Force to be applied at a radius of (mm) Max..1mm diameter. with rotary shafts. can be readily changed on the job to operate clockwise. LSPR LTPR LSPRH LCW NLL1. Min.. quick break action and full contact pressure at all times.0 1. Side push operating head The head is also available with an adjustable push button alternatively a metal roller of 11.. twin break silver contacts (normally open / normally closed change over) provide quick make. which are of the spring return variety. NLL2 NLLA.0 2.5 7.1mm dia. Contact block The contact mechanism is enclosed in a phenolic moulding with a transparent thermoplastic front cover. A third type had an adjustable length between 32mm and 82.5 1.) Kg.5 6. are available. Top push operating heads These are available in two designs.5 matter how slowly the switch is operated.0 4.5 - LPGS (mm) 3. Rotary lever operating heads These heads. The single pole double throw.2mm. metal rollers.Heavy Duty Limit Switches BCH Limit Switches are designed with one aim only to help you produce better.. The IP 67 degree conformity makes it more suitable for all adverse applications. There is no point of zero contact pressure . which is a spring return switch moving the extension in any direction from the centre operates the contacts. Operating levers may be rotated and locked on the rotary shaft in any one position.5 2.285 25.5 - 1. with less production down time. Cat whisker operating head (Nylon & Steel Rod) This head has been designed for applications where extremely low operating force is available.faster. The second type has a metal roller of 11.0 - 2. with a fixed length of 38mm and 76. The operating head is adjustable in four 900 apart positions.0 - 20 18o 5o 25o 0. One has an adjustable push button. counter clockwise or in both directions.. The operator consists of a nylon covered wire/steel rod. The levers are provided with 19mm dia.0 1.5 o . Every limit switch that comes off the Bhartia Cutler-Hammer assembly line passes through rigid quality tests before it reaches you .. Operating Data TYPES Travel to Trip A Travel to reset from trip point B Over Travel C Total Travel D Force to Trip (max.7 5.3 1. provided they are connected on the same polarity. NLJW LTPBA LSPBA (mm) (mm) 7-12 6o 34 45 1.0 1. These are designed for small space and low travel application where the actuator travel is perpendicular to the switch. Both the normally open and normally closed contacts can be used simultaneously. through 3600.1 5.5mm. Versions 1NO + 1NC 2NO + 2NC Screw Terminal Pre-cabled Operating Head Type NL Limit Switches are available with a variety of operating heads to meet diverse applications. These limit switches will keep operating in highly contaminated atmospheres and extremely high shock and vibration conditions.1 7. The complete unit can be removed and released without the risk of changing the operating characteristic of the limit switch.8 2. the length of which can be adjusted up to 8 mm.0 28 o LLGS (mm) 4.5 2. Two types of roller lever operators.

5 mm solid or stranded A B C OVER TRAVEL Pilot Devices & Limit Switches Heavy Duty Limit Switch . PRECABLED (1NO+1NC) SCREW TERMINAL CAT NO.0A 60V 0.5A 110V 0. 2NO + 2NC Frequency of Operation : 2500 operations per hour Mechanical Life : 20 x 106 operations Enclosed Category : Zinc die cast enclosure to IP67 2 Terminal Capacity : 2.Roller SP40L1 SP40L2 SP40LA SP40HLG SP40HL SP40HTP B or R SP40HSP B or R SP40CW SP40S1 SP40LF SP40LFO SP40HLM 1NO + 1NC CATALOGUE 15 15 Wiring Diagram 18 16 Must be same polarity 11 11 14 12 2NO + 2NC 21 21 24 22 Must be same polarity .0A 220V 3.2mm Adjustable Maintained Type LL1 Maintained Type LL2 Maintained Type LLA Top Side Top Adjustable Side Adjustable Nylon Rod Steel Rod Roller in same Line Offset Rollers Rolleer in same line Maintained Offset Rollers Angular Roller Top Plunger NLL1 NLL2 NLLA NLL1M NLL2M NLLAM NLTPR NLSPR NLTPBA NLSPBA NLCW NLJW NLLF NLLFO NLLFM NLLFOM LLGS LPGS NLL1C NLL2C NLL4C NLL1MC NLL2MC NLL4MC NLTPRC NLSPRC NLTPBAC NLSPBAC NLCWC NLJWC NLLFC NLLFOC NLLFMC NLLFOMC - NLL1-22 NLL2-22 NLLA-22 NLL1M-22 NLL2M-22 NLLAM-22 NLTPR-22 NLSPR-22 NLTPBA-22 NLSPBA-22 NLCW-22 NLJW-22 NLLF-22 NLLFO-22 NLLFOM-22 NLLFM-22 - NLL1-22C NLL2-22C NLLA-22C NLL1M-22C NLL2M-22C NLLAM-22C NLTPR-22C NLSPR-22C NLTPBA-22C NLSPBA-22C NLCW-22C NLJW-22C NLLF-22C NLLFO-22C NLLFOM-22C NLLFM-22C - Spares DESCRIPTION CODE 38 mm Lever 76.Snap Action Type NL TYPE DESCRIPTION CAT. NO. (2NO+2NC) PRECABLED CAT NO. (2NO+2NC) Roller Lever Push Roller Push Button Cat Whisker Fork Type General Purpose Standard-38mm Standard-76.Button R .Electrical and Mechanical Ratings Utilisation Category Thermal Current (Ith) Insulation Voltage (Ui) : AC15 & DC13 as per IEC947-5 IS 13947-5 : 10A : 600 V AC 240 V DC Linear Motion C D B A Operational Current and Voltage AC15 rating Voltage 110V Rating 6.5A 440V 1.1A A = Travel to trip B = Travel to reset from trip point C = Over travel D = Total travel Angular Motion RESET FROM TRIP 50 0 D TRIP 500 TOTAL THROW Contact Combination : 1NO + 1NC.2A 220V 0.2 mm Lever Adjustable Lever Operating Head Operating Head Operating Head Operating Head Operating Head with Lever Limit Switch Assembly Operating Head in Line Operatng Head Offset Operating Head Maintained B .2A 550V 1. NO SCREW TERMINAL (1NO+1NC) CAT.0A DC13 rating Voltage 24V Rating 1.

