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As strange as it sounds, you can actually send a real postcard—just the kind your
technophobic great-grandfather can hold in his hand, with a stamp on it—right
from your iPhone. If the idea strikes you as a throwback, just think about the possi-
bilities. Imagine you’re on vacation in Utah—or Uganda—and you want to scribble
a few postcards to your friends or parents. With these iPhone apps, you can safely
shun all those gaudy postcards at trinket shops and send one of your own images.
In fact, you don’t even have to worry about buying a postcard and licking a stamp.
You just fre up the app, choose your photo, adorn it with a border and maybe
stickers, grab an address right from your contacts, and essentially say, “Please
print and send this for me.” Soon enough, a company located who-knows-where
will print your postcard and send it off for you.
You will have to pay for this. Though the apps available for sending postcards
are free, the actual postcards typically cost between $1 and $2.

Bill Atkinson PhotoCard Lite

Cards cost two credits, with the
price of the card between $1.50
and $2, depending on how many
credits you buy. This is my personal
favorite, with oversized postcards,
stickers to apply to your message,
and high-quality printing.

goPostal (PrintYourLife.com; free)
Postcards sent from the iPhone
cost $1.29 with this app.

HazelMail Postcards (HazelMail
.com; free) Cards cost $1 each
when you buy prepaid HazelBucks.

Postino (AnguriaLab; free) You
can buy one stamp to send a card
for $1.99, with discounts if you buy
more than one stamp at a time.
The app lets you create a genuine
signature for your postcards (see
Figure 7-36).

QNOTe: Want to send something even more retro than postcards through the

mail? How about a photo booth strip? The Wink app (Shutterfly; free) lets you
create and send printed photo booth strips from your iPhone. Specialized
photo booth apps let you send your strips via email (see Chapter 6).

Figure 7-36: Use your finger to
sign your postcard with Postino.

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