Marks Will be Finalized This Afternoon on the Gamestar Mechanic Project

Research and AnaIysis Stage:
Ɣ Write Up on the 5 Quest Episodes
Ɣ Write Up on 3 Game AIIey games
Ɣ Design Brief

Designing Stage:
Ɣ Design Specifications
Ɣ Spirits TabIe
Ɣ Game Design Sketch

ReaIizing the SoIution Stage:
Ɣ Game PIan
Ɣ TechnicaI SkiIIs
Ɣ FoIIowing the PIan
Ɣ ExpIaining changes made to the PIan
Ɣ Game Iink

EvaIuate Stage:
Ɣ Summarize Feedback
Ɣ New and Improved Version of the Game
Ɣ Report of Changes
Ɣ Written RefIection on project

DigitaI Citizenship:
Ɣ BIocking Facebook in the UK
Ɣ Identity
Ɣ Rude PeopIe OnIine
Ɣ Is bIogging good for you?

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New Project: Game Design -- go to link:
What to work on this week:
Ɣ Make a new tab (page) under your Technology tab. Call this new tab: Game
Design. This new page will be set-up a lot like the Gamestar Mechanic page
with an INTRODUCTION section followed by a RESEARCHING AND
ANALYZING section and the rest of the stages of the Design Cycle.
Ɣ Read through the information about Game Design on the Secondary School
website (link is above).
Ɣ Watch the videos on the Game Design Page (same link as above).
Ɣ Go to and create an account.
Ɣ Play a few games in 6SORGHU to get a feel for what sorts of games can be
made with it. Try to make your own, very simple game with it. Begin writing a
review of 6SORGHU as a game-building tool. This will go in the RESEARCHING
AND ANALYZING section of your project page.

Ɣ Check out the concept-mapping tools listed on the Game Design page.
Choose one that you like and create an account.
Ɣ Take some time to think about all of the different kinds of games and all of the
different kinds of gamers. Use the tool you chose above to begin making
concept maps for games and gamers.