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Lib Oct 2011

Lib Oct 2011

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Libertyville Elementary Newsletter, October 2011
Libertyville Elementary Newsletter, October 2011

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Published by: Kelly Simmons Schloss on Sep 24, 2011
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Kindergarten welcomes Mrs. Travers each Thursday morning to read a new book to the class. Mrs.

Travers volunteers at Washington Elementary each Thursday just because she loves reading children's books. We can't wait to see what Mrs. Travers will read next! The Okay figure Kurdistan okay I okay I may go to Des Moines yes not really good taxes and bills giving Ari Carr no

Libertyville Elementary

October 2011

Kelly Schloss, Elementary Principal

Grandparents Breakfast
You’re invited! Our annual Grandparents’ Breakfast will be held on Friday, October 7, with service beginning at 7:30 AM. Mrs. Pickard has planned a hearty menu. The cost will be less than $2.50 per adult (regular breakfast rates apply for students). Please look for the signup sheet which will be coming home in your grandchild’s backpack.

Reading is Out of This World!
Fuel up your tanks! Dust off your spacesuit! By Mrs. Greiner Our math series, Everyday Math, helps students see the many ways we use numbers everyday. In unit 1, students practiced showing what numbers mean with pictures, manipulatives, dice, and tally marks. We reviewed number order and played lots of games to practice the concepts of more and less. You can help at home by practicing counting by 5s and exchanging pennies for nickels to reinforce student understanding of coin values. Pack your dehydrated food! Get ready to set course on an out of this world adventure of book exploration!

This year’s theme for our fall reading incentive is “Reading is out of this world!” The kickoff assembly will be September 27th explaining the rules and prizes for participating. ¨ Kindergarten – 2nd grade Astronauts are given the mission of reading (or being read to) 10 minutes each night ¨ 3rd – 4th grade Astronauts’ mission is to read 15 minutes each night ¨ The space logs will go home on Tuesday and should journey back to school on the following Tuesday with a parent signature. Astronauts will receive a prize each week for four weeks upon completion of their mission. ¨ Those space explorers that meet their goal all 4 weeks, and return their space logs on time, will earn an extra prize for their stellar participation! At the end of our galaxy adventure with books, all of the Libertyville Astronauts will rocket to Jefferson County Park on October 25th.

Book Fair
Our annual Scholastic book fair will be held from October 3-7. The book fair will be open for students before school and afterschool, and during recesses. Teachers often select books that they would like for their classroom libraries, and place them on wish lists. If you are interested in purchasing a book for your child’s classroom library, feel free to make a contribution at the office or visit the book fair to make a selection.


Standards-Based Report Cards
If your child is in 1st or 2nd grade, then this is nothing new for you. For parents of kindergarten, 3rd grade and 4th grade students, report cards may look a little different this year. Each parent will receive a “menu” that lists each subject area and the grade-level benchmarks that students should master throughout the year. Rather than receiving a letter grade for each subject area, teachers will gather evidence for the benchmarks and assign a rating of 1-5 to indicate the students’ level of mastery for that specific benchmark. Something that parents should keep in mind is that a

Dan Wardell, the popular and energetic host of IPTV Kids’ Clubhouse, visited Fairfield on September 13th. Mr. Wardell frequently visits schools and libraries across Iowa to read and spend time with students. Elementary students in Fairfield had a “Dantastic” time when Dan stopped by each school for a special storytime.

“3” means that the child has achieved gradelevel mastery. Please understand that a “5” does

not equal an “A”, a “4” does not equal a “B” and so on. The standards-based report cards will more clearly describe what your child knows and can do. We are excited about this new reporting system, and look forward to meeting you to discuss your child’s progress.

Upcoming Dates:
September 26–ACTION Team Meets at 7 PM In the Libertyville Teacher’ Work Room September 27– School Pictures September 30–Homecoming October 3–7- Scholastic Book Fair October 3–Latin and Ballroom Assembly October 7–Grandparents’ Breakfast October 13–Fire Prevention Assembly October 20–Fundraiser Delivery October 21–Reading Incentive Ends October 25–Reading Incentives Trip to Jefferson County Park October 26–End of First Quarter October 28– Report Cards Home October 28–Mark Twain Assembly At the Civic Center October 31–October Celebration Assembly

Weather Attire Reminder for Students
Temperature (wind chill) Attire below 55˚ coats/jackets* 55˚ - 60 ˚ long sleeves above 60˚ short sleeves *Except for the months of December, January, and February, a hooded sweatshirt may be considered a jacket as long as it is only worn when going outside for recess. Before School During Inclement Weather During cold weather (and rainy days) when it may be too cold for students to wait outside until the morning bell, they may come in the building and sit along the wall in the hallway. Students should not be standing in the hallway. Standing can lead to pushing, (falling, tripping, slipping), minor skirmishes, and injury.



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