22FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS UNIT I: Financial Accounting: Definition-Concept and conventions- Contents of profit and loss account

and Balance Sheet of companies – Depreciation: Concept and methods (theory) – Preparation of final accounts (simple problems) UNIT II: Financial Statement Analysis- Meaning – Objectives- Rearranging Financial Statements for Analysis – Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis : Comparative Statement Analysis, Common Size Statements, Trend Analysis – Ratio Analysis – Classification of Ratio – Problems on computation and interpretation of Accounting Ratios – Du Pont Analysis – Advantages – Disadvantages of Ratio Analysis . UNIT III: Fund Flow Statement Analysis – Preparation of Statement of change in working capital – Computation of fund from operation and preparation of fund flow statement – Cash flow statement: computation of cash from operations – Preparation of cash flow statementDistinction between Fund flow statements and cash flow statement- Advantages of Fund flow statement and Cash flow statement UNIT IV: Cost Accounting – Distinction of Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting –Cost Terminology: Cost, Cost centre, Cost unit – Elements of cost – Preparation of Cost Sheet – Marginal Costing: Concepts – Break Even Point Analysis, Contribution, PV Ratio, Margin of Safety – Problems on Applications of Break Even concept. UNIT V: Budget – Budgeting and budget control – Types of Budgets – Preparation of Flexible and fixed budgets, Master budget and Cash budget. Questions: 60% of the questions shall be problems 40% of the questions shall be theory based

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