First of all, thanks to God because given me and my friends to complete this task just in time.

Even I faced with a lot of difficulties along to complete this task, my group still manages to complete it and I’m as group leader so glad about it. Then thanks to my biology teacher, Pn Siti Nazura for being such good guider for us while we doing this task. She had given us appropriate example and knowledge in order to make us understand more about this ecological study. We take some idea from the past year’s student’s work. She spends her time to carry out each and every experiment related to this ecological study. She also makes sure we understand everything she told and explanation before we begin to work on these practical assessments. I also appreciate the school authority for given us permission to carry out experiment in school labs and going our quadrates and transect sampling technique in school ground. School also provided all the apparatus and materials that we used in this ecological study task. We also want to thank other groups which willing to share their information about this ecological study. They give me a lot of new ideas about the task and I us all their information especially in transect sampling technique which required us to work together in order to complete this ecological study folio. Also a great thanks to my family and friend who tried their best to give their support for me either by giving me a lot of encouragement for keep up with this task or by supporting the financial for use to pay all the cost required to complete this ecological study.

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DATE 01/11/06 08/11/06

DUTY λ A group discussion: determination stages to be used and job division on finding information. λ Soil analysis 1 -soil sampling -determination of soil texture, soil water content and soil organic matter. λ Soil analysis 2 -determination of soil air content and soil pH λ Extraction of soil organisms using Tullgren and Baermann funnel λ Briefing by Puan Nazura on practical work report and group



02/11/06 30/11/06 26/12/06

leader’s report. λ Quadrate and line transect sampling λ A group meeting: analyzing and interpreting ecological data, job division on preparing draft paper on practical report. λ Examination on draft paper and identify weaknesses. λ Discussion on possible source of information. λ Final draft paper is completed. λ Job division on typing, drawing map and sewing plants. λ Final check up on practical report λ Submission.


02/02/07 09/02/07

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