Data Warehouse Important Questions

1) What are the characteristics of Data in DWH? 2) What is the difference between Physical and Logical DWH? 3) What is Data Sourcing, Explain? 4) What are the DWH design issues, explain with exp. 5) Discuss DBMS schemas for Decision support. 6) Discuss various report generating and query tools. 7) Write a short note on Data Visualization & overall perspective 8) “Big Data Better Results”. Justify the statement. 9) What is Query processing? What are the steps involved in query processing? 10) What is query optimization? 11) Explain how heuristic Query Optimization is performed, with an example? 12) What are the advantages of Cost based query optimization over Rule based query optimization? 13) Explain System Catalogue in RDBMS? 14) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Object Oriented Database Model? 15) Briefly describe the historical development of Client-Server systems. 16) Describe Multi-processor systems. 17) Describe the DBMS connectivity. 18) Discuss about the Reliability and Availability of RDBMS. 19) Describe the features of Sybase Systems. 20) Explain the use of Data Partitioning 21) Describe about the Data Cardinality in DWH. 22) Describe Meta Data Repository. 23) What is pattern? Discuss about visualization of pattern. 24) What is Model? Discuss about Selection and Acquisition. 25) What is missing Data and how is this problem solved? 26) What do you understand by Data Quality? Explain.

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