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Since last few years the world has transformed dramatically in wake of the events
which had had a devastating effect on the global politics. Although, similar events
did occur in the past like World War – I & II, creation of Israel, emergence of New
states, establishment of International Organizations etc, but these were never
precisely analyzed and evaluated by Muslim scholars in the light of Prophetic
traditions. In 1979, however, the Iranian Revolution and Iran-Iraq war did caught
the attention of some scholars possessing profound knowledge of Hadith. Further in
the 1990’s events like, fall of Communism, invasion of Iraq and concentration of
Allied Forces in Arab lands, etc alarmed lot of Muslims and redirected their attention
towards Hadith knowledge, which enabled them to draw parallels between the
Prophetic traditions foretelling the future events and the prevailing environments.
Still the majority of Muslims remained unaware of these Prophetic traditions until
the horrifying events of September 11 following which the global politics entered a
new arena of terrorism, repression, injustices and barbarism which some how or
the other, effects day to day lives of almost all the human beings living on the

One of the most dramatic and illusive character mentioned in these Prophetic
traditions is of Dajjal. A character which has been a source of discussions and
controversies, which has been even denied and dismissed by some Muslims
scholars and which will haunt others to search for its real concept. In the
contemporary world of science and technology, the events once considered as
miracles have become a routine. Therefore, it becomes much easier for most of us
to understand the actual concept of Dajjal, but there will be others, who will remain
altogether oblivious of this concept, for being Naturist and too much under the
influence of Science and Technology, for them this concept is still inconceivable and
incomprehensible. We can also get some perspective about (DAJJAL known as)
“THE ANTI-CHRIST” from Christian and Jewish sources as well, but scope of this
paper will solely be restricted to all what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told about
DAJJAL, who happens to be the greatest Fitnah (Evil/Test) that would ever befall in
the history of humankind.

1. Who is Dajjal? Dajjal has been derived from the Arabic root word ‘Dajl’,
meaning to deceive or deception or falsehood or intermingling truth with the
falsehood to an extent, thus making it almost impossible to distinguish between the
both. So anyone, who willingly deceives or stands for the falsehood can be termed
as DAJJAL. A hadith Narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraria says that: The Prophet
said, “Before the world ends (doomsday) 30 deceiving lairs will be born
and all of them will claim that he is the Messenger of God” (Muslim). So by
that definition Dajjal should be a false Prophet. (It must be kept in mind that here
the term 30 doesn’t denote exactly 30 in number rather it indicates that numerous
deceivers would falsify their claim to be a Prophet). But interestingly, in various
other hadiths which mention of ultimate chaos, lawlessness, lust for wealth,
indiscriminate killings, rape, injustices, adultery, deceit, etc along with so many
other social evils, the concept of Dajjal appears to be of an evil system in place. In
other words these hadiths explicates of a system promoting mass immorality
(Homosexuality, Adultery, Fornication), Atheism, Devil-worship, broadening the net
of usury (through banking), Intoxication (use of Alcohol & Drug abuse), increased
crime, Injustice, Oppression, Fitnah of the Pen (understood as the means of
communications/media like Pornography, nudity, magazines, films, TV, internet etc),

wars, Famine, Massacres/Genocide, Rape and suffering etc, etc on an immeasurable
scale. Thus it can be concluded that once this system embroiled with all these evils
(which can be equated to the western values) will reach its climax and almost
everyone becomes the segment of this system the false Prophet Dajjal will emerge
to rule the world through this system. He will first claim himself to be the Messiah
or the messenger or a world leader and finally the GOD. In short, Dajjal as
mentioned in hadiths is not only a worldly system, a form of governance, a
way of living but also a personality claiming divinity.

The WESTREN CIVILIZATION of course is the icon of Dajjal representing a system
having its roots in the banking system and the capitalistic corporate industry which
is very much linked to the FREEMASONRY and ILLUMINISM about which
abundant details can be obtained from the internet and various other publications
like Most of the official positions in
the United Nations, United States Congress, EU (European Union) and British
Parliament are held by those who either are Freemasons or their ploys. According
to National Geographic documentary on “Templers” aired on 4 April 2006, so far
17 American Presidents including George Washington have been known
Freemasons. Freemasonry has deeply penetrated in all the world regions and
continents (including the Islamic world), yet most people either do not know about
it or acknowledge this fact.

