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Resume Chompunoot

Resume Chompunoot

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MRS. CHOMPUNOOT SAETUNG No. 22/78 Vonchai Condo., Chockchai 4 Rd., Wangthonglang, Bunkklum, Bangkok , 12300. Mobile Phone No. 080-306-3806 E-mail : kaimuk.s@gmail.com : Above 16,000 baht / month

Salary Expected Personnel :

Gender 21, 1975. Age :


Female Birthday



3 2 years old Nationality : : Married 165 cm.


Thai : : Buddhism

Marital Status Height 48kg. Training :

Religion Weight

1. Tourism Authority of Thailand the year 1996.


Has completed the Basic Guide Course in : Reservation and Ticketing

2. Thai Airways International Public Co., Ltd. In-Out country 3 months.

3. Saipem Asia Sdn Bhd – Thailand Branch
months. Hobbies :
• • • •

: Personnel Administration Clerk 3

Like to learn more about program computer from magazine, Book department store. WATCHES TV, Video and listen radio, meet friends shopping. The pass if I have a spare time I am a tour reader (freelance) go to up-country (normally the south of Thailand) for skin-diving. Teach computer in class of Language and IT training in summer.

Education :


1993 – 1997 Faculty Major

: : :

Ratchaphat Thonburi Institute College Management - Sciences Tourism Industry : Bachelor Degree of Art with 2.79 degrees.

Degree award 1990 – 1993 Major Location Other Qualification :
• •

: : :

Prathumthep Vittayakran High School Science - Math (Basic Accounting) with 2.95 degrees. Nongkhai Province.

Ability to type both Thai and English at 50 wpm. And 50 wpm. Respectively. Good command in PC. In program Ms. Excels, Ms. Words, Ms. PowerPoint, Adobe PhotoShop Cs, Acrobat Reader 6.0. ACD SEE 6.0, Ms. Internets Explorer, Ms. Outlook Express, Ms. Publisher 2003, Express 6.0, Know well in convert file to use another program. And know in some program utilities. Install hardware, software, solve basic problems in PC. (Familiarity with new technology e.g. computer and facsimile machine etc.) Process working English. Use office machine well. , Ability to learn easily. Can Drive and have a driving licenses. Can work under pressure and enduring and no demanding family ties. Dexterous, self-confident, decisive, responsibility, enthusiasm, good time management and initiative. Willingness to work. And plenty of energy.

• • • • • • •

Experience October 2003 – September 2006 AMC Co., Ltd. Business Work: Running on motor, generator and electrical machinery maintenance and repairing service all size and brands. Assistant Manager's Marketing (Last salary: 16,500 baht / month) Responsible for:

Received orders from customer and waiting or call back for reconfirmed works till customer appointment date and informed description about motor.


• •

Coordinate with management division to arrange transportation and register motor in-out. Checked and see motor in by case, then send inspection sheet to Mechanical and Electrical Division to inspection job and transfer to marketing division to follow work with customer again. When customer agreement with inspection commission their motor, send back inspection sheet to Mechanical and Electrical division. Between motor in and process repairing / maintenance, we must to know and report with customer always. Take all documents to send to customer and others department when motor finished. Solved and discusses about problems of motor any evening with sales and marketing manager such as can not send by order or others problems. Contact with customers by telephone, fax, and mail, search new customers shut down's work and report to sales and marketing manager any evening. Filling and keep document. Schedule and planning work day per day. Take a meeting minute every Saturday.

• • •

Other responsibility:

Take care foreigner's customer such as Japanese's customer from Siam United Steel, translate and explain and answer each process of their motor in workshop from technician and electricians, see around new workshop, get lunch. Search new shutdown' customer Zone Rayong. Forecast and plan delivery for Factory Manager. Summary of Sales / month. Meeting with production department, and take a Meeting minutes. Send-Received fax.

• • •

September 2001 - June 2003 Earth Line Co., Ltd. Business Work: Distributor of Medical, Pharmaceuticals Product and Equipment. Executive Secretary (Last salary: 15,000 baht / month)


Responsible for:
• •

Provide full range of secretarial. Arrival time at the office is 07.30 a.m. to supervise the cleaning process of the office. Contact with guests, vendors, customer and receiving guest instead managing director. Answering phone calls, transfer to managing director. Cost price list of products for customer, dealer, Government Service, sales upcountry and contact supplier sometime. Translate in Thai language how to use the product medical equipment, lab instrument and take a catalogues sometime exam Drop Tones instrument, Mevacs 38 instrument etc. Central filing system document, filing tasks for all the documents. Fill in the social security forms when hiring new staff and when staff resigning, keeping record of staff's leave or absences. Also must provide absent report every month. Contact new applicants for written. Take a quotation to hospital and health center requested then put all on my managing director desk waiting for he signs all. Then fax, copy or scan documents in PC. then assembled all to prepare for mailing. Separate folder in the file. drawer. If the hospital is new and doesn't have a folder, I place the document in a miscellaneous file Cost import product, Scan and keep certificate of free sales. Checks e-mail every day, send-receive fax, e-mail. Official estimate about lab instrument, machine instrument. Work under managing director request. Send schedule to managing director. Installed, repair hardware, software. Keeping schedule of the management. Provide administrative assistant to everyone in the office including programmers, implements, sales, accountant and management. And separate work to officers and coordinate with officer.

• •

• •

• •

• • • • • • • •


Reserving a room and booking a flight.

September 1997 - May 1999 Siriboon Intertrade Co., Ltd. Business work: Sole agent of "Tajima" embroidery machine and "Tajima DG/ML by Pulse software" which are the leading brand in Thai market. Position: Administration's Parts and Accessories. baht/month) Responsible for:

(Last Salary: 13,500

Coordination with manager, technician and officer, separate work for maintenance machine, repair embroidery machine and the others. Open invoice, quotation, receipt and other materials when customer required (parts and accessories) Checks stock 4 month/ time. Use Express 6.0 in work. Take a claim parts about machine problem to Japan. Send -received faxes and handle telephone. Reserving a room and booking a flight for technician of Singapore and Japan. Answering the customer about spare parts, cost, size etc.

• • • • • •

References: Full references will be supplied on request.


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