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Resource Leveling

Advantages/Applications of Resource Leveling 1. Maintain the lowest uniform number of employees to perform the work. 2. Establishing plans for material delivery. 3. Reducing the daily demand for dollars.

1. Tends to cause a build up of resources towards the end of the project. 2. Increasing the number of critical activities.

Setting the Target Schedule Need effort to keep the plan working. Late-Start Schedule Reduce activities parallelism. Risk of project overrun. Target Schedule

Earth Moving Materials And Operations

Earth moving Process - It is the process of moving soil or rock from one location to another. - Activities involved include -excavation -loading -hauling -placing (dumping and spreading) -compacting -grading -finishing

Factors Affecting Equipment Selection

Ability of the equipment to perform the required work. Maximizing the profit on the investment produced by the equipment. Availability of equipment, parts and service. Effect of downtime on other construction equipment and operations.

Job Efficiency factor depends on (052-089) 1. Management Conditions Skills, training, maintenance of equipment. 2. Job Conditions Topography, weather conditions.

A soil increases in volume when it is excavated because soil grains are loosened during excavation.

wt BankVolume Swell % = 1 100 wt LooseVolume

When a soil is compacted, some of the air is forced out of the soils void space.

wt BankVolume 100 Shrinkage% = 1 wt CompactedVolume

Load Factor
Used to change from loose volume to bank volume.

BankVolume = LooseVolume LoadFactor wt BankVolume LoadFactor = wt CompactedVolume 1 = 1 + swell

Shrinkage Factor
Used to convert from Bank volume to compacted volume
CompactedVolume = Bankvolume ShrinkageFactor wt BankUnitVolume ShrinkageFactor = wt CompactedUnitVolume ShrinkFactor = 1 Shrinkage

Production of Earth Moving Equipment

Production = Volume per cycle x cycles per hour * Cycle per hour must include appropriate efficiency factor. * Cost per unit of production
Equipment cost per hour = Equipment Production per hour