Freemasons, claim themselves to be a part of an innocent organization aiming to
establish a humanistic society based on the principles of freedom and equal rights.
However, in reality they secretly worship a Devil-god, known as JAHBULON, and
their real aim is to abolish all religions to establish one world government. Another
secret faction within the Freemasons is “The Illuminatis” who not only worship the
LUCIFER (Iblees or the Satan) but are endeavoring to establish the rule of Satan on
this globe. The details can be read in these International best selling books on
Freemasonry “The Global Freemasonry” by Haroon Yahya “The Brotherhood”,
by Stephen Knight, “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr, “Satanic
Voices”, by David Musa Pidcock (which can be downloaded free of cost from
(, “Secret Societies and Subversive Movements”, by
Nesta H. Webster and “Dajjal The Anti-Christ” by Ahmed Thomson.

David Musa (a great British intellectual and converted Muslim) writes, “Whilst Gog
and Magog are mentioned twice in the Qur'an, the Dajjal has no direct
mention. This is extraordinary, given the assertion of the prophet, peace
be upon him, that there is no more significant matter between the creation
of Adam and the last hour than the Dajjal. People reading or listening to
traditional descriptions of Dajjal, the anti-Christ may be forgiven for
considering him to be a character of fiction. He is of an enormous size,
travels at the speed of the clouds blown by the wind on a donkey, the
distance between his ears being 40 arm spans, the deep sea only reaches
up to his ankle, he has with him a mountain of bread and rivers, and works
amazing miracles. He has been around since the prophet's days, tied in
iron chains on an island in the sea which is populated by spies. When he is
let loose, time will become short and the ground will shrink. This myth of a
giant, however, is probably the reason that so many ahadith about him
survived to the present day. Acquainted with the workings of modern
technology, we are able to appreciate that the abilities of this superhuman
creature are due to the equipment at his disposal. We have witnessed car

and plane travel, we see images from across the world beamed into our
living rooms via television, we use mobile telephones to keep in touch with
people in the remotest corners of the world. We can understand how
somebody can be in many places at once, listen to what happens at
different locations in the earth, travel at speed and show us water you
cannot taste and fire that does not burn you. To people before us, anybody
accomplishing such tasks, must have been a magical being. Our
unforgivable mistake is that we love to hold on to the magic like a fairy
tale from childhood which we can’t let go of.

If we are talking about Dajjal, representing a system of disbelief clearly
visible to anybody as such, be he literate or not, irrespective of the fact
that it is being proclaimed in the name of Trinitarian Christianity, then this
Dajjal is alive and kicking amongst us, no longer tied down since he
mastered the art of using iron, throwing off his chains and restrictions,
making everything fancy from computer hardware to destructive weapons.
He is one-eyed, materialistic, deprived of spirituality, his promised
paradise is hell and his hell is paradise, and he is followed by an army of
Jews, women and Bedouins. He controls the resources of the world
through his interest banking system, and has indeed mountains of bread,
and people will suffer hunger unless they follow him. Whilst the prophet
Muhammad, peace be upon him, would have argued with him on our
behalf, were he still around, now everybody will have to argue with him on
his own behalf. Yet, Dajjal, the system, is not sufficient an explanation for
all the descriptions given of him in the prophetic traditions. Many of them
speak of Dajjal as an ordinary, short man of Jewish extraction (like Ibn
Sayyad), with curly and coarse hair and a beak of a nose, and biting teeth.
He commands armies and, ultimately, he will be slain. Dajjal the person is
the leader who will ultimately lead the forces of evil on this earth, the
system of Dajjal.”

