Katie’s Growing Story

Katie- “This is when I was born.” Madeleine- “You were so small.” Katie- “This is when I was a little older with my mommy and daddy. I have this picture in my family room. And this is my bunny and I have a bear too. It is fuzzy. Educator- “Is it something you had as a baby? Who gave it to you?” Katie- “ Yes, her name is hoppy and it is a girl cause she is pink. My mommy’s friend gave it to me.” Liam- “When were you born?” Katie- “Look at this picture. In this picture.” Educator- “What day? Katie- “October 23 rd” Eliza- “Why did you bring your bunny?” Katie- “Cause it is soft Nicho- “Why is that ball on that crib in the first picture?” Katie- “It was a nose cleaning thing.” Eliza- “How old are you?” Katie- “I am 4 years old. I think I was maybe 1 month old in the picture. Educator- “Before you turn 1, how old do you say you are?” Katie- “1 month.” Nicho- “Or zero months when you are brand new.”

The educator measured Katie . She was 20 inches when she was born and now she is 43 3/4 inches. The children were able to see how much she has grown. Then Katie worked in a small group to represent herself as a baby and her bear.




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