FADE IN. INT. - Burning Boiler Room - Night CAPTAIN AMERICA runs with JAMES BARNES down the railing above the lava. RED SKULL (0S) Captain America. Captain America and James Barnes stop running. RED SKULL enters. RED SKULL (CONT’D) How exciting. Red Skull’s sidekick, ARNIM ZOLA enters . Red Skull begins walking. RED SKULL (CONT’D) I am a great fan of your Phillips. Captain America begins walking towards Red Skull. RED SKULL (CONT’D) So, Dr. Erskine can manage after all. Still impressive. Captain America punches Red Skull in the face. - Sound CAPTAIN AMERICA You got no idea. RED SKULL Haven’t I? Red Skull tries to hit Captain America, but hits his shield instead - BAM! Captain America pulls out his gun, but Red Skull knocks it out of his hand and punches him - POW! Gun falls - CLING! Captain America kicks Red Skull THWAP! Arnim Zola pulls a lever and the freight bridge pulls Captain America and the Red skull to opposite sides. The fire - BOOM! Red Skull and Captain America stand. RED SKULL (0S) No matter what lies Erskine told you, you see I was his greatest success. Red Skull pulls the mask off his face. (CONTINUED)



Red Skull stares at Captain America JAMES BARNES You don’t have one of those, do you? RED SKULL You are diluted, Captain. You pretend to be a simple soldier, but in reality you are just afraid to admit that we have left humanity behind. Red Skull begins to walk away. Captain America stares at Red Skull, horrified. RED SKULL (CONT’D) Unlike you, I embrace it proudly Captain America continues to stare at Red Skull as he walks away. RED SKULL (CONT’D) without fear CAPTAIN AMERICA Then how come you’re running? Red Skull and his sidekick exist. FADE OUT.

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