Another converted Muslim Muhammad Asad (ex Laopold Weiss) wrote in the
chapter Dajjal, in his book “Road to Mecca”: “…. but the young Bedouin was
persistant in his search for knowledge, and asked, Is it true O brother that
you yourself was a Frangi? (word used for the European Christians and Jews in
Arabia and Asia). On nodding my head he asked, “Tell me brother that why
the Frangis are so unmindful of God?”
‘This is a long story and can’t be answered in few words’. I replied. ‘All I
can tell you now is that the world of Frangis has become the world of
Dajjal, the glittering and the deceptive one. Haven’t you heard that the
Prophet told that in later times most people will follow Dajjal, believing
him to be God?’
As he looked at me with a question in his eyes, I recounted to a visible
approval in the eyes of Shiekh Abu-Bulayhid, the prophecy about the
appearance of that apocalyptic being, the Dajjal, who would blind in one
eye but endowed with mysterious powers upon him by God. He would hear
with his ears in the farthest corners of the earth, and would see with his
one eye the events happening at infinite distances. He would fly around
the earth in days and will cause the treasures of gold and silver to appear
beneath the ground,……. so those whose faith is weak will believe him to
be God and those who are strong in their faith will be able to read written
in his forehead ‘Denier of God’.”

Ahmed Thomson a British lawyer and a converted Muslim writes in his book, Dajjal
the Anti Christ: “Another example of the manner in which the Dajjal
system operates as regards the elimination of opposition by so called
“constitutional Means” is to be found in the manner in which the famous
Nuremberg trails were conducted. This particular stage production was
perhaps one of the most thoroughly and carefully orchestrated cover-ups
in the history of Dajjal takeover, and cost millions of pounds.
Hitler, like Ezra Pound, was well aware of the freemasons’ activities, as
were his immediate followers. He instigated a wide spread propaganda
campaign to reveal these activities. He even embarked the second Kafir
world war. Like Pound he underestimated the degree of control of the
freemasons. There was even a stage when, partially financed by Zionist
financiers on Wall Street, he believed that the American government
would be supporting him, so little did he knew of the takeover which has
been going on in earnest in that country for at least 50 years prior to the
commencement of the Second World War.”

He also writes, “The freemasons, like the magicians of Pharaoh, are today’s
masters of illusions. They mesmerise people with illusions, so as to be able
to control and manipulate them, and the Nuremberg trial illusions was
perhaps one of their greatest feasts of illusions, masking a masterly
exercise in manipulation control, thanks to the combined efforts of the
medical and legal experts, and ensuring not only that the important
followers of Hitler were both utterly discredited and eliminated in the
process, but also that general public of the world were taken in by that
illusions …… In reality the second Kafir world war was no more or less
than a power struggle between opposing pyramidical Kafir power systems
…… Thus in effect the second Kafir world war was one unified event
involving one system, that is the Kafir system, that is the Dajjal system,
involved in destroying itself.”

Defining the concept of Dajjal he writes: “Thus although the actual word
‘Dajjal’ does not appear in Quran, the activities of Dajjal, the last and
ultimate expression of Kufr in the creational process before the end of the
world, are clearly indicated and identified. The Kafir system as a whole
with all its interlinking sub-systems, all controlled by their so called
experts, is Dajjal as a world wide social and cultural phenomenon – and
the Prophet Muhammad said that Kufr is one system. The way in which the
producer consumer process is operated, and the way in which its sub-
systems are used to control and manipulate the people enslaved by the
producer consumer system, are clear evidence of the takeover which has
been and is taking place by Dajjal as an unseen force. The Kafir system
that is the Dajjal system dominates almost all of the countries of the world
today, and it can be only a matter of time before Dajjal, the individual,

These opinions are of those Muslims who have lived in the west, watching and
analysing its ills very closely. They have very accurately understood the concept of
Dajjal which has engulfed almost all of us and now being a part of it, we are happily
living in our capitalist societies which are entirely controlled, engineered and
manipulated by profiteers and orchestrates of the Dajjal system.

