Materials Needed

Yellow and brown felt Fiberfill Brown Thread Needle Scissors Some machine sewing in addition to some embroidery Use the pattern from page 2 to begin cutting out your banana. Cut the body out of yellow felt (3 sections) and the stem and bottom of the banana out of brown felt. Arrange the 2 identical curved pieces of the banana body together. Sew from the top of the side that curves out to the bottom of that same side. Line up the third {unique} section of the banana body between the curved pieces. Sew the third unique section to the curved sections. You should have 3 seams total. Make sure to leave an opening in the top of your banana. Before you turn your banana right side out, check to see you have overlapped your stitches on the bottom of the banana to securely close it off. If you haven’t, go back and sew across the bottom of all sections. Turn your banana right side out and generously stuff with fiberfill. When fully stuffed, stick the raw unsewn top edges back into the banana. Moving on to the stem of your banana, grab the brown rectangle piece of felt. Fold the felt in half and begin to tightly roll it up. When finished rolling up the stem, secure it with a stitch to maintain the shape. Grab the banana. Insert the rolled up stem into the top of the banana. Again, using your brown thread, secure the stem into the banana with a few stitches. Using the same brown thread, embroider along the seam line. Embroider all three sides, following the seam line. This will give you three brown embroidered lines, down the body of the banana. This will provide more dimension to your banana. To finish, attach the brown circle of felt, with a dab of fabric glue, to the bottom of the banana.


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