What’s beyond the chilled universe that forms the platform for the Hyperspace in which our universe

The chilled universe in not a quantum vacuum, it is an environment where space and time merge. The infinite time dimension forms the basis of the chilled universe. All the laws of terrestrial physics, fail in the chilled universe. It is indestructible and forms the platform for everything else. The Type IV extraterrestrial civilization is in the race to enter the chilled universe to avoid eventual destruction of the Hyperspace, which includes our 3-D Universe. Many questions, what is beyond the chilled universe? The chilled universe is center of singularities in integrated consciousness. There are three pillars that support the chilled universe. These are singularities in time, space and energy. The three singularities in the form of column support creation, maintenance and destruction for cycling everything else. Because time and space merge in the chilled universe, and the energy is transformed into encapsulated merged time and space modules, the chilled universe never ends. Its extent is infinite where space and time dimensions eventually merge.

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