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Besides tales of the lost sunken city of Atlantis, Edgar Cayce is best known for his predictions regarding coming earth changes. Among other things, Cayce warned of a pole shift who's process would start in 2001-2002. "If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius, or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the three months following same, an inundation by the earthquakes"

Edgar Cayce Predictions
Edgar Cayce was also called The Sleeping Prophet. In a trance state he responded to questions. These question and answer sessions were known as Readings. The Readings were recorded in writing between 1901 and 1945. There are a total of 14,246 psychic readings on file in Virginia Beach at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Question: How soon will the changes in the Earth's activity begin to be apparent? Answer Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the south sea, and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Etna area, then we may know it has begun. Question: How should we regard those changes that do come about? Answer Cayce: What is needed most in the Earth today? That the sons of men be warned that the day of the Lord is at hand. Question: What is meant by "the day of the Lord is near at hand"? Answer Cayce: That has been promised through the prophets and sages of old, the time and half time has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation. Soon there will again appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for his day in the earth. The Lord, then will come, even as you have seen him go. Question: How soon? Answer Cayce: When those that are His have made the way clear, passable for Him to come. Don't think that there will not be trouble, but those who put their trust wholly in the Lord will not come up missing. They will find conditions, circumstances, activities, someway and somehow much to be thankful for. Question: What can we do to counteract such serious happenings? Answer Cayce: Tendencies in the hearts and souls of men are such that theses upheavals may be brought about. Man is not ruled by the world, the earth or the environment nor planetary influences. Rather it is true that man brings order out of chaos by his compliance with Divine Law. By his disregard of the laws of Divine influence, man brings chaos and destructive forces into his experience. Question: What form will they take? Answer Cayce: That may depend upon much that deals with metaphysical as well as what

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while the western land. This will be much sooner. Or a new cycle begins. much of that is to be disturbed as of course much in other lands. More Earth Change Readings The earth will be broken up in many places. As to times of earth changes. Question: What greater change or the beginning of what change. most all of these will be among those that will be destroyed before New York even. an inundation by the earthquakes. A group of Readings regarding Earth Changes. To them it shall be given. South America will be shaken from the uppermost portion to the end. The waters of the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico.Research: Edgar Cayce Virginia Beach will be among the safety lands as will be portions of what is now Ohio. ( Reading date 1941) while the southern portions of Carolina. California Earthquake Prediction If there is the greater activities in the Vesuvius. as to places.bibliotecapleyades. Question: How soon will the changes in the earth's activity begin to be apparent? Answer Cayce: When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Pacific 2 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . Many portions of the east coast will be disturbed. What is the coast line now of many a land will be the bed of ocean. Georgia. as well as many portions of the west coast. and dry land will appear.? Answer Cayce: When there is a shifting of the poles.. and in the Antarctic off Tierra Del Fuego. as to seasons. San Francisco. Portions of the now east coast of New York. Lands will appear in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. land and a strait with rushing water. as well as the central portion of the United States. will in the main disappear. or Pelee then the southern coast of California and the areas between Salt lake and the southern portions of Nevada may expect within the three months following same.D. There will be new lands seen off the Caribbean Sea. This will be another generation. if any. in line of thought and endeavor that will keep many a city or land intact through the application of spiritual laws in their association with individuals.htm people call actual or in truth! There are those conditions in the activity of individuals. Indiana and Illinois and much of the southern portion of Canada. or New York City itself. alone is it given to those who have named the name and who bear the mark of His calling and His election in their bodies. Question: Will Los Angeles be safe? Answer Cayce: Los Angeles. these will disappear. It would be well if a waterway would be prepared. The early part will see a change in the physical aspect of the west coast of America. is to take place in the year 2000 to 2001 A. There will be open waters appear in the northern portions of Greenland. Answer Cayce: As to conditions in the geography of the world and of the country changes are gradually coming about. and the eastern portion of Canada. Many of the battlefields of the present (1941) will be ocean.

