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Bus210 Appendix b[1]

Bus210 Appendix b[1]

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Appendix B Roles and Behaviors
My business would be a pool players’ pool hall. It would be geared towards top-rated players. Tournaments would be the mainstay of my business. My company would also include a bar, grill, and pro shop. I would have several different types of tables to attract all different players. It would also not be open to anyone under 21 years of age.

Description of Company

Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs will be responsible for the design of the pool hall to ensure that it meets the needs of pool players beyond what they are finding in the current market. The entrepreneurs will also be responsible for supplying the initial capital and labor. The entrepreneurs will also be responsible for attracting professional players to tournaments in order to attract the more serious pool player. Feedback from customers will also allow the entrepreneurs to continue to meet the needs of the customers and stay ahead of the competitors in the market.



Managers will be responsible for the hiring and firing of all employees. Managers will also be responsible for daily cash count, inventory control, and customer service. Managers will decide employee schedules including vacation time. Managers will ensure that the vision of the entrepreneurs is carried out.

BUS 210

and ideas to improve efficiency.Employees Employees will be responsible for taking orders. providing direct customer service. What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization? The spirit of fun and excellent customer service will be cultivated within my company. cleaning. best customer service. Employees must make decisions that follow company policy and refer decisions to management to make when they fall out of the guidelines that would be given to each employee. Employees must also bring a good work ethic. interacting with customers. and daily cash control. and attendance. fulfilling orders. Employees will be rewarded by management for ideas. Employees will also share any ideas that can help to improve the atmosphere of the pool hall. Employees who are eager to climb the company ladder will be encouraged through incentive programs. Each customer should feel catered to. money saving ideas. BUS 210 . Safety of guests and employees should also be a top attitude for any employee in the organization. Employees must always be neat in appearance and friendly.

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