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Wanger 9-16-11 Transcript Motion to Stay FINAL

Wanger 9-16-11 Transcript Motion to Stay FINAL

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Published by Cannon Michael
Judge Wanger's ruling on X2
Judge Wanger's ruling on X2

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Published by: Cannon Michael on Sep 23, 2011
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THE COURT: I made that finding too, I said we can't

tell, when, quite frankly, X2 is going to move east.

MR. LEE: And Mr. Leahigh indicated that the best

estimate is that probably in the latter part of October, it

will move east. But he did not say with absolute certainty in

his declaration that for the first two weeks of October,

without project operations, X2 will, in fact, be at 74

kilometers on an average. And I think the concern here was

the less precision we have, as we move into October.

So we would probably be more comfortable, given that

less precision, if you want to modify that injunction to

modify it until the first of October. And allow September to

go forward. Because of the kind of lack of precision.

I know many of the parties have said, well, we're not

going to have any problems until the second half of October.

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