htm and the sinking or rising in the Mediterranean and the Etna area then we would say they have begun. Question: How long before this will begin? Answer Cayce: The indications are that some of these have already begun. The greater part of Japan must go into the sea. (Fascist Italy World War II) Italy too will be broken by a what now is an insignificant or small power that lies between those of the other larger. W. Connecticut and the like. And these will begin in those periods 58 to 98 when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His Light will be seen again in the clouds. The greater change will be the North Atlantic Seaboard. This will be discovered in 58. which will come from the shifting of the equilibrium of the earth itself in space. Watch New York. Land will appear off the east coast of America. ( Nazis Germany World War II) These will not come before the catastrophes of outside forces to the earth in 36.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. 3 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . Question: Will there be any physical changes in the earth's surface in North America? Answer Cayce: All over the country we will find many physical changes of a minor or greater degree. and there will then be the shifting of the poles so that where there have been those of a frigid or semi-tropical will become the more tropical. Stone floats in the air in the same manner. with those consequential effects upon the various portions of the world affected by same. Cayce predicts World War II Question: Please forecast the principal events for the next fifty years affecting the welfare of the human race. There will be upheavals in the Arctic and in the Antarctic that will make for the eruption of volcanoes in the torrid areas. Cayce predicts Fascist Italy & Nazis Germany & Earth rotational imbalance Question: Will Italy adopt a more liberal form of government in the near future? Answer Cayce: Rather that of a more monarchal government than that of a liberal. Answer Cayce: This had best be cast after the great catastrophe that's coming to the world in 36. in the form of the breaking up of many powers that now exist as factors in world affairs. ( World War II ) Then with the breaking up in 36 will be changes that will make different maps of the More Miscellaneous Earth Change Readings As to changes physical again: the earth will be broken up in the western portion of America. Question: How was the particular Great Pyramid of Gizeh built? Answer Cayce: By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. (In 1958 Prof. Heisenberg announces the discovery of the Unified Field Theory). and moss and fern will grow.bibliotecapleyades. The upper portion of Europe will be changed as in the twinkling of an eye.

we have the entity's activities during that experience. or a dome wherein there could be or was the rolling 4 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . Question: What is the primary cause of earthquakes? Answer Cayce: The causes of these.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. the upheavals in the interior of the that is Earth. About the firestone that was in the experience did the activities of the entity then make those applications that dealt with both the constructive and destructive forces of the period. 10. of that period? Answer Cayce: Was one hundred years in construction. among those groups who escaped in ships and settled in portions of the English land near what is now Salisbury. as we find. are the movements about the earth. Reference to the Great Library of Egypt later destroyed by the Romans The entity may be said to have been the first to begin the establishment of the library of knowledge in Alexandria. in Atlantis. Answer Cayce: Yes. Stonehenge Answer Cayce: In the Holy Land when there were those breakings-up in the period when the land was being sacked by the Chaldeans and Persians. as Asal-Sine. the fire.bibliotecapleyades.C. And. The building above the stone was oval. It would be well that there be given something of a description of this. that today would be said to have been lined with non-conductive metals.htm The Cause of the coming global shift Question: What will be the type and extent of the upheaval in 1936? Answer Cayce: The wars. As indicated. with the combined forces of bakerite or other non-conductors that are now being manufactured in England under a name that is known well to many of those that deal with such things.490 to 10. and the shifting of same by the differentiation in the axis as respecting the positions from the Polaris center. that is internally and the cosmic activity or influence of other planetary forces and stars and their relationships produce or bring about the activities of the elementals of the earth. or non-conductive stone. the entity was associated with those that dealt with the mechanical appliances and their application during the experience. and water. In the center of a building. Question: What was the date of the actual beginning and ending of the construction of the Great Pyramid and What was the date B. something akin to asbestos. as to how both constructive and destructive forces were generated by the activity of the stone. it was a period when there was much that has not even been thought of as yet in the present experiences. the air. Crystal Power And Broadcast Power Question: Give an account of the electrical and mechanical knowledge of the entity. ten thousand three hundred before the Prince of Peace. and there built those altars that were to represent the dedication of individuals to the service of a living God.390 before the Prince entered into Egypt. of course. with Hermes and Ra. that it may be better understood by the entity in the present. Begun and completed in the period of Araaraat's time.