2. Why Dajjal is not mentioned in Quran? The exact reason for not
mentioning Dajjal in Quran is surely, only known to Allah. However, there can be
numerous assumptions to this and the one, which appeared most logical, is
presented here:

Before the doomsday there would be some unusual and major events which are
commonly known as ‘Major Signs of the Doomsday’ after which the repentance
won’t be accepted by Allah. The Quran tells us about these in Sura-47, verse-18,
“Are they then waiting for the (last) hour that it should come to them all of
a sudden? Now indeed the signs of it have (already) come, but how shall
their remembrance (of their past sins) would help them when it befalls on
them?” Similar message is given in Sura 6, verse- 158, “Are they now just
waiting for, that the angels should come to them, or that your Lord should
come, or that some of the signs of your Lord should come? On the day
when the signs of your Lord shall appear, accepting faith shall not profit
anyone who did not believed before, or earned good deeds by virtue of his
faith. Say: So wait; we too are waiting”.

There are various major signs before the doomsday which are not specifically
mentioned in Quran, but are mentioned in Hadith. The Prophet enumerated these
major signs and also told that once some of these signs (mentioned below at serial
5, 7, 8, 9 & 10) appear no one’s repentance will be accepted as also indicated in
the above Quranic verse. These major signs are :

(1) Emergence of fire in Arabia (Hijaz) (which has already happened in 654 A.H).
(2) Great portions of land sinking underneath, in the West.
(3) Great portions of land sinking underneath in Middle East.
(4) Great portions of land sinking underneath in Asia/SE Asia.
(5) Dajjal.
(6) Jesus.
(7) Gog and Magog. (8)
Smoke descending from sky.
(9) Sun rising from West.
(10) Beast emerging from the earth.
(11) A Great Fire in Yemen.

Out of these 11 signs, only 4 are mentioned in the Quran: Beast of the earth (Ch-
27, verse-82), Return of Jesus (Ch-43, verse-61), Gog and Magog (Ch-18,
verse 92-99 & Ch-21, verse 96-97), and Smoke from Sky (Ch-44, verses 10-11)
rest signs are enumerated in hadiths only. The only logical reason for this can be
that, the institution of Hadith and Prophet should be considered important and must
never be undermined in any way. So all those who out rightly deny the validity of
Hadith would remain skeptical regarding some of these signs, specially of Dajjal,
which being a very complicated concept/system would certainly engulf them as
their victims. Imraan Bin Hussain (RA) narrated that, Prophet (SAWS) said: “Since
the birth of Adam till the day of Judgment (Qiyamah), there is no bigger an
event (Fitnah/test) than DAJJAL” (MUSLIM).

It is obvious that anyone who denies Prophet’s Hadith and Dajjal, will definitely
become the victim of either Dajjal or its evil system. Meaning that, not mentioning
Dajjal in Quran, tantamount to be a punishment for those who deny the Hadith and
undermine the Prophet’s position in Islam, so as to, let them bewilder in their

deceptive world of “rationalist intellectual philosophy” and thus making them to
fall for Dajjal’s deceptive world through denial and rejection.

Ubaidah Bin Saamit (RA) says, Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said “I have
explained DAJJAL to you, but I fear that you might not have understood.
DAJJAL will be of short height with his legs crooked, his hair would be
curly. If still any doubt persists in your mind, remember that your
Sustainer (ALLAH) is not one eyed.” (AHMAD). In another hadith Imraan Bin
Hussain (RA) says the Prophet (SAWS) said; ‘Those who hear about DAJJAL
should stay far away from him. Swearing by Allah! A person will approach
him thinking himself to be a believer, but on seeing his amazing feats, will
become his follower’. (ABU DAWOOD).

3. Why there seems to be some contradictions in Hadith about Dajjal?
Although most of the Hadiths about Dajjal are in their real sense, means denoting
an individual, however, some hadiths are also allegorical in their meaning.
Therefore, in some ahadiths, Dajjal is mentioned as a personality and in some as a
system of governance, so sometimes these hadiths appear to be contradictory. But
once viewed minutely relating them to the present and recent past events they
appear to be very logical and clear.

For example, once it is said that Dajjal is blind from one eye or he has just one eye,
it refers to our contemporary system of physical and material pleasures with no
spiritual dimensions, thus denoting that the spiritual eye does not exist in this
capitalist system. In some ahadiths, Dajjal’s left eye is termed as blind while in
some his right eye is called as blind. Here most probably, left eye refers to
Communism while right eye points towards Capitalism and interestingly, both
systems are devoid of any spiritual values.