25 4.9 4 11.0 56.4mm ADJUSTABLE LEVER TYPE (LA) ROLLER LEVER TYPE (L1 .4 9.50 DIA. THDS.4 17.SOCKET SIZE .7 44.1 12.5 4.0 DIA ROLLER 20.7 7.5 59.7 10.0 11.5 72 0.9 6.4 39. 12.0 SIDE PUSH ROLLER (VERTICAL) 51.L2) TOP PUSH BUTTON ADJUSTABLE TYPE (TPBA) 12. Surface Mounted Side Operated 22º 10.8 74.3 R.8 6.0 2.5 STEEL ROD WHISKER TYPE (JW) SIDE PUSH ROLLER (HORIZONTAL) TYPE (SPRH) ROLLER LEVER TYPE (GS) 35.0 6.5 HEX.1 DIA 19.8 15.00 19.7 107.0 9.0 39.0 16.0 45.7 26.0 156.2 19. THDS.8 MAX.0 M 20 X 1. 2.6 .7 38.4 DIA.7 43. 19. 9 29.4 4.3 DIA PLUNGER 40.0 19.57 DIA.4 19. DIA.2 11.2 DIA 19.5 M 24 X 1. HOLES.7 19. ADJUSTMENT 19.16 DIA.0 10. 76.7 8 MAX.0 8 MAX.0 4.5 TOP PLUNGER TYPE (PGS) 4.0 4.5 DEEP FOR REAR MTG.0 8.4 8.0 MAX.9 1.7 55. 8.7 44. 27.0 50.0 5.4 15.5P.7 22.0 7.5 11.0 95.0 130.7 19.4 39.52 THDS.0 21. MAX.4 9.2 7.7 87. 97. 30.0 6.2 9.2 M5 TAPPED 2 HOLES 9. R 0.8 3.1 7.0 DIA. 8.9 15.0 DIA.8 2. 134.Dimensions Conduit Entry 2 HOLES 5 DIA. ADJUSTMENT DIA.8 45.0 4.7 13.35 NF + 0. General Purpose Limit Switch (LLG) : 300 gms.0 2.0 ¾" DIA. MTG.25R M 20 X 1. FOR FRONT MOUNTING 12.0 16.4 R 0.8 6.5P. 10.5 2.5 42.0 81.25 13.8 MAX. SIDE PUSH BUTTON ADJUSTABLE TYPE (SPBA) NYLON CUT WHISKERS TYPE (CW) Weights : Oil Tight Limit Switches (except type LLG) : 500 gms.0 2.1 DIA 19.6 TOP PUSH ROLLER TYPE (TPR) GENERAL PURPOSE LIMIT SWITCHES 12. 3CONDUT ENTRY 26. 46 22.