that made such character of control as the remote control through radio vibrations or directions would be in present day. were tuned too high and brought the second period of destructive forces to the peoples in the land. These not intentionally. The preparation of this stone was in the hands of the initiates at the time. electricity is generated. As to describing the manner of construction of the stone. the towns. the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism. it was not the intention nor desire for destructive forces. was in such a manner that it acted upon the instruments that were connected to the various modes of travel. whether the aircraft that were lifted by the gases in the period or whether guiding the more pleasure vehicles that might pass along close to earth. In the active forces of these the entity brought destructive forces. though the manner of the force that was impelled from the stone acted upon the motivating forces in the crafts themselves. Hence the body rejuvenated itself often. joining with the peoples that maid for the breaking up of the land. so that the activity of the stone was received from the sun's rays or from the stars. As indicated. or whether directed under water or under the elements or through the elements. in the various portions of the land.htm back. In this the entity lost. the character that was to act as producing the powers in the various forms of the people's activities in the cities. the concentrating of the energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves. under the slime of ages of sea water. or powerhouse that would be termed in the present. the records of the manners of construction of same are in three places in the earth. These then were impelled by the concentrating of the rays from the stone that was centered in the middle of the power station.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. we find it was a large cylindrical glass as would be termed today. And in the temple records that were in Egypt. or through the application of the rays from the stone. and broke up the land into isles where later the further destructive forces were brought in the land. whether in the radius of the visioning of the one eye. cut with facets in such a manner that the capstone on the top of same made for the centralizing of the power or force that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone itself. as might be called. or what would be termed the crafts on the water or under the water. or joining with Baalilal at the final destruction of the land. and the entity was among those that directed the influences of the radiation that arose in the form of rays that were invisible to the eye but that acted upon the stones themselves as set in the motivating forces. Conversely. as it stands today: In the sunken portions of Atlantis. with the elements that are found and that are not found in the earth's atmosphere. as would be called in present. and remained in that land until the eventual destruction. when a moving or pulsing electromagnetic field comes in contact with a coil. where these stones that they know so little about are now.bibliotecapleyades. during the last few months being uncovered. (A description of broadcast power or the wireless transmission of electricity. by the burning. through the induction methods. Through the same form of fire the bodies of individuals were regenerated. There was the preparation so that when the dome was rolled back there might be little or no hindrance in the application direct to the various crafts that were impelled through space. the countries surrounding same. See Faraday's Law Of Induction. Smaller 5 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . At first. off the coast of Florida. This is the same principal as the Tesla Coil. by setting up. The difference is the Tesla Coil is a coil of wire rather than a crystal. Later it was for the ascension of power itself. The concentration through the prisms or glass. where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in the preserving of the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America. This is the principal of electromagnetic induction. If you run an electric current through a large coil you can generate a powerful electromagnetic field that will extend for miles. where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered. near what is known as Bimini.

then Ani. The stones that are set in the front of the Temple. Let's clarify this. yes if the body will purify itself.bibliotecapleyades. and with the determinations to set again in motion. It is also true that electromagnetic fields effect the weather and other earth systems. For. or the priest activity. The earth is a conductor and is sensitive to electromagnetic fields and generates electricity by induction. and the fast disintegration of the lands. these United States. in those latter for the development of an initiate. as we find. much in the same manner as the inner self has been purified through it's sojourns in the planetary influences between the appearances in the earth. then into the valleys. for constructive rather than the destructive purposes. as given. of replenishing the things. The resulting heat and volcanic upheavals would break the continent up and later sink it as in the case of Atlantis as described above). and it may not wholly be given through any channel. and as to how it's to be applied. This alter or stone. What is described here is a large crystal that transforms light into a broadcast electromagnetic field. In the later portion of same we find as cities were built. should the entity or others may be raised. for. stands between the activities of the priest. the body-consciousness. we find there. then into the sea itself. More About Power Crystals Question: Is it for this entity to again learn the use of these stones? Answer Cayce: When there has come those individuals who will purify themselves in the manner necessary for the gaining of knowledge and the entering into the chambers where these may be found. as well as of the peoples. as given. much in the way and manner as has been given or illustrated to the entity in how that the mental self must be purified. In 38 it should come about. of course. save those that had escaped into the distant lands. destruction for the earth. in Yucatan. A powerful electromagnetic field if improperly tuned could cause this to happen beneath a continent. that of the wasting-away in the mountains. Smaller crystals in vehicles when coming into contact with this electromagnetic field generate electricity and power the vehicles. to the Pennsylvania State Museum. these influences. for they will be brought to this America. between the service temple and the outer court temple. until an individual has so purified his purposes and desires. which may give a better idea of what is meant. as it were. in it's storehouse. not again will man bring himself.htm coils within the range of the broadcast field and located in vehicles would then generate electric current and propel the vehicle. in the alter that stood before the door of the tabernacle. In Yucatan there is an emblem of same. for it may be more easily found. As to the use of same. to again use these forces.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. one must prepare self. this is degenerated from the original use and purpose. but is the nearest and closest one to be found. or to those that have not been awakened to their individual development. is a well-balanced body. A portion is to be carried to the Washington preservations of such findings. ten thousand seven hundred years before the Prince of Peace came. for later there arose. or those of the needs to supply the replenishing of the wasting away of the physical beings as hunger arose. the activities of the Hebrews from this. more and more rare became those abilities to call upon the forces of nature to supply the needs for those of bodily adornment. A portion is to be carried. Question: What were the principal islands called at the time of the final destruction? 6 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . For. nature. again was the bringing into forces that tempt. mind and soul. the body. saving man does it himself! Question: What should be the nature of this purification? Answer Cayce: Purifying from within. or in Chicago. then.