At some places it is was told by Prophet Muhammad that Dajjal would be carrying
fire in one hand and water in the other, implying that in his disobedience is his
dislike resulting in severe hardships but ultimately leading to heaven, while in his
obedience is his affinity resulting in worldly blessings and pleasures but ultimately
leading to hellfire. This of course doesn’t mean that, he would be literally carrying
fire and water in his hands. So these ahadiths refers to the physical comforts and
pleasures which would only be attainable as a result of his obedience, whereas, the
worldly and economic hardships would follow as a result of his denial and
disobedience. But ultimately, the one who will embrace his water or pleasures will
go to hell in the hereafter and the one who will accept his fire or hardships will earn
the prize of heaven in the hereafter.

The exact parallel can be given if we have to explain a computer to a person some
300 – 400 years ago. To do this, we would sometime have to draw parallels with a
cupboard or will have to mention of a box like thing or even of a cabinet which can
talk to us, listen to us, communicates with us and even can display pictures, sing
songs etc. Likewise in a hadith Prophet told, “…. Animals and non-livings will
talk to you, even so your stick and shoe lace will talk to you and your
thighs will inform you regarding the events which had taken place in your
absence in your house” (Thrimdhi). This most likely refers to the computers,
telephones, surveillance cameras, radio/TV etc, and also the mobile phones which
we normally keep in pockets close to our thighs.

Another Hadith says, “….. even trees and stones will speak out that a
(Freemason/illuminati) Jew is standing behind me …. But the ‘Gharkad’
tree won’t speak which is of the Jews” (Muslim). This may be an indication or
referral to the latest modes of identifications which could be used for Jewish
identification, like ID cards, ATM/credit cards, social security numbers, telephone
numbers, Tax returns, and other similar modes of identification/software etc. There
is a possibility that may be the identification system/software developed by Jews
won’t help in this regard or maybe the Gharkad tree specifically helps them in
someway to conceal their identity (only Allah knows the best).

Similarly Prophet ’saw Dajjal and Jesus circling around the Kabba in his
dream’ (Bokhari), this might mean that the system of Dajjal would be so
common, popular among the Muslims and so well-adapted that even it would not be
possible for a common man to distinguish the Islamic system from that of the
Dajjal’s system. Today the western capitalism (based on usury and banking) is
considered to be superior to the Islamic economic and social system and almost all
the Muslim countries have adopted these western values and economics considering
them to be absolutely legitimate and completely in accordance with Islam. Usury
has been given the name of mark-up or interest; dancing, singing, pornography etc
has been legitimized in the name of art and culture. Interestingly, while being
considered as to be the truly Islamic countries, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are
classical example of this hadith. Being the closest allies of the country which is the
torch bearer of the Dajjal System these countries are adopting the laws and taking
measures in all the facets of life which are absolutely un-Islamic. Most people are of
the opinion that not only this system must remain in place but rather it is perfectly
fine to pursue the prevailing economic agenda/policies under the shade of western
Dajjal’s system. For them all this should continue as it is not possible to live in
isolation rejecting these universal western values and banking system. They have
fallen in the trap of Dajjal system and the above mentioned Hadith is clearly
indicative of this fact.

Likewise, Prophet could not have told his companions that Dajjal will emerge or
would fly in a Boeing 707 or in an Air Bus 337, therefore he said: “Dajjal will
emerge riding a white donkey whose span of ears would be 70 yards”,
(Bahaqqi). He also told that ‘Dajjal will move very fast on the planet, with
the speed of clouds he will have one feet in Damascus while other in
Yemen.” He also mentioned of ‘great wars over the mountain of GOLD which
will emerge in the heart of Euphrates before emergence of Dajjal in which
100 out of 99 people will be killed’. (Muslim) This mountain of (BLACK) Gold
most likely is OIL over which we all are fighting and the extent of bloodshed and
deaths in Iraq, indeed perfectly matches this hadith.

