What was there before the big bang?

The echoes from the higher dimensions provide clues
Bose-Einstein condensate is the closest human civilization could go to find what was there before the big bang. Our current level of technologies allows us to visualize what happened just after but not what was there before. Indian scientists Satyen Bose and Einstein in 1916 understood that a ‘perfect fluid’ was there at the time of the big bang. The mathematical physics was confirmed by real experiments in mid nineties after 80 years. Bose was an inch away from finding what was there before the big bang. The answer to that will solve most of the mysteries that we face. The biggest problem we face is from the fact our human civilization is in a fish bowl. Others can see us but we cannot see them. It is the technological fish bowl that separates us from the higher dimensions. Statistical approach to thermodynamics is ready to take the Bose-Einstein interpretations to the next level. The clues are coming from higher dimensions. Computer simulation models show the existence of a perfect fluid in the higher dimensions of the quantum vacuum. The absolute zero

temperature is obvious in the higher dimensions where projection of 3-D particles and molecules exist – not the real ones. As a result the quantum vacuum in the higher dimensions easily maintain the absolute zero temperature. Interestingly, some scientists believe Bose was in inch from finding ‘God’. Perhaps statistical thermodynamics will find the ultimate answer in the next few years.

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