To kill a mocking bird intro: set in 30s written in 60s not anger narrated by childs memory not necessarily

taken face value as some must blur paragraph two treatment of j/s/c by Atticus and visa versa respect p104 after scout says she bost bout dead shot cals involvement of kids church AFs allowingness of cals participation in the raising of his chillunp123 double bathing not have her chillun look bad along with his confidence to leave his chillun in her custody strong but inward views of society paragraph three story revolves around trial section jem and scout realise the worth of atticus first time proper trial techs repetition of code and pity and victimp209-211 casual not uncomfortable loses coat/jacket treatment of the accuser and the accused no evidence ridiculous to have come to court mayalla angry shows guilt confused points of veiw right then left useless left write with left paragraph four not always black and white sometimes grey such as argue bout jem stab ewell280+ shows surprising faith in humanity considering recent events last lines on last page shows his development b&w to grey vehicle for lees point that harper almost using atticus as sheild to represent her rcial point to the world seacci statement evidence analysis comment context interpretation

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