Diego Perez 9/3/06 P.

6 Notes: Coyote and the Buffalo This story is a creative myth which is meant to explain the lack of Buffalo in “the swahnetk’-qhu country” Coyote has always been driven off and intimidated by Buffalo’s. Coyote especially afraid of buffalo bull. One day Coyote finds skull of buffalo bull. Coyote takes out his anger at years of being tormented by buffalo bull on his skull. Coyote spits on it, throws it, kicks it, ect. As Coyote walks away the spirit of Buffalo bull returns to the skull and he begins to chase the Coyote. Coyote runs and Uses his powers for help Using his powers three trees appear before him. With every tree Coyote climbs Buffalo Bull just tears down. Finally there is but one tree for Coyote to climb. Coyote, seeing that soon the Buffalo will kill him, makes a finally request- to be able to smoke the kinnikinnick one last time (tobacco leaves wit bearberry added) Buffalo Bull grants the request, but refuses to join the coyote. Coyote summons the pipe with his powers Buffalo tells of how young buffalo killed him and took his herd. The Coyote flatters the Buffalo and offers to make him new horns for him. The Buffalo, pleased with this talk, doesn’t wish to kill the coyote and allows him to make his horns. The Coyote summons his powers which send him pitch wood and a flint knife, not without scolding the Coyote first. The Coyote makes the horns, gives them to the buffalo, and all buffalo bulls since that day have worn the Coyotes crafted horns. Buffalo bull, having liked the horns, befriends the Coyote, and together they seek out Young Buffalo. Buffalo bull killed Young Buffalo easily, using his new horns, n gives Coyote the youngest calf of the herd. Buffalo Bull says that they calf will supply him with food forever, that whenever he’s hungry to cut off some fat with a flint knife and places ashes over the wound and it will heal. They parted and for a few days Coyote ate only fat, but then he began to crave the calf’s meat, he took it by a creek and killed it, but when he pulled back the hide a swarm of crows and magpies came, which Coyote could not all fend off, and they quickly ate all the meat. The Coyote figured he would settle for the marrow of the bones, but then a woman came who flattered the Coyote. She told him to rest that she would cook the bones for him. When the Coyote awoke he came to see he was being robbed of the marrow. The Coyote figured he would boil the bones, but when he returned from getting water from the river, they were gone and tree limb were what now stood in place. The Coyote went back to Buffalo Bull to request another calf but was denied. That’s why there’s no Buffalo in “Swah-netk’-qhu country”

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