oriDdo Ma .. ,and 8eM1ettuch CoUtnbi Bom:9 June 1931. 1398.M&bc1Coombll

80m': 15 February






Blessed: 2AptU 195(\, at l\iorgan~' CcmejOi Co. COlo. ~y R. Vl/u1'en Coombs. (Great-Uncle). Davis Kelly: 80m: 20 December 1951. . Blesled~ 3 February 1952, at La Jara,ConejoS Co., '. Colo. by lames Clyde Guymon (Grand-fathe&') !'IataUe Olryl: ... . Born: 91antJUy 1953. Bleaaed: 1 Ma~i:l J953 at'l.a Iara,COJiejOl'Co.. Colo. by James 'Oydt Guymon (GratlCl.fatber) •


ofLl lara,····CobeJoa coe. Colo. PareDa:EpbratmWWIamCoombi aDd Eltabeth Reid. 80m: 16 Januaty1901atMozgaDi CoaejotCo. Colo. Baptized: 4 July 1916 by,Davld.n.··. Sbawcroft. Confirmed: 4 July 1915 by JamelN.ShawcrO'tt. Gmduated fto1D L&.Iva High SchoOl. 1465. Mazrled: James <;l)'de Guy m 012: 17 June 19:!5-. in La Jara, Colorado. Parenti: Robert Guymoa and Hatttc Davia;. 80m: 125eptentber 1905. Baptl!&ech '13 AugUSt 1916. bi Olmd·E. Sbawcroft. CoDfirmed: 13 Augllit 1916, bylamesN.Shawcroft. Ord.iDed. Prf.ett." flJlt ColIIII.iD Y. M.·M. 1. AReltdeace: RaacIlweat She held me following poIitiOal: CbcrUter La Ward SUDday School, Chorister ill Relief

Pauline Guymon: Parenti: James 'Clycl~Gtiyrncm: abclMabe1, Cooinbt. is om: 11 Marcb 1930, at ~lorgal\, .CcmejCllCo., Colo. Blessed: 4 May 1930, by Thorn .. &ro_ Baptized: 11 Dec. 1938 by R. Warren Coombl. (UDCle) Coaflrmed: 11 December1938 by Alfred Price.

She hall~tDrollo\YiDgp61ltlOnn . . ChorlltettDSuddi1Sc~o.o1. OtpaUtla suna&yScbooL ~lejrtber Higb School Glee Club •. ' Htgii-school cheerleatier'for4 yean. . Gradt.Lated'from .LAlara High Schoo1.'· 1474. Married Samuel JacklOll:


ChUdren: 1475. StevenSamile!:

Borb: .


Blessed: 5 February 1950. Gregory Gilbert: Bom: BI_eel: 3 February 1~52. 57 -

1468. Jack Dnia Guymon: , Paren.tI: Jama Clyde Guytnonand Mabel Coombs. Born: 5: ;A.!l~ 1933 ~~.~orpD.. Conejos Co. ColO. Baptized: 4 May 1941 by R. Warren Coombs (Uncle). Coofimle.d: 4 May 1941 byR. WureD CQOmb.(Un,cle). Hal held follc)wtD8.,p:oIittoDl:' Beenacnn'in ~ D. S. OIg&D1zatioca. 01:dained a Priest. Orda.cian EWer.W",,;, ~ho'et1 me~er of All-star Valley COIlference Buket-Ball Team.. 194r9. Attended Adam 'I ,Sta~e TeacheoCo~ege. 147'1. Married: Dollia Faye Barber: (Sept. 1953111 Logan. L. D. S.TelDple,LQgan.Utah. Parenti:. WUl1am C&rlyleBuber and Arlene Jack. 80m: 10 Feb. 1935 in MaQMl4. Co~jOl Co.. CQlo. Bapt1Zedz.3~.pte~~1.~byS~OD Ii. DwUI. 1469.Beaie AunGuymon:' ParenD: Jama Clyde GUYJDon aDd. Mabel Goomba. Som: 13 Sep~er 1934. ~~organ. Cooej.Co •• Colo. Blelsech ~,~QY~Gb.er1934by R.:.Warcen ,Coo~ .. (Uncle) Baptized: 4 Iuly 1943 by Alfred P~e. CODfUmcd:4 July .1~ by A,lfre~ Pri~

He haa held the following p~itiolll: FimCoucaelorin .Richfield Ward Bishopric. Stake High Councilllian. Wa:rdT e a c he e, Bishop of' Alamosa Ward. Teacher in Alamosa High SchOOl. (Year 1961). Endowed andlealed to hUlbaDd: June 1934 III salt Lake Temple, Salt'a..ke'Cityi····Urah. She baa held thefOUowtDg poatUOlll: Sec.,am:i Treaa.,,·ofAlamoaa:WaftI ReltefSocfety. Visiting·Teacher.ofAla.moaaWamRel1efSoctety. Memberof San Luil Stake Relief Society Stake Board. 8een actin in all orgallizanoDi of the chuzch. ChUdren: . 14<3 . Dorothy Marle: O 80m: 29 July 1926 at La Jara. CCDej~Co., Colao 1481. Married: Wllliam Wlmiow CblilteiIHa. 148 2. Leland Roy: 80m: 6 JUDe, 1928 at La'Jara, CcIae'jc.Co., Colo. 1483. Helen: 80m: 7 NOl'ember, 1929 at Americau Fork, Utah. 1484. Married: LaVerne Eo Welker. 1485. Eldled Jean: Bom: 26 May, 1931 at Alamou, Alamou Co.. Colo. 1488. Uoyd Stewart: 80m: 2S December,,: 1932 .lAlamosa. Alamoa Co." Colo. 1487. WllUam ArDOld: 80m: 2 Jalluary. 193~"tAlamoaa, Alamou Colo. 1488. JaDice Elaine: Bom: 23 luly 1937 at AJamOla,Al&moaa Co. • Colo. 1489. Earl Wayne: 80m: 14 October. 1939 at Alamoa.AJamoaa eo. • Colotado.



SIlo ~

. Orga~iDSUl1day Scbool. Organilt .• Primary. As.tat. Teach4K' lA PrtIRI.Iy.QIp.tin M.LA. Me~er of H1gb.-~ Glc.e Cl~_.~,ClIlP 'Member. Cheer for 4



Graduated from La Ja. High School. AtteDCled Adam'. State Teachell CQUege. 1478. Mamed: Wade SmlthSha,"ClOfc:2 September 1953 in ~ ~.D. S. TeQlpk. Maa.,tl. Utah.' ... Parena; Ont.dEarl Suwcrofc ~ MudJa Smith. Bofo: flO AprUi92d. . . Bl_ed: 6 May 1928. by D. E. Shawcroft. (F.ther). Baptized: 3 May 1936 by O. w; GylliDg. ; Coof~ed:3 ~y 1936 by D~& Shaw~ft (Father). . He hal hole! the foUowiDg poItdooa: 2nd Couo. in Y. M. M. L A. Tea.c\1erUlY.M. M. L A. .. ~. . Ward Teacher. Grad~te9f1om A!,amosa tI~h $chool. Attended .' ollege '10 Fort ColliDI, Colorado. C Attended B. Y. U' Filled a ~1(~ y~.,~. S. }4faton.1Il MextcQ. . D. Served 21 mO_inPle ,.0. S•., ;AfmY. 13monthJof which
" ""




eo. ,

Wele 'P~9"~'
1399. ,qpal ~JDp.: ,, . . Realdence:811.. ~~" Sue~t. .\UUlOlol, ~lorado. Pa~q~: ~P~un,WiUiaDiCOq~ .aU ~~eth' Reid. &olD;' 21 1907. atMo~aDo Qlaejql. Co., Colo. Baptizea:4 July 1915 by Dand a.~~~cr~ft. Confirmed: 4 July 1915 by Q"Y1.d .S~Yt'croft. Graduated from La Jar&Hlg~ School. ., 1479. Married: Roy Stewart Me OaDiel: 16 July, 1924. Parenti: William McDaniel and Mary M.Suwcroft.. Bom: 2 Noyember, 1903 at La Jara, ConejClCo., Colo. Baptized: 5 NOl'ember, 1911, Confirmed: 5 November, 1911. Graduated Crom La Jara High School. Graduated from Brig~ql YOlIQg U~"enUy.



1481. Dorothy Marie McDaniel: .PareIUI:"RoyStewaaMcDaD1e1alld OpalCoombt. Born: 29 July 1926 at Morga", CoRej.?Co., Colo. Bl...ct:6 September 1986;:byLoE.,Sba.WCIOfI. Baptized: 2 september 1934 at Mauaa,CoaejOi Colo., by GlelLJa~ CoQfil:lMds,aSeptember1934'byJaIDll N..Sbawcroft. 14;32. Mamed: WUl1am WiDllow ~2Q September 1946 in Salt Lake L. D. S. Temple in Salt Lake City. Ute Parenti: Edward OlriatcDHIL.aodEmUy.DuDD. BorD.t 6~mbu 1921,a( MaQlllll, CoQejoaCo.. Colo. .,m.. __ d:.8Apdl.· ?1922by,Jall1el4.,'Hotmaa. Ba~.d:,6 JaDIIaIY.1930R-MauatI&,cConejoaCo. , Colo byJ~.'Ragea,e . . Coofirm~I;5J~193Gby. RUlca· Sego. Ordained a SeveDcy:,l'7· .: arcb 194ibyS. M Dilworth


YQUDg ..,

1482. M!lrried: WWiamWiDIlow:ChrilteDleIh 20 September 1946 10 Salt Lake L. D.S.Temple In Salt Lake City. Ut. PM,aa:Ed,,_ Cbrt.ea.ellaIMlEmUy DuDD. .~m:. eOe"_r 1921 at MAD&ua. ConejOi Co.. Colo. Blessed: 2 April, 1922 ~y Jamel A. .. olmaa. H Baptized: 5 January 1930a~·MAllalla.;;~j.eo.. <:Vlo. by Jacob Rag"


ConfUmed: '51~ualY' 1930 byRtilCli .&ego. ' Ordained a.. 5eYellty: '17 Malth '1946 by'S.'Dtlwortb: Young He hu held the following pcIf!10Dl: lit COWl. In Stake M. Ie A. 1945.111: CoWL; InStake Me Ie ~ 1950. Stak.Dlac6DUetmt 1948'"49..50.

Born: 2 Iuly 1953, Mesa.



148$. Eldred'lean Mcoltdel:
Pareou: RqyStewaft Mc:~D1el and Opal

DaDe. DlrIctor,Utb'Wbd.ProYo.thab;; AfteDdedAdllD'i SUte TeaCh .. College. Attended B. Y. U. . Toured Ar1zoaa in AprU1953 :and wentHo ~d~tfClii of
Mc:nlcn PlOlfeel"Mel'nOftallirldge iDOiriaha;, Nebr. In May 1963 wfth acape-lla 'cholr~'

Born: 26 May, 1931 at Ala ..... AlaIllOM .Co...<;olo. Baptized: 4 June 1939. WU 011.High S,cbool fOMball.aDCl Bukat ball team wfDDiDg _te cbamptCllllldp. . Attended B.Y.U. 19&1_ .,. . . '. lleb&a>held tbefOUOWbal"'~, ..... '.seCretary to ArrAD1CPdelthoo4~ 21.,"
1492.. Mar,ried:Carol ~l~ .... 1961 , In Salt Lake t, D. S. Temple. Salt LakeQly., ..Utah., .

. ." '



Sheb .. be1dthtftotlOWig\po.td_:·
Sunday School Secretary194a.4S:A~iZiCiU.\Vard.


Suaday S4:bc.ol1'e.chei 1948R8iD. Warcl. Suk~ o.nee DIrector 194849 ..60. Primary tead'let' 1949 ..50-51.
DaDee Dlrectot 12th Ward. ~o. Utah.





i494. Debrai_a.


1953. . 1953 by B1cIreclJUDMcDardeJ(father).


semi: 20 Augult
Blelled: 27 Se~

80lil:'28 July'1~1at Alaittota.A1i~eo.,j;::Olo. BletiIed:" 8eptemtiu'194' .by Edward'T~ CbtilteDien (Grladf&ther). .. .

1484•. Dfee: BOm:4 May 194.. .fAlabi_.' ~D1ci1a. to~ .Colo. , Bletted: 6 JUDe 19'9· by wnn&m WIDIlcnr .CbtfIt8Dien.


1486. Uoyd St,~Nt Mc~1 Parenti: RDy Stewart McDaD1e1 &Del Opal CoeIaba. 80m: 25 December 1932, atAlaQaosa.,AlamoaaCo. ,Colo. Baptized: 2 Felmwy 1941. Gradua,ed ~omAlamOl&Htgh ,8cbool.., " Hu held follo1riaa_doaI~ ..

1481. 'JuBe:

Bam: 23JaaUalY1984'&tPloVO.

U~b C~


. A~ti"eln CltUlCbOrg&llkadoM.'.W. Teacher.
1487•. ' PaieDtl:


Roy SteW&ft McDaD1el aDd Opal CoombI.



1482. LelaDd Roy McDlDfel: .. .' .' ParentI: Roy Stewalt McDllllel'iDdOpalC06mb .. BoiII: 6Jaae 192 aita J&I&.O_jOl Co. • Colo.
Bapdzed: 6 September 1936. . Graduited from'AJair1C11& High ~cf1eol.

80m: 2 January 1935atAlamOl&. ~_eo..Colo,. " (WU ftiIt c,hUd bom in Alam,. Co.. Co~ ia.l935) . Bapt1z.,d: 7.July. 1943, .
. AtteadingAlaJnQl& HigaScltoo4·(Year1961)

Played Played


High SchOol FootbaUand BuketB&ll Teama. Alamou Toft 'ootbaU-SUltet Ball Teal'Dl.

SerYed SDU~ S. ·AmiY. II liIlaasedSDP __


state Te&eheD·eollege.

1488~ laDice Mcl)aJlle1: Residence:, Liyes with ber parellll1D Alaa:aca. CUlo.
Parenti: Roy Stew.ltM~a1eI.&Dd ·0001·CoQIDbI. •. Bom: 23 luly 1937 at AlamCll&. Ala ... Go.. Colo. Baptized: 4 Nonmber 194& . AttendlDg SelibOl in Alamou, Colo. (Year 1951).


Haa held dle fODoWtq pCfatoat:. Ad-faricecUl the Pr1_00d. ChUrch Org&ldlatkldl.'se6reWy'r.
aDd 1954.



Me Mo.!. A.

part In 1953

1-483. HelellMcDaD1.1:

.'80m: 'I No"mbe~ '1m '~,Alilerleaa):oik. Utab. Baptized: 12 Dec_ber. 19S'. Graduated from AUmauHtgb· school Member of High School Baad. .'.. ,'. .... ..... . •.'. Actin In Chorus Work andOtberaet~~t1ea ot.thei.fbool. 1484. Mal'ited: LaVeme E. W'elbr: 20, Aliguat. 1948 at Mesa L. D. S. Temple, M_ s . Arlz0D4. . . . 'b:rl: 22 'Augua '1925. Saffoid. ·Graham' •.Ar1zoaa. ChndzeiQ:
1489. lames Brettti BolD: 28 Sept. 1949,ALtmGl&,Ata~ta Jarolcl LaVemel . 80m: 1'1 JUDe 19St. Mesa, Maricopa·co. 1491. leDDifer LYDD: ~. Colo. . ,·Artzoaa.

aQdOp..l C::oO~

1489. EarlWayu.McDaaie1: -; ..··.Residence: Lh'es wtthJlf.apareauiDAlaJDOla, Colo. .'Parenti: Roy Stewalt MeDaate1' lact.OpaI Coombs. Bom: 14 October. 1939, Alam_. Alamoaa Co. ,'co1O.
Bap~ed: 4 IanuI!)', 194.:•

AttendlDg sd1oo1 ill Al&mola, Colo. (Year 19&1). Hu held the f0llo.lag poIltfoDl:
Pres. DeacoDl Quomm, 1n19H.,..

1953•. Dec. ,.~


. ',. . 1400. VerDie Al1ce,CoolQbtc .:' ReSidence: Smlmfleld, Utah. Parents: Ephraim WUliam Coomblqd Sizahetb Reid. Bom: 27 Dec. 1908•• MQrga.. Cone~ <:4., Colo. Bap~ized:. 2 Sept. .1917 by.n ... fd E.SbaWClOft. Confirmed: 2 Sept. 1917 by John s. Knight. 1495. Married: George EYerett Fold: 12 November, 1927, at Richfield, Colomdo. Born: 19 April, 1909 at Q1ntoa. MiJIouri.


She bas worked in Auxiliary Organizations of the Church. Children: 1496~ Everett Lloyd: 80m: 21 lYl&rch, 1929 at Morgan, Conejos co, , Colo. 1497. Alice Mae: Bom:11"AprU, 19S0,atMo18aa, Conej~ Co." Colo. 1498.Mam~d: Melvin B. Smith. 1499. BoIlDie: 80m: 23Sepr. 1932~ at MOlgan. Conejos' Co., Colo. 1500. Di.xte:Jean:" 80m: 2 September, 1934atAlamOl&, Alamosa Co., Colo. Died: 18 Septernber1936 at Mc:II'8.n. CCDejos C~, Colo. 1501. Elf.zabetbLoreua: ' " 'Boint3iAuguat~i936'at Morgan, CoIlejQI CO,! COlo.' 1502,'Vem Ah;n: . 80m: 30 October, 1939 at Alamosa, AlamCl& Co, ,.Colo. 1503. Salley Lee: 80m: 23 June, 1942. at AlamOl&, AU.moaa Co., Colo. Died: 23 JUDe. 1942. at Alamosa, Alamosa Co., Colo. 1504. Jack Douglas: 'Born: 21 February 1949. at Logan. Utah. 1505. Baby Boy:(DOt named when genealogy was lent in) 80m: 16 March, 1950 at Logan. Utah.' .

1502. Vem Alan Ford: Parenti; q~e ~.!mItt F.olQand V.mie Alice. Coombs. ,~:. 3Q. O!;t~e'.i9a9fJtAl~_tAlAmosa'eo., Colo. .~Sp:3. Sa.lly Lee Ford: Pa~~J}~: GeQlg~ En.:rett P,aal·&QCl Vemie Alice Coombs. Bom: 23,J~e. " 19.2 at. .,~1a~_•. AlQ1Q1&Co." Colo. Died: 23 JUIl~,. 1~2. 4tAla~ .I4P1OM;Co. ,.Colo. IpQi. lackD~laa IFor~:"P~eIl~: q~qeE, .. reu F~rdaadV~~e Alice ,Coombs 'Bom: 21 February'.I,949."tl.Qg .... P~ 1505. Baby Boy (u~..~I,Il~~)For~h(9bP.dWaulCu: Ilamedwben , ;p~lqgy wa. I~n~,,~)... _ . :Pa,rc;~tI::,q.org~~.,e~ A~CcIomb .. .·-8C)~: '.: l~,Muqb, , ·l~pO~t·Lo~- " -. -t,J~ . .: . ,.r - _';. _ _,',' ... - ',~. _. " .


1496. ,;EYCICltLloyd Ford: -RaldeDCe: (deceued) Parenti: Geolge1!~ieft Fordaad Vemie Alice ,Coombl. 80m: 21 Maa:h. 1929 atMorgan~CODejo.Co.·.COlo. DledflO December. 1933 atMorsaa. ConejoaCo •• Colo. Buried: Saaford CemeterY. SWord. ConejoiCO., Colo.'
:",y .

1491.; Allce

Mae Ford:


Parenti: George Eyereu Ford and VeiD1e Altce Coombs. 80m: 11AprU~: 1930;,MOrgani ConejOlCo~ ,ColO. 149d. MImed: Mellin&. Smilh: 17 October,1947. Elko. Nev. Children: . .. ., 1506. . ,'RoberrLee: Bcml:' 17 'May ,19t8,Logan, 15flkMely_ Klm: 80m: 22 February. 1953 '.Utah.

1401. James LeonUd Coombl: Residence: 532-8tb sc, Alamos. Alamosa Co., Colo., Par~:Epl1AiIt1 WllUfnl CoolIlbJ and El1za~ Reid. B~ 9F~~1$11;4~,~8~~jclI¢9. • Colo. Baptized:; :3 AugUlti919.'by,~q~$.; ~bt. Confirmed: 3 AugUSt1919, by Dayid Eo Sh4.~ft. ,O~ine~. ,!Tt_:.~J~jla~8.p.Y;I .. Ho~Id_"CI'Oft. ~5.9~.M~~;~~~eO.,~.ez:lq July l~,~ Parenti: Willie Chavez and SophIA Romero. Bom: 13 January 1917, at Manaua. Conejos Co."CoJ.o. 6aptized:, 3,9Ctob~J }92'.~yCbarlaa, CUr. Confirmed: '3 October 1926. by John Eo Sri.. ChUdren: 1510. G!I~dolyR.,Me~: . ". _ 18pctOI)~r193~~~ Ala~~.ALunos, Co.,. Colo. 1511. Alberta Georgetta: Bom; 9 Feb~CY ~9~B, a.tM~4n.,~~josCo.. Colo.


1499. Boanie Ford: Parenti: GeQrge EYelet( Fold aad .yl:lrnie Al1ce Coombl. &om: 23cS.p&embe~1982iMorgan.CoDejoaCo.rColo. 1508. .)~: ~rc-M&If.cnl Aacleaoa:21 March'1953.

l~i'o..a~~qiyll,¥erril~bI: . -,Parents: Jairi~i.e~iq C~mbu.n<l G,rtrudeO. Cbayez. Bom: 18 oetober: 1936 at ~,Alamosa Co.. Colo. Blessed; 6 December 1936. byRo W."en:qqomb~(UDCle). Baptized: 4 FebruaryI94~.by WUU,a'mR. W~~ ,'.SOl1nrme~~ 4:.f~rUary.J94$.by Roy, S. Mc~eL . 'A~epcl_~gfcQool~~m~.CQlq. (rear 1$51). 1511. Albena Georgetta 'Coombs.; Parents: James Leonard Coombs a~4G~l,Id!il. O.Chavez.

,CIlildren:.· .,
1503 -a. Janet Lelgb: ..lOm:' 19;JaCllJary.1964, l.ogaa. f Utab~

Bor~::.9 Febr:ual)' 193~. ~tM9~~CoQejos c::~", Gol&l. Bl"'~~: ·5Jl.Il1ef93 .tJYR..W,fiff;~,CQ()mQl.,(Uncle). Baptized: 2:FebruarY'~$4i by~,eWi4~Yl1ie~ .' .'" Coofumed: 2 f"e~f~ryl~47,by S.,Nc;Qen1,1,
.'. , . " ,~. ,," ,', ,n..,·

.1500.. . Dixie,Jeaa ford:, .: Parenti: George Eyerett Ford andVemie AlI.ce Coombs. Bam: 2 September, 1954. at Alamo .. , Alamosa Co•• Colo. Died: 18 September. 1936 at Morgan. ConejoaCo •• Colo~ 1501.; Elizabeth LoreuaFord: Parenti: George •• erett 'Ford andVeraieAliceCoombs. ~ 3J:_MI8\11tw 1&36,4' MOIg.n.ConejoaCO ••. 'Colo.

• _


, ...

1402.Rob~rt W."en Coo{llbs\ . ··'R~ic!,~nc:e:~J6rg~n. CqnejOS CO.:~Olo. . Jara.Colorado. ..

PQlltOffice: La

Parents; ;phraJ,inWilliarn Coomb$ alld Snzabeth Reid. BOnl;la Febiuary1913. at Morgag, Conejos C!).. ~~o. Blessed: 20 February 1913, by Manill C. Pri~~•.. l5aptized: 3 July 1921. by,o.vid E. Shl.wcloft. Confirmed: 3 July 1921, by Jam", N. SQaw~ft. OrdainCUILDeacon.: 13 September. 1925, b): DHid E.


Shawcroft. ',C.' Ordained an Elder: 25 February 1934 by Levi Dunn. Ordained a HighPrie.~;290ctober 1944byOliv:er Jensen. Setapartas Presidtn~;Werof Morgan8ranch:M,uch 1934 by John B. Reid. Set a part as High Councilman by Joseph F.- ,Merrill. 1512. M&lried:. MaryS. Lang s to,. :12~tober 1934. by John B.Reidu NortoDVUle," Colo. Parenti: John Walter l.aDglIOD&lldDelzie,Geueva Bridge. 80m: 19 March 1915 at E1 Vado. Rio AtbiaCO •• N.Mexico Baptized: 4Ma,y 1924 •. by JohnJ. Jarfts. Coafirmed: 4 May 1924by'JohllL.GUbert. She bas t&ken&Dactive part in all Auxiliary~gaDizations of the Cilurch. Endowed and Sealed towtfet.6 Octob'~ 1941. In Salt Lake Temple. SaltLakeClty. Utah. Children: 1513. Larry Wade: Bom:U October 1935. at Morgan. ConejOi Co.. Colo. 1514. Delzie J~eae: ' 80m: 13 November 1940, at AlamCla.Alamosa COi • Colo. 1515. Robert Jason: 80m: 27 February 1943. at Flagstaff. Coconino Co•• Ariz. Died: 12 April 1951 in Arizona. 1516. Eliubetb Dorene: 80m: 31 August 1951. 1513. Larzy Wade Coombs: .' Residence: L i v i n g with biJ parents. at Morgan. Conejos Co •• Colo. ... Parents: Roben Warren Coombs and Mary EcII1aLangston. Bom: 18 OctOber 1935; at Morgan. Conejos Co.. Colo. Blessed: 1 December 1935.byR. Warren Coombs. (Fatber) Baptized: 12 March 1944. by ~ Warren Coombs, (Father) Confirmed: 12 March 1944 by Herbert L. Nance. Ordalneda Deacon: 30.,November 1947 by R. Warren Coombs. (Famer). .. Sealed to Parents: 6 October 1941. in Salt Lake Temple. S. 1.. C... Ut&b~. .., " Graduated from La lara High School. 1514. Delzle Jolene ,~oombs: Residence: Living wit h ,her parents. at Morgan. Conejos County. Colorado. . . Parenti: Roben Warren Coombsan.d MaryEcIDa Langston. Born; 13 November 1940. at AIarnosa.Aun:losa Co •• Colo. Blessed: 5 Janua.ry 1941. by,R.. Warrell Copmbs. (Father). Baptized: 12 December 1943. by Alfred L. Price. Sealed to Parents: S'October 1941. Attending School in La Jara. Colorado. Clear 1953). 1515. Robert Jason Coombs: Residence: Deceased. Parents: Raben Warren Coombs and Mary Edna Langston. Born: 27 February 1943 at Flagstaff. Coconino Co•• Ariz. Blessed: 1~ May 1943 byR. Warren Coombs. (Father). Died: 12 April 1951 at Arizona. Buri~d: InSaruord Cemetery. Sanford, Conejos Co•• Colo.

151S.,Elizabeth Dorene: .. Residence; Living with her parents inl\lorgan;COlle)OS Co. ,C"lorado.. . Parents: _RobertWanen Coombs and .Mary Edna Langston. Bom:31 AugUK1951. 1403. Uldene Louis Coombs: Re$idence: Fl&gnaff •..Art,zona. Box 254. Patenu: Ephraim William Coombs alldEllzabetb Reid. 80m!'. 31 Augun, 1916 at Morgln.CoaejOlCG •• Colo. Baptized: 26 April. 1925 by Peter A. Mllfteiuen. Confirmed: 26 April. 1925>byl.DavidCoornbs. '. 1517., ,Mamed: Joba:Mer1iuLa.ton~24 Janua.1)' 01935. Parents: John, Walter taDgltoll aDd DellZlBridges. 80rn:26 October. 'llUa at,Ma... COnjosCo •• Colo. Baptized: 7 May. 1933 by James A. Holman. Confirmed: 7 May. 1933 by James N. Sbawcroft. Sbehas-workedlniOrganizatlo.oftbe Church-ill the Mor. g~Branch. Org&n1stinPrimary Assn. in Fl&glt4ff. Arizona. Children: ISla. John Keith: Born,}; Novtmberj 1935. at'Alamosa', Alamosa Co•• Colorado. 1519. Janet Kay: 80m: 29 Augusl:. 1937 at MOEgan. Conejos Co•• Colo. 1520. Betha Louise: BOm: 10 June, 1939 atAJ4m~.Alam~Co •• Colo. 1521.Sharoo)eaD: '.' " ". Bom:'22Aprh. 1941 At Alamosa. Alamoia Co•• Colo. lames Kyle: . .' •.. . , Bom: 22 JUDe, 1942, at AlAmosa. Ai&rDosaCo•• Colo. 1523. Je. Kent: 17 July.i943 at FlagstAff. Ari~oaa. 1524. Sally Joan: Bom: 5 September. 1944 at Flagstaff. Arizona 1525. Laura Mae: . BarD: 7 May 1952. CottoD"ood. Arizona. 1522.


