It has been over a century from the time Dunlop patented his 'mummified wheel' to the modern radial tyres of today. Yet with all the improvements a tyre has undergone, one thing remained unchanged, which is only when it is inflated to the optimised level and that inflation is kept constant that it can deliver maximum comfort and performance. This is one of the basic reasons all tyre manufacturers try to focus on in the development stage of a tyre which can have the best air retention ability.

What Makes A Tubeless Tyre?

In place of the tube in a normal tyre, the tyre and the rim of the wheel form an air container in a tubeless tyre. To 'seal in the air', in this tyre-rim compartment, the inner wall of the tyre is thoroughly lined with an impermeable, air-tight membrane. A tubeless tyre also comes with a soft rubber chaffer, distinct from a rubberised fabric chaffer in a tubed tyre. This works as an all-round air seal between the tyre and rim.

From the cross-ply to the radial to the tubeless
Radials may be about 25 per cent costlier than similar sized cross-ply tyres but they may give upto 8-0 per cent more mileage and also afford the other intangible benefits in superior ride quality and better grip and control, factors which have become commonspeak even in India today.

Advantages of a Tubeless Tyre over Conventional Tube Tyre
A tubed tyre is reduce the friction and heat generated between the tube and the inner surface of the tube which reduces life of the tube. In a tubeless tyre the inner layer of the tyre is the tube itself. This layer is made of a material like halo-butyl which is basically resistant to heat and reduces permeation of air.

The weight of the tube inside a tyre adds weight, affecting handling characteristics and overall performance. The lack of a tube reduces weight and improves dynamic ability. The lack of a tube also reduces rolling resistance caused by friction between the tyre and tube. The lower rolling resistance, lesser weight and the tubeless tyre's capability to uniformly retain air improve fuel efficiency

Using this technology we can improve fuel efficiency and also reduces puncture as in tubeless tyre penetration into the tyre are sealed of the rubber is self. As a result leakage of air does not take place and if it does it is minimal.

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