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Once you have a lot of apps of every imaginable type, it can be a challenge to fnd
the one you want, when you want it. If you’d like to take or edit a photo, you don’t
want to have to scramble through your iPhone’s Home screens—Apple’s name for
the multiple screens of apps on your phone—to fnd the app for it.
You have a couple of options. You can create one or more folders for your pho-
tography apps and then place these folders in one of your iPhone’s Home screens.
Or you might just choose to place all of your photography apps on one Home screen
if you don’t like the hassle of folders. Up to 12 apps ft on one Home screen.
I like to keep the Camera and Photos apps on my frst Home screen, where
they’re easily accessible. I also have separate folders for different types of photog-
raphy apps—utilities, replacement cameras, and so forth (see Figure 2-9). And I
have one folder, Photo Faves, with my current favorites. I place that one in the dock
at the bottom of my iPhone, where it’s accessible from any Home screen. By tap-
ping a folder, I have easy access to its contents (see Figure 2-10).

Figure 2-9: Consider placing
different types of photogra-
phy apps in separate folders.

Figure 2-10: A folder just for
camera replacement apps

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32 | Chapter 2

To create folders for your photog-
raphy apps, follow these steps:


Press and hold your fnger on an
app you would like to include in a
folder. Your apps will start jiggling.
2. Drag that app atop another one,
which will create a new folder with
the two apps.
3. Your iPhone automatically sug-
gests a name for the folder—typi-
cally Photography for photo apps
(see Figure 2-11). You can change
that name by tapping the X in the
feld with the name and then typing
a new name.
4. Add additional apps by dragging
them into the folder. You can have
as many as 12 apps in one folder.
5. Tap the Home button when you’ve
fnished adding apps to the folder.

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