Probable Cause Report


HALL, Adam Lee
DOB: 0112011977 SS#: •••• Massachusetts License Number: ~ Known Addresses: "'Madison Ave,. Pittsfield, Massachusetts _East Main Street, Peru, Massachusetts

Charges: 1.
2. 3. Intimidation Kidnapping, of a Witness, MGLA 268~13B (3 Counts) MGLA 265~26 (3 Counts)

Murder MGLA 265~1 (3 Counts)

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Probable Cause Report

VEIOVIS, Caius D DOB: 06/0511980 SS#:_ Massachusetts License Number : ~ Known Addresses: .Cloverdale Street Apartment"

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Charges: 1. Intimidation of a Witness, MGLA 268-138(3 Counts)

2. Kidnapping, MGLA 265-26 (3 Counts) 3. Murder MGLA 265-1 (3 Counts)

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Probable Cause Report
CHALUE, David Thomas DOB: 12/12/1966 SS#:_ Massachusetts Operators Number: S•••• Known Addresses: _Beacon Street, Springfield, Massachusetts .• Angeli Street, North Adams, Massachusetts

Charges: 1. Intimidation of a Witness, MGLA 268-13B (3 Counts) 2. Kidnapping, MGLA 265-26 (3 Counts) 3. Murder MGLA 265-1 (3 Counts)

1. An extensive investigation into the disappearance of David GLASSER, Edward FRAMPTON and Robert CHADWELL on or about 08/28111 led to the discovery of their bodies in a burial site located in Berkshire County. The investigation is being conducted by the Massachusetts State Police, Pittsfield Police Department, Berkshire Sheriffs Department, Berkshire County Drug Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of the Berkshire District Attorney. 2. The investigation revealed that Adam HALL, David CHALUE, and Caius VEIOVIS were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the three men. The motive was to ensure that David GLASSER would not testify against HALL in the Berkshire County Superior Court on 09119111 for crimes including but not limited to: Kidnapping, Extortion, Assault and Battery Page 3

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Probable Cause Report
with a Dangerous Weapon, Witness Intimidation, Illegal Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony, and Manufacturing Cocaine. At this point in the investigation it appears that FRAMPTON and CHADWELL were also abducted and murdered in order to ensure there were no witnesses to GLASSER'S abduction. 3. In addition to the above-described motive, HALL has also repeatedly demonstrated in the past his propensity for resorting to extortion, intimidation, false charges and the planting of evidence and/ or violence in order to avoid prosecution for his crimes, and has repeatedly involved others in these schemes. The manner and means of the abduction and murders of GLASSER, Frampton and Chadwell necessitated the joint effort of at least three men, and the use of several vehicles and locations. 4. This is an ongoing, active investigation which, at present, includes the search of at least five locations and two vehicles, and the gathering of information and evidence from various witnesses, and may ultimately result in further charges involving other persons. Accordingly, out of concern for the integrity ofthat investigation, this statement will not reveal the identity of witnesses other than to indicate that they have fully identified themselves and provided their information personally and directly to law enforcement personnel; each of these persons will be referred to as a "Named Witness."

5. After the disappearance of the three men was reported to the Pittsfield Police Department, Adam HALL was considered the prime suspect based in part on his criminal actions over the past two years. HALL has utilized threats and violence, devious planning, kidnapping, intimidation, the planting of evidence, the assistance of numerous associates of the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Gang, and offered to work for the FBI as a confidential informant (his request was denied) against his gang, all in his desperate attempts to avoid prison. • In July 2009 Adam HALL beat David GLASSER with a baseball bat and took property from him. HALL threatened to have GLASSER killed ifhe reported the crime to the police. On August 14, 2010, HALL enlisted the services of at least three others to frame David GLASSER for a fake robbery, attempted kidnapping and attempted murder in Wells, New York resulted in GLASSER'S arrest in Pittsfield. The plan was devised in order to discredit GLASSER as a witness for the Commonwealth in the 2010 Fall trial of HALL for the above-described beating, and included the planting of evidence, including a firearm and personal possessions of the supposed victim in GLASSER'S vehicle. Once the plan was discovered by investigators the charges against GLASSER were dismissed and he was released from prison. The co-conspirators were arrested and ultimately cooperated with authorities and testified against HALL in the Berkshire County Grand Jury. HALL was indicted for Kidnapping, Intimidation Of A Witness, Possession Of A Firearm During The Commission Of A Felony and Conspiracy;


Probable Cause Report
• The above-described scheme to discredit GLASSER was preceded by another, similar scheme to frame GLASSER which Named Witnesses who had been enlisted by HALL shot down upon HALL's proposal of the scheme because it was too implausible; In July of2009, a search warrant executed at HALL's residence in Peru uncovered cocaine, among other evidence, and HALL was charged with Manufacturing Cocaine. A Named Witness stated that HALL tried to-coerce him into saying that the cocaine belonged to another person, and during a later search of the same residence, a note was found which was composed to read as if it was an admission to the possession of the. cocaine by that other person; In September 2010 HALL requested to meet with the FBI. During two meetings HALL proffered the following: A. That he was willing to work as an informant for the FBI against the Hells Angels. HALL boasted that he could "take down" many east coast chapters of the gang including the Berkshire County Chapter; B. HALL could provide information against many Hell's Angel members who engage in criminal activity including drug dealing, the sale of firearms, as well as other crimes; C. HALL said he was willing to wear a wire;