15i8. John Keith L&DgstOD: .' '.. '. . Parenti: John MerlinLallgstOll ~.tJ dene ,Louise Coombs. 80m: 5 November. 1935 atAl&mcu.Ali.n:l_ Co•• Colo. ,_,.' Blessed: 1 Decembv. 1935" by SOba B.Reid. Baptized: 31 March. 1945 ..1), Eu~ cameron. CODfirmed:l April.194Sby 19ieph.Io., l.aDptoD. Ordained a Deacon: 9 November 1947 ))yFrankJ. Randall.'


1519. Janet Kay Lal1gs~OD:, '. Parents: John Merlin I.aDgstOQancl'Uldene Louise Coombs. "Born: 29 August. 1937atMorgaD,CoaejOiCoUDty. Colo. Blessed: 12' September, 1937 by Jolm 8. Reid. Baptized: 1 September. 1945 by Frank J. Randall. Confirmed: 2 September. 1945 by JChphL. Langlton. 1520. Setba Louise Langston.:;. -. Parents: 10hn Merlin Langston and Uldene Louile Coombs. BOlD.10 June. 1939 at Alamosa, Alaln_ Co•• Colo. .Blessed: 6 August" 1939 by R. Warren Coombs, (Uncle). Baptized: 2 Augun 1947 by JOieph L. '_'ngnon. Confirmed: 3 August, 1947 by Josepb L. 'Langston. 61

Y.1.. M. LA. First .Coun, Inf. Primary, 2 November, 1915~U Noy. 1917. Teacher in Sunday School for a num,ber of yea~ , Died: 2 March 1953 at Mesa. Arizona. 'Butied:6'March 1953 at Sanford. Conejos Co., ceis, Children: 1521. Marv1nSte.,eDl:' 1523. James Kyle Langttoll: BoID:2 )anwuy 1906&eRlcbfleld.CoaejOi Co•• Colo. Parena:). MerJ.tD LangltonaDdUldene Louiae Coombs. 1529. Married MaUnd.Thomas 141uly 1934 Bom:,2aJuael942, at Alamosa; Alamosa County, Colo. ,li)ledl'22 Decernberl944. BleaIed:5'Sepcemb.er, 1943 by David ,'A. , Butler. '1530. Vernal,Da'ftd: Bora: iMay 1908, atRichfield, CollejOi ce., Colo. 1524. ·J_Kent LaDgltOD: Marri_: Me1iDd& Thoma. ,COombs, 151aouary 1948. Pateaa:JoIm MedfALaQgstOD aadUldene Louil~ ,Coombs. " 1531.Zelml: , Bora: 1'71u1y. 1943l.tflag.taff,ArizoD&. . B om: 4 May 1910 at R1chfield,CCIIleJol Co.. Colo. .Bl_edi,5September, 1943,byV1ctor OveJIOD. 1532. Afton: !.~/9"~ Bom: ~1J:'9a~l1cbtleld. ConejOi ce., Colo. 1533. Malried: Pemecia 8urke,Loa Angeles, CaW. 1525. SallyJO&D'Lanpton: 1534. Malried: Ruby. Pareim:JobaMerlillLaagltcm aud Uldene Louise Coombs. 8Qm: '5 September; 1944 atFlagttaff, . ,AriZona. 15351 Edna: BoiD: 7 1uly 1920&t Richfield. CoaejOi Co. ,Colo. B~e4:4 FebiualYi 1945byJaleph L.1a~n. 1536. MaIrled: Raymond Hock. 21 Mayl945. 153? M')u1«i: JOIephC.VdemiDe,11 Y.9.rch1NB. 1526. Laura Mae LaagltOD: J~areau:JobaMerliIlLIDgItOD aadUldeneLOUiae Coombs. Bom:·" Feb. 1952, Coaoawood,ArizoD&. 1528. Ma"ID Steveua Coqn1bJ: Realdeace: Deceased. 138"~ jobnll&nd COOmbl: Parellll: Jaba Dand Coombl and MUI., 0eU Ste,. ... Residence: Deceuecl. Bom: a January 1906 at Richfield, CoIlejOl Co.. Colo. Pareau:.· EphtakDCoomblaac:l Rudl, Sba wctoft. . Baptized: 26 July 1914 at Dnld E" SbawClOft. 80m: 24 September 18'73. Foua,alD"~.a. San Pete Co•• CODfilmed: 26 July 1914 by JolulDandCOombi (Famer). Utah. , ,', ", " ofdlDatioas: " Baptized: 6 SeP1Ulber 1,082 by GeOl8eQowther. DeaCoD:. 17 February 1918 by DaYiclE. ShawClOft. Caafilined: '1 StPtember 1382, 'by GeocgeQowtber. 'Teachen 15 JUIle 1922 by DaYid'E" Sbawcroft. FUled an L. D. S. Million 111SqudlerDSt&tes 1896~1890. Prieal; 13 May 1923 by John s.Kn1gbt. Ordained ,a Deacon: '1886. Elder: 27 September 193,1 by JobaB. "Reed. Ordailled all Elder: 1896. 'POIittoaa held: Heheldtbec:followlDg po.it1oaa: . see. of Tela.chea'Ouorum 1922. 'Sec. of Prlelt Quorwn 2nd CoUll. in M. L A. ,1899-1900.FiDt'Coua. 111M. LA. 1927-1929.' Pr... OfY. M. M.I.,A. Stake ChoriIter of. 1900"1901. WUdClerk3 No.ember t901 to October Y. M. M..L A. Ward Te4cbertD R1cbfle1cl W4N: 19231903-1904. FimAllilt. Supt. of SWldayScboo119041924;';27.32-33-36';37,' 'TeacherlD Sunday SchooL' 1905. SuperlDtendelltof sUraday School 1905 ..1909. 1529. Mauled: Mal1Dda Thoma.: 14jbly 19MID Alamosa Co. • SUpertDtead.Ot'siladaySchooI1915';2~Fim' Coull. by Pres. Jobn B~Reed. "Ill BlIhopric 190"~1~12toHeary ValentiDe.Flm CoUll.. Endowed and Sealed to wi f e i 24 September 19M 111Salt 111Btabopi1c 1912~1914toni"ldE. Suwcroft. Presiding Lake L.,D. S. Temple,'Slit UkeCty,Utab. .:'Children: ", ElderofMorpllBraacbI923':'i927.wardTeacherill: (ollOwing yean: 1904-05";.i4~2~.;23';24-36';37.39-4015:i7. Kathleen: 43-45-4'6-47-48.'" ,-",,' ,', ' Bom:'17 May 1936 1Ii AlamOl&, AlaIllQl& Co.. Colo. 1527: Married: Mira Adell Stneas: 11 October 1904 in Salt Lake L. D. S. Temple, SaltLakeCity,Utah. " , Parents: Walt~i'SteveDIand'lieDlietta Mac':. '80m: lSfebrIWY'1880Holdea.': M111ardCo., Utah. B.ptized: 1888 " " , 'Confirmed: 1888 Sheh~lct'the followtng positions: Worked in the AuxU1ary Organizations of the Church. whUe liTing in B1uff,'Uta:h. I\fter corning ,to Colorado, , beldthe follo~iIlg ,pcllt1o~tri. Richfl.eld Ward of San l.uis'Stake. 2nd C,oun. lnRel1efSociety 1909-1910. Firlt CoUn. in RellefSoeiety1910-i912.V1s1ting teach. er in ReHefSociety fOr a bou t 20 yeau. Librarian of

1521. Sharon Jean Langston: Parena: Jobo Merlin LangltOD:and Uldene'Louise Coombs. Bom:22AprU 1941, at Alamdla, Alamosa County, Colo. Blessed: 31 May, 1941 by R. WarrenCoombs,(Uncle). Bapti~ed: 21' May, 1949 by Alden J. Gennane.;' Confirmed: May 21, 1949 by Heber Delmar LaytOD.

15S8.Da"'ldMantDi' ' Bom: 29 'March 1937tD. Alamosa, Alamau Co•• Colo. 1539. Ricbard Wade:' ,I ' Bom: 22 July 198$ ID Alamosa. AlamoN Co., Colo. 1540. Jamel Curtis: Bora: 26 October 1939 in Alamusa, Alaml.lS& Co. , Colo. 1541. Shelley Coleen: Bom: 19 AugUSt1942 in Alamosa, Alamosa ce,; Colo.
,.;c, .

, Died: 22 DeceQlber 1944 at Alarnoaa, Alamoa& Co., C Bur1ed:26 December 1944 At Sanford, ConejOi Co. , L 1537. Kathleen Coombs:



Parelltl:'Martin SteVefiSCootnb •• 'ndMaUndA'tliomas. Bom: 17 May 19:!5-iJi A~mOlA.AlaittclaCo~',Colo. Elessed: 2 June 1935 by J~'Na«hltlSbawCtoft. Baptized: 6 February'194t4 byMa.rvU1 S;.'Coomo~('atl1i!t)~ Cooitrmed: 6 FebrUilry 1944 by Marvim S. C06mbl.(Pather) 1538. Darid Mama Coombs: Parenut··~Ut .Ste'fel3l;COI!Jmbt"a1!lffMaliW'Ttiomas. 80m: 29 .MalCB198'l IA,A~~ AlaUh'liaCo.,Col0.

ai_edt· tMay1931'by

Confimled: 6 May 1945 by Stanley B. BaUey~ PriestboodadiSlaUol:ili DeaCOl110 April 1949b)' Demlfl rt.M.u.

J. Howatd Shawcroft.

.l.u Ii1915bY'i)a<;id:e_ Sha~iOft. Confirmed:-7ftilyl918by'SpuafmCoom,"-(Graadfltber). She had held the following parittoalt . Teacher in Primary, Kline. Co1o.d.Ml.194&, Choriltm SUliday Scbw1." ~Go1o.1M1.tMa. Te 4'ell er-in SuadaySthool.'· Chebalfl.WaabbJitoa, 1945, 1946. Bee-IUye Teacher. Attended Pon LewaCou.e M AgrtculIUre. 'OftLewfJ. Colorado .. 1945,1946. Bee..tUYeTacher.·" . Attended Fort LeWfaeoll.,eof AgricultUle.Foft ....... O:tlorado. .,
Sa ptize'd:7

1539. Rlchard Wade Coombs, ,P&i'em:at Mantll SteY.aa':GboMbt'aDd'Ml'tiJltlj:Tlibtnas. 80m: 22 luly 1938 in Alamou. A1&mota Co..Colo. BI_ed: 30 July 1938b)t' H&told'filo*_ Died: 5 August 1938 at AlaDlo.a.'AlarrftD Cd •• Colo. Buried: AlIgUIt19SSa'S&iafard, CollejCII Co.,CoIo. 15olO;;'Jam.'CUftiaCoombft

··AtteDded··A.m'I'SIa"'TelClt_'Qj~AJj"'Colo •. Taught Ichool fourteen yeaD fa. Colorado. WablDpDD. New Mexico and Arf.zoaa.'
1532. AftonCoombli , .. .Pareau: Joba 'Davtd"~ allcfMtra:.AaI1·$tete& Bom: 2 December 1914 in R1chfleld. CoaeJCIIC6.. Co~. Blessed: '7 Pebnuy 1915byJobDS.:xatpt. Baptttedfl July 1923 by1lh1dB,Sbawclo" OldiaadODlt .. Prieat:22 lanual)' 1933 by I. S. "KDiIh&o sel'MdiJi the AirC~Of"lislOllOftheU. S.AllDedsentces. 1533. '.MaErted:¥eneCfaBUlke: II' Dlcemberlt41.· Died: About a year after·. __ -a. 1534. MaIrled: Ruby. 1534:;';a~··· RhotldaSue:· ,

. COo!ilbIand MaUada,1'I:iomaI. Bom:28 OcI!ober;1989,1D'Alalrioaa.AJamcil&,CO. ,Colo. Bl_ed: ., Ianuary 1940 by. Marria·S. ·COombI(Father). PareDll:. M&rrta:SteftDl

.Dea<ioa: a'laDuary '1938,byJ_

S. .1CDlpr.

Bliptized: 4Iuly 1948 byAIftedL.Ptic~ ,' '~4ItIly194B·b),TroyI. Hut~ 1M1.' S&.UeyColtittnCcMnDbQ PareIlII: ManiIl SteYeDI Coombt and MaUDda:.Th .... 80m: 19 August 1942 1DAlamOl&. AlAblOla-Co.. Co\o .. Bletledr nOCt'" 1942 by Mama'S. 'Coombl(Pamer). Baptized: 10 December 19SObyLarie\V. Vance•. CoDfirmed: 10 December 19S0 by EugeM P.:Batr. 1530. Vemal oa1'1d Coomba:


Bom~'S'Mlt. '1956, .Mea; Aruba
1535. EdDa'~: "."!

·PUtbII:iobl!t"'DatlCfG:Jom." Mtz& Ateu'~
80m: .,July 1920 ill R1chfleld",O,DejOil'czo.,Colo. .,...BleSsed:5Se~192e by epbt&t&D0:i0~ (GIaudfather) "Ba~6

Par_a: 101mDnid Coomba and MIla Adell SMe'" 80m: , May 1908 iD'Jichflll1d. CclDejot co..'Colo. . 81eaed: Iuly 1908 by J. Dand C~ (flather) Baptized:. 2luly ·1916 by J.,. NadJaDSba~ Confirmed: 2 July 191tby.] NatbaaSba'irClOft.

CObfftmecb6At1f*'1928 "1JobJ1'8. 1<Dlsht. PclitfoDi 1D aUJrch: Teacher ill SUIldayScliOol'a1ldblPrtJ:i:Wy. 1536. MarrIed: bJlttoDd 'Hook, .21·May 1945111 'Attec,




DivolCed:'RaymaDctHOck ~·"_I)"l*.
153'7. Married:

DeacoD: 'AugUIt·1921;byJ.'NathaSba.ClOft. Elder: Iuly 1943 by MerUD R. MamdDg semCi inA~Forc ... 1529. Murted: MaUada TbomaI Coonibn 13 J&1luary 1.8 by
Elder NeweU LaDeU 111 GlaDD City. Premed ChUdlellt, 1542. RQben Spencer: ..' ,; 80m: 'September 1M2.

Iotephc. V&1... .



'00.'.' Colo.


Children: 1&88•. : ~tlbtteAI1D: 80m:·" NoYember 1948 1DJacktoD.1etOai

'ShArOti toutle:


eo. • Wyo.



••. Colo.


80m: 6 October 1960 in Colban, Colo. Darid CliDtOIl ValeDttDe: .'80m: IS Sept. '1'9S4''Ua Colbrln,ColotadO.

RobeftS'pfmccrCoo~b.z Parenti: V~l DaVid Coombland Malinda Thomal ~bI. 80m: 6 sept,; 19150fA Al&mOla. ~mOl& co. .Cblo. ~eIIeCl: & No.ember 19150by J. DouglatWeatbrook. Zelma Coombl:


Charlotte ADDValentiDe. Parelltl: Ie.ephC. ValeDttDe.i2d I!dDa 8oril: ., NOVember 19481aclcloa.TetoD

Coo. ee.,



Pa:ena: 101m Dnid Coombl and M1raAdeU SteT~ !om: " May 1910 at Richfield. COllejOico. • COlo.
Bleaed: 31uly 1910 by 1. Dnid Coombs. (Fathef).

1539. Sharon toutle Valetltihe: Parenu~loteph c..' VaimtiDe aud 'E!dDA COombi. ,, Bom: 6 OetOber 19~"OiDCOlbtaD.Colorado~ .

1539-a. David ClmtoD ValentiDe: ParenD: Joaeph C. V&~~~.aDd. EdAa. CoQQlbt.. ~~ 16 ~pt.l.964iA Colb",,11, C91cmdo. 1382.. Prudence ADDCoemba: Raid~;. Dece.ued• PareaD: Ephraim Coombs &Del Rlnb Sha.croft. 8cIrIl:;9Septemhu18'76:atFouaraill GleeD. Sanpete Co•• Utah. Bleated: 261&1lu.iry 1878 by TholZlll CIowdler. BaptiZed: 4 June 1884 by Geolge Qowtber. Confirmed: 5 June 1884 by Jamea Guymon. ,Came.to Colorado wUh'her pareDII ta 1884. Died: 20 September 1893 at Richfield. CoaejoaCo •• Colo. BtIried: ··lASUI.-Cemetcry, SaafQIIS..Cclaejoa.Co., Colo. 1383. NeU1e Pearl Coombi: Raidenee: Red Mesa, Colorado. ParenD: Epbalm Coombl &D.d Ruth SM.croft.

1544. 1545.

Sadie Mae Deteabeck: Bom: ·7 ApnI, 1916.,tRic;I:Uield. Coi1ejOi Co.., Colo. Married:Al.IQa Po~,y~tQ~U ·Oc~. 1931" . Di,e;d:4M1.y1940. .... "'~toD.Glf9ie~wy,!tEo

lS4.i~ Marriecj. 1541.

Nellie lone Carter;

ResideDce: Red Mesa. ColoaelQ.
. PareQ.tltPhUo ViDIoA C&lteraDdNeWe "..,1 Coombl. Born: 16 Feb e . 1902 Saa.for4. CODejOlCo..Colo. Blesaed: 8 AprUnOSb)' P~O"V1DIo1l Cmer.(P._I'). Baptized:'3July 1910...

Attended Grade Schoolln SlDford,·Colozacioo GradJllt«ld·from StlDL.u1I... Ac:aclemy•. AneDded ODe lummer term oflchool ta Brigham Yoq UDivellity at Pro.o. tJt4b..
HastaugbUQbOQ1..c:OQtiDu~YliDc.1920to 1951. ; . Mother of 12·chUdreI1 •..10 &IldlDclud1Dg


lola: .U~er 18'l'lalfoullWllGre .... Sanpete Co•• Utah. BI_ed: a ·JJ.DuIry18'l8"by JUitlGuymoa. BapdZe4al,Seprelllber188.byW.F. O. Bebnaaa.
Coaftrmed: 2 September 1886 by Comel1ulHaYle 1540. Mal:ded:Jlbilo V•.C&ner:i14NOftImber 19001D Salt Lake


Temple.S.L. c.'Utah.., Pareaa;,JobD SilDlQaIt.· .. ", .~qab Cilbbol!l. 80m: "JaDe,18'16MIIea •• Oity •. kay. Co.,•. Utah. ·Bapt:lsed:aoAua- '1886.c .. · EdDowed: 4 Ncwember 1898. FWed L. D. S. MlIIioIlill Southam StiaJCII lsa'~1900 Labored aa Sta~',Ji4ia~ ill ~LuI4,Stake~
fWeda Milliol1lD VIIgiDfa-1926-1928. repmemt"g Quorum of SeftDUeI of the San Lqta .. ~ke • S

ofebe Churcb. Ward OzgaDilt in Red Maa Ward of Youag Stake. 1547. Married: Da.td Aldgr1dgeHarr1l: '16 Janual1, 19M. ParCtl:· ~]).&atI_·8emlee·· &atoll. . 8qm:' 30·December19Ql,.t:$t;.J-'~eo.. Ariz.

He14. follow_ poa'tloDa: .WOIked iDAuxUlaryOrgaaiAItoaa

.Ba.pti&edt 30 Apiu 1910..


He held foUowlDgpolktDDI:

Mernberof8ilhopric of Rod MeN·' Wild. YOUIIBSlake. Held maay pOIitiOl1ID Red Mesa Ward. Endowed aael Sealed to .... ad. 27"Occobeli lHa.
,~D: '.'


WNd T~:A..,"

.me ~


'. .{c)ld She baa





164$. .F~DFato: 1924 Vemal.u.Dttab Co. •. Utah. M4medMarjodeSte.em. 1S49.·Mell,Vll1eve: Born: 24 Sepcemi;er 1928 at 1Ucbfield, ConejOi o. • Colo. C Married: VirgU W. Slade.



eM Qlurch. 9rIudza~tIlSUl·SllLL~,$rake.



W_ed:1I1 'Y'.J..M. L A..,tnalchfJ.e14 •. &rd., . IDaructor taoReUgiOll ClaD 111Rf.chfle1d Wald. SecODd CoPa.JII1~. l......

Icm~.fD.follow1D8 .:~.

y.r...~ ..


'.' ,:

WoEked in AuxWary OrpDtzatioDi iIlS&llf~,. Eat Dale Warda. SecoDd CoUD. ill Stake Relief of~9uqStake for QoUC 1~ Y'" Worked 111 AuXUWy OrpDlzadAAlfp.~ ~_ W'aJd.


8O..'D:16 Jl11y192::. at lCUDe.LaP1ataCo.. Colo. 1551. Freddie Vee: Born:. 8 July 1930 at Kllne, La Platt. <:0.. Colo. Marrleck.Jamell'errel Zufelt. 1552. Carrol ADD: -24Dec:ember, .19.3:& .tKl1u. La Plata Co •• ceie, 1553. Rea'll i,el1e: . Born: 30 lUl1e 1934 at Kl1D.e.La'Pllta·<:o. •. Colo.


10654. TbarW,enV_on:

1641. NeW. Iau: 1.902at~ord •. CoaejoaCQ.. Colo. Married: Dntd Aldrlle Harril: 16 J&D.Ulry 1924. 1542.. Belft Edna : ~ 11. Dec. 1903 ItSlDford. CCilDejOJ •• Colo. C;o

BolD: t. Feb.

Bon:t:20;4pIill~36at Xuae. 1..&.P1&ta Co. ,'Colo. Died: 20 September 1938 at Red Meaa, Co". 1555. Enid Allie: 'Boa:, 18 October .•..1937 ·atRed·Mesa,LaP1ataCo. • Colo. 1556. Ore.a Ione:(twin) Bom: 18 October. 1937 at .Duzango. La Plata Colo.

eo. ,

lfii7. OrriS·Dntd:(twiD} Bora: 1& October. 1937atDuraDgo.



~9 ~"p.~1Y19~.

PhUo Coombl: 80m: 14 July 1906 at RiAAfleld. C~ejOlCo., CQlQ. }d&ltieQ:l-4IYCQrq~W:1mOl. 29 ..A.prt119Z7. Railed her 'Wet Sadj,e',cllUdJrolll, U1fallCy ~5Qaturi~.

La P"taeo. • Colo. Dted:2,Jaauary. 1940at Red Mesa. LaPlam Co•• Colo. 1551. Ruthellya: Bom: 22 JUDe, 1942 at Durango; La Plata Co •• Colo. 1559.. Madeline:' Bom:27 Dec. 1946 at Duraagoi La Plata Co•• Colo •


154B. FeMIa Falo Ham.S! Rettdeace:W'Mesa'. Colotado. PareDa: Dnid A. Hama alld Nellie

80m: 24 October 1924 atVem&l.'

UD1tab C(j~ .Utab.


Baptthdt '1 July 1938. Sealed to; Parei1l:t? october~ '1~42. Se"ed ill World Wlr 11. , 1560. Married: Marjorie S ten D I • 2 fUDe


1D L. D. S.

Temple. PareD: ,AmmoaCarlSteveasaiid Amy JeaD 80m: 13 Noyember.l~9atR,edMeM. LaPiaUCo •• Colo. Bleaed: ",' NoYediber." 1929' by Orrille '0. Rabim.. l


1551. Freddie Vee Hams: ResideDce: Red Meaa,Colorado. Parenti: Da yid A. Han.ad Nellie Iaae Carter. BOlD;9 July 1940 at. Klf,.ae, LaPlaf,a Colo. Sleaed: .3 AugUR, 1930. . Sealed to.Parell.: 2'70ctober •. 1942. Aueaded Grade ScboollD Red M_. COlorado. Graduated frolll OUrlagO High School. II talented la. MUIlc. . 15'70. Malrted:Jamea TuHl Zufelt: 15 AugUft, 1949 in Sail


Lake 1.. D. S. Temple.
Pa~DD: 1amaSter1tDg Zufelt aadEnDa I(adledlleEatoa. Bam: 21 1929. Blaled: S 1anuary. 1930. Baptized: 8 January, 1938. 1552, Carrol Aml HaJriI: '

Baptized: 24 JUGe :1938.


Ch11dreD.: 1581. SteM Ferroa:
80m: 13 Much 1948. 1562. Trudy ADD: Bom: 12 June 1950. 1563. KeYIDJly: BolD: 1September 1951. 1564. Cbria l(, , Bam: 18J.flU&ry 1963. ,1561. Amy'Sa: Bom:" I Aprt11~M. ,1544. MellValleYeH&JtlI: Relideace: Red MeII. ColoracIQ. PareaIItDa.wA.a.rrti &ad Ne1lle'lob 'cUier~, 80m: M Sepfllmber If28lt Ricbfteld,coDtjCJI'Cd.. Colo. Bl_eel: 28 NoYember.i928 by EpbratiliCoOmbi~ (GreatGraadfathel). ' Baptized: 3 Auguat1935~ Sealed to PareDa: 2'7 October 19421568. Malrted:Vtrgtl W. Sl&d.:2 JIDUtY. 1945f1i Mesa L.
D. S.



= U?iDg wlthpiU .... t. Red MeA.. Colo, PireDa: Da'rid A. HamI aDdNeUt, IoIIe cuter. .

Bom: 24 December,

1932, at Kline, L.t Plata Co.. Colo. Baptized: 25 July 1941. Sealed to Parena: 2'7 Ocmber 1942AtteadedGrade School in Reel M_, ..ColOlldo.,

GiaduatW fI01D'OIaraago Hip School. AtteDcled Fte ·LewiI College .tHeapeu.

ra talented

fD Idaho

1D. .MuIf.C.

15'71. Malrted: Darrell DGD&ldT_,l1 July 19. Falll L. D.S. Temple in Id.iho FalJa.Iclaho. Pareall: ·Anbur B. TlDIleraad Elate Taylor 80m: 24 MIlch 1930 in Conez. Cololado. Cbildrea: 1572. VfDIoDDirreD: BcJI'Il: " February 19&4. 1553.



Parella: Jama ell reD e e Slade aad ClthetlD:'e' Arabelle " . WUdea. 80m: 12 December 192saiRed Maa,~;Ptatl Co•• Colo. BI_eel: 3 February 1924.' BaptIZed: 3 July 1982CbUdrea: 156'7. KeliyOWea: 80m 23 July 194'7 at Durango. t&flata Co•• Colo.


Reah IreDe Harrll: . LIYb18 with ~ at Red Colo. . PanDa: 'Dand A. HarrfI aad NeUIe loDe ,CUter. Bom: 30 June 1934 .t Kllae"J.a Plata ~. Co1o. Baptized: 1 Aug_ 1942Sealed to hrenD: 2? October 1942


AtteadlDg_ HIgh SchGoIID

OUr.ago. Colo.


1568. Terry Lee:
1569. Bom: 14 July 1949 at TOOl: , Bom: 14 JUDe 1952. "

IWDe, L.t Plata Co.. " Colo.