or this period. and that portion now near what would be termed the Sargasso Sea first went into the depths. from what would now. the southernmost portion of same. that built the walls across the mountains in this period. as seen. or mixed peoples. or the turning of the etheric rays' influence from the sun. became those of the mound dwellers. explosives that might be carried about. those that made for that in the other land. and human sacrifice began. that which would be termed now. with the present position. came with this reign. Then. with the present position of the earth in it's rotation or movements about the sun. when man. we find the first turning of the altar fires into that of sacrifice of those that were taken in the various ways. with the intervening canals or ravines. in years B. see? This composed. islands as created by those of the first as man would call volcanic or eruptive forces brought into play in the destruction of same.? Answer Cayce: Seven thousand five hundred years before the final destruction.C.150 B. With the continued disregard of those that were keeping the pure race and the pure peoples of those that were bringing all these laws applicable to the Sons of God. into the facet for the activities of same. then. gulfs. be that of a whole or one continent. of the electrical forces. with these destructive and the separating of the land into several islands. Question: How large was Atlantis during the time of Amilius (Adam)? Answer Cayce: Comparison: that of Europe including Asia in Europe. Then with the coming of Esai.htm Answer Cayce: Poseidia and Aryan and Og. produced what we would call a volcanic upheaval. as used by the Sons of the Law of One. Question: What was the date of this first destruction. about the Pleiades. or it's first beginning of. that as is termed. began that period when there were the invasions of this continent (Atlantean) by those of the animal kingdoms. through space. or peoples in that land.C. made in nature and natural form the first of the eruptions that awoke from the depth of the slow cooling earth. in what later became the Egyptian dynasty. through those same usages of that as had been taken on by those peoples. with the change that had come about.bibliotecapleyades. With this also came the first egress of peoples to that of the Pyrenees first. The use of these influences by the Sons Of Belial brought. that brought about a meeting of the nations of the globe to prepare a way and manner of disposing of these. that combined with those natural resources as of the gasses. We also find that entering into Og. in or after the first of the destructions. or men. Hence. which came as has been given approximately 8. With this coming in. man brought destructive forces as used for the peoples that were to be the rule.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. and with the same. estimating in our present-day system of counting time. else they be disposed of themselves by these forces. then the first of the upheavals. Then with the breaking-up. Origins Of The Five Races 7 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . or Ohum. there came then the first of the destructive forces as could be set and then be meted out in it's force or power. five in number. until the first eruptions brought those changes. Question: Was Atlantis one large continent. bays or streams. or a group of large islands? Answer Cayce: Would it not be well to read that just given? Why confuse the questionings? As has been given: what would be considered one large continent. began to cope with those of the beast form that overran the earth in many places. about Arcturus. of which later we find that the peoples who enter into the black. producing more in the nature of large islands. or those peoples that later became the beginning of the Inca.

