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2006 Best Business Ideas

2006 Best Business Ideas

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Published by: claudio17 on Sep 25, 2011
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Calling Get & Go Express an “unmanned c-store” might be a bit misleading. It not only doesn’t
have a staff, but the goods are all stocked in machines facing outward. What’s more, it doesn’t
have tobacco, alcohol, gas or lotto tickets — c-store staples. And its profit margins are even more
distinct from its traditional cousin.

Founder Jeff Parsons is building the chain on a simple idea. He realized removing the employees
would widen margins to the point that it was feasible, even without the traditional high-margin
items that require employees to verify age. And he’s augmenting his efforts with kiosk technology:
deploying DVD rental kiosks and ATMs in the mix.

Source: [KioskMarketplace]

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