1554. Tbanrea. VlliIOa. Hama: Resideace: Dece.ued. PareaD: Da Ytd A. HaIrfa.Dd Nellie Iale CUter. Bora: 20 AprU 1936 at Kline, L.t Plata Colo. Died: 20 September. 1938.t Red M_.COloIado. Sealed to PanDII: 2,7 October 1942 by pIOxy.

eo. •

She bas held (ollowtDg peI.dOtII: , Stake Era DUeetodD Yoq' Stake. ' O1gaDlzattcSDI olthe Church. .



1550. La yelle Carter HartlJ: Residence: Red Mesa, Colo. Llna with hlipareDtI. Parella. DIn1.d A. Hama aad Nellie loDe Carter. Bom:' 18 July 1928 at KliIle, La Plata ce., Colo. Baptized: 5 September 1936. Sealed to PanDa: 2'7 OCtober 1942. Depal'tedforL. D. S. MiaiOil1949aadllft11tiaei'rillg. (1951).

'1555. and AUle HarrII: _ldence: LlylDg witbher paleDa It Red MMa. Colo. PareD!l: David A. HAn aDd Nellie loDe Care.. Bora: 18 October, 1937 at Red MeII, LaPl&ta.Co..~ Colo.. Baptized:, '7 October 1945. Sealed to P.nnD: 2'7 October 1941. Atteadlag High School in DuraDlo,Colo. 1558. Ore... tooe Harril: (Twin of Orril). Reatdence: LiTiDg with Paremi at Red Mesa, Colorado. PareDtI: DaTld A. HaEfIl aDd Nellie [one Ciner.


80m; 18 Oc::t.ober,1939 at Durango, IA PlAta Co., Bleaed: 17 December 1939. Baptized: 11 Iuly 1948. Sealed to Parena: 27 October, 1942.


1557. 0rrII Dnid Ham. (Twill of Oreaa) ~areDII: DaYid- A. HmiI &Del NeWe kIae Carter. Bora: 18 OCmbef 1989 at DuJa080, La Plata Co. , Colo. BIClMd: 1'7 December 1989. Died: 2 J&IlUAr)' 1940 at Red Meaa. La Plata Co., Colo. Sealed to Parellll: 2'7 October 1942 by proxy •

1575. Ardith Wayne EatoD: . Parenti: Shirley S. Eaton and BelY& Adaa Carter. Born: 23 October 1929 at Ray. Pima Co., .Aria. Baptlzed: 20 JUDe 1938. Attended achool ill Arizona &Ad Colotaclo. Graduated from Military School ~t SaIl Fraacilco, Calif Sened_la U. S. Army. K~~ ~.,~.~~


1558. Ruthe11YIlH&Irta: ParenD: DaWi A. HarrII aDd NeWe loIle Carter. 80m: 22 JUDe 1942 at Duraago~ La Plata Co., Colo. Sealed to Parema: 27 October 1942. 1559. MadellDe HarrtI: fareDa: PaWl A. HaIrfI aDd Nellie Iaae Carter. Bctm: 27 December 1948 at Durango, l.&PJ.ata ce,; Colo. 80m UDder CG9eaaat. 1542. Belft Adaa Caner: 111 AacieIIoa St.,

1576. Phyllil Eaton: PareIUI: ShUley S. Eaton aDd Bel.a AclDa C&ftcr. 80111:12 December 1933 .at KUDe, La Plara Colo. Baptized: .7 July 1948. 1581. Malried: WWWn Walter HaJdI, 261&1wuy. 1952. 80m: 31 July 193~ Cbildrell: 1582. SteYeIlIOD: 80m: 28 January 1963. 1583. Glean: 80m: 28 January 1954.

eo. ,





SaD Fr&Ilcllco, Q.lf,f.

Pareaa: Philo VbiioD. Carter aDd Nellie ~l


80m: 11 December 1903.SanfOld, c::aaejOl Co., Colo. Sl_eel: -; F~bruary~O& by EpIua~Coomb .. (Graadf.mel) Baptized: 4 AUgua 1912Graduateel flam Saa Lldl Stake Academy. 1573. Marrtecl: Sbldey £aiaa: 29 January 1923 at Albuquezque New Mextc .. Parema: John Rcley Eatoll aDd ArmiJda N1c&n. Born: 28 October 1899 Bl.ed: '1 Jaouary 1900. Baptized: 3 July 1908. Sh~ baa wtWked In Orga.~tIolll of c:lI.urch.. Ch11d1en: 1574. LoIDa: 110m: 3 February 1928 at Ray, PIma Co., Arlzoaa. Married: i.ouia Ralph MWer 3 July 19431575. Ardith Wayne: 80m: .23.Octo~ 1929, Ray, PlmaCo.,Artzaa.a. 15'76. Phyllil: 80m: 12 December 1933, I<liDe, La PIau ce., Colo. Maaied: WUllam Walter HaIdI, 26 January 1962.

Philo Coombl Carter: Relidence: GleDdale, Arizona, HE. 1 Bail45&. . Parema: PbUo VtDIODCarter and NeU. harl CoombI. 80m: 14 July 1906 at'Richfield, CoIlej~ Co.. Colo. BI_ed: 2 September 1906 by Philo V. earc•• (Fadae&).' Baptize.: '1 February 1915. 1584. Muried: Mary Cordelia WiDlor: 28 AprU 1811, TbaIlCb-


PareiJlI: J*ph WlllltW&Ild CoIdelJaThuDfDDe 801:11:. 3, ~oyember 1909 at Tbacdlcr, Adaaaa Bl .. ed;12 December 19Q9. BaptiZed: 6· April 1918. Sealed to HUiband: 1 No.ember 1929. Sealed to wife: 1 November 1929 at MeI& L. D. S. Temple

me ~axu.lazy




1585. 1588. 1587. Melvin WiDIor: Bozi:a: 22, January 1928 at Phoenix, Maricopa ArIs. Norma Dell: 80m: 1 May 1931 at Ray, PIma Co., Ariloaa. PhUo Simi: 80m: 12 September 1933 at Phaeaix, M&dcopa .Co. ,Adz.

eo. ,


1588. 1589.

1574. Lama Eaton: Parenti: Shirley S. Batoa aDd 8eIYaAdna Carter. 80m: 3 February 1928 at Ray, Pima Co., Artzoaa. BaptiZed: 6 September 1936. 1577. MImed: Louil Ralph MUler,3 July 1943. 80m; 17 Noyember 1925. Ch1ldrel1: 1578.· Ralph Waylie: 80m: 19 September 1946 it Yakllla, WaahlDgtoa. 1579. Loma EUzabem: Born: 11 FebN&ry 1949 at San Francilco, Calif. 1580. Mell.aa AdD&: Born: 2 Ianuary 1953•.

Keith Norman: Bani: 30 Nov. 1936.at PboeDbc, Maricopa Co.. , Ariz. IOIeph Lomand: 80m: 6 Dec;. 1944 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co., Ariz.

1585. MeIY1D WflIIor Career: PareDts; PhUo Coombl Caner aadMaI)' Cor4elJa W1IIIor. 80m: 22 January 1928 at Pboeni.X. Maricopa Co.. Artzoua Baptized: 1 February 1926. Sealed to Parenti: 1 Nonmber 1929. Ezldowmell1S: 21 Ma Y 1948. FUled an L. D. S•. Mias1ol1In Northern StattU 159 O. Mamed: Clara Lou'-e Adama, 15 December 1950 a' Mcaa L. D. S. Temple, MeN, ArIzoDa. Parenti: George Rudger Aciama and Ruby Mae Haacock. 8o~: 1~ July 19~ at Globe, GUa Co., ArizoDa.

Childresu' 1591. $arah Lyrm,: 80m: ~ December 1592.

1951 at PhoeDix.

Philo ViDIoa: 80m: 2 Iuae 1952 at Rale1gh. Wake Co. (N"carol1na.

lSSI. ~a Den carter: " Pareaa: PhUoCoorabi Cuteraad MAry Qmielia WlDIor. 80m: 1 May 1931aRay.Plma CO;,• Arizoaa. Baptized: 8 May 1939. 80m Under Co"'eDaDt. 1593. Muried:Jack Eug .. Wood:. Parents: Raymond Cleveland Woodaad Edaa Nora Bull. BolO. 9' August 1930., Bapd.Zed: 16 Decemberl96Q.. ChUdren: '" 1594. Jack Eugeae: Bom:.2. Pebrual)' ·1949alPbHaix. Maricopa Co.. Ariz. 1595. Amhcay Dale: Bom: 9 Juae 1961 at Ajo. PIma' CQ.,." Adzou. 1596. Louwld. AIaal 80m: 10 SePf.! 1952 at AJo. PlIDaCo.. Adzoaa. 1597. Unda Marte:, " 8oq1: 30 May 19M, Ajo, Arizoaa. 1587. Philo Simlc.ter:

She has held the following posinoos: Chorister of Y. L. Me L A.fA IUcbfteld Ward. President of Primary A1IDi..Mol'pnBtaRChofRtchlield. Member of Ward Choir amummof yeall. Labored in' AuxUtiry 'OrgaaiZatloll&. 1590. Married: Edwin Oscar Colemaa. llOCtobllit04, SaIl , LakeL. D. S•. Templ~ S. L. C. ,Utah. ' Parenti: Albert 8. ColemaD~ M&Itba RUllI. 80m: 2 March 1884 lD Ilcbfteld.Coaej. Co. .'Co~ Bapttzed:. 2 SetUmberl38lby Iii D. WtltblOok.' Coaftrmecb 2 ,ieptlll1hft Ian •. ' Ordailled aa Elder. Octob~19C)l.by He bu' !Wed followtag PQ*tdcJbI& Wald Teacher; 1916-1919. 1__ 1934' lat., . Supt. of SUDday School 191& .. lm.Morgaa ·SrallCh;, Supt. of SuadayScbool2& JUl1ei921-1931,MalgIll . Bran~ .




Dled: 25 May 1931 at Alamau. Alamou Co.,. Colo. Buried: 31 MAy 1931 at 5aaford. CoujOlCo..Co1o.



hrellll: PhUo Coombe CIfter, aadMaqQ~" wtQIor. BolO: 12 September 1933,alPhoeatI, Mar1copa Co •• Ariz. BaptiHd: a. December 1944., ,

QrrtI Eciwbu 80m: 2 July 1908. MaIrled: laabelle J&ckIoa. Mll4led: Bom:2'7.AprU 1910.' Married: William Schempp. DIed: 21 AprU 1940.



1598. MAlrted:Sbirlte AIm JobaIoa. 11.1UDe1964 Daugh_ of~ E. 10_011. .. 1588. Kelch NormaQ C&fter: "" ' , Pareml:PhUo eoQmbl 80m: 30. No~ember 1938 at, Phoeldx.,MartcoH Baptized: 6 December 1944. "

Ser1'ed III U.,S.

l\rmed semc":". . .:


Wallace Ephralm: 80m: USepteJDber 191&.· MaIr1ed: Jau Stewar.
CUfford Alben: Bom.: 29 FeblUl)' 1920Married: VirgtDY Cummtap.






Co. , Ariz.

1589. Joseph Lomaad C&fter; '. "., " ", .' PareDD: PhUo Coombe c&narand Mazy Cordetf.a WIiIIor. 80m: 4 Noyember 1942 .ttPboeatx.Mar..copa Ariz. Child: 1589-&. Philo: " BolO: April 195&.



Sadle MAe Deteabeck --~- (GRer child. " ' Fbllo V. CUteraadNe1l1. 'Ur1Co~,caftertookSAdle

beck): which wuthedaySacKeMae ,~~ ~".,ihey ga... e her 10.... &ad affectiOa, a,geod home aDd ,schpoUng, etc. Her gea~logy dates. e re, ..re gi... a uaderher Mother', e Dame. 1384.' Ruth Ada Coombe: Reliduce: C&~e1 DfI1:r1ct. CoaejosCo.. Colo. "

1591. 0I!1J Edwlll Colema: Relldeace: Malllll&. Cc:aejGl Co. • Colando. PareDlI: Edwfa 0Iear- Colemlllllld Rutb Ada CnoadII • . 80m: 2 July 1908.&1 RIchfle1d,CoIaeJalCo..Co1o. al_ed: .,'1908.by EpbribD,CaoIDbI. (G~atha) Baptized: 2 September 191Tby Duid E;.sbaWClOft. Coafirmed: 2 September1917. , , Ordafaed a_&chert 22Peb.19tS by &Sbawcmft. ordafaed a Priest: 1 Jaauazy 1920 by O,W. GyUfDB. He haa held the follow1ag poaflfo .. : ' Sec. of Sunday school MolpDBraacb. AlIt. "Supt. "SuadaySchool Mcqaa Worked la. SaD LuflStalte Suaclay School. 1595. Malried: lIabelle JackIoa.201uly 1929 at Del NOlie,





PareDD: EpmlmCoomba aad RUthSahWCIOft. BolD: 18 Jaaualy 1880" FoUDta1a Green. 5aapeteCo •• Ute
Baptized: 3 May 1a88 by ChrlsteaJ_eII. Cba.firmed: 3 May 1888 by William 0. Crowther.



PareDtI: Lafayette Iacbon &ad Jane Sdtofleld. 80m: 8 August 1909. Maausa. CoaejOl Colo. Baptized: 2 September 1917. Confirmed: 2 September 1917. Children: 1596. Edwtn Lafayette: 80m: 29 Iaauary 1931, MauIIa.,CaaejGl Colo. Malfied, DolpbaFur. 1597. Ramona Jeaa: 80m: 7 April 1940~ ,



3 h/~7t1~ ~~I?

17 ,



Ted Leon Bingham.

159.3. 0D:ia Ierald: 80m: a October 1933, MaIWl&, CoDejo. Co. , Colo. Malried: JoAaD HulChiDI. 1599! Ilab~Ue l~ce: .80m: 19 DecelQbu,.193S •. Manaua, Coaejos' Co•• Colo. .1,00 DoaAa Blame: 80m: 18 february 1945. MaDl.a, Qmejos Co. • Colo. 1596. Ed'fiD I.afayette Colemm: Par.tat. 0ntI 8dwiD, cGleQl&1l &lid Jaabe)J.e .JaokIoa. 80m: 29 Jaa. 1931.atMaaaua. CoujOi Co •• Colo. BlptQeclt2 April 1939. CODflrmed: 2 April 1939. Ordained'''' PIlat: AneDded'lCbool aDd graduated from MaDaaU Hlgb School

Born: 27 Apri11910. at Richfield, Conejoa Co•• Colo. Bleaed: 7 August 1910 by Thor N. Peteaoa. Baptized: 4 AUgun 1918 by David E. Sba,.crof't. Confirmed: 4 Auguat 1918 by Ephraim Coomba.(Graud(athef).· .... . .. . . She held me followiug positioos: .Org&a.ilt inSUDday sehQolMorgaD 'BrUacb. Teacher in SUDdaySchoOl• Teacher 1D Prtmazy Aari.(Blue BkdClul) Teach lD',PrtmaIy AIm. (TrailBut1c1er Qua) Acted Secreaq III SUDd&yScbOol. 1605. Mamed: WW'-m Schempp: Parental Jolm Geol8e SchemppaadKat.aem ... 80m: l2 AprU ·1898 at Del None. Colorado. Endowed: 14 February 1941 &tMea L.. D. S. Temple wlm Ada Colemaau,..,xy. CbUdreD: 1i06. Ruth loDe: Bom:8September .t934jC&lmel.Coaejcl Co•• Colo. Mallled: Me1Mrt Marvbl Webb~~6 Apdl1963. 1607. :MUdzed Lola: . 8o~ 28 Man:h 19as at Alamosa; Al&moIa eo. , Cola. 1608. ·tloy" WUItaIl1: Bam: 22 Much 1940. A].\mOll, Cola.


1DCbUlCh ActiY1t:lel aDdOl8aDizatioDl.

AaeadeclCoUege at Temp"Arl.zcma. 1601. MAlried: Dolpba Parr. i9 JUDe 1953. 1591. Ramou, leu.. Coleawa: Parental Onta EdwiD Coleman aIld lIabelle JaCkaoa. 80m: 3 April 1932. Maaaua, Conejos·eo..Colo. Baptized: 7 AprU 1940. Coaftmled: 7 April 1940. AtteDded grade aDd high acboolill MM·... Colo. Graduated flam MeI& Higb ScbaoI~Meaa. ArIzou. 1602. Mamed: Ted Leoa'8IDgham. . CbUdre~: 1603. Teddl JeaD: Bom: 15' Aug. 1951;LoI AlamCltN. Mexico Cbr. 7 Oct. 1961. 1603~a. Jimmy Leo,:l: 80m: 13 Oct. 1953. Rio Ade,N. Mexico. c:br. 3 Jan. 1914. . 1603-b. Breuda JUDe: BCllD:JUDt 1955, Rio Azrtba, N. Mex.

Died: 21 April 1940 Buried: III 6aD!ord Cemetery,



1806.'·Rilth lcIieSchempp: . RellCIeDce:Meu.,' Ariza •• Par~: WUliam Schempp &DdMudled Colemua. Bom: 8 September19M~ ucaime1.CcmejCII Colo Bapttzedf3 Ja1Waiyl~3by Alfred Price. Coafirmed: 3 JaDuary 19'43by'Veme1lGllWaacI. 1609. Mallled: Marvin Webb, 8 Aprt11953. Parellta:DenD Adelbert webb alld Hel.lbe Relclhe&d.

eo. •


1941. . . .... '. : .' . Endowed: 25 March 1953.



Bom:80Ct0ber 1933, Mauna, COnejos ce.; ·COlo. Bapdzed: 12Apru 1942. .CoufiQued: 12 Aprli 1942otdatned' a Teacher 1D'AaloDi.c Pr1eathood. 16M. Marrf.ed: loADil Hu1X:hiDa: 1599. IAbellfdoyee Coleta.: Parelia:'OrritEdwiD Colemau aa.dIaabeUe Jaclcloa. 80m: 19Dec.1938.M.IDaIU.. C;;oo.ejOiCo.. Colo. Baptized: -6 Pebl'\l&lyll44. . Coafirmed; 6 February 1944. 1600. DoDllAEJ.\ine ColemaDI Parenta: 0rriI Edwin Coleman aDc:l Iaabelle]acllaoa. Bom: 18 February 1945, ~DAII&. CODejOS Co.. Colo. 1592. Mildred Coleman: R.elldellCe:Deccaaed. Parelltl: Edwin Oscar ColemaD and Ruth Ada Coombl. 68

Parau:a: 0rrII EdwillColemaD' and·lIabelleJackaoa.


Jeiald Coleman:

1601. MUdred LoS. Scheuapp:'" . 'P&reDta: WlU'-m Schempp ..uJ.dred Colemaq. Bom:~lfMarchi938atAlaaioia, Alamosa Co.. Bl_ed: 1 May 1938 by J. David CoombI. . Baptized: 5 JaDuary 1947 by Df,vW E. . SJlaWClOft. Coafirmed: 5 JaDuary 1947 by AlfzedL. Price.







, .'P&rena:' .Wt11tam Schempp • Mildred ColemaD. . .8Oaa:"2t 'Malchj940 :ft;Alamola~ AlalllCll&;ea.', Colo. <lJl"ed~: .6· May 1940' by ,OmtS."Colemu. (UDele). "Bapti.zed( 13 'Match 1$49 bYW'UlIamJ.WoodIIcL
'. CoDftitned: 13MalCh 1949 by LoreazO J)e Prt-. 1593. Wallace Epluatm ColemaD: Residence: Ri1'ellide, ClUfo .... Paratl: EdW1D Olear COlel'DaDaDdRuth Ada Coomba. Bom:'22 September 1915 at C&rmel,CoDejCII Co•• Colo. Bleiled: 5 Dee. ·1951.~y Epbratm Coomba. (Grandfamer).

Baptized: 3 Auguat i924~y Lewf.aE.Sbawcroft.(Uocle). CoDflrmed: 3 ALigUit1924 by Ephralm Coombs. (Grand. father). . OftJaf.aed I 7 Aug. 1927 by.oarid E.Si1awcroft. OrdafJled a Priest: 10 iaAualy 1932 byJQhD B. Reed. Ordained aJlElder~271'" 193~byThom&lW.Huffaker. Held the followtq poIid_: .'. AlSilt&l1t Supt. of. simday School ill Morgan ~ranch. 1610. Malried: Betty Jaae Stewart: 25 March 1940. PUeDII:WU11am Glen Stewart.aad Alma Marie·DaYu. 80m: 2'7 April 1919. ClQcillaati, Ohio. Baptized: 25 JaDUAI)'1941.

Sec. of Sunclay SchooL
Sec. of Genealogical Commitee Sec. PrimaryA.1Io C~dleD: 1615. Robert Clifford: Ekml:. 24 .1944. Al&m_.Aw.u.a Co •• Colo.; 1616. MoLrilynRl&tb: Bom: 1 May 1946, Alamaaa.AJa1DCll&Co.. Colo. 1617. DelwiaRoy: 80,0:16 1une 1948. AJ&aloIa, AlamaIaCo.. COlo. 1618. Albert Wayae: Bom: 11 AugUlt 194'7.A1am ••. Alam ... eo. • Colo. 1619. LeaUe.L)'DD;· . I Bom: 18 Sept, 1951, Alamosa, A~IDOI& eo. , Colo. l819-a.GaryDal., Bom:l'J ,Dec... 19M,Alamosa •.·ColQ;. ChristeDS 21.... 1955,La Jara. Colo.



1611. 1612. 1613. Stewart Lee Bora.: 2 March 1942,. Rlnnide. lamel EdwiD: Bora: 15 June 1944. CAllfom1a.

Dl&Da Ruth:

80m: 28 1uae 1949. 1611. Stewart Lee Coleawa: . Callfom1&.

.8om:' 2 March 1942, It My_de,
8I_eel: 5 AprUi942. Baptized: 2 March 1951by'Harry CoaffnDed: 3. Marcia. 19S1. 1812. Jamel Eci1rlD. Cole'1D&11:


·WI~.~EpbraiDl¢ol.manaud BettyJaDeSte"art.

1615. ~ertCl1fford CoI.maD; Puenll: Clifford Atabert CQ1emaaaDd Ruby-Vtzstma Cummt.ag•• Bora: 24 ~lCh 1944 at AlamOl&, Alamca Colo. Bleaed: 4 rUDe 1944 by Alfred 1. PitCe.



80m: 15 JUDe 1944. at RlYellide. c&\1fo-ma. . Bleaeel: " September 1944Ba,pdzed: ,6 Oecelaber 1952 by ~.M. canoU~ Caafflmed: ., December 1952.



iIecy lUeSlewart.

1616.Marilya Ruth Colem&a: ParellD: Clifford Alben Coleman and Ruby ViqiId&CUmmillgl. Bom: 1May 1845 at.~A1&1DOIa Co.. Colo. Bleaed:.3 JUDe 1945 by R. W&InIl CoombI. ·1~17. Delwill Rpy Colemaa: '.\ Pareall: CllffordAlbert Colemaa&D4111by VIqiJda Cum miDgI.

1613. DtaD& Ruth ColeJJM,D:. Puellll: Wal1&ceEphra1m Colemanaad Betty Jane Stewart. 80m: 26 JUDe 1949, at Lama Llnoa, .C.ut'OlDiI. Blessed: .22 September1949.

Bom: 16 J\IDe.l94&, AJamQlA,.Aln:IOI& CO•• COIO. 81.. ed: 6 October 194& by" .Wurea Baptized: 2 Jan. '1955 by Lewis 1. lWley. CODfInDed: 2JII1.· ,1955 by LaMar Heslop.


1618. Albert Wayne Coleman: 1594. Clifford Au).&t Colemaa: .' -~Pare&1ll Clifford Alben COlemaa·aad Ruby vtrgtafa CumRaideace: C&rm1e, CoDejOi Co., Colorado. miDgI. Parellll: Edwia Olear ColellWJ w·RuthAda Coomhi. Bom: 11 AugUlt 1947 at AlamOl&, AlaIllOl& eo. • Colo. . Bom: 29 Feb. 1920 at Cllmel. CoaejOi ce., Colo. Bleaed: 2NoftlDber,l94'7. by WarreD Coombs. iUeaed: 2 May 191,0 by Epbaw Coombl.(Graadfather). Baptized: 3 Februar,;19~ byGlelli:l SeU ...... 1619. LelUe LyllD Colemaa: Coa£1rmed:3F~b~ i.by O.W.GylUll,_ Pareaa: Cltffo~ Alben· Colemaa aad Ruby Virgfaia CumOrdaiaed a DeaCOD:> ~1Muc1l1934 bylamtiReed. miDg" . Ordaiaed a Teacber: 31.MaId11936 by R. \V&mIl Coemb .. 80m: 18 September 1951 at AlamOl&. Alamoea Co. , Colo. Ordaiaed III Elder: 2 SeptembColJM7 by R. WIIqIl Coombs. Held the followfllg poIitloDl: .. 1385. GeorgeCoombs: AlIt.· Supt. 111 SUDday School. Resideace: Decealed. Secretai)' of Suaday School. Parenti: Ephraim Coombs alld RumSbawcroft. Supt. of SUIlday School. Bom: 17 May 1882 at FOUDf&iIl Greea. Slapece Co.. Ut. CbalmLlll GeDealogtQl Committee. Bleaed: 3 Auguat 1882 by Martia Lund. 1614. Mimed: Ruby Virg1Df&Cummt.agl: Baptized: 4 September 1893 by ComellUi Hays.. Pa,eD1I: ArYtlle CUftoa Cummings aadEmma 1acksol1 1620. MaUled Sarah· Elizabeth Weimer.''' Oct. 1904, in L. D. S. Terqple in S.L. Utah. FlDn. 80m: 11 September 1923. at Franklin, lCeDt1lcky. Bom: 19 May, 1886 Baptized: 6 JUDe 1943 by Wallace Brown. Baptized: WheD a child - DO record available. Hal held following porltioDl: She held the following politioDl:




Pres. Primary Assn. 1913-1917. Pres. Relief Society. 17 June 1919-1925. Organist of Y. L. M. I. A. Ward Organ1ft. 'Olganilt'ofY.L.M. LA. 1st COWl. Y. L. M. L A. OrgamstofSundaySchool. Pres. of Y. L. M. I. A. ADm. OzgaDilt of Sunday School. IDItructor in ReligioD CluI. ', ' Coinmittee Member of Genealogical Society. Committee Member of AmUiementCommittee. AISDt. Ward OrgaJ1~ Died: 2 October 1929. Richfield, ConejOiCo., Colo. Buried:IDSufofd Cemetery; Sanford. ConejOiCo •• Colo. : 'He held tile following POiltiODl::;) Ordained toofiica In Aarome Prleathood.' Oidatlledaa Elder. 19t>4. 1st Allnt. Supt. of Sunday School: 19()5-1915~ lat Almr.' Supt.,' of SUDday School:'l9S6-1939. Supt. of SUDda ySchoo1: 1940 to '1945. 2Dd COUD.of Y. M. M. L A. L 1906-1909. 2nd COUD.of Y. M.M. I.;'A.: 192&-1926. 1JtCoUL of Y. M. M. I.A. : 1930. 1st COUD. of Y. Me M. LA. : 1932 Ward 'T~acher:1914-1915. 1922-1926, 1930"1938, 1940;,194~ Died: 2 AprU 1945, Richfield, ConejOl, Co•• Colo. Buried: 6 Aprl11945, S&DfOld, ConeJOI Co., Colo. Cbil4rea: 1621. Fem: :&om: 2 AprU 1908, R1Cbfi~ld, CoDejoi Co. ,Colo. Married:\Roy Wood. 1622. George Weimer: Bom: 31 August 1901), Richfield, OoIlejos ce., Colo. Mmied~()la·Maitba Shawcroft. ' " 1623. Sybol: 'Bora:80ct0ber 1911,lU.cbi!eld, ConejOi Co. ,'Colo. Died;!2 OctOber 1911. 1624. ouu,: Bom: 12Marcbl1914,1UdUieldiConejOlCo., Colo. Married: William Ralph Parker. 1625. MUlie: BorJl: 16 February 1918, Rlehfleld,CoDejOl, Co. • Colo. Married: Woodrow WUIoIlSaager. 1626.Beraic~ ',' .Born: 18 .Sepc.1922"ltcbfteld"CaDejCII Co•• Colo. Ma~ied:David Thom&l. 1627. Baby: 8ofD: ., Sept. ..1929,Richfleld, ConejOl Co., Colo. Died: 7 Sept. 1929. Richfield, CoaejOlCo.,Colo. Died: 2 AprU, 1945, Richfield, Cou.ejOi Co •• Colo. Buried: In sanford Cemetery. Satlferd,ConejosCo •• Colo. 1621. Fem Coombl:

1628. Married: Roy Wood, AugUlt 6, 1926. She has held the followiDgpoaitioDl: Chorister ofPriinary A~ 'of Richfield Wazd. Pres" of PrltnaryAsaa.'ot'Ricllfield Ward. Aunt. See. and Treaa. SlUl@y School foRicbfteld '~<OrgaQiltof MorgalJ Brau.cb. Orga~t,ofSUD4&ySchool ''Of Morgan Brauch, .' "'PrestcteDi Relief Soetety'tD 'AI.IDOII Ward. 11 a nurse in Alamosa CommunitY HOIpical (1951) Childreu: ' ", ', 1629. LoweiDee:

r !