8A 3. phenolic case of great physical strength and high arc-resisting capacity. The roller plunger comes assembled either in line with the length of the contact block or at right angles to it. These operators with individual mounting variations afford a high degree of versatility.02A 1.Precision Limit Switches Precision Limit Switches are designed for industrial applications. Top Push Roller Plunger Versatile A wide variety of operators are available for use in combination with the basic switch. Contact Mechanism Quick make & quick break action.0A 0. These are small in size.1A 0.0A 1.3A 0. reliable in operation. Long life on high load applications.5A 0. This allows the roller to accept cam or slide operation from any of the four directions. have exceptionally long life and are accurate.5A 0. The plunger mechanism is of oil-tight construction and prevents any ingress of oil. Serrated-silver stationary contacts.0A 1.0A 0. The wide variety of switch operating mechanisms coupled with the choice of either single pole 1NO + 1NC or double pole 2NO + 2NC changeover contacts permit easy selection and application for many needs. Roller Lever Operational current and voltage AC15 RATING SINGLE POLE (1NO + 1NC CHANGEOVER CONTACTS) These operators are available with either top and right hand mounting or top and left hand mounting and are equipped with a steel roller which may be operated by a cam or some similar actuating device.20A 0.0A 2.2A 0. Operation is provided in both directions. Six Inch (150 mm) Lever Electrical and Mechanical ratings Utilisation category IEC 337-1 and IS Thermal current (Ith) Insulation voltage (Ui) : AC 15 and DC 13 as per : 6875 : 15 A : 600 V AC These operators provide either top and right hand mounting or top and left hand mounting.1A - Mechanical & : 20x106 operations without operator electrical life 10x106 operations with operator Terminal capacity : 2. definite wiping action and high contact pressure assure reliability on dry circuit applications.50A 0. the lever may be formed by the user to satisfy unusual requirements and can be cut or bent to any desired length or shape.0A 0.) . with this do-it-yourself operator.5mm2 solid or stranded conductors Frequency of operation : 2500 operations per hour (max. Types Of Operators Push Button Plunger These are designed for one hole panel mounting. Semi dust-tight moulded. These operations are designed for an in-line actuating motion with controlled over-travel. including coolant. Operators are designed for one hole mounting and are of oil-tight construction.6A With Top Push Roller Operator PSTPRA PSTPR2A assembled in line with contact block With Top Push Roller Operator assembled at right angles to contact block With Six Inch Lever Operator (right hand mounting) With Six Inch Lever Operator (left hand mounting) With Roller Lever Operator (right hand mounting) With Roller Lever Operator (left hand mounting) Without Operator PSTPRB PSTPR2B PSSILR PSSILL PSRLR PSRLL SP20S1 PSSIL2R PSSIL2L PSRL2R PSRL2L SP20S2 DC13 RATING SINGLE DOUBLE SINGLE DOUBLE THROW THROW THROW THROW 115V 230V 600V 2.1A 0. Selection Chart DESCRIPTION With Top Push Button Operator DOUBLE POLE (2NO + 2 NC CHANGEOVER CONTACTS) CATALOGUE CODE 1NO + 1NC 2NO + 2NC PSTPB PSTPB2 110V 240V 440V 600V 4. Low bounce mechanisms.8A 0.

PLATE LOCATION 11.UF 31 ROLLER LEVER 17. 0.25 63.44 79.73-2.50 HOLE REQD. R.3 24.1 DIA. '08 . TO MOUNT SWITCH HEX.6 4 MTG.50 25.3 24.35 19. TO MOUNT SWITCH IND-CONTROL/LIMITSWITCH/3000/JAN'06 RP / 5.000 / Jan.0 0.1 DIA.50 BUSHING SEAL SUPPLIED ON 18. R.44 79.85 1.0 MAX.35 NOM. LOCK NUTS 4.595 Kg FULL STROKE 5. PLATE MINIMUM STROKE REQD. UP 6. 10. HOLES 4.6 1.0 OIL RESISTANCE SWITCHES ONLY LOCKING RING MAX.05 3.5 TOP & REAR MTG.5 14.0 DIA.H.74 66.0 BUSHING SEAL SUPPLIED ON OIL RESISTANCE SWITCHES ONLY 20.25 63.75 PITCH 12. HOLES 4.89mm min. max.POINT that after millions of DIFFERENTIAL (TRIP TO TRIP) 1-27 Max.5 17. 18.3R 10.56-4. 2.75 26.78 LOCK WASHER ROLLER PLUNGER M12 X 0. 20.74 66.5 TOP & REAR MTG. M12 X 0.387 Kg.57 NORMAL The repeat accuracy of individual switch RESET OVERTRAVEL trip points is such 0. 9.68 1.04 2.0 58.38 19.38 LOCKING RING 14.38 2.36 OVERTRAVEL 1. operations they do 2.06 MTG.8 SIX INCH (150 mm) LEVER NOM.18mm not drift more than two or three thousands of an inch.85 39. MOUNTING 35.75 PITCH 12.0 1. 6. MOUNTING FULL STROKE PUSH BUTTON OPERATOR 6.0 14.41-3.75 26.5 11.80 2.76 HEXLOCK NUT MTG.5 2. TO OPERATE SWITCH 8.04 DIA. 46. NOM.0 MAX.8 50.The Repeat Accuracy Of Individual OPERATING PRESSURE min. FULL STROKE DOWN 4 MTG.4 19. 10. 4.65 Max.0 71.0 NOM. 0. 19.46 14.0 58.6 1.50 MAX.20 MAX.5 14.46 4 25 .04 DIA.25 mm 35.0 71. RESET .20 26.6 50. TRIP POINT PRETRAVEL 1.50 HOLE REQD.H.