The Mappa Mundi Pitch Document 20‐09‐2011 Charlotte Buchan "The Mappa Mundi is unique in Britain's heritage - an outstanding

treasure of the medieval age which reveals how 13th century scholars interpreted the world in spiritual and geographical terms. The map is undated but bears the name of "Richard de Haldingham e de Lafford", whom some historians have identified as Richard de Bello, Prebendary of Lafford in the diocese of Lincoln during the late 13th century. Together with evidence interpreted from the content of the map, a date of around AD 1290 is considered reliable." – The Mappa Mundi Project Outline The aim of the project is to create environments for an interactive game trailer, using existing locations on The Mappa Mundi as well as certain elements within that section. Using creatures and buildings from certain parts of the map, I aim to create the environments as well as use some of the creatures in the areas I've specified to use as characters. Due to the size of

the map, I will be selecting certain areas with which to work with. The areas chosen will be: • Jerusalem, including the crucifixion of Christ, • England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland • The Red Sea • The huntsman in the bottom right hand corner (including servant) • Judgment day at the top of the map Aims Being an environment based object, my aims will be to improve my skills in modelling, texturing and lighting an environment. I also aim to improve skills in creating an aesthetically and theatrical animation. Audience and Intended Purpose The intended purpose for this project would be to give the audience the chance to understand what the Mappa Mundi is in an entertaining way. Visuals I aim to create something with a similar style as seen in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: The Three Brothers' and 'A Series of Unfortunate Events ending credits'

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