B6m:! 25 Juile, 1927.' Morgan. Married: Lola AlmOrio~ Mona carol:

ConejOi ~,


80m: 19 July, 1929. Mcqan. CoaejOi

Co•• cC;1o.

1629. LowelDee Nood: Parenti: Roy Wood alld Fern Coomba. Bom: 25 IUDe 1927, Morgaa,COaejOS Co., Colo. Served lnthe U. S. Armed Forcel In World War, 11. , Graduated from Ay.mosa High SchooL; Attellded Adama Stare CoUege. 1631. Married: LolaAnD~:"8May1949~ 1£ Jara, Colo. 'with P!ei.',I. H~ardSha!diofEp.,OmWIg the ceremouy. ParenufPrailcil S.Ortoa'and MeIij-,f1orUceSbawClOft. Bom: lAprU 1927. u Jara. CoaeJotCCt.. Colo. Blessed: '~"AugUit 192'7. by J.~~', hawCzofe. S Baptized: 4 June 1938, by FlOyd 'Lanford. Confinned: 5 JUDe, 1938 by EmelfOll Pratt. Graduated from La lara $choQL ,;'Attei1d~d 'Adam. Srate Co~,,¢ 11 telephoDe'opeiator.'"


Now lemng iDthe UDited States *Yy~ (Year 19~1). Children: 1632. MariADD: 'Bom: 1 May, 1950. AlamCl,&~AlamOl&Co~"Colo. 1632. MariamiWood: Parenti: Lowel Dee WoodalldL.ola ADDOrton. Bom: 1 May, 1950. AlamOl&, AlaID~ Co•• Colo. Bleaed: 3 July ,1950 byPrei. 1.'How~ Sba"crofe.





163()~ 'MoaaCalOl Wood: Par~l11I: Ray Wood and F= 8oia: 19July~929" ~~~;~ejOlco.,


Graduatecl'fromA1&mo.a Graduated .. a u_from DtdlllUlUrg fnho.pt~l"In' , It fU11ng."Millf.~~(Y 11 talented Muaician.



OfficeNUllefor Dr.'Ahdeuoa.'

Colorado SpdDgI HCllpillL; DodgeQty. 'J(aDIU.

ear 1953).

Haa worked in AuxUiary OtpDizatloDi


Religeace: AI.mOla. Colorado.
Parents: EmestGeorgeCoombUnd sarah Elizabeth Weimer Bom:'2 April, 1906, R1chfield,ConejosCo., Colo. Blelied: 3 June, 1906 by Ephraftn'Coombl. (Gl'andfather) Baptized: 26 July, 1914 by David E. Shawcroft., Confirmed: 26 July, 1914 by Dhla £.Sbawcroft.

1622. George Weimer Coombl: Relidence: ,R.lncheaat of L&Jara, CoaejOi Co•• Colo. PareDu:Emeit George Coom'" and $atah Elizabeth Weimer. ;oi' Born: 31AligU.t 1908,Richfield, CODejOice,; Colo. Bleued: 16 December 190~. by Ephriim Coomba. (Grandfather),' "

Baptized: 10 September 191" by J.~. Sllawcroft., Confirmed: io September 1915 hy I, N Sha~t::,roft. 1633. Malrted:Ola Martha'Sha.wCroft. 31 AugUSt,1927, Alarnoll~ Colo. , ,' Parella: FraUkliJ{ Shl1¥crClft 'rid Mary I aneB~rthe lson. 80m: 13 Octob~r 1908. ' ' Bleated: 6 December 1908 • Baptized: 2 September 1911. She haa held followlDg'posttiolll: , 2ndCoun.il1Pr1ina'ryAlm. Sec. al1dT'reu .. of PrimaryA-. Pres,,'of Y.L.M.LA.2nd CoUll. Y. L. M.. L A.. Sec. an<lTreas. ofSwidayScliool. Teacherm AwtUiary organizations. '

Parents: [van L. Hansenand i'aunt------Born: :W August 1929, Tremonton; Utah.


Blessed: :3 November 1929 by R~ben S. Calderwood. Baptized: 3 October 1937. Children: 1641. Debra Ann: Born: 23 November 194-9,Alam~ Alamosa-Co, Colo. 1645•. Randy, Wilbur: Born: 30 August 1951. Alamoaa, Alamoea. Co, Colo. 1846. &benL),nn:. Born: 29 NOl'ember 1952, Long fI...ache callfomla. 1647. Kelly Ivan: Born: 4 l\olarch1954. Long Beach, California. 1636. Mary Jean Coombs: Residence:·!ijchfield. Conejos Co•• 'Colo. Parents:George Wei.merCoomb.and OlaMartbaShawcroft. Born: 24 November 1931, Richfield, COnejos ce,; Colo. Baptized: 10 December 1939. 164~. Married: Roben Lyle Svtafforcl: 21 Feb. 1946, Taos, , New Mexico. , Bom: ,17,Februa~, 1928. MQaaa.. Conej(ll Co.. Colo. Bleaed: 14 July 1925. ,Baptiz~d: 14 JUDe 193&. ' qhudre~: 1649. Lonny Jay: Born: 19 October 1951. 1650. Ola Marleen: Bom: 12 December 1953. Divorced.: 27 May 1952. 1651. Malried: Richard CavalielS. 19 April 195.1. Children: 1651~a. Rogei Lee: 80m: 20 Marcb 19541 Alamoaa ..Alamosa ce,; Colo. 1637. Shirley Jane Coombs: Parents: George Weimer Coombs-andOla,l\·taRhaCoombs. 80m: 2'lMucb 1935 at Richfield; Conejos Co. , Colo. Baptized: 4 April 1943. ' 1652. Married: Virgil Mann at La Sara, COIleios Co•• Colo. Born·. 25 May 1932. Child: ,Lena ShirkeD:, Boni: 5 Oct. 1954. Del Non.eiColo. 1623. Sybol Coombs: Residence: Deceased. Parents: Ernest George Coombs a.ld sarah Elizabeth \Veimer Born: 8 October 1911 at Richfield, Conejos Co. , Cillo. Blessed: 11 Oct. 1911 by Ephraim Coombs. Grandfather. Died: 28 October 1911 at Richfield, Conejos Co., Colo. Buried: In Sanford Cemetery, Sanford, Conejos Co. , Colo. 1S24. Ollie Coombs: Residence: Alamosa, Al.1mosa County, Colorado. Parents: Ernest Gr.orge Coombs and Ola Manha Shawcmft. Born: 12 March 1914 at Richfield, Conejos Co., Colo. Blessed: 7 June 1914 by David E. S!tawcro(t. Baptized: 2 July 1922 by David E. Shawcroft. Confirmed: 2 July 192~

Ward Teaclitt. Ptei.Deac:ODJ Quorum~ ,2nd. Coun. Y. Mo' M. L A.Sec~; Y .:NtM. L A~ ,'" ChUdten: 1634. WUlii Welriler: " ,", '. 80m: 2 August 1928;:1U~1ffield. ConejOs CcI.,~Colo. Married: Virginia Benciteite. ' 1635. WUbur LYnn: " Bom: 20 NO'Vember'l~Z9iR1chfleld, Col1ejc. Co. , Colo. .. '. Married: La WODD& Hansen. 1636. Mary JeaD: , ,_ 8om:'24 November 193i;ruchfieid, Coneje:. Co., Colo. Marrted:Robeft Lyle swafford.

H~ has beld tbefollowill8polittOnl:

DlWiCed:' ~y21. 195~ Murted: Richard ca Talien.



Shirley JaDe: 80m: 27 March 1935. Malried: VirgUMaDD.

1634. WUltJ· Weimer COOmbs: Residence: Near La Jara. Colorado., Parenti: George Weimet CootDbaand Ola Mai1ha Shawcro(ta Bom: 2 AugUlt1928i Richfield, Conejoa CO.. Colo. Baptized: 2 Augi.llt 1936. , ' Was ill Ullit~ states MU1t&ryTramtDg. 1638. Married: VirgWa IoyBeitchene, 2IUDe 194 ,La cona,




80m: 2 JUDe 1930.

ChUdlen: 1639. OiDDY waIteD:,
1640. 1641.

80m: 12 March 1949~'AJamOla.A1arriola Cq. ,Colo. Jerry Willfl: 80m: 26 May 1950, Alamosa, Alamosa ce,; Colo. CynthiA Ioy: 'I " 80m: 25 AugUtt 1951. AlamOlA, AlamoiaCo •• Colo. Michel Weiirie~: 80m: 6 November 1953, Atamosa, Alamosa Co •• Colo.


,' .••


1635. Wilbur Lynn Coombs: Residence: California. Parenu:George Weimer' Coombs and Manha Sha wcroft, 80m: 20 No~ember 1929. Richfield, Conejos Co.. Colo. Baptized: 6 February 1933. 1643. Married: La Wana HanseD: IS July 1947, M.'nti L. D. S. .Temple, "... Ianti, Utah.

Bom: 4 November 1955.

__~~_., _ ...... _..,A_A" ....... V..,.


J. I





Jack Aalold: . Bom: 4 July·1938. " Richard Bugene: Bom: 23 Mazch 1940.

}527 .~by Goo.mbs: " PareDtl:fimeat ~qe

&om:.7 Sept. 1929 at R1ehfteld. CclGejOlCo., 0110.

COoEQbI .!I4S&mb m.becb Welmer.

Died:7.licpr. 19~~ at,~dllJ.eld. ~ejo$ ,Co.. Colo. In Sanford CemereJy •• ~. CoujOa Co..


1$54. JA:ckAmold Puker: Residence: llviDg with parenu in.Al&mOl&. Alamosa Co •• Colorado. ' Parents: WUl1am R&lphParker aad OWe Coombs. Bon1: 4 July 1938.

1655., Richard 6ugae Colorado.

Par.ker: ReSidence: LlviDg wlthparenu

in Alamoaa, Alamosa



Co ••

Parea.ta:' WUllam RalpbPulteraDcl::Ollle 80m: 23Maftlh 1940.


1625. M1llte Coomb.: Retidence~ LaaVegai. Nfl.da. Parents: Smelt GeOEge Coombs Uldsaah E1iZabetb Weimer. BOm:UFebnwy 1918 at lUcbfteld.c::cm.Jos Cc:i•• Colo. Blessed: 16 June by Joba s.KDi8ht. " , Baptized: 6 IUIle 1926 by EmeltG.Coomb"(Fatbez). Confirmed: 6 JUDe1926 by Epbraim Coombl.(GraDilfathel) 1656. Mmied: Woodrow WfJaoa SaDger.20Jilly 1937. ' 80m: 20 July 1914. ChUckeD: 1657. Suahlee: Bam: 30 July 1938. 1657. Suahlee sanger: Residence: Llv1Dgwith paRD1l in w Vegu. Nevada. PUirDtI:WoodIoWWUsoa 8aager&Dd Mollie Coombs 80m: 30 Iuly 1938. 1626. Bem1ce' Coombt:'· PareDUtEill_ GeoIge Coombl &DdS&rah EI1zabem. Weimer. 80m: 18 Sept, 1922 at R1cbfield.CoDejOiCo •• Colo. Bleaed:3·December 1922 by I.N.sbaWcroft. Baptized: by D. E. Sbawcroft. CoDfirmed: by Epblalm CoOmbl (GraDclfatber). 1658. MArried: SD1ke D&vtd.Tbomas'~' 2* luly 1941. Bam: 7 July 1919. CbUdren: 1659. Katherine: Bom: 16 September 1942
1861).' '

1'386. Edwanl BUItOn ~~I; ResldeDCe: Me... An.oaa. Par.: EpJuaiJD CooJqb' qd,~th SbawClOh. ~ 2 AprU 1886;at~eld' Co.joaCo •• Colo.. BleSl~:lOMay,1886.~1;W:'F. 0. 8ebr1Qa.; , Baptized: 1 I~ 1~3",y" W.F. Ccmf1lmed: 1 June 1893 by COmeltIlI Baya. 1662. M&Ir1ed: Deycie. ~1 .. 8~,"'~" ~,December 1908, in , SlDford. Q»loJ:iI.~.~,bY:hk fa.tb", ~bQ Coomba. .Parents:Nepht8~Aact" Melw. 'Halp. Bora: 27 Aug_JatO. 'n Baptized: 21 SepteQiber 1901 by Jam. Humid •• CoafiIme,d: 21 SfI~er19Oi~yWUUam O. Qo1nber. She held fOU4),wtM.~~: 1st CoUll. y. ~M.J. A.:'1916-19~1. Relief ~etyV~Ild.Qg l'~ •• 'AldinPdaiaiY ~ ,. '

o..,8~ ..

MUuatoa.' ,,~


Member of Old Polks Comm1uee., Mother of15cbUd&eD. Died;'" oC~ber~36 iA.4~~. ~lDOI&eo..
Buried: IA Sqford CcIIqlllel)'t ~CoMjot

eo.. Colo.


Endowed and Sealed II) Wife: 13 Jill' 1811", SIll: Lake Temple, S. L. C. Utab. He has beld die foUowiDg.po&ltl_ AssDt. Sec. DeacODl Quorum: 1903-1906. Sec. DeacoDS QuOlUQl; 1906 ... 90'7. 1 Aunt, Sec. t~ M.~~A."~ ~~9~ " '';'' tl T.M..M-"A.:~910,.i911., . ..j)R 14 'll'{1 ~ Supt. Y. M,.l14.,L,A.: 1, .12"'1,,9~, 9 ". '\.,',,14', ,j if I &f 74 e



2Dcl CoWl. Y. M. M. J..~ 1919~.:, ~ h~ supt. Y. M,.M.LA,,; U27,:,~ ,&t.)Sr--1 ~"Asuu. ~ ~y ~:~!9~19" Chorister in SuIlday School: 1922. AII11JSeD1eDt Committee: 19J.()",1914. 192a.1825.
Member Genealogical Comminee: 1929"!~o. OrdalDed High PDest by H}'IUID G.' ~


'. ." 1663. Clyde Edward:





.80m: 18 Dec. - 1909

Shella: '

IIoml:8 Octol)erl945 liS I. TlmPli1yDavtd:

~ra 'P~rl

at Rlcbfleld. Coaej~
f~~~~'·· .'

Co. • Cplo.

Bora: 17 AprU. 1950,
1659. Katherine Thoma.: Parents: Sntke D&YidThomas and Belllice Coombs. 80m: 8, October., 1945. 1661. Timothy David Thomas: PareDes: SGike Dnid Tbomas and' BemiceCoombs.

1660~ Edith:'·'

80m: 18 Ian. 1911 at Richfield. Died: 28 March, 1913.

COnejos Co. • Colo.


Bom: 6 Sept, 1913, at Richfield, CQQejosCo. • COlo. Married: WeSley Cun:1s White, 1666, Elma: BOrD:21 Noy, 1914 at:·lUchfield, CoaejOJ Colo. 'Died: 17 July 1916. ' 1667. Fay:


Bom: IS w.f'l916 at Richfield, Conejos Co., Colo. Mazried;,Iyan K.ith Langston. 1668. Paul Woodrow: Bom: 16 Sept. 1917, at Richfield, Conejos Co. , Colo. Married: Bonnie C!'mum. 1669. Elsie: BolD: 22 $apto 1919at1UChfield; Conejos ce, , Colo. Married: Norman Alton Bennett. D. 28, Dec. 1950 Married 2nd. 10 Jan. 1955, DaYida~njamii1 Pankratz. 1670. Keaneth Lylllll Bom. 28 Mly1.9U.at Richfield, CoDejosCd. ,Colo. Malried: 111;!.~lee ~ennec. 1671. Belva: Bom: 10 Iaa. 1923 &t'R1chflilld.Coi!ejof to.• Colo. Married: Made Arthuz Rogers. 1672. Ja y Ballard: Bom: 5 January 1925 at Ricbfield( ConejoSCo. ,Colo. Married: Wtllie Mae Rutherford. 167.3. BunJUDlor: Bom: 3~pr. 1926. atRlcbfteld~ CoI1ejosCO~ • Colo. Died: IDee. 1941 at A1aII1oaa. AlamO"s&; Co~• Colo. 1674. Lyle Duane: BolO: 13 October 1928~atlUChfleld, Cone~.("o., Colo. Malried; Mazy Louise Johmon. 1675. Ruth: . Bom: 4 Februazy 1930,.t Ric:hfteld. CooejC)S Co. Colo. Malried: Lonn VaugblaGl.IIlute IlL 1616. Audrey: . Bom:4 Much 1931.atRlcbfield.Q)aejos CO•• eolo. Muried:Ganh4nDODd .Luke. 167'7. Raympud.·Diekt Bom: 24 luQe·1932'AtRiCbfte1d.CoDejOsCo.. Colo. Married: BnvlyADD Nlchols~


.. ... .


1680. 1681. 1682.

80m: 20 Dec. 1933 at Rieltfield,COnejos ce., Colo. Norma Eileen: Bom: 3 March. 1937 at Richfield;: COllejosCo. • Colo. Lee Edward: Bom: 20 May 1939 at Richfield, CCbejos Co. • Colo. Margaret ADD: Born: 20 May 1939 at Richfield. Conejos Co... Colo.

1679. Clyde Ray Coombs: Parents; Clyde Edward CoombsndCora PudPNderlcksea. Bom: 20 Dec, 1933 at Richfield. eonejOl Colo. Sealed to parents: Ulune lS36~ Silt Lake ~D. So· T.mple.

co. •

1680. Norma Eileen Coombs: Parents:C1yce Edward CooftlbuDd Cora Pe&rlPtedtrlcksea. 80m.: 3 Mar•. 1931 at ~cbfield.COGejOSCo •• Colo. Bom ounder covenaot. 1681. Lee Edward Coombs: Parents: Clyde Edward Coombsaad Cora Pearlfredellcksea. Born; ,20 ,May 1939. 80m u~der the CoYeD&Dt;, 1682. Margaret Ana Coombs: Parenu:C1yde Edward COombs&DdCOraPeailPrederlclcsen. BOlD:17 Sept;, 1944 atGUDDisoa.ColOrado. Bom uada Coyeuant. 1864. Wayne HutcbiDs Coombs: Residence: (deceased). Parents: Edward BuztooCoomt.aad Deycte8elle HutcbiDs. 80m: 18 Jan.'1912 &t Rlcbfl.ld. ConejOs Colo. Ine.sed;7 April 1912 by W.F~O. Beblmau. Died: 8 Maz.1913atRlcbfte1d,CoDejosCo.,COlo. Buzied: ·lD Sa1lfQ1'd Cemetery, sanford. Conejos Colo.





1663. Clyde Edwald CooDlb.f... ..•. I Restdenr.e: TreDlOiltOlI,," tJtab.

Parenta: EdwudBurtoaO:>ombs

Cdaejos Co•• Colo. Blessed: 6 ~b 1910 by Epluaim CoombS;,(Gf4adfathel). Baptized: 7 July 1918 by I)af1dE.~*<:rOfi. Coafirmed: ., JlIly 1918 by DaYidE.·SUwezoft. Orda1Ded a Teacher: '7JUDe 1924 by DaYiCI.E.~ba.,CIOft. 1678. Malrled: Cora Pead Fredericksen: 14 laaUlzy1932; by

... . &ad Deytie Delle HUtcbins.






1Jom: 18 Decembel1909"itRlchfteid,

Da vtd E. Sbawcroft.. . .' . ... . ... Parents: Haaa P!tde1ickieD and satah Aimsbawcroft. 80m: 24 May 1911 at SaDlol'd, Collejos Co•• Colo. Blessed: 6 AuguSt 1911~ hyElaItUl Beclt. Baptized: 6 luly 1919. She bA.he1dtbe (ollO'itDi posltioas: . Sec. ~zy. Assn. Sec. Sunday School. and Pres. . ~~~~~ ... I5rlcmwed aad Sealed to_\Ce and children: 11 June 193~, at Salt Lake Temple. He bas belJ mefollowfbg posit1ons: Wal'd Teacher, Sec. Teachen Quorum. Sec. Priests Quorum. 1St A~· Supt;, in ,sunday School.. Sealed to parents: I:J June 1917. Childrea: 1&79. Clyde Ray:

1665. Edi.tbCoombs: Residence: Hooper, ColOJado. Parenh: Edward Bmon Coombs aDd DeyeitBelle'Hutebias. Bom: 6 Sept;, 1913 at Richfield. Conejos Co.. Colo. Blessed: 2 Nov. 1313 by D. E. Sbawcmft. Baptized: 11 September 1921byD. If. Sbawcloft. Confirmed: 11 Sept. 1921 by Ephraim Coomb .. (GraDdfatha, Graduated.ftom LaJ&ra·Higb~L . 1683. Malrled: Wesley Curds Wbitei1Ncm1Glber1933. 80m: 26 lune 1907 Lawrence. Kansas. Baptizedz 5 November 1933. She held the follo"'1ng.posittonl: ' Assnt;, Sec. Primary: 1928-29 • Sec. ,of Primaly ASIa.: 1930. Held Community Primary ·in ber home, Her home was open to L. D. S. MiDidaaltesof Western Sta tes Misstoa. She did much miSSionary work am 0 ng neighbors and fri~Dds. Eadowed and sealed to husbandt 27 October. 1943 at L. D. S. Temple in Mesa, Ariloua. Children: 1884. Wesley Edward: 73

130m: 26 Oct. i934 at Center, Saguache Co., Colo.

1680. 1636.

Ronald Kurt: Bom: 13 Nov. 1936 at Center, saguache Co., Colo. Lowell Dwayne: ' 80m; +8 July, 1943 at Hooper,Alamosa Co, • Colo.

1690. Keith Langston: Par~t$: Ivaa Keith, Langston aadFay Coomb .. Bom: 23 August lc941 at Flagstaff" ArizOD&. Died: 28 Auguat 1941. 1691. Lyon Coanor Langswn: Parents: Ivan Keith LangftOa aad Fay Coombs. 80m: 20 Nove!Qber 1943 at Flagstaff. Arizoaa. 16~2•• Jay ~~! Ll.QgltoJl: Pareau: Iftn Keith LanptOQlad pay Coombs. "Bom:26A~glJlt 1946. at fJ.aglt&ff.Arl~ 1693. G~eva 1.angfton: Pareqll:. 1~,Keltla l.&DptOD &ad Pay Coomba. 80m: 24 March 1951. .'. lS6,6.ElIDa, Coomb&: Residence: Deceuecl. Pateau:Edwlld ~,Coombland Deyc1e Belle HUICbiaJ. ~21 NoT. 1914&t R1cbfleld~'CouejOi Colo. ,Ble..,ed: 'I February 1915 by .Da~d S.Sbawcroft. Died: 1'1 July 191&. ' , Burtecl:lRSlDfordceme..y; SaDfoId.CoaeJOI Co. Colo.


Jeffry Alan:
Bom: 1 Dec. 1947 at MonteVlstA, Ri()Grande Co•• Colo.

iEijl# • .,. Wesley Edward White: •• Parents: wesl:y curtiS White aDd Edith Coombs. Bom:26 Oct. ,,19M at Center, saguache Co., Colo. Bapti~e~: 12 December 1942.S.led to pateQts:270ccober 1943. 1685. Ronald Kurt White: Parents: W.ueyCurtil White lad EdltbCoombs. 80m: l3'Noy. 1938 ,at CtIlter~saguache'Co •• Colo. Baptized: 27 August 1947. Sealed to parenu: 27 OCU)ber 1943. 1686. LoweU OwayoeWhite:

eo. •

White -and Eelid! CoombS. Bom: 18 July 1943 It Hooper, Alamosa CO'. ~c&o. Sealed ~ pareo.a: 27 October 1943.
PUeaD: Wesley Curds


Paul Woodrow Coombs:

1687. leffry;;AlJaoWhite: Parenu: W_'CUftllWb1te aad Edith Coombs. Bom: 1 Dec. 1947 at MollteVlIta,RloGrandeCo.,Colo. 80m under CoTenant. 1667. Fay Coombs: 45Glllade CallyOllAve •• Flapff. Ariz. parenu:,', Eel," wardl,UftOD Coomba IDdDeyc1e selle HutchiDs. Bom: 16 .'16 at Rlcbfte1d. CoUjos Co•• Colo. Bles.ted: 21~y .1916 by J. N. SbawclOft. . BaptiZed: 3 ~lI8ua1924byD.E. Sblwcroft. Confirmed: 3 August 1924 by Lewis E.sbawclOft. 1688. Mazried: Ivan Keith Langston: 1 Aprtf1934. Parenu: Jolm Walter l&GptDAandDelz1e GaeveBridges Bom: 30S4~1912,1' "lIIai())lo. "

. RAlsideac:e: TreJIIODtODeU_ Parems: Edw. BIIftOIlcOamba aDd Deycl. BelJe IIuu:IUa 80m: 18 Sept. 1917 It Rlcb!ieJd. CoaejOl Colo.



, ;~ed": 7JI,Ily1918 by'EplaialmCoomba.(~fa1ber) Baptized: 6 JUDe 1918 by"imeltG.~~) Graduated flam Trail BUiWer ClallbI.· PrbDaIy' A..a: ,QrdafMcla Deacon: 18Foruay '1930. Orda1Ded a Teacur:·29 Jauary193t. OIdaiDed a Priest: 2 February 1936. OrdaiDed an Elder: 27 Mar~ 1938. 1694. Malried: BoDDie ~t 3()AprUl-838. Pu~: Q. M. ComlJm&!lCt EU.Ia"*1eicI. 'BOm;10~J' 1919It~ •• QwaeJot ,CiA. Colo.




Hllhel4, ~ 'foU,oWiDS,PQlldQaa: S~,'Y~M.M.' 1. I.. WaIdT....
Q.. c:hUdrea:

Bam: 1.3, Dcc;:.' 1937 .It AJamoa.Alamoaa

ce,; Colo.


~ ',' AamliCPd~ , ""

," Net. A.

Dulce DiaC1Dr

1690 •. Ke1zk: Bom: 23 Auguft ,1.941.tF1&8,1:&ff.Arizona .~d~·~Aug~le4l. 1691. Lynn Connor: 80m: 20 November l~, .l.FlAgstaff,Artzoaa.. 1692. Jay Leonard; Bom: 26 August ,l,Q46.acflagnaff, Artzoaa.. 1693. Geneva: 80m: 24, March 19511' Flagst.1ff.4rlzoDa. 1694. 1-eoDA: Bom:29 April 1954; Flagstaff., ArizCXla.



1689. Ivan Dell LangstPn: Parents: Ivan Keith Langston and Fay. Coombs. Born: 13 Dec. 1937 at Alamosa, Alamosa Co•• Colo.