He also told ‘before his (Dajjal’s) emergence Romans (Christians) under 80
banners (nations) will unite against you and each banner (flag/nation) will
comprise of 12,000 soldiers’ (Muslim), thus the total figure of forces would
reach over 9,60,000. We have already witnessed the world largest coalition and
concentration of forces in the 1990’s during the Gulf War-1. Prophet also told that
”soon (infidel) nations will provoke each other to charge and invade you
(Muslim nations) like if someone invites another person for a feast” (Abu-
Dawood). Interestingly Prophet also told that, ‘initially you (Muslims) will join
the coalition but they (Romans/Christians) will break the treaty and their
leader will proclaim that ‘the Cross has prevailed (against Islam)’ which

will infuriate Muslims so you will unite against them and Romans will form
a coalition of 80 banners against you’ (Abu-Dawood/Ibn-e-Maja). The Jews,
the Christians, the Atheists and Secularist, have already joined hands in the name
of “WAR AGAINST TERROR” which covertly is directed against Islam, since 2001.
Muslims are also a part of this coalition since then but now it appears that the time
is not very far off when Muslim leaders would realize the real agenda of war against
terror after the overt proclamation of superiority of Western values over Islam by
the Western leaders.

Prophet also told that the ‘Romans will ultimately be defeated by the Muslims
although they would inflict heavy damages to Muslims and once Muslims
would be progressing ahead with their successes under the leadership of
Medhi, Dajjal will emerge’ (Muslim). This may indicate that the Christendom
would ultimately fall apart or maybe it refers to the disintegration or economic
collapse of the United States. In that case no major force would be impeding the
Muslims to unite and fight the Europeans who still would be fighting this war. So
once Muslims would be re-capturing their lost territories under the leadership of
Madhi, Dajjal will emerge. Therefore, we can deduce that the collapse of United
States (like of USSR) and emergence of Dajjal is destined in the near future maybe
after a decade or so.

Some hadiths tells us that DAJJAL will emerge from a place somewhere between
Iran and Iraq (may be Kurdistan) or maybe from an area between Iran and
Afghanistan which was referred to as Isfahaan in the Prophet’s time. He will be of
Jewish origin and will have caused his Jewish parents much distress and pain. The
Jews will accept him as ‘The Messiah’ and would become his main followers. He
will also have a great number of women followers as this Hadith clearly says so:
‘Narrated by Hazrat Ibn-e-Umer, Prophet said, “Dajjal will stay in the saline
land ‘Marqnaat’ while most of the womenfolk shall approach him. Even so
that a man will tie-up his wife, mother, daughter, sister and aunt with rope
fearing that they might not conjoin with Dajjal ….” (Ahmed vol 2).
Unfortunately, in the Muslim world more and more women are joining the Women’s
Freedom movements which are all funded by western NGO’s. In the name of
freedom their real objectives are to replace the divine Law with their own charter,
labeling Quranic laws as old and obsolete thereby, spreading corruption,
encouraging free sex, reducing women to a device used for modeling and product
marketing etc. The Islamic laws have already been declared as obsolete by Mrs.
Asma Jahangir, a leading woman’s rights activist in Pakistan). There is another
hadith which explain as to how the women and men will defy the Islamic values in
the times near to the emergence of Dajjal: ‘Narrated by Hazrat Abu Huraira,
Prophet said, “Two creeds of people of the hellfire I have not seen yet. One,
of those rulers, striking their citizens with lashes similar to that of bull’s
tail, and second of those women who despite wearing clothes will appear
nude, these women, through eloquence will attract men and will also be
attracted towards them, their heads would be uncovered like the hump of
camels. These are the men and women who will neither enter the heaven
nor will smell its fragrance, even though one can smell its fragrance from a
great distance.” (Muslim).

We can see that the entire secular world (including Zionist Jews/Freemasons,
Atheist, Christian evangelists, Hindus etc) have united against Islam under the
banner of the War Against Terror. The time is not far off once this banner will be in

the hands of Anti-Christ or Dajjal and Islam would be the only force standing
between him and the total world domination. Some other Hadiths are given below:

Huzaifah (RA) said, ‘Dajjal will be blind of one eye’. This blind eye will be
swollen like a grape: There will be a thick finger-like object in his eye. The
letters “KAF”, “FE”, “RE” (KFR) will be written on his forehead (meaning -
Unbeliever). Every Muslim will be able to read these letters whether he is
literate or illiterate. He will travel at great speeds by means of a gigantic
animal-like a mule.....(MUSLIM & AHMAD).