man appeared in the five places then at once . era. for then at that period. or the Garden Of Eden. Mexico of the northwestern hemisphere. for the change has come often since this period. in that land which now lies much in the desert. Answer Cayce: This has been given. or in the Caucasian and Carpathian. it is necessary that the conditions of the earth's surface and the position of man in the earth's plane be understood. That land along the Atlantic seaboard formed the outer portion then. When the earth brought forth the seed in her season. those in the plateau entering the Northern Seas. The Andean or the Pacific coast of South America occupied then the extreme western portion of Lemuria. as to their names? Question: Are the following the correct places? Atlantean. the 8 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . the red race? Answer Cayce: Atlantean and American. Question: Upper Africa for the black? Answer Cayce: Or what would be known now as the more western portion of upper Egypt for the black. You will give me an outline of his teaching and how same was given to the people. those in Mongolia entering the South Seas. they no longer bear their names. yet from whence obtained they their names? What is the legend. the white and yellow races came more into that portion of Egypt. those in the cordilleras entering the Pacific. the waters in the Tibet and Caucasian entering the North Sea. with the changes. we have the work here and that phase concerning the indwelling in the earth's plane of those who first gave laws concerning indwelling of Higher Forces in man.htm Question: Did the appearance of what became the five races occur simultaneously? Answer Cayce: Occurred at once. The Second Ruler Of Egypt Question: In several readings there has been given information concerning the second ruler of Egypt who gave the first laws concerning man's relation to the Higher Forces. or the Mississippi basin. In the first or that known as the beginning. that in with the turning of the axis. and man came in the earth plane as the Lord of that in that sphere. Caucasia and Norway (appeared) in Asia and Europe. and the sojourning southward. This may enable you to form some concept of the states of the earth's representations at that time. or the regions that are now portions of Nevada. even. The oceans were then turned about. Persia and Arabia. The Nile entered into the Atlantic Ocean.bibliotecapleyades. Man's indwelling was then in the Sahara and the upper Nile regions. Utah and Arizona formed the greater part of what we know as the United States. The Urals and the northern regions of same were turned into a tropical land. yet much in mountain and much in rolling lands there. You see. In giving such in an understandable manner to man of today. that in the southern cordilleras and Peru. or the polar regions were then turned to where they occupied more of the tropical and semitropical regions. Arizona. India. only the plateau was existent. Mongolia. age of man's earthly indwelling. The extreme northern portions were then the southern portions. or the lowlands of Atlantis. What is now the central portion of this country. when there came the uprisings in the Atlantean land. Answer Cayce: Yes.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. Question: Describe the earth's surface at the period of the appearance of the five projections. only the lands now known as the Sahara and the Nile region appeared on the now African shores. the red race. was then all in the ocean. hence it would be hard to discern or disseminate the change. the waters then entering the now Atlantic from the Nile region rather than flowing northward.the five senses. The desert in the Mongolian land was then the fertile portion. What is now the Sahara was an inhabited land and very fertile.

the five developments. and the entity giving the chance to the peoples.Research: Edgar Cayce http://www. as we see. The period in the world's existence from the present time being ten and one half million (10. for the as given. Now. many moons.000. how and what the classifications were in the physical in the earth's plane at that period. being in the twenty and eighth (28th) year. to assist with the astrologer and the soothsayers of the desert of now the eastern and western worlds.000) souls. The courts which were made were in the tents and the caves of the dwellers of the then chosen priest from the Arabian or Tibetan country. Close Window 9 of 9 2/5/2008 2:36 AM . many have appeared and disappeared again and again during these periods. gradually changing as the condition became to the relative position of the earth with the other spheres through which man passes in this solar system. the five spheres. The numbers of people that came together for the purpose then numbering some forty and four (44). The rule covering the period of a hundred and ninety nine (199) years. the five nations.bibliotecapleyades.500.htm five reasons. and with this the conclave was held for many. who came as one among those. The beginning then of the understanding of the laws as applied from man's viewpoint being in this second rule in the country now Egypt. Many lands have disappeared. the numbers of human souls then in the earth's plane being a hundred and thirty and three million (133. when he began to gather the peoples together for this and surrounding himself with those of that land and of the various lands wherein the human life dwelled at that period. and (in) the changes that have come in the earth's plane many have risen in the lands.000) years.

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