, Bdm:,20 Aprtl,1939 a~ ~l:'~.,~-Co.., Colo. So_e S!1e; , BOa1:'21 Jugel940 at~OI&, AlaIJlCM& .Co.. Colo. 1697. Paul Mark: IkIra: 17 Jan. 1942atC~.Sas~cht:Co..Co1o. 1698. Vicki~: ".. " ,,' , 80m: 25'luly1943 at Alamosa. Alam_ Co... Colo. 1699. J. Ted: 80m: 15 August 1945 at Alamo.aa.Alag'lONCo.. Colo. 1700. RebeCCA: 80m: 13 March 1.947 at.~~. AlamClllCo.. Colo. 1701. J1m Darrel: Bom; 21 Nov. 194e at Alain.. AllmOli Colo. 1702. Saml<.:' Bom: 6 August 1950 at Alamosa, Alamosa Co. ,Colo.


1703. 1704.


80m: 30 sept. 19S2at Ttemonto~ .• Pamela: 80m: 12 Feb. 1954, Tremonton. utah.


1695. Dtau Coombs: Parenu: Paul Woodrow CoQmbiaodBODhie Comum. 80m: 20 April 1939 at Alamosa, Alamosa Co•• Colo. 1696. BODDieStze Coo1zi~: , . Parella: PaIll'Woodtc.CoombsallCl ~eC:OiDwn. Bom: 21 Iune 1940 at Alamosa, AWnoIaCo. • Colo. 1697.

Parents: Edward Burton Coombs and Devc;ieo~u~ nutchtns, 80m: 28 lvYy 1921 at R1chfteld~ CoDejoSCo.. COlo. S.pdzed: i A.prUl'9300 . OrdaiDecllDucoar 2'7Ncw.1934by S. 'lCD1gbt. ONalDeci a Teacher: 2'7 Peb. 1938 by O. W. GyIUDs. 2AcI'c:c;ua.· .. Itt 0II0rtaD of Sened ID UDited StawAIIIled '.titll World War Do Was In Pacific Area. 1705. Married: Almalee KeDDeC:8JUnillylH4. 80m; 31uDe1925'&tW._.Nera-., . .#..~ ,,1;/,~


He has held me foUoq




.Baptizedr 1Decemberl~/N~""'"

Paul Mark: Parents: WaulW~w COOrnb$·• __ 80m: 17 Ian. 1942 at Center, saguache
Baptized: 5 Fcbruazy 1950.


CbUdreQ: 1706. Dickie Lynn.



1698. Vickie ADD Coombs: Parents: Paul Woodiow Coombs alldBoaaleComum. 80m: 25 July 1943 aCAlamou, AlamosaC6., Colo. 1699. 1, Ted:.

km:7 OCtotier'1944.lt A1aillor&,A~ 0,•• Colo. 170'7. KeDJIemOtto: 80m: 26 January, 1946 at SUme. WasbtDgtoa. 1708. Deycie Marte: . . .'Bom.:·lS May 1941·at Alamos., A_OM CG. • Colo. 1709. ADaaleeRUtb:


1950'at Mesai'Miftcopaco..Ar1z.

Pueats: PaUI'Wciodrd,.toombs'and






80m: 15 AugUst 1945 at Alamosa,' Alamosa Co•• Colo. 1700. Rebecca Coombs:

'Parems:' PaulWoodrOY' COoaibs,a¥'B~e
Jim Darrel COombS:


....... ~~~~~-;;,~~'9~ ~;;.-~eoOm"':f~

171O~ BdwaldLaWayrie: Bom: 4 September 19S1 1710-a. GoIdOD K.

80m: 13 MIlCh 1947 at A1&iI10sa,AIamosaCo.. 1701.

1706. Parems:KeDDedl'Lyaa Coomha·.iId iuae'A'IDIIlee Keaaec 80m: '7 Oct. 1944&t Al&lIlGI&~ AJ&ri2_ Colo.

. BolD: 21 NOTemberl1948; 1702.

Parents: Paui WOOdroW cOOmbs AIld8ou1eCOmum. at AlamQSa Co. ,Colo.

Kenneth Otto Coombs: : Parents: KeDDechL)'DD'cOoinbt&DdIlUle ;A_lee 80m: 26 January 1946 at Seattle, WashiDgtoa.


sam K. COoMbs: ParentS: PaUl' WoOdtO~ Coombs aDd 8oJm1e Comum. 80m: 6 August 1950 at Alamosa. AlAmo" cO.. Colo.
Parents: Paul WOOcltOw COombs&DdBoaDleComum. Bom: 30 September 1952 at TtemOl1tt:a. Utah.

1708. DeycleMarte Coombs: Parents: Kenneth Lynn Coombs aDd IUIIeAmlalee Xeanec. , Bom:.13 .May·IM7 at AJamota, AJalilosa Co.. Colo. 1709.


ADaaIQRutilCOOIIlbs: Parenti: Kennedl Lynn CoombsaDdluaeADulee Kermec. Bom: 'I Feb. 1950 atM ... Marlcopa Co•• Adz.

1869. ElSie Coombs: ." . Parena: EdwAld BunDIl CooftlbtaadDeycle Be11~Hutcbtm BorD: 22 September 1919 at Richfteld. CoMios ce,; Colo. Blessed:1 Oec.' 1'919'by Ephra1m Coombs.(Gralicifathet). Baptized: 5 AugUil 1928 by GleIQlP. Sellan., Confirmed: .5 AUgust 1928 by·d~'W;!JyUiDg. Graduated trom La JAil High ScllboL . '.'.,...


Belu Coombs: ..Residence: ' Oregon. .Parenu: Edward BUrtouCoombi &ad Deyc1e Belle Hutchins. 80m: 10 January 1923 at Rlchfleld. Cooelos Co•• Colo. Blessed: 1.3 May..1923 b,Y. I.'. N.· sbaFft. .

she helped hed.cher rltaeh!lfamUy~ aftefbe~ Mother's death, She VlU \fetydevoted.co her'fatheraQd to her brother and sisterS. She didavionderfUl part by all of them. .. 1704. Married: Norman Alton BeDDett: 11 August19S0. BOM:.g February 1919 at sawyer, Oklahoma. Died: 28 December 1950. Married: 10 Jan. 1955 David Benjamin Pankratz.
1670. Kenneth Lynn Coombs:

1711. Mazrted: Mark Arthur Rodgen: 10 JUDe 1947. 80m: 31 Oct()ber 1917 at Pima. Ar1zOu. Baptized: 31.October 1925. Children: 1712. Phillip Alan: 80m: 28 March 1948 at Eugen., Lane CO.. ~OD.


1713. Sharon Kay:
1714. 80m: 23 March 1949 at Eugene. LaDe Co. .0Rg0D. Evan Mark: 80m: 4 January 1951, at Eugene, lAne Co•• OregoD.

Residence: Mesa, Arizona.

.................. I'~]U"'. _

80m: 22 FebrU&ty 1952. 1712..' PhUllp lJJaa Rodger; "PareDU: Mark Arthur RodgeuDd Bqm;. 28.~cchl948atSUg".J.aaeCo 1713. sh&roaKayRodger: PalellUl.~rk4Rhur,Rodger 80m; 23 ~~949»'Eugeac.

8elY&CoOlltbs •• Oregon.

1613. Bun Junior Coombs:· ,Residence: Decused. parenu,: Edw~d .8~oa Coombs &Dd Deyc1e BeUe Hutcb1as. BOJa: S -u~ 1126 at Richfield, CQIlej~.eo. , Colo. Baptized: 1934 . Died:l December 1941 at Alamoa. AlamOl& Colo. Buried: Sanford Cemetel)' s&u,t"qcd. eoaeja, Colo.



1714. EnaMadc Rodaerz Pareau: Mark ARbur lDdger aDd Belya ,Coombs. 80m: ,4 January 1961 at. Eugeac, LaDe Co. j Oregon. 171S. Normaa Wayne: par~: '¥ar~~ ao'pJpDcUelft 80m: 22 Februuy 1952.


aDd Bel.. Coombs. LaDe Co•• Oregon.

1674. Lyl#ow,.:; t:ombs: Restdeace: Mesa,' Alizoaa. PareDts: Edward BUftOD CooDlblud Deyc1e8elleH1KCbtas. ~.,: .1.3 .. 1l.~a~.~ ' '. d...•. . ·maallr:t .m"\i"LMjl(~bool., ' Helcfthe>fciUowtDg poslt1C1111:' ".-. .
9ct... . Coae.·•.. '.



Colo. '

1721. Coombs.



Fim CoUll. DeacOlll Quorum. Mamed:.Muy Loul,leJ9~" BoDU ~prD.1932. .



1722. 1672. la y Ballard Coombs: Resideace; 13 ~Claik Home, 'Plag_,ff, ArizOD&. Pareats: Edwud BUItOD Coomb.'ad Deyc1e' BeUe Hutch1Ds. Bem:5.Jalauary1925 atJUchft:e1d. CoaejosCo •• Colo. 1723. 1722. .

Teny 80m: lanet '80Dl:

etcauatid Trom~lgD.sCiooL
Has College Degree. 1716. ~i.ed;WUUet4ae 80m:

Ble~_e9J,,3 "~19~~~x.9. W.Gyu.tag.



RDlhedold: 10 JaDuary 1947.

Pareau:Ly.e Duaoe Coo~~ 80m: 10 M,m:b: 1961 at~. 1723. laDet Sue Coombs: PareDa: Ly~. ua._ ~ o

=t:~ 'c!t

Duane: 10 Malch.1951 •• Sue: 3>MaICh.l9S3at'M


Mesa, ArlMaA. ... ~"'-

8"'i If

6'6 M&q LoubctJobaIoa.


23.ugust1926 at _~'N" ~ ~.ed and $t=&led to wUe:Mal'ch194'k ,Has held _ (oUowtag poIlt1OD1:
2nd COUll. DeacoasQuo~. 2Dd CouD. Teachers Quomm. .Served; 1D:tlle,.tJa1tect $Cates Air Corp. Chil~: 1'717, Stevea Ballard: 80m: 1948 atflaSlJ&ff. Coclldllo 1718. 1719. 1720.


. ',

bl: :J:~

•. ~.

. NIq LoQiJI,Jobaaoa.



Ruth Coombs:.

Pa~eDU: Edw,zdBUftODCooaIblarad~c;1e . 80111:'4 feb. "1930 Rlchfield. Coae,iOl
Bapt1zed:6FebruaEy 1938~


eo.. c;o1o.






Graduated from Mesa

High SchQOl
~~e . .. ' . , UI: 22f.

BOJa:14 .... r. 194t9. Plagscaff.CQcln1no Co •• Ariz. Craig Rutherford: 5..4~o~ 80m: 10 May 1952 atla. LUtt, ArtzoQ&.· •

1724 -. Malried:. Loren Va~ BOni: Ii JIIl~ry 19~2. . Cb11dren: ;,: '" ..... . Loren Edwald: 80m: 31111y 1953. 5aJI, 1726-a~ R.eedVIU8~D: 1725. '80m. .• 1725.



. 80m: 30 laDuary


1954·rr./, 'I/ 19~7' ...~~...,-·


S . ~~U'J. II,,"\.



1717, SteVeDBallard Coombs: Parenu: Jay Ballard. Coombs aaclWlllleMae .~erford . 80~ l'~".l94a ..tFlagst.aff; Coctahlo Co;;. Ariz. 1718.. Fay EUenOoomb$: 80m: 14 Mall:b.: 1~9",~tF~gs.ff.CociabloCo.~Arlz. Pareau: lay BaU.rdC!o~aad:,Wi1l1' MIl_ RUtherford. 1719. CraiglWd.lorfor~Coombs:· Parents: 1&y Ballard Coombs aQd WtUie Mae RUtherford. 80m: 10 MAy 1952 at ~ Arizona. S .. -t~.l'G .




~..~~2'r'r~..... ·.'."I.I'.f ' ... uWier .
~~ ..

ADtGG1o '...T... ... .


m.A...." . Mo.~·
Ruch Coombs. .



80rat ·31Ul)',i9~('i 1676. ALi.clrey ';oqlDqSt . Parellts:8d,,~J'd.

o~ 'J;'X~ .

80m:. ~

J9.?1.··~eW ..,99~j~

e. Cg~I2~IDdQeyci.8e1Je


:1;Q.. Colo,

1726~!::A~::;d'~'1~ j~\96Q. .'

&Om:9 Api1:{i926.1J1/,"7'I .... ~ . a ~ oT.·r """



Seon HutdliosCoombs: par.en.ts: Jay Ball.a.. d combs and .WU~ie r

Bor~:3.0 January19S4.

",;t .~.~

i'''4,'' VI

Ma~ .Rutherford.

Tena:.. . Bom:29Nonmber 1951, ·1628. P.ula: . Bom: 24]une 1953 at Cedar City. uuh. 162&-a. Debra:


80m: 30 Sept. .19~ at ~p~ingfield.
7'~ v
• ...... ...:~.... ..... ; . .'

r:. '. ,.;,.. ~

1627. TeD Luite: . , Puena:Gafth Almond Luke.and A udley COQl'llbs. 80m: 29 Novembu1951. 1628. Paula Luke: Parenti: GanhArmoad' aa.Audrey; Coombs. 80m: 24 June 1953 acCedar City. Utah..


167'7. Raymond Dick Coombs:Pres,; Parents: ,EdwardB\lItCIIlCGombundJ)eY,cte BeUe Hutchins. 80m: 24IUl1e 1932. atR1cbft.w ..ConeJQI CO•• Colo. 1629. '15 APril 19&4.jt;-~//.y/,/ Graduated frOm Mesa High School Attended College at l'empe.,Arizoaa. 2Dd Ueut. iA U.s. ~Corp. 1629 -a. Tara Lyn: 6:~;J...,.~9!~Wa~~ 1387. Clara Ida Coomb.:

Baptized 6Ap1ill~1." MaIrled:Be.,.ly ~,NicboJs.dau.

' ,.:


lttct.1.1. " '"



She has held the folloWiij'postU1)DSi Sec. and Tre&s. ofPithlUy AssocaUoD1899.!l90S. Chorinerof Priawy Associatioa 191$-'1916. Pres. of PrimaJyAndcf.tioa 1931";1931. Organist of SUDday Scboal'1t07 .lg1~ Pres. Y.L. M. I. A.' 1948->1914. Pre&. :r. L.M. LA. 19... 1-' Second CoUDS.Y.L. Me I.A. 1916 ..1928 Sec. of Rel1efSOciety 1914-1'118. Sec. of Relief Society 1921"i9~ of Relief Society 1938-1M$e Genealogical Committee 1920*1988. Life Membetof9eDulogteal SdCiety. ' Teacher ia Sunday School. ,Rel1efSodetYadLeadettOrSe'feDYean. Relief Society Visiting Tueller for number ofyean-, ServiDg as Stakj~~moury'ofSal1·Luts'Stake. . ChUdren: 1631. Zola Mae: \



~",,, .A,;!r'H;/J ~ ,Resideace: R1cJafteld.CClDeiol Co.,Cokt. P. O. 'talara. Colorado. P&IeIla: Epbraim eo.mbn1ld·_th SbawCioft ' Bom:21 September 188'7. at Rlcbileld. Conejos Co •• Colo. BIased: 1 December 18811:11Jeas ;Jeasea. BapdZecI:7 May 1896 by Epbatut Coombt,; (Pie). 1630. MaJlled: LeWu !dwaNSbawcmft:~JUDe1909atConejO\ CcIlejosCoumy. Colorado. Puems: Iou Sbawcroft and ADDie Marta leaseD. 80m: 10 May 1883 at Ricbfleld.CoDejOi Co•• Colo. (Fl!st cbild bom 1DRichfield. Conejos Cot ,~, "Colo. ) Blessed: ,10 llDe '1883 by Thor N. Petenob. Baptized: 21u111891 byW.P.O. Behrman. Confirmed;, 2 ,July 1891 by 'EpbrJ1m Coomb&o ..

Warren Coomb.:, Bom: 5 June 1916 at Rlcbfleld, Conejos Co•• Colo. M&lrled: Mary M. DePrlat. 18330 Edward Leolh BollI: UFeb.i921at.R1ehfte1c1iCOilejOs eo. .Colo~ Died: 25 Feb.l~21 at R1cBfte1d, COIlejOlCo. ,Colo. 1834. Oscar BeDDloa: Bom: 10 March 192$&1 RlclIfte1d.CoIIejaaCo •• Colo. Mimed: KoUeen·LaRae Mortemoa. . .L635. StUI-bom·twin girIs.



Teacher: 18 4pd11908byHemy·W. 'hliat1lle 0Ida1Ded a.. Elder: 31 May 1909byRuJaa S. 'Welll. Ordained a High Priest: 2'7 January 1935 by David Eo Sbawcroft. FUled a 1.. D. s. ~ ,uaCeatralStates' M1sIl~ Left: 19Cet. .191t,'ReleaIed: '11 May 1916. H. bas held the f~lpcllitloDl: , Pres. l)eac0lll OttOlUlll190a-19oS' Sec. Y.M. Mol. A. 1901-1909. Ward Quk of R1cbft.,ld, Wild 18,Aug •. 1909-Noy. 1912 1.. Coua. SUpt, of SURdayscbool1916 ..1929. SaIl L.u Stake MiIllODIry 28 feb., 1921. Ward Teacher tile foUowtDg yean: 1922-29, 1932 ..34•. 1940,1945--49. 1960,1953.-54 1st Coun. T. M. Mol. A. 1925-26. Pres.., Richfield C&DllCo. and Southtide Arroya Ditch Compaayfor aumber of years. Director of Richfield caul eo. and Southside Arraya Dltcb. Co~pany" Sec. of High Priest of Richfield Ward. Endowed aad sealed toh~and: 9 June 1909 at salt Lake 1.. D. S. Temple. SAlt Lake City. Utah.

1631. Zola Mae Sbawcroft: Resideace: Raach scumWC5St ot,LaJa., Conejos" Co. • Colo. PareDU: Lewt.sSd1N1d SbaWCilOft Del C1aa 'Ida 'Coombs. & i," Colo. 8om:,9 Masch 1910 at R1ahfle1d.CoaejOl Blessed: 31UDe 1910. byEphaatm Coombs{paDdfather). Baptlzecl': 7 July 1918 by Darid LSbawClOft. Coaflrmed: 7 July 1918 by·loaW. sbaWClolti Graduated from Primary: 2 NO"fember 19M. GllduatecHrom La I_High 1-. ' Attended BrtshamYouq ,UDtftlSlcy' for RecetYed eado'Wmenu ill S&lt Lake 1.0. Si. 'remple. June 1932.



tWO, ...

FWed L. D. s. Mllaton illNOrih cemral St._ Left: 10 JUDe 193t.Released: Oct. 1933.' . 1636. Married: Dallas Loraia Nle&ca, ,18 May i93$ ..at Den-

veri COlorado.
Parents:, Hyrum M1ltoaNlelSOa
Bomf 9 luly 1914 at Lalata.

alUi 'sarah' !!stella Young.
CcIIlejol Co •• Colo.

Served In the Uaited State. Na~. Member of Maua.-BoUlltlfulDitch brd. CouncUman oa Potato Growtn Astoctation. She bas held thefollowlllg postdoasl see, aad Treas. of PriDU&11 'AUoc. 1926-8 Teacher of TraU BuUder Class in Primary for Dumber of years til Richfield Ward. Teacher in Sunday School 1937-1942. 77

Bee -Hive Teacher in Y. L. M. L A. Pres. Y. L. M. J. 4., 1935,..36. Assist. S~c. of~efSociety 1937-1942Member of ~n J..w.. SUkeReltefSocietyBoard 1933-42 Abon offi~es heldiU Ric;bfleld· Wild, San Luis Stake, Colo. Trail B~lder T'_~1a.PrimaEy 'Asm.iD Albuquerque Branch, Alb. N. Melctco. Trail Builder TeacJwt,tll PrimaE)' APDoin Albuquerque BcaDOh, Alb. N. }4ex. Teacher in5unday SchoqlCanon City' Branc::h, Canon

Sec. Genealogical


Tefcherin Endowedaad

Primary ASsG..

City, Colo.
Pres. of ~ma~ ASJI;l. Colorado.


Cityj Branch, Canon City

1st CoUD.ReUef ~lety .CaQ01l CIty Branch. canon City. ColoraclQ. Jupi.or ..sUDday $e1:Joo1 T... r'~ Romeo' War4~i Romeo'. '

c.o1o .. clo:.


Teen-age Girl Adnsor 111Roll1eoWqI. Pre-'4~t of Re~lefo$OC1ety/Romeo Ward. '1950 - -now
s~ng. (1954) Tra~l Builder Teacher Romeo W'ard,stUlsuv1Dg 1954. CbUdr~: 1637. Lewis Lorain: Born: 2 March 1942 at Alamoa, Alamosa Co. ,Colo. 1637. Lewis Lorain NielaoD: Parents: Dallas L. Nielson &DdZolai:,Mae Sba'Wcroft. ,.:Bom:2 ', &Jda l~,.t M .Alamosa; ~1aD:ioia Co., Colo. Bl... ~;:l,*~t1~1942by L:ewtsE.'-sbawcroft:(gra.ndfather) Baptized: 3 Much 1950 by StmeOA H. 'Duma. Coaftaned:3 Malch1950by'.J.ewu S. SbawClOft. Is attending p",1ChOoI laL&Jua.,COlo. 1953. Ordained a deacon: 21 March 1954by.L. E. Shawcroft' --(Grandfamer)

1639. 1640.

Sealed to wife: 13 MalCh 1942. at Mesa 1.. D"S~ Temple,Mesa,' Artzoaa Served in the United State's Armed Forces 1D World WarU -, Entered sentee: 2 July 1942. shippeel to South Pacific: . 3 May 19+4. StadQDecl in 'theSolo1bOQ IIlaDdS'auPtiWppiAe 1sWuII." '. Was in .action 'ciiUiDg'time apem Returned to U. S. A.: 9 October 1945. He has held the followtag postt1oDl: Wardteacber:, 19S'l·'0;' :1942,1946, 1948-50. Lif" Membership Ia Y: Mo A.' . 2Q,d Coua. DeacoosQuolUa:a:192'f.1952.· 2ri4:CoUD.1D 3Id:C~wmuifof-" "Sua Luis stake. 'ID $~ySohool$u~""'acy. ' '.'


0..... "



.' '.....

Rodger Wazrelli (Ado~d). 80m: '1 July 1949 at;DeIiYer,DeoYer Co., Colo. Mamlle: (adopted) " 80m: 6 JUlle·1961&t DeDvor.DaaYer Co., Colo.

'16S9~'ROdJerWirrea Sbawcroft: . FosterP&reDll:WalfeRCoOmbsSbaWClOftaadNaly M. DePriest. 80m: '1 July ·1949 at DelaYer, 'OeIlver, .'.-co. ,Colo.


MartillcSbawcroft: :Po.. PareB1l;W&lHDCoomb.



SDawc.ofcaad NIIy Me DeDeiWerCo. ,Colo.

80m: 6 June.1951 at Dennr,'

1632.· Wazren Coomb. Sba"czok: Resideuae;~ llOftbean'ofLaJata, Conejos Co. ,Colo. Pareou:, LeWis .'Edwan. Sbawccoft anel·CJat& Ida,. Coombs.
Bom;: ~ JUDe191619;t,Ric;lUlelclrCoDejosCo. ,Colo. Bap~clt~' Augua 1924.by ,Lams S.SbawOIOft'(fathel') CoD(•• ;$ AugUR.·1984 by&phza1m Coombs. (grandfath~. Orc14.~d&; Qqc:OQ:UIQ.ILUy 192a!»y Jobn,s.JCD1ght. Ol"_cl.aTe&9~: 14J!pI01931bl;DaYidE.Sba wqroft

16:33.. EcIwald LeoaSbawCIOft:: . Reslqence:·. Deceased. Parents:.: Lewts'EdwardSbawCrOftaad IclaQ)ombi. Bom: ~lFebruary 1921 at Rlcbftelcl,OoIIajOaCo. ,Colo. _ BlessedaUP'-ry i9.1,by.epbrata1·CoombI.(graIldfather) _" D1edtc26febrUAry19ll'fat.c:bfteld. 'Conejol Co. .:C01o. .Burted:- saAford Cemewy,Saafold, CGDejol Co.,. Colo.


.. ".




Oscar B_lonShawczoft.


OrdIti1edaPtien::-2iJaouuy 1933 by' Davld E. Shawcroft Ordained an Elcler:28 June 1936 by William Jackson. Grad~ed tiom ..... J.~:at:l~ ~ool.
1638.~",d;:Ma'Y "'_~,*ltti2Noyedlber 1941lSy Parents: Heber HOUlton DePriest an'" ,$arah Mabel Crowther. ~Q,. JUAA.19~0~o~~I~losCoh·Co1orado. Baptized: 1 July 1928 She bas Ilelel .the foUQ.pQ$itil."Q,S::, Pres. of Y,L. M. I..A._ Chorister of Sunday School Stake Chorister,ofaim,gy MSDo 1st CoUll. in .Presid~IaCY of Tectll-4ge Group ,O~aQist in Re lief .So~iety. Visiting Tea.c:ber of Re li.,fSociety . 78

Colo. PareJltlf Lewis EdW&l(J-sbirittcroftand eLva Ida Q)ombs. 80m: 10 March lUlatRlCiftdd, ConejOl.Co., Colo. Blessed: 31UDel~31ly Ipbratm Cooiabs.(graadfather)

Baptized: 5 April 19s1'byiordenE.RuIm_ea.



BlesteCi: 31 July .1920 .•

Orcla1lleda'T.acbef!26~'1937 by o.'W. GyWDg. OrcIa1Ded a PIt..": 11 Feb~.1940 by Joy S. ··McDaniel. Gi:ad.U&ted·from'PrinWy"Aaa. i28 J&liuary ,1936. Graduated from l..a Jara HighSchOol. .


April 1931fbYD&1telE. SILI.croft. (UDele). aDea'COD:8,sa",,; 1986'by DcdIa1d HUllCb'n,.

SefftcliDthetioitea'SUteiAzmed Forcel1D Worlel Wu II. Entered.Semces: 1'0 November 1944WelltOVerseas: 6A~r l~' Saw action in the Ast&tlc'~einc Theaae of War. Sailed fot<t1:leU. S.AZ14SePteDiber 194~. Discharged from Annecl Semces: 22 Nov.. 1946 1641. Marri'ed'; KolleenLabeMorteDSen:40ctober 1947 in

sanford, Colorado by Stake Pres. J Howard Sha1Jero(t. Parents: Rulon e. Mortenson and SaranPotllscin. 80m: 7 April 1922 5allfotd, Conejos CO•• Colo. Baptized: 6 July 1930. ~,_. Graduated from AlItbdlaHigh SChooli11l940. ReceivectA.A.Degl'H ItMesa]t; COllege ill Grand Junction Colo •• 1942. Attended B.Y. U. (or r y.r 194647. .. . . . Worked for Gov·tMntYAir ~drces f~4112 ye&is;'iJ1 Denver aadWasbiDgtOll' D. Co She has beldthe folloWlngpositloDS: l'eacherla Sunday Sc:hoo'l KIndergarten. 1936-37 • 1st Coun.. in Jr. Gea.Soctety ti1 WasbiDgtOl1: 1946. Teacher Sunday ScflCjOliil Saaford. Colo. 194'7. Sec. of Prlmary"'A;ssa. ·iil RichtteldWard. i948-49 Teacher Trainer: 1949·50 . :' . Sec. ofL. D,S. GtilTetn-age gEOu~1948-'SO~ , Sec..~fR1cbft.ld'Wald ReUef~ciety: 194~'i6'pteseDt

Eiizabetb Standing a,s Proxies. 1643. Sadie May Oetenbeck: ReSidence: Winslow I Arizona., Parenu: Roy Ivan Deteobltcit and Sadie'Maud Coombs. Born: 7 Apttl, 19i5a~ Richfield. CoaejosCo •• Colo. Blessed: 5 May 1915b), Spluaim Coombs" (Grudfatber) Baptized: 5 ADril 1923. 11644• Married: Alma Doxey Baton: 23Ocrobery1931 ~t P&llllington. Ne" Mex. Parents: .DaDi~JWUlud Eatoll aadsuaiceJI1e&1co BOID:23_Ausust,1907.a~Klb1e, La P)ara:,CQe, Cnlo. Blessed: 2 November. 1907 by HearyButler. Sealed to wife: 8 February 1934. Died: 4 May 1940&t Natustra. Coloran. BU.-ied: 6· May' ,194n al: KliAe, La Plata Co. ,Colo.