D. In exchange for his cooperation HALL demanded to be released from jail
and have his criminal charges reduced sufficiently to ensure a suspended sentence resulting in nothing more than probation upon his guilty plea to the pending charges. • After listening to HALL'S proffer, the FBI, upon the consultation with and advice of authorities in Berkshire County, declined to work with him in that capacity fearing that he was uncontrollable and much too dangerous. In March of2011, HALL was bailed for $250,000 after the Berkshire County Chapter of the Hells Angel's Motorcycle Gang posted as surety the club house in Lee. HALL'S trial in the Berkshire Superior Court for his pending charges was scheduled for trial on September 19,2011.

The investigation into the abduction and murders of GLASSER, FRAMPTON and CHADWELL revealed that HALL not only had the motive and demonstrated propensity to commit these crimes, but that he also made statements indicating both his intent to commit and knowledge of the crimes; enlisted the aid of and was accompanied by CHALUE and VEIOVIS throughout the period surrounding the abduction and murders; took steps to secure, murder and then dispose of the remains of the three men; and, disposed of evidence connected to the crimes with the aid ofCHALUE and VEIOVIS.


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Probable Cause Report

Named Witnesses 7. Statements were taken from numerous named witnesses about the whereabouts of HALL, CHALUE, and VEIOVIS during the days before arid after the triple murder. Several named witnesses reported hearing HALL discuss the fact that David GLASSER had to "disappear" prior to HALL'S trial, and another named witness stated after the three men were discovered and reported missing (and before it was determined that the three men had been abducted and murdered), HALL made a statement that started with "when the three men were taken" and ended with a description of what each of the three were doing which was consistent with the condition of the GLASSER-Frampton apartment (the scene of the abduction) after the three were discovered missing. 8. Witnesses also observed a man fittingthe description of HALL, one of whom identified a photograph of HALL from an array, throwing objects, including shoes, clothing and a box over the Veteran's Memorial Bridge on Mill Street in Lenox just minutes after the police entered GLASSER'S apartment to look for the missing men. Cellular and GPS Tracking revealed that HALL'S cellular telephone corresponded with two of his associates, one of whom lives near the GLASSER, just moments after the police entered GLASSER'S apartment and minutes before the actions on the bridge. A piece of a box was later found downstream from the bridge, and store video surveillance and a register receipt show HALL, accompanied by CHALUE, purchasing boots contained in a similiar box days after the murders; when confronted by police during the week following the murders, HALL was wearing boots of a size and type consistent with the box and purchase described above. . 9. Named witnesses stated that HALL had inquired about, and had been told about, the availability and location of digging equipment several weeks before the murders; and further described that, shortly after the murders, the equipment was discovered at its location on private property (which ultimately proved to be the location of the burial site) but had been recently moved and an new excavation site had appeared; when probed, that new excavation site proved to be where the bodies of the three men were discovered, dumped together in a deep trench which was then covered over with large boulders and dirt. 10. Photographic surveillance shows HALL, CHALUE and VEIOVIS together several hours immediately before the abduction of the three men, and using a car owned by HALL (Car #1). A named witness saw HALL exit his Madison Avenue Pittsfield residence and enter a vehicle fitting the description of that owned by VEIOVIS shortly before the abduction of the three men had occurred. Named witnesses also describe HALL, CHALUE and VEIOVIS still together, hours immediately after the abduction of the three men, at HALL's residence in Peru. A week following the abduction and murders, HALL, CHALUE and VEIOVIS were located together in VEIOVIS's vehicle, from which the rear seat had been removed and which later proved presumptively positive for the presence of blood in the interior. An examination of what is below described as "Car #2" used by CHALUE to transport HALL away from a scrap dealer also tested presumptively positive for the presence of blood in the interior of that car.

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Probable Cause Report

11. Named witnesses, separately and/or together, described the following: on the night of the murders, HALL had arranged to leave a car fitting the description of Car #1, at a site close by what later turned out to be the above-described burial site; after HALL had dropped off Car #1, he left in a different vehicle fitting the description ofVEIOVIS's vehicle; [based upon information from those named witnesses, we believe that the excavation and burial occurred the followingday]; information and video surveillance show that, later during that following day, HALL had Car #1 crushed at a localjunk dealer, while accompanied by CHALUE and a second car (Car #2), different from VEIOVIS's vehicle, which they drove away in together; 12. The remains from the burial site have been preliminarily identified as GLASSER, FRAMPTON and CHADWELL, and the information from the investigation indicates that they died by violence; a determination of the exact cause or causes of death of each of the three men is still pending a full autopsy.


oley Massachusetts Sta Police Berkshire Detective Unit


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