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HRD Strategies “ HRD Strategies are a plan that defines how the human resources would be utilized through the use of an integrated array of training.” . organizational development and career development efforts to achieve individual. organizational objectives.

it is essential to educate and train employees about the change. Quality Strategy: Quality needs to be fostered in the employees through training and development. .Major HRD Strategies Communications Strategy: In today’s changing scenario. Accountability And Ownership Strategy: Employee’s accountability and ownership leads to higher productivity and customer accelerations.

 Entrepreneurship Strategy: Every employee needs to be an independent entrepreneur.Cost Reduction Strategy: Every employee’s contribution in savings is crucial as small contributions from each employee can be pooled by organizations to save substantial savings at the end of a given period and enhance its competitive strategy. motivated and commitment to the org. . who can generate ideas and bring them to reality by using the existing resources and support of the org to create innovative and creative products and services. Culture Building strategy: Organization valuing its employees have a sustainable competitive edge over competitors because employees are highly charged.

build and sustain appropriate work culture and brings in more professionalism in action. Learning Strategy: Continuous development and learning environments promote self development of employees.Systematic Training Strategy: The planning and organization of formal on-job training and off-job training leads to improving vital employee characteristics. of self and by self. .

SWOT Analysis Conducting HR Analysis Determining Critical people issues Developing Consequences and solutions Implementation and evaluation of action plans .Getting The Big Picture Developing A mission Statement Conducting Org.

The Bank was promoted jointly by the Administrator of the specified undertaking of the Unit Trust of India (UTI) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) General Insurance Corporation Ltd (GIC) National Insurance Company Ltd The New India Assurance Company The Oriental Insurance Corporation United Insurance Company Ltd .Axis Bank (Formerly known as UTI) was one of the few private banks to have began operations in 1994.

. Progressive globalization and achieving international standards. Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices.Mission Customer Service and Product Innovation tuned to diverse needs of individual and corporate clientele. Continuous technology up gradation while maintaining human values.

Initiate & institutionalize globally competitive HR practices Put in place relevant HRD strategies and use modern methodologies Create a performance-driven culture and an exciting workplace Create a pool of entrepreneurial managers and business leaders Create a learning organization for employees .

HR Steering Committee KHOJ Sampark Paramarsh Axis Financial Rewards For Business Leaders Mep-tikshna Performance Appraisal System For Clerical And Sub-staff Axis LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT CENTER .

KHOJ Organization wide Talent identification and Development Program me for Officers and Clerks Walk-In Interview for Sales Executives Campus Interview Internal Sources .HR Steering Committee Board Level HR Committee for piloting HR initiatives and reforms.

complexities and conflicts in order to lead a better life.SAMPARK Employee HELP Line (Employees in distress can directly approach the CMD for immediate relief) PARAMARSH Employees Counseling Centre (Counseling centers for providing psychological assistance and guidance to overcome their stress. AXIS FINANCIAL REWARDS Cash Incentives for achieving the target 1% ROI reduction on loan Many others Daily Incentives Holiday Tour .

DGM.MEP-TIKSHNA Management Education Program me for Executives(GM. AGM. Training On Job training for 3 months. Chief Managers  Axis LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTCENTRE For developing the leadership quality with in employee. .

Young bank with an average age of 29 years and a talent pool comprising a mix of new recruits and experienced officers.Ultimate aim of the human resources function is to build and manage a motivated pool of professionals delivering optimum value to customers. Training-Scheduling Performance Management Compensation/Reward Administration Grievance Handling . Major platforms on which the success of the bank's corporate strategy rests is bringing on board the requisite skills.

.AXIS bank has differentiated itself very well on the basis of high level service and product quality They have successfully implemented the change and due to this their market share has increased only despite of tough competition prevails.

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