asking kip a question on the life of what a busy bee's life means to the rest of us kip replied; could

mr bee, be my first n last thought on the matter 26/04/200710:25:23 am what is to the ( bee ) is to everthing else and is exactly the same to you as it is, is to me making us all to bee as you to me we are all living creatures so what is to become of all creatures = us i say we should investigate more into living habits and survival of our friend mr bee study mr bee, his instincts are changing, act now and follow his lead please help me by saying the last prayer i thank god for the pureness of the air on behalf of every living creature with which i gladly share shh'ush all us living creatures yes every single one respect all life together remember mr bee as number one i thank god and all the creatures your lives bless my soul within all good wishes are recieved shining bright within love i pass mine to you mr bee is a wonderful creature

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