Narrated Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman: "Subay' ibn Khalid said: I came to Kufah at the
time when Tustar was conquered. I took some mules from it. When I entered the
mosque (of Kufah), I found there some people of moderate stature, and among
them was a man whom you could recognize when you saw him that he was from
the people of Hijaz. I asked: Who is he? The people frowned at me and said: Do
you not recognize him? This is Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman, the companion of the
Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him). Then Hudhayfah said: People used to
ask the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) about good, and I used to
ask him about evil. Then the people stared hard at him. He said: I know
the reason why you dislike it. I then asked: Apostle of Allah, will there be
evil as there was before, after this good which Allah has bestowed on us?
He replied: Yes. I asked: Wherein does the protection from it lie? He
replied: In the sword. I asked: Apostle of Allah, what will then happen?
He replied: If Allah has on Earth a caliph who flays your back and takes
your property, obey him, otherwise die holding onto the stump of a tree. I
asked: What will come next? He replied: Then the Antichrist (Dajjal) will
come forth accompanied by a river and fire. He who falls into his fire will
certainly receive his reward, and have his load taken off him, but he who
falls into his river will have his load retained and his reward taken off him.
I then asked: What will come next? He said: The Last Hour will come.

Narrated Mu'adh ibn Jabal: "The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The
greatest war, the conquest of Constantinople and the coming forth of the
Dajjal (Antichrist) will take place within a period of seven months. (Abu-

Narrated Abu Hurayrah: "The Prophet (pbuh) said: There is no prophet between
me and Jesus (pbuh). He will descent (on the earth), when you see him, do
recognize him: (he is) a man of medium height, reddish fair, wearing two
light yellow garments, looking as if drops were falling down from his hair
though these will not be wet. He will fight the people for the cause of
Islam. He will break the cross, kill swine, and abolish jizyah. Allah will
perish all religions except Islam. He will destroy the Antichrist (Dajjal) and
will live on the earth for forty years and then he will die. The Muslims will
offer his last prayers”. (Abu-Dawood)"

Huzaifah (RA) also says, He will have with him WATER (Heaven) and FIRE
(HELL). In reality his hell shall be heaven and his heaven shall be
hell......(MUSLIM). In another Hadith Prophet (SAWS) said, that DAJJAL shall
not know himself the difference between the two (i.e. between his fire and
water) so if you are forced to choose between the two, then choose his fire

(Hell), for in reality, it will be cool water, and his water (Heaven), shall be
the Hellfire.

So be watchful, we are living in the Dajjal’s era. Therefore, don’t fall prey to
Dajjal or the system of Dajjal which is synonymous to “Geo-Economics, Self
Interest, National Interest, Western Capitalism, Slogan of Freedom & Human Rights
(in which gay marriages, prostitution and union without marriage is permissible),
Illuminism, Freemasonry, Nationalism, Communism, Enlightened Moderation,
Banking system based on usury etc”. Where the women’s liberation is defined in
such a horrible term that name of women become synonymous to sexual,
commercial and promotional device (which is obvious from the charter of
organizations like Beijing +5), where obeying your wishes/whim’s and achieving
materialist pleasures becomes sole purpose of your life, where the Philosophy of
Universal Religion (that all religions are right and guide to same straight path)
supercedes the divine religion, thereby worshiping one God, 2 gods, multiple gods
or even not believing in God stands equal. What thus become important remains,
establishing a society on the basis of Freemasonry principles. Therefore, the Dajjal
system is almost completely in place and it is just a matter of time when Dajjal as a
character will appear to rule the world; the stage for his appearance is almost set.


Note : DAJJAL will have the power to cause Famine, Earth quakes and destruction
on a mass scale. Many Muslims will join the ranks of DAJJAL on being afraid of his
power and only those with very strong faith will be able to resist. May Allah guide
and protect us, so that we my spread the word of Allah. Ameen

Compiled by: Shams Zaman Pakistan