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Abs Diet Complete Book

Abs Diet Complete Book

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Published by Chetan Khamkar

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Published by: Chetan Khamkar on Sep 24, 2011
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html A reliable organization seen with my own eye!! Thanks 4 help..


the Abs Diet The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Stomach and Keep You Lean for Life .

DAVID ZINCZEN KO Edi tor-in -Chief of m ® WITH TED SPIKER .

No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means. 4. Some portions of this book have appeared previous ly in Men’s Healt h magazine. Includes index. If you suspect that you have a medical problem. or authorities in this book does not imp ly endorsement by the author or publishe r. Internet addresses and telephone numbe rs given in this book were accurate at the time it went to pres s.A193 2004 613.7'0449—dc22 2004006846 Distributed to the b ook trade by St. p. Bodybuildin g. David . its autho r. organization s. Photographs © 2004 by Rodale In c. Lib rary of Con gress Cataloging-in-Public ation Data The abs diet : the six-week plan to flatten your stomach and keep you lean for life / David Zinczenko with Ted Spike r. Printed in the United States of America Rodale Inc. 3. II. Exercise for men. recordin g. without the written permission of the publishe r. Men—Health and hygien e. © 2004 by Rodale Inc. cm. Abdomen—Muscles. recycled paper . RA781. Ma rtin’s Press 2 2 4 4 6 6 8 8 10 10 9 9 7 7 5 5 3 3 1 1 trade hardcover direct-mail hardcover . or the publishe r. or any other information storage and retrieval system. I. we urge you to seek competent medical hel p. electronic or mechanical. nor does mention of specific companies. 2. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed by your doctor. organization s. Mention of specific companies. The information given here is designed to help you make in formed decisions about your health. Zinczenk o. not as a medical manual. including photocopyin g. makes every ef fort to use acid-fre e . Ted. Spike r. ISBN 1–57954–998– 5 trade hardcover ISBN 1–59486–069– 6 direct-mail hardcover 1.Notice This book is intended as a reference volume only. or authorities imp ly that they endo rse this book. All rights reserved. Men’s Healt h is a registered tradema rk of Rodale In c.

. Today we begin winning the fight. . .For every American who has taken up arms in the battle against obesit y. .


YES. ix The Plan That Will Turn Your Fat into Muscle THE ABS DIET CHE AT SHEE T 1 CHAPTE R 1 STRIP AWAY FAT. Feel. YOU. STRIP AWAY TROUBLE 3 Six Ways a Flat Stoma ch Will Dramatical ly Improve How You Look. and Live THE ABS DIET START-UP KI T 21 CHAPTE R 2 WHY THE ABS DIET? AND WHY N OW? 23 Shocking New Scientific Breakthroughs in Nutrition CHAPTE R 3 BURN FAT DAY AND NIGH T 39 How Metabolism Shapes Your Body— And How You Can Change Yours CHAPTE R 4 HOW THE ABS DIET WOR KS 53 What Your Last Meal Is Doing to Your Body Right Now CHAPTE R 5 A SI X-PACK IN 6 WEE KS 75 A Week-by-Week Guide to How Your Body Will Change CHAPTE R 6 SHOCKER: H OW LOW-CARB DIETS MAKE YOU FAT 83 The Truth about the Trend That’s Threatening America ’s Health .v Ta ble o f Contents ACKN O WLEDGMEN T S vii INT R ODU C TIO N YOU HAVE ABS .

CHAPTE R 7 THE ABS DIET NUTRITION PLA N 93 The Power foods and System That Will Change Your Body .

vi C ONTE NT S CHAPTE R 8 THE ABS DIET POWER 12 Meet the Power foods That Will Shrink Your Gut and Keep You Healthy for Life SP E C IAL REP OR T 107 YOUR WEIGHT IS N OT YOUR FAULT The Sneaky Ways Food Manufacture rs Are Scheming to Make You Fat CHAPTE R 9 127 THE ABS DIET MEAL PLA N Using Power foods in Quick and Easy Recipes CHAPTE R 1 0 135 FITTING THE ABS DIET IN TO EVE RYDAY LIFE How This Simple Eating Plan Makes Your Life Simple r. Most Effective Workout Plan Ever CHAPTE R 1 3 169 TARGETING YOUR AB S A 50-“6-Pack” of Exercises THE ABS DIET MAINTENANCE PLA N 201 261 263 27 6 27 8 NUTRITIONAL VALUES OF COMMON FOOD S GLYCEMIC LOADS FOR SEL ECTED FOOD S INDE X . Too CHAPTE R 1 1 151 TURBOCHA RGING THE ABS DIE T How Exercise Can Strip Away Fat and Add Muscle CHAPTE R 1 2 159 THE ABS DIET WOR KOUT The Easiest.

without whom none of this would be posJeremy Katz. rst. and photo directo rs in the industr y.vii Acknowle d g m e nt s M to put editorial quality fi sible. Y DEEP EST THAN KS TO the extraordinari ly talented. executive editor of Men’s Healt h Books. the wisest consigliere any boss could ever have. researchers. the smartest and hardest-wo rking group of write rs. and talked me down off more than one ledge during its creation. when people talk about the glory days of men ’s magazine . encouraged me. and inspired me. Steve Perrin e. In particula r: Steve Murph y. who saw my vision for The Abs Diet. and dedicated people who have supported me. In the futur e. Tom Beusse. who bears the responsibility of overseeing an enormous international company yet has the insight and courage The Rodale fami ly. pushed me to make it the best I could. edito rs. designe rs. hard working. The entir e Men’s Healt h editorial staf f. who knows how to crack the whip as smart ly as he can crack a jok e.

they will be talking about you. My mothe r. whose relentless teasing shamed me into taking better care of mysel f. who raised the two of us near ly single handed ly. Your strength and kindness guide my every action. My brothe r. Eri c. .publishin g. Janice.

Pat Toomey. I wish you were still her e. Aimee Geller and Karen Mazzotta. Ben Roter. I appreciate your love and affection. Thanks for letting me order off the menu. who left this world way too early. who has provided me with a second home for the past several yea rs. Thanks for helping me over the hum p. MaryAnn Bekkedahl. Sara Vigneri. Jeff Morgan. Bohdan. Your elegance. John Rasmus. Charlene Lutz. Patri ck McMullan.viii ACKNOW LE DG ME NT S To my dad. Bill Stum p. Peter Bonventr e. Samantha Irwin. A special shout-out to Bug and Fester. Peter “What If the Election ’s a Tie?” Moore. charm. Jeff Csatari. Joe Heroun . How am I doing? . George Karabotso s. And to Rose. Joyce Shirer. Also to: Jeff Anthon y. and my stepmothe r. Mickey. Myatt Murph y. Elaine Kaufman. Thanks for your guidance and support. wit. and ever-curious mind make me want to strive to get better ea ch day.

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