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Published by: lexluxor on Sep 22, 2011
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Ever go to a model-train show around the holidays? Wow, the crowds! Everyone
loves miniature models, with their brightly painted fgures and painstaking details.
Close-up photos of models, with their oversaturated, dream-like look, have their
own appeal. TiltShift Generator lets you re-create the look of a close-up photo-
graph of such a scene right on your iPhone, using everyday images. The name
of the app, in fact, is a tribute to the traditional method for achieving this effect,
known as tilt-shift photography—a method requiring tilting the lens (or sometimes
the flm plane) to generate the effect. Even with an app, the iPhone version of tilt-
shift photography requires a bit of planning in order to have a photo that’s right for
the fake miniature effect. Don’t expect to take any image and be able to transform
it with a fake miniature look. The look often works best when you have an image
shot from above, looking down upon a scene with your “miniature” elements,
such as buildings and roadways. You’re essentially trying to re-create the look of
a model shot from slightly above.
Once you have the right photo, follow these steps:


Load your image, and then tap Blur (see Figure 4-23).
2. Select the area for your blur by choosing the linear or radial blur tools, and
then adjust the area for the blur. In general, for a fake miniature look, you
want to have the scene in the foreground in focus, with other image ele-
ments farther away blurred, as shown in Figure 4-24.

Figure 4-23: Objects in the fore-
ground help you achieve a fake
miniature look.

Figure 4-24: Applying a blur

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3. Next, add saturation and contrast.
Because models are typically lit
by artifcial light and painted with
bright colors, additional saturation
and contrast heighten the minia-
ture model look.
4. Apply a vignette, if you like.
5. Save your image to the Camera
Roll (see Figure 4-25).

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