Once there was a rebel Who once roamed the mountains And made them her home She

left all her life’s luxuries And set off to the countryside She took up arms with her As she started her journey To her dream of changing the world. She met people with different stories The peasants, the masses, the poor They had known her for the songs she sang She started living a simple life For the struggle she had sworn. She began appreciating the beauty of nature When she rests at every mountain’s peaks But not all her memories are happy.. She experienced climbing steep cliffs during stormy nights She experienced bullets flying an inch above her head As she exchanged fires with her enemies She experienced running away from them with no food or water She experienced crying hard when one of her friends die In every encounter But she stood strong and continued her journey. But that was before.. Everything’s different now… (This poem was made based on the real-life experience of the author)

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