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8.2 ion and Succession in an Ecosystem

8.2 ion and Succession in an Ecosystem

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2 Colonisation and Succession in an Ecosystem

A community of organisms which interact with their non-living environment & function as unit.  Vary in size.  Have level of organisation:

Organism Populations Ecosystem



Ecosystem cont …
Species – a group of organisms that have similar characterisitics, share the same roles in an ecosystem and are capable of interbreeding.  Population – a group of organisms of same species living in the same habitat at the same time.  Community – several different species living in the same habitat in an ecosystem  Niche – role of an organism in ecosystem

Colonisation and succession
 

 4. 5. 

Colonisation takes place in a newly formed areas where no life previously existed. The first organism occupy a newly formed area are called pioneer species. Characteristics: Hardy plant that have dense root system (grass) Short life-cycle They modify and creating more conducive condition to other organisms

Colonisation and succession cont …

 3. 4. 

Second species came after the pioneer species are the successor species. Characteristics: Bigger than pioneer species (herbs) Have small wind-dispersal seeds (to spread and grow rapidly) They change the structure and quality of the soil and creating more conducive condition for larger plants to grow.

Colonisation and succession cont …
  

Third and permanent species are the dominant species (shrub). Modify the environment for larger trees to grow. Succession – the gradual process through which one community changes its environment to be replaced by another community. Climax community – ecological succession leads to relatively stable community (equilibrium with its environment)

Colonisation and succession cont …

 2. 3.

Discuss in your group about Colonisation and succession in a mangrove swamp Colonisation and succession in a pond

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