Cbild"a: 1645.00xey
1646. 1647.

..' Detenbec,k:

.time. (1981).


'Teacher of Y.L.·M;; ~ A.. 1950topresenttiiTie, He bas beld the folloWing positioDS: Life Membersbip Y. M. M. ~ A•• 2 Feb. 1937 Wud Teacbez1940-4S. ' ··lstCoUli" lit \JliOrUrnDaeorm: 1~3e..37. 2nd coun.Tttach .. Quorum: 1939. Sec. of Y~ M. M. L A.

Bom: 21 OCtober, 1932 at Kline,. L.aPlataCo.. Colo. Daniel Keitb: Bom: 8 May 1934 at Kline. La Plata-Co.. Colo. Joyce S1~Qor:, Bom:30 December. 1935 at Kline. La.Plata·Co,;, Colo

1648.: sadie Meredith: _Born: 1 February 1937 .aUCUDe. La Plara Co.. Colo. 1649. GleDdaSlloween; Bam;"'lOctober. 1939 uta Plat&. SmJuaIl·eo.. . fldJ MeXico. . 1650. ..Marrled AltoD G, s.'WYer. 1651.

!\. --


Sadie Maud Coombs:


Residence: (deCeasect).

Parents: Ephraim doom&. aDd Rltth SbawcrOft. . Bom: 7 January. 1890 at RiChfield. Conejos .CO~~~ Colo. Blessed: 5 May 1890 by -COmeliusHays. ... , Baptized: 1 M&y,lS98 byW~ F.O. Belul'natl. . CoDftrmed: 1 May 1898 by Epluaiui _Coombs. (fathe'r) -. 1642. Married: 'RoyIvln Detelibeck: 30Sc!ipt. 1913. ' Parents: George David Deteabeck and Laura Addie Forezell. Bom: 11une. 1886.,!1 Turkey Creek. Gasper Co•• Nebr. Baptized: 15 Aug_191Srby Jolm S. KD1ght.. CODfimled: 15·August 1915 by Spluaim Coombs~ . Died: 23 Marcb191Sf4'NebraSu~, Buried: In Nebraska.E4dowed: 7 Marcb 1919.at'Logan L. D. S. Temple--DavidCoombs as Prrixy. .. . .' Sealed to wif~:12 MatChi919-DaifdtootnbSandE1izabeth sTanding a. pI'Oxies. pOt1uoaa:' , Sec. of Prima.1Y Assn., 1905-1906. Sec.of'Y. L. ~I.A. 1908-1915., ..Children: 1$43. Sadie May: Bom: 7 Aptill915 at Richfield. conejos Co•• Colo. , Manied: Alma Doxey Ea~n. . Afton Glespie sawyer.

ChUdren: Leroy Sawyer.


80m: 12 May 1943 at F&rmiDgton.sall Juan Co.. New Mexico, . 1645.

Qoxey DeteDbec:k Sa_: Parents: Alma Doxey.EatoD &ad ·Sidie May. Deteabeck.. . aori!: 2.1 O~tober., 1932 .' Kllll' La,PIata' Co. ,COlo. . :C!uisteoed:byAlma D.!'.aJOD(Fadaer>.
Bapriied:'2S JUly194i by PbUoV.ca_. Comimled:27 July 1941 by 101mHuffmaa. Ordained & Deacoa. Sealed to parent 8 Feb. 1,34. at MesaL. 0. S.Temple.

