Universes expand and contract – the time-space repeats – time machines may go to the future

Scientists at some point of time were skeptical about time machines. Some they could accept time machines, but could not comprehend that time machines could ever take to the future. Something interesting happened as scientists analyzed data of the expanding Universe. It seems it has a set harmonic pattern. That means that it is repeating a cycle. Like everything else the universe goes through a cycle of birth, life and death. The death of Universe happens when the expansion reaches the climax and the gravitational pull just does not matter. But Universes all rebirth. They finally start contracting into a point and finally another big bang happen. The next big bang of our universe may not create three spatial dimensions and one time dimension. The space-time configuration may be different. Universes expand and contract. ''Big bang'' happens all the time. It is possible for time machines to go into the future as a projection from current space-time configuration. The projection will not be able to alter the past or the future but definitely can observe.

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