She be1dtollowirig·

1646. Daniel Keith Ea1DD: Parents: Alma. Doxey EatoD aad Sadt,MayDeteDbeck. Bom:8 May 1934 at KliJle, J.a. PIataCo •• Colo. Christened:.byAIma Do !ama. (Father). Baptized: 5 luly 1942 b)'PbUo V. Carter •. col:ltirmed: 5 July 1942 by ArtburLatmore. OrdaiAed a Oeacoa. . Married~ 30 Aug. 1951. Joan T. NUliams, b.llAug. 1937, Winslow. Adzona •• 1647. Joyce Eleanor Eaton: , Parents: Alma Doxey Eaton and Sallie May Deteabeck. Born:,30 December 1933 at Kline. La Plata Co. • Colo. Christened: by AimaD. Ea1Dn. (Faiber). Baptized: at FanniqgtOD, New Mexico. Married: lohnRobert MacNider, 30 Dec, 1952Chlld: 19


~~~~~P~f~~5c!!n!t~.el~~~:.j~o;~·;S &1dowed:22 March 191t ill toganL., D,S. Temple-----


Thereta B. Coombs as Proxy. . Sealed to husband: 12 March 1919-:.oatiCi Coombs and

Roben Doxey 8. 5 Oct. 1953
1648. Sadie Meredith EatoD: Parena: Alma Doxey EatODand S&dieMay DeteDbeck. 'aom: 1 february 193'7 al KliDe,La Plata, Co•• Cc>lo. ClIrbteDed:·'byAlma 0. Eaton (FatheL'). BapUhcl: AtwtJulow, Arizona. Glenda Elloween Eaton:

cw.~~en: 1653. DrrisOow (Adoptet'J) Bom:"19 ,IaDUlZY, .1930 I,t l)euver.Colorado. 1654. Roy Leland: Born:.7 Dec. .19~ atRtcbf1~dt CoraeJos ce., Colo. 1655. l3aby89y,bogl.dud • ~~.~DAme of ClIar1ie.



Parents: Alma Doxey Eaton and Sadie May DeteDbeck. Bom:3r Oct. 1939 (,t La Plata, JUan Co~. New Mex. ,CbrJ,steoeci; by Alma D. Eaton. (Fath~). Baptizeddll WiQslow, ArI~. '



LelaY Sawyer:

PueaU: ,Afton'

Sawyer and sadie May Deteol;)~k. BOM: 12 May 1943 at Fazm1DgtoD, sao JuaoC~"~ N"Mex.



Roy Coombs:


Residence: R1chfleld. Conejos Co••. Colo~ P. O. La lara, Colorado,; Parents: Ephraim Coombs and RudlSbaWczoft.' Bom:5>Much892at Rtcbf1eld.CoIleJOa Co. t' Colo. Blessed: 5 May 1892 by W. F. O. N.~OD. Bapdzeck lAprU,1900 br.1 •.o&YidCoomb ... (Brother) Confirmed: 1 Aprtl. 1900 by £phr&tai'Coqtab~,(fatbel) OrdaIud.Deacoo:22 feb. 1909.blI~ oaYtcfCoombs ••
(Brother). , ", ,,

Orris Dow Co9inbs - aclopted:" Par~~: Roy ~oomb'~;~ Z.te1lIobIasoa. Born: 19 Ianuary 1930 atDe~Y~i CQlorado.. Christened: 3Iu1y 1930, by,~RoyCoo1:llts.(fa.er) a..PP~~:3Apn~ 1988 ~y~.J,oy CoOlD~ (father). CODf~ed:3.c\prU 1938, ~y l)ayid E.$haw~fc. O~iDed, " PeacPO: '1 \eb~,~9f2.' ,or",,~e:d,a .'l'eac;b.~r: ,22'July~,. brdAined a Priest: 29 Iune. ,,\847. Sea~edto pateocs~, 27Nc>1'.19+f,. ~saL. D. ~ ,Temple q~dua~ecl fromlAJt.ralilp;~. La I•• Colo. Attended Brigham YOUDg U~1'UIlty, ,PrOYO. Utah. Entered ,UD.1t~cl S~tes AU CoIP, ,o.c. 1.19 6 o and s1ill serVing. <Year 1951).



Elder: 5 OctOber 1912 by lese. C.'H~~. OIdatoed a High Priest: 28 Ian. 1936 by WalterBuff~. Patri&lcbal Blessiug: 13 Feb. 1899 by 1&11101 C.'BertbelsOo. filledatt L.D. s.' 'MisstOll. to Ceoaal ~teI M1saloo. Departed for Mission: 19 October 19'12Released from MiSSion: 22 NOl'ember 1914.", . Served 10 UDited States Armed POlee 1D'Wor14WaJ,Ii. 16,52." Married:' NtDa ZateU 10hal<>D:' is ldacCls.1929 Sao foId,Cooejos Co.~Color.by~myw~' Parents: Owle.Beary JObIuoa,~.SII'" l~ ,Qowther. 80m: 22 May 1898atsaafOrd.toaej~Q). ••'~lct. Blessed: ,31uly 1898 by Samac. '~ . Baptized: 11uly, 1906by OaooCiOwdier. , Coafirmed: 11u1y' 1908'by ata.tus ~ Nletsca. ,She bas held followtng posiUODSI Worked 10 Bee Hive Qau of Y.L. M. 1.

Roy J.elaQdCoombs: HesideDCe: UvtDgviidl par ... ~,La lara. Colo. Parents: Qn1.~,Roy ~ aq4,~ ktel1 J..... Bom: 7 Dec. ,193;1 at ,~e14,c.ejOl CQlo. Blessed: 5 MarCh 1934 by Lewts,&"Sba1in:roft. Baptized: 6 April 1941. Ordaloed a Deacon: 29 Aprt11!)45. ' OIdatoed a Teacher: 22 FeblU&l}'~"



I3radUA,ted ,~IIi~l9ghSchool., Takes pan 10 ~ A~TlJl .. ,' Now ser!lAaiQ lJDi~ Sea. AIIJ.l~f~..(tear
,• .." r '_ "',: - _ '•, _ -_ ~




1655. Baby"~' .bom'ciead gt••

,, -.' • -, -


A sketch of the life ~p.. "rlf;J~,by abridge4 by Eva Coombs, a grand-da~








Stafford.Staffol4sbUe~lalld.,SUIItI9 a so~ofGeOJSe CQOlPbs,au4~"',~~,"
at Fo~~lo:GreeD,

He was bbm



2nd CoUD.1DPt1maty

Sec. RellefSoClety 2nd Coua.' of 'Relief

fJ1 Jlchf,,14 ~.~ ;,;Se()t.i~42.
'5ocl!=cy'~, tqcbfteld,W~
19&1. - '" .:'

b1Rtcbfteld W~4,198-32
1q 1946

S&a Pete Co., Utab:r.~loq--:Mly 1. 1878. .. _"-;. -.",: . -.

Sealed to husband: 12 Nov. 1929 IOMesa L.O. S. T~mple. Sealed to wife: 12 Nov. 1929 mMesa L. D. S. Temple. He has held following positioDS: Assot. Supt. in Y. M. L A. Supt.'inY.M.I.A. 191410 1918. 'Supt. in Y.M. LA. 1935 to 1936. Assot. Sec.Y. M.,LA. 1909. 2DdAssor. Supt. SuodaY,School1943. WatdTeacher 1914,1'22,1923,1924,1932,1948. 80 '

aDd issttU1ervhtgiD

Time is laying hea '1 00 lIlybaiada, ..., lC> occupy QlJ leisure momenu, for amusement, to refer to'lot1me tocoq:a •• ,and that my children may look 'back and learo someliUle fr<>m, my pa~,tllfe, I 91r1teth'$'ll~s ~ Qluq h,,:my ~IDOIY will allow. ' , '",' My story begiDl wheq t waS aIxluuix ~eaq olcl.d1e I ftnt starttd sc~QOI."Tbis is as far bactt .. l~Jl41UtacCly remember. 'f~thnt aneu.dcd. the 'scbQol of _.old ~dy "bg aught small children. ' there I 'lealMd the, .lpb&b,et, and .bat it WAS to be a .Mott:nOD. ~MormoDiteas. cbUclrea.cal,letd us. The



:viofmdl1 people ilitllose e4t1yfl4ys received aU kinds ot Jeers, aDd abusewhichwas,llardtobear. After anendingthatscllool ror sometime. I wanaken.way aad seat to the Natio~l School' which wal the !aEgest.tn the Yil!age. ~. I remained for sometime. After leaYialtbe Natloul ScbooU weat tca school


kept iDa priyatebomebya crtppledmaD'by me.aame·of lohn Ashley. 1 well remember the time wbea he beaune over the bead with .somekiDd of I·stiCk. w hi cll.affected my head for maDY years afterward. No doubt 1 bad dOJle;somedling to deserve this ebasteniDg. Shortly afterward I was sent to the Nanoaal· $cbool agaiD where I attendedu p, t o the time we left EaglADdforAmelipa. These wen til e happiest days of my childhood. .Many were tbeam"Itt we bad through the fields in the meadows,aDdwoodlamlby the brook&.I well reme"'r aneDdlDgpamelgtveafonheschoolchiidreaiD the park,&Dd the gam. we used to play •... Il1 the ."intel had ID&ay goodtiQJe.durUilthe GbI'1suusae .. on when the school WAI dressedwlthevergreeasaDd the,CbrisUlluTree. !twas so pleas&DuDd beautiful.

6fourco.tifsetc, tile nortfi,iQQ gOt among tile tce-bergs. I wellremember on the 9th of 1111le ,my 12thbirt~. seeiDg huge lce berg that was almost iDthefotm· ofa lioa.rhat day was. 'ery calm, not a bit of wind. bUl tbatDight.'the wind came up and by morning die storm ."as .veIY. bade· The l..-e dasbtag waves 1as b ed over the deck of the;sb1pallllOtt .. uplq the sailcus from their posts. The stonDUSed IUclay. aadalthough it bad subsided some by e"eDiDg.tbeseawas • ...,101Igb dlat mghtandthe next day. The.oaly otberetctr8laIlltGllOUl jOllmey was a fire in thengglDg which was put Out. before aa.y serious damage was doae. and " .. lao sighted'a whale Ole day.



We arrived in New York harbor abollt six "eeks after saWDJJ from Iaverpool. Th e hot July suD poured itS W&rIIluys .... upoDthedeck where the p.. seagen stoodadmilUlJd&e·bUUdCui sceaay i' which" hen seea (or t:hefirSt Ume.ti Joaa to "be remembered. It walgood to see !aad·aaclclnllZ&t1oD .gaill. iDsteadof jl,!stlooldag a tt be, mtgbty eXp&DIe.ot' W~,'We stayed tbre f(lr about twQ clays thell' ".terakeato Castle Gardings where we boalded a steam.boat,co 8uffalo.w~ .. atoolr We used to"uend SUI1daySchool at the Methodist Chapel. It the train to St. Joseph. Some pet3pletold us that "eWOUldaot , W&ltaug)it by me Melhodtst People •. find MormoDi~ dae same 1DUtah.s iDEaglaDcLW. chaged cars many times beforereachiAg St.Josepb.. sometimel we bad I well remember attending the processiOD on the day of the fiDe passeager caD. and othertilaes rode iD ·caule UIlda. We marriage of the Prtnce of Wales, dlepewternteclal aad the wer.stopped oace atastatioDfora. halh clay because of fighting ahead of us. From St. Joseph we· took, a stum b.Qat. up die "hlte mse.me schQol, cbtl4reDworeaaa thegrand.fu.works La the eveaiDg Latbe~D ofScoke. 1,5&t on FathfSl's$houlder M1ssollli:Rinrto WyomiDg.,Here:were 'm&Dy1DOle iIIuDigam:s durlllg me peIformaac.. I" .. the yoqest of a family. of six , bOUDd the Wut.. Here we •• th... agoasaadoxeDtbatwere for four bIo1hen.(W1Utam" Joshua. George, ami Ephratm) and ODe tohaulus·acros. the broa.d ·plalaaand.... a"'ioto.fInt glimpse, of the Mormon boys .. ida their big bullWhips_ wide sister. (Halrtet). dmmed .auwbieb· seemed s:i.dIer odd to us. a ••• WAe.er My lalber wal .a brtckawoa by trade. We Uvedinthe small s~endle like before,. Flaally,w e .'were ready to leanf. the . !asUap of our journey.This .. 1someddaga. .. ·for,lII.sometWage of Trem Vale simateclDeanhe towaofStoke,iAStaffordtbiag 'fe bad toleam.Beforettlft1Dgf.the' .... WiUbmUght a sbire. EaglQd.l'bis ilwheee we were residing wben we decow aDd calf to take,,1th us., It .... the ftIItccnr dlat WAI. clded to uy. OUlfuaue 1Dthe Far West. Il1 tJle IDPDthof May. i eyer oWDed in our family. lS64 •. we.bade farewell co ,our .~eDds and uaned ·forAmerica • We reached Liveipoolafterutdeof se'(era1 ho.... It W.I mere After traveliDg seyeral days we reached the flntmtlttaZyoutpost, matI got m.y flntglimpae of the oceana the.Wi. '(essels. Ft. Keamey. It was shortly after "e ralledbere that we saw our We were sbantothesblp.G8II8I&l McClellaD. which wasco be first IadtaDdepradationolt wa.atasmaUmlJUary ,I1&ticIa&ftel our home forme l1e~f .. "e.I do Dat recall the euctdate tbA t we .. Ued from L1'(erpool. I had strict orden to stay close to;, we croS$ld me Platte Rtvermt.egot OUl' lim ioad I_at the our benh.so did ~t. see~s):lip leaftmey.ald. There were Nonh AmedcanlUdiaa inbhurive pride. At tbisdme tile about 800 paueagetsa~d. Just before •• left ~e bamor my .. CheyeDDesaDchbe Sioux were on path:.i. each other. lIlother and s.rand brothels"Ue(1flUad beeDrnarIi~sinr.e ~Ddwere also bothering some of the white .~Somewhere leaviDg our ~e) .hadgaae <ID deCk co make a few purcjiascs: • in. the regie of P·ole Creek we came oa a melaIIcholyscene from me ,many boat pecl~rs that iDf •. t.hebarbon _ flock whereso~e rallchers wereJaytDg to rest" eleYeD mea that had aroUDdemigrant shlps. .. fter ,tbaybad ma~the Aece ... ,>, purA beeDkiUed a day or so before. ThJy bad shot the mules, kUIed cbales •..they w~re retumiagto. dae b,1oQIks aDdcooktbe <wroag. Ibe teamsters,. and ransacked· ~" wagoas. Just before we left rollte... Asa result.Mc>dl:erwalkedlDtO an batChw"y tDto Pole Creek. something ItAlI1pededour caaJ.e.. The wagou were which m..saUOII bad ,beea laadiDgpig ·lJoa (ban of iroa about stUI in a circle corral wim th-e tollluesiDside., but the cattle three of fo~ inches thlck&lld 21/~ feet loi1g). ,She fell dOWD bitched up ready to go. They aU ran together. Some got their a d,istaDCe,of abo lit .12 feet, strikiDg her ~ead. on ODe of dae. ban. .homs broken aDd some wagons were Ilps~but DOoDi was burt. Tbe fall rendered her lDSeastble for so m e hours, but "ith the blessings o(the Almighty aDd dae help of the-Almightyaad the Our company now consisted of 166 wagoDS with from four to helpofmedoctorshereco"ered,but was .,ery feeble during the eigbt oxeD to each wagoa, a Ddit "&lDD exce~ to othen. rest of the voyage. for many of our peoplewer e ~id to ,-rest prairie. Our cow was our main stay. The mille she gave belped to stay the TheChU War ia the United States was in.progress daeyear we slcknesscalled diarrhea "hieb troubledmaoy people because saUed fro m &lgla.ad, so dae Captain of the ship bad cause to of the cODStantchange of water andcl1mate plus poorly cooked tear meeting Confederates on the ocean, We sailed a long way food.






We finally reached Weber. the first Mannon settlement 00 the route at that time. It was good tosee a little ci,.ilization again. At Weber we got some. potatoes aod onions which tasted very good to us. We passed through Echo Canyon where the going was very.rough. Here we saw the rocks that Lot Smith's men had piled up to blockade General Johnson's entrance to the Salt Lake Valley. The night before entering the ,.alley, we camped iJ:l Parley's Canyon and the ne x t morning got a very good view of the Valley. About noon we reached Salt Lake City and camped Dear .an orchard. I well remember asking per- . mission to pick up some of the peaches that had fallen to the
ground, We stayed in Salt Lake C[ty for a few days uotil Father made up· his mind to make his home in San Pete Couoty, about 100 miles south of Salt Lake City. Our teamster planned to stay in Salt Lake for the winter so let us take the team and wagon. .we staRed south wi th some wagons that were going to Iron County. My Sister, Harriet, and her husband bad left for Iron Couoty some days before. The fi r st day we went as far as American Fork, the next day to Battle Creek, then to Srpingville, Spring Lake, and Salt Creek where we stopped to see a man named· Payne, who bad been craveliDgElder in tile Staffordshire Conference. FromhereoUfnext stop was Fountain Green. We first called on the Bishop, wbo encouraged us to stop, and let us camp ona lot that belonged to him. Later Father bought a lot on the hill and the boys buUt a cellar and log house. We were in t'h e h0 U I eby Christmas. FoQUtain Green bad been settled .lor flYeor six years, but the peOple l1ere 'weien't very well fixed. Wheat was selllDg for a busheL The winter of 1864 set in early. The snow fell very deep. Father and the boys butlt an adobe house fora DUn for which we recei Ted some provisions to help us through the winter. Many cattle diedtbat winter. Father and the boys went to the canyon and shoveled the snow off and cut grass with their kniTes to feed the oxen and cow. Theyalsospemmostof the winter genlDg out saw logs to get lumberto buy wheat, but there wasn't much sale for lumber. .it sold at $5' per hundred feet.

g~rd over the cattle. payLag .the Indian War tax, helpLag to build forts, corrals, etc., bestdes other public work, but they would not let Father haye a chance to draw. The boys. had a chaiJ.ce to draw once, but so m e 'had the privilege of drawing twice. Fat her and the boys cut grass on the common' which apparently some of the people who lived here didn't like, aDd -many otherthiDgs like that, but we paid 11Ule or no attention to it for to suit all people is impossible. We miDded our own business aDd let them bave their say.
During the next few years, about the time I was 19 years of age, we boys did .$ am e freighting from Fountain Green to Ploche, Nevada and Salt Lake City. Pioche was a miDiDgtowD. This was the first time since comlDg to Utah that I really bad COQ_ tact with the ounide world. . There we saw people from many countries who bad come to wOrk in the miDes. Laborers were scarce and they were offered $4 a day in gold. Gold was worth more in those days than green backs by 17 cents. We took a load of potatoes to Sa 1t Lake City. They WeR selling for 35 cents a bushel. It Vi a s about this time too,. that my brother, George moved to Joseph City. Utah. I spem sometime help~ move his things down there. I didn't like it aa well mere, iD Fountain Green, as it seemed so desolate and baaeD.



For amusemem we used to put on plays that we .took from house to house, playing a nd singing soags, aDd from·1:b1awe started playing on the stage, especially in the winter ad at holiday . time. It was at thiu:lme that I became so amacted to Tbaeaa BUUagSi the girl! Later mamed. I well remember die destitute condition uoder·which she was raised, and the hardships she went through. One winter esPecially mentioned iDher diary._ she tells of !lYing at a sawmill about a mUefrom tow where ber step-father worked. She didD't ba.emucbclodliag to wear , and no stockiDgSor shoes. When Ibe would go co the neigbbors

or o~ errandashe would take two shingles in her baad. aad run
as fa s t as·she could, then when she stopped. to rest abe wO.uld Laythe sC~gles down and stand on them. In the summer, because or baTing DO shoes, her feet would chap and bleed. Often she w 0 u 1d crawl on herbaad. &ad la:aeea CO keep her feet off the grOUD" as they were stone bruised so bad. The doctrine of plUDIlIWIiage was being pract1c:ed at this time (n the bistoryof the ChurclL Theresa giTes one iDcident thauook place relative to a proposal of plural mamage to her when she was 14 years old. Shew •• at Fouma1ll Green staytJII witbherGrandmomeiTuttle, andwamed to go to .:ialem where her mother Und,:' A man by the n am e of Bishoff was going tbroughSalem so she asked him if abe could go wim him. She wemco Salem with him,aad later when she returned to Fountain Greenbe asked her which she would·do, marry him or·pick up a City lot of potatoes top a y for· the ride to salem. She told him she preferred to pick up me potatoes, which she did. It was tn the fa 11 of 1874 that we began to make plaaS to be maa:ied. In the same falllwu rebaptized into the Church. Here was one s t e p toward reformation. It tSDot necessary to write the ups and downs of our courtship, but sufficient to say we bad our little span. WeI e ft for Salt Lake City on New Years Day and arrived there la~ 3rd a ad were marned the following day, Jan. 4, 1875. We lived with Father and Mother

Assoon as spring came I went to herd sheep for William Huggins for my grub and thus missed the close at bome. 1 heazd the boyssay that they gee scarcely any tb1ag, but potatoes and a little salt and worked bard eTeryday. Irecelved my board and $10 a month for herdiDgsheep. It was about this t1me'that war brok~ out between the iDd..... and the settlers. The settlers were couoseled to be 00 guard, and- to move closer together. The war came to close in the fall of '6'1 for,;btch the people were thankfuI. In this year Fatheranelthe boys made some headway in eegardtoearth1ythiDgs. Father did some masonwork for which he was paid land, livestock, etc.


In the fall or '66 Joshua's wife, Fanny, died, leaving two small children, (Polly 2 yean, and FallOY 2 or 3 days old.) Just before the Indian War came toa close, in Fountain Green the Bishop and his CouaselQn took up some land that was divided into 5 acre lou, and people were allowed to draw for these lots. This was to give the newcomen and those who bad been there for sometime, but ha d n 't been able to buy much land, encouragement to stay. We had done our part tn helping stand 82

for olwbile then mCl'letiinto Williams' housewhere rest of the winter.

I\le lived the

Outfiistbaby,Oavid JosbUA,was bomon]ai1.29, 18'76. -the followiJigsummerlwenttoJosephwith George to put in crops aDd help take care of them. We lived in'Josepbforabout 2 ; years then went back to f:t.Gteen. on the tit p back to Ftn. The lstofluly ltec4!ived a cud from a'yoUDgfellow.who bad r~i::ently oomefrcim CastleVall~ abel bact brougilnbi'ox I bad Green, JamesOuttoD, my sistetaarriet'shusba.l1a~ with us. leftoHe'd'told rne before'l left that he'dbtlD3i~at 110 cUige We BolUS far as -CedarR1dgenonh of Richfi_eld when one his 'as he was comiriganyway aDd it Wouldn 'the any f:r()uble. \¥beD mules got rather mean, biting and kicking for some eaase,-but hegdtherekewantedS5forhi1trOuble.I p&ldbitn SLSOand a man with a good black whip happened by and gave him a ,coruldered hUn well p aid for his miible. as !belau' time in good whipping wbichdid him some good. We go a sfar as cotningfrom Casfl~. I had kept bt1'ilin g~b aodtl1eox'sbell S1xMileCreek aDd camped mere fortbetii.ght. Hth's mUle again toOkoaeofitsfits. Hepulledthewagoli ontc,-the campnsgone.liehad oDce expressed a desire for it, aDd be pIObfire and stood there,wouldn't move;b Iit - 1 suppOse it'got: too -- ably gOt it -hot for his beels for be Sootllnoved, bUt we bad Dotgonelnore than 3 or " miles wheD something well.t fItOngwtm ODe'of the " Arthur. WarreD wlLibom' A ugust 28, 1880. - wbeels.We got thuflxed, and'.s we beared MorciDt;"themule ThiS Novernberthe''Co ..op sh up hi!re in FountalliGteeli was , took anothei fitaadranJimoff-thedligway,·tbrowlnghts "'*son being broken up as it didn't teem to meet 'With much sucCess. over. break1Dg the hoIYsand spUlliig me wheat. We. were loaded with loose wbeat wben we reached'fta. Green. Itwas .about this time thatGeotge Ephraim and 1 decideclto go ioto the sb.eepbustneSs. Oa April 11 1878 Richard AIOllZa'''.s-bom. At this tinit:' Theresa bad Vreat, aD ladian gitlllYl4g wtthus. ·Sbewas a splendid This same month Theresa bad go n e to Rabbit Valley (Wayne nurse, Atthis time we bad much work to do with the cattle and CoUQty) with her brother AlollZO, to Visit awhil..1 made my . lLYeItock." Ephraimaad Joshua. George and were working fiis~ trip to that pa it Of the coUliaysixdays after Cbltsmw. together. Wealsob&c:lalotofsiCkDesslii1cH)Q JuDe 11. 1878 the I goUil'a bad' stonn:lt $Dowed so bald, ' that at ttmest cOuld baby died. It ",as a gre&UhocktO uland we tealize bisabsence bardly telt" w her e the road was. I stayed oyer night ta Grass IIlOI'e as they.ngo by. vaUey with some pebple aai:I the itftt day they~UDg man Went Witb me to,'sbo.,tbe 1fetuliled with the famuy to FournatD Green shOnlyafter. Itw.s SClcoldaad the nm time rei ever got George. Epbratmaad I worked together as patiDenquite a bit • Webad~nle. aDd usually spent qUite a bit ,oftimeiltthesummy, eanlilpped ~&eing Cutin cold weather. ) merat Odf place uptbe hollow above Fm.· Green where we kept the cattle. lDAugust. 1881 (25th day) wbUe I wasaube sheep herd, WiWam bra ughtword tbat m,otherhad died. This, was quite a .blow. a IIII the summer of 1879. I thtnkit was. the Utab $outhemRail. though.she bad beeD sick for years. This was a happy release mad was in progress. George a n d 1 baUled ral~&d ties from for her weary spirit from tlris monal body for she had IUff~d' the canyoa.Later oll"e decided to go to ,Castle :Valley. to look for many long years. at matp&rt,of the.couatry. We SUrted abouc;the24tb of Noyember 1879 and arrived tberesometime later. We staked claims for ,laad. belped some 0 t b er s dig, ditches". abd. build ,Fatberremarrted in June 1882 (26th) to J.ydia OUIID Rowbey. temporary dwelliDgplaces \I n ttl 1.,t g<».so colclaud ,so much. T his ,',was also ber eecollcl marriage. She bad a famUy by her mo" that we couldn't domucb. Wenaa:ed for home on the first husband. 26th of Dec. It was ~ bald trip tzhough,muclancl SIl~w,.9ne drift we bad to cut through waa5p~6 feet 4eep,andabollt 30 Ray Hermaa. our founh son,walbom'~pt. 19. 1992. Itwil5 feet wide. \VbeD w e go tto, Manti we coampediD eae, (!If the shortly after this that my brother George left fountain Gre~ for Temple Houses. The Temple was then about. 30r" feet high. Arizona. Abouttht$ time abo a nUmber from our settlement. We reached FoumatnG ea.onJan.6. J880 •. This proved to "V(erecalled·togotQCOloradotobelp 'lflttle the San Luts Valley. be a very ·bad wlDter tn.,San Pete CoUDty. too., We~d aprobamong' them was Eph's blother-in-Iaw. John ShawCIDft. Theresa 1em of fiadiqenougbfeedfonhe stock. W,ebad,tQ~eepmovwasqui1:e sickat this time with tbcumatism. Wese.forthe 1D8them fromp1ace,t()p1~ce to find feeeL.,. Scxnetimewe were Elders to administer to bert and sbe,got some bener. 1 bad to able to buy a load or two, ot' straw at $1 a load.. do the washing. housework. aDd wait upon ber besides taking oare of the stock. ,It was hard to geunyOlle to belpus, alui we had.no money to hire aDyone. This seemed the loogeuwinter On the 11th of May,l started back to' 'Castle Valleyto~etour I ever experienced. It looked as if weha d ' no friAllds in·this . oxen and wagollSwe'd left. ,1bad quite, a bit of trouble getting world of. strife. I've found tbattodepead on anyone. is a mistake the oxen gathered together. I wa$ only able to get twoand'be, .cause they were so poor from lack of food and the hard winter, The only one to trust in is Him above and in His kiDdneSi and 1 bad to spend a 10 tohime letting them rest along the way. mercy forto God we owe our blessings througb this life and tbe life to come. On the way hom e I met another ma·b with five head of oxen. who was going to Spring City. He let me work some of his with Theresa soon began to recover, and about this time Bro. James • one of mine and I left my other one there. When we arrived

in Spring City, [ left my wagon 'arid took hold of the ox's tatl and started fotFtri. Green. W hen [ arrived hom:, the folks were about ready to start looking for me, as they bad been told by another man that, I bad left Huntington on the ~4th of May and it was June 7th wheli I arrived home,



too. "






8:J •

Works, an old fnend of Theresa and her father and motberyears back, c o-m e to see us. He gave us our Patriarchal Blessings while visiting at our house.
in the faJI of 1883 I wen t with several others from Fountain Green to Manti to work on the Temple for awhile. We worked at movtng some debris flOm the terrace walls. When this job was done wehelped some ohhe other boys on top of the hill. They were m 0 '11 n g part of the hill around on the north side of the Temple. We workedatthis the rest of the time we were there. While working there 1 was a b I e to observe a great difference in men's cb.'lracters and perJODillities. Many profaned and used light language that wam',· becoming to any Latter-day. saint. Some were there to do what they could for the building of the Temple, while othen it seemed, we r e there just to get their credit on the books and it was more than the boss could do to keep some of them atwork. Some of us worked along regularly all·the time, but the r e were others who loafed around doing little or nothing until the time-keeper or superintendent would come alOUDCI,hen they would grab a shovel or pick or whatever t was b.'lndy, and scratch away 11lcemad, but they were always the fir s t to crowd &lowd the timekee~ and also the fiDt to quit work at noon and at night. in the spring of 1884 we made a trip to Rabbit Valley again. I wanted to m a k e a visit and look at that part of the country, but we only stayed a abort time and remmed home again.

As mentioned before, many of the brethren bad fled from the Federal Officers, and many of these officers called them and the leaders ofthe church cowards to the cause, saying that Joseph, the prophet, did not flee, but stood to the front like a man. That is not the desire of the Almighty, for why should men PUt theu hands in the fire, knowing it would bum them. The Presi· dent of the Church and his couDSelon and ten 0 f the Twelv~ were away on account of the officers of the Edm. Law. (Pres. John Taylor.. His counselors George Q. Cannon and Joseph F. Smith. ) On April 4, 1895 1 bad a yery Impressi'fC dream which caused me much weasiness of mind and much reflectioo OIl my past life aad my future and present condition. This dream corresponds withour faith and our religion and the first principal of the Gospel, as we understand them. Iwill not wr1teltherenow but, at some future date Imay pen it dowa with mallY things that I have seen to the coDYiction of my :m1Dd to this GOIpel. the GospelofJesus ChriSt. This faith is ~ll my hope ill this Ufe and hope in life· to CORle. I prepared to go to Wales to a Seventies Meeting on the 12th, but Bro. James Anderson informed me that they couldn't ordain any more Seventies wtil they found out how many more the quorum needed, so I attended Sacmmellt Meeting and Sunday School instead.


In March 1885 Theresa was bothered very much with rbewnatism. Lewis and I did the washing forseveralweeksas she was not able to. and we had no money to hire it done. No one came to see us for quite awhile during this time. i&ad it made me feel quite discouraged, but this is wb.'lt teaches us self reliance and to put our trust in none, but the all wise creator and be content with our lot until we shall be called a way from this world of strife and b.'lrdships. We were grateful the following week when some of the Shten cam e in and yolunteered to help Theresa clean up the house. On ·March 15 I attended meeting a nd being a little late was UDable to get a seat. Several names were recommended that might to be ordain~d to the office of Seventies. My Dame was among those presented. All we r e unanimously sustained. I was called upon to speak in the enDing meeting, and had many opportunities to speak after mat. As spring came and the weather permitted us to start plowing, Theresa's condition became wone, 10 I was kept busy with the work outside as well as helping with the housework and caring for the children. One S u nda y we took her to Church in the wagon to be administered to.

It was about this time that a Doctor came to our town. We took Theresa to lee him. He aid he'd ueafher for $5 a IIlODth. He aid she had DO blood. : and her p a in was caused from her blood being poisoned and it caused acid to sour in the jotms. At the Snenties Meeting A pril 27th, it was aanouoced tha~ Bro. Lewis Anderson had been ulled to fill a mission. A fe days later I drove out in town to Lan NeUsons to take 25 celltl which I had premised for Bro. ADdenon. May 3, 1885.1 had preYiouslybeenordained to he the Melchizedek Pri esthood. and to day was ordained to the office of a· Seventy under the bands of Bro. Mitchely. He said, "At times the Spirit of the Lold should rest upon me to my satisfaction. He asked the Lord to tblOw his mantle of protection around me and escon me ODto good works. I was receiftd iDr.o Quorwa 37. I had preYiously ma de this a matter of prayer. as I felt my weamess and asked the Lold to help me to become wonhy to occupy such a position. and to he I p me with His Spirit. I bave found t hat the only true pleasure in this life to me is to attend agood meeting where we can learn the ways of the Lord. People are different. Many get pleasures fro in the tb1ngs of this world, passing pleasures. In the ead lie will all recelYe our just rewards. Every man must needs look after himself and seek always to do the wi 11 of the Father. One morniDg when some of us were working on the Cedar Hill Ditch. the subject of religion came up, then about missionaries. One of the fellows who was a Bishop's son said that he wouldn't go OUtand travel around and beg for meals, etc. 1 replied tb.'lt if a man didn't think enough of his religion to go OIla mission when called, that he surely didn't think much of it. The man said he didn't think much of it and didn't lose much sleep about it. He was OIle w~ had been taught to live t b e principles of the Gospel, and on who would have been at the head.

During the time Lewis ha d bee n l1Ying with us, 1 bad been talking to him on the principles of the Gospel. He wished to become a member of the Church so was baptized April, 1895, by A. J. Ogard in Olef Olson's flocrn, That moming while we were gone to the baptismal service, some of the Relief Society Sisters came to our place. When we returned they were busy patching, sewing and darning. They brought a ptcatc lunch and helped Theresa considerable with her work.

On Mol Y 16. 1885. Bro. Old Olsen and 1 went te 'Ephraim to C"nfereoce. Some very good instructionsweregivell,by Elders Heber 1. Grant and Erastus Snow. Many of us made out beds on the fioorofthe school bouse. Bro. Olse-;aand I bad 2 quilts. 'We slepe on one aDd covered us,with the other. but it 'Naso't a very eomfonable bed~ Theresa walked to meet1Dg if or the tint time ina long while • This sprtJlg besid"putWlg !Dthe croplaad caddg for them. I helped shear sheep for awhile. At the camp in the eveuil1gs on one side could be heard the singi~. ofhynms while on the other could be heard IweariDg, and men blaspheming their Creator, which wasa't very becoming to a good Utter-day 5a.im. On the fint ThursdayiDJUlyiil Fast Meetingwle beaid m,:ny good instructioas on saving upgtaiD agawt the timeof'famine. One Bro. Bamasen teStified tbe time offaml1'1e'would come, that he had seen it ina dream, and that the famine was so great that the people were obliged to eat each other. At this time it leem. tbattbere azetbOlepeople who think that they Imowbow fDlDD _affainol the CbUlCbbettet than tnose in authority. Where the council used to be 'Dei as your Bishop tells you and ()l,eythe Priesthood', now it seeDHto'be to some people 'Gift us a new Bishopric ouhe present one will driYe the people to ben. In ulGme· stiriD 8alt,LakeClty about at hall DlaIt;;ThellOG-MormoIlS considered tbanlle flag wal beq tns1&lted in tills way. and many of them said thAt they were "illlilB to spill ttieir blood in defense of the n., but ItbiDk these pantes"elemore Willing to spill other peoplesbloodtbaatbeirOfnl,Mormoareasoas for havtaa dlefla! utaH malt were given bypartteuhat !ltndled flags in bus1nesa. say~g dtat "The liberty of the people was taken away and !he flag atbalf mast 11&1 tokeaof the feellng of the a people that liberty was dyiDgaacttheheedom aDdindependence that W&I proclatlbed to the worldonJllly 4, 17'16 was being murdered inch by inch:andthe Ubertie.ofollrpeople to wollhip God according to the dictates of our own coascieDCewu beiDgtaken away.
MormODl ftyiDg the Americaaf1ag

stopped. There was a basebatl game played tii theat'temeon.
though. mostly be the roughs and hoodlUm", We .were to play football at -6 p. m. but gave it up'as the ht;odlumsdida't want to quit playing baseball aDd said if we started. they would break up <Our game. On sUnday, luly26th. 1 wncalledto be • 'teacher til the Tbird Ward. I went Ward TeachtDg "1m 8100 Cook. the first time the latter part of that molltb. In NIWemberlS85they mond to Thurb.~Utah, wblch was theD part of Seyier Stakeof%loli.They thought maybe die climate there" 6 U1d be better· fOr ThereSa II she bad been bothered a lot with meumatism.They l1ved1DThurber UIII1l 1890. then mo.,edto Aldridge •• branch of ealliSftne Ward, Sevier Stake. south otThUlber. Tbeclimate'Wahrarmer there aDd Theresa felt better, but tIieIe"ere some other disadyqtages, silchasnOodilltbe spling.- and whell they fIIIt mned there. there wam'ta school or branch ohheChurch. but later they were organized. About ·1895 they left Aldridge and m 0 'f e d re wbat was thell kDowu as Trentoll Brancb 0 f Thurber Ward, a rilJage 3 mUes south of Tbumer.' 8f19 OOqulteafew of the families there had mO'fed to the new Thurber towastte. so tw.-waen't enough left to waltant a scbool.o the ·CGcmIbt family the. moyed to Lytilau. ucah where'" cb1IcfMa could go to schooL It was about 1913 when mey left to go to Thatcher. BanJJoct( Co.. Idabo. They remailled th_three yealS aDd in 1918 moved to Logan. Utah so they'tbUld work ill the Temple. Theysp eln theremailldetof theirUns in Logan. Dayid died on th e 24 of November 1927 and Tberesa0ll6tb of March 1931.



IUly of dais y... me ••



While workiDg in the blackimlchshop for·. few days I heard that one of the menw. bad been so1JiWagtoSptllbts.blood or bave it spUled for the cause of the flag. who bad been sent to Utah by the U. S. Go.emmeattodo,awaywtthpolyga:rny and extermiDate theMoml_ bad beeliarrestedand put iii the pen on chargeof adultery with three dlffereut' womea. If this is the type 0 f men that are bellig sent to Utah and are among the people to COD... ns us to their ways allCi"lnode ofllfe.'may the ~ we ser.edel1ver· us from such iaflueDCes and IIssist us to retain hold on the iron rod andrem.in true and :faithful, to our covenants to the end. In the neniDgs or late afteDlOons dofterout ·work in the fields "as over forthe day, we $ometimes practiced a little footbalL This was probably the fint footb4U e:yer played'in this place. We were pmcticing to play Qn the Mol Iuly.In die midst of the Celebration on the 24th,wordeameof the death of General Grant.· The fla~ was dropped to half mast, and ,the celebration

Da"d Coombs: Bom: 9 Juoe 1852Burslem Staff. EDgJaDd Parents: George Coombs aad Eliza Astbury Died: 24 Nov. 1927 Maaied: 4 Ian. 1875. 1656. Theresa BUling.: Parents: Titus and Mary ADATattle BUUagS. Born: 28 Jan. 1859 Mantl. Utah. Died: 6 March 1931. Children: Flat five bom ill PououiD Green, Utah. 1657. DaYiiSoshua: b. 2'7 Feb. 1818. 1658. Richard AloDU: b. 11 Aprlll8'78. D. illUDe 1878. 1659. Arthur Warren: b. 28 Aug. 1880 1660. Ray Herman: b. 29 Sept. 1882. 1661. Hepbzibah Ellen: b. 9 Dec. 1884. 1662. George Lewis: b. 7 Ian. 1887, Thurber •. Ut. 1663. Mary Eliza: b. 10·Mar. 1889. Thurber. Ut. 1664. Ephriam Hytum: b. 25 Apr. 1891, Aldridge. (Jt. 1665. Harriet Theresal b.',22Feb.·, 1893, Al4ridge. Ute 1666. Emily: b. 29 Feb. 1896, Thurber. Ut. 1667. Vanner May: b. 28 Nov. 1897. Thurber Ut. 1668. Titus WilHam: b. 12 Aug. 1899, Thurber Ut, 1657. David Joshua Coombs: Bom: 27 Feb. 1876, Fountain Green. Utah.

t-Iarried: ~2 Noy. 1899 1609. !vyl,.ucy Johnson: Bom: .21 April, 1$&1, Alftall, Wisco~41. Children: 16iO. Racbel;b. 12 Oct. 1900, Tburber, Ut. Md.em.est L. Larson. 1671. Golda Bemtcel b. 23 Nov. 1~02, Thurber, Ute Ma!rj,~: AIldr~ J. Willard, 1672. Orel May: b•. 2 May 1905,Thurber, Ute .. Married: Charles Cahoon. 1673. Davtd Jesse: b. 13 Oct. 1907, Clenlalld, Ida. Matl'led:.· BeJQice Bassett 1674. Nellie Ivy: b. 6 Aug•. 1909, ·.Cleveland, ,Ida, Married; Leo Duke. 1675 •.. ~iJ.y:;~. ,10 .Sept. '19UMound Valley, Ida. .'Married: lit ..CareDee., So··. BeD,llen . 2Dd .. Je$~~ 1676. Reubell~ b. 23 Noy.l91~, Tha.~9AAr. Idaho ~edt Genea.l_Stolle " '. 1677. MUlle; b. 261uly 1917, Tbatchel,l~ho Married: Dell M. Wood : 1678. Claudia,: p.22 Oct. 1918. Th4~her, Id,aho
I' .',., , ., ' .

.Marned:-22 March 1930,;· .16~ 1. Bemice BassettI Cl,lildreD: 1692~ CQlleD:... Bom;· 5 Dee. 1932, Lego. idaho. 1693. she.md, Dale Faukes, 1 July 1949. divorced 1951. 1694. Jackey: 13 ,Mar. 1933, ~go, Idaho M4zrjed:DeaIl ~oorej5 July 1951 ,1695., DoII41d 1.,see: . Bom: lluly 1934.

.: ao.n:

1696.' J-eoH.Duke: 1674. Nelly Ivy Coombs: 8om;:. Aug. 1909. ,Tba",ldabo




Lucy Thompsoc



1697. Norman L, Jespersen: 1675. Emily Coombs: :Bom: 11 sePt. 1911, Tbatcber.

. P,,~s:J),avtd
'Mameci: 1930

Idaho J.CoombellldlvyLucy :TbomspoD

·ChUdreu: ..
1Ei79.~,H. LNsoIa. b.21·Oct,,1922 ·1670.· RacbelCOOmbs.··.dau. lJt-rid& Ivy Lucy ThompsOll ao.:- ..'0ct..1900. l Thurber, Utah;. ~ldrea: ' ·1680 •. w..d.a: Bom:30 Aug. 1923. LeGralld, Oregoo. i681. . Leila : Bom: 9 July 1928, Thatcher, Idaho. 1682. Robert Emest: Bom: 25 Jan. 1939, Thatcher, Idaho (twill) 1683~ Roberta: Bom:2~' ,all. 1939, . Tutcher, .:Idaho ~twiD) . 1684. 1671.
Andrew Willard

1676. Reuben Coombs: 80m 24 No•• 1918, Thatcher. Idaho P..ms:DaYid J•. CoombsID&U;ucy:I"J. *8. Geaeal Stone


·16~9.DeUMyers Wood: 167'1. MUll. CoOmbs: '·Bom:86, luly '1918 •. ,ThatCher., IcI&ho



<:;OOmbsaad Ivy ,LUCy ThompsoD

Bom: 23 Nov.

Gplda Bernice Coombs: 1902, clau. DaVid J.~mbs Died :~3 JUDe. OgdeQe Ute


& Lucy

1685. Clarence B. Lewis" md.61uly ,,1922;. ~. 1672.Orel May C~s; Bom: 2 May 1905. Tbwber. Ute dau.,David. 1. Coombs& I,.u.c.y 1~11.1oJnpsOD Children: . 1686. Neil C. Bom: 18 July 192a. 1687. K;\ye (~u.) Bgm: 5 Jan. 1927. d•. 26'Qec~ 1934•. 1688 Divorced, remameciBea atpwDill Wyoming. He died. l6S9.Married ·ilatermUlanQ dtvorced,'

1.9. ~Aahur:WammCoombs: ."Pareau:,Da-rid COOQIb&"&ad The .. 8WtDgs.. " . ,:,Bomf 28 Aua.:1880. Fmo,GIeeDo Ut" 1100. Lillie Maude Bullard. Children: first five bom ill ThUlber, Utah. 1701. Cecil WarreD: b. 231U1y 1902. l702 •. ·M~&IDa:b..'22 May<1904o; 1'103.·DaYi~'Al1f.D:b.27' J_1906 •. 1704.;Mau.<l: b.iS Oct. 1908 . n06.'JiUle~b. ,4eluae,19ll.' 17Q§. ,t\lereSiIb.; 96Septo191ttTbatchel. Ida.
, Df.~:2'7"s.pt.




caboon at Socia Springs, ld~ho

1157:1. Dayid Jessie Coombs: 6orn: 31 Oct. 1907. Thatcher. Idaho. Parents; David J •• Coombs and Lucy Ivy Thompson. 86

11·01 cecil w.arrea.: •. .,.,PUQts: ArthurWazreaCGombs and Llll1e Maud Bullard. , ,1iorQ:23]uly' 1902 TblUber. Ute .. Married: 5 Dec. 1925, Soda SpriDgs, Idaho. 1707. Gladys Hodges: Childrea:411bom in 9restoD.. . Idaho. 1708. Dea~C.: b. 6 Nov. 1926 Meted: Shidey. Lesten.burg 1709. C1a~rDee: b. 27 Aug.' 1928 t-.t4Uled:, Bargeae,BultOl1o' 1710. Jeall G. ; b•• 24 May 1931.

1711. 1712.

Died: IS Marcil 1~31:1. Lee: b.27 Aug., 1928. Ceci11unior: b 6 July 1935.

170~. Mary EdDa Coombs: . Parents: ArthUr Wallett CoOinbs aad LilUe Maud Bullard. 80m: 22 May 19M Thurber Uta~ Malrled: 30 Iune 1922 Brigbin Clty, uta&. 1713. HeDry Fabbs. Cb11dren: all bom in Logan, Cache <:0.. Uta~ 1714. Blala Coombs: b. 14 Apr, 1924.. . 1715. Shirley: b. 14 Aprl.1924.-d. 15 Apr. 1924. 1716. Tbeadore C. : b. 25]Uly. 1931. 17i"i. IaDDiee: b. 6 Feb. 1933. 1718. Dixie: b. 9 F~b. 19.36. 1703. DaYidAlytnCoombs: •......'.. '.' .: Parena: Afthur WalrencoOmbs and LilUe 'Maud 'Bullard B~96cr..1908. Thurber,Utah.· . .... .. '1719. Lila

Jasper My ~OOmDS: Parents: Ray Herman Coombs and. Manha BUllard. Bom: 27 Nov. 1901, LYE:nan.,Ute .Malried: 7 May 1924. Died: 26 Jao.. .1935, Cedar 'City, Utah. 1740. Elizabeth Benha BrowD; ChUdren: 1741. Bertha LoUise: b. 29}.1oy.. 192~, Los Aag.,Cal1f. 1742. WilUam Arthur; b. 4 Sept. 1930 CedarQty, Utah. Married: CoUeen SaUe, 4 Sept. 1953.
1 (;j;j.

1734. Fanny Gale Coombs: PareDts: Ray Hennan Coombs and Bullard. Bom: 20 Aug. 1903,Thurber. Utah. Malried: 1743. Cleo Corden. Pierce. Child: 1744. Alben Keith: b',14 S~pt.. 1927,. i.osAn&eIe;s. Calif. 1744. Alben Keith Pierce: Parents: Cleo Cordett Pierce and' Fa.,. Gale Coombs. 80m: 14 Sept. 1927 Los Angeles, CaUf. Married: in Mass. 6 Sept. 1951. 1744-a. Elsibeta Schowsld: Parents: Helen Walker Bom: Parts Franee~ 16 Jan. 1926. Children: 1744..b, HaIrlson Keith: b. 22 Feb. 1~S3 lDGeaaauy. 1744~ Deborah Leigh: b. lluly 195tlD Mall. . 1735. -The~e$l Coo!llb.: - . '.. ,' Parents: 'Ray HermlPCoombs aDd .M.aftha. Bullard Bom; 22 .June 1906, Thuzber, Ut.· 1745. Married: Russell Forre$t,. El CeDUt\ caUforDi&. Married: Charles Le Roy Oozier, 11·sepr. 1936. Whitter, Falit:om1a(wash~ of sister Mary in Juneau, Alaska. Children: 1746 Naomi Vtrgb:ija forrest: b. 14 Dec. 19M. Lcag8each. CaUfomla.· .. 1747. Robert Lee Forrest: b. 21 Mar. 192'7,Saii Diego. CaUf•• 1746. - Naomi VirgiDia FOllest: Parents: Russell Fmest and Ther .. Coombs. Sea: 14 Dec. 1924 Loag Beach, CaUl. 1748. Married: John. H Graf. 4 Sept. ).942. Seattle, Wash. Bom:.27 Mar. 1918,,80an Accord.. Albena. -canada. Cb11dren: .. . 1749. 1750. Donald: b. 23 bec. 1947,MissQula,MontaDa. Nancy Ellen: b. 2 NOT. 1949, Portland. Oregon.



Sbe later md. KelUl~·Hare.

Doreen Betb:b.



6 Sept. 19Solitimore, Mlll~d Co. , Ute

1704. MAud Coombs: Paiena: AttburWarren CooDlbs aDd LUll~ >'MaUdBullard 80m: 9 Oct. 1908 Thurber. Ue.h. 1721. Virgil Hansen. Children: 1722. DarieU:' 1723. Jo ADD. 1705. . Parean: Arthur WallenCoOnibs aad LUlteMaudBullald. Bom: 4 June 1911, Thurber. Utah l ~fti.ed: ' 4 April 1930. . 1724.1a£11e eray Nieb at t.ogau, utah. ", ChUdren: .f~4borD at Hyde Park.Q.c~. Utah. 1725. La Voaa: b. 2 Dec. 1930 .. , Married: John p. Brady, 15 Feb. 1948. 1726. Gerald Anhur: b. 18 Feb. 1933 . 1727. Shirley:b.21No.,. 19:34. . 1728. George Robert: b.: 18~o •• 1931. .' 1729. StaDley aicbald: b. 13, Sept. 1942 Sal~ Lake City, Ute 1730. Carol AIm:b. 10 !tOY. 1943 Lake"Clty. Utah. 1731. Sherry: b. 10 AiWU1947, salt Lake Cl~, Utah. IuneCoolDbs:



1660 •. by Herm~ ~blt", Parents: .Da'lld Coomb.aa.d Theresa BtUlJJga. 80m: 29 Sept-188la, Fountain Green, Utah. Married: Sept. 8, 1900. End. 14 Feb. 1907 1732.M.anba Bullard: Cbildren: 1733.· Iasper Ray: b. 27.NO~.1901 •. Lylnan,U~ 1'734. FaDDYGayle: b.20 Aug. 1903, Tbuzber, Ute Married: Cecil Pierce. . 1736. Theresa: b. 22 June 1906. Tbulber, Ute 1736. William Richard: b. 28 Peb. 1909, Thmber, Ptah. 1737. Beth: b. 8 Aug. 1911~ Pmy,SaDllOckCo", Ida~ 1738. Mary: b. 10 Sept. 1913, Pezry,Bamiock Co., Ida. 1739~ George Bullard: b. 17 Aug. 1915 (SEW bam).

1736. Wtl11amR1chard Coombs. Parents: ~y Hennan Coombs' and .MarthaBullard 80m: 28 Peb. 1909. Thuzber, Utah. 1751. Enid Sumner at Parowan, Uta~ Oivorced. 1751-a. PraDCisGenevieT8. Iue, Bom: 19 Nov., 1919 . Malried:29 Mar. 1947, san Franscisco, CaUf. Child: . 1751-b. Richard Paul: b.8 May 195~, Polson, Montana. 87


zxecra \....oueu :




1:1"1) ....

eaar \....uy. ut,

!'lots. Rex floyd; b. 12 July 1926. Burley. Ida. 1769. David Russell: b. 31Jaa. 1928, Burley. Ida.

1737. Beth Coombs: PareDts: Ra. y Hennaa Coqmbs aDd Martha BulUrd Born: 8 AUg. 1911 Perzy BaanockCQ" Ida. 1753. Malried: Cecil Wilber Beatty. July 1931. St. George. Ut. BOrD:25 Sept. 1908. Token111e,Ut. Children: all bom In Ce4ar City. Utah. 1754. ldartbaKaye:. b. 29Arp. 1931. MalZled: EImer Lee Liiti 19 Dec. 1951. LiDdolloUtah. 1755. R1chaEd Cecil: b. 23, Dec. 1935' Bp. at PaysoD. Utah. 1756. MaE)' Louise: b. 10 May 1937 Bp~ at ProYo. Utah. 1757. StaDley: b. 20 May 1939 Bp. at Provo. Utah. , 1754. Manba Kaye Coombs. Parems:CecU WebberB_tty and Beth Coombs. Bom: 29 April 1931, St. George Ut. 1754~a. Elmer Lee Lilt. Born:'25 Sept. 1908.

1761. Ona Ivie: PareDu: Perry Floyd IYie And}fephzibJ.h Bom: 9 Dec. . 1907, .Loa. t,1t. 1770. Married: Walter ~e81ackmore. salt ~ke City,' Utah. . DOfamUy. 1762. Evert Coombs lYle.

meD Coombs.
28 JUDe 1937,

aDd Hepbz1bahEUm Coombs BolD: 2(. Dec. 19,10, ~urley Ule . 1711. Married: Helen EliZl..1Oad:l. 1 Oct. 1933. Burley. Ida. Children: . '. .' DuaDe Uoyd: b. 25 )1I1y 19M, Burley, Idaho DiaD JeaD: b. 18 Nov. 1989, Woodland. Ca1ifomia V~JlEYert: b. 23 Mar.,lN4 •. WoodJ'lld. Caltfoaua 1775. Carole ADDe:b. 31 Ja~ 19.... WCJOdIaad. CaUfomia. 1776. ~Neal: b., 28 ~aa.194'7. W~. CaUfomia. 1763. BurroD AlQlal"fifl. PareDtS: PeErYFloyd 1ft and Hepbz1bahEllm Coombs Bom: 27 Feb. 1912. Loa, Utah. . . 1777. MaIf1«=d:Mal)' Loretta ~ 17 July 1935, Parems:oa'rid~eDMIl_d· Mary ~icho1s. Bom: 8 Sept. 191'7. Burley. lclaho~ .... . ChUckeD: 1778. JaDe: b. 15 April 1937, Burley, Idaho. 1779. Jay BuRcm: b. 29 Sept. 1941, Burley.Idaho 1780. Wayne Kay: b. 25 May 1943, Burley, ldabo. 1'181. Linda Ruth: b. 31 Oct. 1948,EQa_. Cleaoa. 1782" ~~ Dav~d:b. ~. $cpr. 1951,.·Eugene.Ortsaa. 1778. JaDe: Parems: BurtOIlAl~Ivie~~.~.lpIeR!l CbriateaIen 80m: 15AprU 1937, Burley. IdahO. 1783•. Ma1l'11d: JobnG.' 25 JUIle 19&4. SprlDgfleld, Oregoa. '. . 1772. 1773. 1774.

ParentS: Pezri PloydIne

17M-b. Lee Ann Bom: 28 Sept. 1953, Cedar City. Utah. Bp. .

1~38. Mary C~bs: Parems; . Ray Herman Coombs and Mar1;ba' Bullard. 80m: '10' Sept.'.19 la, Perry, BlDDOCkce,; IdahO. Died: 12 Apr. 1935, Juneau, Ala,ka. 1758. Married: Charla LeRoy Qozler at PalOwallo Ut. , Malrted:2~d Theresa COombs FOIZeu.. . Child: 1759. P~a:f.ct..aEl1en:b~ 23 Mar. 1931. Ce.,Cty. Utah.

1759. Patr1ciAEllen Oozier PareDts: Ciwles LeRoy Oozier aDd Mary Coombs. 80m: 23 Mar~ 1~31 Cedar City. Ut. 1759 -a, Mamed:Jesse Owen Norman 29 ~y 1952. San Mateo CaUfom1a. ... 80m: 17 July 1929. Parents: Mr. aDd Mrs. WUI NODD&~ Child: 1759-a. ~~Lee: b. 20 Dec. 1952, SaD Mateo. Calif.





Lydi& Ivle: Parems: Pelf}' Floyd 'Ine aDd Hepaebah 1il1eD Coombs Bom: 18 APru'1916, .Thatcher, . Idaho. . 178,4.'MaDled: George AlO~{N1cSeClOD,,6 NOT. 1931. Burle' "-IdahO. ... . .. .

ChUcllt~: ....•... :;

1785. Darwin Karl: b. 1 AprU 1932. Burley, ld!&bo. '1661. Hephzibah .Ellett Coombs: ':, Parents:· David Coombs abd Theresa Sillings 1786. Robert floyd: b~19 Sept.'l~O. Burley. Idaho. 1787. ~w11ll!ven:b. 26 N~T.·1~2~ ~1ex1co,Cal1f. Bom: 9 Dec. 1884 FOUDtliDGreeD. Uuh. .Dled:9'Nov. 1954. 1760. Pezry Fl()yd lYle. 1785. Da'rwiD Kail: Cbildren: Parems: George Alonzo AIldeISOD aDd Lydia ITltl• 1761. Oaa: b. 9 Dec. 1907, Loa. Wayne Co •• Ut. Bom:1 April 1932.. lIurley. I~ho. 1?62.EvertCoombs: b.24 J;)ec. 1909, ,Burley Cassia Co., 1785-a,Marrled:fJobbie Sue ~el. 8 Aug~ 1953, GreeDTUle. Idaho. . S. CarollDa. 1763. Burton Alma: b. 27Peb. 1912. Loa, Wayne Co•• Ut. She was preT1o~ly~~ed. to. ME.. MoftOllo They had a 1764. Lydia: b. 18 Apr.1916,Tbatcher. BaDDock C:o.~Idaho. 4&~gbte~: . 1765. Rutl:1: b. 22 Apr. 1918. Thatcher, ·BaDllOckCo.,Idaho. 1785-b. L~Dda SUUDIl.e Monon: b. 2SSept.1S49, GreeDv11le 176~. PereyJay:b. 1 Apr. 1920 Thatcber. Bal1llOckCo •• Idaho. s, C4~UD.a. 1767. Theresa: b. 7 Mar, 1922, LogaD. Utah .' 88

1765. Ruth IvaI. Palenu: Perry Floyd lviita.r1d Hephzitb&hEllen Coombs 8om:.22 Aprtll9l8" Tate". Idaho. 1788. Muried: Karl Elmer Whitaker. 22 JUDe 1938, Burley. Idaho.

1739. 1790. 1791. Ivie: b. 29 Sept. 1937. Burley. Idaho. Lee Otto: b. 1 MAy 1939.Builey,ldaho. Judy: b. 13 Feb. 1942, Pocatello, Idaho.

1805. Guy Lewis Coombs: Pareaul Georg. LewisCoombs.ad, Mae "Uliams Bom: 20 Aug~ 1918, Teasdale,Ut; 19l5. Married: Phyllis Irene Wyllie, 11 AUg. 1943, Salt, Lake City. Children: 'bom- chlldreilboal frllUchIlfttd. Utabo 1816. Martha MaeCootabs: b. 24 May 1945. 1817. Geotge WylHe:b. 61~ 1948. 1806. Barbara Coombs: Parents: George LewfsCoomRaad Mae Bom: 9 Noy.. 1980, Teasdale, Utah. 1818. Guy G. Pace Children: 1819. Richard: 1820. Phillip:

1767. There •. I-de: Palenu: Pezry Floyd lYle aDd Repuebah Ellen Coombs Baril:'" May 1922, Logaa. Utah 1792. Malried: victor J. Aldrich, 27 Oct. 1939', Blaiey. Ida. Children: 1793. Victor Perry: b. 29 Oct. 1940, Burley Ida. (still bom) 1794. ViYian Bobble: be 1Mar.; 1942. Rupertj Ida. 1795. Ellen su.tted1; b. U Mar. 1~ Rupert. Ida. 1796. Earl Vlctor:b... 14 July 1944. Rupert. Ida. 1797. Doaa1c:l Kenneth: b. 17 Sept, 1947 •. Rupert. 'l~ 1798. Jack Eldon: b. 15 JUDe 1949,Rupert, Ida. 1769. DaYld Ruuell lYle: . Parena: Perry floyd lYle aid Hephzabah E1lenC'OOmbs Bom: 31 Jaa. 1928, Burley. Ida. 1799. Mlm.ed: Helen Wllaa Wixom, 25 Noy. 1947fIdaho Falls, Idaho.


1800. 1801. Marllyn: b. SlOat. 1948.· Rupeftt IdahO. Nancy Kay: b. 28 July 1952. Burley, Idaho.

1662. George. Lewis Coombs: Parena: Dnid Coombs and TheresaBWtDp. Bom: 7 Jan. 1887. TbUlber, Uf,. 1802. Mae Wlllfama. Children: all bom lD Te&tdalet Wayne Co.. U~h.· 1803. Bem1ce: b. 19 Peb. •. 913. 1 1804. Lorea: b. 31 Aug•. 1918. 180S. Guy Lewis: b. 20 AUg. 1918 1808. Barbara: b. 9 Nov. 1920. 1807 •. Laura: b. 1803. ·Bemice Coombs: ParelW: Geolge Lewis Coombs and Mae Williams Bom: 19 Peb.1913, TNsd.Jle, Ut. 1808. Mlmed:WWiur CUlyleBaker, 8 Apr.· 1938. PareDts: Eugene Haywatd Baker aDd .Rhoda .Cotton.. 80m: 14 Sept. 1909~ Rlcbflelct. Utah. Children: all bom ill Teasdale. Utah. 1809. Miry LoD'alDe: b. 4 Dec. 1933.1810. RodDey Carlyle:b. 26 Sept. 1942. 1811. Stanford: b. 13 July 1949. 1804. Lorea Coombs: Parena: George Lewis Coombs and Mae Williams 80m: 31 Aug. 1916. Teasdale, Utah. 1812. Elmo Tryon Hall. Children: 1813. Coombs: b. 29 Feb. 1940. SaUna. Utah. 181~. Kathleen:

1683. Miry EliZiCOomht:. Parenu: Dayid Coombs aDd Theresa Billings Bom: 10 Marcb 1889.ThUlber, Utah. 1821. Fred Baker, Logan Utah. Childrea: 1822. Gwea:b.22 Nov. 1907, 8tckDen,WayaeCO., Uf,. 1823. ValleYer: b.7 Apr. 191I{Thatchei, 81I11lOCkCo.. Ida. 1824. Treat b,; 810. 1910.BldcDell,Wayae Co.. tIt. 1825. Frederlck Wayne: b. 3 July 1914, Thatcher. Ida. Died 22 May 1936. Soda SptlDpi Idaho. 1826. Bane.: b. 16 'May 1923~_ymond.Alb_,Caaada. 1827. Bernice: b. 16Mayl923,Raym_,-~Canada-. Died: 24 May 1925. Burley,I'" 1828. La Von: b. 3 Sept. 1927, Burley I Idaho 1829. David M:arliil' COombs: b. 14 'May 1929.LOpaC&Sh Co. Utah.


1822. Gwen Baker: Parents: Fredrick W.8&ker and BUza Mary .COombs. " Bom:22 Noy. 1907 BlckweU. Wayne Co.. Utah 1880. MImed: James Vance WUsaa. ., Mit.; 1Mt.Seattle. Washlngtoa. Sealed: 11 Jaa. 1948. Children: all bom tnLogaa. ClcbeCo. ,-Utah. 1831. Mazy ADD:b. 14 Apg. 1943 Bp. 30 Aug. 1961 Sealed to parel1tS: ll1aa. -1948.' 1832. erae James: b. 24']UDfl 1946. 188a. Pbyllis,Joy: b. 2 Sept. 1949. 1823. Vanever Baker: Parenti: Predrlck W. BakerlDd EUzacMJryCoOmbs. Bom: ., April 1912. Thatcber,lclabo. 1834. Mazried: Ralph W. Jeppson. 5 Sept. 1950. Idaho Falls, Idabo. 1824. Trent C. Baker: Parena: Fredrick W. Baker and EUZ.MaryCoombs. Bom: 8 Jan. 1910BlckDell, Wayne ce., Utah. 1835. Married: Syhia smith. 17 JUlie 1932, Brigham City, Ut. Children: 1836. Zenith Ray: b. 17 Aug. 1933. Burley. 11:l&ho. 1837. Janet: b. 29 Sept. 1934. Smithfield. Ut. D.26 Apr. 1935 89

.J ....








rreStoD, toano.

1~3'3. Joyce: b. 17 June 1938. Preston, Idaho. 1840; Fredrick wayne: b. 25 May 1939. PrestQDi Idaho. IS·H. Deborah AI1I1: b. 6 May 1950, Bl-lrley,Idaho~ 182S. Barzee Baker: Parents: fred Bakc;ralld Mary Eiju· Coombs 80m: 16 May 1923, .Ra)'Ql~4, Al~.Ca.Ilada. 1826-&. t-.Jarried:· loaDlleBaUif, 2QOc;t. 19~0. Logan Temple. 80m: 7 July 1931. Children: 1826-b.; Duris: b.19 Dec. .1951. 1826-c. Bonnie: b•. ~8 Ja~ 19.52. 182G-d. Colleen: b. 29 Dec. 1952. 1829. David Marlin Coombs Baker: Parents: Fred Baker and Mary Eliza Coombs~ Bom: 14 May 1929, Logan cache ce., Ute 1829-1.. Child: 1829-&. Married: Marilyn £am~, 21&14 1952 at Logan, Ute Scott: b. 1 Apr. 1953, Mlg.n,Ut.

Children: 1858. ~1arie: b. 17 July 1950. Salt Lake. City, uUb_ 185.9. Marl.lyn: b.22· May,·1952 1860. Carol:b. 1 Aprill954"Salt Lake City, Ur.ah. . 1860-1.. Lu AM. b,

1'7 May. 1955.

Salt Lake City. Ut.

Child: 1860 -d.

Married: Hansen from Joseph City. Arizona Son:

b. "July 1955.

1860-e. Elaine Coombs: Parena: Ephriam Coombs and. Florence MarySrlow 8:01'0;27 March 1931 1860-f.Married: l\QWldy. Salt Lake City. Utah. . Child: 1860-g. Wendell CoolTlbs.b. 28 Dec. 1954. 1665.'

twrtet Theresa Coombs: Parents:' DI¥tcICOO1ubi ·auct Theresa 'BllliDgS

1828. LaVon Baker: Parents: fredr1Qk W.. Bak.ar ud Eliza Mar y Coombs. Bom:3.$ept. 1927 8~ey ,Idabo. 1842. MarJiecl:. Wilf~ Han:lmoa.lO Noy. 1950, ReDO, Nn. 1664.

Epbratm Hyrum Coombs:
.DI,YiciCooJDba· qd T:beresa 8UlU1gs


April 1891, ·I\ldrlch,· Ur.ab. 1843. florenc. ~J'YSQQW. Children: 1844. Ephraim CliD,ton: b.21 May 1921; Teasdale. Wayne Co. , Utah. All me rest of the children were bam in Boulder, Garfield COUDlY. Utah. 18~S. Kay Sqow: b.7J;)ec. ·1922. 1846. Eva: b.' 23 May 1926. 1847. s.,rab ~y: b. 17 Apr. 1927 1848. Karen: b. 29 Aug. 1929. 1849. Elaine: b. 27 Mar. 1931. 1850. Hamet ThereJ&.:b. U May 19.32. 1851. Anne: b. 6 Jan. 19341852. Lary Snow: b. 30 July 1935•. 1853. Anthon Ward-:·.b. 16;JuQe 1939•. 1854. Vard Snow: b e . 24 f~l9.42. 1850. Robert Alonzo·: ·1943. ..


80m: 23 'Feb~ 1S93Aldr1~ Ute 1861.WUlie.Lars Davis.:: Died 9 luly 19$4.'· .. Children: all bom 1D Salem, Ute 1862. Donna Lavem: b. 8 Apt. 1913. 1863.Cuittt,Coombsl b.280cto '1914 Died. 2 May 1916. 1864. Lula:b.21Oct.1917. 1865. Even Coo.mbs: b. 6 Dec. 1919 1866. Ervin Clair: b. 22 Jwae 1925. 1867. ClaUd I..:;j).;iI8Nov.1930.

1862. Donna LaVern Dn... : Parem: Willie Lars DaYl$:and Hamet There&a Coombs: Bom:,SAprU1913 Salem, Ute 1868. Married: Marshan s, ,Nuttall, 25 July 1931,Provo, tIt. Children: all bom ill Salem. Utah. 1869~· Marsha:b • .13 Jan. ·1938. 1870. Richard: b. 10 No\". 1940. 1871. Judy: b. 25 Oct. 19.6. 1864. Lula Davis: Parents: Willie Lars Daris and Harriet Tbereta Coombs Bom: 21 Oct. 19l:7 salem Utah. 1872. Mamed: Fabian Garren: 10 JUDe 198'7, ·Maast. Ute

1873. Mema: b. 2 Sept.1938,Nepbi.'Ut. 187~.B~Cty 10: h,,:4Nov.l'$41,Nephi,Ot. 1~7~. I<ayLyD.Q~b.31May'194'l', PaytQD. 1876. Susan: b•.·6: lilt. 1950', PaYSGD.Ut.



1844. Epbriam Clinton Coombs: j)arents~ ~~m tlyrumCoomb$ &IlOFlorenceMary Snow Bom: 21 May 1921, Te~e. U~ 1856.M.arrled:~~ry Mantbey, 11 Dec. ,194i.Portland Ore. Children: 1856. James Douglas: b. 25 Feb. 1950. Portland. Oregon. 18~6. Eva Coombs: Parents: Ephriam liyrumc:oombsand i=lorenceMary Snow Bam: 23 ~lay 192~ •. Bol.Jlcler. Ute 1857: Married: Eugene Woodruff Whitaker. 10 June .1949. in Sall ~l<e.Ci ty, Utah. 90

1865. Evert Coombs Daris: Parents: Willie Lars Dans aDd·liamet Theresa Coombs Bom: 6 Dec, 1919. Salem, Ut. 1877. Married: Edna May Bissell. 5 Sept. 1944. Neosheo. Mo. Children: 1878. Michael: b. 4 Nov. 1942, PaySOD,Ut. (child of Edoa May by former marriage). 1879. Sandra: b. 22 Jan, 1945. Payson, Ute 1866. Ervin Clair Da vis:

PareDU: Wlllie Lars Dans and Harriet TheresaCoornbs Bortl: 22 1UDe 1925,· Salem, Ute 1880. Married: Helen Patten, 21u1y 1945, RedwO(Jd,CaUf. ChUdreD: . 18fJl.. Lyanette: b. 9 Sept. 19", PaysoD.; Ute l881-a. Barbara l881-b. RDaald .EMI1 isai-e. Craig Ryan: b. "Oct. 1954. 1867. Claud L. Dnts: Parenu: WUUe Lars DaTls and Harriet Theresa Coombs Bom: 18 Nov. 1930', Salem, Ut. D. 12 July 1953. 1878-.. M&med:lst. Marie Yuhymps, 26 Feb. 1953 80m: 8 March 1936, Rorbnom, Gennany 1860. EmUy Coombs: . Puena: Dnid Coombs and Theresa Billings 80m: 29 Feb. 189', Th¢er, Ute 1882. Malried: Thomas A. Coven. Cbildren - ftnt four bom til Thatcher, Idaho. 1883. Staaford Coombs: b. 81UDe 1916. 1884. MaIy: b. 22 Apr. 1923. 1885. Keim Abner: b. 3 AU8~1918. 1886. Prtel: b. 15 luly 1920. 188'1. Glen Coombs: b. 21 Oct. 1928, Logan, Ute 1888. aessle Covert: b. 19 Dec. 1932, Smithfield, Ute 1889. Quinton Gaylord: b. 7 Mar. 1940. Logan, Ute 1883. StaDdford Coombs Coven: Parenu: Thomas A. Coven ad ErD1ly Coombs. BolD: 8 lUDe 1916. Thatcher, Idaho.·· 1890. Mazrted: Roxine C&Dkle. 8 Ju. 1941, Salt Lake City, Utah.

1899. 1900. 190-1. 1902.

Dale Pran::b.7 M~r. 1925, Lyman, ut. AUeen b. '25 OCt. 192"1, Lyman,Ut. Bryce Coombs: b. 8SE!Pte 19S2, TeaSdale,Ue George Williatthb. '1 May 19M, Lyman. Utah.

1899. Dale Pran: Chappel; Parents: Harrison Pratt Chappel aDd Vaaevet Nay Coombs Bom: 7 Mar. 1925. Lymaai.Ut. 1903. Malried: ADD& Louise Low, 30 July 1949. SaUDI, Ute Children: ' 1904. Kirk Dale: b. 19 Jan. 1950. sauDI, Ut. Dtid.15 JWie;1~50~ Tacoma, Wash. 1904-a. StephnieAmi: b~ 26JMy 1954, SaliDa, tIt. 1900. Aileen Chappel ParenD;' H&rtlsotl PrItt Chappe1IDd VaaeYerNay COOmbs Bom: 25 Oct. 1927, Lyman, Ute 1900-a. Mlaied: Blaine Webster. 30 Sept.. 1954. Salt'Lake: Temple. Par.~nu; Aaron Mathew Webster aDd Thina Marle Hansen. Titus WUll.m Coombs: Parents: Davld CoombhDd Theresa BUlings. 12 Aug. 1899 Thurber. Ute 1905. Blanche Etta Allen. Chndleo: 1906. William LeOeCle: b. 24 Sept. 1923, Teasdale, Ute 1907. .'EU.en: b.l 29 Oct. 1923. Thatcher, Idaho 190B.· pandAUeil: b. 5 Dec. 1928. LoSara. Utah 1909~ Etta: b. 7 New•. 1929, Thatcher. Ida. D. ., Nov. 1929 ·1910.EvelYDlb~ 19 Dec. 1932, Logan, Ute 1668.
, I


1884. Mazy Coven: ParenD: Thomas A. Coven and EmtlyCoombs. 80m: 22 Apr. 1923 Thatcher. Idaho. 1891. Married: Orville B. Shulz, 1'11uae 1944. Tucsoa. Adz. Cbndreo: 1892. Paul: b. 9 Sept. 1946. Wgara..Utah. 1893. Thomas Eric: b. 8 Aprtl 1948. Ogden, Utah. 1894. Martarma: b. 14 Aug. 1940. Wasbillg1Dll, Do C. 1886. Prtel Co.,ert: Patentl: Thomas A. Coven aDdsmay Coombs 80m: 15 July 1920, Thatcher, Idaho' 1895. Married: John Hemy Bu:rrall, 12 Apr. 1948 Logan. Ute CblldreD: 1896. John H. Burton: b. 29 Jan. 1949, Logan, Utah. 1887. Glen Coombs Covert: Parents: Thomas A. Covert and EmUy Coombs 80m: 21 Oct. 1928 Logall, Utah. 1897. Mazried: Elaine Hansell, 9 Dec. 1949, Logan, Ute 186'1.VaQever May Coombs: lIarenu: Dnid Coombs and Theresa BUlings 80m: 28 No.,. 1897 Thurber, Utah. 1898. Harrison Pratt ChappeL Chndren:

1906.. ·•WUltam· teOede Coombs: PareaU:Ttcus wtniam Coombs and BJanche Etta Allen Bom:24 Sept. 1923 Teasdale. Ute ·1911. Martifd: Kathleen Boxie 9 Mar. 1946. Jacksonville. Florida. . ·'Cbi1dren: au:b6m til Soda SpdDgs, Idaho 1912,; Kath1ee1b b. 25 Dec. 1946. 1913. Sb&roaabi.2'lUDe 1948. 1914;. WUllamsherwood: b. 12 Aug. 1950. 190'1. Eiieencoombs: PaneDtI: Titus WUllam Coombs UJd Blailche Etta Allen Bonu29 Oct. 1925, Thatcher, Idaho. 1915.Mlmed:: Max E. Smith. 2 Sept. 1944. tan Antonio. Texas. Children: 1916. Richard Max: b. 3 Nov. 1945, Soda SpriDgs. Ida. 1917. Gordon Coombs: b. 8 Sept. 1947, Soda SprfJlgs. Ida. 1918. Deanne: b. 21 Apr. 1950-, Logan, Utah. 1908. David Allen Coombs: Parena: tituS Wm. Coombs and Blallche Etta Allen 80m: 5 Dec. 1928 Logan. Utah 1919. Mamed: Anne LaRue Paskins, 27 Oct. 1948, Logan Ut. Childrell: 1920. David Keith: b. 7 Nov. 1950, Socia Springs,lda. 1921. &nest Larson

1610. Rachel Coombs Married: Eraest Larson: Parents: David Joshua Coombland IT)' Thompson :lorn: 12 Oct. 1900. Thulber, Ut. ,Md. 21 oee, 1922. Children: all bOlD III ThatQber. Idaho. 1922. Wanda: b. 30 Aug. 1923. 1923. Lell£: b. 9 July 1928. 1924. Robert saacll: b•. 26 'lao. 1939. 1925. Roberta: b. 25 Jail. 1939. 1926. Clarence B. Lewls 1612. Orel ~y Coombs: Parents: Dalid. Joshua Coombs and Ivy TholDPSOD Born: 2 May 1905 Thurber. Ute Mad. 6 July 1922 ChUdreD: 1927. Nlel C. : b. 18 July 1923. 1928. Kay: b. 5Jao. 1927. D. 20 Dec. 1934.

1673. OavidJi!lsseCoombs: PareDts: David Joshua Coombs and Ivy Thompsoo . ·Bom: 13 Oct. 1907, m 1929. MArried: Bemee Basset, 22 Mar. 1930. ChUdreD: 1930. Colleen Coomb.: b. 5 Dec. 1932 Mamed: Dale Faukel, 1 July 1949. (dlY. 1951) 1931. Ialkey Coombs: b. 1931-a. Married: DeaD Moore, 5 July 1951. 1932. Mamed: Donald Jea Coombs, b. 1 July 1934.

GRANO CHILDREN lad GREA T GRANO CHILDREN WHO SA VE FILLED LA TTER. DA Y SAINT MISSIONS GRAND CHILDREN Lorea Coombs Hall. au. of George aDd May Coomb. &aIlem Srata. Guy L.. Coombs ... of George and May Coomb •• Weltem States 1940-42. En CoGmbs Whitaker. dau. Epbr1&m and FJoreace Coombs Nonhem Callfomta. 1946-48. SaAh May Coombs. dIu. EpblUm and Floreuce Coombs NQftb.em State •• 1948-50 • . Priel Covert, dau. EmUy Coombe aDd Tbomu CoYert Eastern States, 1945-47. BqzeeBaker. Ie Frederick aDd Mary J5. Coombe Baker CZechoIloYika.1947 -49 • . AUeen Cbappell. dau. Pran and Vaneyer CooIDbI Cbappel
WenemSt.ate ..


C. Hansen. .. Virgil aDd. Maud Coomb.Hamen MgiCloD M1.1o!1o 1948--50.


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